Babygate 2015: Year of the Sheep Edition

A new use for pallets

Caan we get some nipple stimulation?

I heard it works

So that’s how it works.

We’re all waiting with bated breath. Best wishes for a stress free delivery.


  1. I think this is how Ted Koppel got his start.

  2. Can’t wait to hear that she is finally here!

    Good luck to all of you – won’t be long before you go from 2 to 3 :-)

  3. My SiL swears that brussel sprouts induce labor

  4. My SiL swears that brussel sprouts induce labor

    Where does she stick them?

  5. The unicorn of baseball, oso. Yadier Molina with a stand up triple.

  6. Where is everyone?

  7. Maybe on the old poat?

    Or at the hospital. I hope they figured out it isn’t their hospital.

  8. This poat is overflowing with useful advice.

  9. Had to close tonight. Stoopid Reds.

  10. I’ve been rather silent on the whole “Leon baby” thing, as well as other H2 stuff due to my current lifestyle, but I do want to wish the leons the best.

    These are amazing times. Enjoy every second of them. They pass so quickly. I get tears when I hold my neighbors’ newborn daughter, remembering what it was like and what they have ahead of them.

    I’m going to stop now before I get too emotional.

  11. Yeah, I’ll make this, to go with the ribs (and chicken) this weekend

  12. And with that, good night, H2. Good luck tomorrow, leon, but I’ll see you in the morning, buddy.

  13. G’night J’ames. G’night Wiser. True Story: Wiser has the biggest smushiest heart on the interwebs. Wiserbud on the other hand…big squish.

  14. due to my current lifestyle,

    You’re in transition to “Emily?”

  15. XB, we have 2 widders that need killing. They are under our balcony. Dan only kills widders that threaten the Divas. I’m ready to torch the Condo.

  16. Up in Payson tonight retrieving the boys for a school open house tomorrow.

    So many stars…

  17. Good luck tomorrow Mr & Mrs Leon and happy birthday baby Something Something Tigerchicka Something.

  18. …do to my current lifestyle.

  19. Ha!


    G’night Hotsausages.

  20. We’re hot!

  21. First you look so derp
    Then you fade away
    The sun will blind my eyes
    I love you anyway

  22. We’re going to the hospital now.

  23. Good morning.

  24. Good luck Leon.

  25. Good luck Leon Who is About to be a Daddy.

    Dads are special things in a girl’s life. Don’t fuck it up.

  26. Good luck Mr and Mrs Leon. Hopefully there’s not too much hurry up and wait.

    And remember: Gatorade, pickle juice and beet root juice are said to be good for hydration and limit cramps. Don’t mix all 3 though, that might create confusion or worse.

    I don’t even know what that meant. I blame mare.

  27. Yay!

    Baby Day!

    Bon chance! Bon courage!


  29. Happy Birfing day to the Leons!!!


  31. Ut oh. Just heard a segment on the radio that fatherhood makes men fat.

    Don’t tell Leon. it’s too late anyway.

  32. off to work

  33. Day off. I should make a list of things to do.

  34. 1. drink coffe
    2. read news

  35. I won’t get fat, I know lots of not fat dads, and they won’t let her drink things. Just ice chips and IV fluids.

    Everything is fine so far. I will not be live blogging this, but I had a moment to check in.

  36. Go Car in!

  37. I thought it was marriage that made us fat?

  38. You should go surprise leon at the hospital.

  39. I’m pacing myself J’ames.

  40. No apparently it’s finishing your kids food that makes dads fat.

  41. “You should go surprise leon at the hospital.”

    That would be fun!

  42. Did you see this? Carly has a good answer on abortion:

    Too bad the media won’t ask her.

    I don’t think a 20 week ban is extreme. I also think exceptions for rape and incest might be everything that we can get, sometimes, so it’s better than nothing.

  43. I’ll bring Hotspur.

  44. Today’s my 27th wedding anniversary. Mr. RFH’s, too.

  45. 27 years! that’s what happens when you marry at 13.


    We’re rounding up to 22 this august. Been together for 25.

  46. Today’s my 27th wedding anniversary. Mr. RFH’s, too.

    27? Isn’t under age marriage illegal?

  47. That danged fire is still going after 29 hours

  48. Still waiting for more baby news. Something like: “I’m pretty sure my wife was bitten by a rattlesnake whilst she was with child, for my daughter has a forked tongue!”

  49. Roamy – you guys doing anything special for your anniversary?

    We haven’t done much of anything the last few years because we’ve been “broke as a joke.”

    HOpefully it won’t be too far in the future that we can do something special.

  50. Stark – I’m guessing that mrs Leon will KILL leon if she catches him on his phone right now.

  51. Congrats Roamy and Mr. Hope it’s a good day for you and I swear I’ll send a thank you card soon.

    No news. Progressing well without the induction. I won’t get to take a nap before she’s here so I drank a Monster and now I’m occasionally going “Bing!” because their stupid machine doesn’t make the right noise.

  52. She didn’t kill me. She just shared the Monty Python clip on facedouche. Between contractions she is still in good spirits. We’ll see how she feels in another few hours.

  53. So excited.

    Babies are a blessing.

  54. ” Between contractions she is still in good spirits.”

    When the good spirits end- shit gets real.

  55. Wait, I thought Leon was RC. Shouldn’t it be more like the “Birth in the Third World” sketch?

  56. “No news. Progressing well without the induction. ”

    Good. Tell them to stick it in their ass if they ask if you want to “speed things up” if it starts to run past 4 pm.

  57. Good luck, Leon.

  58. Which Monte Python clip?


  59. Music for everyone but Cyn.

  60. That’s a good version, Car in.

  61. I just realized I missed Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! last night.

    *is sad

  62. I was in the Navy when my first child was born. I didn’t get to be there.

    Leon is a lucky man.

  63. I think I’m having a sympathy labor.


  64. I’ve never been in labor (4 planned C-sections), so I can’t offer any helpful tips. All I can offer is remembering how amazing it was to go from being a couple one second to becoming parents in the next. And it felt like we had always been like that.

    So excited!

  65. How far along is Mama Leon? (cm dilated, % effaced, how far apart are contractions, etc.)

    And when Baby Leon finally gets here, we’re gonna want ALL of the vital statistics – time, weight, length.

    Most new dads don’t know that the ladies-in-waiting like to know those things…. :-)

  66. With my first I had more than a small amount of amazement that they were just going to let me take him home.

    “I can just … leave with this …?”

  67. MoldBlow 3000 (another one of our AC units) is now on the bench outside being taken apart by one of our skilled technicians.

  68. Make a video, Laura.





  70. My first night home with beasnson…wee hours of the morning…HOLY SHITZLES, he is totally dependent upon ME. I mean, I knew the basics of baby care, as I had 3 younger siblings and was changing diapers at age 9, but those belonged to mom.

  71. My first child, who is now 45, was over two weeks past the due date. I had taken leave to be home, but the stubborn little shit wouldn’t cooperate.

    Doctors in those days weren’t so eager to grab the knife, so they could keep their golf schedule intact.

    So I had to return to duty and wait for a message from communications.

  72. Oh, and Happy Anniversary, Roamies! Congrats on not killing each other for another year….. (jk)

  73. Ok my false labor has passed. Time to go running.

  74. I tried, Hotspur but it came out way too dark. I don’t really know how to use the features of this phone so well yet.

  75. It’s been over 2 hours since Leon’s last update – guess the screamin’-and-cussin’ portion of labor has commenced.

  76. My dad was in Vietnam for me and my youngest brother. Can’t imagine what that was like for mom.

  77. With our son, both grandmas came, so the baby was taken care of for the first week. Then they left……………… and then it was “now what do I do?”

    Pro tip, Leon: Make sure you get the instruction manual and, more importantly, the remote control. The “pause” and “mute” buttons will come in handy.

  78. In my day, the official instruction manual was a book by Benjamin Spock. That commie asshole quack did more to fuck up society than almost anyone.

    I read the first chapter or so, and said fuck this shit. This is not the way we’re doing it.

  79. Happy Anni to the RFH’s!

  80. for the leons:

    (turn down your volume)

    Happy Anniversary, Romacita!

  81. We now go live to the birthing chamber.

  82. Pain was too much and she couldn’t get any rest. Epidural in place and she’s feeling much better. 7-8 cm. Back to my book. Hoping to finish Deeply Odd before the delivery.

  83. Ha! My mom and dad thought Dr. Spock was a commie plant to ruin American children….and they were right!

  84. Of the 20 urban areas in US that are losing population, 4 are in CT or right next to it

  85. Not to worry, Tushar, The Hon. Dannel P. Malloy has figured out a way to make sure that money is redistributed from the suburbs to prop up the cities. Everything that the FSA has is subsidized, and everything that taxpayers have is double-taxed. See? Fair.

    We are getting punished for leaving. It’s still worth it.

  86. What a great way to buy votes!

  87. Rest in labor?

  88. I should read a few more Odd Thomas books. I always enjoyed them. Good choice for L&D.

    I’d put it down when it’s time to push though.

  89. Push or read.

  90. love Odd Thomas. Some of Koontz’ best.

  91. leon probably brought a tech manual for the Mrs.

  92. love Odd Thomas. Some of Koontz’ best.

    I read the first two of those books. Hated them.

  93. Well, that was rather nasty.

  94. I’m with J’ames. I enjoyed them. Easy fast reading. He created a good character in Odd.


    [please don’t ban me]

  95. Seriously, if you have window ac units take a good look at the vent area. If you see black dots it indicates a much more serious problem on the inside.

  96. I ain’t looking at nothing Scott. You can’t make me.

  97. Mold is the only thing keeping some of my stuff together.

  98. Is your sink draining?

    >>[please don’t ban me]

    Nuffin. Except how to ban people.


    I used to read everything that Koontz wrote. Then he got all hyper-positive and spiritual. *yawn*

  101. Pupster’s house seems to be holding up well.

  102. [please don’t ban me]

    I COULD ban you, but it’s soooooooo much more fun to make it so miserable for you here that you leave voluntarily.

    Also tends to make for some great flame-out posts

  103. Actually we need a flameout tab, with links to all the epic flameouts.

  104. “I COULD ban you, but it’s soooooooo much more fun to make it so miserable for you here that you leave voluntarily.”

    Yea well good luck with that. YOu’ve only been trying for how many years now?

    Sink status – we’re in a holding patter right now.

  105. YOu’ve only been trying for how many years now?

    Oh sweetie…. I haven’t even begun to try….

  106. But … but … who would drive all the fascinating conversations on crossfit? And skorts?


  107. Actually we need a flameout tab, with links to all the epic flameouts.





  109. Where are the old tabs?

  110. That Lake Michigan shipwreck is incredible. It’s very rare to see a ship in such good condition. They usually suffer a lot more damage while sinking.

  111. I just received an outpouring of support from the email loop.I’m staying.

  112. *hands one of these to cARin*

  113. I just received an outpouring of support from the email loop.I’m staying.

    One e-mail that you wrote to yourself under a pseudonym hardly counts as an “outpouring.”

  114. *hands one of these to cARin*

    hummingbirds are the dicks of the bird world.

  115. IT DOES TOO.

  116. The man hates Odd Thomas AND Hummingbirds.

    Will this oppression never end?

  117. *wiser warming up for a banhammering*

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  118. “

    I wouldn’t worry about it t”

    Ha ha ha …

    And I thank you Pupster for your COUNTLESS emails of support over the last 30 minutes.

  119. *wonders if I’ll win an ESPY award for my courage in the face of adversity.

  120. humn … offered w/o comment except to say it may be NSFW

  121. Muriatic acid worked wonders on MIL’S toilet drain.

    Then again, who knows what those pipes look like now –

  122. And I thank you Pupster for your COUNTLESS emails of support over the last 30 minutes.


    zero is a number too.

  123. *wonders if I’ll win an ESPY award for my courage in the face of adversity.

    you’ll have to submit to the full transition.

  124. Liberals are such tolerant creatures, not annoying either (NSFW language):

  125. “zero is a number too.”

    *Breaks into a moving rendition of “Climb every mountain”

  126. Just cleaned the toilet. Something is leaking.

    *calls Car in*

  127. Stork status?: temporarily delayed:

  128. “Just cleaned the toilet. Something is leaking.”

    Don’t forget the golden rule: Always buy two wax seals.

  129. Leon’s book must have gotten REALLY good.

  130. “Stork status?: temporarily delayed:

    can’t swerve for animals. They’re lucky they didn’t kill the people in the other car.


    A few years back I had a Canada goose go right through my front windshield while driving.

  131. I bagged my first mammal, a squirrel, a few weeks ago (knowingly) and I’ve been driving for about 35 years. Don’t ask me about the hobo hunts.

  132. when we were very new to US, the Mrs and I were driving through some rural Wisconsin roads. We were not in a hurry. We saw a squirrel with almost a full ear of corn in his mouth trying to cross the road. We were not in a hurry, so we slowed down. He made it halfway, got tired, rested right there for a few seconds and continued on.

  133. Happy Anniversary RFHs.

  134. At the HQ on the grilling thread, a commenter was talking about ” The Grill Zone”. Myth or reality?

  135. Comment by Jay in Ames on July 23, 2015 11:43 am

    love Odd Thomas. Some of Koontz’ best.


    I read the first one. Depressing as hell, made me think suicide sounded like an excellent idea. I think that was the last book of his I read.

  136. I’m thinking Fat Bastard would make a nice purse for Laura.

  137. I just figured out that Fat Bastard was not alone. His burrow is a freaking condominium complex.

  138. Roasted shallot burgers!!!!!!

  139. Liberals are such tolerant creatures, not annoying either (NSFW language):

    From the comments over there –

    ‘I’d run before he pulls out another pokemon,.’

  140. Don’t forget the golden rule: Always buy two wax seals.

    It’s not coming from under the toilet. More along the feed line.

    *puts on honey-do list)

  141. HVAC guy just left. Bill was $268 for a clean and check now, and one for the furnace, in the fall.
    Will be getting $175 in rebates from the electric company and the trade union.

  142. I bet the leons are loving all over their new baby about now.

  143. “Stork status?: temporarily delayed

    Over the 4th, while we were driving to the farm, we watched a turkey do that very thing. Made the cars in front of us poop their pants.

  144. *sings*

    So ronery….oh, so ronery, so ronery, and sadly arone.

  145. I’m over at Ace’s reading the Paolo thread.

  146. I think you’re right about the leons beasn

  147. Not yet. Any minute now. Been any minute now for about an hour.


  149. Leon, you need to get a guy to bang a tymphani.


  150. What number is the baby at? +1…+2..?

    My daughter needed a little help with the vacuum at +1. She was sunny-side up.

  151. That’s a good way to get one’s teeth knocked down their throats, CoAlex.

    Once transition into pushing happens, sound hurts. Laboring wimmens usually growl first. Move out of the way if you make her growl.

  152. * SO ExciTeD*

  153. Liveblogging a birth. We’re gonna need a new tab.

    Wiser, get on that.

  154. Leon should livetweet it through the H2 account.


    On it’s way from Cunningham Kansas.

  156. I want to see the reaction he gets when he asks if he can Periscope it.

  157. Jay, you’re making me laugh with the shipping updates. The only time I look at those is if the goods don’t arrive 2 days after the estimated arrival date. Which rarely seems to happen unless it’s blizzarding along the way.

  158. I have to have something to make me smile. I’ve been trying to figure out where the html formatting in my database string went, while trying to figure out where to put the htmlencode conversion.

  159. I hope it doesn’t rain before noon tomorrow because I’ve put off mowing the lawn long enough that it’s becoming a little embarrassing.

  160. Sometimes mine gets here a day early. but it’s hardly ever late.

  161. I don’t even know what you said after the word smile.

  162. I can’t tell who is more excited – Leon on the impending birth of his first-born child, or Jay on the impending arrival of his meat-cooking device.

  163. I hope Leon finished his book …

  164. Jay is.

  165. Hahaha

  166. *hopes leon makes the nurse take a picture of him and the baby while mrs. leon is cooling down, and then poats it IMMEDIATELY*

  167. I wish they had better GPS capabilities on those Fedex trucks.

  168. I hope no one thinks less of me for grilling, and not being more of a feminist.

  169. Pit Barrel Cooker, delivery Friday, 8:31 am

    Leonacita, delivery Friday, 10:51 am

  170. *hopes leon got a hot nurse

  171. *hopes Leon snaps photo of hot nurse

  172. Hey, doc, step back, let the rest of us have a look for once!

  173. Leonacita is being born RIGHT NOW!

  174. don’t forget the extra cheese part of her name.

  175. I thought it was with rice?

  176. Beans and rice even :)

  177. *hopes mrs Leon doesn’t accuse Leon of checking out hot nurse

  178. Mrs. leon is so cool, she won’t even yell at leon.

  179. beasn & rice

  180. I hope leon took meat chunks to snack on. Mrs. leon doesn’t need him fainting during delivery.

  181. beasn and rice is going to be her middle name.

  182. Taking a push break. Baby is at +1 but contractions are fading out on us. No sense pushing until they get stronger again.

    Morning nurse was hot. Medical student who’s almost a doctor is very hot. Other nurse and real doctor are matronly.

    I have been doing whey isolate in water every few hours in the shaker bottle. Taking a brief nap/doze now.

  183. Her middle name is “Your Mom”.

  184. And I finished the book.

  185. Beasn, you thought I left you out of the name, but ‘habichuelas’ = beans.

    I forgot to include Lippy. I think she is the only one missing. :(

  186. “Lippy” is her nickname.

  187. In the olden days you’d be chain smoking Pall Malls and gulping vending machine coffee with the other anxious fathers in the waiting room.

  188. The H2 waits with bated breath…… for the imminent arrival of baby Leona…..

    Leona does not care. She will follow her own schedule.

  189. And the nurses would be wearing hats

  190. Haha, Pall Malls. I thought my dad was the only person that smoked those.

  191. A pause works for me. I’m going to crackfat.

  192. What? No hip flask full of rye?

  193. I have a PA student doing a month long elective with me this month and she lives in the town I did all my training in. I made a joke on the first day where I asked what hospital her mom worked at and then wondered out loud if I had dated her. I haven’t been called into the manager’s office yet so that’s good.

  194. Beasn, you thought I left you out of the name, but ‘habichuelas’ = beans.

    I had no idea. I can’t even pronounce that. I speak south St. Louis…a.k.a.- kinda redneck.

    ‘beasn’ is less trippy on the tongue.

    *pats lauraw’s hump*

    *gets hand stuck in weeping fluid*

    *wonders if hand will dissolve*

  195. Jimbro,

    If she was really cool, she would have started fake sobbing and said, “Daddy?!”

  196. “I forgot to include Lippy. I think she is the only one missing”


  197. I know! I gave her the perfect set up but I think she didn’t know me that well. It was her first day and we were doing a pretty big case when I had to relieve some of the tension in the room by being a smartass.

  198. If the baby is at +1, she should be able to make it out the rest of the way.
    Don’t fear the vacuum if it comes to that. They attached it to my daughter and combined with one push….voila…bebbeh.

  199. *Hums “Don’t Fear the Vacuum” to the tune of BOC’s Don’t Fear the Reaper*

  200. so some group called whyislam sent a Koran to the radio station a few weeks back. They sent it to a guy who passed away 5 years ago, but his wife still works at the station, so they gave it to her. She was going to throw it out.

    Instead, I convinced her to give it to me.

    I’m thinking I’ll carry it on the plane with me when we head out on vacation on Monday.

  201. HA! That was going through my head as I typed it.

  202. wiserbud, thinking outside the box.

    You be in the TSA box monday.

  203. I’m thinking I’ll carry it on the plane with me when we head out on vacation on Monday.

    That may get you bumped up to 1st Class.

  204. That may get you bumped up to 1st Class.

    That’s my thinking. And if it doesn’t, I can scream “RACISM!!1!11!!1!”

    ‘Cause… why not?

  205. Wiser, where are you going? Kids going too?

  206. I’m guessing Gitmo before it gets closed and given back to our new Cuban “allies”

  207. If you have a koran, TSA will just wave you through. And then the 89 year old whie grandma behind you will be strip-searched.

  208. Herro.

  209. Not one mention of “the soft spot”. I’m ashamed of you people………..

  210. The move out is complete. \o/

    I’m dirty, sweaty, grumpy, and sore.

    In the ghetto bar.

  211. What’s the status with Leon? I’m too fucking tired to read the whole day.

  212. Hotspur, the baby is taking her own sweet time.

  213. >>>>>Wiser, where are you going? Kids going too?

    Mare, we’re got to Belize. Just the wife and I, no kids. 10 days.

    Gonna be awesome. I already have 2 seasons of Quantum Leap loaded up on my kindle for the trip.

    Do some scuba diving, some zip-linking, some beach-bars….

    I need this badly.

  214. Ziplineing

  215. >>>>MJ on July 23, 2015 at 6:11 pm


    I cannot tell you how excited people ’round these parts are to meet you and the lovely GND.

  216. I H8 to wait!! Suspense is killing me! Wiser’s puzzle piece, J’ames and his pit barrel dealio, and waiting for bebe Leona…AUGH!!!!

  217. >>>>>I’m dirty, sweaty, grumpy, and sore.

    So, it’s a day that ends with “Y”.


  218. MJ is a hoax.

  219. >>>>MJ is a hoax.

    Yeah, but just a really little one

  220. With a huge cock

  221. Have you been to Belize before, WB?

  222. Darn, Teresa!! In my defense, you and Lippy have both been scarce for a while now.

  223. Sounds great, Wiser. As a Jamaican type worker you do deserve it!

  224. The old Ghetto bar, hotspur??

  225. Evening. No baby yet?

  226. Today I got two (2) tickets to the Toby Keith concert ft. Trace Adkins on Saturday. Do I go to the concert or sell them?

  227. Definitely go to the concert. Your description of the crowd posted here will make it all worth it.

  228. >>>>
    Have you been to Belize before, WB?

    No, but we have done numerous Caribbean islands, as well as the Mayan Riviera and even Cartagena.

    You got any suggestions?

  229. I cannot tell you how excited people ’round these parts are to meet you and the lovely GND.
    Well I’m excited to meet them too.

    *sends wiser my rider contract

  230. Oops. It’s tomorrow. That will be a long day. That asked me to work tomorrow.

  231. >>>>Sounds great, Wiser. As a Jamaican type worker you do deserve it!

    Chances of my returning to the states? Approximately 53%

  232. Belize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bring back drink recipes. But not AIDS.

  233. You could bring back a hot au pair. Or an ugly gardener.

  234. >>>>Bring back drink recipes. But not AIDS.


    But I like Aids…..


    *gets out wet blanket*

  236. Probably safer than Detroit

  237. Good surf. Drop in.

    Cmon Leon. I gotta go to werk in an hour

  238. Comment by wiserbud on July 23, 2015 7:03 pm

    Have you been to Belize before, WB?

    No, but we have done numerous Caribbean islands, as well as the Mayan Riviera and even Cartagena.
    I went on a vacation 15 or 20 years ago…………

  239. I went to Belize in January of 04 – Hamanasi resort. Nicest people in the entire world. Great dives. The day we were to go to the Blue Hole it was too rough.

  240. Beliken beer and One Barrel rum.

  241. This moth just visited – coolest moth ever

  242. Take insect repellent. The sand fleas are vicious. I was breaking out weeks after returning, and I’m typically not allergic to bug bites.

    The natives rake the sand constantly to keep the bugs from nesting, but it’s still bad.

  243. Did anybody tell anybody else that they were really sorry but they got really busy last night and just plain forgot to take care of things, but they would work twice as hard to make it up to them today?

  244. Did anybody find themselves disappointed once again in anybody else’s empty promises?

  245. This moth just visited – coolest moth ever

    Hummingbird moth. Had one zing by my head last summer.

  246. One Barrel is very good and dangerous. I love that combo.

    Good call Spurt,

  247. No baby huh

  248. Mr. Chumpo, you and I need to meatup again soon.


  250. Jewstin!!!! I nearly got Dan in a fight at a Trace/Toby concert. Toby is great in concert. Trace is better in a bar venue.

  251. Paola would be a good name. (I love Ace when he’s en fuego)

  252. “Comment by Hotspur on July 23, 2015 8:44 pm

    Mr. Chumpo, you and I need to meatup again soon.”

    euphemism or grinder post….you decide.

  253. I’m not surprised.

  254. Leona, you are testing our patience now, you ornery little girl.

  255. I think Leon’s just busy. We’re low on his priority list.

  256. Car in, so you think they baby is born? Alright!

    **repeatedly hits refresh button**

  257. It’s getting near leon’s bedtime. I hope everything went okay.

  258. It’s been an exhausting day waiting for the baby. And I worked out twice. I’m going to bed.

  259. Leon goes to bed when the street lights come on.

    Mrs Leon is on her own.

  260. 19% humidity. Almost comfortable. Turned off Swamp Cooler last night and went with fans. Stupid skunk became road kill somewhere close enough to ruin low humidity and open windows.

  261. Haha, scott.

    Sorry honey, gotta go!

  262. how can you complain about 19%? That’s amazingly low.

  263. Hotshot, you should have a haus party.

  264. Baby arrived safe and sound at 6 pm. Placenta was attached, though, and presented something of an emergency. I have been holding Cordelia for most of the last 4.5 hours while her mom went through some really bad pain. It eventually resolved without surgery – thank God – but it was close. Both are comfy and okay now, about to get a bath and shower after another feeding.

  265. Congrats Leon and Mrs Leon!

  266. And 19% humidity is just another lie. Air that dry is impossible.

  267. Hoooooray! Glad she is doing well. Both of her.

  268. WOOHOO!

    Welcome to the world little leoness. So happy that momma is out of danger.

    How much did she weigh, leon?

  269. We had air that dry a couple of winters ago. Made my throat hurt and my nose, bleed.

  270. Welcome, Cordelia! You got great parents. And a whole bunch of people wanting to meet you.

    Heartiest congratulations, Leon and Mrs Leon. The best years of your life have begun.

  271. Congrats Carutherses!

  272. Ha, I’m sure it gets well below 5% relative, indoors in Winter here.

  273. Hola Cordelia!

  274. 6.75# Heavier than me at birth by 4 ounces.

  275. Welcome, Little Caruthers!

  276. Oso,
    You did not answer my question last night, so I’ll ask again.
    What is the deal with “Hispanic” and “Latino”, as opposed to “Mexican”?
    Is “Mexican” somehow racist?
    How else would one describe someone from Mexico?
    A Canadian would describe me as “American”(also Asshole, but that’s something else again), and I would not be offended.
    How does that work?

  277. Why no Cordelia pics?

  278. Congrats to the Caratherses!
    So glad they are both doing well!
    Happy birthday, little Hostage!

  279. Oops, didn’t see that ChrisP. IMHO Chicano and Latino are political. I consider myself Hispanic because of language. My grammo always called what we think of Mexicans as “Los Indios”. She considered herself Mexican-American. Southern NM. Most Nortenos consider themselves Spanish. It is confusing. NM was only part of Mexico for a few years. 1821-1848. Most of the state couldn’t be settled until the Buffalo Soldiers/US showed up.

  280. Hooray!!!

    I guessed 6lbs 8oz like a boss.

    Good job Leons. Let the good times roll.

  281. BTW being called Mexican is rayciss. We call them Mojados.

  282. Hooray! Welcome to the world, sweet little one –

  283. Welcome to the world, sweet Cordelia.

    We are doing the best we can to make it better for you.

    Please know that, despite all of the screeching of those whom you will never meet, we love you ad we will always be here for you.

    congrats to the leons.

    Your life has changed more than you will ever know.

    And it’s gonna be great.

  284. 61 wins, that is all.


    Left Kansas City

  286. I told y’all that Wiserbud was a squish. I bet he cries with first pics of Cordelia.

  287. Welcome, little lady. You lucked out in the parents department. Don’t worry about a thing. They’ve got you.

  288. my last comment was about Jay’s pit barrel cooker.


  289. Congrats Leon!! You have quite an adventure ahead.

  290. >>I forgot to include Lippy. I think she is the only one missing. :(

    Gee, I hadn’t noticed. Nope, not at all. Not for one tiny sad second.

  291. Most of the state couldn’t be settled until the Buffalo Soldiers/US Colt Revolver and Henry Repeating Rifle showed up.

    Fixt for accuracy and Comanche Warrior honor

  292. Should have refreshed before commenting.

    Hi Cordelia! Congratulations Leon.

    Mothers: what does it mean and why is it alarming when the placenta comes out with the baby?

  293. I feel that some anxiety has been lifted from my shoulders with the arrival of little Ms. Tishyquandraniqua Carruthers. It’s weird….cause she’s not even mine.

  294. Thanks everyone. I’ll put up a pic or two tomorrow. Right now I’m going to try and sleep.

  295. Pendejo, all I know is that until we became a territory, mi familia was stuck in the Manzanos. We needed the US to move out of traditional Spanish territory. Ft Stanton.

  296. Oh heck, just looked at the time — all the mothers are asleep.

  297. Plus one, Pendeko.

    Im glad we made it. Passes out.

  298. PG, Cordelia belongs to all of us. DG, Hank, and Aaron, too. I could get sappy and do Robot Rocall but that would be nerdy.

  299. Rollcall. MST3K.

  300. Lippy, I think the problem was that the placenta remained attached to the uterine wall after the baby was born. When that happens, Mom keeps bleeding; if not taken care of, Mom could die.

    If doctors can’t deliver the placenta, they are usually forced to perform a hysterectomy in order to save the mother – it sounds like they were able to get the placenta out in time to prevent them from going the surgical route, thankfully.

  301. Congrats to the Caruthers! May God continue to bless your family.

  302. Thanks Teresa. Wow.

    Wiser, I have some concerns about diving in Belize. The guys I went with were very loosey-goosey with the ascent. They skipped the resting periods on the way up and I just followed along, not thinking or realizing. Big mistake. Huge headache, dizziness. I haven’t dived since.

    Please remember you are going to the Third World, and that goes for safety above ground too. They have gang and robbery and murder problems there that they don’t want publicized. Just be careful.

  303. Lippy, I don’t know if that is what happened with Mrs. Leon or not; I just know that what I described can sometimes happen.

    It’s why they always examine the placental afterbirth – to make sure that all of it was expelled.

    In a hospital setting, most women who have that happen will survive; it’s extremely rare for a new mom to have fatal complications in this country.

  304. Have I ever told you
    How good it feels to hold you
    It isn’t easy to explain

    And though I’m really tryin’
    I think I may start cryin’
    My derp can’t wait another day

  305. Good morning. I’m glad the littlest Leon finally got here.

  306. Welcome to the world Cordelia. I got you some of these:

    Also new poat.

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