Hello Trumpamaniacs, and welcome to another addition of Big Boob Friday.


This is what you look like to the rest of the gym.



Your model for today was born in Ann Arbor, that state up north, and measures 46-29-38 with some serious F sized eye-pokers.  She stands 5’6″ tall and weighs at least 136lbs.  Please stop smelling the baby head long enough to welcome, Miss Maggie Green!









  1. Healthy #1

  2. After this week’s lack of a MMM and HHD I was deeply concerned about whether we’d see a BBF. Thanks for coming through Pupster!

  3. Boobs are my life.

  4. holy moly!

  5. “rest of the gym”

    HAHA! i kinda thought that’s what c’arin looked like while working out

  6. Her shirts have superpowers. The thread must be made of some previously unknown indestructible elastic material.

    Also, she seem nice.

  7. “get the eff off my lawn”


    *high fives pupster*

  8. Too big.

  9. “We’re planning to hold it in Michigan on a weekend that Car in will be working.”

    If you guys want to see the muddler at the next meet up – I’d “advise” you to hold it somewhere I can attend.

    Wow. That sounds like a threat.

    Yes. It. Does.

  10. leon has been afflicted by glossolalia

  11. Maggie has also done some acting according to Boobiepedia.

  12. Radio has almost ruined that album with overplay, but not yet. **cranks it up to 11**

  13. I woke last night to the sound of thunder.

  14. Never rained here last night, weird.

  15. How far off I sat and wondered?

  16. Must have been close if it woke you.

  17. I started humming a song from 1962

  18. WHICH ONE!?

  19. Ain’t it funny how the night moves?

  20. [now the guitar starts in]

  21. Oh wait – I think there are a few more lines before that part.

  22. Obama’s schedule:

    Obama Schedule || Friday, July 31, 2015
    Posted on July 30, 2015, 8:53 pm by Keith Koffler • 7 Comments

    10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

    All times Eastern

  23. He’s been working for a few weeks without a vacation. Give the man a break Carin!

  24. Presidentin’ is hard

    *droppin g’s

  25. Oh sorry, jimbro, forgot to translate to East Coast Cabal:

    Presidentin’ is hahd

  26. He’s probably resting up for his vacation. It would suck if he couldn’t hit the links EVERY day.

    Plus there is the “family bike ride” and “family trip for ice cream”.

    AND THE BOOKSTORE. That one is always my favorite.

  27. Heh, I was just in MA and noticed the accents big time. I’m used to the typical Maine accent but every now and then the stereotypical Downeaster accent catches me by surprise. Usually an older guy but every once in a while I hear a kid with an accent that sounds like it came off a lobster boat and I chuckle.

  28. He does do those photo ops every time! Some bookstore with the word “Grapes” in its name.

  29. Bunch of Grapes Bookstore

    “I’m only here for the grapes”

  30. Wiser sounds like he’s having a kick-ass time.

  31. He’s not coming back, Mare. He’ll start phoning in the show from Belize.

  32. Belizerbud.

  33. *pours a beer in the dog dish*

    good pup.

  34. H2 break between laundry/gardening and bathroom cleaning.



  36. Tushar has talked about Sous Vide cooking before, and this looks like a really cool device:

    Anova Precision Cooker

    I really want to try it. It’s even app enabled.

  37. Great Googly Moogly!

  38. Her skin looks like it would get splotchey after too much heat or physical contact. So doggiestyle in a walk-in freezer will have to suffice.

  39. Doggiestyle killed it??

  40. ^weird

  41. Comment by pendejogrande on July 31, 2015 11:46 am
    Doggiestyle killed it?

    No, it made me laugh.

  42. Doggiestyle is a scam.

  43. I wonder when was the last time she saw her navel?

  44. Hillary Clinton is big, fat, scheming, putrid, assfaced political whore.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  45. Comment by Hotspur on July 31, 2015 1:18 pm
    Doggiestyle is a scam.


    Are you sure?

  46. Doggiestyle is a scam

    Do dogs outnumber humans?

  47. Willington, CT !!!

    If it made it past Ohio it’s definitely making it through the Connecticut gauntlet.

  48. Probably a Saturday delivery


  50. Splotchey skin is a a buzz kill.

  51. Hah. Tex Lovera got a name-check on Insty by Ed Driscoll.

  52. This bish is UG-Lee.

  53. My stupid cat taken up by aliens gif didn’t work, thanks for nothing, MJ.

  54. Someone’s gonna be SMOKIN! You’re gonna love it, Jimbro.

    No, not that kind of smoking, MJ. Calm down.

  55. YES!!!!

    *reads Jay’s comment.


  56. Let’s play a game.

    How many of Huma Abedin’s crotchless panties does Hillary have in her grandma bag right now?

  57. Mine are bigger

  58. I have another game.

    How many dry heaves do you have to experience before you’re giving your obliques a real solid workout?

  59. Plus, they are only crotchless because of moths.

  60. Hoo boy, more dry heaving.

  61. Nuffin worse than a case of the crotch moths

  62. hahahaha

  63. I saw the crotch moths open for Katrina and the Waves at House Of Blues in ’05.

  64. Mine are bigger


    God, I hope not!

  65. Ok let’s play another game.

    On a scale of one to ten does Hillary’s bref smell like:

    A) Gin
    2) Huma Abedin’s panties and gin
    $) Moth balls
    3) Yes
    4) A tuna sandwich
    d) Polident™
    *) not Bill’s weenus
    8) wiserbud, but not wiser
    R) an 8 x 10 glossy of Andy Griffith
    &) Friskies cat food
    () Ear wax
    1) A transistor radio

  66. Everyone knows Huma doesn’t wear panties. Neither does Hillary!.

  67. Why does Hillary! wear pantsuits? Because a skirt wouldn’t be able to contain the tentacles, or the burning black fog.

  68. *stuffs a live badger down Alex’s pants*

  69. MJ is going to take over August bewb dooties. I expect you all to give him the same respect and latitude you afforded me these last few weeks.

  70. MJ just grossed me out more than Tommy Brennan did in 4th grade.

    Well done, MJ!!

  71. Lauraw, I figured out how to keep the bunnies out of your garden.

  72. Is there an explosive hidden in the ice cream?

  73. Maybe Scott could do this a couple of times a day to help with the bunny problem:

  74. >>>>Mine are bigger

    *tosses shoos $1.35 worth of cheap sunglasses.

    (Even though she’s lying through her beautiful teeth.)

  75. Wantsa know what we did today?

  76. >>>>>Hillary Clinton is big, fat, scheming, putrid, assfaced political whore.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

    btw, who’s taking care of Mare’s Musings while I’m off-line?

  77. yes

  78. This badger tickles.

  79. Be honest, how many Belizianitian trannies have you called after 18 capra haynus?

  80. >>>>>yes





    Went into the pool a few times, but other than that……………


    Best. Day. EVAH!!!!!!

  81. “Haynus?”

    I believe that’s today’s BBF’s nickname….

  82. We need to find out what hotel Wiserbud is staying at and have the hotel bartender ask him about brownfield remediation.

  83. I love days on vacation like that!

  84. >>>>>>>Be honest, how many Belizianitian trannies have you called after 18 capra haynus?

    No need for trannyboyz.

    Belizian wimmen are gorgeous. Beautiful eyes.

  85. I believe that’s today’s BBF’s nickname….

    Let’s show wiser what he’s won!!!!

  86. I’m currently sitting in on a teleconference to discuss an online course. Kill me nao…

  87. Went to the chicken drop in town last night. Tons of fun.

    Half the people there were smoking. Guys walking around selling cigarettes.

    Had zero desire.

    I’m taking that as a good sign.

  88. Have watched three birds bathe in the pool.

    They are so funny to watch.

  89. Is “chicken drop” Belizian slang for whore house?

  90. Eating stone grapes from the trees, getting served Piña Coladas on a regular basis…..

    I could easily just close my eyes and die right here….


  91. >>>>Is “chicken drop” Belizian slang for whore house?

    It’s a betting game. They put chickens into a netted square and you bet on what number it will poop on.

  92. Sounds like a chickenshit way to lose some money.

  93. Meanwhile……

    Dear Wiserbud,

    I know I told you that I’m a big emailer, but even then, we’ve been emailing a lot. That’s because this deadline is so important.

    With just 9 hours to go, we have to raise $14,542 or risk falling further behind Hillary, who outraised us last quarter.

    Please, Steve, I’m counting on you. Will you help us hit our goal with a gift of $100, $50, or even $25 before our midnight deadline?

    If you chip in now and help us achieve our goal, we will send you an exclusive bumper sticker for all the support you’ve shown over the past two months.

    This is it. In just 9 hours we close the books on July, and I’m hoping you’ll join our team right now with a gift of $100, $50 or even $25 and claim your bumper sticker:

    In 9 hours we hit our July deadline. In 6 days I’ll step on stage for the first debate. I’m asking one final time, Steve. Please join our team and chip in $100, $50, or $25 right now.

    Thank you for all of your support.



    Just let me grab my checkbook…..

    One sec…..

  94. >>>>>Sounds like a chickenshit way to lose some money.

    [audio src="" /]

  95. That letter from Jeb makes me want to puke.

    But I’m happy your having such a great time!

  96. got a request from NARAL the other day, asking for money to fight the horrible thugs on the right – blah blah… I stuffed the return envelope with the flyer and other trash and popped it in the mail postage due

  97. >>>>>But I’m happy your having such a great time!

    Just trying to emulate the life you lived in Hawaii.

    Because you are my muse…. I want to live the life of mare…. And I am simply trying to mimic what I assume it would be…..

    Well, yours and Michael’s.

    btw, Marie Sharps is fucking awesomeness!!!!!!

  98. ‘chuck update: discouraged 3 this week. Caught one of them in an empty box trap… the squirrels had eaten the bait and i hadn’t reloaded it –

  99. >>>>
    got a request from NARAL the other day, asking for money to fight the horrible thugs on the right – blah blah… I stuffed the return envelope with the flyer and other trash and popped it in the mail postage due


    I’m gonna do that with every mailing I get from now on

  100. Putting phone down now.

    Jumping into pool.

    I love you all.

    *does that island thing with my hand indicating a half-hearted seriousness

  101. Good on ya, Wiser!!

  102. Evening.

  103. Today I made a piggies pucker. Pickles pucker piggies.

  104. Puckering piggies are disgustingly cute.



  107. Good day, courtesy flushers.

  108. WISER-A-HENYA!!!

  109. Tomorrow I get to hit the gym for the first time since bebe was born.

    I should not be this excited.

  110. Take her with you. She needs to start learning proper form.

  111. No kneecaps = no squatting. Them’s the rules.

  112. Hola!

  113. Bench press. There’s no such things as elbow caps.

  114. Ever looked hard at a baby’s proportions? Her hands can’t even reach the top of her head. Her ROM for bench is like a centimeter.

    No way I’m taking her, she’s cheating.

  115. Jew, I know WHY, but I really wish we could see piggeh pics. Someone posted pics on FB of pigs in a pig farm that reminded me of the “Veal” documentaries. Craving pulled pork.

  116. Fine. Then when she ends up running 10ks and joining a yoga sex cult you’ll only have yourself to blame.

  117. At some point I will smuggle in a camera for piggie pics.

  118. Especially Meishans. Don’t tell the others but the Meishans are my favorite.

  119. The kneecaps are there. At this point they’re not ossified yet. Still, no squatting with added weight until early adolescence is a good idea.

  120. Fine. Then when she ends up running 10ks and joining a yoga sex cult you’ll only have yourself to blame.

    I’m imagining him seething as she spends an hour on the elliptical.

  121. Ha, I looked up accessory bones of the elbow because there are lots of weird bones showing up everywhere in the body in rare cases. This paper describes some elbow bones that are, sadly, not kneecaps of the elbow:

  122. Meishans are beyond cute as babies. SQUEEEEE

  123. I has sadz that I’m the only one that watches stoopid movies. Pixels is a perfect example. Totes worth it just for the OTH reference. I couldn’t stop laughing. + I ❤️ Allen Covert.

  124. What is more fun than peeling wallpaper? Everything is.

    I peeled the bathroom wallpaper, sanded, spackled, primed, painted 2 coats, installed 2 new lighting fixtures and a new medicine cabinet.

    *awards self an A+ *

    *punches out*

  125. I watch all kinds of stupid movies. On the other hand, I don’t watch movies that look terrible.

  126. I’m imagining him seething as she spends an hour on the elliptical.

    Or when she brings home her new boyfriend, the one who’s helping her master her warrior poses.

  127. Sean, it was worth it for just that one joke! I loved the soundtrack. Brought back lots of arcade memories. I was able to apply my Generational Diversity training to the film.

  128. Scott had a DIY project and this is the first I heard of it? Lowe’s?

  129. Or when she brings home her new boyfriend, the one who’s helping her master her warrior poses.

    *practices punching out Gumby cardboard standups*

  130. Early to bed tonight.

  131. G’night Leons!!!

  132. Generational Diversity is just stupid.

  133. Pretty sure a fuse saved my life tonight.

  134. Or at least a fire, not sure what the hell happened. There was a large flash of light, and a very loud pop, but I didn’t get a shock.

  135. Goodnight, sweet leon. And flights of muscularly-haunched angels sing thee to thy rest.

  136. Glad you’re here! Crap!

  137. I fight with Dan over stuff that I want a professional here for and not some dumbass that worked at Home Depot for a few weeks. Dan, not anyone not Dan. He takes the dogs to the park during thunderstorms. He pisses me off about this stuff. Ladder safety is not in his vocabulary.

  138. The previous owner of this house did a lot of stupid things, and left many traps.

  139. Many traps = hidden treasure

  140. HOA rules are supposed to keep Dan off our Condo. Nope. He kills pigeon eggs and disturbs their nests!!!

  141. He ran electricity to the garage by cutting wires off of whatever he could find and splicing them together. He apparently didn’t believe in electrical tape.
    I was crawling across the garage attic a few years ago and one of his connections bit me.

  142. AUGH!!! I H8 electrical stuff. I don’t understand why Dan won’t just pay our licensed contractor guy to fix this stuff.

  143. A Cyn, Pupster and Jam2 meatup.

  144. What happened to the white tiger?

  145. White tiger was afraid of wolf and regular tiger. Pussy.

  146. In New Mexico, all construction is screwed up, it’s horrible.

  147. Pepe it is redonkulous!!!

  148. Be prepared to pay. 2X. Taxes and baksheesh

  149. NM pisses off national franchises on a daily basis. (Slight exaggeration) Joe’s Crab is the most recent to pull out. Taco Cabana got tired of all the Mexicans stealing from the Salsa Bar they are pissing off regulars. Roberto’s will probably never come here. They have enough problems with Mexicans and salsa bar.

  150. Anybody here frequent Wretchards place at PJ?
    One of his commenters is Walt Erickson, a poet of some renown.
    Often, his stuff it quite wonderful.
    Tonight, he made me very sad.
    I suppose that is a talent in itself…

    Walt Erickson

    23 WEEKS

    At 23 weeks
    She knew her mothers voice
    She woke and slept
    In rhythm with the constancy
    And comfort
    Of her mothers heartbeat
    She was aware of herself
    Aware of her surroundings
    Unknowing of the future
    She was unafraid
    A sudden spasm
    Something tearing at her
    Pulling her apart
    She screamed
    Terribly afraid
    Aware of the searing pain
    She longed above all else
    To hear the beating of her mothers heart
    In the briefest of moments she had left
    She thought of her mother
    And how she loved her

    This country is lost.
    The worship of Moloch will not go unavenged…

  151. ChrisP that is beautiful and soul searing.

  152. A friend of mine hired a construction company to build an addition onto his shop. They didn’t put the studs on 16″ centers. Used random distances, didn’t understand 16″ centers was standard.

  153. Those guys built my house.

  154. Leon and Pupster exercise together?

  155. D’awwwww

  156. Cyn! How ya doin?

  157. Cynabuns!!!!

  158. Cool shit:

  159. The first week (all of three days) of school is behind us.


  160. XB that is way cooler than Decorah Eagles!!!! (Risks Beasn wrath)

  161. HS school? Drinks!

  162. Both of ’em now.

    *pours shots for everyone and a frosty cold Dr Pepper*

  163. I can’t help but notice that Ernie Hudson is missing.

  164. Did anybody open a business catering specifically to all the disaffected shirtless, shoeless customers that anybody else refused to serve today?

  165. I saw that, but I was hoping for something not so visceral.

  166. Sean forgot the bra-less.

  167. I’ve never been refused service when not wearing a bra.

  168. Bra-less??

    That’s just crazy talk.

  169. OMG You don’t even know! It is beyond nasty! Worse than Daisy Dukes on baby elephants.

  170. Makes it illegal for people to wear tank tops and muscle tees.

  171. Nobody knows the trouble I seen….

  172. Nobody knows my sorrow…

  173. Diego showed up at work looking like shredded cheese. “Kitten” attack. Gay cake decorator offered 24/7 support to Diego. Dan offered GCD 24/7 access to our accounts. Everyone is laughing that Dan MIGHT be afraid of me.

  174. I don’t exactly condone police officers shooting people, but sometimes the temptation must be so great

  175. I got tired of the BS and bought in to APD shoot first. Everything was cool until the assholes realized the 150K cap was fucking with their constituency. 3 years and still waiting for justice for my cousin.

  176. Diego showed up at work looking like shredded cheese. “Kitten” attack.

    This is hilarious if you imagine it as the opening exposition voiceover in a Film Noir flick.

  177. Tushar, That bitch be loco.

  178. Sean, we could build from that. Diego is a nice guy. If by nice guy you mean orphan from 2 gens of gang violence.

  179. Comment by ChrisP on July 31, 2015 10:36 pm

    Chrispy – my mind runs screaming in horror from the carnage that we have mainstreamed – as i age, my reaction is increasingly visceral – history will not judge us well

  180. I don’t exactly condone police officers shooting people, but sometimes the temptation must be so great

    Under the Articles of Confederation, he’s only allowed to shoot her with a musket.



  183. teh marxist pope likes bbf too!

  184. sitting on the back porch enjoying the evening – and BAM!!! skunk decides to flounce by…. mutha skunkah!!!

    *hopes box traps are empty*

  185. tonight was the final performance of jamchild’s summer theater –
    she did AWESOME!!!
    she was Col Hathi – and nailed it


    *hopes wiser remembers the safety stop*


  188. pick your hostage:

  189. wth!!!!!
    cari’n is not left —-

    i h8 you guys

  190. Dammit. I did such a good job remembering to get XMom to take her meds on time, I forgot to take mine.

  191. wiser finally succumbs to nitrogen narcosis….



  194. a weekend at jimebro’s:

  195. where’s phat:

  196. mj headlines next weeks HHD:


    jewstin and down time


  199. i’m out

  200. Time after time, I’m short of derp, don’t even try
    Try a little harder
    Something’s wrong, you’re not naive,
    you must must be strong
    Oh, baby, try

  201. Morning.

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