Who made this?


  1. Winning

  2. http://is.gd/atpKOg

  3. I am out of my chocolate coffee.

  4. Both of those things seem terrible.

    Do you have booze?

  5. Why yes – yes I do! Yer a geeneeus!

  6. Mrs. Pupster bought cake flavored vodka on purpose.

  7. I just delivered a shipment to the lesbian capital of America.

    They were everywhere.

  8. Breffist is ready.

  9. Scott – flannel or lipstick*?

    (*but not Lipstick)

  10. They have all kinds there.

    Mare should check it out.

  11. She might actually show up to a meatface meetup if we held it near the SeaTac Airport.

  12. This one lived on the third floor.

    I’m done for the day.

  13. Good, have some breakfast *glances at clock* ‘er lunch.

  14. I need to make Laura’s lunch, then I can head to the lake.

    Today I am serving sauteed onion/leek cheeseburgers.

  15. Mmm, that sounds good, can I come over?

  16. Ok, now I know Dick Proenneke, but who the hell is Spike? And why doesn’t he live in his cabin?

  17. Pretty quiet on the lake for Labor Day weekend. It was chilly this morning but the sun is out and it’s in the low 80’s. Other than a few boats out fishing there’s minimal boat traffic. I told the kids no TV until tonight so they’ve been in the water all day since around 1030.

  18. If I had to guess where the lesbian capital of America was I’d guess Northampton MA. Amirite?

  19. Star is feeling much better. No puking, two dumps so far and eating a bland diet of chicken and rice. She’s back to barking at me as I move around the house. I kind of missed that when she was feeling sick.

  20. Yay for Star.

    You’ll know she’s all better when she shits in your shoes.

  21. Correct.

  22. Western MA is pretty country but overpopulated in the summer with weekenders from NY. I never really spent much time out there until I went to school in Worcester. We had a classmate from Belchertown and hiked near the Quabbin Reservoir with her family a couple of times. There was a hike somewhere else where the view was down on the oxbow of the Connecticut River. I did a 6 week rotation in Great Barrington just to see a part of MA I’d never been to. It was in the winter months and pretty deserted. They had one restaurant open at night which was a Subway … Eat Fresh!

  23. Pretzel dog, anyone? https://www.flickr.com/photos/91943735@N00/shares/7N01xR

  24. Those look good Jay.

  25. The kids are talking on the porch and the older boy said “I was kind of excited with the whole first black president thing but it went downhill pretty fast from there”. (He was 9 years old at The Immaculation)

    Tru dat.

  26. They were good, pupster.

  27. Done with the gym, protein shake, and lunch. I’m trying to decide if I want to make the trek to Denver to buy a tuxedo, or wait until tomorrow.

  28. Who buys a tuxedo? Off the rack?


  29. Mmm, The Tuxedo

  30. Pffft. That tux doesn’t even have a bowtie.

  31. I would only be into the lipstick type…IF I was a lezbo.

  32. Stayed up until 4am slept in until 9:30. Uuufffffff Off all day. Got a few things though. Catch up.

  33. Hahahahaha, even young kids know that Obama is a dipshit.

  34. And Obama picked Biden… hooboy, what a hot mess he will be if elected.

  35. Even Jimmy Carter, and he knows a thing or two about shitty presidents.

  36. Fat guy beating up fit people


  37. Just got back from taking little jammette shooting –

    She enjoyed it so much we ran out of ammo; got her shooting a 20 gauge like a Boss!

    we’re celebrating nation commie manifesto day weekend by exercising our 2A rights.

  38. al

  39. ‘Murica!

  40. Evening.

  41. Home theater 100% up and running.

  42. My Alma Mater is currently beating Grambling State, which is a Historically Black College, 45-0 before the half. Did I mention my Alma Mater is Cal Berkeley?

    I await the inevitable columns about White Privilege in the school newspaper.

  43. Comment by Hotspur on September 5, 2015 6:29 pm
    Home theater 100% up and running.


    So, my TV works too.

  44. 52-0 at the half. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!

  45. Mare, if you ever come over Ima make you watch Last of the Mohicans with the volume at eleventy!!!1111!!!1 and a glass of Mount Gay Eclipse.

  46. How many Gays have you Mounted so far today, Hospurt?

  47. I’m trying to convince mom we should move here:


  48. Hotspur, sounds great!

  49. Hahahahahaha….Sean.

  50. That’s Huell Howser’s old house, btw.

  51. Gol-LEE, b-rad! Huell Howser lived there? And it’s on a volcano? It truly is part of California’s Gold.

  52. Do we fly thru Sea-Tac to get to that house?

    I’m asking for a friend.

  53. Hahahaha, sometimes this place is funnier than shit.

  54. I love you too, Mare. :)

  55. Nice video

  56. I’m doing a Netflix marathon of Hell on Wheels.

  57. Today was my slackoff day to watch a bunch of stuff on Amazon Prime but I put my contacts in and can’t see the tv with this initial pair. Booo

  58. That was cute, Tushar. And for some reason, that baby reminded me of Rosetta.

  59. I can’t decide if the lead in this show is really good Looking or not.

    Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. Coffee is for choosers.

  60. Insanely cute video, Tushar.

  61. Yes, Mare, he is.

  62. Okay, that’s settled.

  63. He could be HHD. All of him.

  64. Today, one of my useful coworkers was telling me some more stuff about the ever expanding uselessness of one of the useless millennials I’ve been complaining about.

    Apparently Useless Boy #2 was bitching about how the angle of the sun was really super uncomfortable to him as he was standing outside doing nothing today (it was nearly idyllic weather today, and he was standing under a canopy).

    I said, “Hey man, I understand where he is coming from. I totally get what he’s saying. Because I was a little girl once, too.”

    So at least this aspect of working with them is fun. The part where we mock these fucking payroll thieves behind their backs.

  65. Huh. I would have thought that the sun shone out of his ass.

  66. I heard this song on the way home from an AA meeting this morning, which is awesome.


  67. video of Mare and Cyn from a few years ago

  68. Tushar is to videos as Pupster is to gifs.

  69. Adorable!

  70. Laura, that is so freaking hilarious – i hope that you keep sticking it to those little snowflake shits.

  71. You guys are killing me.

  72. Careful, Mare. I mostly end up posting NSFW shit like this

  73. So at least this aspect of working with them is fun. The part where we mock these fucking payroll thieves behind their backs.

    Doin’ it rong. Face-to-face mocking is the only way they’ll learn.

    This anti-bullying thing is biting us in the ass.

  74. You can’t mock them face-to-face. They don’t understand jokes. They go deer in headlights and freeze

  75. That’s when you keep laughing at them. It’s even funnier when they don’t get it.

  76. Here’s what you do. Find out about which celebrity they like–some actor or singer or some such. Talk about how they’re doing some ridiculous thing for the family of that poor drowned Syrian kid. Like, I dunno, the shit bucket challenge. Talk loudly and at length about how ridiculous you think it is and how you don’t get why that person is cool. Compare them unfavorably to someone who used to be cool about ten years ago, but isn’t now. Hilarity ensues.

  77. Mare? Roadtrip?

  78. http://is.gd/ZbczDg

  79. You can’t mock them face-to-face. They don’t understand jokes. They go deer in headlights and freeze


    Look. The little dears are disturbed by friendly sunbeams. If I unwrap even one tenth of my caustic load in their presence, they’ll go screaming to HR or management…wait. Wait. This might actually be a good idea.

  80. Sean, I have that Possum song on CD. He Stopped Loving Her Today isn’t even my favorite GJ song. I can totes see Cal writing that Grambling article. Totes.

  81. http://is.gd/zOBqTu

  82. You’d do better with management. Once HR gets involved…

  83. Evil puppeh made some Gizmo noises.

  84. If I said “bag of mumps”, Ruby would go nuts.

  85. Hm, good point. I forgot that. HR doesn’t actually ‘work for’ management.

  86. Look. The little dears are disturbed by friendly sunbeams. If I unwrap even one tenth of my caustic load in their presence, they’ll go screaming to HR or management…wait. Wait. This might actually be a good idea.

    See, that’s what I’m saying. The worst thing they can do is get mad and complain to HR that you’re mocking them for… not working.


  87. Zero tolerance at work means an inquiry will be opened and Regional HR and AP will have to open an investigation. All speech must be respectful.

  88. The policy only changes if it hurts them to keep it.

  89. respect this

  90. Respect you

  91. Scott, just lost a friend at work for supposedly calling his co-worker a bitch.

  92. Crap! My Aunt Maria just lost a toe to diabeetus. Family texts and phone calls are starting.

  93. Lost a toe, huh?

  94. That’s also sort of my point, Oso. If you can lose your job for mocking a co-nonworker, the employer doesn’t deserve good workers.

  95. Working for other people is a scam.

  96. Leon, it is insane. Target is worse than WalMart

  97. You’re not wrong, but easier said than done.

  98. Working for other people is a scam.

    Fact. I’m not sure how soon I can get out of it, though.

  99. Co-nonworker implies that I also do not work, which is false and the reason I have a problem.

    More like non-coworker, although that includes the universe of people who do not work with me.

    Payroll thief or oxygen thief. Works for me.

  100. Payroll thief.

  101. All these articles are about how the older generation needs to change, and to learn about and bridge the gap to reach and engage the millennials in the workplace.

    Why the FUCK does the older generation have to do the reaching and learning?? I’m sorry, but what the fucking fuck? I can certainly change and learn. Don’t get me wrong. Been doing it all my life, am doing it now.

    But if I can do it, can’t these wet bottomed pampered rosepetals do the same, and adjust to the world as they find it? As in, inhabited by the likes of me? And mean sunbeams?

  102. It just occurred to me that maybe it isn’t a millennial thing, but just a coincidence, in which HR happened to hire two lazy asses.

    It would be great to not tar all millennials. I don’t want to do that.

  103. I work with a few that seem all right, good gumption, etc.

    But they’re engineers. Most have Master’s degrees or are working on Doctorates. They are a non-representative sample.

  104. Good point lauraw. I’ve always taken it as an article of faith that we needed to soften our approach for this generation. It’s somehow baked in the cake that we need to cater to them.

  105. Heh, engineers can be lazy asses too.

    All millennials suck. It’s a fact.

  106. It is the task of the young to adapt to the world as they find it. It makes no sense for those of us barely holding the world together to change on their behalf.

  107. Fact.

  108. I know some hard working millennials, and I see them mostly in construction / blue collar roles.

    I also see and deal with the type you are speaking of, mostly in the retail, government, and fast food roles.

  109. Laura, because that generation has been subverted. We learned hard work, right and wrong, and doing ones civic duty.
    They on the other hand have been schooled in moral equivalency, feelings, and that our civilization is evil. It only goes one way, if it is against the status quo it is all good, if you are for western civilization you are bad

  110. We’re doing them (and ourselves) a disservice by coddling and candy-assing them.

  111. Hard working millennials?

    Drugs are bad.

  112. Most of the students that pass through my office are heading into primary care which is more touchy freely than surgery. A few times during the rotation I put them in the hot seat in the exam room and ask them to take over doing the history and exam or to interpret the X-rays in the room with the parents observing them. Most of them do a good job for their level of training. Only a few have folded under pressure. I guess they’re Leon’s nonrepresentative sample.

  113. Heh, engineers can be lazy asses too.

    True, but I am yet to find one that is outright averse to work and bereft of initiative. I definitely don’t know any for whom the angle of the sun would be an imposition, unless it was interfering work they were actually doing.

  114. I should add that there is a lack of work ethic component in all generations, and they tend to gravitate to the same type of jobs, or they are created by shitty managers and soul-searing, mind-numbing job circumstances.

  115. Right. Right.

    Listen, guy, I work with so many bright people from various skilled and professional backgrounds, it’s hard to even remember that we all work at this one hardware store. Honest to God. Most of my love of this job is the (other than the recent-hire millennials) people I work with. They are retired general contractors, teachers, plumbers, electricians, musicians, accountants, talent managers, security/ IT managers, etc, etc.

    I have learned so much from these folks, about hardware, and business, and about life. I pay attention. You’re never too old to learn from the knowledgeable people who came before you. I’ve worked this place a couple years, and because they house a hundred thousand products, I still learn new things every day.

    We should not be modifying the world to adapt to the next generation. They need to pay attention, be patient, and learn from us, first.

  116. We’re doing them (and ourselves) a disservice by coddling and candy-assing them.

    Agreed. We are also giving voice and credence to the worst offenders and smallest of minorities in the name of “fairness”, and smart and hard workers may soon learn they are being played for suckers.

  117. I have worked with a couple of liberal engineers. When I pointed out logical contradictions in their beliefs, they actually said they choose to overlook them.

  118. Our new Fresh Manager to me today: Every time I see you, you’re working. Me: Thank you?

  119. Lauraw, one of our Greeters lived in Iran in the 50s. Married an Indian national. Lived in India. She works at Sam’s to stay engaged and spends her days gardening. Fascinating lady.

  120. Oso, I actually asked a couple coworkers what contract we were fulfilling today, and they confirmed that it was the one in which we give so many hours of work value to (our employer), for the agreed upon pay for that many hours of work value.

    All of the people in this exchange were over the age of 45. Pretty sure if I tried it with the younger folks I would have gotten *deer in headlights*

  121. I H8D the warm fuzzies at Target too. You are paid for doing a job that the minimum requirements are outlined in the job spec. For me, one of the requirements is the ability to lift 50#. I only call for a team lift at over 50#. Right there in print. OMG you would not believe the nancy boys I work with.

  122. If you’re a grown man without a deformity or permanent injury and you can’t lift 50#, you should probably not breed or vote.

  123. Leon, I have to call them out specifically by name to get any response from these man-bun skinny jeans boys. Then, they stand around and watch unless I specifically ask them to lift the other end. I have to thank them constantly for basic tasks.

  124. Laura,
    Wtf, O?
    The world does not need to modify itself to adapt to these people. They need to grow-up, and see the world as it is.

    It is not going to, and has no duty to, change for them.

    They made it through the “introductory phase” (school), and are now entering “The Real World”.

    It is a “Pass/Fail” test.

    You can hack it, or not.

    The world is not going to adjust for any “Special Snowflake” and their sensitivity to “Micro-Aggression or Micro-Bias”.

    They are going to have to adjust to the fact that we don’t actually give a fuck about whatever problems they think they have.

    Welcome to the world!

    Now sack up…

  125. We had a lift today that required the Lift Cage, The Man Lift, and 3 Spotters. I got so irritated, I put the 2 millennials at the ends of the aisles and had the two retired military guys do all the work. They are all my Peers work wise. I have a tendency to get common sense bossy

  126. A generation ago, you could have asked them if they were waiting for their boyfriends to pick it up, and they’d have gotten a clue. Now you’re a disrespectful homophobe.

  127. Did anybody grab a pair of scissors, creep up behind anybody else and snip off their man bun today?

  128. ChrisP, the workplace IS adapting to them. We are changing all aspects of the workplace environment to cater to them as customers and employees.

  129. Leon, I have responded to freezer team lifts where I get the flatbed, load the freezer, and have young guys look at me like I’m supposed to roll it up front and load it in their vehicle.

  130. Gabe weighs 70# and I carry him up the stairs to my apartment 4x a day.

    My 18 year old niece is in VoTech school for auto mechanics. She is the only girl in her class that will make them all certified master mechanics.

    The boys were putting drops of hot sauce on their lunch. She poured herself 2 fingers in a glass and drank it.

    Pajama boys are afraid of her now.

  131. I forgot that the correct term for Man-bun Millennials was Pajama Boys.

  132. One cannot remember everything Oso

  133. True dat

  134. I know I work with LIVs. Dan is a yuge LIV. The LIVs at Sam’s make Dan look engaged. I will never understand why people that get 15 minute breaks and 30 minute lunches have the TV set on hour long programming and movies. Helloooo. First break I was able to set on college football. After that…no deal.

  135. Man-buns are different from PJ boys, I think. PJ boys are pseudo intellectuals who spout crap their professors ranted about while they’re sitting at Starbucks and pretending to work on their novel. Man-Buns are all in a shitty band and work their menial jobs to pay for rent and weed.

  136. I just know that Man-Buns are so effeminate that my Dan yelled at Chappie. Dan NEVER yells. We all thought that Chappie was going to cry. (No one believed Chappie when he went to HR, because Dan NEVER yells)

  137. At which point ever female cashier started ovulating. Even the pregnant ones.

  138. ha!

  139. I just know that Man-Buns are so effeminate… BZZZZZT

    *whispers: “Chris Hemsworth”; swoons*

  140. Our new Fresh Manager worked at our Club before. She and Dan were friends. Like the same sports teams. I know Dan. Associates are pigs. According to associates, she has a smoking hot body. According to Dan, she hooked up with 2 married guys and Brian. Several co-workers felt the need to tell me Dan was chatting with her. I gave Dan some cred by pretending to be jealous.

  141. … 2 married guys and Brian…

    This tickled me. Is Brian an alien or something?

  142. http://tinyurl.com/qya4g6z

  143. Yes – teenagers and twentysomethings.

  144. [i] I gave Dan some cred by pretending to be jealous.[/i]

    The next time just shrug and say, “As long as he’s willing to share.”

  145. Brian is in Navy Reserve. Cockiest guy you’ll ever meet until you meet his brother Carlos. When he worked for Dan, there was a competition as to who could nail the most female associates. Dan kept me apprised. I tried to counsel the females without ratting out the guys. Tried to teach self-respect and honor.

  146. Dan is tight. He is jealous. He has little to no sense of humor when it comes to Catholic shit. He gets pissed that all the young guys think I’m funny.

  147. Good one, xbradtc.

  148. Funny is ageless Oso

  149. Brian is in Navy Reserve. Cockiest guy you’ll ever meet until you meet his brother Carlos.

    The Danger Bros.

  150. He’s a Weiner?

  151. Part of him is.

  152. Naval Aviators are the cockiest people on the planet, followed by Air Force Aviators who think they can land on a carrier but have never tried.

  153. The Navy has aviators. The Air Force only has pilots.

  154. What’s the difference?

  155. The Navy points out that pilots are the guys driving tugboats in harbors.

    The aviator doesn’t merely drive his aircraft from point to point, but rather is a master of the entire aviation environment and craft.

    BTW, the Army also only has aviators. Only the AF uses the term Pilot.

  156. Thanks.

  157. Crimson flames tied through my ears
    Rollin’ high and mighty traps
    Pounced with derp on flaming roads
    Using ideas as my maps

  158. I started reading the comments backwards, and assumed that man buns meant ass-cheeks on men. Some comments seemed confusing, but I halted when I came up to this comment by Sean:

    “Did anybody grab a pair of scissors, creep up behind anybody else and snip off their man bun today?”

    I got educated.

  159. Man ass carries a whole different connotation than Man bun. Probably both could be considered negative.

  160. Man buns. Meh.

    They’re like tats.

  161. Except you can get rid of a man bun immediately.

  162. True.

  163. The pictures of me in 70’s style gym shorts with tube socks aren’t loaded onto the web. Guys rocking man buns will have to contend with the knowledge that their man buns will live forever.

  164. Six years ago, my great-niece was born premature at 28 weeks, weighing only 1 lb. 12 oz. Today I am pleased to share that she is a happy healthy kindergartner. Thank you for a lot of answered prayers.

    Also, she cheats at Slapjack.

  165. I thank God everyday that phones with cameras did not exist while I was a young adult.


  166. Great to hear, Roamy.

  167. They do some amazing work in the NICU

  168. >>Also, she cheats at Slapjack.

    When you are dealt the 28 week preemy card, the only way to win is to cheat. Good for her.

  169. I read an article about why US has a worse infant mortality stats than Europe: our docs try their best to help even the most hopeless preemy cases, and regularly pull off miracles. Some babies unfortunately don’t make it, and add to infant mortality stats. In Europe, they don’t count unsuccessful preemies in stats. Thus they come out looking better. Their supposed superiority in the eyes of adoring lefties is basically statistical sleight of hand.

  170. I think they do that with health and well being stats of the general population, and crime rates, too, tushar.

  171. Today is going to be 215 degrees.

  172. Hi

  173. Hi MJ, how are you and the beautiful lady?

  174. Season 3 of Hell on wheels was really good. Season 4 is starting off well.

  175. This is the type of thread that Rosetta would like to prison rape.

  176. Speaking of prison rape… OHAI, MJ.

  177. I got out of bed for this?

  178. Hi MJ, how are you and the beautiful lady?
    Hello brown fellow. The lady and I are doing well. How’s the slumlord business?

  179. I saw that too Alex and couldn’t decide whether it was a spoof or not. Like maybe one guy did it and wanted to get people talking about a new trend

  180. It’s like people don’t even know the concept of justifiable homicide.

  181. Laura and Oso should team up and travel across the country in a thunderbird convertible beating up hipster man-children and shaving their faces and heads.

  182. This makes me very angry.

    Is there justifiable assault and battery?

  183. I need some canning supplies. I have jars, but no way to suspend them in a pot, and the only jars I have are quart sized.

  184. I picked up a bunch of mason jars to store my honey in this year. When the honey crystallizes you can heat in a warm water bath to make it liquid again but the plastic containers melt and make me wonder if some evil toxin is in the honey. I end up giving a lot away as gifts anyway.

  185. Plastic is not a safe material for long-term food storage. Glass is the way to go.

  186. Get on Craigslist Leon. When we were getting rid of things last month, I had exactly what you are looking for and a bunch of other canning stuff, I was going to list it on Craigslist but other sellers were practically giving that stuff away. I ended up donating it, if I’d have known you could use it, I’d have shipped it to you.

  187. You might check Goodwill too, that’s where my stuff ended up.

  188. I’m too close to Ann Arbor hippies, Pupster. All the “canning” entries are people looking for stuff.

  189. My canner came with exactly what you are looking for, leon. Presto canner from Wal Mart. They had mason jars too.

  190. Well move to Ohio then.

    I’m tired of doing all the thinking around here.

  191. Heheh

  192. Oh WOW! I just found my old Android Tablet…I have video on it from when I met Cyn a couple of years ago.


  193. http://is.gd/MR_Mare_is_a_musician ?

  194. LOL ….you ass.

  195. Finally got to the supplies. None are cheap enough to make the trips worth it.

  196. Can someone explain the header pic?

  197. Sean uploaded it without comment, I’m guessing he is in jail for using more than his fair share of water and needs bail money.

  198. I think he wants us to stay the fuck off it.

  199. I think he wants us millennials to stay the fuck off it.

    FTFY, judging from the tag near the pic. ;)

  200. Comment by Pupster on September 6, 2015 2:37 pm

    Oh WOW! I just found my old Android Tablet…I have video on it from when I met Cyn a couple of years ago.



  201. D’awwww


  202. MJ, slumlording is going great. I am dreading the tax filing.

  203. Your fries are “our fries”, her fries are “my fries”.

  204. [i]Comment by Cyn on September 6, 2015 3:30 pm

    I think he wants us millennials to stay the fuck off it.

    Wait, you’re 29, so doesn’t that make you a millennial?

  205. *adds one year of Ultra Premium H2 Membership free to CoAlex*
    *plus a free premium naugahide H2 mini tote bag*

  206. Had the lake all to myself.

  207. Evening

  208. Naugahyde

  209. Mrs. Caruthers fell on the stairs this morning while carrying the baby. Everyone is fine, but we’re installing a second stair railing. It was that or sell the house.

  210. Man, that kind of stuff gets the adrenalin pumping, Leon. Thank God they are okay. Just burn the house to the ground.

  211. I don’t understand the purpose of the walkway in the header pic. It just ends in the side of the house. No door. wtf?

  212. Ranch

  213. Dang scary– glad that she and Lil’Possum ate okay!

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