Sean’s Rebus

Oh, and one other thing.


  1. Morning.

  2. Way to go Sean, I got you three of these:

  3. Congrats, Sean.

  4. Jeebus, a rebus!

  5. wakey wakey and congrats!

  6. What’s a rebus? Didn’t he used to host a show with Frank Gifford’s wife?

  7. Wait, it’s Sean’s rebus. That’s the thing that got all those girls preggers.

  8. OH. Good job, Sean.

  9. What’s with all the movies based on video games? Hollywood is so dead dead dead.

    I want to see more movies like “Whiplash”. Which I’ve now watched three times (again last night when I got home – although only about 30 min of it).

    I need to get some jazz. Amazing how really good music can add so much to a movie. Kinda like the classical music in “Master and Commander”.

  10. I’m done with Hollywood these days. I’m almost done with the video game equivalent.

  11. Hamsteak and eggs for breakfast. Going truck shopping this afternoon.

  12. Good luck with the truck shopping. I’m skipping breakfast so I can eat a bunch of bratwurst with spicy mayo at lunch. My sister, brother-in-law, and my niece are coming to visit us today and meet Lil Possum.

  13. Have you guys seen recent pics of Bruce Jenner? He’s got the “hyper female, attention whore” syndrome. It’s over. Our society, our Judeo-Christian common sense and work ethic…gone.

    Oh, and being in WA (what do they put in the water supply?) I have yet to see a young man that isn’t super skinny, with zero muscle tone and a feminine element to their clothes.

    I miss my husband.

  14. Lil’ Possum, that’s so cute.

  15. Oh, and being in WA (what do they put in the water supply?) I have yet to see a young man that isn’t super skinny, with zero muscle tone and a feminine element to their clothes.

    Word. I’m seated next to a recent graduate at the new jorb. Nice guy, but he has all the muscle volume of a teenaged girl. There’s another guy his age who lifts, but he’s short like me. It’s like dwarves and elves sharing an office.

  16. Skinny guy -> very high-maintenance hairstyle
    Short guy who lifts -> short hair, combed.

  17. Mare musing alert^

  18. Mare, if you want guys with muscles, head to the area around JBLM. There are still some left.

    Portland is unfortunately packed with hipster dweebs.

  19. What is JBLM?

  20. If I don’t sort out this commuting and having a baby and having enough energy for autumn yard work, soon I won’t have muscles either.

    Well, I’ll have arm muscles and whatever I’m using to move the trees I’m cutting down. So not nothing. And gardening seems to be helping my grip strength a lot.

  21. Something is blocking the water line to the pasture. Well hit critical pressure and sprayed the inside of the box. I’m hoping all it lost was its prime.

    I bet those idiots just buried a hose and though it wouldn’t collapse.

  22. JBLM- Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

    You know, Ft. Lewis.

  23. Congratulations, Sean!

    **passes over a Diet Dr Pepper**

  24. I’m one cup of coffee into the day, and have absolutely no clue to the solution to this puzzle.

  25. One of the odder regulations I have had to learn after moving here Leon, is any water main over 8′ deep must be restrained joint. That is a pricy regulation. Both storm water, and sanitary sewer are gravity powered so a pressure pipe like water is the choice to under the gravity pipes.

  26. Re: the discussion of Millenials last night. There is one at NASA that I really, really hope he doesn’t get fed up and leave. He’s a hard worker and brilliant. Graduated from college 3 years ago. He handled program critical flight hardware that arrived in February, coordinated a metric shit-ton of tasks with Langley, Ames, Lockheed, and locals (including me), dealt with a media day circus, and got everything done and shipped back out ON TIME in June. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but this is the government. I made a point of telling him and his boss what a good job he did.

    In the meantime, the “Ph.D” has her picture taken for a show ‘n tell poster, where she posed by a piece of equipment she has never operated, with her ungloved hands (didn’t want to mess up her fingernails) on top of a pair of clean room gloves, thus rendering the gloves unusable. Everyone who knows their stuff has commented WTF? Does she not know what she’s doing. No, she does not. SMDH.

  27. Happy AnniBirthdayery, Sean!
    This one’s for you:

  28. Ya know, I like the days when Alabama’s politicians don’t make headlines. First lady of AL is divorcing Gov. Bentley after 50 years of marriage. If you’re quitting after 50 years and four kids, someone’s being a dumbass.

    Also, Hartselle mayor resigned after his name came up on the Ashley Madison site. Woo-hoo!

  29. I’m one cup of coffee into the day, and have absolutely no clue to the solution to this puzzle.

    Have smoked some crack? Try smoking crack.

    Thanks to those of you who got it and have therefore already had your crack today.

  30. I’M NOT oN cRACK!11

  31. Wait… yes I am.


  32. At the Bombay airport, waiting to catch the flight back to US

  33. It’s Mare,
    I should have suspected it was something like that.
    Months of record temps and zero rain. Suddenly, here comes
    high-winds, trees, limbs, and lines down all over the place, with
    rain in the forecast for the next week. WTF, O?

    Now I find out that Mare is here.
    That explains everything…

  34. Oh, won’t you come home, brown Tushar?
    Won’t you come home?
    I poat the whole day long.
    I’ll do pit cookin’, honey
    Pay ghetto rent,
    I know I’ve done you wrong.

  35. Heh.

    Nice one Rocket Chick.

  36. Figured only Hotspur would get that one. My mom used to sing that.

  37. 😦

  38. way to go sean!

    thankfully you were reserved enough in your oligodactylic pronouncement, to have not punctuated your rebus with teh penis.

  39. Let’s kill off some more jobs.

  40. Congrats, Sean!!!

  41. I’m singing Roamy’s song. Great job, Rocket Chick!

  42. Mare, how about man-buns. Skinny jean boys in ABQ have man-buns.

  43. Hotspur, does the frowny mean you don’t get the song?

  44. Man-buns are an abomination unto Nuggin.

  45. Vmax, we have a buried hose that goes out to a spigot in the pasture. I hope that it is buried in something sturdy like PVC to keep the hose from collapsing. That line is currently blocked by something, and the backpressure de-primed the pump. I was able — after much effort — to get it re-primed and get the hose extension at the well box to run again, but I think getting the pasture line running is going to take a small-scale excavation project.

  46. Also, I hate the well box. I’m building a newer, easier-to-move one sometime this next month. Old one is too hard to move without risking damage to the pump.

  47. Our GM is livid about the overnight millennials. Livid! At Sam’s, we stripe product by color. Break down the pallet, stripe it by color. Easy peasy. We are having to rework a weeks work of freight. Nothing was striped. Nothing. GM showed the clothing overnight stocker a picture of triple hung children’s clothing fixture. Showed picture. Told her that was the new expectation. Didn’t “Specifically” ask her to do it. Guess who spent today building a triple hung clothing rack? Guess who had to work on a ladder all day because they’re just a smidge too short?

  48. “buried hose”

  49. Time to go saw some more wild cherry for the pig roast.

    And so my arms will be bigger than the leg of a typical millennial pajamaboy.

  50. Evening.


  52. Simply have not been here enough to use JBLM. Was not called that when I lived here.

    Chrispy, sorry about the weather. I normally bring good weather with me.

    You better be a friggen stud if you’re wearing a man bun….friggen stud.

  53. I don’t know what a man bun is.

  54. No wai.

  55. It’s where hipsters walk around with their dicks covered by a taped-on hot dog bun in lieu of pants. Kind of like a codpiece.

  56. All the betas rock the man bun

  57. Jew, that makes me proud of you.

  58. Case in point: Chappie. We have 5 guys named Dan or Daniel. Daniel Chapman is the skinny jean, man-bun, tech guy. He prefers Chappie on his name tag. N8 and I, were told we couldn’t use nicknames. I was Kahn Jr. Chappie was allowed to be Chappie. Millennial.

  59. Beta males .

    Remember that bullshit about alpha/beta males when Gore, Edwards, Biden, etc were running for President? I can’t remember exactly but Dowd may have been involved.

    Being in WA STATE is a challenge with regard to putting up with liberal crappola. I saw a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker and got enraged. Saw TWO Bernie stickers yesterday. WTFF?

  60. Oh, and you can shove your COEXSIST stickers up your asshole.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  61. Man-buns are for closers. If you’ve killed a man in a fair fight, you can rock the man-bun. If you’ve survived in the wilderness for a year while building a log cabin, you can rock the man-bun. If you’re a musician who can make a living off your playing, you can rock the man-bun.

  62. I second Alex’s man bun thesis. Well said.

  63. Why the hell would anyone want that nickname?

  64. I sense much anger in the man-bun comments.

  65. Sean, he rolls up the legs on his skinny jeans and wears a man-bun!!! Why wouldn’t Chappie appeal to him?

  66. Oh and Lord Flashheart from Blackadder (can rock a man bun):

    ” I can give furniture multiple orgasms just by sitting on it!”

  67. Dan H8s Chappie. Thinks he’s a fucking retard. Dan sat through the same Millennial training I did. He thinks they are lazy fucktards. He doesn’t even try to speak in Millennial.

  68. Dan seems like the kind of guy I’d like to know.

  69. Dan’s the kind of guy every woman at the club wants to know. Because he’s a real man.

  70. Dan H8s everybody. I have to rein him in. Most people think he’s nice. He’s evil. He’s calling me Tom Cullen. M O O N. Case in point: Local TV station is running a Best Green Chile recipe contest. Shows casserole picture. Dan: I can shit better green chile recipes than that picture! FIN

  71. You are only making him sound better.

  72. CoAlex, we have a 10ft rule. We are required to make eye contact, smile, and greet everyone in the 10ft zone. I see women light up when Dan observes the rule. I make fun of him when women flirt with him. He gets cranky. Single moms that work at the Club flirt with him. He gets cranky. Dan is a cranky guy. Sports, sarcasm, and Shi’ite Catholic.

  73. All the men want to be Dan. All the women want Dan to be inside them. All the MMM models are conflicted.

  74. Mare, he’s sarcastic. He’s ranting about the Katrina Remembers crap. Makes me laugh. My work schedule for 9/10 is debate friendly. He’s making fun of me, but my LIV hubby will watch debates with me.

  75. Sean LOLOLOLOL. Dan H8s everyone!

  76. I’ve got about 100# of cherry logs ready for pork cookery.

  77. Scratch that, I think the lightest is #25, and I’ve got 7.

  78. Dan musings: That refugee has a better haircut than I do. WTF? Dominica flooding? That shack couldn’t withstand anything, fuck it. Cuba? Fuck ’em. Hope it hits them hard. (Have I mentioned that Dan is leaning Trump?

  79. Oops. )

  80. Dan is so OCD I look like a slob. Serial. He makes my quirks look normal. I’ve only had to go full Latina a few times. Dan was deer in headlights. I knew.

  81. What’s his down side?

  82. He tries to put me on a budget. He says stuff like “Part of doing dishes, is unloading the dishwasher.” Laundry is more than washer/dryer. Involves folding clothes and putting away.

  83. What’s his down side?

    His massive dick?

  84. Have I mentioned that Dan is leaning Trump?

    Hey, if he wants to vote for a pro-abortion, tax-raising, Pelosi-loving, eminent domain-abusing Democrat stalking horse for the Clintons, it’s a free country.

  85. Dan kicks ass except for the budget part…

  86. That’s my fear with Trump as well. My only hope if he does win this thing is that Cruz has brought him around on some things.

  87. #ButHeFights


  88. The Republicans turn into Democrats, so it doesn’t make a difference.

  89. I think trump might pick Cruz for VP of nominated.

  90. Dan just wants SMOD. He equates Trump with SMOD. He thinks our infertility is a blessing at this point. Our kids won’t have to live in a post-Obama America. Your kids and future kids are fucked!

  91. Rooting for Trump is like being a Mets fan

  92. Trump is controlling the conversation. That is the only reason I like him right now.

  93. Trump and Cruz seem to be playing it smart.

  94. Mare, how smart was Cruz to invite the Donald to his Iran rally the day before the CNN debates?

  95. If you like Nancy you are either a business whore (Trump) or a complete dumbass.

  96. OSO, nailed it!

  97. I’m buying stock in Brawndo.

  98. Right now I’m kind of, “Anyone but Jeb!! (TM).

  99. Scott, I am riding that for months. We give the GOPe the Senate and they STILL act like TFGs bitch? Done. I’m done. Sorry, Tush. I will no longer vote for the shit sandwich

  100. If you like Nancy you are either a business whore (Trump) or a complete dumbass.

    Why can’t it be both?

  101. Rush nailed it when he said something like ” you have 15 Republicans that have the exact same immigration policy, then you have Donald Trump and he is ahead by 10 points.”

  102. Brawndo has electrolytes

  103. If Trump rocked a man-bun, game over man.

  104. I’m disgusted over how badly Walker is doing.

  105. Rush gets the base.

  106. I will only vote for Walker or Cruz, the hell with the rest of them.

    If they don’t win I’m voting for the Colonel.


  107. MFM loves the Donald. Criminal illegals weren’t even on the radar before DT and Kate Steinle. Try playing 6 degrees of illegal homicide on your FB page. Trump gets illegal criminals.

  108. I’m all in for Cruz. That’s it. One guy.

  109. I could also vote for Carly or Ben.

  110. Well, yeah. Cruz, Carly, Ben, this thermos, this magazine, this lamp.

  111. I’m starting to warm up to Deez Nuts.

  112. I serial have way too many friends that have lost familia to criminal illegals. NJ, NC, TX, CA, NC again, NM. List goes on and on and on

  113. Deez Nuts has my vote early on.

  114. My FiL was CO rayciss. He stood up to his mom when Dan married lil ol Hispanic me. Great guy.

  115. I’m voting for Beasn.

  116. I always vote Beasn

  117. On a completely non-political note, I heard this on the way home last night. I like it, MJ might like it, and the rest of you will probably loathe it.

  118. Pretty sad that a sober rebus supporting Sean, ends up being another drunk OSO post. With less cutting and bulimia

  119. Clint Eastwood should have run.

    The primary would be over by now.

  120. Scott and I are simpatico, right down the line.

    I would vote for Jindle too.

  121. Sean and MJ are gay subtweeting. I have no idea. Seems Super Serial Ghey

  122. Jindal has my heart. Also my nerd subtweet that Roamy gets

  123. Jindal.

    Yes, him too.

  124. Scott, yes. All things Kardashian< than Clint

  125. Mmm, bratwurst:

  126. My MiL was not sweet. Goal oriented. Opposite of FIL. FiL loved me.!

  127. You’re gonna need a bigger bun.

  128. Very nice, Jay! I love homemade snausage.

  129. I had a sausage stuffer for the mixer. I can’t imagine the sheer hell of a hand crank stuffer.

  130. I saw Hand Crank Stuffer open for The Dandy Warhols back in ’99.

  131. If I say I like the look of Jay’s sausage is there any chance you guys won’t act like dicks?

    Didn’t think so.

  132. Pun intended, dicks.

  133. Your Mom is a hand crank stuffer..

  134. scott, Meathead put up a forum about sausage on amazing ribs.

  135. mare…..?

  136. Hand-crank grinder with sausage stuffer attachment is NOT really meant to be a sausage stuffer. Awful. Almost impossible to use, especially with very soft or tender sausages, like chicken sausage.

    We got a stand-alone sausage stuffer a little while back that works great, about 6 lb capacity but very easy to stop and refill midstream.

  137. Meathead is my hero.

  138. Right now I’m kind of, “Anyone but Jeb!! (TM).

    You and I are simpatico.

  139. Whose turn is it to kick Jamz ass?

    Oh look, it’s mine.

  140. Rubio is Jeb Jr.

  141. The wind has calmed for a while here in the PNW.
    450,000 without power, 2 dead, many injured from trees falling on cars, houses, a triathlon on JBLM, an outdoor car show at the LeMay Museum.
    We’re supposed to get another front coming through at about 2100.
    We’ll see…

  142. Mare,
    You in north Tacoma?
    Got power?

  143. Yes near old town, no problem….so far.

  144. Mare isn’t real.

  145. It hurts me to say that.

  146. This is like a horrible reverse of that ‘Yes Virginia’ column.

  147. If you turn out the lights and say “Mare” three times while looking in the mirror, nothing at all happens.

  148. This article is accurate: Things you have to explain to people who’ve never worked in a kitchen

  149. I’m as real as, as, real things.

    Stuff mare says: “Is this real life?”

  150. Listening to Chicago PD on scanner radio app. A call went out looking for a suspect that may be dressed like a Viking.

  151. Goddamn Minnesotans, always fucking things up for everybody else.

  152. Scratch that, I think the lightest is #25, and I’ve got 7.

    Splitting logs can be therapeutic.

  153. @Pupster ?

  154. Mare,
    Do remember “Top Of The Ocean”?

    When I was working at Weyerhaeuser, in the ’70s, we would sometimes go to “The Spar” for lunch, just up the street from there, and have “Spar Chips, a burger, and a pitcher.
    Then, one day, it was gone…


  156. I have missed football.

  157. Nice ride, Pup.

  158. Stuff mare says: “Is this real life?”

    No, it’s just fantasy.

  159. What was that “at pupster” at 10:30 Cyn?

  160. This:

    Goddamn Minnesotans, always fucking things up for everybody else.

  161. Read MPFS’s comment just before that and you’re up to speed.

  162. OH. My browser didn’t like the link, it just went to the home page of this poat.

  163. Is it a hybrid, pupster?

  164. Kinda weird that it hyperlinked it. Stoopid WerdPuss.

  165. Did anybody set out to prove to anybody else that the world was indeed ready for a cheese-flavored soft drink today?

  166. Hellz no it ain’t no galdern hybrid. It’s a planet killer.

  167. Why does everyone in movies eat with chopsticks?

  168. You’re watching Chinese movies, J’Ames. Switch to American movies.

  169. No wonder I can’t figure out the dialog!

  170. It’s a common mistake. I’ll often find myself wondering, “Hey, why is Cary Grant wearing a robe and fighting a guy with a sword?” and then I’m all, “Oh. Riiiiight. This is a Kung Fu movie, not North By Northwest.”

  171. I ate your mom with chopsticks…….ok, that may have been over the line.

  172. We’ll need a ruling from Hotspur.

  173. I wonder if Car in survived the night. Usually she checks in.

    Somewhere in Lapeer a customer has died.

  174. I’m Home. Blergy. What a day.

    I went pee ONCE and was able to eat (gobble down) ONE power bar during my 11 hour shift.

    But I made good money AND I found $10 in the parking lot on my way to the car.


    But I did almost cry a few times.

  175. I did want to kill a few people. Just saying.

    They would have totally deserved it.

    WhipLASh J’ames. How many times do I have to tell people to watch it?

    Ex Machina was just so so.

  176. I gotta say…you guys may be a bunch of goobers, windowlickers, paste-eaters, jacklegs, douchewagons, Richards, mugwumps, buttsniffers, mutants, weirdos, and Rosetta, but you’ve helped me a hell of a lot over the last four years.

    Thank you.

  177. Imma gonna watch whiplash

    Just so I can judge you.

  178. Sean, proud of you. My dad is a recovering alcoholic, and he’s done well too. It’s hard to do, and I respect that.

  179. Happy birthday, clintbird!

  180. Ooh, baby, when I see your derp
    Mellow as the month of May
    Oh, darling, I can’t stand it
    When you look at me that way

  181. Morning

  182. hbd clintb

  183. morning hammer et al.

  184. it rained indians in atlanta last night i see….

    in reading the article, i see a number of fans have fallen to their deaths in the past.

    railing redesign might be in order – or darwinism

  185. This is the day that the Lord hath made.

    Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

  186. I just saw the puzzle in the poat! Congratulations, Sean! I can’t believe it has been four whole years. Mainly because I have been abusing nasal spray, model airplane glue, and gila monster venom that whole…HEY! I just saw the puzzle in the poat! Congratulations, Sean! I can’t believe it has been four whole years.

    So happy for you.

    Uh oh, my nose is running again…

  187. New day, new poat.

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