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Have some Rich Froning:


  1. This is motivational.

  2. I could watch that all day … must be the music or something.

  3. Nebraska is flat. That is all.

  4. Fit men without shirts, I approve.

  5. It’s really how we should start every monday – don’t you think Mare?

  6. Yes Carin I do think so.

  7. My husband is working out on the balcony without a shirt on as we speak and he looks pretty damn good. Yes, it is a good way to start the day.

  8. I thought Fit tweeners was how we split the difference on man/woman days?

  9. Insomnia sucks. I should have just got up and done the poat.

  10. In your absence we’ve had to make due. LAST monday was music. This monday is a muscle man.


  11. I had insomnia Saturday night. I was fine for the run but all day yesterday I felt like a mack truck hit me. I fell asleep in 3.14 seconds.

  12. I managed to get some things done- but I had to do a LOT to keep me going. Bananas with peanut butter. Dip in the lake. but by 9 I was ready for bed.

  13. It was unbearably hot yesterday. I barely managed to clean the coop, and I couldn’t do anything else outside.

  14. Foot is finally feeling better. I was able to walk this morning without pain. I might even run tomorrow morning.

  15. It was warm. I did a little gardening but not much.

  16. ” I fell asleep in 3.14 ”

    i feel asleep in some pie once too

  17. I’m thinking about culling my zucchini plants now that they’re slowing down production and look badly infested with powdery mildew. Just about time to plant some fall lettuce I think.

  18. Should I compost them or does the mildew mean I have to just toss them in the woods?

  19. Wow, dead already. Nice work!

  20. I would compost them.

  21. Have commie censors taken over this dump, or what?

  22. Laura will LOVE this one!

    Buzzfeed: 23 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Wash Your Eyes Out

  23. Clint, my farm and 3 week old are keeping me too busy on the weekends is all. MMM will return for you to complain about next week.

  24. This is a bunch of fucking bull crap.

  25. Don’t offend jewstin. There’s plenty of pig crap in there.

  26. I suppose I could make up for it with a “let’s pretend it isn’t Tuesday” poat.

  27. It must really suck to be this poat.

  28. I had insomnia last night too. The AC was struggling to keep up with the heat and humidity and your mom.

  29. My post got pushed down for this POS.

  30. It was a Minimalist masterpiece

  31. Can someone fluent in sign language clue me in to the header picture with the words still describing RRP RIP?

  32. I think it means I used all of these to bang your mom.

  33. It was a Minimalist masterpiece


    I thought so.

  34. Does the header say Hillary is a C8nt in sign language because that’s how I read it.

  35. All our Moms must be tired all the time.

  36. I think it means I used all of these to bang your mom.


    There’s a glaring absence of The Shocker if that’s the case.

  37. Backup for Hillary if she drops out:

    That dumb, bumbling fool, Biden
    That fat, lying sack of shit, Gore
    That dipshit lefty mayor of New York
    That dipshit, Cuomo
    That fake, socialist indian.
    Bernie Sanders.


    (I laugh but one of them may be President)

  38. Well, we don’t have to worry about having that racist piece of shit Julian Bond around anymore.

  39. Are you fucking kidding me?

    We have yellow jackets nesting in a gutter on the back of the house. I see them going in and out all day. So I called Orkin, and they quoted me $250 to come out and spray the fuckers. I said, “No thanks.”

    So I called a smaller local place, and those assholes quoted me $350.

    I’ll get up on a ladder and do it myself.

  40. That long range stuff is pretty handy at the beginning, so you can keep your distance. Then go in close later.

  41. Yeah, I had a bunch by the front door, but that roof in one story, so I was able to blast them.

    But the one at the back is two stories. The cans shoot 20 feet, so maybe I don’t need a ladder after all.

    We have gutter guards, so the fuckers seem to like the shelter they provide.

  42. I should get Leon to come over and do it.

    Hey, Leon, wanna come over and have a beer?

  43. He’d need a ladder.

  44. A couple of cherry bombs should take care of the problem.

  45. who built this POS blog?

  46. I think a monkey jizzed on a rock, and then the sun hatched it.

  47. I do my bee killing at night.

  48. I love it when Hotspur is drunk.

  49. This is my current favorite country music song:

  50. I cannot believe the twitter insanity over the GOP candidates. You would think that every comment is delivered by a close relative of the candidates.

    Everyone is so emotionally invested and it’s 15 months out.

    I’m emotionally invested in my country but I can sit back and let the early round fighting run it’s course.

    For me, anyone not D is better than Obama and who will break down Obamacare as fast as they can.

  51. I’m not drunk.

  52. Comment by Hotspur on August 17, 2015 2:35 pm
    I think a monkey jizzed on a rock, and then the sun hatched it.


    I read that comment out of context. I should have know around here, there was context.

    So sorry.

  53. We found salmon fillets for $4 per lb……….so much salmon.

  54. Cruz

    I’d happily take any of this candidates and phone bank/contribute for/to their campaign.

    Jeb can take his stupid looking crossed eyes and get stuffed.

  55. And by “cut a rug” they mean stand and hold one hand while moving awkwardly like 90 year olds at an assisted living social mixer.


  57. Well that’s just super cute.

  58. Don’t think the weather is going to cooperate, Hotspur. My outdoor activities are likely curtailed as well.

    Also my hourly rate is $80 and time starts the minute I walk ou my back door and ends when I’m back on my couch with a cocktail.

  59. Seriously though, if you want help with it I could try and drop by sometime this week.

  60. I think killing bees is mean and you should let them in your house because bees are dying and they need to be saved.

    ——-Liberal LIV

  61. The coal industry isn’t dead, it’s on sale.

  62. Coal will burn much cleaner when the right people own it.

  63. We’ll need to burn more coal in order to fight global cooling.

  64. Coal-powered cars are the future!

  65. Who poat dis be?

  66. These aren’t bees. They’re yellow jackets, and they’re huge pests when it’s dry out and you’re trying to eat outside.

    They’re going down.

  67. Scott Walker ‏@ScottWalker 15s15 seconds ago
    It shouldn’t be called ObamaCare, but ObamaCosts. Reserve your copy of the #ObamaCare repeal plan: #Walker16

    Scott Walker is moving up the “who mare wants for President” list.

  68. I’m not drunk.

    I feel a great disturbance in the force.

  69. Evening.

  70. In my heart of hearts I believe George Soros is evil.


  72. Walker was interviewed on Beck this morning. He sounded solid.

  73. I kind of sound like a liberal drama queen, you know, evil bush and all that, but there IS something sinister about Soros.

  74. *We put our deads in a lean-to behind the utility room at Baby Farm. The people who are supposed to take them to Carcass Landfill haven’t done so in a long time. So long that the pigs in Corpse Closet have melted into a giant puddle of molten disease, writhing with maggots.

    Regular Guy: You haven’t seen Corpse Closet since Friday. Wanna go look? The bodies are gone. It’s all sudge and bones now.

    Me: No!

    Regular Guy: Aww. Why not?

    Me: Because if I can’t eat or jack off while I’m looking at something, I don’t want to see it.**

    Regular Guy: *laughs until he chokes on his cigarette*

    *Do not read this anecdote unless you have no wish to eat tonight

    **Thank you Adam Carolla.

  75. I finally broke down and went to see the Doctor today. Turns out I am sicker than I thought.

  76. Chief.

    Being sick is unacceptable.

  77. Good day, assorted weirdos.

  78. Chumpo – No shit!

  79. MCPO, what were you diagnosed with??

  80. MCPO, you might need steroids. Ask for steroids.

  81. MCPO, what were you diagnosed with??

    My money’s on neurosyphilis.

  82. Mare – Acute sinusitis and a nasal bacterial infection.

  83. Macadamia martinis are the bomb.

    Swirl of Macadamia liquor.

  84. Do some lines of honey, Chief.

    It’s an old indian remedy I just made up.

  85. Thanks, Chumpo.

  86. Yikes, MCPO.

    Gargle with whiskey. Snort it if you feel up to it!

  87. Antibiotics are a lot cheaper at Tractor Supply.

  88. Most of them are for rectal administration though.

  89. It should probably be noted that the people urging you to snort things are not medical professionals. I’m not sure if either of them is pre-med, though, so snort that with a grain of salt.

  90. I’ve had sinus issues since I was a teen. I think it finally caught up with me.

  91. I’ve been pre-med my whole life.

  92. Sean, I AM pre, pre, pre med. or as universities call it a “sociology major”.

  93. Horse antibiotics are the same as people antibiotics, just bigger.

    Cut them into fifths.

  94. Ingredients do not always save the recipe.

    Posted without further comment.

  95. Laura, that actually looked good, except for his nasty tattooed hands all over it.

  96. What Roamy said!

  97. Well, I for one think it’s wonderful that we’ve progressed to the point where AIDS patients can work as chefs now.

  98. **makes a hot toddy for MCPO**

  99. I would watch the food being made.

    I would appreciate the fine ingredients, and the artistry.

    But I could not eat even a single mouthful. No not one.

  100. Mostly I’m post-med.

  101. *Cancels the pilot episode of “These Tattooed Hands Just Want To Cook!”*


  102. I assumed MCPO was about 220, adjust accordingly.

  103. Pre-Doc Scott

  104. Horse pills and plenty of liquids. . .

  105. Yep….lots and lots of fluids.

  106. I happen to know that MCPO isn’t a day over 176, scott. And he has the vim and vitality of a man twenty years younger than that!

  107. HO-LEE-SHIT

    if you haven’t heard Carly Fiorina at the Iowa State Fair, you need to.

    Unless she’s the biggest huckster ever, I’m ready to have her baby.


  108. I have met MCPO. And he is a gentleman.

  109. Lauraw, I couldn’t watch the whole video, because I was pretty sure he was going to pass out from AIDS, but his tats and fearful delivery made me never want to enter a restaurant again.


  110. Thank you, Laura!

  111. *Googles mare having Carly Fiorina’s baby*

    *has that strange feeling of simultaneous disgust and arousal*

    *knows how it feels to be German*

  112. “Posted without further comment.”


    gloves mf’er – GLOVES

    that sanitarium escapee definitely gives one pause on the effectiveness of health department inspections – and the rattling sputum thing…. bahhhh

  113. Jam2,
    I figured that you would like the calendar in the background…


  114. >>I have met MCPO. And he is a gentleman.

    He kissed Rosetta on the mouth. You might want to reassess.

  115. hahaaa!

    nah…. i think that was for rossetta –

    this is better:

  116. heh
    2 rosie slams — the third brings him back

  117. I’m mostly present med.

  118. Did anybody freak the hell out when anybody else pointed out that their preferred candidate’s plans on various issues weren’t consistent and/or realistic today?

  119. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Unless we’re talking trump.

  120. Nah. I hate them all.

    I’m for Biden.

  121. If Clinton gets the nomination, I’ll vote for WHOMEVER the Repubs nominate.

  122. I will bet you one decent bottle of Irish whiskey that she loses the nomination.

    And by decent I mean reasonably priced.

    Also, I really hope you feel better chief.

  123. Thanks. Off to bed por moi!

  124. Watched that seafood omelet video. I didn’t know Hepatitis was the hot new seasoning this summer.

    I signed up for a drawing class in addition to my linear algebra class. Gonna be all artsy and shit.

  125. You should get a beret.

  126. Hej.

  127. I rofl’d at your Being German comment.

  128. If you think about it, you actually Rolf’d.

  129. Nota bene: Final thought, there was a study quoted at Ace of Spades & Hotair that downplayed Donald Trump’s social media power noting that only 39.4% of Trump’s Twitter followers are currently eligible to vote as opposed to say Jeb Bush with 85.5%

    Just remember 85.5% of Jeb Bush’s followers is 244,530, 39.4% of Trump’s followers is 1,477,500 that’s six times more.

    Guys like Rick Wilson are just featherbedding.

  130. He’s doing the Jerk
    He’s doing the Fly
    Don’t play him derp ’cause you know he ain’t shy
    He’s doing the Monkey, the Mashed Potatoes,
    Jump back Jack, see you later

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