Big Boob Friday

Hello assorted complainers, whiners, weirdos, and Trump-o-philes. Welcome to Big Boob Friday!!!!!!!


Some guy named Sean turned me onto this band a few years back. It’s pretty good stuff although I didn’t write any of the songs.



Today’s model needs no introduction, mostly because when I forget to do BBF she’s my go to tiitygirl. Please stop wiping your server to give a big ‘ol H2 greeting to Keely Hazell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













  1. Just my thoughts from looking at her will get me banned at every university in America, where you’re free to think whatever your betters allow.

  2. there are worse fallback models, that’s for sure.

  3. I would like to order the bra/panty outfit in pic four; where should I send my money?


  4. What size do you need?

  5. Opening BBF in an airport waiting area is dicey, Really dicey.

  6. I can’t refresh without looking like a perv, so you good people seize this day good and hard and sometimes soft and slow.

  7. I just skimmed the last thread but who was it that had their balls surgically removed?

  8. Shes got a rocking body.

    I don’t know what that means but I got a pat down from a beautiful young gal (rookie she was being observed by an older gal) she did the pat down so slowly on my arms I got goose bumps. Am I gay now? I prefer not to be gay.

  9. Totally gay.

  10. No you’re just a little late on having your almost mandatory college age bisexual cute girl fling.

  11. Jimbro’s dog ate a sock. Scott spent $350 dollars for ball removal surgery. Still has the ball. Dogs eat weird stuff.

  12. Star is being checked at Vet today. Fabric eaters can get really sick. Puppeh prayers.

  13. Mostly gay.

  14. Mare you can be part time gay ’cause you’re hawt.

  15. What size do you need?

    Getting rid of some stuff?

  16. Bisexual women are so 90s. Today you have to spend time as a militant vegan lesbian in college.

  17. I don’t know what that means but I got a pat down from a beautiful young gal (rookie she was being observed by an older gal) she did the pat down so slowly on my arms I got goose bumps. Am I gay now? I prefer not to be gay.

  18. She seems niOMG WHAT A FUCKING BODY!!!!!!!

  19. Keely totally rocks that vacant “come fuck me, wiserbud” look

  20. GODAMMMMIT. My eye doc forgot to order my new contacts, and they forgot to call me to cancel the appointment this morning.

    *cocktails and debriefs*

  21. well fuck. 3rd hour of the show today didn’t get recorded.


  22. Well that’s a revolting development.

  23. Actually, It looks like I can pull the audio off of the periscope replay, but you won;t hear the phone calls.

    Not sure if that’s even worth it.

  24. I should call in sometime and ask if you’re still gay.

  25. Speaking of gay, did Mare reveal to us which airport she was at for this magical pat-down? I’m asking for a friend.

  26. oooo can almost hear the calls. I’m sure I can amplify those.

    Cool! We get to hear MJ’s DOTW!

  27. I should call in sometime and ask if you’re still gay.

    I’m really surprised that only Xbrad and Dave have called in.

  28. Cool! We get to hear MJ’s DOTW!

    Or maybe not.


  29. Cyn,
    As she was here for a couple of weeks, I would guess she was at SeaTac, on her way home…

  30. I was at work or I would have listened and called. When is SES back?

  31. Are you really that surprised with only 2 H2 call ins? Car in and I rarely talk on the phone with family. Is there a text option?

  32. Good news (I think/hope): No obstruction for Star. She hasn’t been vomiting while at the vet. Hopefully she just ate something rotten and that’s the reason. Time will tell.

  33. Looks like a Hostage design:

  34. Yay for Star!!!!

  35. Can we change vapid Emily for first pic in today’s BBF? Nice makeup. Pretty

  36. *books flight to SeaTac*

    *for my friend*

  37. Jimbro, my MA was my fabric eater. She ate half of afghan. She ate my really cool Hawaiian sheets, and my childhood quilt.

  38. Fingers crossed that Star is on the mend; silly girl.

  39. I lost many a good pair of panties to Buddy (RIP boy) when he was a lil’puppeh. Got a closed laundry hamper after that.

    Sparky has been my Shoe Dog™.

  40. I flew out of SeaTac in 72. Crappy book I’m reading just annihilated Seattle-Portland. Book is Rage. Shufeldt is the author. TFG has recently eliminated most of the build up to war that is the premise for the book. LiFB

  41. MA is both. Best sandals ever. Underpants gnome. The afghan was the last straw

  42. Magic Mike XXL is the gheyest movie ever discuss

  43. I confused Kyle Eastwood with Scott Eastwood. Kyle is the musician. Scott is the shorter eye candy

  44. I may have to watch Magic Mike XXL this weekend – I just shoved the boys out the door to Payson so I could work in peace.

  45. I think you should watch The Last Ride. I’ve just recently become a fan of uber young Scott Eastwood in the rayciss Taylor Swift video. Shorter Clint

  46. You guys have really disappointed me.

    Hillary. Wipe. Huma’s Persian Kitty. Carlos Danger. Grandma dentures.

  47. Does anyone know what the hell MJ is babbling about?

  48. MJ, we are avoiding the low-hanging fruit that Grammy Hill brings to the conversation.

  49. Her released email is pathetic. She is to Depends as TFG is to Szirp

  50. Only “really”?

    I’ll try harder next time.

  51. Evening.

  52. This One NEat TRiCK!

  53. Cyn is a redneck engineer?

  54. Get Hard was sweet, not rayciss.

  55. Hmmm… Will Ferrell… I have a love/hate thing with him.

  56. I don’t. I just hate him.

  57. Him and Jim Carey can go over behind the building and blow one another.

  58. Obama’s legacy is going to be the destruction of Europe.

  59. He.

  60. Good day, gum swallowers.

  61. cyn, I really expected it to suck way hard. Cute film

  62. My Euro friends are H8N on TFG and Merkel. They blame them both equally for the destruction of Europe.

  63. I have issues, We know this. I had a DBI rant ready to go, but booze. I have no scale. I exiled tape measures. I refuse to take BG. I’m still pretty physically healthy.

  64. I seem to have misplaced my decoder ring…

  65. Where’s your A1C, missy? Hmmm?

  66. I’m ignoring my A1C. Dan is getting pissed. We are currently fighting about this. We never fight.

  67. Oso and MJ should go sit in a room and babble at each other.

  68. If it’s good, maybe you BG q.d. or b.i.d. If not, you know what to do. Don’t want you going anywhere anytime soon please. Hugs.

  69. Cyn should join them.

  70. ILY2HS

  71. Cyn, it is so hard. Then I think about the Type I’s. My heart goes out to the Type I. Dan gets so irritated with all my issues.

  72. Now, that I understand. w00t!

  73. HS is my moral compass. Think about THAT!

  74. It is hard, T1 or T2; it all is.

    But it is what it is. There’s no getting around it. Just yank up those Sears boys jeans and do it.

  75. For Hawtspurt
    nO OnE eLsE.

  76. And this one’s for Oso

  77. My Sears boy jeans fall in the Husky and I’m ready for the HUSKY!!!

  78. Does anyone know what the hell HS is talking about?

  79. Cyn, I love you so much!

  80. Um…yeah? HS is right there!

  81. I love you too, honey :)

  82. HS may be having a stroke.

    Or he’s having a stroke and can only type with one hand.

  83. I was chatting with PJ last night. She loves you too!

  84. PJ is a scam.

  85. PJ’s are a scam.

  86. I miss that silly crackpot.

  87. College football is just getting started, so that’s a good thing. State is playing Western. UM got boned last night, but, oh well.

  88. Big Sleepwear is evil.

  89. PJs job blocks us by day. She’s working toward goat curtains by night. SOON

  90. This One NEat TRiCK!
    In the military, that’s known as a “grouser.”

    Surprisingly common to use, though usually a purpose build attachment.

  91. Speaking of people having different strokes, check out this chick’s O-face:

  92. And just kilt another black widow.

  93. YAY!

  94. If you’d clicked the video, you could have heard the sound of the sandal coming down on her.

  95. Watched with sound La Chancla. It was on auto play

  96. I don’t know what you guys were talking about, but it sure as hell murdered this poor poat.

  97. Family reunion weekend. I feel old but blessed.


  99. HA HA HA HA HA

  100. Home from Memphis. What a week. Card access installation is a young man’s game, I’m too old for that shit.

    Thanks for covering MJ, I’ll do the next couple of months.

  101. I had half a notion to drive down to Corpus Christi this weekend. I have never been there and it is only 4 hours away.
    Then I talked myself out of it. No reservations on Labor Day weekend, and no dog sitter.

    On the plus side, yes I worked 44 hours this week including today, but I have a 3 day weekend followed by a 3 day week, followed by another 3 day weekend.
    I wish they were all like this but they are not.

  102. Not a good weekend for that.

  103. Howdy Pups!
    How is the great white north?
    According to the weather people it will be 94 here tomorrow. I miss fall in September.

  104. Roamy!
    What did you have to give for propane(and propane accessories)?
    We made a deal today, 6 of us, for $0.89/gal.
    We knew that all the storage facilities are full, pipelines are full, refineries are at capacity, and tankers are anchored off-shore of the ports full of crude. We weren’t gonna take any shit.
    I think we did well.

  105. I miss fall in September.

    I hear Autumn is beautiful in Florida.

  106. Did anybody find out the hard way that anybody else wasn’t just faking their peanut allergy today?

  107. Howdy Vmax.

    Things are pretty good in MN, it’s just weird here. Still figuring things out.

    89 here today, 87 projected high tomorrow.

  108. Aye?

  109. Wow Pups that sucks.
    Labor Day is supposed to be cool unless it is Indian Summer. That has to be racist. I denounce my self. What is the proper PC term?

    F****PC anything, I am a good Pajama Male. Spit!

  110. I thought Indian Summer had to come after a frost.

  111. That’s Inuit Summer.

  112. Yesterday, we were both tired of harvesting, watering, canning, food-banking, and we wanted to get “out of the rut”.
    We went to the “Point Defiance Zoo” in Tacoma.
    We would have invited Mare, as she was right there, but, “Nobody Meets Mare”.
    “Not nobody, no where, no how”!
    We went to see the four “Clouded Leopard” kittens.
    They are 3.5 months old. They are beautiful, fun, and full of beans.
    We spent hours watching them stalking each other, pouncing, and running along elevated branches. They spend most of their lives in the trees. They are really cute kittens, but are 12 pounds and would destroy your house if you had one, or more there.
    One of the “keepers” was in the exercise area with them. She would be telling us about “Clouded Leopards” and one of the kittens would climb up a branch behind her and jump on her neck.
    It was really cool.
    We had a good day, “Beyond The Mailbox”…

  113. Sounds like fun Chrispy.

  114. We’ve been trying to get beyond the mailbox more often.

    They are always good days.

  115. After the EMP, this guy will be just fine.

  116. That sounds terrific, Chrispy.

  117. He gets shot at completion.

  118. I love that video, Leon.

    When he makes the roof tiles, do you think it would be beneficial to include a hole or notch in the peg, so that the tiles could be tied together from the inside to help keep them all in place? Or not?

    I’m just wondering if it would be good to secure them all to the frame and to each other more firmly, or is it better that they are untethered from the frame and only at individual risk in the case of really violent weather or whatever.

  119. They overlap like fish scales, and they aren’t light. My guess is that after the bent tiles at the apex are in place, nothing’s moving unless there’s a cat 4+ hurricane. You might want to secure the apex tiles, though.

  120. That video reminds me of this guy, though the latter probably smelled a little less like poop.

  121. Just from my personal reckoning of what clay bisque weighs, if the tiles are a bit lighter than I think they are, that roof probably weighed close to a half ton.

    All that clay-digging, then forming and drying, then 26 four-hour firings, to create that little roof. His sense of accomplishment must have been unbelievable.

  122. Did you notice the heated bed? And he’s not even going to live there, he just wanted to show how it could be done.

  123. Bedtime.

  124. Yes I did, and it is brilliant

  125. That’s a fantastic video, and I’m sharing it far and wide.

  126. Hi everybody!

  127. I hope Chrispy is still around…my Mom is in a memory care place and I spent my first 6 days visiting her and other family members. I stayed at my sisters….a mental challenge, spent the last 6 days in Bothell to take care of a dear old friend who had surgery. It was cosmetic…uuufffff ( I will NEVER do that…gross, expensive and painful and the outcome is iffy) It’s 1:40 am here in Florida, just drove an hour and a half from Orlando airport.

    Point Defiance park/zoo/5 mile drive is so close to my sister’s that had I been in Tacoma, I kid you not, I would have got my butt down there to meet you and Anita.

  128. I had no idea about the “kittens”. I would have loved to have seen them. I worked at the Zoo a couple of summers during college. Best job ever. Spent most of my time doing not fun stuff.

  129. xbrad,

    That video was great. I spent close to 2 hours looking at his other videos and he never say’s a word. They are all pretty cool. Lauraw is probably pretty close on that roof weight estimate. I wonder how far those support post sunk into the ground after he had all the tiles on.

    Yes, I’m delurking. I lurk mostly on Monday’s and Friday’s when the “content” is worth looking at. Who knows what you people write on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, but it’s not worth scrolling through that “content”.

  130. Mare, how was your first girl on girl scene?

  131. Here’s an all content blog for you, thermadin.


  133. Spent most of my time doing not fun stuff.


    This trip. Actually my last several trips. My Mom is an Angel though.

  134. Xbrad, not only did I have the slowest most enjoyable pat down (it was like some Far East unknown touch therapy…jk the poor girl was going slowly to look like she wasn’t missing any weapons), on my flight were the Tulsa Shock Women’s basketball pro team. Most were scary amazons, one was a beautiful stunner. She sat in front of me but was bobbing to her headphones the whole flight like a simpleton.

  135. If anyone is interested in a “lesbian experience” go to the Tacoma Trader Joe’s and observe the checkout “ladies”.

  136. Well, it’s 2:00am and I’m wide awake.

    *stares at MJ’s hairline*

  137. I dated a girl from the ladies basketball team in college. Loooong legs. 6’2″.

  138. Xbrad,

    That’s impressive content.

  139. How tall are you xbrad?

  140. Depends on how much I’m slouching. 5’10”, 5’11” on a good day.

  141. Quite the differential.. 6’2″—5’11”

  142. Thermadin, you wouldn’t believe the shit I see on tumbler looking for all those pics.

  143. If MJ can handle a 3 foot differential with GND, who am I to quibble about three inches?

  144. Oh come oh ye faithful
    You’re so joyful and triumphant
    Gather around,
    While I derp my own trumpet

  145. I’d hit it.

  146. Nice video

  147. ChrisP, I am 330 miles from home, so I can’t look it up, but I didn’t get that good a bargain on propane. It was under $2/gal.

  148. That is a good video Tushar.


  150. Wakey wakey.

  151. I slept like a baby. Last night kicked my ass at work. They thought it was going to be slow so I had a huuuuge section (people called off last minute … they figured it would be ok so they gave about four of us enormous sections).

    Made good money though. Actually it would rock if our sections were that good every friday. BRING IT.

  152. The only thing that messed me up is that we were constantly out of glasses. Which isn’t MY problem. That’s just stupid.

    bartend today and tomorrow all day. fake doubles.

  153. Wait. Is Mare a lesbian now?

    We really could use one here. For the Diversity.

  154. Naw, she’s just TSA curious.

  155. So the jobsite in Memphis was a factory that required steel toed shoes, I went and bought a pair of boots but didnt have any time to break them in before working fake doubles for a week on my feet all day on concrete. Right now my feet are no longer speaking to me, I didnt blister but i have some new calluses (bunions?) where the boots were pinchy.

  156. A poorly fitted pair of steel toes can permanently fuck you up. Not an area to scrimp.

  157. Pups, next time, wear the shoe, and blast the outside with a hot hair dryer. The leather will expand and fit better.

  158. So, are there professional steel toe fitters?

  159. When I was in boot camp we were issued brand new boots (duh). So we started right out marching in those fuckers. I got huge blisters on the backs of my heals that eventually became calluses.

    After boot camp those fuckers peeled off – about the size and thickness of a silver dollar.

  160. Carin, I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Does that count?

  161. No.

  162. I’ve been an office chair ranger for a long time, not used to the field work anymore. My feet would have been sore with tennis shoes, standing, walking, climbing ladders 12 hours a day for a week is too much to ask of these old paws.

  163. G’morning sunshines.

    I poated new crap:


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