Wire in the Sky

Frank R. Paul
b.1884 d. 1963

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Paul was an American Artist who was instrumental in defining popular sic-fi through his work with “Amazing Stories” magazine, “Other World” magazine, “Science Fiction” magazine, and Marvel Comics first cover.
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I hope you all are having a swell summer.

Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Trippy

  2. Last one is titled: “Landing On the Planet of the Translucent Scrotums”

  3. Reminds me of Dali.

  4. Best album covers evar.

  5. Isn’t there an expression something like, “he be trippen balls”?

  6. Hey jewstin, have you ever made hibiscus tea? Mine is blooming right now, and I’m gonna try drying and steeping the flowers.

  7. They serve hibiscus tea at Panera Bread which is quite good.

  8. Cyn, I can’t relate Paula’s gross out story because it didn’t involve anything remotely humorous. I misinterpreted her text message. During her initial assessment she was overwhelmed by the odor of necrotic flesh and she was as close to becoming physically ill as she was with the foot in the bag. The entire set of circumstances that led to the patient being there triggered feelings of compassion for a fellow human suffering rather than mirth.

    Don’t worry though, there are people doing stupid shit all the time and the stories write themselves!

  9. I just saw on twitter this deal gives Iran 140 BILLION dollars. WTF is giving Iran this money?

  10. John Kerry will rot in hell for eternity giving Iran everything they want in order to have a “win” for his legacy.

    He really is a worthless POS.

  11. Not completely sure Mare but it may be from frozen assets.

  12. freaky but good.

    I see Obama has managed to start a nuclear arms race in the Mideast. Wow I can’t think of a better place for that.

    Morning y’all

  13. Previously frozen weapons sanctions maybe?

    But I would not be in any way surprised to find Kerry wants to give them cash.

  14. I fell asleep in my chair with the TV on and woke up to Sir Puttsalot droning on. Not an auspicious start to the day.

  15. I can’t stiff a waiter any more after reading Carin’s woes.

    Yesterday was 20-25% all day long. The losers must have been eating at Applebee’s or something.

  16. Wakey wakey

  17. I’ll have to dig through the 50’s sci-fi books and see if I have any of Paul’s covers.

  18. “If the concessions continue even after ‘death to America’ chants in Tehran, then it is clear that some are willing to make a deal at any price,” Netanyahu said at a Likud faction meeting earlier Monday.

  19. Hi, future people. Is it daytime where you are? Awesome. It’s still night here for another hot minute.

    I just got in from a fabrication job I do from time to time. I make/sell tap handles for area breweries.

    Any who, it’s always fun to be whacked out from an all nighter and read your spry morning comments. I can’t say I’ll be up much longer because this glass of rum is such a quitter.

    I love u ‘tardos.

  20. Hmm, I wonder what Drew will find wrong with this statement:


  21. I wonder too. Drew should write more posts.

  22. How’s the run, chumpo? What kind are you drinking? Mt. Gay?

  23. On the upside, thanks to frakking we aren’t as dependent on the ME for petroleum anymore. So we’ve got that going for us.

    Which is nice.

  24. I used to drink Mt. Gay Eclipse but I was just experimenting. I’ve been drinking Myers’ since ought nine.


  25. Leon. if no one told you in the MMM, I strongly suggest you bring a flask and a six pack. I’ve been in that hot seat three times and let me tell ya, once you are on the other side and your baby is good and your wife is finally asleep, never been thirstier.


    Good luck, buddy. Everything is gonna be great.

  26. I can’t drink, I’m the DD. She’s been sober 9 months, it’s only fair.

  27. mark my words.

  28. Ran across this gem last night. Never heard of this band before as they seem to be working the east coast. Pretty clever lyric.

    Also, good morning and go fuck yourselves. But not while you’re driving.

  29. As soon as my wife found out she was pregnant with #1 I quit drinking along with her just to be supportive. I had the remnants of a 12 pack of Michelob Light in the fridge for about 7 months without touching one. When #2 came around she was on her own. In fact, I probably drank her portion just to keep shit straight.

  30. That’s a hell of a song, Pendeko.

    It reminded me of this ole good’n.


  31. Where’s MJ been?

  32. Probably hasn’t come out of the bedroom for air. Maybe we should send some Gatorade.

  33. So, Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby body parts.

    We deserve everything that’s going to happen to us.

    Lost, completely lost.

  34. It’s not enough to sacrifice children to Molech, the sacrifices can be sold after their demonic god is appeased.

    How civilized.

  35. It’s like a half assed, thrown in the trash horror screen play from 1965.

    A Community College ASB saves the whirled from suck cess by pointing out every perceived insult and travesty at a never ending post-adult summer camp.

    Yer dad is the bad guy.

  36. you aren’t even in the movie

  37. Speaking of necrotic flesh,

    Riddle me this: For the past two nights, I have smelled something that could be dead critter, in the master bedroom. Don’t smell it during the morning, day, or very early evening. Two nights ago, it was about 9pm. Last night, it seemed to start in the corner, near a window around 10 pm and by 11, the whole room.

    I slept in the guest room in the event that is satan’s ass coming for a visit.

    I have seen no signs of mouse droppings anywhere in the house and there aren’t any dead critters outside the windows. I’ve looked in every nook and cranny and nada.

    *wonders if there is a dead critter in the gutter above said windows*

  38. Ok. Lemme get this straight. The NAACP is demanding removal of images on Stone Mountain … or they are going to … what? Boycott the park?

    Seriously? In all my years of camping and going to state parks – you know how many black people I’ve seen there?

  39. Black people don’t camp. It’s racist.

  40. OTOH, they do love to have picnics and bbq in the Stone Mountain park.

  41. Here’s a little tidbit to ponder.

    Evidently American Federation of Teachers members are pissed that the union endorsed Cankles.

    I know loads of public school teachers in my town. They are all Bernie Sanders supporters – every frickin’ one.

    These are the people that are teaching children.

  42. And that is the reason we are boned as a society. We let this happen.

  43. These are the people that are teaching children.

    They teach nothing, Jon Snow.

  44. People, there is something stinky in my boudoir late at night. What could it be besides myself? If a critter is dead in the wall, what could you do about it? But if it’s dead in the wall, how come I only smell it late at night?

  45. Ok Hotspur – I have appointment in AA in September. You gonna meet me for lunch?

  46. You should prolly nuke your house; it’s the only way to be sure.

  47. I may have to do it, Cyn.

  48. Love to. As long as it isn’t the 8th through the 12th.

  49. Beasn, it sounds to me like your husband is a ‘silent but deadly’ style of farter. That’s how shit like that usually happens at my house anyways.

  50. pendejo, he wasn’t in the room and his silencers are a different kind of dead.

  51. It may be a dying/injured animal that is nesting near your bedroom. It might be out foraging during daylight, then comes in at night to sleep.

    Cyn is right. Nuke it.

  52. Beasn, if you have a dog, let it in the bedroom and see if it pays attention to a particular area. One time we had a couple of mice that fell down into a wall and died. Had to break through the sheetrock to get them out, then seal up the hole they fell through.

  53. The NAACP is demanding removal of images on Stone Mountain

    and this is different than what the Taliban did to Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, how?

  54. beasn, just let any old dog in there. What could go wrong?

  55. 17th

  56. The NAACP is demanding removal of images on Stone Mountain

    Can we just deport them to Liberia? The images on Stone Mountain I mean……..I’m not rayciss.

  57. 17th

    That should work just fine. Don’t pull a Mare on me.

  58. I have a 10 am appointment with my daughter – They said it should take 2 hours. Can Erin go to the Ghetto bar? lol

  59. Is your appointment at UofM?

  60. Beasn, if you have a dog, let it in the bedroom and see if it pays attention to a particular area.

    I don’t have a dog. Though, I probably was one in a previous life. Throughout the day yesterday, I would walk in there and smell nothing. You would think the peak hour of heat – late afternoon – would produce the most stink. Nope. Then around 9 last night, I’d get a faint whiff which took me to the corner of the room near the first window. By 11, it was noticeable in the middle of the room.

    I’m thinking there might of have been a gap in the plywood* between the two windows and something may have got in that way and croaked.

    *when the house was built and the Messicans put in the three window holes in the master bedroom, one was way off-center and we were like, WTF, a kindergartner would know to space them evenly. So they reset it by cutting the wood and moving it to where it was supposed to be, leaving a gap in the shell of the house, right there.

  61. The losers must have been eating at Applebee’s or something.


  62. And if something croaked in the wall, I should be able to smell it all day, I would think.

    Hotspur, not sure a still living critter smells like mouse carcass.

    Only other thing I could think of is a shift in wind, at night, and a carcass is in the attic.

    Or the voles we mousetrapped have come back to haunt me.

  63. I’ve been jonesing a ham sammich, so I bought a quarter Double G ham yesterday.

    Lunch was a ham sammich with lettuce, mayo, fresh sliced garden tomatoes, and sweet tea.


  64. So, Geraldo threatened to knock out Eric Bolling on The Five.

    Second Look at The Five? Just to see Geraldo knocked out?

  65. Hot and muggy here. Thunderstorms threatening. . .

  66. Raining here.

  67. U of M Orthodontist thingy. My kids need braces and those things cost a lot of money.

  68. Geraldo couldn’t knock out Hotspur’s mom. He was a straight running pussy when he was in his prime and now he’s an old straight running pussy.

  69. I made this for dinner last night, but used thighs instead of breasts:


    It was really good! Anita just kept eating after she was full, until she was really uncomfortable. Couldn’t stop putting it in her mouth…

  70. Hey, my mom’s 93. She could totally clean Geraldo’s clock.

  71. Couldn’t stop putting it in her mouth…

    xbrad? The floor is yours.

  72. I threw out my back trying to pick the low hanging fruit Chrispy left there!

  73. clock

  74. *inserts rimshot here*

  75. *inserts funny gif here*

  76. That one is better than Cat In A Box On A Skateboard™

  77. Sun’s back out.

  78. No way, CIABOAS is tops!

  79. CIABOAS is a scam.

  80. CIABOAS helps many men get and maintain an erection.

  81. Beasn, it’s in your attic.

    If it’s like every other attic I’ve been in, it probably gets hot up there during the day. Heated air would rise and pull the stink away. Cool air doesn’t travel, so your stink gets a chance to concentrate.

    The smell will go away pretty quickly.

  82. Alternate theory is that the bacteria producing the stink are happier when it’s not 130 degrees.

  83. Beasn has bats in her belfry.


  84. Sposta get to 105F here today. But it’ll be a dry heat.

  85. It’s only 108 here right now.

  86. It’s 72º here.

  87. We’ve been thinking that, Scott. With 90+ heat and over 60% humidity, it’s too hot to go check (unless Mr. Beasn wants to climb up there at 6am.)

    Either way, I’m sleeping in Beasnson’s old room until it dries up.

  88. You better take a break and HYDRATE, HS. I hear the ghetto bar is just such a place.

  89. Then there’s this.

  90. Beasn has bats in her belfry.

    Mr. Beasn, when did you start hanging out in this dump?

  91. Want to bet some of the band members were pro gun control?

  92. That cat in a box on a skateboard made my day. Thanks dicks!

  93. Just think, beasn, if it gets hotter, it will smell like BBQ.

  94. He should have applied for a concealed bullet belt carry permit.

  95. Re-watching Warehouse 13. Yup, because everything else currently on sucks donkey balls.

  96. MCPO, I’ve recently started watching a cute Brit murder mystery called Death in Paradise. Stuffy Met officer shunted off to a Caribbean island.

  97. Carin, when are you coming for your morel spores? September also?

  98. Spores kilt it.

    Wasn’t that an episode of ST:TOS?

  99. You better make sure they are Morels. The spores kilt the blog.

  100. Jinx=Coke

  101. *waits for 8ball*

  102. I would take some Toll House Morsel Spores.

  103. Leon – I was hoping to scam a baby visit too …

    When did they say it was ok to put them in the soil?

  104. We’ve had so much rain I should check the woods for more morels, actually.

  105. Anytime should be fine as long as they have wet ground, it can take a while for them to take hold.

    There will definitely be a baby by September, but we’ll be here whenever you have time.

  106. I’m trying to consolidate my trips. Because my life is pathetic.

  107. Leon – I was hoping to scam a baby visit too …
    When did they say it was ok to put them in the soil?


    Being the rube I am, I never put my baby in soil.

  108. That House to House could be really good, xbradtc.

  109. Chrispy, that marsala recipe looks delicious. Will try that, and probably with chicken thighs also.

  110. I couldn’t finish the book the first time I tried to read it. Had to put it down for a couple years. Had to wait until most of the fighting in Iraq was over.

  111. I’m going to make the marsala tomorrow night. Tonight is grilled lamb. I’ve made a very similar marsala before but there are a few differences so I’ll try it that way.

  112. Evening.

  113. Carin how much lamb do you need for seven?

  114. Speaking of silence of the lambs…Oh, hi, Jewstin.

  115. I do a nice sized boneless leg. Matt is up north with the neighbors and Ethan is at a friend’s house tonight.

  116. Since Baby Farm is a teeming mess of piggies virus the bus can’t drive to the farm. My day starts and ends with a good walk. Uphill both ways.

  117. I should teach Kreecher to wear a saddle.

  118. ” My day starts and ends with a good walk. Uphill both ways.”

    Is it snowing there too?

  119. Mostly rain and fog. Hail is always possible.

  120. The whole Bruce Jenner deal is vomit inducing.

    The level of attention whore this psycho is, is beyond measurement.

    And the mass delusion of the country that this is fine is that kind of vomiting you have after everything is out of your stomach and there is only stomach lining left to heave.

  121. Neat picture!

  122. If Bruce Jenner were anyone else, he’d be guilty of vehicular manslaughter.

    Maybe that’s why he’s trying so hard to be someone else.

  123. I think we have a candidate for Mare’s Musing.

  124. Home from the hospital. I had chest pains all night, couldn’t get in to see the cardiologist, finally said fuck it and went to the ER. Not a heart attack, not a blood clot, but they don’t know what my problem is. Supplemental oxygen made me feel better. Prayers much appreciated.

  125. I prefer the players on the AL team. Always root for the NL. No DH. ⚾️😘

  126. Prayers headed your way, Roamy.

  127. On it, Roamy.

    And for gosh’s sake take good care!

  128. http://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/rankings/cardiology-and-heart-surgery

    For Fuck’s sake, Romy. Get your ass up here. You have kids. They like you. Stop dicking around. I WILL STOP THIS CAR.

  129. I don’t know what’s going on here but I don’t want Roamy to do anything about it:


  130. Did anybody question anybody else’s skills as their lead negotiator when they discovered the “No Lube” clause in the deal they agreed to today?

  131. Prayers and hugs for Roamy.

  132. Also, don’t say anything on Facedouche because I called my dad, and he interrupted me three times when I tried to tell him, so I didn’t.

  133. Hugs, prayers, and hugs and prayers, Roamsie.

  134. Prayers and kind thoughts headed your way, roamy.

  135. I don’t want your heart racing too much more than it already has during your HHD search, so if you need me to whip that out, just say the word.

  136. Thanks, y’all. (((squishy hugs)))

  137. Cyn, I did HHD this morning as a distraction while waiting for the dr’s office to open. I should probably double check to make sure it’s coherent, but it should be fine.

  138. She totally will stop the car; I’ve seen her do it.

  139. Prayers, Roamy. I’ll say a Rosary for you in the morning.

  140. Heh.

  141. Watched that the other day, laughed.

  142. Thoughts and prayers, Roamie.

  143. Mr. Palmer was pretty good in that.

  144. Just showed that to the wife. She and the baby are both laughing.

  145. So, I heard that there is some new ad for Toyota 4Runner, and I searched for it on youtube and played it. Naturally, YouTube won’t show you anything until you watch an ad.

    Can you guess where this is going? Yep. YouTube showed me the ad and then showed me the ad. The same ad. Twice.

  146. Take care Roamy. Go through all tests.

  147. Dan and I have been browsing ballcaps. Minor league. Rainbow Giants hat is trending. Reds are still H8Rs. ( Dan just got a really cool Manatees cap. Lots of cool minor league and Spring Training out there)

  148. Found some new music.

    I may buy the album.

  149. A Ferrari Testarossa (1980s edition) is the splash image for the video? It better be funny, at least.

  150. Roamy,
    Have you got an appointment with the cardio yet?

  151. I saw a BMW i8 yesterday.

    Looks like fun.

  152. These ain’t your father’s NACA ducts.

  153. Okay, so it’s Kraftwerk with an 80s vibe.

  154. “Synthwave” is the descriptor I heard. It makes me think of a sci-fi 80s movie soundtrack, so of course I like it.

  155. Meh.

  156. I headed into the kitchen to do this:


    for dinner tonight, and Anita said ; “Screw dinner, have another drink.”
    After reading the AoS abortion thread, we were both really depressed.
    America has tossed out GOD and embraced Moloch. We deserve what we get.

  157. Damn, roamy, take care of that, stat!

  158. Oso, one to add to your collection. It’s a pretty nice minor league park, too. Ft. Wayne TinCaps


  159. Love lemon chicken, orange chicken too! You’re eating well, lately, chrisp!

  160. *cocktails and debriefs*

  161. **perks up**

  162. *pours doubles for the debriefs, and the decoctails*

  163. I’m sticking with the cheap booze. The nice Bushmills 21 I think I’ll guzzle at my HS reunion and then try to fingerbang Suzie Rottencrotch behind the bleachers.

  164. Two dozen other stupid reasons
    Why we should suffer for this
    Don’t bother trying to explain them
    Just hold my derp, while I come
    To a decision on it

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