Far Side of the Moon vs Bizarro Mondo

I can’t decide which one I like better. Far Side got their first but Bizarro took over from there. I like the secret symbols in Bizarro cartoons. Everyone has their favorite among them, what’s yours?


  1. Place your faith where you wish, but I feel it is unnecessary to exist as a forced expatriate.

  2. http://is.gd/us3jSB

  3. http://is.gd/v19XY6

  4. http://is.gd/IDDnSy

  5. http://tinyurl.com/ohs5xw7

  6. http://tinyurl.com/2utaoay

  7. Hah, I actually have that cartoon clipped out of the paper, Pups.

  8. http://is.gd/Y8M8Cc

  9. Place your faith where you wish, but I feel it is unnecessary to exist as a forced expatriate.


    Would you please explain what prompted you to write this?

  10. Sup mare?

  11. Would you please explain what prompted you to write this?

  12. Man, he sounds like Bob Dylan there.

  13. Bummer of a birthmark, Hal.

  14. Those funny Chinese scamps:


  15. http://tinyurl.com/nzmjm36

  16. Lzzy Hale is the caterwauler in the College Gameday opening song. I didn’t know who she was.

    I am both mortified and intrigued.


  17. http://is.gd/XU56wd

  18. She’s a chameleon. I worked with one, she ranged from gross to hot.

    Who is the hot new girl?
    Look at her tomorrow.

  19. http://is.gd/DgdWys

    I’d hit it

  20. I hate Tom Petty’s voice. Annoying nasal whine, gah.

  21. I’ve never understood the appeal of his voice. The music can be decent, though.

  22. Tom Petty’s appeal for me is more about what I was doing when the songs were playing. No, not your mom, don’t be sick, I was a kid then. More like a soundtrack to my high school and college years.

  23. His duet with Stevie Nicks is nauseating, double the whine.

  24. Oldest boy starts Driver’s Ed today. Saturday/Sunday for 3 hours over a month then road hours. Paula dropped him off and then texted me.

    P: Dropped my baby off at driver’s ed! :(((

    Me: If you’re worried he’s going to suddenly grow up and leave you…don’t.

  25. TP’s latest is surprisingly consistently good. His voice is the same though.

  26. How many races are there? I think there are only three but then that means that Donald Trump is racist against his own race.

    I’m so confused by the world.

  27. By colon shape, there are 3 races, and Trump is a self-hating caucasoid.

    By IQ — last time we were allowed to test and categorize this way — there are 5, and Trump is not a racist but merely an elitist, since he’s said he wants Mexico’s best and brightest.

  28. Stores are selling out of wood pellets already.

  29. I heard halestorm on the radio for the first time yesterday. Worth looking in to. Kinda sound like Ecenescence ten years ago. A little.

  30. Tom Petty reminded me of a couple of highschool friends. Brothers. I just stalked them on faceass.
    One had a career in the Navy and has grandkids, FFS. He’s only a year older than me.
    The other, who I was kind of interested in, and had Tom Petty hair, is bald. I knew he would go bald back then.
    There was a highschool picture of him. He had a similar look to Mr. Beasn.

  31. Don’t fuck up, MJ.

  32. He didn’t fuck up.

  33. It’s 64 degrees. I had to put on socks.

  34. Well, mom, the reason the washing machine overflowed is because I told you I had a full load of laundry in there, and *then* you tried to put two queen sized sheets and half a load of your laundry in there. Thanks. I didn’t have anything better to do than get on my hands and knees with a sponge to clean up the mess.

  35. If any of you guys think you know a woman’s mind, you are sadly mistaken.

    My wife comes and tells me that she is making coffee for herself but not for me. I ask her why did she even tell me that? Now I feel like having a coffee and won’t get any. She says that if she hadn’t told me, she would have felt guilty.

    So she gets to not feel guilty, I get no coffee, and I am pissed for no reason.

  36. Ethiopoid, caucusoid, negroid, pygmoid, mongoloid, aboriginal. I’m racist against them all.

  37. Today and tomorrow I will be cooking up a storm. I’m too fucking exhausted to try making lunches and suppers every evening. This week’s menu is:

    Chicken Paprikash
    Red Chili and Tortillas
    Green Chili and Hashbrowns
    Beer braised Pork Chops and Fried Potatoes
    Beer Brats and Sauerkraut

    That had better make 14 meals or I’m going on a hunger strike. NO FOOD, NO EAT!!!!!!!!

  38. That slogan is going on my hunger blimp.

  39. I just put 2 racks of ribs and a chicken in the PBC. This time I cut the ribs in half and will cook a bit longer to ensure the chicken is done to my liking. Dinner around 7 PM.

  40. I smoked steaks today. Laura is going to like her lunch.

  41. Any of you tried steaks in that thing?

  42. Pull them at 115, then flip them around in a red hot skillet to give them some color.

  43. I decided to clean the grill today so I set all the burners on high and quickly forgot about it. Grill fire next to an open window.

    The air in here is blue.

  44. I’m working on a menu for next week. Dolmathes. Bastilla. Other stuff. Planning stuff sucks.

  45. I haven’t done steak on the PBC, but I did indirect on the Weber, that’s an awesome way to cook thick steaks.

  46. I just smoked some london broil and it’s freaking delicious.

    I’ll never order steak in a restaurant again.

  47. You should order soup and salad. And be sure to dither over the soups they don’t serve.

  48. Planning stuff sucks.

    That’s why I tried to stay in line platoons, and away from the staff sections.

  49. I’d probably use my gas grill and smoker box (h/t scoot) to cook steaks. Maybe I’ll try hanging one in the PBC some day.

  50. We learned that cooked roast beef freezes really well. They would be great for large batches of that.

  51. That pellet tray is good for about 30 cooks, then it starts to fall apart.

    You can make about 6 of them for $5 -$10 and a trip to HD, or you can purchase a stainless steel on online for about $30.

  52. Howard lost to BC 76 – 0.

    Last week they lost 49 – 0.

  53. What did you use Scott, what is the mesh?

  54. I came back from the Grand Hotel for this shit?

  55. Corner bead. You want the ones with the best airflow.

    $5-$6 for 8 feet.

  56. Auburn won’t be ranked #6 next week. They won but in overtime against Jacksonville State University. JSU is a small college two hours south of here that is decent for nursing and teachers and not much else. JSU = Just Show Up.

  57. This pattern is the best Pupster http://is.gd/V0Vh5g , the mesh one works well but it isn’t very durable.

  58. VA Tech was losing to ND until I started watching in the grille. They were up when I left.

  59. I actually need a tighter mesh to supplement my charcoal tray, the gaps are so big the coals fall through when they are still usable for cooking.

  60. Must have been another game, XBrad. VA Tech’s beating Furman 14-0.

  61. Virginia is playing ND. Now there’s a dilemma. It’s too late for a 0-0 game.

  62. Maybe this? http://is.gd/kQC40t

    There is other stuff like it in a divider thingy in the lumber area. If you can’t find it ask them where the diamond plate is.

  63. There is also Grill-o-sheets at Lowes.

  64. You’re right, I was wrong, Roamy.

    Also, why the hell did you never tell me about aerospike engines? They’re cool a shit.

  65. Wire mesh fireplace screen.

  66. Because I rarely do work on the guts of a propulsion system. Thermal coatings, composite nose cones, and foam, yes. How the thing’s laid out, no.

  67. When Roamy talks all sciency, I get a boner. I want scramjets.

  68. Comment by Jewstin The Hammer on September 12, 2015 5:52 pm
    When Roamy talks all sciency, I get a boner. I want scramjets.


    That’s quite an accomplishment, Roamy. I kind of get turned on too.

    I saw someone in Mass tonight that looked so much like Roamy I took a double take and had to pretend I was stretching my neck.

  69. Jew, I don’t think my statement turned out as I had planned. Forgiveness please.

  70. No worries Mare.

  71. I don’t wanna hear about Mare’s boner.

  72. Well, I do.

  73. http://is.gd/pPovWH

  74. Notre Dame is going down.

  75. Pups, that made me LOL and looks like the header.

  76. Again

  77. BOOOooOOOOoooooo!

  78. Tech company says Hillary’s server wasn’t wiped.

    Her yoga emails can be read.

  79. Man, I hate Notre Dame… The student body and faculty. Scum

  80. Good day, people who can’t even spell “academically ineligible.”

  81. That sentence is unlegible. Where’s my gold star?

  82. It’s on the fridge, next to all the horsey pictures.

  83. Scott, how d I know that the seats I need to buy will fit the valve I have? Will probably need to buy them on-line, as I have already determined that the local HD does not have the right part, but the web-site is being zero help in determining what the right part is.

  84. Sunset on Lake Michigan in t-minus 12 minutes

  85. Already replaced seat washers and it’s still leaking.

  86. What brand?

  87. Jay just let loose with some profanity.

  88. Now he’s headed for the car.

  89. Iowa lost?

  90. Iowa scored two touchdowns in the final minutes to put away Iowa State.

  91. Oh. My. Goodness. Suicide watch.

  92. It was a tie game with 3 or 4 minutes to go, ended up 31-17.

  93. If he bought Danco products I hope he saved the old seats.

  94. Pfister

  95. Hotel room. Beat. Daughter wants to head to hot tub.

  96. They have a lot Pfister stuff, but it’s model specific and they probably don’t have it all. I think their Pfister parts were made by Danco, and its…..how do you say….cheap crap.

    I would try the original seats with new washers if you haven’t.

    If that doesn’t/ didn’t work call Pfister’s customer service number. They will probably send you what you need for free. It costs them pennies and they want your future business.

  97. Huh, this might be a really good game.

  98. It’s almost always just the washers.

  99. Today at work:

    “Customer” looking at a display tub: [your competitor] sells these 80% off if they are damaged. *points to damage on corner of tub* Do you…

    Me: Eighty percent? No.

    “Customer”: (visibly irritated) Not eighty percent, eighty percent OFF, and-

    Me: No.

    “Customer”: Well-

    Me: You can go talk to a manager, but I have never seen them ever give that kind of a deal unless the thing was in absolute shreds.

    “Customer”: *stalks off, miffed*

    That chiseling piece of shit can kiss 80% of my ass. I wouldn’t be surprised if he dented that tub himself.

  100. Already replaced the washers and it still leaks

  101. Mare, which game are you watching: DUCKS/MSU or OK/Rocky Top?

  102. Two soccer games, first one at 7:30 this morning. Meet with uncle I haven’t seen in 12 years . Walked petosky. Great dinner. Sunset on the pier. Daughter is now watching football. I’ll chalk this up in the winning column.

  103. They had a book that that told me the part number of the right seat. Of course, they didn’t have it. Can’t find it on HD on-line because of course not.

    How do I find the vale part number?

  104. Valve part number

  105. Lauraw!!!! My retail moment. Radio: Member needs assistance in AC with loading. Me: Copy. Walk over to AC. No one there. Woman comes up and asks if I was there to help her load an AC. I told her yes, asked where her cart was. SHE DIDN’T HAVE ONE!!! (This is my latest pet peeve. Especially bad in Pets)

  106. Me: No.

    That guy has no idea how close he came to being garrotted today.

  107. Jew!!! A piggeh post would be most excellent! I love Bizarro and The Far Side. I always wanted a Shark Nerd tee. Plus Far Side had wiener dog art. And blah blah Ginger.

  108. Yeah, Oso, I’m always amazed at the people who came in to buy things that they can’t actually carry around, but didn’t think to get a cart first.

  109. Their website should walk you to it.

    They have had a lifetime warranty for a while, if it’s fairly new they’ll give it to you.

  110. Isn’t there a help desk somewhere that can help wiser? I thought this was a cooking/gardening/workout blog?

  111. Lauraw, it is becoming a thing. Who does that? Apparently everyone buying laminate flooring, bird seed, shelving, and dog food. Pellet season is here. A pallet is 50 bags. A ton. We make the Member pick up pellet pallets in receiving. I H8 handstacking. I can do it. H8 it. Older guys H8 it when I can out stack/lift them. Young guys will just stand around and watch me work. I always wonder what happens when they get home? Who restacks?

  112. I really doubt the seat needs replacing. A rubber washer attached to a plastic valve shouldn’t be able to damage it. If it’s been leaking a long time there could be a mineral build up on it, but it shouldn’t be damaged.

    It might just need a soak in some vinegar.

  113. Pretty late in the day for a plumbing project.

  114. Smart toilet blog.

  115. Nah… It’s fairly old. Been in the house since it was built, I think.

    I’ll check out their website.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I went to HD today looking for a society that would remove the bonnet nut. Guy there helped me get the right tool instead, at a fraction of the cost.

    When I went back to get the seat washers, I tracked him down and shook his hand, telling him that the tool he suggested worked perfectly.

    I think he appreciated that.

  116. Older guys H8 it when I can out stack/lift them. Young guys will just stand around and watch me work.


    It’s a sad fucking day. All the true bull elephants are grandfathers now, and this generation’s young men have been raised by single girls and man-purse carriers.

  117. Did the washer look identical?

  118. We have pull tags for heavy or locked up items. Member takes pull tag, pays, we take item to exit. Not rocket surgery.

  119. I bought a used topper for the truck today, it was less than 10% of a new one, and is even close to the right color. Tomorrow I’m going to try and cut a strip of fiberglass off the bottom so it will fit the bed more better. It is not quite a good fit, but close.

  120. I can do a piggie poat tomorrow, Oso.

  121. Lauraw, old guys piss their wives off because they want to help “The little girl”. Their wives know that the old guy shouldn’t be lifting a case of beer. I always try to ease the old guys feelings. Young guys feel no shame. Pussification of America.

  122. Thanks, Jewstin. I love piggehs. Beasn does too. We like capys too.

  123. If it didn’t, I have a drawer full of them.

  124. During my next clinical rotation, I’m going to be seeing babies getting born.

    Professor said we are all gonna cry.

  125. Oso, when I had my store, Scott used to advise me not to lift things onto the scale for really old guys, because it made them feel ashamed.
    But I often didn’t have a choice.

  126. Lauraw, you will cry. Babies are a miracle. My mom worked delivery as a nurse. When she was moved to Pediatric Oncology was the end of her non-Navy nursing career. It is a delicate touch with old guys. They have a gentlemen’s code. I will call a team lift on a microwave or toaster oven to spare feelings.

  127. The miracle of birth is squishy and then there is a big blob of slime. Thank the good spirits that other people give birth.

  128. Puking is probably more likely.

  129. Pretty sure it is icky and stinky

  130. Puking makes me puke. The word. The smell. Cleaning. I was the worst bulimec EVER!!! Only thing grosser is laxative abuse.

  131. I’ve only puked once in the last 35 years.

  132. I gagged recently. I swallowed a fly. I did not barf.

  133. January 2010, intensive care, shortly after ripping the gut tubes out of my nose.

    Before that it was stomach flu in 78 or 79, projectile.

  134. I don’t know why I swallowed a fly. I guess I’ll die.

  135. I saw The Miracle of Birth open for Prince back in ’94.

  136. Um, puking can be addictive. I try to avoid puking, it really makes me feel better. Migraine? Puke. Sinus headache? Puke. Allergens causing drainage? PUKE PUKE PUKE.

  137. You should eat Taco Bell.

  138. Oso, my group is in a facility that can’t take the really early preemies or really dangerous cases, so it’s almost certainly going to be a happy place.
    Kinda stoked.

  139. yo quero taco bell= water weight loss.

  140. I’m stoked for you!! Babies are awesome!!! Don’t let Car in know. She loves new baby smell

  141. Cathy poated this on FB, had to share it for Pupster.


  142. During my next clinical rotation, I’m going to be seeing babies getting born.


  143. My reaction to witnessing childbirth was horror.

  144. Yep.

  145. I don’t want to see a kid come out of that.

  146. Pretty much.

  147. yo quero taco bell= water weight loss.

    I wish I didn’t understand from firsthand experience what that meant.

  148. I delivered one baby in total. On call with a resident who was doing a c-section when my pager went off for a delivery in progress. I rushed to the room and the nurse laughed at me when I asked where the doctor was. She handed me gloves and pushed me into the room.

  149. During my next clinical rotation, I’m going to be seeing babies getting born.

    Friend of ours loved her obstetrics rotation. When they got to the part of actually having to be hands on, she said she had a lot of trouble trying to catheterize a very swollen and misshapen hoo-haw area while staying confident and professional.

  150. Sometimes I think God knows stuff and decided that infertility totes worked for me.

  151. Wiser,,
    I once got a “Faucet Fix Kit” that had an assortment of washers, gaskets, screws, and a “facing tool” that you attached to the valve-stem with the same screw you used for the washer.

    The idea was that you attached this tool and re-assembled the valve and used it to grind the valve-seat flat.
    Then, install the new washer/gasket, whatever, as you had cleaned-up the mating-surface.

  152. I don’t have problems watching a birth, because BABY! All the leaky stuff that comes with it, is an easy mop up. And then more BABY.

  153. I like babies after.

  154. But barf. The smell of it makes me gag. Didn’t have a problem, so long as it was going in a toilet. But, the kids had Mr. Beasn trained…they started gagging and would wait for him to rush them to the toilet.
    I’m like, WTF, they’re big enough to get there on their own. I should not have had to bully them mid-puke. But I did, because it’s a PITA to rinse chunks out of sheets at 2am. Putting a bucket by their beds didn’t even motivate them to quit spewing like Mt. Vesuvius all over themselves.

  155. I have done a lot of plumbing, mostly installing new over old. A lot of PVC, my old house had cast iron gravity and some copper but mostly iron supply.

    I have only done 1 baby, but am open to as many others as possible.

  156. Oh never did leaky valves. Leaky spigots? Yes, take the bad one off and sweat a new one on.

  157. Plumbing V, PLUMBING at the H2

  158. How is everyone doing this evening?

  159. Good times here.

  160. Last time Rocketboy puked (that I know of) was the day of the last school spring concert with mandatory attendance. I thought he was saying he didn’t feel good just to get out of it. After the cleanup, I believed him.

  161. Okay Oso,
    Medical blog. In 2002 I woke up not being able to feel my right arm. $thousands of dollars later I had a pinched nerve at C7. Traction helped a lot.

    I woke up today with a tingling in my right arm. I roll my head around and pain shoots down my arm.

    Can I just go to get traction? I don’t need an MRI XRays etc. THe drugs were good, but traction was what worked. Pull on my head.

    Get your mind out of the gutter, C6-C7.

    Howdy Coalex

  162. ColAlex, I am really ready for Mr. RFH’s collarbone to heal. I did a metric shit-ton of chores today, and I’m praying these didn’t permanently shift onto my to-do list like some chores did when Mr. RFH was in grad school.

    The only thing I didn’t succeed at finishing was the motion sensor light between the garage doors. I have no idea how to fix it. (Yes, I tried plugging it in.)

  163. My reaction to witnessing childbirth was horror.

    Not my experience at all. Tears of joy.

  164. I’m all about the morphine, but it looks like you need a second opinion that gives you the traction recommend

  165. Painkillers make me nauseous.

  166. I approve of this parenting.

  167. The muscle relaxers are fantastic Oso as is the hydro codone, but traction worked the others did not.

  168. I’ve nearly given up on reading AoS comments, but this one on pranks was worth it.

    “Being a newly minted Christian, it would hack me off when the guys in the dorm room next door would play “Sympathy for the Devil” at 1am and bounce my head off the pillow.

    I had built a set of transmission line speakers for engineering credit and in testing found that the dorm room resonated at 38Hz. As the dorm rooms were the same size, every room resonated at 38Hz.

    The dorm was co-ed by floor. When they would wake us up, I hooked up the Heathkit signal generator and shook the whole dorm for 30 seconds.

    The girls from the 2nd and 4th floors would converge on our floor looking for the loud stereo. They would kick the living crap out of the guys door. “You motherf’ing GD assholes! Turn it down!!!!” They would then sic the RA (resident adviser) on them.

    If that failed, we knew that the building fuses were 15A per block of rooms. Ours was split electrically, but we shared a fuse on one side of the room with the guys next door. Two 10 Amp hot plates on that side did the trick and then they would have to find the RA to unlock the fuse box. When they asked us engineers next door why the fuse kept blowing we told them: “huh, your stereo must have been too loud”

    We would go back to our room and snicker “heh, business majors”

    Posted by: AE at September 12, 2015 11:27 AM (+ft6G)

  169. Did anybody realize that anybody else was that weird kid that grew up down the street from them back in the 70s today?

  170. There are plenty of cute strippers at this show, but the MC is a flaming fag and his jokes are getting annoying.

  171. poseur is the word i was looking for

  172. Your derp ain’t no hipper than my pork chop
    Your Cadillac ain’t no hipper than my bus stop
    Your champagne ain’t no hipper than my soda pop

  173. Company-wide meeting at 5:30. Dog got me up at 3:49. I was already awake.

    Aaargh. Why don’t I sleep when school is in session? Slept like a stone all summer long. But when it’s really needed, it’s gone.


  175. Responsible people have to responsible.

  176. Why don’t I sleep when school is in session?

    If you’re like me, the brain keeps coming up with “gotta do this, gotta do that” and won’t shut down.

  177. Petosky wakey wakey. 39 degrees . I’ll be on a soccer feild in one hour.


  178. They have a nice continental breakfast here.

  179. http://is.gd/GHjliv

  180. I love the Petosky area. West coast is best coast.

  181. Not going to make it to 830 mass.

  182. There is a piggie poat. The password is tit dirt.

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