Hey, who wants to see the slides from my vacation?

Everybody gather ’round! MJ, get the lights… oooo, sorry ’bout that, l’il fella. Cyn, give MJ a boost, could ya? Car In, how’s about another round of drinks for everyone before we get started? Hotspur, make sure you have your hearing aids turned up. You don’t want you to miss anything. Leon, keep that baby quiet, wouldya?

Okay, here we go…..

We stayed at two different resorts during the time we were there.  The first place (Portofino on San Pedro Island) was, in my opinion, much better considering it was our anniversary.  More remote, no kids, designed to be a nice, romantic getaway type place.


This was our cabana.  They laid out the flowers on the bed like this and left us a bottle of wine and a plate of fruit thanks to our travel agent telling them it was our anniversary.


The view from our cabana.


The bar.  Literally right next to our cabana.


Belikin beer.  Not horrible.


I mentioned that we kind of gave ourselves an extra day of vacation, by forgetting what day of the week it was.  This is where I spent that entire day.


This place was a ton of fun.  They did something on Thursday night called a “Chicken Drop.”  Basically, you bet on a number that is on that little fenced in area to the left and whatever number the chicken poops on wins.  Kind of stupid, but it got loud and the drinks were great.

I have pics of the people I went diving with, including the cute little 18 year old, but I don’t want to post them publicly.  But they joined us at the Chicken Drop too.


Marie Sharps.  Great stuff.  Also bought a big bottle of the hot stuff.


Caipirinha at Fidos.  Mmmmmm……


Real estate listings.  Prices were not all that outrageous.  Very reasonable, in fact.


Our travel to the second resort.  Roberts Grove in Placencia.  Meh.  Designed more for families than for couples.  There were 3 pools there and two were filled with screaming kids the entire time.

Beautiful place though.


The view from the restaurant


There is a bar out there at the end of the pier.  Happy hour, 4-6pm every day.


Belikin Lighthouse Lager.  Much better than the regular Belikin beer.  All beers are 8 ounces though.  I thought I was burning through them incredibly fast until I figured that out.


View from our room.


Our room.

IMG_1266Habanero Restaurant at Roberts Grove surrounded by Travelers Palms.  Actually, they are not really palm trees, but more closely related to Birds of Paradise.  Really cool though.


June Bug.  She greeted us at The Flying Pig, a great bar that is owned by an ex-pat from Missouri (I think).  We walked in, she ran up to us and started licking my feet.  Really cute and friendly.  Wiserbride was missing our dog pretty badly by this point, so Junie B got lots and lots of attention and affection.




View from the end of the pier at Roberts Grove.  Spent the last full day here.  Could have easily spent the rest of my life there.

Okay, anyone want to see them again?


  1. Holy Crap! You went to Belize!!!

    Lovely! The Inn at Robert’s Grove was our favorite place. Not sure Robert and Risa (the owners at that time) are still hanging around there, but they were a lot of fun — and Robert thought I had a very sexy back — if you can believe it!

    I think Placencia is my favorite place in the whole wide world!!

  2. I think Placencia is my favorite place in the whole wide world!!

    I loved the “town.”

    Don’t get me wrong, RG was a fantastic place. But it was kind of a let-down after Portofino.

  3. I”m still stocked up on Marie Sharps. I don’t need to order it from Belize or online anymore since I found out from Geoff that it could be had for a reasonable price from “Peppercorn” a culinary boutique on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. But I still use it all the time in cooking and at the table.

  4. I wonder if I could convince the local Whole Foods to carry it…..

  5. btw, how you been, sweetie?

  6. We did the San Pedro Caye. Stayed at a top end resort, Victoria?? I think. I was okay with it. It was very fancy, but the whole Island seemed very crowded and a bit crazy. They were working on the roads when we were there and everything was dusty and noisy.

    Placencia seemed more real. The locals that Robert and Risa hired came from the little community just to the north Sin Beit? Or something like that?? They were cool folks. On Wednesday evening the restaurant on premise at Robert’s Grove put out a buffet banquet — one price — all you could eat kinda thing. And the local folks brought in music groups for dancing a creating a general par-tay atmosphere. We really liked that!!

  7. I’m very happy, Wiser-sweetie. Thanks for asking.

  8. Seine Bight

    Did you got to RG in season or out? I think we may have had a less-than-stellar experience because we were there out of season.

    And I think the place you stayed (Victoria House) was right next door to where we stayed. We meant to check it out, but we forgot.

    I’m very happy, Wiser-sweetie.

    That makes me very happy. :)

  9. How were the sand fleas? We were there in February, and they were wicked bad. Funny thing was that you didn’t feel them biting, but hours later the bumps and itching starts. Then after they go away, about two weeks later some of them come back.

    I was still itching well after our return.

  10. How were the sand fleas?

    No problems whatsoever. Maybe the constant sea breeze kept them at bay.

  11. Gawd I hate you so much right now Wiser.

    That place looks miserable.

  12. Ah, the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander. My all time favorite airliner.

    I used to get to fly in the copilot’s seat of one pretty often.

  13. I’m glad you didn’t experience them. They were the only negative aspect of our trip. But they wouldn’t dissuade me from going back.

  14. Gawd I hate you so much right now Wiser.

    Don’t hate me. Hate Cyn. She asked me to put these pics up.

  15. I used to get to fly in the copilot’s seat of one pretty often.

    We sat right behind the pilot. It was really cool.


    Squeeeeeeeee! Faraway Vacay Pix!! Looks amazing, wiserbub.

  17. I’m with CaRin here… the hatey-hate is strong.

  18. I’m with CaRin here… the hatey-hate is strong.

    I just paid the AmEx bill. I hate me now as well.

  19. Team H2 Hate Solutions™

  20. I don’t see any crossfit stuff there. I’d probably hate it.

  21. Bubba got into the smoking pellets. He apparently ate a lot of them.

    When a wood pellet gets wet it expands into a much larger pile of wet sawdust, which he’s been pooping every 4 hours for the last two days.

  22. http://www.sanpedrocrossfitbelize.com/

  23. I don’t think i’d fit in there Scott. http://www.sanpedrocrossfitbelize.com/schedule/#image-33

    No. It just couldn’t work. Best I just never go there.

  24. There’s more than one.

    Some asshole of an animal cut about half of Laura’s pea vines.
    It doesn’t look like it ate any, it just cut the stems near the ground.

  25. Belizean women are really, really pretty.

  26. Car in, I bet they need a bartender.

  27. It would take a MIRACLE to derail Hillary’s quest for the White House!!


  28. Yea … I can’t compete with that. I’ll just stay here in Lapeer.

  29. Silly Bubba… poor thing.

    *makes a bratwurst-pumpkin pâté and schmears it on a rawhide bone*

  30. Yea … I can’t compete with that. I’ll just stay here in Lapeer.

    Hey, someone needs to serve frufru drinks to all those coeds that Todd Courser will be hitting on once the divorce is finalized.

  31. The H2 theme song. Because we’re all high class and shit.

    Some of the verses:

    Bacchus a woman’s mind
    is wont to soothe
    and drive her more quickly
    to consent with a man.

    This wine, good wine,
    kindly wine,
    makes a man noble,
    honest, spirited.

    And she who congress
    first refuses
    Bacchus makes her an easy

    Bacchus, a god, makes
    a man happy
    and makes him equally
    learned and eloquent.

  32. This thread went to live on a farm with a loving family.

  33. This thread went to live on a farm with a loving family who fattened it up and sold it at market for two bits, a bucket of milk, and a handjob from your mom.

  34. Looks like you had fun!

    Vacation privilege.

  35. Bernie Sanders will promise annual vacations to Belize but Donald Trump will one up him by promising to just take over the whole damn country.

  36. That guarantees my vote for The Trumpster. And if he’d buy up all those countries in between, travel without papers will be a breeze.

  37. Traveling to Belize will be a breeze, when the Trumpster brings South America to its knees.

  38. I should take out a student loan and move to Belize.

  39. Why don’t we give California to Mexico, and we just move in to Mexico? They have oil.

  40. Whew, underlayment is all in, including the bathroom. Amazingly enough, there were no water spots in the bathroom. Only place in the house so far without one.

    *scratches head.

  41. I got one of those fancy NO WAX toilet rings, which has wax in it. Hmmm.

  42. Which one?

  43. Only one?

    Uh oh…

  44. Evening.

  45. Today I found a new pet cull. I call her Daisy. She snorts a lot.

  46. I got a Danco Perfect Seal. I didn’t even see a regular wax ring.

  47. HAL9000 sings Daisy

  48. Nice photos, Wiser!

    PSA: Day 10 of the Ebola (or bronchitis). My voice is completely shot. I can only speak infrequently. I’m sure that makes many in my life happier.

  49. It gets rave reviews.

  50. Laura just beat back a cold in less than 24 hours. I guess Zicam works.

  51. Brake light came on on my way home, raced my ass over to the shop to get it dropped off before closing, and they locked the door 5 minutes early. Had to drop my keys off at the sales desk.

  52. Fre Flintstone didn’t need brakes.

  53. I need them too. On Sprinters you ALWAYS replace the rotors, so I am in no hurry to get it done. The fronts are new, and they do most of the work.

  54. *Fred.

  55. I literally had every part of the front brakes replaced last month. I am suspicious of shitty worksmanship, but at least it’s under warranty.

  56. I don’t put much faith in those sensors.

    My check engine warning has been lit up for the last 100,000 miles.

  57. The light came on after I felt grinding in the brake. Something’s up, I just don’t know what.

  58. Did anybody decide that anybody else’s human sacrifice proposal had its merits but was not the right P.R. move to make in response to a product recall today?

  59. Sounds like brake dust from new pads coupled with the need for one more turn of your rotors. Also may need to have your caliper readjusted a pinch.

    That will be $199.99 please.

  60. “Some asshole of an animal cut about half of Laura’s pea vines.
    It doesn’t look like it ate any, it just cut the stems near the ground.”

    cut worms or something similar – i’ve had the same thing happen

    granular insecticides remedy it

    or fire

  61. We don’t use insecticides, but I am familiar with fire.

  62. WBs pics make me want to go to Belize. Especially the last one.

  63. That will be $199.99 please.

    Warren. Tee.

  64. We work for people all over the world. The only ones that instruct us on how to package things are Chinese, and it’s not some of them, it’s every single one of them.

    They send step-by-step instructions with photos.

    So annoying.

    I never follow their instructions because they don’t know shit and I charge them extra for pissing me off.

  65. This guy bought a piece of china. The following came with 3 photos

    “OK, and please notice, my item is easy damage, so please need use the thick double boxes and foams to pack best and best like attach, ok?”

  66. Reft reg fake?

  67. Flooring started.


  68. Jay,
    Please note that EVERY horizontal surface is totally covered with shit.
    So, do you just order out and eat in the front-room?

  69. J’ames, are you on vacation from both jobs to do flooring?

  70. There will be no baking in the near future.

  71. Comment by leoncaruthers on August 13, 2015 8:21 pm

    The light came on after I felt grinding in the brake. Something’s up, I just don’t know what.

    Probably didn’t gouge your new rotor………………probably.

  72. http://i.imgur.com/Ncl6RXj.gifv

  73. Whatever cut my pole bean vines was not a cutworm. They are cut too high above the ground to be cutworms. And these are mature, producing vines, far too tough for a little bug to nip through.

  74. That kid is going to be a senator some day.

  75. Yay Rosetta!!


  76. Ha! Senator Blutarsky

  77. I’m laughing a little too hard at Toddler Fail! tonight.

  78. CSI CT. I’m going with woodchuck. *Takes off glasses.

  79. Crap. I think it should’ve been “I’m going with…*takes off glasses…woodchuck.

  80. Pat wants to know where the pictures of the Mayan ruins are?

  81. >>>>Pat wants to know where the pictures of the Mayan ruins are?

    We didn’t go to the ruins. Already saw them years ago when we went to Playa deal Carmen.

    Did zip line through the rain forest though. And spelunked a cenote. But other than that and diving, didn’t do much else.

  82. Spelunked a cenote…….Spanish for did your mom.

  83. Heh, front room is full too. I moved one room to another to do the floor.

    Lots of take out, yes.

  84. >>>>
    Spelunked a cenote…….Spanish for did your mom.

    That was involuntary. Had I known that was going to happen, I would not have gone on that little adventure

  85. I’ll esplain that to him wiser but I don’t know that he’ll understand.

    Just saw headline that someone died at cedar point today.

    Guess where two of my kids were today …

  86. Fine.


    >>>>>Guess where two of my kids were today …


  87. As long as your kids wouldn’t enter a restricted area, you’re cool. We were at DL when some Darwinian wasn’t paying attention and their kid was killed on Roger Rabbit. If I was a first time visitor and it was my only DL visit, I would’ve been pissed. We were at WDW when a dumbass stepped in front of a Peter Pan pirate ship. Knocked his ass out. WDW closed the ride for the day.

  88. http://tinyurl.com/q8qeob4

    Yes, I am easily amused…

  89. Ha ha, these are hilariously adorable.

    L to R: IB, H2

  90. Let’s never let the L to R: IB H2 meme die.

  91. Hard root beer while waiting for laundry to get done. mmm, root beer.

  92. ❤️❤️❤️ The IB/H2. Happy Birthday, Michael.

  93. Turkey 101 while waiting on my dad to get better or go to Jesus. It’s hard.

  94. Ugh, sorry to hear that, PG. My turn is coming, sooner rather than later, I’m afraid.

    Not looking forward to it. Stay strong!

  95. Hugs and Prayers, PG.

  96. I feel as though you ought to know
    That I’ve been derp, as derp as I can be.
    And if you do, I’ll trust in you
    And know that you will wait for me.

  97. Wakey wakey.

  98. Obviously everyone has been waiting for that or BBF.

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