Meanwhile, at Bizarro H2…

I guess that site would be called “The Kidnappers.”


  1. First?

  2. 😂😂😂😍

  3. 17 innings? Mets left bases loaded. Cray

  4. So, mi familia play games for “Fun”. Elastic rules and no killer instinct. I can’t play like that. Hoyle and FTW. They are competitive enough that Dan and I can’t play on the same team. I finally just had to be an ass and say I play by the rules and I can’t play with cheaters. Strike 1

  5. Who’s the guy in the first pic?

  6. Ice Cube, roamy.

  7. I was asked what I thought about the Pope. Me: I don’t like him. I think he’s trolling. Everyone: 😱. What do you think of the new Archbishop? Me: I have it on good authority he came here because of his SJW views and Sanctuary. My Aunt Martha whom I love dearly: Most of my students are sanctuary kids. It is very sad. Me: Their parents should have stayed in Mexico. Strike 2

  8. Strike 3: Having to explain TFG, BBAIL, and Late-term abortion destination to my Asst US Attorney Uncle. (Baby Born Alive IL) One of my Dr cousins backed me up on BBA. These life long Democrats were appalled.

  9. Oso, if you can’t say anything nice, come sit here next to me :-)

  10. Today’s IB moment

  11. TiFW, I’m fine with just letting stuff go…until I’m challenged. I didn’t even bring up organ harvesting or the Chattenooga shooting. My cousin J just took over Marine recruitment in the Baltimore area.

  12. ChattAnooga.

  13. Damn, that kid got some chops, scott.

  14. I am sure we’ll be seeing him again.

  15. Crap, that video is 7 years old. Now he’s in a band called RSVP Atlanta.

    They are pretty good.

  16. “I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.”

    Britney Spears

  17. Jared Brown is AWESOME! Thx Scott

  18. Oso, I bought 600ct Egyptian cotton sheets, made in India. Target didn’t have 1000ct. They had 800ct but those were made in China. I don’t do China. Indians know their shit when it comes to cotton.

    I like 400ct better. At least for summer. Not as heavy.

  19. Indians know their shit when it comes to cotton.

    Pretty much invented it. If it weren’t for them and Eli Whitney, we’d be stuck wearing linen and wool.

    Or hemp.

  20. Sam’s gets the 1000 ct from India in the Fall. Don’t fall for Bangladesh or Viet Nam cotton. It is crap. Lousy weave.

  21. We’re a fabric blog now???

  22. you’re mom knows thread counts and sheets, PG.

  23. I used to be 180 percale from South Carolina. Then, Norma Rae got all uniony and shit. Now, I get Egyptian Cotton in a 1000 thread count from India.

  24. I saw Lousy Weave open for Digital Underground back in ’93.

  25. I’m a pretty big fan of wool. Every day, all the time. Wool blankets, wool boxer shorts, wool socks, wool pants, wool suits.

  26. Allergic to wool. Allergic to lanolin. Grew up around sheep. BAAAAAA

  27. Wool is fine when it’s dry and cold. Michigan summers would be miserable in wool clothing.

  28. I just sleep on the same plastic-coated nylon tarps that I wear for clothing. I untie them and flatten them out. They’re noisy, but I don’t shift much in my sleep. I have a large hump. Makes turning very difficult.

  29. For anyone who cares: do NOT take a literal “roll in the hay”.

    NO. That crap will enrage every inch of your skin.

  30. >>We’re a fabric blog now???

    PG, I think you missed the great IKEA Goatbutt fabric controversy of 2011 (I think).

    We have been gnashing teeth and rending clothes over fabric for a long time.

  31. Leon, I don’t drive so my job on my friend’s ranch was loading. OMG…the itches. She has 3 new foals. This year might finally be the year Dan goes to Chama. (My Ex still lives there. The guy Lauraw is warning young people about. I was ‘That girl’)

  32. plastic-coated nylon tarps?


    Try used dry cleaner bags and you’ll know how I feel. Summer is the worst.

  33. Wait, did we stop being a fabric blog at some point?

  34. Pretty sure our thread count is 1.

  35. >>plastic-coated nylon tarps?

    Don’t start poverty olympics without Wiser. He hates it when he cannot participate.

  36. Wiser is busy counting his spoons

  37. Cyn sleeps cuddled up with a ball of yarn, doesn’t she?

  38. Hahaha poverty olympics. I beat a guy from Uganda at work! GO has traveled through Deliverance, NM. Dan and I did this wknd. Mi familia was camping outside of Penasco.

  39. “Wiser is busy counting his spoons”

    he’s a lucky man. when i was a lad we were so poor we couldn’t afford spoons

  40. Spoons? We made scoops out of tortilla…and we liked it!

  41. Got my cousin, Tonio, talking about helping my grampo kill a sheep. The skull on a plate in the fridge. The smell. His wife is a re-locater. Only thing she wants killed is centipedes. It was amusing. Toying with vegans is fun.

  42. I don’t belong to Sam’s.

  43. Mare?

  44. 3 1/2 full days of moving. Temps in the high 80s – low 90s. Humidity off the charts. One more day to go.

    I haven’t been this exhausted sine Boot Camp- 47 years ago.

  45. Hottest day of the year here, state beaches and parks all reached maximum capacity.

    We had to share our lake with 4 people.


  47. There’s fecal in them there hippo farts.

  48. I saw Lousy Weave open for Digital Underground back in ’93.

    When Tupac was still dancing? That would have been pretty cool.

  49. Scott shared the lake with nekkid people. Stoopid Dolores has us with 67% humidity and higher. Haven’t activated the Swamp Cooler in weeks. Nothing but fans. I’m dying. Dying. (Camping was cool, but lots of snakes, lizards, and bugs. The flying horned beetles were the worst. I got bit by a horse fly. My derma cousin told everyone I have the best 50+ skin she has ever seen)

  50. Comment by leoncaruthers on July 19, 2015 9:27 pm

    For anyone who cares: do NOT take a literal “roll in the hay”.

    I hate hay.

  51. Me, too. Pepe, how do you feel about cows? My family had dairy cows. Friends in Chama had killer cows. Killer cows chased me up a tree. I think Gary Larson knew killer cows.

  52. The best cow I have ever met was extremely dead & extremely undercooked. Mmmmm, kitfo.

  53. What do you do if killer cows are chasing you and the trees are full of hoppers?

  54. Cownado is going to be the best movie ever.

  55. At the current prices, I love cows, as long as I don’t have to feed them hay.

  56. “There’s fecal in them there hippo farts.”
    i saw Hippo Farts open for Eco Moli in ’83

  57. Scott, our hoppers this year are regular. Last year was insane. I still H8 them.

  58. ” I love cows”


  59. Did anybody point out that the neighborhood children could easily see the porno movies that anybody else always seemed to be running on the TV screen in the back of their SUV today?

  60. Them!

    Onbly this time it’s about the giant hppers instead of the giant ants.

  61. No idea what they are saying

  62. Holy crap, Romy, I about laughed my ass off!

  63. Oso, I think you may have missed my meaning in my comment (“if you can’t say anything nice, come sit here next to me”) earlier –

    I was thinking of the oh-so-southern usage, which implies that I want to be close enough to hear all the juicy gossip….

    (Olympia Dukakis killed with that line in Steel Magnolias)

  64. I caught about 1/3 of it, my German is rusty.

    It’s pretty much the same conversation you’d have in English.

  65. TiFW, I save all my Mean Girl comments for here.

  66. I think the beer is brewed in Austria, based on their chat.

  67. Leon, we’re all holding out for Lauraw’s most excellent baby name. Chop. Chop.

  68. Bleeg

  69. Dirty bastard beer is really good. We got 9 new tap beers this weekend so I sampled some after close. That was my favorite. A bunch of IPAs. Fat tire, raggedy ass. Dirty bastard was the only one I rely liked, but I really liked it.

  70. Tap beer is gross.

  71. Tap beer is so much better than bottled.

    Which are a scam.

  72. 3 tap beers gives me a hangover.

    I don’t drink that crap.

  73. Fat Tire is really refreshing after a hot day on the Kubota.
    I wish it came in cans, so I didn’t have to deal with the glass bottles…

  74. If killer cows were chasing me and I had to choose between hoppers and draft beer, I would choose hoppers.

  75. Michelob Ultra on tap is beer flavored water, but it doesn’t elevate my blood glucose. Don’t judge me!

  76. I understand where Car in is coming from, she works for Big Keno.


  77. Draught

  78. Tap beer is fresher. Dirty lines can make it gross. I much prefer tap beer.

  79. Mic ultra is barely beer.

  80. Scott, I was being chased by killer cows, there was lightning, and I was holding survey mirrors. I was told mirrors come first! Same guy that told me not to worry about bear scat when I was dumping gravel trucks for him in Brazos. I miss him. Bill told me that if I stuck with Scotch, I wouldn’t get hangovers. (College roomies Dad)

  81. Draught

    GTFO of here with your limey spellings.

  82. Those lines are NEVER cleaned.

  83. One regular drinks coors lite.

    One day I secretly replaced her colors light with water and she didn’t even know!!!

  84. Ours are cleaned every monday

  85. I don’t believe you.

  86. Draft beer is poison.

  87. You don’t have to. Drink your crap bottled beer . I doing care. But they clean our lines a shit tonne. It’s a pita.

  88. Hlæfdige

  89. Big beer. Bush lied, draft beer is a Halliburton plot.

  90. You know who hates draft beer? Obama.

  91. Good beer companies clean their lines. Good bars made bad beer companies clean their lines.

  92. I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, it’s vodka and I’m having a relapse dream.

  93. I H8 Mic Ultra. I can drink 5 of them without impacting my BG. I’ve learned to drink MU and replace fries with salad. It sucks but =BG.

  94. ugh, Mich Ultra tastes like nothing.

  95. Near beer is better than no beer!

  96. Dang, I’m always late to the party.

    My favorite beer is Leffe Blonde.

  97. My derma cousin told everyone I have the best 50+ skin she has ever seen

    Put the lotion on your skin, Oso.

    Fat Tire does come in cans, you just have to be in one of the few areas that offers it.

  98. Comment by Tushar on July 19, 2015 10:11 pm

    ^^^^^^mine are bigger.

  99. Almost four years sober, Sean? Am i remembering that right?

  100. I fell in love w Leffe Blonde on a train in Spain. Nice call, Lips.

  101. Yup. Four years in a little over a month, God willing.

  102. Hearts go astray, leaving derp when they go.
    I went away just when you needed me so.
    Filled with regret I come back beggin’ you,
    Forgive, forget. Where’s the love we once knew?

  103. Congratulations, Sean. That’s a lot of one-day-at-a-time’s strung together.

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