In lieu of HHD

mare made me do it:

Any country male singer will do but here’s one:

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 15:  Recording artist Chase Rice attends the 2014 American Country Countdown Awards at Music City Center on December 15, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Sara Kauss/Getty Images)

NASHVILLE, TN – DECEMBER 15: Recording artist Chase Rice attends the 2014 American Country Countdown Awards at Music City Center on December 15, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Sara Kauss/Getty Images)

Chase sings this

Dierks Bentley another country singer:


Add more as you see fit!


  1. Genius!

  2. Thanks for stepping up and in, Jay. I’m swamped as all getout.

    Also, poating the HHD doesn’t make you all the way ghey.

  3. What Cyn said.

  4. But it does make him gay-er!

  5. mare did it. I just cut and pasted.

    *pinches swifty’s butt

  6. This is the best poat ever!

    Jay, smooooooches to you!!

  7. Plus you dicks almost left me on the old crappy thread.

  8. Seriously though, country music singers could take up several HHD’s and I think Roamy has done a few before.

  9. *pinches swifty’s butt

    “Hey, Sthop that!”

  10. Billy Currington’s, Must Be Doing Something Right video is an HHD in itself. Great body, good song.

  11. Appliance cuteness

  12. Cyn, that picture you posted of your son last night was KAAAAUUUUTE.

  13. Yay! That was a great race.

  14. Jay. Way to jump on the grenade. If you ever “need” a cache of material for “Mare’s” post, Tom Swiftboat told me that he has over 1.21 Gigawatts of dude pix.
    Just assk.

  15. Billy Currington


  16. I do know who it is, but I can’t find shirtless pictures of Hank.

  17. Could someone Chakka Fattah me a couple ten grand?

    A Mil?

  18. Chris Young with his dimples and cool voice is a good combo.

  19. Shoot, Chumpo got to you guys first.

  20. I didn’t know who that was.

  21. I like my country music like I like my men, patriotic, fun, family and God oriented, quintessentially American and they must make me feel something good.

  22. I just drove to and from MA with Paula and listened to Sirius Prime Country for a total of 10 hours combined. Her car, her radio, her rules dammit. There was a Hostage-worthy moment when the screen displayed “Why did you come in her…” for Dolly Parton’s “Why did you come in here dressed like that?” I kept it to myself out of consideration of the kids in the back seat.

  23. I see much snickering in the car…

  24. Where is the pit barrel now?

    You gotta try ribs on that thing.

  25. I just noticed James’s categories. Heh

  26. There was a Hostage-worthy moment when the screen displayed “Why did you come in her…” for Dolly Parton’s “Why did you come in here dressed like that?”



  27. They are YOUR categories, mare.

    Own it.

  28. I’m not sure Jay. I’m at camp and trying to conserve Internet. It’s the crappy HughesNet here and I’ve only got so much data. I’ll update the location tomorrow. I shopped on the way up and saw naked ribs AND Kingsford charcoal in the grocery store. I’ll grab both on my way home this weekend.

  29. I am alive. In the last week, Mr. RFH took Mini-me and went to visit his sister in WV. He broke his collarbone in a riding accident. (Don’t shut your whore mouths, I need the laughs.) Mini-me can’t drive yet, so Rocketboy and I flew up there to pick him up and drive back to AL, dropping Mini-me off at camp in TN Sunday. Anniversary was a bust, but Percocet can make for some entertaining situations. Rocketboy has finals this week, so I’m praying he does well enough to get his scholarship back. I killed a snake in my garage this morning. My lab had a fire drill, and they forgot to tell us when it was over. I skipped the team-building exercise. I had my stress test followup to the ER visit because I’m still sleeping in a chair. I have to go pick up Mini-me on Friday. $20 and a Confederate flag just to piss off my BIL.

    tl, dr: non-stop bitchin’, wtf life?

  30. No, not too long, thanks for the update, Roamy.

    Holy schnikies, you’ve got crap going on. Your son WILL get his scholarship back!

  31. Dang Roamie, sounds like you’ve been busy. What was he riding?

  32. Romita/Romita 2016

    “You Want Some Of This?”

  33. And we need more info on the Percocet deal.

  34. Holy shit, Roamy. All that AND you poated at the blog!

  35. I like how she actually thinks all that stuff excuses her absence somehow.

  36. hahahaha…You are correct, Lauraw. How come that bitch didn’t do HHD?

  37. Oh and that part about the snake, especially. You know that took two minutes. She could have blogged it.

  38. Oh, and I sort of got one of the contractors fired.

    What was he riding?
    And we need more info on the Percocet deal.

    Big dumb horse named Thor, so he’s been telling people he battled a Norse god and got hammered.

  39. COME ON. She hit it with a shovel and threw it in the can. *clicks stopwatch*

    I mean, what, was she in a pitched battle for ten hours with a hydra? IDFTS.

  40. I skipped the team-building exercise.

    After her behavior here, I find this very believable.

  41. “Horse”



  42. Comment by lauraw on July 29, 2015 6:19 pm
    I skipped the team-building exercise.
    After her behavior here, I find this very believable.



    With your heart deal, Roamy it’s not a good time for husband to have a broken collarbone, now is not the time for gymnastics IYKWIMAITTYD.

    I don’t know what I’m spelling.

  43. Oh, and I can’t wait to see if I set off the radiation alarms at work tomorrow. They used technetium instead of thallium, and it’s a shorter half-life.

  44. Now Roamy is talking gibberish. Get some sleep.

  45. It was a rat snake, so I flipped it with a folded up golf umbrella out into the driveway, and the fucker slithered right back into the garage. Time to die, with a flat-edge shovel and a lot of profanity.

  46. Your snake story is so much like the Cecil the lion story.

    Too soon?

  47. Clavicle fractures make you sleep sitting up too.

    imagines Roamy and Mr RFH racing for the recliner*

  48. Good thing Roamy killed that snake or she would have had to burn her garage down and really it’s not a good time.

  49. Now Roamy is talking gibberish.

    The nurse and the lab tech are apparently used to people who know their isotopes, which I found funny.

  50. I’m going out for pizza and beers, bishes.

  51. •Smites Jimebro square in the clavicus w a draft horse named Thor*

    What?!! He was trying to get back in the garage.

  52. Comment by MJ on July 29, 2015 6:50 pm
    I’m going out for pizza and beers, bushes.


    Then what happened?

  53. 96 degrees today, working outside wasn’t pleasant.

  54. At least I didn’t have to share my work space with a bunch of weirdos.

  55. Comment by scott on July 29, 2015 6:56 pm
    At least I didn’t have to share my work space with a bunch of weirdos.


    I don’t think you need to call us names.

  56. Hey! Your cesium got into my strontium!!
    Well, your thalium got into my americuminumnum!!!

    Two issotopes that decay together…
    Roetengen’s (bump bump) radioactive cups.

  57. One less weirdo now.

  58. Can you smoke a draft horse?

  59. I mean, what, was she in a pitched battle for ten hours with a hydra? IDFTS.


    I keep trying to come up with a good response to this, and I give up.

  60. *Can you smoke a draft horse?*

    ask MJ.

  61. Evening.

  62. Baby Farm continues to delight and horrify. When you put a sick piggies in a pen with other sick piggies they will hug the new one and lay down with it for a nap.

    But, the catchment for our waste water was drained, adding an exciting new layer to the stench of PEDv and Carcass Landfill.

  63. Battle of the garage

  64. ^LOL^

  65. She needs a flat shovel.

  66. How did you like mare’s attempt at HHD, roamy?

  67. That would make a good avatar.

  68. J’ames, I can’t complain.

  69. I used to fly into Parkersburg West Virginia when I was in college.

    The airport terminal was a trailer home.

  70. Hey, Squirril did I ever tell ye that when I was 17 I lost my sense of smell in an auto accident? Never really missed it that much.

    The world stanx.

  71. Wood County Airport. I grew up in Parkersburg.

  72. Did anybody tell anybody else they would give up three of the guards in exchange for a helicopter with enough gas to make it to Mexico today?

  73. That was a really bad roller coaster ride on some days.

  74. I worked on a project with a jack wagon that had lost his sense of smell, Chumpo. I don’t remember how it came up in conversation, but he was an insufferable prick of a facility manager and I hated his guts. I always made sure to offer him a piece of gum when I met with him.

  75. They have grown

  76. I kind remember that.

    Pretty sure it was a trailer home in 1980-1981.

  77. MY A IS GONE!

    What kind of clip joint is this?


  79. Battle of the garage

    A remarkable likeness. My compliments to your portraitist.

  80. Mare eats kittens.

    She’s a monster.

  81. Does eat oats.

  82. And mares eat goats.

  83. and kittens.

  84. yeah.

  85. Saucy!

  86. ~Hi guys~ Cyn’s pic of Axeman was adorbs. Dierks opened for George Strait two of the times I saw him, and for Lynyrd Skynyrd the 3rd time. PHX boy.

  87. Hang on, and we’ll see how deep the rabbit-hole goes:

    “Republican House Speaker John Boehners top healthcare policy adviser is linked by blood to a figure at the heart of the Planned Parenthood baby part-selling scandal.

    Charlotte Ivancic, Boehners health policy director, is the older sister of Cate Dyer, the founder of Stem Express, the California-based company caught buying aborted fetus parts from Planned Parenthood. Ivancic, formerly Rep. Paul Ryan point person on Medicare reform, advises Boehner on all aspects of health care reform.

    Boehner spokeswoman Emily Schillinger gave The Daily Caller a statement from Boehners office on the matter. “Charlotte Ivancic is a dedicated public servant who enjoys the utmost respect among her peers and Members of Congress”, Schillinger said. “She has the Speakers complete trust and confidence in both her work and her character.””

    These people (SWIDT) make me want to puke…

  88. …and yer little Dog too!

  89. Well that explains Boehners “Wait until the facts are all in” about defunding PP.

  90. Incest is not just an Arkansas thing.

  91. X Wat we looking at?

  92. Looks like the runway to your mom.

  93. Thanks for the compliments on The Axeman; he really was (and still is) quite the cutie, if I do say so myself.

  94. That’s KOKH AJ Eisenberg Airport. The local airport I flew out of when I lived in Washington. It’s scary fucking small.

    The header pic here shows the runway. I’ve landed there on a dark and stormy night.

  95. The diapers were nearly as big as he was!!!

  96. Local dispatcher was fired after hanging up on millenial. Dispatcher knew that a crew was on the way. We’re only getting the last part of the 911 call.

  97. Owning the comments…Booyah! Albino African can’t drive. Something something albinism and pupil dilation. Walks to work. Doesn’t quite understand USA and deodorant. Uses safety vest. OMG. Dan wanted me to ride outside after wearing Victor vest. Fidel has been here for 30 years. Understands American hygeine. Victor arrived here via Germany and UK.

  98. Between the racists at Breitbart and the PP exposition of EVIL, I can’t even! DiT is still my green thong wearing idol.

  99. You won’t wait to see
    Screwed us yet again
    About as derp as you dare
    Hey now, take it back
    Get off me, you’re sad
    Trailin’ on your scene
    Just try and keep it clean

  100. Morning.

  101. Hey Jewstin, want to see how many push-ups I can do?

  102. Somebody like Thor needs to kick this poat to the curb.

  103. wakey wakey

  104. Gotta go for a run before it becomes a billion degrees this morning.

  105. hehe, Dave’s storify on Planned Parenthood is so Dave.

    And true.

    But mostly Dave.

  106. Have fun running on the surface of the sun, Car in!

  107. Dave’s Storify link from AOS

  108. Tracking update: Phillipsburg, MO!!!

  109. Heh, mine overnighted in some town in KS, population 300.

  110. Cordelia is now a week old. Still alive!

    *best dad ever*

    Day 4 in the auto industry begins.

  111. Heh, I’ll bet leon has a sling.

  112. Good job, Leon. How’s the Mrs. holding up?

  113. Is Leon “the man” everyone keeps taking about?

  114. She was pretty tired this morning, but she’s improving each day. I roasted a chicken (freezer, not from the coop) for her last night so she’d eat some real food. Her protein intake hasn’t been high enough IMO.

  115. I’m glad to hear things are going well, Leon.

    Everything settles back down to fairly routine after a few weeks. Don’t be afraid of boring us with updates and pictures.

  116. DIdn’t die.

  117. I got a $200 tip last night. I am awesome.

  118. I had to read about CoAlex’s date on the ONT. Did I miss any mention of a date here at the H2?

  119. Pupster should become a server. And just insure he’s $200 tips all night.


  120. Do you get to keep all of your tips Car in, or do you have to share it with the hostess, busboys?

  121. Got home – and we didn’t have power. House was in turmoil. Unhappy house.

    Ugh. Totally ruined my awesome night.

    Power came back on around 3 am.

    But we now have another generator.

  122. I tip out: the busboys (who – do nothing but clear my table AFTER the guests are gone – ) the expo the salad gal and the bartender.

    BUt I cleared $295 yesterday after all that for a 5-10 shift.

    I almost crapped my pants when I got that $200. The bill was only $187. SO … $200 on $187. I need to get him to talk to people. Spread his philosophy on life and tipping.

  123. I felt bad because my friend laura was having a horrible night. I actually did well – got good tips all night.

  124. That’s a good night, Car in, good for you!

  125. Yes. It was superawesome. Makes up for that $1.25 tip I got on 23.75 the other night.

  126. Ok – you guys are not entertaining enough . ANd I have shit to do. Guests this weekend.


  127. Why haven’t you put in for paternity leave, Leon? Surely you’ve been there long enough to qualify. You should talk to HR.

    Is Mrs. Leon pregnant again, yet?

  128. pepe doesn’t mess around.

  129. Today is yard work day.

  130. Today is watching float planes do landing and take off drills at Not-So-Secret Lake. Sunday is my yard work day.

  131. Need some inspiration?

  132. I used to get between $25-30 for my busboy tips back in 1980-82. It was less on week nights or day shifts. That was on top of minimum wage of about three bucks per hour.

  133. I worked too hard yesterday. I feel like I lost a fight.

  134. Thanks for the inspiration, J’ames.

  135. We’re having the same hazy hot and humid weather you are Scott and it is oppressive here. I’m sure the Midwesterners would laugh at what we consider oppressive but we’re not used to this weather.



  137. They actually told me to take as much time as I needed this week, but I’ve got so much to catch up on that I’ve been trying to be here at least a few hours each day.

    She is not pregnant again yet. 6-8 weeks until we can start trying again. Or at least practicing.

  138. Oso, I didn’t mention it here.

  139. Yeah, it was 96 degrees yesterday. Last night my calves, thighs, and hands were cramping up.

    Hand cramps are the worst.

    It’s only 90 today.

  140. I knew that. I was just giving you crap.

  141. HOW WAS IT, ALEX?

    Secret’s out, now.

  142. She was a sweet gal, but completely not what I have any interest in.

  143. We always thought you were interested in boys.

  144. The day before yesterday, the temp was 100 degrees, heat index of 115.
    Humidity was teh suxxor. It was still 87 with 87% humidity at midnight.

  145. I was interested in your mom, but only because she was so cheap.

  146. Good ole midwestern summers are finally here, right beasn?

  147. Shocked at how many more Cecil the lion stories there are than Planned Parenthood ones.

  148. My little red cattle doggie is laying on his side by the screen door hoping for a breeze to cool him off. The wind has picked up in the last hour making it a little more bearable.

  149. Alex tell us more about her or what you’re looking for.

  150. She was almost 40, obese, with tattoos all over her arms and chest.

    I’m looking for someone my own age, who takes care of herself, with no tattoos/concealable tattoos.

  151. Alex, who set you up? I’ve never met you and I would not have set this particular date up.

  152. My neighbor. She’s his coworker. Yeah, I’m not sure why he set us up either.

  153. Do you think she liked you?

  154. I’m horrible about reading people, so I don’t know. She sent me a text thanking me for the drinks, and I told her I had a pleasant time.

  155. Somebody please make this fucking asshole go away, and stay away.

  156. Obese is a deal breaker for sure. I’m not on board with the chest tattoos (on women it’s an immediate cry that says, “I was abused by someone in my youth!!”)

  157. I picture you with a petite gal with big boobs who is a good cook and laughs a lot. Knows her way around a gun and is not oblivious to the news.

  158. Two out of three of those are easily obtained. The no tattoo thing may be hard nowadays. After my divorce I mainly looked for attractive women with a strong work ethic and stumbled onto a great woman who I’ve been with almost as long as I was married in the first place. We always feel a bit of shock when we stop to consider how long we’ve been together.

  159. Any one of the three on it’s own isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. I’ve dated bigger women, I’ve dated women with tattoos, and I’ve dated older women. But two or all three? No.

  160. Older women know things.

  161. I don’t mind tattoos (don’t like em, but I’ll survive) as long as they are in places where they can be concealed. Tattos that are very public are a sign of how you view others.

  162. Her brother runs a tattoo shop yet she has zero tattoos. And D cups.

  163. If I was on the market obese would be a deal breaker. Apologies to Rosetta.

  164. Yes, yes they do. Unfortunately I want kids, and more than just one trophy kid. That means younger women.

  165. Jimbro has a winner!

  166. I want kids, and more than just one trophy kid. That means younger women.


    Yes, that’s true.

    Well, I will pray that you find your soul mate. My oldest has, my youngest has not.

  167. I’m glad you want children, Alex. We need more good ones. I love to hear young people talk about wanting a family.

  168. Mare, a friend of mine and I were talking the other week and the subject came up. She confessed that while she says that she doesn’t want kids, it’s a lie and she actually does. Of course, she lives is Spain where all the men live with their parents and expect a wife to be mommy to them. I told her she needs to move back to the US and we’ll find her a cowboy somewhere who has guns and a pickup truck.

  169. I’ve been chuckling over the Giselle Bunchen story. She went to Paris to get more surgery on her boobs and eyes, to disguise herself she wore a burka. She’s on record as saying she’d never have surgery age will make her beautiful like her mother. HA!

    Only problem, women who wear burkas don’t wear sandals and the driver she routinely uses in Paris was opening the door for burka woman.

    *spelling of burka intentional because I don’t give a shit

  170. I told her she needs to move back to the US and we’ll find her a cowboy somewhere who has guns and a pickup truck.


    Now you’re talking!

  171. The blind date was the part I was interested in. I’m glad she was nice, but why did your neighbor think you two would be a good fit?

  172. I would say we should get another hostage marriage thing but once Peel and Weel were married they disappeared. And look at MJ? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

    Look Alex – you won’t be alone- but you’ll have us!

  173. Did MJ get married?

  174. My dating advice:

    1) ask as many women out as you possibly can. If they’re in the age range – GO. Don’t decide on first date (unless there is some deal killer as in – hates kids or something) I don’t believe in love at first sight – that so rarely is how it happens. People grow on you sometimes slowely. As you get to know them.

    2) take risks. Ask EVERYONE. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Just move on. We had a friend who just asked women after woman out. We’d joke about it – but he was laughing last because after 5 or 6 “no”s he’d get his yes. He was a bit of a doofus but married a hot funny smart woman.

    3) Go on real dates. Dinner. Coffee. find fun places so if there’s not a lot to talk about you have stuff to do. People go on dates at our restaurant but it’s just not busy enough. I can tell when the lulls happen and there’s simply not enough to distract … disaster.


    That’s all I got.

    But seriously. Don’t date anyone. You’ll just leave us.

  175. “Did MJ get married?”

    Who the fuck knows? He pops in/makes a snarky remark/ and disappears again for days on end.

  176. >> hehe, Dave’s storify on Planned Parenthood is so Dave.


    How’s thangs?

  177. Don’t fuck on the first date.

  178. Hey, who’s the new guy from Texas?

    Hi Dave!

  179. Unless she’s an obese 40-something with lots of tattoos

  180. I had love at first sight with my husband. Called my friend and said, “I saw someone special at the beach.”I didn’t see him for two weeks. Saw him at the beach again and he finally came over to talk. After that couple of hours of talking, I knew.

    My dad had love at first sight with my Mom.

    My oldest daughter’s boyfriend knew the second he saw her that they would be together. She was dating someone else.

    It can definitely happen. God ordains relationships some faster than others.

  181. It was love at first site when I met HotBride. It took me eleven months to ask her out, but I was in no mood to be dating during that time. By the time our first date was over, we both knew.

  182. I would council anyone with advice like Carin’s it’s solid. I just know that immediate connections can happen and I’m not talking about the sexual kind but I’m sure that plays a part.

  183. Attraction, that is…

  184. Like Hotspur said, don’t have sex on the first date. Watching TV or movies you think that happens all the time, I wonder how often it actually happens.

    Can’t imagine.

  185. Soundtrack to this conversation.

  186. I wouldn’t want to sleep with someone on the first date. Any girl willing to do that is an express ticket to Crazytown.

    We went out for a drink at a local bar. I figured one beer is enough time to get to know one another and see if we want to do it again, and if not then you’re not stuck hanging around awkwardly.

    I’ve had good luck meeting women when I find shared interests, but around here the dancing scene is either too young or too old.

  187. Mare, I once worked with a guy who bragged about his one-night stands, thinking that made him more attractive. The women in the building nicknamed him “Snake.”

  188. Yikes, Raomy. Snake indeed.

    (although if he heard the nick name he’d probably think it was a compliment to his manhood)

  189. We knew right away, engaged within 4 months.

  190. 2) take risks. Ask EVERYONE.

    This would have saved us a year if Mr. RFH hadn’t been so shy. I figured he wasn’t interested.

  191. Mare, speaking of compliments to his manhood, one of the women (could be a Hostage) spiked him. He’d had a nose job done, and she commented that his nose was finally shorter than his dick.

  192. hahahahah,,,Roamy.

  193. Hahaha

  194. Just closed on the sale of our house with the purchasers.

    The odyssey is complete.

  195. My comments about love at first sight – I”m not saying it never happens. I’m just saying I think too many people believe if there isn’t chemistry right away that there never will be. THey eliminate options w/o even giving them a chance. Some people aren’t as obviously attractive/fun etc.

  196. That was fast, Spur.
    good work.

  197. That’s gotta feel good, HS.

  198. I wish Texans lived in Florida. I know, I know….

  199. Car In makes a good point. Moving through a larger number of prospective significant others in a set amount of time is a strong play.

    That said, when you know you know and that moment may happen day one or not for a while. Ya gotta follow your heart.

    If’n I was on the hunt in todays world I would move to St Croix and troll for heiresses. I BELIEVE in love at first sight (of their equity accounts.)

  200. I took a tranq dart to the neck and woke up on my honeymoon.


  202. My husband and I both have to make trips home and as the schedule/cat care worked out we won’t see each other for a month. We looked and each other and said, “what the heck, a whole month!.”
    Tickets already bought. Boooooo

  203. I BELIEVE in love at first sight (of their equity accounts.)


    I approve of this message.

  204. a month is a long time.

  205. Comment by Pupster on July 30, 2015 5:37 pm
    I took a tranq dart to the neck and woke up on my honeymoon.


    So you’re saying it was a storybook love story.

  206. I’m not holding out for love at first sight. I just don’t meet many single women my age around here it seems like.

  207. Like all good relationships (lots of them here I’ve noticed) my husband and I like each other as well as love. We laugh a lot together it’s going to be a long month. We’ll both be dealing with family which is easier when we can do it together and talk about the nut jobs at the end of the day.

  208. IB:


  209. Alex, regardless put yourself out there as often as you can. You seem like a catch, young, employed, varied interests, not gay, funny and good looking. wtf is wrong with women? Are you obese? Slovenly? Smelly? Well, there’s your problem.

  210. Ha, Puppy! That is really it.

    I miss rippin’ on those guys. I’ve seen GeeHoff around here a bit, and that is good. He’s a good’n.

    Hi Bat! Miss you, buddy. Every day.

  211. Obese? No. Chubby? Yes, but I do work out regularly by running and lifting weights.

  212. Back at the hospital to pick up the birth certificate. Cordelia and I are chilling in the Camry.

  213. Nice, father -daughter driving time.

  214. Good Evening.

  215. Good Evening.

  216. Regular Guy at Baby Farm panics over everything. We smelled propane in one of the barns today.

    Regular Guy: We shoul d call Boss Man. What if the building blows up?

    Me: It’s not that bad we can find the leak with some soapy water and then fix it.

    Regular Guy: I’m going to call Boss Man.

    . . .

    Boss Man: Get some soapy water to find the leak. You should be able to fix it.

    Me: *sigh*

  217. *debriefs

    *glances at Cyn

  218. *briefs, feels overdressed

  219. I actually got a remarkable number of things done today.

    That’s the only remark I have on it though.

  220. “Regular Guy” is a real sharp cookie.

  221. *sees CarIn’s glance
    *toasts MJ

  222. Well dammit, not exactly the one I wanted for toasting Carin, but my googlefu is weak today.

    *wonders if wallballs are good for strengthening googlefu

  223. You probably need steroids, Cyn. Get some steroids.

  224. Pit Barrel Cooker Update: Huber Heights, OH at 2:33PM, heading east.

  225. Mmmmmm…

    Me likey the magic marvelous wonders of steroids

  226. Will you be back home when it arrives, Jimbro?

    I’m asking for a friend.

  227. Lauraw has talked about this before, some of the young women I work with have no idea what a healthy, respectful relationship looks like. Surrounded by hook-up culture. I try to talk sense without being “Preachy”.

  228. If it arrives Friday I’ll do a drive by on my way to meet Paula after work for dinner. If it arrives Saturday it’ll be unguarded overnight till I get home Sunday for chores.

    So, ask yourself, do you feel lucky?

  229. heh

    I’d throw money down that it doesn’t make it out of O-hi-O

  230. Pupster is in Ohio.

  231. Regular Guy is good to work with. He actually has a work ethic, but he can’t seem to do anything without direction. He’s a Millenial.

  232. If it’s in Huber Heights and it’s FedEx Ground, you probably won’t see it until Tuesday.

  233. Jewstin, we learned about Millenials in Generational Diversity. You have to give them direction every single time and you have to show sincerity and ask how they are doing before you expect them to engage in tasks. Very emotional. You have a limited amount of time to engage their interest, so be direct, but cognizant of hurting their feelings. They like lots of verbal recognition for the easiest tasks

  234. Screw that.

  235. They originally said Saturday but the tracking says Friday which I have a hard time believing. FedEx Ground.

  236. Oso, the hook-up culture bothers me a lot. Young women are ruined by their experiences, and even as a man I’ve had trouble figuring how to properly behave. Combine that with massive amounts of free porn, and you end up with trouble.

  237. Saturday is possible, they keep getting quicker.

    That part of Ohio is a 3 day point from here, and they don’t work Sunday or Monday.

  238. Scott, really. Sam’s/WalMart is trying to find ways to engage Millenials as associates and Members/Customers. Our biggest challenge is payroll/scheduling. Millenials don’t understand consequences. They’ve never had to deal with them.

  239. CoAlex, yep. The stories from the young people I know are just so cynical. Too much readily available sex without responsibility. Too much bitterness by women that remain single into their 30s. In NM, most of them have kids in their teens or twenties.

  240. I won’t date single moms. Sorry, but too many bad experiences. And it’s not fair to their kids.

  241. I’m often early or late. It’s a flaw, but I’ve tried to mitigate it with jobs that don’t mind (current job, if I’m not on platform teaching, doesn’t care when I come or go as long as I’m not abusing it and I work my required hours).

    But I always make sure that my boss knows if I’m going to be working from home or out sick. I’m amazed at the number of young adults who don’t even do that small courtesy of calling in sick. They just don’t show up.

  242. CoAlex, they don’t seem to grasp the concept of responsibility. (Double yes on the single moms. I feel sorry for Alpha males in todays dating scene. Dan jokes that he doesn’t kill me, because he would hate to start dating again. Pretty sure he’s joking. Pretty sure)

  243. “Alpha” males aren’t the ones who have problems. It’s everyone else who are stuck with the leftovers.

  244. He’s not as bad as he could be, but he will pound phone numbers until he finds instruction from somebody with a title.

  245. Was it Paglia talking about modern women neutering males and the uptick in female/Juvenile male relationships? Something something control?

  246. Milo whathisname had a good point about “Hey, you’re just creating more gay men for me!”

  247. Jewstin, I close on Wednesdays. So does Walker. Every Wednesday, I give him instruction. Every Wednesday, he asks me if a manager said for him to do that. Dude.

  248. Milo. He’s one of the guys breaking my heart over the “Cuck”

  249. Ugh. Honestly, the racial angle didn’t strike me when I heard it. I just figured it was by the kind of assholes that populate “game” blogs and forums.

  250. I hear ya, oso. All the kids (up to 26 is a kid now, wow) have to have reinforcement for everything.

    How about you finish the job, and get paid? Usually that means thank you. But no, have to tell them how great they are, especially when they aren’t.

  251. J’ames, I blame the stickers! When did kids start getting stickers for everything?

  252. I wonder what zucchini bread and mint ice cream tastes like.

  253. Why hire them?

  254. or keep them?

  255. CoAlex, I was kind of like the Ewok. Thought it was funny. Then, I started noticing the H8 behind the comments/tweets. I H8 certain posts at the HQ. I’m barely Messican, but I can tell the commenters that are about “Illegal” immigration and the racists. Feel it in the gut. Same same with TFG. Some of us don’t like him because of Watermelon. I feel it in my gut, the Morons that fit the stereotype.

  256. Scott, Millenials are the future. Boomers are the past. Anything older than Boomers will be dead soon. Time to cater to Millenials or cede the future to Amazon.

  257. scott, it’s everyone. Literally everyone you can hire. You get a few good ones, but they are few and far between.

  258. They need to be hit a few times.
    That would probably help.

  259. I totally agree. Fear is a good motivator.

  260. Your Agonizer, Taylor…

  261. There’s a reason that I try to limit my exposure to the comments, and mostly to the ONT.

  262. I can’t quit the comments.

  263. Car in:

  264. I am on staycation for a week. Then I am having my eye fixed, surgery a week from Monday.

  265. Yay, Vman.

  266. It sounds like you are doing it wrong.

  267. Shouldn’t you be on vacation AFTER surgery?

  268. Mare, go lurk Dierks FB page. Great pic today.

  269. Heh
    Surgery was scheduled, then family decided to visit the week before. I suggested the following week, but no joy.

  270. Careful, Vmax

  271. Everyone needs to throw stupid movie money at Pixels just for one joke. One joke!!! I’ll know who does so, based on comments.

  272. CAPAIRAINHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    MJ totally needs to do this. I’ll give the l’il sprout 30 minutes if that’s what it takes.

  273. there’s some weird pr0n thing here….

    i’m sure barry o can fill us in

  274. one of the 72 has just been born

  275. Ha!

  276. CAPAIRAINHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember Hotspur making those at the CT meatface. Then I remember a couple of us chicks after drinking those being silly with The Muddler™. Then I don’t remember anything else.

  277. Must have missed that one. Hmmm.

  278. “CAPAIRAINHA!!!!!!!!!!!”

    wiser – just remember:
    plan your dive and dive your plan

  279. Oh, different meatface, nvrmnd.

  280. The muddler smells like Sohos’s boobs.

  281. Her’s were bigger.

  282. I have seen the muddler passed.
    And the dildo.

  283. Hi Tiger Chick!

  284. We are almost as hot as you are, but I think we are more humid.

    *5 degrees are huge* but dry! heh

  285. “I have seen the muddler passed.” present and future…
    Jacob “Dildo” Marley would be impressed by the smell…

    #mixed muddler4’s

  286. Car in has it.

    I still like her.

  287. At this point, do we even want it back? Who knows what she’s muddled with it.

  288. She added a battery pack to it along with some manner of dangling things.

  289. Um,,,Fuck yes, we want it back.

    where’s the next meat?

  290. We’re planning to hold it in Michigan on a weekend that Car in will be working.

  291. >>>>wiser – just remember:
    plan your dive and dive your plan

    Today’s dive did not go as planned.

    Lousy weather, inexperienced dive buddy, strong current… Just unpleasant all around.

    Well, except for the occasional glance at the cute 18-year-old from behind.

    Jumping into a school of sharks, followed by the petting of the stingrays…. Sorta cool.

    Yesterday’s unexpected spelunking…. Nightmare material.

    However, we were thinking we were supposed to leave tomorrow for the next half of this adventure when someone from the resort reminded us we had one more day. ONE MORE DAY AND NO PLANS!!!1!1!1

    I would say “Hello, beach bar!” except that a couple who left this morning for home gave us 3/4 of a bottle of Absolute that was opened,so they couldn’t take it with them.

    Hmmmmm……. Go to beach bar and drop a hundred bucks or so or sit by pool and drink free vodka…….

    having a blast, wish most of you were here *cough* will post pics when I can.

  292. Did anybody tell anybody else that a bunch of excuses weren’t gonna make them laugh today?

  293. You didn’t know what to say to yourself
    Derp is a poverty you couldn’t sell
    Misery waiting in vague hotels
    To be evicted

  294. SeanEm, yer a good man.

    Ah don care what yer neighbors say.

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