Like a Phoenix From the Wire

Let’s try this again.

Around these parts this artist is known as SCROJO.

Region capture 17

He, She, It, They do the poster art for the local scene (plus The Belly Up in Aspen).

Region capture 24 Region capture 25

Region capture 28

Region capture 21 Region capture 18

Rock on.

Region capture 27

Thanks for viewing.



Have a wonderful day.

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[Edit, Cyn: Impotent Update!!1] Let me hear from you people:


  1. morningwould be perkier with wimmins’ like that around

  2. I got out of bed at 7 and almost felt rested. Maybe I can eventually get that back to 6am.

  3. QOTSA has some cool poster art.

  4. A lot of it is NSFW

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Got to work by 830. Commuting sucks.

    Time to spend the day working on a user interface. Fun task for a back-end developer like me. That’s sarcasm, in case it wasn’t obvious.

    Also, even I find it humorous that I primarily work on back ends.

  7. I’m going to take the afternoon off and take my back end to the lake.

  8. I slept through my alarm. Twice. I am 2 hours late to work. Never happened before. Dan decided to let me sleep. I blame Dan.

  9. I was offered a different position at the old company that allows me to work from home.

    I’m trying to put a price tag on it. How much annually does an afternoon BJ go for?

  10. “I’m trying to put a price tag on it.”

    that paradigm is very similar to the project management triangle – the legs are slightly different:

    Age / Drive / Cost

  11. As in, what would I pay for that on a daily basis, or how much money would you have to give me to forego one willingly?

    $200/day if the former, $50000/annum if the latter.

  12. I was offered a different position at the old company that allows me to work from home.

    I’m trying to put a price tag on it. How much annually does an afternoon BJ go for?

    So you’ve finally agreed to be your boss’ boytoy? Good for you! I demand that he give you at least a diamond necklace each year and a trip to the Caribbean if you’re giving him a beejer every afternoon..

  13. I thought you hated your old company?

  14. $200 a shot?

    [does math]

    I could forego my fake doubles.

  15. Ok I just got the complete breakdown for the raping I got last year for 10 stitches in my hand.

    The doctor cost $500.
    The ROOM was $885
    Lidocain – (this was a bargain) $13
    Suture kit $160
    $135 for a tetunus shot.


  16. I pretty much hate it, but it’s the devil I know. Plus they really want me to come back and the particular position is pretty good. I guess they liked me even though I was unhappy about my lack of a future. My perception was totally skewed and a bit immature but I guess that’s part of learning.

    The current company was sold rather than going the IPO route so I have to feel things out a bit. There’s a lot of uncertainty about how the new, bigger company is going to be structured and whether or not relocation to a different state will be necessary. The dangers of working for a company owned by a private equity firm.

    My take aways from this whole journey are:

    There is no job security, anywhere.

    Most people in the C-suite aren’t good people. Most, not all. The good are really good and the bad make you wonder about what it takes to get there. **shudder**

    Working from home was a tremendous benefit that was hard to quantify until I had to go to an office. Quality of life, yo.

    Trust is hard for people like us; the cynics/skeptics of life.

    Good data systems are the foundation of the business no matter what they actually do.

    Credibility is damn near priceless.

    My boss at the current place is who I aspire to be. My boss at the old place is who I don’t want to be. Both were good lessons.

    Passion for what you do matters.

    I’m sure everything will work out just fine. Life has been exceptionally good over the past few years and I don’t see that changing. Not the important stuffy, anyway.

  17. >>I’m trying to put a price tag on it. How much annually does an afternoon BJ go for?

    Depends on whose mom is giving.

  18. 5 stitches a few years back…$2000.

    And I had insurance!

  19. My quality of life took a complete nosedive when I stopped working at home. That’s worth a ton. If working from home included afternoon beejers there’s literally no way I’d have quit.

  20. If you don’t care about scarring, butterfly bandages work just as well.
    They might set you back $1.00.

  21. If I hadn’t gotten stitches I would have lost the skin and the scarring would have been bad (which I don’t really care about) but it would have been pretty difficult working for a while.

  22. Laura gets home from school in about 20 minutes. She has a tough decision to make, she can

    1) help me crate a 250 lb plaster statue
    2) go to the lake

  23. I need to figure out a way to bartend from home.

  24. I’ve never tried superglue, I bet it burns.

  25. I have used superglue.

    Honestly I’m going to treat every interaction with the medical community as if they’re just outright trying to rob me.

  26. You could bartend from home, but you probably wouldn’t want to live there.

  27. After working from home for almost 15 years now, not sure I could ever go back to an office setting, especially since they frown on wearing jammies and cocktailing while working.

  28. I’d let you wear jammies and cocktail.

  29. Woo Hoo!

  30. Superglue works well as long as the cut isn’t bleeding a lot. The type that’s flexible works best. I got smacked in the face while working cows in the chute. Pretty good split above my eye. Just cleaned it and used strips of tape to hold it together.

  31. Morningwood.

  32. Lake wins!

  33. Shocking

  34. morganholtz=morningwood

    heh, who knew?

  35. Speaking of data systems, Crystal Reports fucking sucks donkey balls.

  36. Crystal. Heh.

    Yes, it does.

  37. You haven’t lived until you’ve done battle with DCGS-A.

  38. Worse, DTS.

  39. There’s actually a wiki entry on that song:

  40. Shut your whore mouth. We don’t speak the name of the Three-Letter-Satan in this household.

  41. That video was funny. I like the old style.

  42. Just showing up to make sure I’m not deleted from POL.

  43. Been gone because we’ve been busy getting youngest phatspawn off to college and I’ve been flying a lot.

  44. *waits for Phat to leave so he can be deleted from POL*

  45. Lots of kiddos off to college… time for celebration!

  46. Also, I start 757/767 school in Denver next month.

    Will be there about 6 weeks.

    COAlex, drinks are on me! It would be cool to see you again.

    And any other Denver area Hostages!

  47. Cyn, I miss you!

    Haven’t seen the schedules (it’s a mix of int’l and domestic) my new airplane flies, but hopefully it includes lots of PHX.

  48. I miss you picking up the tab when we meet, but yeah, I miss you too!

    Looking forward to your next trip here–the weather is finally starting to settle down so it should be good for another ComicCon watching lunch.

  49. Phoenix ComicCon… University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona this December 4-6, 2015

  50. Cyn,

    I still tell people about that!

    For all of you who weren’t there (which is all but Cyn and me), my hotel was across the street from the convention center and all of the comicon people were staying there.

    It was NUTS. By far the best/weirdest layover I’ve ever had.

    Best because I got to treat Cyn to lunch.

    Weirdest because of all of the cosplay people roaming the hotel.

  51. Someone needs to write a comic with an Airline Pilot.

    Then I can cosplay every time I go to work.

  52. You’re just switching to the 767 because the cockpit is a bit roomier. Right?

  53. I can’t catch a break. . . cataracts. :/

  54. Phat, we will definitely get together for a beer or dinner or something while you’re out here. I’m going to be busy through much of September.

  55. Knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of people like him out there, that travel and get together to play dress up with each other also gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, they can (finally) feel comfortable with others, on the other it lends some validation which may not be appropriate.

    You should hit up some doll/toy collector’s conventions. Not as cray as a furry/brony convention or cosplayers, but there may be some alcohol involved.
    They do tend to draw in some real weirdos.

  56. I can’t catch a break. . . cataracts. :/

    That sucks. And what about your sinuses? Have you found out yet what is causing the problem?

  57. Leon, Lil’ Possum is too adorable! Definitely has that ‘can kiss blisters on her face’ face.

  58. Xbrad,

    You nailed it. Flying long legs in the 737 just sucks.

    I’m a big guy and would like the extra room.

    And it pays more. And goes to Munich, London, Dublin and Sao Paolo!

  59. It’s too bad you can’t fly airplanes from home.

  60. I didn’t see the option for leaving the babes in regardless, but deleting dormant dudes. That’s what I vote for.

  61. I’d like to be retired from home.

    That would be the best job.

  62. My current plan is to have enough of my ducks in order in ten years that how I spend my days is entirely my decision. That might not be outright retirement, but I’m pretty sure it won’t involve a giant corporation.

  63. It’s too bad you can’t fly airplanes from home.
    I’m sure there’s a guy named Mohammed working on it.

  64. Going to see my Doctor again tomorrow. Expect a referral to an ENT.

  65. Wasn’t MJ banned?

  66. That sucks, Master Chief – I hope you get some relief soon.

  67. Geoff–agree on leaving the babies in; balances out the lemony contingent.

  68. Ok I’ve been battling fleas all summer – having a billion cats and dogs doesn’t help. But honestly I think the diatomaceous earth is working the best. I got a 40 lb bag for $15 and I just sprinkle it everywhere. SInce it’s cheap and harmless I can just use it often/etc. All the chemical things would work for a bit but then had to be reapplied etc and didn’t even work that great. TO treat them all costed over $100 a month.

    I salted the carpets and then used this everywhere – including on the pets.

    Anyway. that’s my report.

  69. Prolly should shave down the forest. Just sayin.

  70. My baby does the hanky-panky. . .


  72. POL picture updated to a funny – although not complementary – pic.

    Taken last saturday night after that very long exhausting shift.

  73. Phat is here! I have a question:
    I was travelling back to US over the weekend and noticed that all passenger planes have an asshole at the end of the fuselage. What is it for? To vent out passenger farts?

  74. When we get tired … we throw around the “don’t give a fuck …” a LOT.

  75. Phat, the internet tells me that the asshole on planes is for venting APU’s farts. That is just racist.

  76. Very. Cool. Art.

    However, I am the LAST person to determine “cool.”

  77. I think yer cool.

  78. And that’s why Chumpo is on the “to kill last” list.

    Carin, great pic of you!!!!

  79. Ok I’ve been battling fleas all summer

    Do they not sell DDT in Canada?

  80. Carin working from home

  81. Which reminds me of this Hostage song

  82. Hartford just became the murder capital of New England, even though it has a population 1/5 the size of Boston.

  83. I support Kanye West’s 2020 bid for presidency.

    What this country sorely lacks, and needs, is a first lady with a huge ass and a sex tape.

  84. That’s so gangsta

    (generic response to both Scott’s and Tushar’s comments)

  85. What this country sorely lacks, and needs, is a first lady with a huge ass and a sex tape.

    You are tempting fate and Moochelle’s not out of office yet.

  86. Those posters remind me of Kozik’s work.

  87. What should we talk about now?

  88. Evening

  89. Today I lost my voice screaming at little piggies. The little ones are very hard of hearing.

  90. Toilet Paper: Rough or Soft, Over or Under


  91. Vermouth: why is it even made?


  92. Today was a good day.
    Smoked salmon sealed the deal.

  93. Why you screaming at the piggies? No wonder they grow up to eat anyone who falls into their pens.

  94. Toilet paper — soft and over.

  95. Thongs, G-strings, or Boyshorts?

  96. Latex or Latex-free?

  97. Bandaids that is. ^^^


  98. Thongs, G-strings, or Boyshorts?

    Boyshorts are the most hygenic, thongs are cutest.

    And I like vermouth.

  99. G-strings are stupid.

  100. You have to scream at them to get them out of their pens.

  101. Thongs can permit a strep b infection to migrate from the angus to the vajayjay.

  102. Shortless.

  103. “angus”

  104. TP-less

  105. G-strings are like assless chaps.

  106. Just because I don’t comment much doesn’t mean I don’t visit.


  108. TGSG’s POL pic stays. Yay!

  109. G-strings are stupid.
    How is that you’re still alive? Most of the time people this stupid end up licking an electric fence or trying to shave with a chainsaw.

  110. >>Comment by Cyn on September 1, 2015 7:48 pm
    >>Vermouth: why is it even made?

    Shut your Vermouth.

  111. heh

  112. Vermouth is German, for your mom.

  113. bikinis and latex free

  114. You have to scream at them to get them out of their pens.

    Have you tried snacks? You can draw more pigs with snacks.

  115. How is that you’re still alive? Most of the time people this stupid end up licking an electric fence or trying to shave with a chainsaw.

    I prefer thongs. Leaves more to the imagination. G-strings are a joke pretending to be underwear.

  116. I prefer your mom.

  117. I’ll settle for afternoon beejers from your mom in boyshorts.

  118. Boyshorts.

  119. Vermouth.

  120. If we look at scott’s youtube search history, does our browser blow up?

    Well done, sir.

  121. It should, but we can probably cook with it.

  122. My boss was an hour late. Forgot to “Save” his alarm. GM didn’t mind that I was 2 1/2 hours late. Likes having me on Club floor for Member service. (SYWM) I was freaking for nothing.

  123. “member service”

  124. Did anybody realize that they’d made a huge mistake by entrusting anybody else with the sacred amulet today?

  125. I haven’t had my member serviced in a while now.

  126. We don’t have customers, we have Members. At Target, we had Guests. It is all BS. I can do the Smile. I can Greet. I H8 the Engage. Why can’t I just say “Good morning” you say “Good morning” and done? Why do you have to ask a follow up question? Grrr I H8 being sociable

  127. gift idea for that special someone –

  128. and a thong ….

  129. Tushar, i see there have been some restrictions placed on internet surfing in India –

    (possibly NSFW)

  130. >>gift idea for that special someone –

    Sheldon Cooper

  131. Comment by MJ on September 1, 2015 11:21 am

    That was very insightful MJ, I appreciate your candor.

    My new company talks the talk, the jury is still out on the walking part, but I am hopeful. You and the owner would get along well, and the place is full of people who remind me of you at the PM, sales, marketing and management levels.

  132. Sounds like you’re among good peeps, Pups. How are you liking the jerb part?

  133. Pretty good, still in the honeymoon phase. I’ve been acting like I’m kind of a big deal and they are still buying it, so far. MN is weird for us on many levels, but fun and interesting.

  134. Ha – I’m glad they are; you ARE a big deal and don’t let nobody give you any shit.

  135. Boyshorts look flattering on the most number of wimmins, so I’m going with those.

    Vermouth is important for making Martinis and Manhattans.

    Latex, but only if it’s a crotchless body-suit.

  136. Martini Bianco vermouth is good for sipping.

  137. My boyshorts make me look like Nacho Libre. Maybe I make my boyshorts look like Nacho Libre. Whatev. No pantylines. I miss Sohos. She H8s visible pantylines

  138. I like boy shorts. Cute and comfy.

  139. I wrap a good sturdy nylon tarp around my terrifying mutant hunchback nethers, and knot it twice. For public safety. And because the double-knot is now a local ordinance. Ever since The Incident.

    Nobody ever bitches to me about my panty lines.

  140. ESPN showing highlights from 9/1/2007 AppState win over TTUN. IB awesomesauce ensued. Happy Birthday Michael 💔

  141. I imagine Laura’s behind looks all slim and sporty when compared to the heft of the hunch.

  142. 40 games above 500, oso.


  143. Pretty sure we’re mathematically eliminated tomorrow. Le sigh.

  144. “Pretty good, still in the honeymoon phase. I’ve been acting like I’m kind of a big deal and they are still buying it, so far.”

    Have ’em call me. I’ll let ‘er rip.

  145. I wanted to tell you, Double, that I went to that Dave Wakeling show AND I was hot and cold on it. (Although I do like the poster)
    Dave was Dave but there was no skanking contingent so I got board. YMMV.

  146. Those young gals who like to wear G-strings are obviously too young to have ever had to use the oh-so-delightful Sanitary Napkin Belt –

  147. The offered me the office, offered me the leadership
    They said I’d better take anything they’d got
    Do you want to make tea at the BBC?
    Do you want to be, do you really want to be a derp?

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