MMM 184: Still Waiting

Might be today, might not. No signs as of Sunday evening.

So, my mind’s a little preoccupied, as you might imagine. I found this set a while ago and decided to forgo the Algorithm for this week and just run the lot of them.

Yoga is a sex cult.

Still a sex cult, even with the meditation in it.
Reclining meditation.
No abs, but a few ribs.
More bridging.
Scorpion pose, I think. I don’t know a ton about this stuff.
I can do handstands, I can’t do elbow stands.
Enjoy your Monday. Maybe it’s a birthday, maybe not, it’s a mystery!


  1. First in line

  2. Yoga is not a sex cult. The western culture took Yoga and built a sex cult around it.

    Through the ages, yoga was kept alive by celibate monks, not sexy vixens.

  3. Baby arrival would really work better for me tomorrow when I have the whole day off.

    Just saying.

  4. That yoga dude is really flexible.

  5. It’s good to see all the candidates, GOP and dem, rushing to protect McCain from the evil Trump.

  6. THey can all foch off imho J’ames.

  7. She seems nice.

  8. Pupster is rushing the week.

  9. Well, I just scheduled this weeks BBF so yeah I got Friday on teh brain.

    Looks like the house is sold, so we are scrambling to figure out short term housing options until a job offer materializes. Got 2 good prospects, not local. Been selling assets on Craigslist and Ebay, getting ready for a garage sale this weekend, living out of boxes still. Fun.

  10. So what are the prospects?

  11. I’m not up late, I spent an hour in the garden watering, spreading compost tea, and planting some pole beans where whatever I planted didn’t take hold.

  12. You’re supposed to check in Leon.

  13. She’s kicking a lot, wife is very tired. She has a non-stress test today, might get a dilation check, not sure.

    She hasn’t complained of contractions yet this morning, so we wait.

  14. I guess, if you count stickin’ it in 12 year old boys as celibacy, they were celibate, yeah.

  15. I don’t know why they check. It doesn’t really mean a whole lot. You can be closed up tight and deliver the baby a few hours later or you can be walking around at 3 for weeks.

  16. Agreed Tushar, yoga in the West is an envelope for delivering Tantra to the masses and getting paid to do it.

  17. Is one prospect MN? Where is the other prospect? (I was hoping for bebe news)

  18. Cincinnati, traveling to cover C-bus and Louisville KY.

  19. It’s gonna be tomorrow Oso. That’s my guess.

    And Lauraw’s name. I think Leon’s gonna change his mind last minute.

  20. McCain can eat a bag of dicks. Being a POW has nothing to do with the damage he has done as a RINO, since then.
    Calling people crazy for going to see Trump and calling people ‘hobbits’ because they’re sick of his establishment kind of shit. Protecting Obama over his own running mate. He can FOAD.

    Oh, and not to mention him being a part of pressuring the IRS to go after the hobbits? F*ck him.

  21. Pupster, are you in OH now or the other place?

  22. My only criticism of the Donald is that he shouldn’t need to attack his service to attack McCain. McCain is target rich environment.

  23. It’s been 45 min since Leon posted. Maybe her water broke?

    Or he’s back out in the garden.

  24. One of my friends here is due this week. She’s have a girl – she has two boys. SHe wants to try to breastfeed this time so she’s got my number on speed dial.

  25. Yep, back in Central Ohio for the time being beasnes.

  26. I’m watching the SLAM lecture series getting ready for my new jerb next week.

  27. She’s still sleeping, no shouts or anything.

  28. Agreed Car in, but McCain is so despicable, I don’t really care. He needs to go away. He’s running for re-election and he’s going to be 80. How many thousands of years has he been in the senate?

  29. Yeah, I got that check thing a week before my son was due. Dr. got worried ’cause he was a big’un. He said, ‘You’re closed tight as a drum. No effacement, no nothing. If you’re not doing anything at this point, it’s not going to happen. Imma schedule a c-section for the Mon. after the due date.’

    Two days later my water broke at home, was a 3 when admitted, and fully effaced.

  30. LOL, pups! Doggehs are sooo much like little kids wanting to get in on the action.
    ‘Play with me, play with me, I’ve got my lovey.’

  31. She’s awake and no water breakage.

  32. “She’s still sleeping, no shouts or anything.”

    Maybe she’s having one of those quiet labors?

  33. Those shouting/beginning of labor are a hollywood thing. The contractions don’t make you scream until you reach transition.

  34. ^I kid.


    It was sorta like a low moaning. not the “good” kind.

  35. With my first – I broke a zillion blood vessels in my face and NO ONE TOLD ME. bastards.

    I looked in the mirror and it looked like I had red freckles everywhere. a heads up would have been nice.

  36. Talking about babies is better/nicer than Politics. Which just depresses me lately.

    WHere’s (that whore) Mare?

  37. No, not pain shouting, more “It’s time!” shouting.

    Either way, there wasn’t any.

  38. Ok a bit of garden talk and then off I go:

    I’m thinking about doing a log/garden thing along the water and plant (mostly) daisies on it. I think that would make a pretty view from the water.

  39. Yea .. “its time” doesn’t really always happen either. WIth my last – then i’m going – I was really hopeful it had started and I sat around in my living room resting on a balance ball for a few hours. It stopped eventually so I got depressed and went to bed. 3hrs later – bam. basically went right to transition. baby emerged 30 min later.

    Basicaly instead of a “It’s TIME!!!” it’s more “Is it time?”

  40. She’s going to say “It’s time!” if she even thinks it might be. Just predicting based on my knowledge of the situation.

  41. I thought yoga was just a great means of stretching and getting some core strength.

    Oh, and McCain is an arrogant asshole, running again at 80???

    McCain we don’t NEED you or want you. Go away you complete tool.

  42. McCain was a shitty pilot, the only thing he did well was not use his senators son status to be released and appeared to behave honorably as a POW. For that I give him props but that was 55 years ago. He’s been a dick ever since.

  43. McCain is no war hero. Him and John Effin Kerry covered up a lot of shit. Men were left behind.

  44. I don’t know crap about what happened there but I do know John McCain is certainly self serving now and has been for years. I would be surprised if he was as honorable as he wants us to believe.

  45. Leon….


  46. Hello people. BackwardsBoy here, currently in some sort of mysterious exile from AoSHQ. I’ve lurked here before, but wanted to check out my wild commenting skillz here.

  47. BackwardsBoy, you will fail and be shunned. You are warned.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  48. Lurking here makes no damn sense. You are clearly a madman.

  49. Tell us about your garden, your diet, and how your job search is going.

  50. That’s the warm(ish) welcome I almost expected. I’m not sure how a yard full of pine needles qualifies as a garden. I’m on the Rotation Diet and have been funemployed since ’08. My favorite color is red, my sign is Libra and if I were a tree, I’d be a King Sago Palm.

  51. There’s also a # bullwhips currently in ass question but that’s not usually my job

  52. Pine needles in yard? Sotting around unused? ARE YOU INSANE? Thems make great compost or mulch.

  53. High pH soil right there. Begging for blueberry bushes.

    Gym time.

  54. I grow bugs in my pine needles. The lizards love it when I rake, it’s like ringing the dinner bell.
    P.S. No bullwhips, but do cattle prods count?

  55. I thought you were leaving, Zumba Car in.


    I started labeling boxes “Stupid Crap We Don’t Need” (storage)

  57. I did laundry. Then came back. Trying. To. Motivate.

  58. I work at four. So trying to conserve my energy.

  59. Cattle prods sounds pretty advanced. We’re gonna have to ask Hotspur for a ruling. He’s the bullwhips in ass expert.

    Well, wiser and MJ too.

  60. >>Stark Dickflüssig on July 20, 2015 at 8:47 am
    I guess, if you count stickin’ it in 12 year old boys as celibacy, they were celibate, yeah.

    Monks in India never received the institutional protection that monks in the west received. I am not saying there were no bad apples, but if a monk waz caught sticking it where he shouldn’t, he would meet street justice pronto.

  61. Wow, I’m killing poats with an xbrad-like efficiency.

  62. Pupster, you can run, but the law will catch up with you.

  63. >>>Wow, I’m killing poats with an xbrad-like efficiency.

    I’m pretty sure that’s me this time. New guy and all. But I took a bath last Saturday…

  64. IS it time?

  65. Good for Shapiro, but he was baiting Tur. This conversation has been owned, once again, by the left. They have managed to redefine yet another term:

  66. Well I have a horrible story.

    We have a 17/18 year old kid who works for us named “Mo”. Yes short for … He’s actually become a friend of Matt’s and been up to our house etc.

    Well apparently his POS (muslim) father (his mother has been in Lebanon for Ramadan ) has such a bad driving record (who knows) that he doesn’t have a license. BUT he went out Saturday night with the GRANDFATHER’s car -got drunk – hit a car – then fled the scene.

    And now. You ready for this?

    The dad wants Mo to “turn himself in”. Because the dad would lose his job and probably go to jail etc.

    I think I need to go hit things.

  67. Sounds like you need to phone in some assistance to the police, to help the investigation.

  68. WWMD?

  69. Mare would want to go bust a cap in someone’s ass.

  70. Pat told him to talk to his grandfather (who doesn’t even KNOW about the accident yet). To wait. To rethink.

  71. I’m with Jay, you need to anonymously or otherwise set it straight let the chips fall where they may.

  72. Short story long, a friend was telling me about her friend’s boyfriend “fooling” the test wherein his penis is attached to electrodes and they determine if he’s “still” attracted to children. And of course other tests and questions (of course it’s bullshit because you can’t fix someone like that).

    Anyway, I went nuts and said you HAVE to make her tell the county or do it yourself. She did after badgering and the guy was arrested again (don’t remember the details) or ankle cuffed but boy was he pissed at the girlfriend. Too fricken bad. She chose poorly.

  73. Their culture seems to value the father figure a lot more than anyone else. In this case, I don’t think that’s right. Mo will be forced to take the fall. And that shouldn’t happen.

  74. I’ll bet he WAS pissed. PO’d that he wasn’t going to get away with it again.

  75. There are applications for the “He Had It Coming, Your Honor” form of self defense cases.

  76. Assholes always make everyone else’s life messy. To include family. You’re minding your own business (literally) and whamo you’re forced to do something you don’t care to be involved in or in fact know about.

  77. That will screw up Mo’s life for a long time. Rat out the dad to the cops. (You can borrow your daughter’s phone.)

  78. And yes, I’d want to put a cap in his ass.

  79. (You can borrow your daughter’s phone.)


    Possibly your work phone. Or steal one and make two wrongs a right. hahahaha

  80. Speaking of babies, again.
    There was a call on the scanner for “vaginal bleeding” from WAY south of here, yesterday.
    The medic unit rolls out and the secondary information comes out.
    She is 9 months preggars,has blown her water and mucous-plug, and contractions are at 40 seconds.
    To me, that’s not “vaginal bleeding”, it’s “giving birth”.
    She is thirty miles from the nearest hospital, down a twisty, narrow two-lane road.
    Great planning, mom…

  81. That Cock isn’t going to get away with framing his son for hit and run. Maybe in Lebanon but I doubt it in MI.

    Come on, Leon PUSH

  82. That’s one way to get coverage for the birth, chrisp.

  83. her friend’s boyfriend “fooling” the test wherein his penis is attached to electrodes and they determine if he’s “still” attracted to children

    Maybe they should try a car battery next time.

    Seriously, your friend’s friend is dating a child molester?

  84. Pupster, this was about 15 years ago and my first comment was, of course, “What the hell is she doing with that scum anyway?”

    Why do women want to date men in prison?

    Why do men want women with boobs the size basketballs?

    The stupid people’s brain wants what the heart wants.

  85. Pepe, how was the pork?

  86. Why do men want women with boobs the size basketballs?

    Why do some horses love the whip?

  87. This looks like a great way to play kickball:

  88. Pupster’s greatest hits:

  89. Fun!!

  90. Why do birds suddenly appear?

  91. Scott, the pork was/is fantastic. Took forever, but came out great. A friend bought one of the cookers and his St. Louis ribs came out great too. I really like this cooker, especially since Penelope is running it.

  92. what was that cooker called again, Le Pepe?

  93. Yoga is not a sex cult. The western culture took Yoga and built a sex cult around it.

    God bless America. We’ll take your culture and turn it into fast food and porn.

  94. I’m at a Denny’s near LAX because it was the closest place I could get to for a telecon. I really need to just drop of my rental car, but I don’t want to actually face traffic and the airport.

  95. Pit Barrel Cooker

    Our cheap gas grill is falling apart, so we were looking at other cookers/smokers. Saw this reviewed on and decided to give it a shot. So far, it’s been really easy. Best part for us id we don’t have to sit there and babysit it.

  96. Good for Shapiro, but he was baiting Tur.

    Dude in the dress should have never touched him.

  97. If you can be taunted into violence by polite address appropriate to the level of discourse and the truth of the situation, you’re a barbarian, no qualifying it.

  98. *punches Xbrad

  99. Worky worky.

    So let there be a pause in the baby watch.

    No contractions. At least until 10pm.

  100. CAlex you’re at LAX? I can almost throw a rock and hit you.

  101. I can almost throw a rock and hit you.

    I dare you to try….

  102. I’ve been to that Denny’s. The Hilton next door has a Great Bar!

  103. Thanx Pep. Will Check it out.

    Wisen Hymen! Hallo!!

  104. DickFloss,
    Monks in India never received the institutional protection that monks in the west received. I am not saying there were no bad apples, but if a monk waz caught sticking it where he shouldn’t, he would meet street justice pronto.

    I was thinking more along the lines of the Tibetans.

  105. Ha Chumpo, I know that Hilton bar too.

    And that so-called woman was physically and verbally threatening Shapiro. It was quite a macho move. Funny how when the chips are down the masculine stuff comes out.

  106. Whattup, chumpy!

  107. I checked out BackwardsBoy’s blog. I had forgotten about Chandra’s brown note musical notes in the Perseus Cluster.

  108. Just cruisin’. Not much to tell. It’s time for me and mine to get away from San Diego for a while. We are looking for some little town near San Luis Obispo which is a college town in central CA.

  109. Dave is frightened by the Perseus Cluster.

  110. Miniature Horse Farm?

  111. LIPSTICK!

  112. My Friend,

    As I face a tough campaign for reelection, I need to know if I can count on your support.

    Please follow this link to let me know. I appreciate you standing with me.

    John McCain
    John McCain

    Check your couch cushions, everyone!

  113. San Luis Obispo is gorgeous country!

  114. Puppeh! *rubs belly and behind ears*

    I stayed with a family in San Luis Obispo for a 4H exchange program. My friends and I were members in order to participate in horsey stuff, Weeee! Oso’s right, it’s a beautiful area.

  115. Check your couch cushions, everyone!

    That’s not where I keep my baseball bat.

    Safety reminder, everyone: If you see a plant that looks a lot like Queen Anne’s Lace but just isn’t quite right, DO NOT TOUCH IT.

    Wild parsnip:

    Giant hogweed:

    In the case of the latter item, notify local ag or DEP or the property owner, because it has to be eradicated right away.

  116. >>I was thinking more along the lines of the Tibetans.

    Buddhism, Tibetan or otherwise, has nothing to do with Yoga.
    Yoga is a Hindu form of meditation/fitness.

  117. Check your couch cushions, everyone!
    That’s not where I keep my baseball bat.


    Good one.

  118. The only thing I admire about McCain is that he refused to jump the line and take early release.

    But I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that he knew that if he did it his dad would kick his ass when he got home.

    Let’s be frank — he would have washed out as a pilot after crashing two (?) planes in training if his father hadn’t been a rear admiral.

  119. Today at a Five Guys in Massachusetts, Scott and I were served bacon cheeseburgers by Hector Elizondo. Or Hector’s twin.

  120. Lauraw, I need pics for HHD.

    Speaking of HHD, I need a cheesecake kind of shirt for my next interview.

  121. mmm, Five Guys. Burger sounds really good right now.

    Oh well, I have gyros at home. Lauraw’s homemade greek yogurt makes an excellent tzatziki sauce

  122. Oh well, I have gyros at home


  123. Hey, who here grinds their own beef, turk, gator, whathaveyou?

    I ask because I’m in year 7 of grinding my own meat…


    …and it makes a world of difference to taste and freshness. I got my meat grinder from…China…

    WTF? If I have to pull this car over I will.

    anyway I got my Chinese Meat Grinder for $90 and I’ve used it countless times.

    It’s still funny anyway I type it. Also true.

    Grinding your own meat is teh awes!!

  124. I got one with hula girls on it, I can ship it to ya. I used to have a Magnum PI red Hawaiian shirt with purple parrots on it, but I don’t know what happened to it, can’t find it. Bought it on my honeymoon.

  125. Romacita, Senor Elizondo is probably a great guy and definitely a hard worker but not exactly beefcake-type-dish.

    And any shirt on you is instantly cheesecakey.

    But if you want to guild the lily, you can’t go wrong with a nice silk blouse with a velvet- flat finish on it. Avoid shiny.

  126. YO, Chumpo. I can testify. My grinder is hand-crank, tiny, and takes a while to churn out ten pounds of grind, but it is super-sharp, does a good job, and saves space, which is more important right now.

  127. gild the lily

    sheesh. Frickin homophones

  128. You could also sit like this in the interview:

  129. “You could also sit like this in the interview: ”

    nice posture

  130. Jay if lauraw can’t find her bat i can send you mine… let me know

  131. Still moving.

  132. Greetings, people who would be waiting on tenterhooks if they knew what tenterhooks were.

  133. Still no baby. Non-stress test and ultrasound suggest everything’s okay, just not in a hurry.

  134. Comment by Pupster on July 20, 2015 6:10 pm
    I used to have a Magnum PI red Hawaiian shirt with purple parrots on it, but I don’t know what happened to it, can’t find it.
    I bet Mrs. Pups knows what happened to it………………

  135. You need to finish up with the moving, her new garden needs rototilling.

  136. As far as I can tell, they edited out the Rosetta scientist’s pin-up girl shirt and redid all his interviews with him wearing a black polo. I want an HHD shirt to give them the vapors.

    I must have confused Elizondo with someone else.

  137. I can hire someone to rototill.

    Our movers were awesome Friday. It was fucking 89° and huge humidity. They worked until almost seven. We gave each of them $50.

  138. Evening.

  139. Saturday was 94. Yesterday was 88. Today was 85. Humidity has been off the charts.

    We have one more day to finish up some stuff, and clean.

  140. Why not $51?

  141. Boss Man is trying to kill me. He’s making me the back-up guy for Baby Farm, and giving me four barns to tend at Big Farm.

  142. >>
    You need to finish up with the moving, her new garden needs rototilling.

    What kind of euphemism is that?
    A Brazilian?

  143. That was nice of you Hotspur.

    They probably earned it though. If they hustled, they saved you hundreds.

  144. If you gave them the “cheap prick vibe” early on, they would have dogged it, and you would have been billed for several more hours.

  145. $20 is probably what they expected.

  146. Heheh

    When they moved my 41 boxes of books, I told them I tried to not pack heavy, because my buddy in the packing and moving business, said “If you overpack the book boxes, your movers will get even with you.”

    They loved that.

  147. Wait, Hotspur moved?

  148. Just barely, Jimbor. It was more of a twitch, really.

  149. I moved in with your mom.

  150. She is just using him to tend to her giant garden.

  151. Would it be alright if I address you as “Dad” from now on?

  152. Mom’s hedges need trimming.

    Chop chop.

  153. My mustard needs trimming again. I think I might try to ferment some of it into mustardkraut. I definitely need to can a lot of it, there’s no way I want to or should eat all of what’s out there.

  154. Ok. Home. Leon can go into labor now.

  155. You need to go over there, Car in.

    Set them straight.

  156. I’m free for the next 40 hours or so.

  157. Scott, they need to make big plans for something or other, Then she’ll go into labor and they’ll get their first taste of parenthood as kids start fraking things up.

  158. I did 2 hours at the gym today and took the dog for a half hour walk. I’d planned to do a bunch of garden stuff and pallet breakdown to get good and tired and be sure that she’d start just as soon as I fell asleep, but the non-stress test took way too long.

  159. If Car in were there she would have noticed that your chickens have been neglected.

  160. I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies.

  161. Nobody wants to know about that.

  162. Storks bring babies. Flap those wings, you damned stork!

  163. Time to go to bed. Labor should commence in about 25 minutes.

  164. Trip to Washington- cancelled.
    The last 24 hours were some of the most physically miserable I’ve put up with in a long, long time.

  165. Oso,
    As our resident Messican, can you tell me how this works?
    Guys at Aces, and other places, often refer to the “Univision” weather-babes at “That Hot Latino”, or that “Beautiful Hispanic”, but never “That beautiful Mexican weather-babe”?
    I really do not understand. Is “Beautiful Mexican weather babe” racist, not PC, or what?
    Is “Mexican” now a pejorative, and, if so, why?

  166. 1 am is a hot tome

  167. 1 am is a hot time.

  168. sorry to hear that, xbrad.

    Go kill a spider, it will make you feel better.

  169. Black didn’t used to be racist, but it is now.

  170. what happened X?

    Bedbug bite?

  171. >>Black didn’t used to be racist, but it is now.

    Noted. I think tomorrow, instead of wearing the brown shoes, I will wear my african american shoes.

  172. Did anybody decide not to mince words when anybody else asked what they thought of their demo tape today?

  173. I told that MutherFucher to go scrub his disc…Double, then I fired up my magnetron and cold smoked, bay.

  174. Why can’t you go to Washington, XB?

    Before I moved, in an unusual bit of organization, I got 3 crisp fifties from the bank and gave them to the Cowboy Movers. Those great kids, who hustled their asses off, stared at them in awe. It was so cute, but what they deserved. $20 for a whole day of moving? That sounds kinda low. I was wondering if I gave them enough until I saw their reaction.

    Chumpo, consider checking them out for your move when the time comes. They’re rodeo riders in between gigs.

  175. Safely back home. As much as I hate California, I do like the friends that I have there. All I know at this point is that I’m tired if living in Colorado Springs.

  176. Where were you? I tried to hit you with a rock.

  177. It wasn’t that I couldn’t go, it was that I couldn’t go and leave mom home alone. And so I packed her up yesterday, and took her to Sister 1. And mom was miserable there. 80F inside, and 80% humidity, and she was freezing. Meanwhile, I was sweating like a pig.

    And a quick two day drive to Washington morphed into taking Sister 2 to visit her daughter in Oregon, and move a shitload of furniture and books.

    Which, if you had time to visit your daughter, why did you tell me you couldn’t take the time to stay with mom?

    Add in the expense for what was going to essentially be a cocktail party, I said fuck it.

  178. I was visiting friends out in Norco. Flew in on Thursday and back to CO today.

  179. Oh you’re driving up? You can drop me off in the next state. And, by the way, this is good because now I have muscle to move all my stuff.

    Sorta like that?

  180. That Sirius Patrol linked in the ONT is interesting.

  181. Norco. Did it smell like cows?

  182. Horses, actually. Especially after the rain.

    It’s kind of funny seeing a suburb where all the houses have signs “X and Y Ranch”, or “Z Farm”. Out here in CO, if someone has a ranch you expect at least a quarter-mile drive to the main house.

  183. Crap, you came here in the driest month and got rained on.

  184. Yeah, and it was pouring rain in Colorado when I left.

    You’re welcome.

  185. I remember driving by Norco several times lots of years ago and having to close the vents cause the cow crap smell could knock a buzzard off the proverbial shit wagon.

    Just like the aforementioned 4-H trip when we drove by some place in Colorado called the Montfort Cattle something. Just as the air started to clear it was announced that we were turning back to take a tour of the place. There were some groans.

    So now that I’ve insulted both your home state and the place you just visited, how was your trip?

  186. Pretty much, Lippy, pretty much.

    I don’t like Sister 2 under the best of circumstances.

  187. Awesome. Got to hang out with friends, watch movies, meet new people, and took a pretty girl dancing.

  188. I drove past Norco on the 10 yesterday. And today.

    Here’s something weird. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we saw closures on I-15, I-5 (albeit up in Washington) and the I-10.

  189. I’m actually not too far from Norco, so we could’ve hung out if I’d kno–

    Oh. I get it.

  190. Sean, I actually thought you were somewhere else, and this was a friend’s birthday weekend so my schedule was already tight, unlike your mom. I promise that next time I’m in the area we’ll grab a diet Dr. Pepper somewhere.

  191. That Sirius Patrol video was good XB. Very well done in order to give an “are you tough enough” message that will attract young guys.

    It’s great that Denmark is doing these patrols, even if it’s symbolic, which I’m not saying it is. Gotta keep up on things to keep your territory.

  192. Meghan McCain is now a Fox News contributor? Sheesh.

  193. Don’t derp my sweet, don’t break my heart
    Doing all right, but you gotta get smart
    Wish upon, wish upon, day upon day, I believe oh Lord
    I believe all the way

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