Big Boob Friday

Hi there. Lots of problems with work and the ‘ol puter today. Because of these national tragedies you will be subjected to afternoon boobs. Or as Rosetta used to call it, BBF.

I’ve spoiled you rotten.


Today’s song comes to us from a group out of Baltimore that I really like…Beach House. I’ve heard it referred to as dream pop, which is sorta perfect. GND and I have seen them a few times and have tickets for an upcoming show in Asheville. You’ll all say it sucks, but that’s ok. It’s not like I’m preparing to ban all of you people, burn the blog down, then salt the interweb where it once lived. Nope. Not at all.


This week’s model is super hot and worth the wait. She’s from one of those backwater countries that has a flag with a bunch of shit on it rather than just a few stripes and some stars. Please stop staring in confusion at Donald Trump’s hair and welcome Lucia Javorcekova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arandom1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Here is MJ at work this morning:


  1. Tittyriffic.

  2. I’m pretty sure today’s model has had at least three dicks in her at the same time.

  3. I’m so very lonely. I miss you all. Come back! I promise we can make it work! I’ll go to counseling! I’ll spend more time with your mother! I won’t hit you anymore!

  4. Meh. She’s ok.

  5. I’d it and make her breakfast in the morning.

    Because I’m a gentleman.

  6. I would like to have intercourse with her.

    There. I said it.

  7. I’d introduce her to my friends.

    You know, if I had any.

  8. On topic:

  9. She seems nice tits.

  10. UPDATE!!!!!!!


  12. So I just got back from the eye doc and he said that I was NOT being a whiny little bitch about these contacts. He was gushing about how well he got these to fit on me (this sounds so dirty) and then said that he needed to tweak (again-dirty) the distance level. He squirted some stuff into my eyes and gloated again about the fit (sooo goddamned dirty). I get my new lenses next week. *grabs a bottle of gatorade and a smoke; settles down for a post-eye-exam-nap*


  14. Supergirl FAIL!

  15. Ha Ha! That’s what I was thinking too.

  16. Local company is moving to SC after 100 years in the state. So far, more than 1/2 of the 43 employees are going too.

    I hope we get out before its too late.

  17. There will be plenty of people left over to confiscate your taxes. Don’t worry.

  18. We’ll be able to leave in 2017. They a projecting a $1 billion deficit for that year.

    People and businesses are already leaving over the last $1 billion tax hike.

  19. Uuuumh….MJ….about that first pic up there…..ummmmmh….. I’m pretty sure it violates H2 Bylaws concerning BBF poats or something. Specifically I’m referring to the fact that you showed us a picture of her face and nothing else to go with it. That IS NOT what we come to this shithole dump to see on Fridays. Next thing you know, Rich will quit showing up.

  20. Looks like a deer ate 7-8 of our strawberry plants.

    Stupid deer.

  21. Why not 9-10?

    Pussy deer.


  23. Good day, people who are getting too old for this shit.

  24. Today’s IB moment

  25. That was cool, scott. Now, here’s a little something to cut through the treacle…

  26. Wow, Scott.

    Onions and dust and more onions.

  27. Evening.

  28. Aloha, J.T.Hammer.

  29. *clicks “customize”*

  30. Dangit. That was supposed to be “MJ comes home from a long day at work”

  31. I’m pretty sure we all got that it was supposed to be about MJ.

  32. Wow, Scott. Super dusty.

  33. Well, that was an ordeal. Capped off by a lovely 2 hour ride home, stuck in crawling traffic for a hour and 1/2.

    Next year, he goes alone.

  34. Meanwhile, beautiful full moon rising on a perfectly clear night, directly in front of my front porch.

    Pics not doing it justice.

  35. I’m pretty sure we all got that it was supposed to be about MJ. an?

  36. ?

  37. May I enter the inner sanctum. I’m all about the politeness.

  38. She was lucky it didn’t break.

  39. Son’s roommate is a Patriots/Red Sox fan.

    Oh, this is not gonna end well….

  40. >>>>May I enter the inner sanctum. I’m all about the politeness.

    Repeat after me:

    I (state your name)….

  41. I,state my name….

  42. an?

    Doctor Who?

  43. Politeness??

    I think you’re looking for IB.

  44. Non-politeness??


  45. Please shut the fuck up.


  47. Okay then.

  48. MPFS, how many bullwhips do you have shoved in your ass right now?

  49. So what brings you to these parts?

  50. test… wondering if this embeds….

  51. Guess not. Cool.

    Test over.

    Thank you for ignoring.

    *cocktails and debriefs*

  52. I guess you’re here for the bullwhips

  53. I was just wondering about lurkers today.

    I guess they do exist.

  54. ‘Sup lovely Cyn. GND wants to know what’s up, how you’re doing and if you want to pillow fight.

    It’s possible I made up the last part.

  55. No bullwhips. That would mean I was having sex.
    I’m married, so, no sex.

  56. I come for the talking about food. I stay for the talking about bullwhips.

  57. Hi Cyn! It’s GND. Live and in the flesh.

  58. No it’s not. She’s here getting blasted, but not actually commenting, commenting.

    *locks computer

  59. Blasted could mean so many different things.

  60. Okay,
    After we did a batch of pears this morning, we peeled, cored, and seeded tomatoes. Then packed them in jars and added a clove of garlic, basil, salt, and lemon-juice.
    When they came out of the canner, they had 1.5″ of clear liquid on the bottom and tomato-pulp on the top.
    Is that what is supposed to happen?
    Never having done this before, we were shocked.
    Shocked, I tell you!
    The jars were packed solid with tomatoes to within 0.5″ of the top.
    WTF, O?

    Hi, MPFS!
    Welcome to our little hive of scum & villainy…

  61. Hi, GND!
    Reach down and give MJ a little pat on the head.
    Good boy, MJ, Good boy…

  62. I’ve had a pillow fight with Cyn. 🙂 One of us, one of us, one of us

  63. I do adore some scum & villany.
    I’ve always loathed the public just on general principle. That’s why my last job had me in a corner cubicle. I consider it a badge of honor.

  64. Your stoopid trivia of the day: the lawyer who represented Jack Ruby played Gorgan on the Star Trek episode “And the Children Shall Lead”.

    And if this were FB, Oso would post the nerd smiley face with the taped hornrim glasses.

  65. “Tomato Separation
    Often, I will hear from people who are concerned because their crushed tomatoes have separated into a layer of liquid topped by a layer of solids. What happened here is that you heated your tomatoes for more than five minutes, let them cool and then heated them up again.

    By doing this, you’ve broken down the pectin inside the tomatoes. In this situation, the pectin was there holding the structure of the cells together and once it goes, there’s nothing to maintain the integrity of the tomato flesh together and so pulp separates from the water.

    I never worry about this one either. Just give the jar a good shake before using.”

  66. Is La Jollla CA one of those fancy pants towns?

  67. Yes, La Jolla is very fancy pants but some of the best hospitals & docs in the country.

  68. I have a new customer from there.

    He struck me as crazy rich. I’m OK with that.

  69. La Jolla is one of the ritzier parts of San Diego. They quietly but firmly ask PJM and her 36 children to leave if she happens to linger there.

  70. Oh yeah, there are quite a few crazy rich there. Beautiful beaches, very trendy. I lived about 20 minutes from there in San Diego.

  71. Stupid question. How do I change this stupid avatar I have?

  72. Let’s see, we’ve asked about bullwhips, we need to ask mpfs about gardening, crossfit, gluten, the space program, and the heartbreak of psoriasis.

  73. Upload a pic through

  74. Gardening: yes. Crossfit: wait, I need to stop laughing. Gluten: huh? I have to think on the last two.

  75. I had dinner in La Jolla once. Ostrich steak.

  76. Tasted like chicken.

  77. Do you have gout?

  78. We should also ask him about his views on, er, “handsome women.” We’ll probably want to ease him into Monday.

  79. Actually it tasted more like goat.

  80. OMG Dan Orlovsky is a Loin?

  81. $1 million to ride the bench.

  82. $1M would buy a lot of hookers in Downriver, and it might be money better spent.

  83. Roamy,
    “Your stoopid trivia of the day: the lawyer who represented Jack Ruby played Gorgan on the Star Trek episode “And the Children Shall Lead”.”

    Melvin Belli, “The King of Torts”…

  84. What the hell are you doing up so late?

  85. I like La Jolla. I drive through it on my way to San Diego.

  86. MPFS was once known, in different time, in a universe far, far away, as “Mrs Pauls Fish Sticks”, if I’m not mistaken.
    Is that not true Councillor?
    Come on then, can you deny it?
    I thought not…

  87. Good catch.

  88. Lil Possum has my sleep schedule all outta whack, Scoot.

  89. I missed GND?! DAMMIT!1!

  90. Welcome, MPFS.

    I once went scuba diving in La Jolla. Most boring dive I ever did.

    Seriously, she just would not shut up.

  91. “Mrs Pauls Fish Sticks”

    I was having this recollection too, but I could have just as easily blamed it on my cocktails.

  92. Mrs Paul is nice.

  93. Hullo….

    Doctor put me on antibiotics; thinks that should clear everything up without any more problems. I’m not sure, but I think they’re making me crankypants.

    I do feel better, though!

  94. Scott – is Hochuli wearing a different colored hat this year?

    OTOH, Who cares:

  95. He probably crackfats, but he’s old so he can’t help it.

  96. Oh, and yesterday one of DD#3’s friends took her to the gun range for her birthday. She got to shoot an AR-15, an AK-47, and a couple of high-caliber handguns.

    Her shoulder muscles hurt this morning, but she had a great time 🙂

  97. Glad you got some good drugs, TIF; feel better soon.

  98. MJ is too close

  99. TIFW,
    What did she think of that?
    “Guns Are Bad”?
    “This is Fun”?
    Is she interested, curious?
    Why do liberals hate guns?
    “Guns kill people like spoons make Rosie fat?”

  100. Spoons didn’t make Rosie fat.
    It was forks.

  101. >>>>>

    Ha – I think I watched that 17 times.

  102. She loved it, ChrisP! She’s gone to the range with Mr. TiFW before, and out on her grandmother’s ranch, so she isn’t afraid of guns.

    She’s never shot with the fun toys before, though…..

  103. No bullwhips. That would mean I was having sex.
    I’m married, so, no sex.

    You should ask your husband if he wants to have sex. He’d probably say yes.

  104. Hey, just found out an old friend’s wife has been put in hospice, and they don’t think she’ll be here much longer. She is my age and was diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia 5 years ago.

    Would you guys please add their family to your prayers?

  105. Did anybody fail to get a satisfactory answer as to how anybody else came to possess life-size nude marble statues of their mom and dad today?

  106. Will do, TiFW.

  107. If HR hires one more fucking millenial for my team, I’m gonna burst a blood vessel. Worthless oxygen thieves. They just fucking refuse to make themselves useful, then they look all bruised when you give them the stinkeye.

  108. Crap! Now, I want to go to La Jolla.

  109. Lauraw, how have you escaped Generational Diversity Training? We learned how to talk to and work with Millennials.

  110. Laura, I’m a millenial and you have my sympathies. God forbid that they do any real work.

    Is there a lot of physical labor?

  111. They need positive reinforcement, laura. I suggest Milk Bones.

  112. Or Milk Duds

  113. Any requests must be prefaced with questions of interest in “How they are feeling?”

  114. Do they make just Duds? Better to convey the sentiment fully.

  115. You can’t assume that they know what tasks they are expected to complete each shift. After greeting, and asking how they ate feeling, then and only then, can you give them instruction. You have 9 seconds to engage their interest.

  116. Are.

  117. It worked. I treat all millennials like brain dead hamsters and they respond. I’m just sad that two of my millennials are joining the military. Both Navy.

  118. Some physical labor. But not usually, and not tonight. Tonight was basic menial duty. Don’t even get me started about the few times they have been expected to do actual physical labor. Poof! They disappear.

  119. Oso, sincerely? I will give it a try. I was thinking I was just going to have to ask HR to stop hiring people under 35.

  120. Wiser,
    If you are still around, thanks, again, for the help with the Viola.
    It has gotten to the point that I can hear Anita put “herself” into the music in pieces like “If I Were A Rich Man”, from “Fiddler on The Roof”.
    The viola lends itself to that, as the violin is too high, the cello is assumed(see Yo Yo Ma).
    She’s doing great.
    Thanks, mon…

  121. The trick with millennials is electric shocks to the nipples. Most of htem already have the hardware attached which makes hooking up the electrodes easy.

  122. It does work. They really don’t understand consequences and they can’t carry tasks over from one shift to another. Regular person: No one is scheduled in Hardlines on Wednesday or Sunday. I should zone Hardlines. Millennial: No one told me to zone Hardlines on Wed or Sunday. Me on Wed and Sun: Hey Walker, how are you doing? Big favor, could you zone Hardlines for me? No one is scheduled and it would really help us out. (Every single Wed. Every single Sun. I was off on a Sunday. Hardlines wasn’t zoned)

  123. cat : can opener :: large crowd of customers : my dinner

  124. Yeah, they’ll do something if I ask them directly and specifically. But they’re on my team, I’m not their boss, they were hired specifically for this team that is supposed to be independent and initiative-taking. We don’t even have a direct-report manager of our own.

    I can’t walk around telling them all what to do next, as I have work to do, and it’s not my role.

  125. Sean, I can empathize. That used to happen to me at my store a lot. Except sub ‘my dinner’ with ‘my full bladder.’

  126. I’m not a Lead. Peer. They wander aimlessly without direction. Our Leads are mostly Millennials. My new Lead to me today: Thanks so much for finding things for me to do and fix.

  127. Dan to me: You’re not the Lead. Let it go. Me: I can’t let it go. We’re losing money. Dan: Not your circus. Me: AUGH!!!!! (I’m walking with my GM tomorrow so he can put more stuff on my Lead’s work list) My Lead is chill. He thinks that I’m intense. He can’t create a worklist, but he can execute one.

  128. OT. Sean had a link about end punctuation being aggressive. I didn’t even know I was micro aggressing until I read it. All this time, I thought I was too lazy to tack on the final period. Nope. I’m a H8R

  129. Actually, it’s adding the period to the end of a text message that’s supposed to be aggressive or angry or some stupid shit.

    It’s a wonder my head just doesn’t explode.

  130. Debriefed and cocktailed.

  131. I don’t punctuate texts at all. I barely punctuate comments. I seriously don’t understand people.

  132. Me, last weekend, after working solid through my break + an hour beyond, because the New Lunchroom Buddies can’t bear to stagger their breaks to be considerate to the rest of us: “This is why I will always outwork any twenty year old.”

  133. OMG Break staggering!!! I started staggering breaks for my peers months ago. Hey, why don’t you go now so we still have coverage on the floor? Let me know when you get back so we don’t interrupt coverage. That would be great!

  134. WalMart is pretty strict about breaks and lunches. Too many union backed lawsuits. Convincing people that 2 4 6 are suggestions, not mandatory…a wee bit harder.

  135. Dan: You aren’t a manager. You aren’t a Lead. Not your circus.

  136. If it was your circus, wouldn’t you be the Ringmaster?

  137. OK…we took a cabinet/ big pine basket thing off the bathroom wall a couple weeks ago. It’s not worth anything, but I am loathe to discard useful objects. So I had left it on the bedroom floor for a while until I could figure out a new home for it.

    I just walked by and jammed my baby toe on it, for the fourth or fifth time in two weeks. OK. Oh my stabby nerves. OK.

    Bonfire. Bonfire. Next week. I finally found a good use for the fucking thing.

  138. Baby toe demands retribution. Kill it with fire!!!

  139. Sean, one of our Leads always says “Not my circus, not my monkeys”. I H8 that saying. Dan is an ass.

  140. A phrase I like from AA is “Just because the monkey’s off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.”

  141. Pine isn’t a good smoking wood, but I’ll bet the PBC guys could make it work.

  142. Good one, Sean.

  143. G’night. GM wants me in at 6 to prep for a regional visit. We’re short managers and Leads and we’re still on payroll crunch and hiring freeze.

  144. What the hell is with all the girls getting septum piercings (the center part of the nose, between the two nostrils)? It looks like you’re a cow.

    I swear, I was scrolling through profiles on a dating site, and probably a quarter of the women there had them. WTF?

  145. It makes getting fucked in the nose insanely pleasurable.

    (I may have made that up.)

  146. There’s alot of things I want, a lot of things that I’d like to be.
    But girl, I don’t forsee a rags-to-riches story for me.
    There’s just one little dream I’ve got to come true;
    There’s just one derp I’ve gotta win,
    I can’t be a loser with you.

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