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Welcome to a special The Wire in which I highlight Dave Lyle.  American Artist.


Region capture 23

This Son of a Bitch paints these large scale paintings and many of them look like photographs.


Region capture 24

Region capture 25

Lyle’s paintings are sometimes as large as 8′.  He draws his inspiration from family photo albums.


Region capture 26

Region capture 27

His work has been featured in The New Yorker and The LA Times.  He has a small workspace in Lower Manhattan.


Region capture 28

Region capture 29

Region capture 30

Dave Lyle.  A real MFer, a great painter, and my friend since 1986,  Catch his art shows in New York any ole time.

Thanx for viewing.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Morning. Thaose paintings are impressive. Sort of similar to Norman Rockwell.

  2. Mornin’, Squirrill.
    Have a good day out there. Im glad you are doing well at yer job. It has been fascinating to hear all about it.

  3. Paintings with humor, they’re great.

  4. Relevant to Romie’s interview shirt discussion last night:

  5. Imgur comments make me genocidal.

    No baby yet, though I startled her moving things in the kitchen and she had a contraction.

  6. Go scare her again!

    We’ll scare that baby out of there!!!

    Wakey wakey.

    Fun artist Chumpo. My daughter will find those interesting. I’ll show her when she gets home- she’s “up North” which is a Michigan thing.

  7. *points at thumb*

  8. Start up a chainsaw in the kitchen wearing a hockey mask and coveralls.

  9. Pupster! No one goes to the THUMB. There is NOTHING there. It’s flat flat flat farmland.

  10. My friend Tina lives in the thumb and when I drove to her wedding the flatness was SO amazing. I think it’s flatter than Ohio.

  11. She’s due with her first girl on the 29th or something. It’s a race between her and Mrs Leon. WHO WILL HAVE IT FIRST?!?

  12. This was just posted on our little facebook news blotter page:

    “MS ALPHA 10 (EARLIER CALL 7-20-15): 4100 Blk of Newark Rd. F who had just delivered her baby in her vehicle. This was her third pregnancy. Baby is breathing. Baby was full term and was actually due tomorrow. They are still in their driveway. They are trying to tie off the umbilical, but not very successful. she just delivered the after birth. Mom and baby boy were healthy and doing great. ‪#‎Attica‬

  13. We look for a small farm in the thumb now and then so we can be closer to SANGB, but you’re basically waiting for an old farmer to die and his kids to realize they can’t sell it at a windfall price.

  14. Ugh. I don’t really like it over there. FLAT FLAT FLAT. And they drive to Lapeer when they need to go to the city. Imagine that.

  15. (mostly because they don’t care for the over-crowded areas that are a bit closer to them)

  16. I liked living at Selfridge. Lake St. Claire is like having a trial Great Lake. Storms aren’t quite so bad, but lots of snow.

  17. We wouldn’t mind it, but we haven’t seen a comparable piece of property for the right price yet.

  18. Over there is nice. Along the river. But the thumb …

  19. The furthest that way I’d go is North Branch. It’s really pretty over there. Still hilly. It’s pretty remote over there too. NOTHING.

  20. you’re talking farther north than Selfridge, right Car in? Up towards Bay City?

  21. ooops, I mean Sarnia. Been a while since I was up there (78)

  22. I mean Caro. Bad Ax. Brown City. Marlette. Basically everything north of Imlay City.

  23. By the water is always nice. But Huron is a big freakin lake. That’s the sunrise side of the state – and for some reason it’s always the sunset side that people prefer.

  24. Bad Ax would be a great place to be from. A real ice-breaker.

  25. Try this Leon.

  26. I still prefer Flippin Arkansas.

  27. Pit Barrel Cooker on it’s way. Decided to take the plunge.

    This better not suck, Pepe.

  28. Love d’art. That little stoned kid contemplating the Slinky is all kinds of awesome. His juxtaposition of ’60’s people with stuff like modern graffiti is way kewl.

    And y’all are reproducing, too? First it was the Horde, now you guys (well, gals, specifically). I’m afraid. Very. Afraid.

  29. Are you guys getting your Juan McLame campaign emails? No?

    i can forward them, if you want. I’m just SHOCKED at the lack of response.

  30. “And y’all are reproducing, too? First it was the Horde, now you guys (well, gals, specifically). I’m afraid. Very. Afraid.”

    The horde didn’t start that. I’ve got five kids already. Leon’s just catching up with the rest of us.


  32. J’Ames, please let us know if Pepe was lying.

    I think Pepe was lying.

  33. If we can have five in the time we have left I will be a very happy man. As hard as the first one was, I think we’ll be lucky to have two.

  34. Mustardkraut experiment has begun! Check back in on August 11 when we find out if that’s actually a thing.

    All I did was clear the walkway and rescue some nearby peppers and marigolds. I think that netted me 4# of greens. Half went in the jar to ferment, half are steaming now with some buttah and salt.

  35. I see another grill in Lauraw’s future.

  36. Comment by Car in on July 21, 2015 10:56 am


    He needs to start having twins. If he fails to catch up by the time that yours start reproducing, does that mean he loses?

  37. I think I need to go get a sink augar. The 15 foott one isn’t cutting it.

  38. Alex – yes.

  39. Yeah, don’t go read the amazingribs review or you’ll just wind up buying one.

  40. Best way to cook sauerkraut? Throw it away, cook a steak.

  41. I went and visited my favorite guinea pig care site, yesterday. Besides the forums on various issues to do with guinea pigs, they also have general forums to do with life and politics.

    Not going there again. They, as in several of those who created and maintain things, are flaming liberal nutbags. From obamacare is miraculous and wonderful – rightwing is evil incarnate for lying about it, to the Greek crisis – the banks and capitalism caused it. Very little opposition because those who do speak out, get shouted down. Echo chamber of stupid. How disappointing.

  42. How do I get out of jury duty?

  43. Don’t. It’s your civic duty. I did it and got on a jury. It was fascinating.

    I was the forewoman. I got to stand up and scream GUILTY!!!

  44. You probably won’t get called. Take a book. go out to eat somewhere fun.

  45. Show up dressed as a guinea pig.

  46. I was the forewoman. I got to stand up and scream GUILTY!!!

    You’re not supposed to do that when the trial first starts.

    But yeah, I have to agree that it’s your duty. It’s part of the price of a (supposedly) free society. We can’t foist these responsitibilities off to someone else. and then complain about the results.

  47. Ok. Going to home depot.

    I can’t guarantee I won’t return with some plants though.

    That’s the deal.

  48. Do you get to work the guillotine? I want to do that.

  49. It’s like Jay and I are twins. (but only if the perp walking is a politician or ten).

    LOL – CoAlex.

    I could go as a crazy lady. I’m growing my hair out and it’s at that hobo stage.

    I have to send part of the form back and one of the questions wants to know if I’m related to a police ossifer. Several.

  50. It’s part of the price of a (supposedly) free society.

    We used to be.

  51. Hillary voter.

    This college student deserves an “F” in accounting after she blew through a $90,000 college fund on expensive clothes and a trip to Europe and now has no way to pay for her senior year, a predicament she blames on her parents.

    The 22-year-old woman detailed her financial woes on an Atlanta FM-radio show whose wisecracking hosts derided her spendthrift ways and whose listeners belittled on Twitter as the millennial who was giving millennials a bad name. Kim, who did not mention her last name or her school, told “The Bert Show” that it was all her parents fault for not showing her how to manage her money.

    “Maybe they should have taught me how to budget a little better, a little more carefully,” she told the show the other day. “They never sat me down and had a real serious talk about it. They said, ‘Here’s your college fund, it’s for classes only.’”

  52. If your parents told you that the money was for classes only, then they’ve told you all that you need to know.

    She’s a twit.

  53. But, for classes only isn’t FAIR! She needed stuff.

  54. Blame, blame, blame. Not my fault. A human that is incapable of self-reflection or self-control. Nobody ever told her that she was wrong about anything, never mind the process of figuring out and implementing what to do about it.

    In a way, I *do* blame the parents.


  56. See i think that shit is funny.

  57. Somebody should tell the special snowflake she’s sitting on a gold mine.

  58. In another call, the young woman said her parents told her there was nothing they could do for her because they didn’t have any money. She accused her father of being a “little bit of a jerk about it” after she told him she was broke.

    Haha, maybe she should call Car in, beasn, or mare for a little sympathy.

  59. The next day Kim told the show she went down to the credit union after all to apply for a loan. She said the loan officer told her she would need her parents as co-signers because she didn’t work and didn’t have collateral.

    Kim told the show her parents wouldn’t co-sign unless she got a part-time job.

    “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll tell my parents I’ll be a stripper if they don’t co-sign,” the woman said.

    This woman votes. Probably for Bernie Sanders.

  60. Gabriel Malor ‏@gabrielmalor 5m5 minutes ago

    None of the folks doing stompy feet over WH and Capitol flags would otherwise be fine with WH or Hill leadership. It’s just outrage mobbing.

    Am I misunderstanding Gab here?

    Someone talk me down.

  61. Gabriel Malor ‏@gabrielmalor 8m8 minutes ago

    Lotta things to be irritated about in politics. For normal people, yes normal people, how flags are flown should be fairly low on the list.


    This example is symbolic of where the President’s priorities are. It actually has meaning. And yes it’s example 948575848484 of such but the day I stop noticing that Obama’s doing everything to ruin the country is the day … [insert something clever here]

  62. That it took public embarrassment for him to do what he should have done before he took a little weekend-vacation …

    The man takes time out to push racial politics. Fuck him.

  63. No, Gabe is being an idiot.

    And why shouldn’t we outrage mob? The left has made it clear that they consider it a viable tactic. The only way to stop them is tit for tat. Make it painful to do.

  64. Are you talking the half staff thing for Chattanooga? yeah, he really dropped the ball on this one. I think it’s on purpose, but that’s not how it’s being spun.

  65. Yep.

  66. Outrage mob got health care for all, gay marriage, etc. Quite an effective tactic.

  67. And the right has a mere fraction of the OUTRAGE mob that the left does. Which has the media the entertainment industry etc etc aiding and abetting.

    I don’t ever feign OUTRAGE. It really is sincere. Personally – people who attack the OUTRAGE machine – it’s akin to calling us hobbits.

  68. the OUTRAGE MOB of the left is just called “the News”.

  69. Outrage Mobs are cool if you like mobs. Ive often thought that if the right was really rwally mad at the so called free press than a very effective countermeasure would be a well organized and very public boycott of media.
    I believe that the momentum would foster reforms very quickly.

  70. Heh, 2nd PP video drops.


  71. *lowers chin to chest and says “heavily edited”*

  72. heh, I want to post this article for all my friends who say the PP story is a nothing burger:

  73. I sent that to my daughter. She promises to finish her degree before going to Europe and buying fancy shoes.

  74. Jay, do your friends think the second video of the chick negotiating a higher price because she wants a lamborghini?

  75. I’m sure they haven’t seen this one. They all refer to the first one, and how she didn’t even sell one thing!

  76. yeah, he really dropped the ball on this one. I think it’s on purpose,

    It was his usual F U to the country and those that serve under him.

  77. Going…….down?

  78. Comment by Jay in Ames on July 21, 2015 10:19 am

    Pit Barrel Cooker on it’s way.

    Hey, we’re 2 for 2. A friend bought one and his ribs turned out great on his first try. I really hope it works for you, J’Ames.

  79. Nice .gif, XBrad.

  80. Beasn, can you request a delay for serving jury duty? In CT we can delay up to 6 months, and they let us request dates that are convenient.

    1) Always request a delay
    2) Pick dates that court will not likely be in session
    – Friday after Thanksgiving is gold
    – Fridays before any three day weekends are good
    – Fake holidays like Valentines day
    – Winter is always better because of the chance of snow.

    Last time I requested a 6 month delay and then didn’t show up. They set me a nasty note and gave me a new date to show up. I mailed it back requesting another delay and got the Friday after Thanksgiving. Court is NEVER open on that day.

    They used to call on me ALL THE TIME. We haven’t heard a peep since getting carry permits.

  81. 3cm, induction scheduled for Thursday morning, but she’s been having contractions off and on since noon, so I’m hoping it won’t get that far.

  82. Did anyone just hear a door slam and tires squeel somewhere from the vicinity of Lapeer?

  83. I requested a delay once to attend a wedding out of state and they said I’d get a new appearance date. Never came. I moved out of the county and haven’t heard anything since.

  84. Yell at your wife’s belly about how the baby is being lazy and will never amount to anything, leon. That should speed things up.

  85. Well, I’m headed to Meijer for one last shopping trip, and I’m taking a slight detour to grab some free pallets I saw on the way back from the doctor’s office.

  86. I did that first thing this morning, Sean. Hasn’t helped. Yet.

    I’ve been trying to make her sneeze and laugh, seems to get contractions going.

  87. YELL


  88. Make her do squats. Squats always help.

  89. Thursday works for me but i’d rather it come naturally while I was at work.

    If I have a choice in the matter.

  90. I’m losing my battle today with the sink.

    I may have to call … a plumber.

    *hangs head in shame.

  91. Car in, is it clogged or just slow?

  92. It’s slow to the point of clogged.

  93. It’s drain in an hour or so. we’ve tried every chemical. I just tried a 25 foot augar. Nothing.

  94. If you are going down 25 feet you must have more than 1 slow drain.

  95. air vents?

  96. Corollary to Murphy’s Law: The clog is *always* 5 feet further away than the length of you snake (SYWM)

  97. And nope. the two sides of the house basically meet the plumbing in the middle. The ONLY two sinks on that side of the house are in the kitchen. Everything on the other side is draining fine.

  98. ^your

  99. The weird thing … I unhooked the main sink so I could put the snake down it … NO WATER drained into the pan despite the fact that there was water in the pipe. I heard air escaping though.

  100. Sounds like the catalytic converter to me.

  101. Scott, there is nothing on the form where I could ask for a delay. The last ‘question’ says, “I am unable to serve (please explain). This does not guarantee that you will be excused.”

    I need to make a few doctor’s appointments…and you never how those things can go. Can they get you in next week or six weeks?

  102. There is also the chance you are sending the snake up instead of down.

    The pipe going into the wall dumps into a drain pipe, often it’s a T, when the snake hits that it’s 50/50 up vs down.

    I once thought I had 25 feet down a pipe, it actually went up, came out the top of the stink pipe, down the roof, and was spinning just outside the window.

  103. Car in obviously needs a double impact on her drains.

  104. Leon, have the Mrs. walk. Or some midwives suggest stimulating the nips a little, which will release the hormones that get labor going.

  105. Beasn, do the recommend clockwise, counter-clockwise, or alligator clips?

  106. I saw Snake the Drain open for Todd the Wet Sprocket in Poughkeepsie at the County Fair.

  107. Gushing air? Sounds like the clog is at the air end.

  108. My vents don’t go outside. They air vents are under the sink.

  109. Snake the Roof!

  110. Yeah, sounds like a clogged vent pipe.

    I hate to say this…is that kittycat still missing?

  111. OH phew.

  112. It’s weird that they’re BOTH having issues … but perhaps since they are so close when one went bad the other was compensating?

  113. Is the sink plugged in? Try plugging it in.

  114. Yes- kitty is still missing. Everyone is heartsick. Pat wants a puppy. Doesn’t want to risk another kitty.

  115. Scott is making Cornell Chicken right now. Just finishing up/ crisping the skin. I’ve never had it, we’re essited. It’s a very strange marinade/ baste. We didn’t do the basting part.

    Having a grill fire right now…Hm. In the future, I might crisp up the skins in a skillet, or use a water pan for the indirect cooking part, to catch the dripping fat.

    I was outside with him a minute ago, making many really excellent and helpful suggestions. Then he said “you’re getting bossy” and I decided it was time to go indoors.

  116. Sorry, Carin. Keep up hope. Kitties do take a walkabout now and then.

  117. “you’re getting bossy”

    OH NO HE D’I’I’N’T

  118. It was inexplicable. I was being so helpful.

  119. I’m sure that when everything goes to hell he’ll acknowledge how useful your advice would have been.

  120. Carin, sounds like a vent problem. Those under the sink vents can stick.

  121. Leon, have her walk behind the horse plowing the field, that worked in the “old country”. Once she has the baby, she can finish plowing.

  122. Leon, have the Mrs. walk.

    We’ve been walking 30 minutes every day at the park as a minimum.

    Pepe, the gyno suggested as much of the other type of ‘plowing’ as we could manage. Prostaglandins and so on.

  123. You’re a brave man molesting a pregnant woman like that. Can I get your Dr. to give Penelope a prescription?

  124. Still no baby? This worked for me: start drinking heavily. As soon as you get a really good buzz, she’ll lean over and whisper in your ear, “IT’S TIME! GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!!!”

  125. Beasn, do the recommend clockwise, counter-clockwise, or alligator clips?


  126. i can’t believe that I can’t track my Pit Barrel Cooker yet. FedEx is so SLOW!

    Can you do something, laura or scott? You know people.

  127. “Nipple stimulation brings about the release of oxytocin, which is the natural form of pitocin. Oxytocin causes contractions, which can lead into true labor. It’s important to note that this will only happen if your body is already close to labor. “


  129. They may have a late pickup.

    Check again around 6 PM.

  130. Pepe, I don’t think I can help you there. OTOH, frequent plowing has all sorts of health benefits that she really should consider.

  131. BBoy, I tried that already last Friday. Nothin’.


  133. Leon, try this. Pretty sure it will work.

  134. Hmm, neither drinking nor “plowing” work? OK, I now Officially have nothing.
    BTW, how are you going to ‘splain that you-shaped dent in the young’uns head?

  135. For Beasn

  136. The baby’s head is safe. Few living human males would be a threat in that way, and this is a common suggestion when delivery is delayed.

  137. Time to go pull apart a few more pallets while I still have time.

  138. Sounds like the catalytic converter to me.

    Cracked me the hell up, grabbed belly wit teh laughing.
    Timing = perfect

  139. Still moving, but I had to put in an appearance at the office today.

    Helluva vacation I’m having.

  140. I’ve been sweating so profusely the last five days, and what with untold trips up and down stairs carrying heavy shit (my calves are like rubber) I thought I would lose weight.

    Got on the scale this morning, lost 1.5#.

  141. Gabe is being an idiot.

    This is my shocked face :|

  142. For Beasn


    *gives pup a skritchie*

  143. If I ever move, it will be my first and last.

  144. Hotspur, how big of a crew did you have and what was their rate?

  145. I want to go to Marcy’s Diner in Maine and yell at screaming toddlers!!!!

  146. My “vacation” has been nada but homework, yard work in high temps and liquid air, and going to obstetric appointments.

  147. Pet the skunk, Beanseses.

  148. Today I had to load a truck of culls. To load the second deck of the truck we incline the ramp to about 28 degrees. That’s quite steep for piggies. At one point I had two of them sitting on my lap. One on each knee. My legs did not snap like twigs and I don’t have to worry about my broken toe anymore because I think that my right foot is sprained.

  149. Do culls get excited about riding in the truck? Like dog’s going bye-bye?

  150. Then I had to unload a truck of culls. One of them was stubborn so I put a trash can over her head to back her off the truck. As it happens pigs have very strong neck and shoulder muscles. I imagine it looked like a terrier flailing a wet sock when she shook her head.

  151. Then I heard the keening of a mortally wounded sow. The sound vibrates in your spine and your hair doesn’t stand on end. It tries to crawl out of your skin.

  152. Then the bus driver got stuck in a mud puddle. I got to town too late for the carpool or the bus and didn’t have my phone. I walked home. In the rain. With drunk-ass Frontier Days jerk-off mother fuckers aiming at puddles near the curb.

  153. You win this round, Tuesday but:

  154. Did anybody finally hit on the one rare poison that anybody else hadn’t had an opportunity to build up an immunity to today?

  155. Yup. It’s a Tuesday.

    Went to an open-air concert in town tonight and in a 1/2 hour it was rained out by a wicked storm cell. It blew over stage equipment and I was nearly blown off my feet while running with the throngs back to my vehicle.

  156. Morning, flamers.

  157. I hope Wiser’s OK, Laura.

  158. Can we all agree that Jewstin is the new Clarice? H2 book thread: A Day No Pigs Would Die.

  159. Crew was four guys, two trucks. I think the rate was $250 a day for each man. I can’t remember exactly. Paperwork is at my office. Whole thing cost $2,100 plus donuts, coffee, and tips.

  160. Lauraw, I often ask my husband when he’s doing something if he wants me to tell him exactly how to do it and what he’s doing wrong.

    He chuckles and says, “I can’t think of anything I’d like more.”

  161. Around here that’s the price of a large one day local move, 8 rooms, basement, and a garage.

    It would be done in a day. You must have a crapton of something.

  162. Scott, have we determined what is an appropriate tip for each guy for a day?

  163. Hmmm, Penelope always waits until after I’m finished with something and then tells me I did it all wrong.

  164. Pepe, I forgot to add the part where I say, “do you want me to stand over your shoulder and tell you….”

    Marriage humor.

  165. Mare, I think I’m pretty good about not volunteering my opinion when he’s working on stuff, but every now and then, well. It happens.

  166. 0$ sucks, $20 is appreciated, $50 is really appreciated.

    The average is around $20.

    That’s for awesome customer service in Ct.

    In NYC you get $20 for not crapping on the carpet.

  167. We definitely have a crap ton of stuff. Two households merged thirteen years ago. Then we sold the cottage which was fully furnished like a home, right down to towels, silverware, and shop tools. The we sold the inn which contained a lot of stuff that we weren’t letting go with it.

    We definitely have some thinning out to do. All our stuff is good quality, so we plan to be eBayers when we retire.

  168. Marriage humor: We no longer have unlimited data. Dan: Why are you on your phone? No WiFi. Yesterday, Open playoff on radio. I may or may not have “Talked” when balls were struck. Let’s just say I was told to get on my phone and stop talking :)

  169. Thanks, Scott.

    Lauraw, I THINK I’m pretty good too about it, it’s more of a joke now referring back to times he’s looked at me and said, “do you want to do this or do you want me to?”

    It’s a lot like the, “We need to clean out the gutters.”

    His response: “Who is this “we”?

  170. Usually it’s effective to hand over whatever you are working with at the time, and walk off.

  171. Long story short, it is my job to pick up doggeh pads and take trash out. MaryAnn and I went back to bed. We missed trash pick up. Dan: You had one job! Me: Technically, it is 2 jobs. My CiL, Phil: Connie is like being responsible for a 4th grade boy. Dan: I wish I had a 4th grade boy. (Low hanging fruit I jumped all over. Hostage style)

  172. Categories for Sean’s Bizarro poat: !RALGNAB, Cartman, DDH, LOVE SALT!!!, Nigeria, open your chaste mouth, Tastes Less Like Regular, tubgirl, Your dad likes this.

    **applauds Sean, passes down a Diet Dr Pepper**

  173. I think “categories” is an often overlooked hilariousness.

  174. *wonders if someone’s water is breaking*

  175. Nope. She’s watching old “Mad Men” episodes on the couch.

  176. Meh.

  177. I don’t get it either.

    And with that, I’m going to bed to read for a while and then sleep. Possibly for the last time.

  178. We said MEH! H2 bebe needs to hurry up.

  179. Has she tried a Crossfit workout, Leon? That would probably pop little Cu-jo right out.

  180. Laura Carina Romacita Tigerchica Osoloco Maria de Habichuelas y arroz Jones will follow her own itinerary.

    She is sassy, I can feel it.

  181. I went into labor once watching an episode of hank hill. Tell her to try that.

  182. Totes sassy!

  183. So, it’s starting to look like, in contravention of regulations and law, at least one, possibly two people at the NOSP Chattanooga were armed, and returned fire against the Muslim nutjob.

  184. Not seeing a problem here. I know people that illegally carry all the time. What’s the saying… Judged by 12 better than carried by 6?

  185. Anyone else speaking French to a NoCal friend in RL just get told to “Speak fucking English!” I will never let him forget he voted for TFG…twice. Fuck him, fuck his kids, fuck his grandkids.

  186. It was garbage French.

  187. And he’s pissed about Chair Force and Blue Falcon jokes.

  188. I’m so tired of everyone being such pussies about life. Suck it up ya losers.

  189. (|)

  190. Shaved.

  191. PG is great.

  192. I’m so ready to pay $$$ to watch Star Wars.

  193. Woman went airborne in her vehicle into CiLs warehouse. Fireworks. Water damaged everything that wasn’t lost in initial accident.

  194. We got a baby yet?

  195. Laura Carina Romacita Tigerchica Osoloco Maria de Habichuelas y arroz Jones will follow her own itinerary.

    She is sassy, I can feel it.

    There is a restaurant in Cancun called Las Habuchuela. Go there and get a Lemon Drop. Shush up and do what I say.

  196. Mmmmm. I make a mean Lemmon Drop every evening for my Lady.

    Good medicine, Lips

  197. Habechelas. Forgot the “s”. Go there. Cancun is not the best place at all, but if you find your self there for some reason.

  198. Chumpo, your Lady is mucho lucky to get a Lemon Drop every night.

    You are a good man.

  199. I’m sitting here enunciating our baby name and having some fun all gloriously native pronouncing EVERYTHING except “Tigerchica” which I’m saying in a flat midwestern accent.

    It’s fun.

  200. Hahahahahabab

    Thats cool, Lippy.

    Im laughing at wirk at night.


  201. You think you’re alone until you realize you’re in it
    Now fear is here to stay, derp is here for a visit
    They call it instant justice when it’s past the legal limit
    Someone’s scratching at the window, I wonder who is it?

  202. Morning. Two(2) days.

  203. morning

  204. i see trump gave out lesley grahams cell phone # at a rally….
    i can’t stand that buffoon trump but a dust up between him and graham is funny shit

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