Hello my little monkeys, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

I wrote this song and showed Lars Ulrich how to play it, and I am still waiting on that first royalty check you sonsabitches.



Your model for today was actually picked by Roamie in this weeks HHD poat…she always slips in a little hot chick link and this week it was a doozy.

Here’s a gif of Roamie using her best 3 margarita pick up line…”Want to count shoulders?

Here’s MJ at the club.

Here’s me being fetching.

Here’s Colorado Alex on E Harmony

Roamie’s girlfriend is from North Carolina, she was born in 1991 and don’t you feel really old and dirty right about now. At 5’7″ and 102 lbs, she doesn’t really qualify for BIG but is more kinda big enough by golly. Please stop asking about my latest scandal and move on long enough to welcome, Miss Cora Dietz!





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  1. vermilion zone

  2. Is Cora eligible for MENSA?

  3. Well. It’s friday. wakey wakey

  4. Meh. I’d hit it.

  5. Nice job, Pups.

    HBD Osita.


  7. THX, Pepe. HBD Alex. HBD Cathy’s mom.

  8. She seems nice body.

  9. Oso and Alex !! Happy Birthday you two scamps!

  10. I’m researching caves. There seems to be a nice one in KY.

  11. I know a place that’s warm and moist and that can fit a dozen men comfortably…

  12. Thanks everyone! HBD Osososososo!

  13. I’m researching caves



    This place, I tell ya….

  14. Please give a few moments today to remember the towers.

    Also she seems nice. And by nice I mean blazin’ hot.

  15. Happy Birthday ColAlex!

  16. Feliz cumpleanos, Senor Alex. Und gluecklich geburtstag.

  17. >>
    I know a place that’s warm and moist and that can fit a dozen men comfortably…

    Where is Hotspur with his ‘Your Mom’ comment?

  18. This is fairly disgusting.

    I could not finish reading it.

    Be warned.

  19. I’m calling bullshit.

  20. Happy birthday, oso, and Alex.

    For you birthday, I’m giving you some of the collagen our model has injected into her lips. She overdid it a bit.

  21. ’91?! I’ve had things in the fridge longer than that.

  22. Heh, there’s a Fitbit on sale that shows your heartrate all the time.

    I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know my heartrate in the middle of kickboxing. I might have a heart attack.

  23. Jay, can you make Vegas the first weekend in Nov?

  24. TWC tech coming this afternoon to fix my internetz. Hospital wifi actually allows BBF!

  25. I can’t, I’m going to Florida for a family vacation for Thanksgiving.

  26. That’s the fitbit I want J’ames.

  27. On special right now, Car in:

    Fitbit Rakuten sale link

  28. This morning, not 10 seconds after I dropped my trousers and sat my ass upon the throne, a friggin mouse came under the door. I shrieked like a girl, rapidly pulled my pants up and opened the door. The mouse ran down the hallway with a clueless Red Heeler in pursuit to only disappear under another door.

    Snap traps are on my list for the store today.

  29. Use peanut butter, jimbro. the mice like it better, and they can’t steal the bait as easily.

    There’s another trap that’s pretty easy to make, works pretty good:

  30. I am going to set one of those up in the garage when it starts to get colder.

  31. Speaking of morning ritual thrones, it has been six plus months since I installed the Toto electronic bidet. I am totally happy with it. I will never have to abuse myself with toilet paper, at least at home. Worth every penny.

  32. I’ll write you a note.

  33. Carin, first friday night in Nov. Vegas. You can meet any umber of celebrity impersonators.

    Let’s go!

  34. Chumpo I think I stiill am in soccer hell in November. Plus we are opening a new store and pat is working 7 days a week to get it started. Things will hopefully settle down in the new year but I’d feel guilty taking a weekend at this point.

  35. This girl is not 102 pounds.

    My daughter is 5’7″, has no boobs, disappears when she turns sideways, and weighs 125 pounds. If she weighed 102, she’d be skeletal.

  36. Fair enough.

  37. Twll us when.

  38. I think there is an formula for model weight.

    True weight x .81476 = wishful thinking weight

  39. OTOH, I can’t see the girl’s legs. They may be sticks and she may vomit regularly. She’s still not 102.

    My girl is a runner. She has nice, well-toned legs.

  40. I heard that Honest Abe was a ghey. That might be more than a hammerlock.

    jes sayin.

  41. >>I heard that Honest Abe was a ghey.

    Yeah, why not? The revisionists are hell bent on making even robots like C3PO gay. Why not target ex Presidents?

  42. Im cool with that. None of my biz.

    The man knew how to politck and how to chop zee wood.

  43. I think we’ll have better luck coordinating schedules for the Vegas Meat-Up if we move it to early next year.

  44. Well Happy Birthday, Buddy. That is fair and well. If’n we West Coasters get something togeth before then, I hope that you will join us if you can.

    Can’t have you wilting on the vine up there.

  45. Thanks.

  46. We are thinking of a meatup?
    Why was I not informed?

    Oh, I see…..

    Carry on…..

  47. Happy Birthday, Alex
    Bad news: you are older.
    Good news: you will always be younger than the rest of us.

  48. Happy Birthday CoAlex!!

  49. Tushar, I think they started thinking about it yesterday.

  50. Happy Birthday, CoLex.
    Happy Birthday, Oso!

  51. We are always “thinking” of a meat because they kick ass. Planning one is a multi level endeavor. Carin was saying that Vegas is a good option because flights are cheep and the planning is ez. Im for that as I like Vegas for about 20 hrs not including zzzzzzz so, lets hit it.

  52. Love that Lincoln deal Tushar.

  53. Happy B’Day, Oso & Alex!

  54. Is Hotspurn still on a county wide sword swalloing tour?

  55. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

  56. What should we boob about now?

  57. Happy Birthday, Ositta. Are you all going out tonight?

  58. I think “categories” is an oft overlooked hilarity.

  59. Happy birthday oso and deranged weirdo from CO.

  60. Whats the best thing you ever did in Vegas?

  61. Happy birthday oso and deranged weirdo from CO.

    Thanks. And I prefer the term, “eclectic pervert”.

  62. *hides map to cave under the non-alcoholic beer

  63. je

    It will be safe there forever.

  64. Comment by Mr Chumpo on September 11, 2015 4:45 pm

    Whats the best thing you ever did in Vegas?

    Your mom.

  65. Tushar,

    I’ve turned 33! It’s scary. My idiot sister will be 30 in February.

  66. Dammit, alex. Too quick!

  67. This woman’s husband is an idiot.

  68. I looked at POL the other day and laughed my ass off. Cyn’s pic is perfect. Glamor Cyn. Just all of them are fun and it’s great to put a face to a name.

  69. Why do I keep having to log in to this POS site when I’ve never logged out?

  70. Hey, James, what’s the weight loss count?

  71. I feel bad for Laura. She’s not home from clinicals yet, and her other job starts in 40 minutes.

  72. Man, I forgot how much work goes into prepping for a show…

    Especially when I try to avoid the same crap everyone else has beaten to death all week.

  73. >>>>
    I feel bad for Laura. She’s not home from clinicals yet, and her other job starts in 40 minutes.

    Go take her place.

  74. Wiser, you should outsource to us. Lord knows we need a project around here.

  75. Is it a regular gig again, Wiser?

  76. 45 pounds mare, thanks for asking!

  77. Whoa!

    *high fives James, hopes he hits my hand and not my face*

  78. Perry is out.


    Best record of a governor anywhere, any time, and the fuckwad Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

  79. Happy birthday Osita and CoAlex.

    I have forwarded that Neil deGrasse Tyson gif to a number of co-workers who despise him as much as I do.

  80. Senor Chumpo, we are going to BWWs (Buffalo Wild Wings) for Happy Hour.

  81. Happy Birthday, Oso!

    How are you in bear years?

  82. I meant to ask, how old are you in bear years.

  83. …oops.

  84. Nice BBF, Pupster.

  85. Make The Dumb an ally, XBrad or it is an enemy to be feared.

  86. Congrats, J’Ames. That’s great.

  87. Ossita, I’m glad you are going for ot the traditional awesome b’day dinner.
    I have wanted to ax you for a while if ye know anything about Mata Ortiz Pottery?

  88. She called out.

  89. Happy Birthday Crazy Bear!

    Happy Birthday Colex!

  90. I’ve got these round wooden coasters. They are all made with two pieces of wood. That troubled me. Why not one piece?

    Then it came to me. Cutting circles out of a piece of wood oooooooo produces a lot more waste then cutting half circles nunununununu


  91. Best record of a governor anywhere, any time, and the fuckwad Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the room.


    Re: Our conversation about the dumb running things….the rational are not in charge any more, haven’t for a long time. “Oooohhhh, look, Miley Cyrus is playing with herself!”

  92. Next

  93. Nice BBF, Pupster.

    Thanks Rocket Chick. I owe it all to you this week.

    More wine?

  94. 52 in bear years. 4th grade in humor years.

  95. Mr Chumpo, I’ve seen some of the Mata Ortiz pottery for sale here in Old Town. Local potters are kind of hostile to it. Casas Grandes is the part of Mexico my family emigrated from in the 1850s.

  96. Is Lindsey Graham still in it?

  97. Comment by scott on September 11, 2015 6:09 pm
    Is Lindsey Graham still in it?


    That made me laugh out loud.

  98. Jeb Bush, the cross eyed dummy is the GOP’s guy. It’s insane on several levels.

  99. Well, thank you. In that case, I have a birthday gift for you. I also need a game plan on how to maximize the return on a very large collection that I am managing. I’m not that deep in the weeds on this as I have been aware of this particular tranch of a clients portfolio for some time; however, it is now time to make a move and Santa Fe seems to be the other centro (besides San Diego and Ensenada) for this type of art.
    If you can recommend an individual with NM knowledge in this I would appreciate it. If not, then that’s ok too.

  100. Is there college football on tonight? Besides, podunk vs podunk?

  101. We have the internetz again. My long national nightmare is over.

    Took the cable guy 20 minutes and we got a newer modem out of this.

    He did not leave $20 or birthday wishes for AlexOso or OsoAlex

  102. More wine?

    Oh hell yeah. I just finished a two-day design review. On the other hand, sitting there listening to the telecon allowed me to shovel ~250 Mb out of the inbox. Back in the lab for me next week.

  103. Good day, masters of baiting.

  104. Hey Mare, want to see my collection of mexican pottery?

  105. Evening.

  106. Hi Jewstin. I’m having hamsteak for dinner tonight.

    Also, buy my book:

  107. Two bucks are in the backyard eating crab apples.

  108. Hey, Puppeh, who’s the chick in your “a doozy” link up top?

  109. If you had a blow gun and a poison dart frog no done would know.

  110. Pup, that reminded me of Ad School. Subliminal adverts are awesome.

    Hi, Double.

  111. Hey, Puppeh, who’s the chick in your “a doozy” link up top?

    Cora Dietz.

  112. We need a crossbow.

  113. I guess they didn’t teach much reading comprehension at Berkley J-School.

  114. I worked 14 days this week. My FIAF To Do list:

    1. Drag dead sow out of barn
    III. Load 40 culls on truck
    Spork. Carry two sows up the ramp on my knees
    Eleventh. Sumo wrestle one sow up the ramp backwards
    1. Unload 9 sows from arriving truck
    Pie. Stick sows head in a bucket and shove her off the truck and down the ramp.

    I need a beer, a binkie, and a nap.

  115. Huh. Looked like a completely different chick at first with that hair, but now I see it. And I never went to J-School. That’s for pinkos and halfwit second children of lower-upper-middle class types.

    Hey, Chumpster.

  116. but now I see it

    Yeah, she cleans up pretty nice.

  117. 25 gp’s

    bolts are 5sp’s

  118. How many quatloos are in a gp?

  119. AAAAaaaahahadshfhal;asdhahal;ashkl;ahjkl;ashjkl!!!

    That’s for pinkos and halfwit second children of lower-upper-middle class types.
    Hey, Chumpster.

    I’m not a second child.

    *enrolls in Karl Stamford’s Corespondance “J” Skool*

  120. Huh. The internet says a 22 will drop them with a well placed head shot.

    I wouldn’t have guessed that.

  121. Thefuq is Jewschool?

  122. Jewschool is where they make rabbis.

  123. Happy birthday Osoalex and Cololoco!

  124. two inches down from the top of the neck.

    I just had this discussion with my FiL. He takes ’em down that way in his yard.

  125. CosoLolex

  126. Sorry, Chumpo. No connections to artsy people. Just natives that get tired of Mexican pottery.

  127. Everything I read said head between the eye and ear.

    I wouldn’t try unless I needed to eat.

  128. I understand. I have read a ton of crap about the pots.

    Ask someone for my email. I want to send you one.

    For your birthday.

  129. *buys Oso some crappy turquoise key chain from a drunk feather Indian.

    *buys Colex a giant Ruby red grapefruit from Grand Junction.

  130. Hey Mare, want to see my collection of mexican pottery?



  131. Hey Mare, want to see my collection of mexican pottery?


    I will NOT be fooled by that line again.

  132. **sends Jewstin a Sweetwater 420 and a fluffy blanket**

    Just reading that to-do list made me tired.

  133. Do I watch the video of people jumping to remind myself just how awful that day was?

  134. Congrats on not dying for another year, oso. Is it really also Colex’s birfday today?

  135. yes.

    long day.

  136. XB, this is the first year I haven’t been able to watch it. I’m re-reading a lot of Rick Rescorla stories.

  137. Chumpo, I’ll get your details from Cynabuns.

  138. My HS sophomore told me his teacher ran the video of people jumping today. He was finding it tough to put his discomfort into words so just settled on “That was fucked up”. I’d rather his teacher showed that than explained how “America had it coming” as I’ve read a few colleges have done.

  139. Do I watch the video of people jumping to remind myself just how awful that day was?

    I’m not. I’ll drink a toast to Gregg Froehner instead.

  140. This is one of the years that I keep thinking about the fire fighters.

    they just kept walkin’ in there.

  141. Petosky


  143. The US Army lost two three-star generals in all of World War II, LTG Simon Bolivar Buckner (10th Army at Okinawa) and LTG Leslie McNair in Normandy (posthumously promoted to General).

    The next LTG to be killed by enemy action would LTG Timothy Maude, Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel. KIA, The Pentagon, 11 September, 2001.

  144. I’ve often thought of the choice between burning to death or jumping from 90 or so stories.

    Lots of atrocities have been committed throughout history. But 9/11 happened to us. On our soil, in our cities, to our people.

    It was a choice forced by 12th century belief nuts, who were granted the privilege of student visas (that had expired = illegal alien) in a Country so great they hated it.

    What a friggen ridiculous mess.

  145. “That was fucked up”

  146. That was fucked up

  147. twfu

  148. idem

  149. tWASfu

  150. We should invent 157 acronyms while Oso is away.

  151. IDTTIE

  152. I Don’t Think That Is Enough


  154. idem


  155. ISWYDT

  156. I fucking hate this day with the heat of 1,000 suns. I want to beat some fucking mooselimb punk to a bloody pulp and then, move on to some liberal wanting to import 70,000 more of his ilk.

  157. How many sr should we take?

    I say ft.

    I don’t care what they say intrttd.

  158. Alright, what’s up assholes? Is Colorado Alex around? Because I owe him.

  159. BCock, what’s up?

  160. How is Bcoc?

  161. Xbrad! How goes it?

  162. Vmax, hell, I feel all honored and shit. Wiser is talking about having me on his show. He made me feel all ashamed as hell, without meaning too, that I haven’t said hello to you fine people.

  163. It’s hotter than a bag of assholes here. That’s what’s up.

  164. So I’ve missed nothing. Excellent.

    Honestly, I have indeed missed you assholes. You’re at least honest about your shit. ;-)

  165. MAN that’s hot!!!

  166. We need a crossbow.

    They are louder than you’d expect, but still pretty quiet. I love mine, I need to get some practice in before October.

  167. Wretchard does it again.

    Good night Hostages.
    It’s 9/11 and I’m drinking in anger…

  168. Did anybody find themselves intrigued but still hesitant about anybody else’s new business model of “Über, but for hitmen” today?

  169. At least?!!

    We’er tha best.

  170. Good Job Bcoc
    Give those nutmegers hell from Fl

  171. Bcock, I had a daughter, you missed that.

    Also, 1988 was awesome. I’m going back. Fuck the future.

  172. Chumpo, can’t deny that. Not even a little.

  173. Vmax, it looks like wiser might be crazy enough to give a FL Man a forum on his show. Craziness.

    Leon…Congrats! God help you.

  174. Did anybody find themselves intrigued but still hesitant about anybody else’s new business model of “Über, but for hitmen” today?

    My idea has been stolen.

  175. Thanks, B. She’s beautiful and I know she’s going to break my heart a few times.

  176. Über, but for hit men

    ‘ello third mortgage.

  177. In 88 I had been divorced for 2 years and moved to NYC for a change of scenery until 92.

  178. Thanks, B. She’s beautiful and I know she’s going to break my heart a few times.

    Oh. Oh you have no idea.

    With the 5 yr old today: “Daddy, I like XYZ, but I know he can’t spend the night.”

    “Uh huh”

    “Because boys don’t spend the night with girls”

    “Uh huh”

    “That’s like….the law. I mean, it would be like being a boyfriend.”


    “I mean, you can’t sleep together.”

    *the fuck????*

    “You and mommy sleep together. But you’re married.”

    “Hey look, the radio is on now!!!”

  179. VMan, that’s a long four.

    Wild ride.

  180. In 1988 I turned 13. I would like to go back to my save point and start playing the game again from there, thanks.

  181. Bcock I don’t have any notes.

    I have three girls, 8,5,2.
    When I need guidance I ask DiT.

  182. It was fun Chump, I often took visitors to the WTC. Something the engineer in me says helped contribute to the 9/11 collapse was, the WTC bragged that each floor was 1 acre (43,560 sq ft) of open floor only supported by the outside structural beams.

  183. When I need guidance I ask DiT.

    I’m just gonna say…..big mistake. ;)

  184. heh,

    Good to hear from ye, B.

  185. Evening everyone. BC, whatever I did… you have no proof. There were no witnesses.

  186. I had a Samantha Fox poster.

    Good times.

  187. I met Dan on 9/11/88

  188. Coincidentally, I had a fond memory from about ’88 today. The scene: San Diego’s Horton Plaza, a bookstore. It was the first time in this young lad’s life that he realized that there were some attractive women who wore shorts small enough that the bottoms of their cheeks just slightly peeked out of the leg openings when they moved in certain ways.

    My swimsuit area grew three sizes that day.

  189. I love Horton Plaza.

  190. Sean, I had a similar experience that same year. I think that was the first year I noticed how pretty the girls in my grade had become by the time the Apple Festival rolled around at… holy crap, this same time in September, 27 years ago.

  191. Why did Rick Perry choose 9/11 to drop out? I have a sneaking suspicion the TX Supreme Court might let the remaining (ridiculous) felony charge stand.

  192. XB, that would suck. Sounds about right though. Lawfare

  193. That was a gooooood bookstore.

  194. 1988 = there were still bookstores that weren’t B&N.

  195. Chumpo, Luis Jimenez had a cool sculpture at Horton Plaza. I really liked his stuff. Made Dan go with me to an exhibit of his work.

  196. It might have been a B & N. Or a Brentano’s. I don’t remember that particular detail. For some reason.

  197. B&N was just a catalog to me back then. My town had one Waldenbooks that I went to all the time when I wasn’t at the library.

  198. I know you like Luis J. I do too. I think that sculpture is there still. I’m not sure though. the only time I have been to Horton Plaza in the last 25 years was 2012. I had a steady cam strapped to me and I was covering a scavenger hunt for a commercial.

    It’s a wonderfully dated work of architecture.
    I’m sure they will demo it sooner or later.

  199. bookstores were awesome.

    Tje smell, the mystery, the Gary Larson section.

  200. I have the complete Gary Larson collection as well as the DVD of the 2 shows on CBS. I love Gary Larson SOOOO MUCH!!! Saw a guy wearing the bear in gunsight tee today.

  201. I haven’t pulled out any of my old Far Side books in a long time. Loved those things back in the day.

  202. This is what municipal sculpture can be.

    dare to dream of a brighter future.

  203. He lives in the house that XB grew up in on Whttle Bay Islands, New Brunswick.

    or next door. I forget/

  204. dare to dream of a brighter future.

    If it gets much darker, there won’t be a future anyhow.

  205. There is no future in England’s dreaming.

  206. Je.

    What an album. Changed my life.

  207. I have a few Pearls Before Swine anthologies as well. Nice to escape for a few with Gary Larson and Pastis.

  208. All my trips to San Diego, and I’ve never heard of, much less been to, Horton Plaza. I just looked it up and it looks fascinating.

  209. B-B-B-baby baby baby why you wan’ derp me this way
    You know I’m still your lover boy I still feel the same way
    That’s when she told me a story, ’bout free milk and a cow
    And said no hug-ee no kiss-ee until I get a weddin’ vow

  210. Irritated wakey wakey

  211. less sand = less irritation

  212. try this:

  213. Why would Bcock be on Wiser’s show?

  214. Why can’t I go back to sleep?

  215. Fuck this bullshit.

  216. Indeed.

  217. You should do a wine based DOTW.

  218. Is Wiser just filling in, or did he get his regular gig back?

  219. Morning

  220. I slept in until 5:30 today. I feel so decadent.

  221. Pop quiz. I have piggie picshures. Should I put up a piggie poat?

  222. Yes!!!!!!! Piggies.

    The show was on hiatus for the summer. Now it’s back on.

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