1. Hay delivery between 9 and 10 and it’s just a guy with a truck.

    Anyone want to drop by to meet the baby/WOD?

  2. I want Cruz. I am now a one issue voter. Obamacare is screwing me and it will you too, just give it time. I don’t have Obamacare but the alternative is 1/100th as good as my old insurance.

    I’m sick of subsidizing others stupid ass decisions.

  3. I wish. double. Plus hay irritates my skin.

  4. Mare – Obamacare is screwing most and they just don’t know it. Wait until those under the grace period of their cadillac plans join the party.

  5. My insurance covers almost nothing. It covered $8.70 of $110 PT session.

    I went to six before I figured it out because for some reason I was charged $33, then the balance later. WTF?

  6. PT is a scam.

  7. It helped. But now I’m on my own.

    2-3 more months and I’ll be back to normal form.

  8. My arm still hurts a bit. My hip I can feel but I can run on it just fine.

  9. When I worked in Hollywood the big “scalp” that the Trade Union would hold up after capitulating from 8 hr work days to 10hr and then from 10 hr to 12 hr was the cadillac health care package that we enjoyed.

    That was supposed to mop up the tears of anguish from all the failed marriages and latch key children.



  10. Yea – and then Hollywood and every other liberal entity in this country supported Obama and his healthcare nightmare.

  11. Everytime I hear a teacher or union worker complain about the changes to their healthcare I laugh and laugh and laugh.

    It’s either that or tell them they can fuck off.

  12. Welp, I gots a jerb.


    It’s in Minnesota.


  13. Yay! And I’m sorry.

    Hay irritates the hell out of my skin, but there’s no one else here unless my millennial brother-in-law shows up. Long sleeves, gloves, jeans.

  14. Thanks. Baby pictures would ease the pain.

  15. Yay?!?

  16. Pups, I’m happy and sad for you. How is the family taking it?

  17. Congrats (hopefully) Pupster.


  18. Pretty meh, Mare.

  19. Obamacare is the biggest effing lying piece of shit scam ever to be perpetrated on the US since social security (Ponzi) and big welfare (keeping poor, poor).


  20. Pups I’ll pray something great happens for your boys to offset the toes they will lose walking home from school in sub zero temps.

  21. I’ll try and put up another pic at some point today while I’m recovering from bucking hay.

  22. Think of the bowls of cheese curds on all the bars!

    Congratulations Puppy!!

    What city?

  23. When Paula and the boys help her dad with haying the bathroom has a lot of hay in it after they cycle through the showers. I’ve seen her pulling hay out from between the girls even though she wears a sport bra to do the hay work.

  24. Leon?


  25. Oh, and Jonathan Gruber is the fricken devil. Lying piece of shit.

  26. http://is.gd/ZQxVZF

  27. National Anthems make me cry.


  28. Congrats, Pups! I spent a year in Eden Prairie and thought that the summers (hot, humid, mosquitoey) were the worst season. Winter wasn’t that bad.

  29. Hi, Geoff.

    I was reading your send up of Col Jerry.
    You’re a good guy.

    Did you see his crash at El Torro? Amazing that he walked away from that.

  30. http://is.gd/bmRdU6

  31. http://tinyurl.com/oh2bcxf


  33. Morning.

  34. Am I the only one who hates Weirddave’s fundamental concepts posts?

  35. Hate is such a strong word. More like “finds their intelligence mortally insulted by.”

  36. I had a Trump sized shock yesterday.
    The 3 eye drops I am using are $100 x 2 for 5 ml and $300 for 1.7 ml.
    Gold is cheaper.

  37. Holy buckets, Vmax. You will have to sell an eye on the black market to pay for that. What the hell? Is it made out of babies?

  38. Yeah, when he starts talking about markets I roll my eyes. “The tragedy of the commons is a fallacy” my ass.

  39. I don’t know what to say Jew, except it wasn’t rape rape.
    I think

  40. If you feel violated in any way, Vman, it’s rape. The SJW tight asses told me so.

    Plus you will get points for “deciding” you are a woman today.

  41. The company is based in Eden Prairie, I’m renting a house in Long Lake. It’s basically Minneapolis Chumpo. 12 hour plus drive from central Oh hi oh.

  42. heh Mare

  43. I get Jammed in the Barry Sotero for eye drops too, V. My daughter’s preventative drops aren’t covered by any insurance so
    good day in the morning.

  44. I’ll trade you Pups, Houston is only 102* today.
    Minn has to be better.
    *According to my phone

  45. Puppy, I think you are going to have a swell time in MN. I hear that it is a cultural wellspring full of museums and rocking venues.

    Plus whores!

    Lots and lots of dirty dirty whores.

  46. 3 miles done and not quite 102 yet but 100%humidity…Congrats puppy I am happy for you!

  47. 750,000 people die every day in Minnesota due to frostbite.

  48. “As we kick off another Labor Day 5K “Sun” Run we would like to welcome our new friend Pup to MN. Flick a cheese curd his way as you slide by.”


  49. Near Minneapolis?


    “I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes”

  50. Congrats Puppeh! I think.

    ya never know, it might turn out to be your favoritist jerb EVAH!

  51. http://is.gd/buckle_up_puppies

  52. http://is.gd/WQQjWI

  53. I was talking about “Fargo” at work the other day. There was some joke I was trying to make about the line “He’s fleeing the interview” in the context of one of our patients. 5/5 of the people in my office had not seen the movie. All under the age of 35. Sad, really.

  54. I love Fargo, but I have never seen the thing from start to finish.

  55. The youngster I work with at Baby Farm had never heard of REM. I was outrageously outraged. He is a terrible disappointment to his mother and me.

  56. There’s a host of movies my boys watch that I’ve seen parts of because we’re all in the same room at the time but I’ve never seen the whole thing. Harry Potter #’s 1 through 49 for example.

  57. we’re gonna can some sweet corn today.
    I want to try this…


  58. You can imagine the hysterical response if this was fracking fluid:


    Nothing to see here, move along. I saw one report on this on the news then it disappeared.

  59. http://is.gd/1mGTCe

  60. Thank heavens, now we know


  61. 275 bales lofted, 25 on the floor, yet to be stacked in a stall after I move some things and sweep.

    Naptime now, then to the gym.

  62. You’re so right, Jimbro. Imagine the fines if all that stuff would have been released by a private company. They’d be shunned like the lion killer.

    Hi yinzes, I’m in PA with the family. Hanging around the pool, watching the does and fawns play, consuming mass quantities of sweet corn.

  63. Public executions for the EPA agents involved are the only answer.

  64. I despise bureaucrats. Death by fire.

  65. ^^ Yes x ELEVENTY!

  66. I bet it was exactly like this:

  67. Gym time.

  68. Trying to get caught up on laundry. Mr. RFH decides to take a nap, and I didn’t pull the clothes hampers out of there in time. Grumpf.

  69. Mare, when she was little http://is.gd/bCckAs

  70. http://is.gd/Mare_now

  71. http://is.gd/Pinch_or_no_pinch ?

  72. LOL, Scott.

    Pups, MAKE IT RAIN!!

  73. Oh there was a pinch.
    1. that’s why she looked around
    g. watch his arm closely

  74. Pinching news anchors killed it.

  75. Greetings, beach bums and actual vagrants who live at the beach.

  76. Gizmodo isn’t exactly my go-to source for history, but this article James Taranto linked on Twitter is fascinating.


  77. *starts new state only for people with verified Neanderthal ancestry*

    *REAL racist utopia achieved*

  78. Fascinating read, Sean.

  79. Over time, we can reconstruct the Neanderthal through careful breeding.

    Also mammoths.

  80. We should do it somewhere cold, like Minnesota.

  81. Your mom likes to do it somewhere cold.

  82. Why would we want to reconstruct the losers? You want to watch them suck at everything and fail evolution again?

  83. For entertainment purposes only

  84. Why would we want to reconstruct the losers? You want to watch them suck at everything and fail evolution again?

    Stop oppressing my people!

  85. Jimbro, is Oregon whiter than Maine?

  86. Why would we want to reconstruct the losers? You want to watch them suck at everything and fail evolution again?

    If the internet has taught me anything, it’s that people would pay good money to fuck them. Or at the very least to watch them fuck each other.

  87. I had no idea there was any interest in woolly mammoth porn.

  88. Oregon still has Whites Only stores. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, every craft brewery…

  89. I had to look after reading that article. Nope.


  90. Oh, I thought you meant neanders.

    Yeah, the mammoths thing is just so we can put them in pit barrel cookers.

  91. Heh. Lauraw and Sean were on different verses of the same song.

  92. And Leon too.

    Isn’t time for her close-up, Mr. DeVille?

  93. NM is 2.5% AA. I really feel sorry for the .02% Pacific Islander population in NM. Why aren’t they grouped with the NA indigenous people?

  94. Ugh, FINE.

  95. Heh. Lauraw and Sean were on different verses of the same song.

    Who cares about the lyrics? It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.

  96. Huey Lewis.

  97. New pic in PoL.

    Do you remember when your arms didn’t reach past your head?

  98. Jeez, I was kidding, did a little switcheroo for a joke. You were supposed to laugh.

    I’m gonna stick with knock-knock jokes for a while until I get better at this.

  99. “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

    “I dunno, why?”

    “Certainly not to see a couple of wooly mammoths humping. Nobody wants to see that.”

  100. I bet mammoths are muy delicioso. That’s the real reason here.

    BIG ribs.


  102. Yeah, the mammoths thing is just so we can put them in pit barrel cookers.

    **insert video clip of the big rack of ribs flipping the Flintstone car**

  103. She’s beautiful.

    And she has more hair than you. ;)

  104. Mmmm, mammoth ribs!


  105. Heh, Roamy and I are singing the same song

  106. At her age, I had the same amount of hair. It fell out.

    Then it fell out again a lot later.

  107. Daaaw, she’s a cute little monkey. Thanks for sharing.

  108. I swear she opens her eyes sometimes. It’s rare, though.

  109. I wonder if you can cook wooly mammoth on the PBC.

  110. Dammit, should know to refresh when making PBC jokes. They are EVERYWHERE!

  111. Got to hold her for almost a minute today. She gets upset very fast if she’s not near the buffet. Every now and then she gets her tummy full and is tired enough to actually be held by anyone but the Mrs.

  112. She’s a cutie, leon. Sure she’s yours?

  113. It’s a scam promoted by Big Wooly Mammoth, they taste like worms.

  114. Not yet. Doing the paternity test soon.

    She cries every time I hold her unless I’m feeding her. I’m starting to get suspicious.

  115. “Not the mama!”

  116. Try not squeezing her so hard.

  117. Take off the horse mask before you pick her up.

  118. Haha, loved that show, roamy.

    Not the mama!

  119. Awww, such sweetness. Leon, you must be over the moon in love.

  120. I hold her as gently as I would a puppy on life support.

  121. H2 babies are the BEST!!! H2 kids that were once babies.

  122. I had to hold her for most of the first couple of hours of life while we waited and hoped for the placenta to emerge. That was the longest so far. Mostly I hold her now so the wife can shower and I end up having to do a lot of slow dancing to keep her calm.

  123. Leon, ❤️❤️❤️

  124. Have you tried being someone else?

  125. I need to learn lullabies. I have nothing in my head to sing to her at those times. I’m not sure she likes listening to me praying the Rosary, and songs might be more calming.

  126. Baby Mine from Dumbo. Disney has multiple lullabies

  127. I have a few Disney lullaby CDs.

  128. Have you tried being someone else?

    Not yet. I was saving that for after she learns to smile. Right now she only makes serious faces.

  129. I sang Merle Haggard songs to both boys, until they were too old to cuddle.

    Dumbo always made me sad, even though it has a happy ending. Never got over the elephant jail part.

  130. Trying not to be Debbie Downer. I have a plush Mrs Jumbo from long ago when I still thought a baby was possible. I love Baby Mine. Best Disney song ever. My Mrs Jumbo cradling baby Dumbo is in my closet. Some day, I’ll gift it. Not there yet

  131. Let it go is better


  132. You could have C arin come over and sing some Tool songs to her.

  133. Follow-up to what Coke does to you.


  134. I have almost no songs memorized, even my favorites.

    Well, I do have this and this memorized, but they aren’t really appropo. Long story.

  135. I sang Simon & Garfunkel, Michael Buble, Alison Krauss, and Hal Ketchum (http://tinyurl.com/puhhjra)

  136. I don’t drink coke or kale.

    *smugly doesn’t rot teeth*

  137. I guess I could sing this to her.

  138. Baby hearing is all about tone and vibration. Lyrics are wasted.

  139. I haven’t mentioned it because I don’t want to be That Guy, but I haven’t had a beverage with any kind of sweetener in about three weeks. I miss Diet Dr Pepper, but I have dropped a little extra weight.

  140. Rayciss comment. I work with AAs that think they can sing. They are always singing. Pitchy. Can’t read music. I try to stay out of it. Music is work. Voice is work. Had to sing today. TX choir was hardcore. Sucked the joy out of singing. Made it MATH. Losers were shocked that I can sing. I really H8 singing. And math.

  141. Sean, I’m That Guy often enough. Good job, man.

  142. Did anybody finally break down and end their epic but unspoken 2 year, 5 month, 17 day test of wills with anybody else to see who would clean the the inside of the microwave oven today?

  143. No, but I’m engaged in the Epic Mega War of unloading and reloading the dishwasher.

  144. Scott is so far ahead of me on Couple Contributions, Gold Stars, and Marriage Points that any attempt on my part to regain some ground is laughably inadequate.

    So why try?

  145. lauraw, play the cute card!!! It works.

  146. It all started when he got into learning how to cook.

  147. Oso, that may work for *you.*

  148. True Story. Sports card works for me. Dan gets lots of cute booty flirty shit. Retail. Meh. They don’t know the beisbol or the futbol. I own that shit. Chubby little cubby

  149. Lauraw, cook or smoke/grill?

  150. Back to Neanderthal?

  151. Way I see it, I run a marital gold star deficit, bitch about austerity, and occasionally eat smoked brisket. It isn’t so bad.

  152. You guys are solid. Until it is time to have a bug out prepping locu. Pepe posts the best bug out pics.

  153. Smoking/ grilling is cooking. The way he does it, it’s actually more scientifically cooking-ish than most indoor range/oven cooking.

  154. I hear ya HOA has outlawed most of Dan’s repertoire. He illegally hibachis and Smokey Joes.

  155. Just think of the points you could rack up if you got a PBC

    *sets drag on fishing reel

  156. And congrats, Sean. I gave up my old girlfriend, Mt Dew, a while ago. I still miss her at times.

  157. I H8 you guys. I’m dragging feets on giving up anything.

  158. I’ll drink a couple of messican cokes on the weekends, but avoid sugar during the week.

  159. Are marital points like Skee-ball tickets? Can you redeem them for cheap prizes?

  160. Marital points matter. Even though I am engaging in Dishwasher WWIII right now. TWBB!!!! (There will be blood. Round I)

  161. Dan usually gets most marital points. I have issues. For the most part, people feel sorry for Dan. Enter the millennials. Young guys LOVE me. We talk. We chillax. Movies and music.

  162. My grammo felt sorry for Dan. Blah blah store bought tortillas and canned beans.

  163. Messican cokes are so delicious. Orange soda too.

  164. Dan is so anal. Dishes are like 100% washed before ever entering dishwasher. I load dishwasher without WASHING dishes. Not my job to wash dishes. Dishwashers job. Reason we have chemicals and HOT water. DING! Round one

  165. Dan is related to my mom. She washes dishes to put them in the dishwasher too.

  166. BTW flooring is harder than it looks. At least to do it right.

    But it really looks fantastic. Taking my time.

  167. I don’t get it.

  168. Flooring has been in garage since ’09

  169. I should rack up some serious marital points, if I get the floor done.

  170. I want you, I want you, I want you,
    I think you know by now,
    I’ll derp to you somehow.
    Until I do I’m telling you, so you’ll understand.

  171. She washes dishes to put them in the dishwasher too.

    I do, too.

    It’s the only way to be sure.

  172. Cascade with phosphates is the proper way to go nuclear.

  173. Anyone seen Ex Machina? Worth it?

  174. Oso, Equalizer is just starting.

  175. I wash the dishes first, too. The dishwasher is more of a sanitizer, really.

  176. Learn some hymns Leon.

  177. Heh.

    ****NSFW***kinda ’cause bare butts



  178. http://is.gd/good_jerb_Mare

  179. Good morning.

  180. http://is.gd/CWK4jo

  181. http://is.gd/morning_Jewstin

  182. Hah! An apple a day keeps the piggies fat and happy.

  183. http://is.gd/Fq9hOf

  184. Are marital points like Skee-ball tickets? Can you redeem them for cheap prizes?

    *tries giving Scott several large stuffed animals made in Taiwan*

    OK, um, apparently, no.

  185. May I suggest a different point redemption statergery?


  186. OK, back to packing. Truck is coming tomorrow.

  187. http://imgur.com/gallery/o3KTvxD

  188. Relevant:


  189. Moving already? That was fast.

  190. ((what Pupster doesn’t realize is that we’ve replaced his real life with a thousand-year tour of Hell, in which he never actually stops packing, he just keeps packing and packing and the movers are always coming tomorrow. Shhhh, don’t tell him, it’s a surprise! tee hee! ))

  191. *hands Pup an empty box*

  192. Hello, people who didn’t realize the sump pump was out until AFTER the 4 inch rainstorm.

  193. *hands Pupster more packing tape*

    Hurry up, man. The movers are coming tomorrow. 8 am sharp.

  194. Jay in Ames, Ex Machina was superb.

  195. Can’t go into work. Tool song just came on the radio. Guess I’ll be late.

  196. GND: Pupster is moving and the movers are coming at 8am? Plenty of time. Best to get drunk and wait until the morning to pack.

  197. http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=61269

  198. I. hate. shopping. for. glasses.

    That is all.

  199. Eyeglasses Shopping, L to R: Cyn at Store A, Cyn at Store B

  200. But your naughty librarian glasses give you specs appeal!

  201. I also approve of the naughty librarian look.

  202. When you are shopping for eyewear you need to protect your groin.

  203. Eyeglasses are one of the few things I don’t hate shopping for.

  204. 1968 is going to look like a day at the fair compared to this year’s DNC.

    I can’t wait for the mostly peaceful riots.

  205. Truth be told, it’s been fun trying on frames.

    But then I look at the price of the frames… and the price for my lenses (not single vision)… plus the cost of me getting contact lenses too… and that’s the not-fun part.

    *shakes fist at Mare*

  206. The Optician at the place I go to is the son of one of the techs at work. When Rowan chewed my reading glasses last year he did me a solid by getting them repaired under warranty.

  207. I saw a clip of Bernie Sanders getting shouted down at a campaign stop by Black Lives Matter thugs. He was not successful in regaining the mic. This does not portend well for the Dem challengers. And Hillary may have a vag but she’s melanin challenged and Obama’s crowd couldn’t give two shits about her.

  208. There’s a suspicion that #BLM is funded by Soros, and that targeting Bernie is deliberate, to keep him from sapping away Hillary’s support.

  209. Happy anniversary to Pepe and Mrs. Pepe.

  210. That makes perfect sense XBrad. All bets are off if Joey Choo Choo enters the race. Biden seems more malleable than Cankles, at least to me anyway.

  211. I bet they’re celebrating by smoking some delicious meats on their PBC!

  212. Happy Anni to the Pepe’s!

    Happy Birthday, Mare!!
    *unshakes fist at Mare*

  213. *hands Pupster more packing tape*
    Hurry up, man. The movers are coming tomorrow. 8 am sharp.


  214. I will not be moving again until I retire, maybe not then.

    Or such is the plan.

  215. My mother has spent years downsizing. It began when my parents moved to the Cape, then to a home closer to my sister and finally to the current home in an Over 55 community. I’ve been the recipient of a lot of the furniture from their house. You’d think I’d learn a lesson from her efforts but I’m a numbskull and have way too much stuff for an easy move.

  216. Downsizing requires discipline, and it also seems to require me being an asshole for not wanting to keep Pupster Boy 1’s 3rd grade science poster about worms, and Boy 2’s 4th grade birdhouse project.

    Mrs. Pupster – Do you want to keep…

    Me – NO!

    M.P.- *long tearful declaration of undying attachment to and love for inanimate, useless object taking up space that I don’t want to pack and carry*

    Me – Why did you ask if I wanted to keep it? My answer will be no every time. Pack it or toss it. Move on. Winter is coming.

  217. Does she need this, Pups?


  218. No, she doesn’t ask anymore, and I just put things in three piles: keep, donate, trash. When the keep pile is big enough I box it up. When the donate pile is big, I roll it over to goodwill. The trash pile gets bagged and tied quick like a bunny.

  219. Send wife to 711 for sodas. Load dumpster. Claim ignorance when she asks where all her shit is.

  220. I kinda wonder I’d BLM agitators aren’t indirectly employed by the B,H, & C Clinton Foundation. Have they interrupted one of her events yet? Oh wait, you have to be vetted to get within a mile of her.

  221. Thanks for the birthday greetings, Turdfaces!

    It’s been a great birthday! Hung out at the beach with kids, packed our crap at the rental, drove daughter to airport, drove across state and decided WTF do we travel with so much shit?

    cat box
    cat food, litter, scoop, small dustpan and broom to clean up litter
    a shit ton of weights to work out with work out mat,
    a LARGE screen mac, printer, cords, and accessories
    food several bags
    drinks, soft, beer, wine, margarita stuff
    large duffle of face creams (shut it)
    beach towels, chairs and 78 bottles of spray sun screen
    bags full of stuff to give the girls and stuff the girls gave us
    purses, backpacks, and small bags with things we couldn’t find other
    bags for
    laundry liquid, softener, dryer sheets
    and various other things you jam into a truck on a trip

    I said to my husband, “why are we traveling with all this crap?”

    And his usual good cheer response was, “aren’t you glad we can?” (Meaning, he’s glad we have our truck with us.)

  222. I am not sure how it happened, but I might officially be a redneck.

    *knock knock:
    Me: * shirtless and drinking a beer* Howdy. What the hell can I do for ya?

    Coiffed Mormon: uh. . . Hello? Uh. . . is Crazy Cat Lady home?

    Me: Nah. He had some errands today.

    Coiffed Mormon: Oh. Uh. We can come back later.

    Me: Sure thing! You’re welcome any time. *slugs beer*

  223. At least I didn’t scratch myself in the Jimmy while they were here. I denounce myself

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