MMM [Monday Musical Motivation]

It’s Monday and Obama’s on vacation so at least we have that going for us.  I’m not sure how many rounds of Golf he’s going to play but we can be sure that since it gets him out of that bazillion dollar mansion and away from his wife he’s going to play AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  He’ll squeeze in the “Bookstore” visit and the “Ice Cream” visit and the insufferable yearly “bike trip”.   But let’s be honest – this is about his royal highness hanging out with his (male) friends “playing golf” as much as possible-NTTAWWT.

So moving-on to the first ever MONDAY MUSICAL MOTIVATION.

It was Mare’s suggestion (was she drinking?) – so blame her.

I’m going to start this slowly. Lessen the shock.   THIS is one of my favorite running songs. It’s got a strong beat (you can’t dance to it) that builds in intensity for the PERFECT running pace.   Toward the end – if you’re not flying down the road you just don’t have any soul. The heavy sound was created on this album was made by plugging the guitars into bass amps.

There. Now that we’re warmed up I can move on to something a bit peppier. Well at least the folks on the video are dancing around … we’ll go with that.

These cool dudes played around here recently but I was probably working a fake double.

Now – for a bit of cold reality.

Depressing song but the BEAT – man. I can lift to that.

This is the song I always use when I need to finish strong.

Here’s a little zumba motivation. I was working both days during the final weekend – and it was slow – so I put the games on all the teevees in the bar and got to watch a lot. The gals were fun to watch – then the guys started competing.


So I’ve got an 8.5 mile run today then I work tonight.   And the laundry room? Have you SEEN THAT? OMG.  Nothing trashes my house like me working all weekend. Ugh.   Ok. Let’s hit it folks.

Update: Extra motivation



  1. Best poat of the day.

  2. Isn’t there a NSFW tag, with all those cats fucking in a closet?

  3. I “can’t even” this morning J’ames.

  4. I think it was Oso’s idea. So who was drinking now Carin? Hmmmmm?

  5. Where was that cross fit championship being held?

  6. LOL – I just skimmed comments last night – worked faked doubles all weeked. blerg. Didn’t remember who mentioned it.

    The crossfit stuff was somewhere in California I believe.

  7. Besides Mare – everything on the blog is “your fault”. duh.

    I can’t believe you’re trying to pin this on Oso.

  8. Pupster better get packing, the movers are coming tomorrow.

  9. I posted some good packing music so he should be all set.

  10. Those women, although very fit, look bulky and are examples of the answer to the “will I get bulky if I lift?” question.

    Yes, yes you will.

  11. I am gonna guess that every one of those women is taking some form ‘roids.

  12. Watching the games – there were plenty of women that looked great and not bulky. If you want to totally WIN the crossfit games (a goal achievable by … no one here) you’re gonna look like that.

  13. I mean – I lift and I’m not bulky.

  14. I almost asked if the cross fit games were clean.

  15. if you lift and find that you are getting too muscular (whateverthehell that means), you can just back off. Men – who actually have testosterone and want to add mass – have to fight to add it. Women can always just train less if they don’t want to get bigger.

    That said, a lot of women hate when their thighs get large enough to accomplish genuine athletic feats, and that’s a damn shame. I’ll take muscular “thunder thighs” over spindly chicken legs any day.

  16. Yea I don’t know for sure – I’m just guessing that they’re not.

  17. My legs have always tended toward muscular. But they are natural – and it’s really never taken any great feat to make them so. I think the natural level of muscle on women looks good – but of course some prefer the waif look or whatever.

    I guess “will I get HUGE” is a relative question. No – imho – you won’t. Not w/o drugs. But then some women may find any bit of strength to be too much.

  18. Also – some women are just “bigger”. They can either be bigger of the fat variety or bigger of the strength. Just as men can be.

  19. They could be guys.

  20. From the neck down those women in that video look like men.

  21. This woman has won the games twice. She looks pretty smoking:

  22. I am also predisposed to muscularity. One daughter is also, the other is narrow and lean but with definition.

  23. Yeah, endomorphs are real, and I think CF favors that body type, at least among women. The men at the top end are almost certainly on gear of some sort. Likely cycling anabolics and some form of PED during competition.

  24. Eh. The same can be said for a lot of women competing at the top tier of their sport. Marathon winners often look horrible so running is bad? Unless a woman is a freak of nature/hot body – that level of high physical demand is going to lessen society’s vision of what is feminine.

    The biology of it all – women should have a higher level of fat – etc … I’d be interested to know if many of these women still get their periods etc. But just because women at the TOP have X Y Z issues doesn’t mean that the sport is bad.

    Most of us aren’t working out at that level. We’re not lifting/running/biking etc for 6 hours a day. The hour and a half isn’t gonna do it.

  25. I’m also predisposed to muscularity. So my choices are 1) fat 2) too thin and miserable or 3) muscular.

    I don’t have that hourglass shape. If I were a few inches shorter I’d have a the perfect gymnast body (I’m not bragging – because I don’t think that short/stocky women’s body type is that great). That’s just how I was born.

  26. OMG. I just had the proudest momma moment ever.

    My daughter wouldn’t tell anyone what book she was reading. She’s been retreating to her room to read.


    (my favorite author and I’ve tried to get my daughters to read that forever)

    Ethan just snuck up and her and caught her red-handed in the act.

  27. I am primarily a mesomorph.

    And a conservative.

  28. I’m an endomorph. So I either look like a blob or athletic/muscular.

    I just think too many people criticize women for “looking like men” when – due to their body type – if they didn’t look athletic they would look like … blobs anyway.

    Beside – when I look around the grocery store or the restaurant – I think the majority of people would look better if they trended toward some of these tuckers than the shape they are currently in.

    Can we talk about gardening now?

  29. My body type is xenomorph.


  30. I don’t mind women with an hourglass shape or with muscle. Heck, adding some muscle can make the fat hang better, IMHO.

    Just no six-pack abs. They look awful on women.

  31. America is a country of unhealthy blobs.

    Athletic is really nice in comparison.

  32. ^what Mj said.

  33. I wouldn’t mind toned abs but that’s never going to happen. Tones doesn’t mean 6 pack. Honestly they’re over-rated. On men as well.

  34. Who said athletic looking isn’t nice and better than being a blob or fat? No one, that’s who. Those women in the video linked work out like fiends and they look like it, they look like men. Good for them, it’s better than being on meth. I think.

    I work out regularly and look athletic.

    People say that to me all the time and I just assumed they were afraid to call me fat. JK

  35. I don’t think these women work-out to look a certain way – they’re more interested in strength/competition/etc. Run faster. Lift more.

    I mean – I think that’s obvious. I don’t think they care if some people think they look like men. Say it to their face if you dare – lol.

    But it reflects my own personal views on the issue better. While I do try to keep the weight down my “goals” are usually based on performance and not how I look in the mirror. If I did that I’d cry every day.

    It’s one of the reasons I can’t STAND body building. That’s all about appearance.

  36. You’re not fat Mare. You’re just fluffy.

    (obviously I don’t know what MareJ looks like)

  37. But it reflects my own personal views on the issue better. While I do try to keep the weight down my “goals” are usually based on performance and not how I look in the mirror. If I did that I’d cry every day.

    It’s one of the reasons I can’t STAND body building. That’s all about appearance.

    I agree that people should focus more on capability than on appearances. If you can run a couple of miles, lift a decent amount of weight, and go for a long hike without feeling like you are dying, then who cares if you’ve got a bit of padding in the middle?

  38. CO is right. Although I’d like to get rid of the pudge. The rest of my body I don’t really pay attention to. Are my arms/shoulders getting too big? Don’t know/don’t care. As long as nothing wobbles I’m good.

  39. *looks at flooring

    ugh. This is harder than it looks.

  40. Who said athletic looking isn’t nice and better than being a blob or fat? No one, that’s who. Those women in the video linked work out like fiends and they look like it, they look like men. Good for them, it’s better than being on meth. I think.
    I work out regularly and look athletic.
    People say that to me all the time and I just assumed they were afraid to call me fat. JK
    My blob of a belly was just telling me that looking athletic isn’t nice. It want’s a cookie and a sandwich from Jimmy Johns for lunch.

    It just told me that society and girls in general like big fat men that smell of a #6 with extra cheese and jalepeno potato chips.

  41. MJ’s been living with GND for a minute and he’s already letting himself go.

  42. mmm, those jalapeno chips are the bomb


  43. Actually I cut off the 5 lbs of fat I gained traveling and being injured. I’m training for a super hard 15k trail race.

    And I really want that sandwich.


  44. My goals thus far have been almost entirely performance-based. But I turn 40 in December and I’d like to see the rest of my abs just once before then.

  45. I’d like to see your mom’s abs.

  46. I should really think about that. I haven’t done performance based goals in quite awhile.

    I’d like to run a 23 min 5k again. That was fun.

  47. This poat has been updated

  48. “performance based” can be a flexible thing. It doesn’t mean I’m always trying to run faster. SOmetimes it just means finishing.

    But I don’t weight myself or judge by the mirror. If I feel good -etc. That’s what I’m going for.

    I mean I rocked that bikini up there didn’t I?

  49. One of the things that pisses me off about the “fat acceptance” movement is that they’ve taken valid criticisms about body image and society and ruined them.

    Yes, the way people are portrayed on television and in other media is unrealistic. Yes, photoshop, lighting, personal trainers and very very good genetics combine to create an illusion. Yes, that does have an effect on perceptions. But the response is not to sprawl out on the couch with a pint of cookie-dough ice cream and scream, “You have to tell me I’m beautiful!”

  50. My goals are all performance-based. Lift X weight, run a mile in Y minutes, etc. I figure that the weight will come off as I improve and my body adapts.

  51. That’s pretty much how it went for me, Alex. The aesthetics followed naturally from the athletics. Wanting to get a little leaner afer that is a total vanity project on my part.

  52. Yep. What you said.

    I think the 8+ mile may have to happen tomorrow. I’m being rained out.

  53. But also – due to body types people are NEVER going to look like the products out of the media. I guess that’s why it rankles me when people complain about athletic-looking women. I mean I join in the jokes because it’s funny.

    But the idea that women will look manly if they work out is pretty well supported belief. Perhaps I’m a feminist but I think for SOME people that’s based on the idea that a woman is supposed to look wiafish and weak. You know – so her MAN can do the heavy lifting. The second dealio is that most of those beastie women are taking roids. You average gym-goer isn’t gonna look like that no matter how hard she tries.

  54. Did someone say chips?

  55. Car in,

    Women’s fashions and appearances are driven by what the wealthy women do. When everyone works in the fields and struggles to get enough food, the standard is pale skin and curves which indicate plenty of food and leisure. When women worked in offices and sat at desks, the standard became thin and tanned which suggested you were wealthy enough to afford to spend time tanning and watching what you ate.

  56. So I’m signed up for linear algebra, but I’m thinking about taking a drawing class as well, just for the fun of it. Am I crazy?

  57. CO – yes I know some of it is that. But I also do think that there is a bit of “Look How SMALL” I am thing to it all. Small. Weak. Tiny.
    That’s why so many women are aerobic-only workout addicts. They may lift small weights to their arms don’t wobble but they’re not going for any strength.

  58. I have to wonder if there isn’t also a public appearance aspect to it. Running is something that you can do in a way that people see it. It’s social positioning (“look at me, I’m healthy and active!”). That’s harder to do when you’re at a power rack in a gym.

  59. Linear Algebra was the last math credit I took for my bs degree. I’d already taken three calcs and a differential equations class. I thought, “how hard can it be?”. It kicked my ass.

    So yes you are crazy. But it has nothing to do w drawing.

  60. I want to “performance base” MJ’s jimmy johns sandwich and jalepeno chips.

  61. PG, I’m taking it so I can apply to grad school next year. If my company would let me work on a flexible schedule, I’d sign up in the spring for Functions and Modeling and Diff Eq.

  62. My worry is that it will be like Calc III where I was doing about three hours of homework a night, if I was lucky. Doing that and a drawing class might be too much if the drawing class demands a significant output.

  63. Fat acceptance is a scam.

  64. There was an article about that a year or two ago. About how running is a LOOK AT ME activity. You do it to be seen.

    I don’t know how – given that view – differs from the peacocks lifting at the gym. It’s a different audience but that’s about it. Same thing .

    You could run on a treadmill if you want to avoid being seen but that’s horrible. I love running outside. I think this is some sort of twisted defensive thing for people who hate running. I mean WHERE ELSE would you run? GO OUTSIDE we’re always told.

  65. I saw a 26.2 sticker and in small letters underneath it said “oreos in one sitting.”

    And a 13.1 that said, “my longest nexflix binge”


  66. Jay, any chance we can have pics of your floor?

  67. I have a sticker for the dertoit half on my car. I likes it.

    But only a fool would take it as a stigma that they are somehow a superior being. You should SEEE some of the people who are able to finish.

    Honestly – this really fat chick was gaining on me. It was only pride that made me pick up my pace. I didn’t really want to go faster … but MAN. If SHE can go faster … ?


  68. I’m glad you beat her, Carin. Never let those fatties pass you, ever!

  69. You gotta watch out for the ham planets. Sometimes they are deceptively fast.

    Most of the time they are not, but every once in awhile one will be running like there’s a plate of nachos covered in chocolate hot dogs doughnuts at the finish line.

  70. If it KILLS me mare I won’t let it happen. I don’t know how they do it.

  71. And if you found you couldn’t run faster, a well placed foot as she passed would’ve done the trick. It’s the H2 way.

    Fatties will not beat those at the H2…even if those at the H2 are fatties themselves.

  72. plate of nachos covered in chocolate hot dogs doughnuts at the finish line.


    Do you have a newsletter?

  73. Most of the time they are not, but every once in awhile one will be running like there’s a plate of nachos covered in chocolate hot dogs doughnuts at the finish line.

    You forgot “deep-fried”.

  74. That is a good back up plan. I’d prefer to beat them honestly but I’m not above the H2 way.

  75. Seriously – the “coverage” of marathons and what not act as if everyone was some sort of world-class athlete wanna-be. There are a lot of fitness geeks and usually a good # of actual athletes (at the competitive level) but the majority are of the “COUCH-To-Half- Marathon” type.

  76. I don’t recall linear algebra being anywhere near so bad as calc or analysis, but algebra has always been the easier flavor of math for me. If you had no trouble with earlier algebras I wouldn’t sweat a drawing class on top of linear.

  77. The other problem is that women’s fashions suck. Most young women dress horribly.

    Leon, thanks. I think I’m going to suck it up and take both classes. It will keep me occupied, which I need at the moment.

  78. Alex what kind of dancing do you take?

  79. Mare, right now I try to get out to an argentine tango group once a month. Depending on where I am… argentine tango, ballroom, swing, contra, and blues.

  80. Alex, you are a man of many interests and talents. Excellent!

  81. Did someone say doughnuts?

  82. Part of the reason I want to learn to draw is that I want to write two books, one on the basics of English swordsmanship and the other on the basics of tango.

  83. Mare, and yet I can’t get a date on a Saturday night.

  84. Because women like losers CO. Just ask Sean’s penis.

  85. I think I got lost in linear algebra shortly after Gaussian elimination.

    Which was Chapter 1.

  86. Around here they seem to want a Crossfit games semi-finalist with a beard who spends his weekend climbing 14ers and owns a dog. Or at least thats what I get from dating sites.

    And I’m not getting anywhere near Sean’s penis. I might get pregnant.

  87. Sean’s penis is a scam.

  88. Regarding the “women like losers” thing, I always thought that if I had to teach sex ed, it would involved making the boys chant, “Don’t stick your dick in crazy”, and the girls chant, “I don’t have a magic pussy”. Ladies, you’re not going to change him no matter how good in bed you are.

    And most of you aren’t that good.

  89. And most of you aren’t that good.
    Yer doing it wrong.

  90. I knew a chubby guy with a potbelly who could run people into the ground. He looked soooo out of shape, but could run forever……..bastard.

  91. I thought that was me you were talking about. Until the running part.

  92. Back in MA there was a group of crazy mountain bikers that I used to ride with once in a great while. John was about 20 years older than the rest of the group and he would show up with cut off blue jeans and a t-shirt with a sack lunch tied to the back of his bike. He would routinely humiliate spandex clad guys on pricey bikes. At lunch they’d eat power bars and the like and he’d open his lunch bag and pull out a ham sandwich, drink a coke and take a few tokes off a joint before doing it all over again.

  93. I also know a guy who builds custom bicycles. He is built thck through the middle, doesn’t look athletic, but he has crazy endurance on a mountain bike.

  94. I have crazy endurance on your mom.

  95. One of the things Taubes did a pretty good treatment of in his books was how little effect aerobic exercise could have on body composition, particularly abdominal fat. Some things are dominated by hormones, and belly fat appears to be one of them. If you’re really stressed or not eating just right, the belly stays.

  96. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  97. “Running is something that you can do in a way that people see it.”

    The ones that only run on the busiest streets.

  98. 15 lb brisket in the fridge.

  99. Comment by Hotspur on August 10, 2015 3:08 pm
    I have crazy endurance on your mom.



    Alex, I think women are crazy or genetically altered. When I look at men highlighted at The Berry sometimes I want to gag. They like those hipsters in skinny jeans and dickish hats that make me want to hit them in the knees with a cudgel, hard.

  100. *Hides dickish hat*
    Hi Mare!

  101. Did someone say ham sandwich?

  102. Skinny jeans should be a hanging offense.

    I’m amazed at the ones who have no idea about the basics of life, like jumpstarting a car, changing a tire, swinging a hammer, etc.

  103. Home improvement stores are for ages 35 and up.

  104. hahahahahah

    Well done all day, Cyn!

  105. This place really has its moments.

  106. I’m amazed at the ones who have no idea about the basics of life, like jumpstarting a car, changing a tire, swinging a hammer, etc.


    So true. How does that happen? It’s like they want to be dependent.

  107. *finds Tom’s hat and fills it with turds from my cat box*

    Ohai Tom!

  108. I fixed a guy’s bike a couple of years ago and he looked at me like I was a wizard.

    His handlebars had come out of the frame, so I put it back and tightened a nut. Witchcraft. Stuff I learned at the age of 6.

  109. We grew up outside.
    We learned to fix our bikes and build tree houses.

    They grew up inside.
    They learned video games and porn.

  110. I liked wandering through Homo Depet and planning projects in my head. Heck, one of the reasons that I’m looking for a house is so I have space for a workshop.

  111. “ugh. This is harder than it looks.”

  112. Got another link besides I can’t follow them at work.

  113. Comment by scott on August 10, 2015 5:23 pm
    We grew up outside.
    We learned to fix our bikes and build tree houses.
    They grew up inside.
    They learned video games and porn.


    This is truth.

  114. I have only the vaguest idea how to jumpstart a car. I know how to buy and install a new battery before anything bad happens, though.

  115. Comment by Hotspur on August 10, 2015 3:08 pm

    I have crazy endurance on your mom.

    And she really appreciates it!

  116. A video game where you had to maintain a beater car and a busted up house would be invaluable to today’s youth.

  117. Red to red, then black to engine block.

  118. Someone please tell Ace the difference between “populous” and “populace”, please?

  119. Red to red, then black to engine block.

    Which engine block? And doesn’t one of the two blacks go on a battery?

  120. Live Car Dead Car
    1) Red to Positive 2)Red to Positive
    3) Black to Neg 4)Black to engine block

    In that order, IIRC.

  121. Running a marathon while on your period without a tampon is so tres chic.

  122. In a jump start, you’ve got a master and slave (no, really, in the Army that’s the actual terminology- a slave start). The master is the good vehicle, the slave is the one that needs the jump.

    Open both hoods. The master should be running. Place the red jumper cable on the red (positive +) battery terminal, and then do the same with the slave vehicle.

    Then connect the black cable to the black (negative -) terminal of the master. Then connect the other end of the black cable to the engine block of the slave vehicle.

    You might have to wait as much as 15 minutes or so to have enough juice to start, depending how badly drained the slave battery is.

  123. The day I get my period, I’ll run a marathon.

  124. Comment by MJ on August 10, 2015 5:54 pm
    Running a marathon while on your period without a tampon is so tres chic.


    Did something happen that I should know about? Or is this just MJ being a dipshit?

  125. Evening.

  126. Mare, check Ace.

  127. Put it in third gear, get some Mexicans to push it as fast as they can, and pop the clutch.

  128. Oh, thanks Alex, Sorry MJ, I guess you’re not a dipshit, but that woman sure is. It’s stupid and I don’t “get it”.

  129. Huh, I thought running a marathon with liquid shit running down the back of your legs was hardcore. Wait, both sexes can do that! Women drummers have a monopoly on the sloughed uterine lining.

  130. Good day, people who are wondering what the fuck this shit is.

  131. *looks in hat*

    Oooh! Chocolate!

  132. Must be swiss. Tastes like shit!

  133. thas swissis

  134. I’ve got your “Fat Shaming” Right Here…

    A ‘big-guy’ (6′ 4″ 360lb) I’ve known since 1970 went ‘off the radar’ for a couple weeks.
    Not home, or at work, not answering phone.
    Turns out he was in hospital having a leg amputated due to his diabeetus…

  135. #menstruatinglivesmatter

  136. Chrispy, There’s a fellow at one of the other farms we call Two-Toes because of the diabeetus. The sad thing is that he’s a youngster. He just doesn’t take care of himself.

  137. Heh.
    Squirrel works with the power duo. Cleetus and Beetus.

  138. Hah! Chumpo, I am totally stealing that.

  139. Who here has ever been to The 29 Palms Inn at the gate to Joshua Tree Nat Mon?

    That joint is full on H2 and saved my ass last night on a long forkin’ drive.

    “Dewer’s OTR with a draft back, please hurry I’m in a rush.”

  140. Steal away, Squirrel. That is what makes this fun.

  141. It’s just a hop skip and a jump up the road from here, but I’ve never been.

  142. Tough to bounce back from that one Crispy. Hopefully it was below the knee and he’ll have a chance to walk again.

  143. Well, X. That is where I’ll meet ye.

    I’ve stayed there half a dozen times over the years because film crews often find themselves working in that area.

    I’m glad you’re close by.

  144. Hey Chumpo, I linked this yesterday in the hope that you would see it:

  145. I’m afraid to drive through Desert Hot Springs.

  146. Just make sure you hit the head before Desert Center.


  147. Sorry to read about your friend, Chris {{hugs}}

  148. have we heard anything about teh ones visit to his dad’s homeland?

    he was evidently hospitalized….

  149. Chris that is hard news, sorry about your friend.

    I’m not saying this was your friend’s case but people need to take diabetes very seriously…Oso, I’m looking at you.

  150. She needs TP.

  151. 😦

  152. Jeez, Double Oh! That guy likes the blue colored go fast.

    Thanks for the link.

  153. Privately owned TP for her bunghole. None of that govt issue.

  154. ^^hahhahaha^^

    The H2: Come here for the gardening and workout tips leave with the knowledge no lefty asshole will go unscathed from our midst.

  155. Don’t bait the ‘beetus.

  156. Let them eat Charmin.

  157. Or…

    “…no lefty’s asshole….

    Either works.

  158. Lefty asshole… righty asshole… what difference at this point does it make?!



  160. I was going to run today but it was raining in Michigan.




  163. Yep, That’s our presentdent:

    Thanks, Ms. Cyn…

  164. Uhaul. Looks like it held together.

    Good job.

  165. We load up the beds tomorrow after a good nights sleep, and Ohio can kiss my ass.

  166. Who’s the white guy?

  167. Still loading? So sorry.

  168. Haven’t got there yet, scooter. Don’t jinx me. That was a shot from my driveway this afternoon.

  169. Leave lots of room in front of you, especially if you are towing a car.

  170. That’s amazing, Pup.

    A good omen.

  171. Make sure you schedule a pitstop in Iowa.

  172. Is pupster gonna be a dreaded scandi terrorist now?

  173. Ohio can kiss my ass.

    Yeah, fuck those guys. All uppity about their lousy state college and shit.

  174. He’s gone Canadian, aye.

  175. Oh, and don’t forget the height. I just saw a 12 foot tall rental truck that drove under a 11 foot overpass.

  176. Did he make it?

  177. He hasn’t left yet. Movers are coming tomorrow.

  178. Movers are coming tomorrow??

    Better get packing, Pupster.

  179. My eye was successfully hacked. Other than looking like I have ebola in one eye, I have slept off most of the anesthesia just in time to go to bed.

  180. Did anybody find a VHS tape of old family parties at anybody else’s moving sale that promised to be “viral video gold” today?

  181. No, but I found a video of your mom transmitting viruses at a family party.

  182. Man, what a day. My brother helped me get straightened out, and the flooring snapped in like it should. Never believe any line is straight, always make sure yourself.

    Someday I’ll remember that rule, and save myself a lot of trouble. But no! I gotta believe other people.

  183. Never buy an old house.

  184. Never buy a floor.

  185. flooring is easy, once you have a straight line. Easy peasy.

  186. Glad your eye hacking went well, Vman. Just wait until you see what “white” looks like again.

    *preemptively denounces self

  187. Coney Island Hard Root Beer is really good, if a little sweet. Expensive though.

  188. #seeingwhitematters

  189. Heh, my friend had that surgery, and described what it was like to not look through a cotton ball any more.

  190. Are you getting the other eye done next week?

  191. Vman,
    After the surgery, the incredibly expensive drops for a month, and then the other eye.
    I’m so glad I did the cataract surgery.
    It’s so nice. being able to see.
    I wish I had got the “good” lenses, as I would not have to wear ‘drug store’ readers, but, shit happens.
    I can see a fly at 100 meters, but can’t read my watch…

  192. My mom was kicking herself for not having done it sooner.

  193. Yeah, my buddy doesn’t like the glasses, but he says the tradeoff is worth it, big time.

  194. I had my first eye done in 2007. I waited too long for this one, it was so dense that I was really blind. Of course waiting made it harder to measure and correct.

  195. Yes Jay
    I had 20/10 vision before the cataract, after it is 20/30 that with a contact is corrected to 20/20.
    It is not fair that I have to settle for 20/20
    /1st world complaints

  196. I’m holding out for heat vision.

  197. Was told when she was young that pain would lead to pleasure?
    Did she understand it when they said
    That a man must break his back to earn his derp of leisure?
    Will she still believe it when he’s dead?

  198. I want X-ray vision which I would only use for the good of mankind.

  199. Art Alert

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