Fight the Power

Looks like Chumpo’s poat got misplaced so imma gonna fill in. ( I see the pictures all there in the media folder though …)

Today – on display – is a sampling of lefty mindset on facebook. Here are their “arguments”. Basically there is no discussion. Instead they post stupid memes that apparently are supposed to shut us up with ‘their truth to power’.

Here are a few which have appeared:





It doesn’t help to argue with any of the “facts” on any of these memes.

You’ll just get a text on your phone from saying “Please do not discuss things on my facebook posts”.

Whatever mom.


  1. This is my 39th poat.

    *looks away

  2. This poat is awesome though.

  3. This is bull crap.

  4. Excelent poat, Car In.

  5. Facebook is for losers.

  6. hotspur did you use this as a reference device?

  7. I prefer this one.

  8. Where’s Mare this fine morning?

  9. Facebook destroys families and friendships. It creates a false reality. We aren’t really meant to be this way to each other.

  10. Mare is probably on Facebook, tearing her family apart, limb by limb.

  11. Eh. People are too nice to each other IRL.

    I tell people what I really think on FB. Phuck em.

  12. To the lake! This may be it for the year.

  13. Que paso, futhers of muck.

  14. Almost time to go learn to drive.

  15. I generally avoid FB anymore. It’s full of lefty bullshit from my friends. IRL we don’t discuss politics, so we all get along great. But on FB they really let their freak flags fly with tons of this type of bullshit Chumpo dug up.

    Life is nothing but cute slogans and gotchas to them.

    So fuck it. HARD.

  16. Hotspur – I didn’t dig them up. There were all on my mom’s facedouche page.

    I find it rather interesting – and revealing. They have NOTHING. No argument. Their support is for propaganda.

    I really consider it more of research. I *never* reply to the bullshit. But it’s a finger on the pulse.

  17. Oh, sorry, I thought those were Chumpo’s pics from his misbegotten poat.

    Oh, and straw men. They love their straw men.

    They’ll post some vapid brain fart like this.

    Nobody said women can’t have their fucking birth control and abortions. What we say is no fucking tax dollars for that bullshit.


  18. Bernie Sanders wants to send illegal immigrant children to college and make you pay the bill.

    Barack Obama is a piss poor writer who benefited from ghost-writers, lectured one course on the law (but was never a full professor), and is a thin-skinned narcissist who stabs even members of his own party in the back if they piss him off.

    If you can’t handle criticisms of Hillar! or Bernie Snaders, then perhaps they aren’t suitable for the office of President.

    And Democrats spent eight years smearing Bush with lies, voicing support for our enemies, and undermining his domestic policy. Oh, and they openly fantasized about his assassination. Politics ain’t beanbag, and if you expected the GOP to roll over and show their bellies and give Obama everything he and the progressives wanted… well go fuck yourself.

  19. I keep my leftwing family and my right-wing friends separate on FB. Two different accounts.

  20. They’re basically too stupid to follow any of that stuff.

  21. IMHO Facebook is okay.

    *looks around to see if any rotten tomatoes are being flung*

    *hears a faint snort from someone in the distance*

    But the ‘examples’ shown here are disgusting.

    I’m thinking it will take an act of God to dislodge the fetid crap that seems to be stuck in these people’s minds.

  22. Cathy – that collection is just a few that she’s thrown up in the past week or so.

  23. Oh! Forgot!

    Hugs all ’round!

  24. The whole “Biden” thing has me laughing like a school girl. So Obama is going to back Biden.

    Ba haaa haaaa haaaaaaaa

    Wonder what Bill CLinton and Obama spoke about when golfing last week? A pardon if she dropped out of the race?

    And if there is a GOD in heaven Biden will beg Pocahontas to run with him.

  25. I’m on Facebook for business. I unfollow anybody who posts lefty bs.

  26. Yup. Obama doesn’t want Hillary to become President. I don’t even think he cares if Biden wins.

  27. I’m mainly on Facebook to stay close to family. Lots of family post photos that are fun to look at — and I’m not into that “we’re a perfect family bullshit” and neither are any of my family.

    I’m also on Facebook to “push” conservative and Christian ideals and stay connected with friends.

    I’ve unfriended or unfollowed creepy and abusive people. Don’t need the aggravation. Don’t enjoy argument

  28. I have a friend, well actually a former secretary from over 20 years ago, who’s let herself get fat as a fucking cow, and if she isn’t posting lefty bullshit, she’s posting photos of herself. She’s a goddamn belly dancer.

    Jeebus, I should really unfriend her for the photos alone.

  29. She’s a goddamn belly dancer.

    They’re always belly dancers. Don’t ask me why.

  30. I’m with Cathy on that second paragraph. I know you can’t convince committed lefties etc but you can inform middle of the road folks and those of conservative bent who need more information.

    I also have a friend on facedouche who NEVER talks politics but says (and has told me several times through the years) that my political posts keep her sane. That one day she hopes she can be as outspoken as me.

    So -although people like to say you’re spitting into the wind- I don’t believe that.

  31. because belly dance pretends to be a fitness thing when it’s a REALLY easy fitness thing that encourages people to love their body no matter how out of shape they are.

    Goddesses they call themselves. @@

  32. The only thing this chick is the goddess of is the buffet counter.

  33. Yea. I know the type. I figured.

  34. Ugh. I like watching good belly dancing. Heck, a woman with some meat on her bones is even better for it than a stick figure. But some of them… just no. Get in better shape to improve your dancing, don’t only dance and hope to get in shape.

  35. Mmm, buffet. Will there be chicken?

  36. Thing is, when she worked for me she was really pretty. She was tall, but not fat or out of shape. It’s a shame.

    One time she told me she needed the next afternoon off for an outpatient thingy. I told her I hoped everything was okay. She said “Yeah, it’s just a female thing.” I asked her if her boyfriend would be there with her, and she said “No, he has classes.”

    I thought “Hmmmm…..”

    Next day I sent the bookkeeper (who was sort of a mother figure to her.) to Planned Parenthood. Sure as shit, her car was in the lot. So she waited for her to come out so she could comfort her.

    Her fucking boyfriend was a total asshole.

  37. Dinnner? GO.

  38. Too early.

  39. I woke up to the news that a friend from HS has been selected for promotion to Colonel.

    The Army really screwed up. He’s a fantastic tactician, and not a huge social justice warrior.

  40. Chicken sammiches with ranch dressing and garden greens.

  41. And corn relish. Corn relish on chicken sammiches is really great.

  42. And do them on toasted bagels instead of regular bread.

  43. OK, this is getting complicated.

    Here’s a crude diagram of the layers, in order of final presentation:

    Bagel top (toasted)
    A schmear of ranch dressing
    small pile of torn mustard greens or lettuce from the garden
    corn relish
    sliced chicken
    Bagel bottom (toasted)

    If you assemble it in reverse order, a few corn kernels will fall out but this will mostly stay together well.

    I know, because I just ate one.

  44. What do you put in your corn relish? Is it like a corn salad?


    I used this recipe and canned a few half-pints last week.

  46. It’s a sweet-and-sour pickled relish.

  47. It sounds a lot like Dan’s corn salad. I never thought of having it as a relish. Thanks.

  48. One time she told me she needed the next afternoon off for an outpatient thingy. I told her I hoped everything was okay. She said “Yeah, it’s just a female thing.” I asked her if her boyfriend would be there with her, and she said “No, he has classes.”

    I thought “Hmmmm…..”

    Next day I sent the bookkeeper (who was sort of a mother figure to her.) to Planned Parenthood. Sure as shit, her car was in the lot. So she waited for her to come out so she could comfort her.

    Her fucking boyfriend was a total asshole.

    Wow. Just… wow.

    Her boyfriend needs a bullet in the head. And that poor girl is screwed up nine different ways.

  49. If you cooked the chicken in a PBC, I’m sure the sandwich would be much better, Laura.

  50. Magic number is 13, Oso!


  51. *likes

  52. *does the secret PBC handshake

  53. *flashes PBC gang signs


  55. I went in to work today for a going away party for our cast tech. The guy has been doing this work for over 25 years and has perfected the art of applying a cast. He’s retiring early (58years old) and taking the 5th wheel camper down south where his kids are. His wife retired last year at a similar age and they’ve sold their house already. He said he doesn’t want to be the guy that retires and then discovers he has some illness that prevents him from enjoying his remaining time. I wasn’t expecting that from him to tell the truth.

    I got to enjoy 2 foods I never get unless I’m at a party: deviled eggs and ham salad sandwiches. The eggs were awesome but the ham salad was a major disappointment. Way too salty for my taste. It almost tasted like that stuff that comes in cans and only tastes good if you’re on skid row or 137 miles into the backcountry with a dead cell phone.

  56. *throws ⚾️ at J’ames. Kicks Phat.

  57. Can I come in? The stoopid has run me off of FB, Twitter, and the mother ship.

  58. That depends. How many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass at this very moment.

    Also, tell your mom I said, “Hi.”

  59. I’m up to eight. Do I need more?

    She says “Mfff mff mfff mfff” back, by the way.

  60. *flashes PBC gang signs

  61. WooHoo!!! tmi3rd is here!!! Maybe Erika will get big enough for us to get a weather poat!!!

  62. Hope we don’t need one, Oso, but Erika might get close enough to get interesting.

  63. Does tmi3rd know our secret gang sign?

  64. I drove 105 mph leaning against a wall today.

  65. *Keeping fingers crossed that Erika is H2 big, not HQ big. We like weatherblogging

  66. I have to tuck my toes into my ears and roll down a hill, right?

  67. Car in, the Shocker or the Minivan?

  68. *emails Cyn for our secret gang sign

  69. Cyn keeps changing the fucking thing. I have no idea.

  70. **flashes Car in**

  71. If we don’t change it often we could get #hacked.

  72. Time for a church meeting. I got to be home for ~90 minutes.

  73. TMI3RD, sing us a song.

  74. Okey dokey.

  75. Well, yeah, I *am* an asshole.

  76. Oh, I was singing it autobiographically, but if the shoe fits…

  77. He sang Happy Birthday for Wiserson’s 12th birthday.

    Wiserson is in college now.

  78. That was my pleasure. Here’s me before a soccer game here in KC…

    This was also 30 lbs ago, so please be kind. The chest scratch was a hello to the Moron Horde.

  79. Now, I want to watch Casablanca.

  80. Heh.

    On the weather front, if any of us are in central or south Florida, it’s time to start paying attention to Erika.

  81. Comment by lauraw on August 25, 2015 6:04 pm

    Ahahahahaha! That is the perfect gif for the situation, I doff my cap to you Lauraw.

    OSO! Have you seen the Davey Crockett protein commercial?

  82. I hadn’t. Not a fan of Crockett. He kilt him a bear, when he was only 3.

  83. ^^^Old people earworm.


  85. ^^^Old people earworm.

    dang it.

  86. Comment by osoloco11 on August 25, 2015 8:25 pm

    ^^^Old people earworm.
    Hey, who you callin’ old!!!!!

  87. Heehee

  88. Nice job, tmi3rd!

    Your reward is to scrape the dry fiddly bits off my hump. Fair warning, this requires a bit of upper body strength.

    *points to industrial paint scraper*

    *turns around, drops tarp*

    *birds fall from the sky*

  89. “^^^Old people earworm.”

    I don’t get it.

  90. Don’t make me have to sing it!!!

  91. Maybe Hotspur can explain it.

  92. There is NO WAY Scott doesn’t know that song!!! No wai!

  93. I don’t get squeamish, much, but lauraw has the uncannily gross talent of setting off some dry heaves.

  94. I’m not in the cult.

  95. *sends tmi3rd one of those industrial pedi-eggs*

  96. Laura does seem to have an active imagination.

  97. You old people should stop judging me.

  98. You’re just a wee bit older than me!!!

  99. Meh. Not the worst thing I’ve had to scrape, lately. I’ll bet you don’t smell as bad as some of these folks did, either.

  100. *cocktails and debriefs*

  101. Scott is somewhere between me and dirt in age.

  102. lauraw’s smell curls her own hair.

  103. Suit up, tmi3rd; we’ve all been there.

  104. Meh. Not the worst thing I’ve had to scrape, lately. I’ll bet you don’t smell as bad as some of these folks did, either.

    Pay attention, Hostages! This fella knows how to talk to a lady.

  105. Hawtness

  106. I actually have the Country Bear Jamboree version going through my head.

  107. Awwwww dangitall… thanks Roamy!

  108. I am old. Next month is my 30th anniversary with NASA.

  109. I ❤️ The Country Bear Jamboree!!!

  110. I have shoes older than Roamy.

  111. I will not be at any job for 30 years. I gave up any chance of that last month.

    Unless I’m still working at 70. In which case you’ll know that the world has turned to shite.

  112. My husband has been with his job for 30 years. Though the company has changed 4 or 5 times.

  113. The world is shiite. I started with Target in 78. Got boned for the most part when I went to Sam’s. WalMart/Sam’s has been awesome for Dan and I. Dan worked for Payless Shoes, Home Depot, Old Navy, Pottery Barn in the meantime. Cali based companies were all talk. He has been able to be Dan with Wallyworld. No pressure

  114. Que paso, cockers of suck.

  115. Hey baby que paso

  116. I want to be your only vato.

  117. My Uncle has been a US Attorney for more than 30 years. His focus is on drug crimes. Until our family camping trip, he’d never heard of baby born alives. Sunday night I made fun of him about IRS and Hillary’s e-mail.

  118. Oso ❤️ PG

  119. I probably would have stayed at Walmart, had management not sucked so bad and let the one CSM (I don’t even remember her bitch title anymore, she was above a dept. manager) make things as shitty as possible for everyone.

    Though karma did catch up with her. She was fired, then rehired at a different store, same position because she was suing them. But then she lost the case. Not long after, she was demoted to cashier.

  120. Beasn, I have a friend who was first in the company with phone contract sales. Closest competitor was a female. She said he called her a bitch. Investigation ensued. He lost his job on hearsay. I hope our phone sales never recover

  121. Did anybody complain that all the answers on the math homework anybody else gave their children came out to 69 today?

  122. cards are beating up on the snakes. it’s not just the reds, oso.

  123. Oso, the Royals won again tonight. I knew you’d want to know.

  124. Strange beautiful derp of green,
    With your majestic silver seas
    Your mysterious mountains I wish to see closer
    May I land my kinky machine?

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