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Our Artist this day is Venezualen, Benjamin Garcia.

Region capture 61

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Born in 1986, he studied in Caracas.

Region capture 64

painting for H2

Thanks for viewing and a heartfelt thanks to our own Jay in Ames for covering The Wire last week.

It was a shoestring catch by Jay as I literally did not know what day it was.
Hang a star on that one. Jay!!

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Interesting stuff

  2. wakey wakey.

  3. Oh dear God it’s only Tuesday?

    This is gonna be a bad week.

  4. Leon … don’t say the T word.

    You’re going to anger the Hump.

  5. *emerges from belltower*
    *scratches, yawns*


    *shuffles back into belltower*

  6. Up at 5:30 with the corn cannons today.

    Got up and went to the loo, saw something dark on the floor on my way.
    Flipped on the light…dog had had diarrhea outside the bedroom door in the night. Yes, carpet. Of course.

    After I took care of that, I took a shower and just figured I’d see if I could catch another five or ten winks.

    Slipped into bed…and inside ten minutes Bubba starts panting like he’s got to go outside right away.

    So, yeah. It’s definitely a Tuesday.

  7. Using “corn cannon” and “dog diarrhea” in the same story made me laugh.

  8. Glad I could amuse you, MOTHERFUCKER

  9. They weren’t so bad today. But two mornings ago the farmer must have had those things pointed right in our direction because they were so loud I could hardly get back to sleep. And just when I was thinking I could drift off, the Harley motorcyle guy across the street left home with a roar.


  10. the birds are really loud by me.

  11. Sleep was not in the cards today. I missed the last episode of doggie diarrhea that happened up at camp about a month ago. Both dogs. Must have eaten something rotten.

  12. doc thompson is trying to promote diversity in the democrat party –

    he wants to “Draft Hank Johnson” for a presidential bid…..


    i’m with him…. that would be some funny shit.

    trump debating johnson – epic funny

  13. *looks in mirror*

    *realizes the term “beauty sleep” is bullshit*


  15. A few years ago I kept getting woken up by a loud motorcycle around 0430 every freakin’ day during the work week. It wasn’t a low rumble like a Harley, sounded more high pitched like a performance bike. One day I was up that early and it finally dawned on me that the bike was on the other side of the Penobscot River on Rt 15. Whether the guy sold the bike, got arrested or just grew the fuck up I do not know but the mornings are quiet again.

  16. I need to get our and run 8 miles. So not feeling it this morning. ugh.

  17. It’s raining!

    * cancels run *

  18. Fell asleep at 7pm last night and woke up at 4am. Had to force myself to go back to sleep. 11.5 hours of sleep means I’m feeling much better, except for my foot which still hurts so no running this morning.

  19. Run is merely delayed. I like to run on an empty stomach my my tummy was too empty. I’ll garden for a while then go running.

  20. Ugh. My mom posts stuff on facedouche that is so stupid I can’t even bring myself to return her phone calls.

    I know I know. “This is why I don’t have facedouche”. But – seriously – she THINKS like this. It’s isn’t the knowledge. It’s that she THINKS like this.

    WOuld ignorance be bliss? I dunno. I’m just gobsmacked. I really am.

  21. I’m gonna share the most recent. brb

  22. I’d go running right now but I’m not on my period.


  23. Sanders is a nationalist and a socialist. I think there’s a short, compound term for that combination of policies.

  24. Yep. The party that hates women, health, and peace.

    We hate everything but rich people and banks.

  25. Worth noting is that he already has his Enemy defined as the finance guys on Wall Street.

    If he adds Hollywood, I think the conclusion will be easy to draw. What’s he saying about Iran and Israel?

  26. I’m gonna quote you on that one Leon. In my passive-aggressive way I repost her stupid shit on my wall and then comment there since I’m not “allowed” to comment on her stuff.

  27. I think there’s a short, compound term for that combination of policies.



    Wait, is that compound?

  28. Compound W

  29. Hillary came out with her free college plan.

    Bernie should announce that his free college plan actually pays students $15 per hour.

  30. Why not $16/hr? Why do you want students to starve?

  31. Bernie only pays $12/hr.

  32. free college
    free cars
    free phones
    free internet
    free food
    free rent

    What could go wrong?

  33. …aaaand… *clicks stopwatch*

    OK, that ends our dead time.

    Everybody can come back to life and entertain me again now.

  34. I was running around doing shit.

    Now I’m eating a salad of red onions cucs toms avocado and balsamic vinegar.

  35. Tasty but needs gluten.

  36. *worries if I”m doing enough to break the “menstruating stigma”

  37. I was busy having lunch in the atrium and wondering if I should stay or look for another job.

  38. I just googled a customers phone number and found a backpage sex ad. Apparently this guy’s girlfriend whores herself out for $200 per hour.


  39. Probably a wrong number. Better warn the guy.

  40. The money sounds good, but I don’t want that job.

  41. Does she look like she’s worth $200/hr?

  42. She’s chubby.

  43. Delivery time, off to Groton.

  44. My day is shaping up to be fantastic!

    Just kidding. It’s already a shit show.

  45. so, trip was awesome.

    we’re home now. wife wants a divorce.

  46. Stand your ground, Wiserbud. Don’t move out of the house no matter what or she’ll get it.

  47. I’m kidding. We’re just not happy having been required to leave paradise to come back to the real world.

    But I was reminded of a guy I knew who’s wife asked him for a divorce the morning after the bar mitzvah he paid approx. $25k for, including paying the hotel bills for all of his wife’s family.

  48. I figured you were kidding, but just in case.

    Connecticut must be an adjustment.

  49. *tries to rummage up sympathy for Wiser that his vacation is over

    *shuts eyes and clenches fists

    Nope. It’s just not working.

  50. I have an ornamental grass … and I’m not sure if it died back a lot and there’s just a little growth – or it died completely and what is there is GRASS grass growing.


  51. Nice, J’Ames.

  52. Connecticut must be an adjustment.

    l’il bit.

    l’il bit.

  53. Once I got a straight line going, pepe, it was a snap.

    If I wasn’t an idiot, would have been done Sunday. Oh well.

  54. Urgh, trying to order some end mills and a couple of sets of aluminum vise jaws. Weight, about 4 pounds at the most. Shipping is coming up as $47. AYFKM? Ridiculous.

  55. Well, that and my basement flooding, that took a little time too.

  56. That’s the fun part, J’Ames. Once you start to get good, you’re done and won’t be doing it again. ;)

  57. Nice job, Jay. You should be proud.

  58. Ugh, I’m a week and a half out from when I need to move, and I still haven’t found a new place to live.

  59. Perfect, ColAlex. Go out on another blind date and ask if you can move in for a few days.

  60. Ok. I guess it’s time to run.

    Remember me fondly if I don’t make it back.

  61. Just called about a house and got an answering message regarding a dog swap. Apparently they’re sponsored this year by Chan’s Chinese Restaurant, who will find a home for any dog that needs one.

  62. I’ll see your Belize vacation and raise you:

  63. ^^xbradtc, I laughed because it’s a joke, right?”^^

    Wiser, glad you’re back safe and sound. Are you still slightly buzzed?

  64. Apparently this guy’s girlfriend whores herself out for $200 per hour.

    **checks wallet……finds a twenty**

    **does a proportion in head**

    **wonders if she gives change back for time not used**

  65. Didn’t die.

  66. Shipping prices are now mostly determined by size, Pepe.

  67. 1800 lbs up a flight of stairs in 100% humidity. I bet I dropped 5 lbs.

    People were so nice I had to ask them where they were from. Oregon and California. We don’t tend to be nice towards strangers.

  68. Scott, these could probably fit into a small USPS flat rate box, $7.

  69. I lost 4# on Hay Day.

  70. That was a lot of hay.

  71. I just stopped by to let you know how much each one of you disappoints me.

  72. hahahahaahahah

    Is that you, Obama?

  73. Blech. That guy is a douche.


  74. We still get free phones from Biden? I’m in!!1!

  75. So, how much? I mean, you didn’t actually say.

    And I’m very disappointed in you for that.

  76. Sump pump status: GREEN! We’re pumping water again!

    Just in time to not need it. Grrr.

  77. And you desert people wondered what you were missing with no basement.

  78. Evening.

  79. My piggie army is coming along nicely. I’ve trained a heap of the little ones to follow me around and nibble at my pant legs. Now I just have to teach them to do it viciously to strangers.

  80. Haha, the Pied Piper of Piggies.


  82. “I just stopped by to let you know how much each one of you disappoints me.”

    AWWWW. that was sweet. You disappoint me too MJ.

  83. Evening Jewstin.

  84. MJ doesn’t disappoint me. I had low expectations of him from the start.

  85. With Hillary/Bernie we get free college education.

    If they get their liberal wish list- what are they going to be left with to promise their constituency?

  86. I don’t weigh myself. I don’t know how much I lost running 8 miles. I’ll make it up.
    *swills wine

  87. Crim is a week from Saturday. I may have to go no alcohol for the week prior.

    *check calandar

    I’ve got a few days.

  88. When we get the free college education, since I’m a successful business owner without one, could they just write me a check?

  89. MJ doesn’t disappoint me. I had low expectations of him from the start.
    Dad, is that you?

  90. I’m so glad this is happening. Why should we subsidize crap channels only freaks want?

  91. I just did an interval class at the gym. My eyeballs hemorrhaged a bit.

  92. I cut the cord in ’07. I have Netflix and HBO Now. They’re all I need or want.

  93. Can we build a fence around Ferguson, and leave them to enjoy their shitty Lord of the Flies society?

  94. I wish I could stream stuff. I hate tv. I need to really research my options.

  95. The new information about Hillary! pisses me off to no end.

    I would be fired and in prison for this. She and her cronies will skate.

  96. Bill.

    Think about it.

  97. Brisket is trimmed and rubbed.
    Cut the point off of this one, never done that before.


  98. CoAlex,

    I think you’ll like this comment re: the Hildebeast at Ace’s:

    She may never do the jail time she deserves or even a slap on the wrist fine but she won’t be President either unless she can pull a living ambassador out of her ass.

  99. Wiserbub, did you learn any Garifuna?

  100. Ha ha ha …


  101. How can you have any pudding when you don’t eat your meat?!

  102. Look Mommy. There’s an airplane up in the sky.


  103. Wiserbub, did you learn any Garifuna?


  104. I’ll have the garifuna.

    Well done, and bring some ketchup please.

  105. Comment by scott on August 11, 2015 7:56 pm

    Brisket is trimmed and rubbed.


    Just think how good it would turn out if you had a PBC…………

  106. I smoke with four flavors of wood.

  107. Pecan had better be one of them.

  108. I might try one some day, but I would need a couple of grills to die first and I don’t see that happening.

    I’ve got a Big Green Egg’, it’s similar.

  109. First meeting of the H2 PBC Club assembles.

  110. Cherry, apple, hickory, maple.

  111. Oh, and I can add orange. 5 flavors.

  112. I need a shunner. Where’s PJ?

  113. I can run downstairs and shun him real quick for ya.

  114. You’re a champ, Laura. Give a shunning he will never forget.

  115. Did anybody admit that anybody else’s porn parody of their movie was better than the source material today?

  116. If our ancient Weber ever dies, our next grill will be a Broil King Baron.

  117. If the egg gets hit by a bus, we’ll join the cult.

  118. OMG, I work with either the dumbest or the most dishonest people on the planet.

    Was discussing politics with other idiot lib. he mentioned that the republicans in Congress have obstructed Obama every single day of his admin.

    I asked him to provide me with an example where Obama did not get exactly what he wanted.

    he said “Obamacare.”

    I laughed and said “Huh? Obama got exactly what he wanted there. He had a majority in both houses of Congress and got his billed passed virtually untouched from the original language.”

    him: “Oh, so the most progressive, Marxist, socialist President didn’t want single-payer insurance? The most progressive, Marxist, socialist President wanted a plan that made insurance companies richer?”

    me: “Were you not paying attention? He invited the insurance companies in to help structure the bill. And Republicans were basically shut out of any meetings when it came to the writing of the bill. And they passed the bill in the middle of the night without a single Republican vote, proving they didn’t need to pander to anyone to get what they wanted. (well, other than the couple of Dems they lied to to get their votes, because, as it turns out, at the time, there were still some principled yet gullible Dems in Congress back then.) So, please, explain to me how the Republicans, who were in the minority in both houses of Congress during Obama’s first two years in office, (yannow, when O-care was passed) somehow obstructed Obama from getting everything he wanted.”

    Him: Google “Mythical Obama Senate Majority.” That will explain everything.”

  119. He had it, where’s the myth?

    Oh wait, does that dipfart actually think Scott Brown stopped something?

  120. This is the same guy who admitted that, while he doesn’t want to vote for Hillary, he would, because while she is probably the most corrupt person to ever ran for any office anywhere, at least she is closer to his ideological beliefs than any Republican.

    Me: “You do realize that she is nowhere close to where you are re: ideology, right? She cares about 1 thing and 1 thing only… herself. She could give less than a shit about you. She is simply playing you for your vote. She voted for the Iraq war. She voted for the bailouts of Goldman Sachs, et. al. She makes more money from one speech than you have made in the last 10 years. She is 10x richer than Mitt Romney, the man you said was an out-of-touch rich guy. She is a con artist a a par with Donald Trump, whom you hate. Please tell me how she represents you?

    Him: “But Ted Cruz is crazy.”

    me: “I think we’re done here.”

  121. Oh wait, does that dipfart actually think Scott Brown stopped something?

    I reminded him of Nancy walking down the street with the big gavel.

    “dude, how do you think that happened?”

  122. This is probably what the loon was talking about.

    Huffpoo link.

  123. Holy shit, Ace linked Hodgetwins. How much of the same media do he and I consume?

  124. Hey now, Trump is a slumlord and a scoundrel, but he’s not a con man.

  125. The funniest part is he was decrying the Republicans for holding a record number of filibusters, while insisting that Obama never actually had a majority in the Senate.

    Ummmmm…….. just wondering here, but why would the majority need to filibuster?

  126. Even if that crap is true, he would have only needed one republican vote.

    He always had Collins and Snow.

  127. can’t read your link, Sean. It loads and then immediately redirects to a scam website.

    shocked, I am.

  128. Huffpo is a scam, so there’s that.

    Slap your lib friend for trying to make you get a virus.

  129. Okay, try this one instead. Same deal. Franken’s election was contested, Kleagle Byrd was sick, Teddy Swimmer croaked, etc.

    It boils down to the idea that he never had an ironclad fillibuster-proof majority because of a bunch of weird political circumstances. Which is an excuse for being piss-poor at legislative wrangling.

  130. wait… so “filibuster-proof” majority is the same as a “majority?”

    fucking liars and idiots, all of them.

  131. You are the one arguing with them.

    You will be bald soon.

  132. I know. I really shouldn’t.

    But the stupidity……. It’s truly stunning.

    I googled “Obama Mythical Senate Majority” and the entire first page of links is huffpo, dailykos, Mother Jones, etc.

    No wonder he believes what he believes.

  133. It’s a religion.

    You can’t change their minds.

  134. You can’t change them with reasons, because they don’t have reasons. You have to manipulate them with feelz.

    The “Hillary is a rich shyster” angle is perfect.

  135. It’s a religion.

  136. I don’t expect them to change their minds. I would just like some intellectual consistency.

    Although, I do have to give the fucking idiot some credit. he admits that the Hilldog is the incredibly corrupt. That’s something.

    What I found really hilarious is that he writes off any candidate that expresses any Christian beliefs because “that’s crazy talk.” When I mentioned that Hillary said that she spoke to the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt while living in the White House.. “Oh, she’s a politician…. they say silly stuff all the time.”

    Absolutely zero self-awareness.

  137. It’s a religion.

  138. Funny of the day – mandatory safety meeting, blah, blah, yakety-schmackety, something about the management pyramid, then whoever put together the charts put in an actual picture of some Aztec or Incan pyramid.

    We all conjectured as to whether there was human sacrifice going on at the top.

  139. Don’t let your friend weasel out of all the times the Clinton’s had spiritual advisors attend to them after the Lewinski scandal broke. Pastors were going into the White House as often as donors.

  140. Don’t let your friend weasel out of all the times the Clinton’s had spiritual advisors attend to them after the Lewinski scandal broke. Pastors were going into the White House as often as donors.

    Couple of years ago, idiot proudly told me he was an anarchist. “Burn it all down. The sooner we destroy this current system, the sooner we get to a more fair, more equal system.”

    I reminded him tonight that he told me he was an anarchist.

    “I never said that.”


    huh? Dude, you were an out and proud anarchist. You told me this, with great pride.

    him: “I never said that.”

    me: “ok. I don’t have the tape. I only have my memory and your constant comments re: “burn it all down.”

    him: “Oh, I think we definitely need to burn it all down. This system sucks and the people need to rise up and destroy it. But I never specifically stated that I was an anarchist.”

    me: “Do you know what an anarchist is?”

    him: “not exactly…..”

    me: ” oh look. the phone is ringing……”

  141. see, you all have the luxury of either ignoring/blocking idiot libs or not having to deal with them in the first place.

    I will give original idiot lib credit. He didn’t start in with me today, on my first day back.

    I might have hurt someone….

  142. Funny of the day – mandatory safety meeting, blah, blah, yakety-schmackety, something about the management pyramid, then whoever put together the charts put in an actual picture of some Aztec or Incan pyramid.

    Mayan SOLUTIONS!!!

  143. Why, tell me why did you not derp me right?
    Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight.

  144. Nice run of Beatles derps you’ve been doing, Sean M.

  145. The Beatles were a scam.

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