Automatic Rifle Wire

Otto Dix.

b. Dec 1891 Dresden. d. July 1969.

Region capture 3

When Dix wasn’t painting or drinking cappuccinos in art houses he was dealing hot death from the barrel of an MG-08 for the German Army in WWI.

He fought in The Somme twice and on the Eastern Front .

Region capture 39

Region capture 41

Dix eagerly volunteered for service in 1915 and in August of 1918 was severely wounded in the neck.  Dix then tried to get into flight school but his war had ended.  Dix was awarded the Iron Cross and was discharged, so he returned to being an artist.   In 1919 Dix founded the Dresden Secession Art Group.  By 1924, he was showing all over Germany and had become notorious along with his friend and fellow veteran, George Grosz for their brutal depictions of trench warfare.

Region capture 27 Region capture 18 Region capture 17

Much of Dix work was directed at deriding the Wiemar Republic and underlining the horrors the working class go through in war for the sake of upper class interests.

Always this.

Region capture 25

Region capture 15 Region capture 26

Region capture 43

As he witnessed the way many invalid veterans were treated his view of society soured further.  Dix painted his most important work between 1920 and 1929.

Region capture 33

With the rise of the MF’n Social Democrats, Dix and his contemporaries were persecuted and put in prison.  The Nazis burned most of his work except for a select cache which was hidden by his son and discovered in 2012.

Region capture 40 Region capture 28

Region capture 37

After WWII Dix returned to Dresden and continued to paint pictures critical of German High Society.  He was awarded numerous medals and was held in high regard by his countrymen.


Otto Dix.  New Master.

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  1. He seems like quite the artist. Very interesting style which successfully gave me a sense of dread about WW I trench warfare. Further confirmation that using soldiers up and discarding them is not a new thing.

  2. Bonus points for being named “Dix”

    Ocho Dix

  3. I wonder when the next world war will happen?

  4. A Hokie is a kind of turkey.

  5. Oskar is very upset right now. I swear to GAWD hour house just got hit by lightening and now he wants to sit on my lap. His hips hurt him so he usually only sits on his bed or a blanket. He’s on the hard floor right next to me. Zelda is on my feet.

    wakey wakyue

  6. lefty

  7. Here’s a question. How much “art” is critical of today’s “high” society? The rich used to be the evil Republicans so making fun of their country club ways was a target rich environment.

    How do the libs make fun of rich people w/o depicting all the rich /decadent libs?

  8. interesting art (in a good way)

  9. 5th one has a steadman feel to it

  10. nice wire Herr Chumpinator

  11. Beginning the week on a Tuesday, ugh. Nice artwork, chumpo!

  12. ^he said the “t” word.

  13. Wow. Powerful. The hands in the last few are interesting.

  14. I heard a thing on the radio about teenagers not really learning anything if they start school too early. So my homeschooled teen is still sleeping. I’m going to wake him up in a bit.

    We’ve got a BIG year coming at him this year.

  15. School should start at 9am and run until 4pm. And it should run from The Tuesday after Labor Day until Memorial Day weekend.

    If you can’t teach kids what they need to know in that time frame, then the school has serious organizational and cultural issues.

  16. School isn’t about teaching kids, it’s mainly daycare.

  17. Actually -educationally the best option is to have NOOOO long breaks. Three weeks max. Broken up throughout the year.

  18. The next world war has already begun. We won’t be aware of it as such until 2018.

  19. Correct, Leon.

    There is a lot of reckoning that will happen right after the jackass leaves office.

    Suddenly the media will start to notice shit.

  20. School isn’t about teaching kids, it’s mainly daycare.


    Don’t forget about breakfast and lunch for free or reduced cost and the take home boxes for the weekend for the “food insecure”.

  21. I’m not denying there’s a need for a certain percentage of these kids getting the food but it’s become ridiculous. Our local elementary school had several signs out front on the main road advertising free food during the summer. Honestly, if people need the help they will find out and get the assistance.

  22. Good ‘morrow.
    Thanks, friends.

    WWIII? meh. Serious ethnic purging? Definitely.

  23. This is an interesting read about strippers with a link to the full WSJ article:

    I never realized there were that many old, low output ones around.

  24. (clickbait)

  25. High output stripper = your mom

  26. WWIII? meh. Serious ethnic purging? Definitely.

    We’re entering a period of warfare that will last decades. The immigrants moving into Europe will not want to leave, and there will be bloodshed and civil war. The Russians continue to slowly carve away portions of Eastern Europe, and the Chinese are doing the same in the Pacific.

    The best we can hope for are decades of small, bloody conflicts that sap our resources and keep the world destabilized. The worst? Open warfare between the West and the rest of the world.

  27. To summarize the article linked by Jimbro: decrepit old strippers just don’t give as much bang for the buck.

  28. There are some scary old strippers. I still remember a bar outside the gate of Fort Huachuca that my buddy dragged my to one night. The lady dancing in the back had to have been close to sixty.

  29. it’s jiggling, baby.

    please make it stop.

  30. Yeah, regional bloody conflicts are a feature of humanity. I don’t want to put our blood and treasure on the table to settle other groups problems but we have that habit. Maybe if we stop than the risk/return factor for other countries aggressions rises to unsustainable levels.

  31. I can’t unsee that.

  32. The progressives are weakening Western society to the point that it will be overtaken by the Chinese or the Russian.

    Who will “rule” in a very decidedly “unprogressive” fashion. At least not how it’s practiced here – with it’s transgendered bathrooms and cultural relativity.

    You’d think the gays and feminists and decadent Hollywood leftest would at least have an inkling of what will happen to them then.

  33. I don’t think the Muslims will win. But they will help weaken the west so China and/or Russia don’t have to do as much work.

  34. Well whatever. I’m going to go pull weeds if no one is around.

    Ethan is already done with school for the day.

  35. Those metros in skinny jeans will protect us, Car in.

  36. Man-bun is ready to fight.

    Except that he hates guns. And has never fired one.

    And he can’t throw a punch.


  37. *sips Brawndo

  38. Emissions testing is a scam. A passing grade for my truck is 20, I scored 0.7. Last time I scored 0.4.

  39. China Schmina. If they were inclined to invade the U.S. or another continent who would be left to keep order?

    China is not a unified people, and the ChiComs hold on power flows from the barrel of a gun.

  40. Scott – are you saying that they changed the passing grade since the last time you got the test?

  41. Nothing changed.

    No modern day diesel vehicle will ever fail that stupid test.

  42. I may have miss read – so anything scoring 20 or less will pass your vehicle?

  43. Or misread.


  44. I’m not denying there’s a need for a certain percentage of these kids getting the food but it’s become ridiculous.

    for Jimbro:

  45. So, scott needs to do more rolling coal, right?

  46. Come on, wiser, there can’t be poverty in CT. You have a D gov!

  47. I like how those yellow dogs put “free lunch” in the headline.

    Yeah. Free.

  48. Careful, chumpo, or you’ll get a lecture on economics from a lib. Wrong, but a lecture nonetheless.

  49. Mare?

  50. well, actually I am in favor of programs like that. It’s not the kids fault that the folks are broke. You could pay for that program easily if’n you did away with a couple hundred bureaucrat’s cushy positions at the state level.

  51. aw, that’s cute.

  52. Brawndo has electrolytes. It’s what plants crave.

  53. Hartford doesn’t need more free food, what it needs is Jenny Craig.


  55. hehe, all I can picture is paulitics’ avatar screaming about the desert and sand.

  56. “You live in a fuchin’ DESERT!!!”


  57. How prescient was that movie? It’s almost frightening when you watch again.

  58. You could pay for that program easily if’n you did away with a couple hundred bureaucrat’s cushy positions at the state level.

    For what our bureaucrats get paid, it would only take a couple of dozen….

  59. Comment by scott on September 8, 2015 1:35 pm

    Hartford doesn’t need more free food, what it needs is Jenny Craig.

    America has an obesity problem. Meanwhile we’re spending billions on infrastructure so no one has to walk anywhere.

  60. “You live in a fuchin’ DESERT!!!”


    He was absolutely the best. Original, brilliant, crazy.

  61. 1) I’m sure the people who are most “thrilled” about FREE LUNCHES FOR EVERYONE are the food service providers in the area.

    2) So the 40% of the families who are getting foodstamps in the area … will still be getting the “full amount” even though they’ve know been relieved of the duty of paying two of the three meals necessary for their child?

    3) I can only wonder at the amount of waste which is going to occur.

  62. lookit Car In gettin’ all racisty…..

  63. Anybody got any “gotchas” about stick-blenders?
    Any recommendations, or “Don’t get one of these!”


  64. Awesome. Daughter locked the keys in the truck at school.


    HUumn …. no. No I don’t.

  65. >>America has an obesity problem. Meanwhile we’re spending billions on infrastructure so no one has to walk anywhere.

    If our obese citizens start walking all over our lowest bidder infrastructure, the whole thing will come crashing down.

  66. stick blenders are good for making gallons and gallons of tomato sauce like you are.
    I have a kitchen aid and I wish I used it more but I don’t. I don’t use it for anything except to break down stewed tomatoes. for that the price is right,

    come on down.

    I gotta go get the tykes.

  67. I use a stick blender to make mashed potatoes. That’s about it.

  68. Brad, still waiting on the takeover date for the PS bar.

  69. Great gif, Tushar. So cute.

  70. Tell your friend to hurry up!

  71. The DMV where I’m staying had pleasant people and a short line. (WTFF???)

    My picture turned out fine. In my Texas license picture I look mildly to mediumly mental.

  72. I look mildly to mediumly mental

    We’ll be the judge of that.

  73. Sitting I the high school parking lot. Waiting for aaa. They said an hour. Hope it doesn’t rain.

  74. 77% chance of thunderstorms in the next hour. Fffffiuui

  75. I’m sitting at home waiting for clients to respond to time-sensitive communications. Is that billable?

  76. No.

  77. Yes.

    Enter at least 0.8 on your timesheet.

  78. I’ll let you take a moment to rethink your answer.

  79. Do you ever read/hear the news and just say, “eff it, I’m out”?

  80. Getting on the ferry to spend a few days at the Grand Hotel.

  81. *giggles because Hotspur said “ferry”*

  82. Seriously: Hope you two have a great time, ‘Spurt!

  83. Nice, Hotspur. Make lots of sweet, sweet love or just eat good food, whatever.

  84. Don’t make sweet, sweet love to your food.

  85. Don’t make sweet, sweet love to your food.

    That’s called The Full Rosetta.

  86. Don’t get kicked in the head by a horse ‘spurt.

  87. Get kicked in the head by a horse!

  88. Don’t make sweet, sweet love to your food.

    I’m talking to you, PBC Cult!

  89. I have never made love to my food. Maybe orgasmed BECAUSE of it, but never directly.

  90. *puts on cassock, wanders about creepily

  91. This joint needs an injection of cuteness:

  92. Hahahaha, DOOOOOD!

  93. Thinking back, that was the identical drunk Rosetta’s reaction at the CT meat-up in the parking lot when someone used a simple bottle opener instead of him having to use his teeth.

  94. Is there ever going to be a meatup in Southern California, or maybe Vegas?

  95. If there is, I’ll see ya there, Paulitics.

  96. We should make plans for a Vegas Meat-Up next summer.

  97. New Egg kicks 17 different kinds of ass.

    Newer and faster is on the way.

  98. doh

  99. Let’s do a SoCal Beat-up. Lippy lives in the prime zone. Now that it’s off season, we can stay at this great little joint called The Sea Sprite in Hermosa Bch. Rack it up!

    Hotshot! get off that ferry, Weirdo!! Too late? All right, just ride it out.

  100. 100th comment.

  101. Vegas is scorching in the summer, but the prices are good. Same with Palm Springs. Some good deals to be had. So Cal is always the safest option, with better weather and plenty of moderately priced places to stay.

  102. Evening.

  103. Let’s do this.

  104. SoCal would work as well.

  105. We should do Vegas in … like … March or something.

  106. Plane trips to CA are about a million dollars. Trips to Vegas? – that’s couch change.

  107. [fondles muddler … giggles as power goes to head]

  108. Either works for me. I live in So Cal and go to Vegas a lot.

    A few years ago when I was traveling to Vegas nearly every other week to handle my FIL and MIL’s medical emergencies, doctor visits, etc etc etc, a co-worked asked me why I went so often. I said nonchalantly that I had a gambling problem. The subject never came up again.

  109. I’d also throw in a vote for Palm Springs, if the airfares aren’t too bad for those who’d have to fly in.

  110. I was in Vegas about 20 years ago. My hotel room was nearly the size of my house.

  111. Look Paulitics. I am GOING to the next meetup. PERIOD.

    So it had BETTER be affordable. From couch cushion change.

  112. I really want to see MJ’s receding hairline. And not meet mare- of course.

  113. Where’s Beasn?? I’m loving Outlander so far. I mean – no he’s not as big as he should be (SYWM) but he’ll do. Claire is also not really voluptuous enough. She’s too skinny.

    Also – Jamie should be obviously younger … he looks a tad too old. I think in the book he’s 18 or so?

  114. Look Paulitics. I am GOING to the next meetup. PERIOD.

    So it had BETTER be affordable. From couch cushion change.

    Tai, what’s caused this surge of empowerment?

  115. No surge. I just couldn’t make the last one or two meetups and got angry.

    And you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

  116. Do you scare people and make others weep? Because if you do I’d pay money to see that.

  117. Pretty much. How much money are we talking?

  118. There’s a new muddler.

  119. There’s a new muddler.

  120. We’re doing a meetface in CT a few weeks or months. I think.

  121. “IN”

  122. I wasn’t invited.

  123. Me neither.

  124. MN is very nice riiight abooout…NOW.

  125. British Airways jet at Las Vegas burst into flames. Everybody got out.

  126. I love SoCal, but everything is too expensive. Gas, hotel tax, airfare, parking, etc. I think it is BS that I can afford to fly to FL, rent a car, and stay on property at WDW for less money than driving to DL.

  127. Did anybody try to think of a polite way to tell anybody else that they couldn’t pull off the Slash-style top hat today?

  128. Pupster, what about mosquitos and flies? I heard MN has lots of flying bugs.

  129. Lipstick, you can go ahead and pick up your winnings at the front desk.



  132. I’m not going to lie, it is pretty here but buggy as heck. Going down into the 40`s tonight.

  133. MN is the Land of 10,000 mosquito breeding grounds.

  134. Heh. What I thought. Oodles of flying bugs

  135. Mosquito Magnet.

    It will change your life.

  136. We should send them to NM to keep the hoppers company.

  137. *Muddles glass of wine

    Whatever fuckers

  138. Hello Alex,
    Thanks for your email..I really do appreciate it a lot and i am not blaming you for not helping me..I want you to know i understand your cautiousness and how you are feeling at the moment and if i don’t hear from you again i will also understand…..Right now i have put myself in your shoes,if i am the one also i will feel reluctant to help cause we have never even met in person nor even talk on the phone..I know you have the money to help me but you are scared maybe i will not come if you send the money but i want to assure you that i promise/swear to God never to disappoint you in anyway and i promise/swear to my late parent’s grave never to take advantage of your kind gesture all i need right now is just a benefit of doubt from you and all will be well for us..I will really appreciate it so much if you could do this for me and i want you to know that you will be rewarded in all ways when i get back home, i promise/swear to God to pay you back as soon as i get back home.

  139. I wasn’t invited either.

    Who was?

    Because if it’s just Mj and wiser that’s not a meetup. It’s a date.

  140. Alex, eHarmony ??? Chick?

  141. You should just fly Lippy up to COS.

  142. Hoppers were just normal this year. Barely swarmed. Year of the Black Widow!!!

  143. Yeah, good to have that one off the list, Alex.

  144. Sounds legit.

  145. You should just fly Lippy up to COS.

  146. Thats so crazy it just might work.

  147. G’night. Phone dying. Computer just logged me out of all my social media accounts. Don’t feel like changing passwords. Reading trashy novels.

  148. Omg. Coalex- is that the one with all the questions you posted yesterday?

  149. We need to take dating out of his hands.. This is way to cray cray for him to handle alone.

  150. Yeah, Lippy called it last night, “please finance my trip to America and I will totally date you.”

    Sorry Colex.


  152. Alex-
    eharmony scammers – awesome!
    you can hone your powers of funneh now without compunction.

  153. He should probably ask for a picture about now.

  154. Heh:

  155. Carin, are any of your daughters of marriageable age?

  156. BTW, you need to report that account to eHarmony.

  157. That still sucks Alex.

    Hang in there.

  158. Very much sucks, CoAlex.

  159. Car in,
    Did the child get back into the truck?
    Here, they call the Fire Dept, rather than pay a locksmith.
    The Fire Dept, actually responds, especially if it is a damsel in distress IYKWIMAITTYD…

  160. Otto Dix is bleak. Much how I feel right now. LiFB is more of a fact than a political movement to him.

  161. Nobody knows what that means.

  162. Alex, you have my great sympathies. I know no single women or I’d be flinging them your way.

  163. all i need right now is just a benefit of doubt from you and all will be well for us..I will really appreciate it so much if you could do this for me and i want you to know that you will be rewarded in all ways when i get back home, i promise/swear to God to pay you back as soon as i get back home.

    Alex, I think you need to suss out what she means by that.

    And by ‘she,’ I mean the bearded Czechoslovakian hacker that does this as a side income.

  164. I’m amazed how Lippy called it.

  165. She could be hot.

  166. Hahaha, here’s one reason to be proud of working for Ford, leon:

    I know someone on facedouche that’s gonna get this plastered on their wall.

  167. I actually knew that James.

    Telling that inconvenient truth to a UAW guy will get your tires slashed.

  168. Heh:


    That’s a great gif. Cool little kid.

  169. Henry might have had issues, but he knew manufacturing.

  170. Here’s xbrad’s Las Vegas story:

    Imagine watching that and playing the slots.


  172. Thanks everyone. I’m pretty depressed about the thing. Yeah, it was obviously a scam by the end and I’m not gonna fall for it, but at least most of the spammers just respond to your first email with, “I’m so horny, come check out my [camsite/hook up site/etc].” It’s frustrating that I’m a failure online and in person, but oh well.

    The account was already removed from eharmony.

  173. Alex, I think you need to suss out what she means by that.
    And by ‘she,’ I mean the bearded Czechoslovakian hacker that does this as a side income.

    I should ask for nudie pics and see what “she” sends me.

  174. I know some single women here, but they’ve already converted over to crazy cat ladies or there’s a pretty damn good reason why they are still single.

  175. Roamy, I know. Same boat. Really wish I knew stable singles to send CoAlex’s way.

  176. On a related note, I found out why my youngest brother didn’t make it to the reunion. He found his wife with another man and was in the process of kicking her and her daughter out.

  177. Vegas then. Whateve. I miss you reprobates. I got JAKED out of Tempe. Say when, Car In.

  178. Ositter, are you still on?

  179. If we do Vegas in late may, early June, the temperature shouldn’t be too bad.

  180. You can probably tell I am neither surprised nor upset. This is wife #4 (I think). He dumped wife #3, who was a decent and kind human being, for this bitch, so a little karma was in order.

  181. Hey, maybe you’ll meet someone nice at your sister’s wedding.

    Also, there is a reason there is a fairy tale about princesses kissing a shit ton of frogs before they find their prince. It’s a human condition.

  182. Today we converted 9 square feet of tomatoes on the counter, 2.5 cups of sweet onions, 20 cloves of garlic, a fist full of fresh basil, into only 5 pints of tomato sauce.
    It took 8 hours.
    Anita figures that, considering the effort to keep the plants alive during record high temps and zero rain, picking, skinning, coring, seeding, and cooking-down and caning, that this tomato-sauce is worth $100/pint.
    I’m thinking that we may just buy “Store-sauce” in the future.
    Don’t get me wrong. This stuff is great! But, is it worth this level of effort?
    We still have 12 square feet of ‘maters on the counter and many more in the garden.
    We WILL process them all, but we may never do this again…

  183. In other airline news, apparently Phat’s employer is having, uh, issues.

  184. CoAlex, I have met you in person, and I can say unequivocally that you are most definitely NOT a failure. You are a genuinely delightful gentleman, you are attractive, and any girl would be damn lucky to have you in her life.

    Don’t give up – the right lady is out there, and she will be worth the wait!

  185. Trying to come up with a good acronym like TITS for Vegas or PS or CT. Brain is tired.

  186. PS?

  187. PS. Colex. we can’t wait until May.

    Your Liver Stays In Vegas Ought Fifteen!

  188. PS. Do It Naw!!

  189. All You Can Meat Buffet

    Las Vegas ’15

  190. Olde Vegas

    H2 Meat ’15

  191. Hey, Alex, it could be worse:


  192. Whoever Crappens in Vegas Pays in Vegas

    The Hostages ’15

  193. good lawd, TiF!

    oh well, I slept last night.

  194. Beavah, Las Vegas!!

    The Hawstajes ’15

  195. The H2 Vs. Vegas

    “Roll The Bones!”

  196. Vegas

  197. I Said Hit Me Again!!

    The H2 Las Vegas 2015

  198. I can’t do 2015. I’m going to the Western Martial Arts Workshop in a week, and then I have a friend’s wedding at the end of December.

  199. What if I write you a note?

  200. …that says you can’t make the wedding because you used your vacation days in Fabulous Las Vegas!!!

  201. Sell The Car
    Sell The House
    Sell The Kids

    I’m Never Coming Back

    The H2 LV 15

  202. No, the wedding is a good friend from my Army days.

  203. He just told me that he’s not that into you.

    See you in Vegas ’15

  204. Hostages

    Fall Down in Autumn ’15

  205. Vegas Baby! I’m in.

  206. The H2 in Vegas

    Text or

  207. I think so, Kitten.

    It’s so ez and anything for CarIn. (provided she doesn’t “forget” club property)

  208. Compatriots

    *and free Dr Peppers for Sean*

  209. Now, when is the real trick?

    Oct is already practically a wash.

    first wknd in Nov?

  210. We’ll break in the new muddler most fully.

    That date sounds good to me.

  211. We’ll break in the new muddler most fully.


  212. Nevada


  213. I can be there before sunrise.

    I have skilz

  214. The Alien vs. The Mountie



  215. You can see LV from HeXBrad’s haus.

    I bet he walked over there after din.

  216. Pass

    Las Vegas Meat is a Gas! 2015

  217. Put


  218. Faders.

  219. Don’t judge a book just by the cover
    Unless you cover just another
    And derp acceptance is a sign
    Of stupid fools who stand in line

  220. HHD is up!

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