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Wire Place

Today’s artist is Antoine Cordet who lives in gay Paris.

Region capture 3

Region capture 5

He originally was a student of Architecture but you know how it goes.

Region capture 8

Region capture 15

Region capture 16

Region capture 7

I like his style very much.  It speaks French and has a bad attitude.


Thanks for viewing.


Have a wonderful day.

Monday Morning Placeholder

Because comments are shut down on the previous thread.


Have some Rich Froning:


What the hell? No MMM, comment form says closed on the old post…just damn!

I I need entertainment during my meeting. I need my wakey wakey, gardening tips and moving updates.

This is is an SOS post done on an iPhone.

let the comments begin (I hope).

Saturday Stoopid

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Big Boob Friday

Herro, and welcome to the infamous big boob Friday1!!!1!!!!!!! This week will be sooper special because I think I’ve found a model that has a more ‘wut‘ look than the original ‘wut‘ girl. But before we get to the sweater canons, lets listen to some music to get us in the mood.


As you are probably aware, I enjoy collecting records. In a few weeks I’ll be taking delivery of the new Beach House album, Depression Cherry. It will be made of clear vinyl, and packaged in a crushed red velvet sleeve. As Oso would say, I’m totes essited. The digital download (if you purchased the record) was make available this week and Oso would say, it is totes awesome. Now here’s some old shit. 


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Hey, who wants to see the slides from my vacation?

Everybody gather ’round! MJ, get the lights… oooo, sorry ’bout that, l’il fella. Cyn, give MJ a boost, could ya? Car In, how’s about another round of drinks for everyone before we get started? Hotspur, make sure you have your hearing aids turned up. You don’t want you to miss anything. Leon, keep that baby quiet, wouldya?

Okay, here we go…..

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