Really? Really? Nobody’s gonna make a new poat?



  1. Sean, this surprises you, how?

  2. Sean seems a little fragile lately. He might need a hug or sumpin.

  3. It’s not that, Hotspur. I mean, your mom gave me a “hug” so it must be something else.

  4. I don’t get it.

  5. You put hug in quotes. She actually dope slapped you, didn’t she?

  6. Sure, Hotspur. We’ll also saunter over to the clubhouse and sip drinks while scoping out the GILFs.

  7. Sounds good, B-rad. At my age and stage of the game, I might actually be able to hold my own.

  8. Mare, you are welcome to clean this place anytime you want.

  9. There was some slapping involved.

  10. I heard she gives mouth hugs.

  11. She gives all the hugs, Chumpo.

  12. Italian loaf makes an excellent grilled cheese, a nice compliment to pea soup.

  13. Italian Loaf would be a good name for a guy who does lounge covers of Meatloaf songs.

  14. I got Italian Loaf from your mom.

  15. Watching Battlebots. Not good when you have to sweep up your ‘bot after the match.

  16. We’re almost to six million hits. What is the prize?

  17. “complement to”

    /some son of a filthy whore

  18. Complement is the completion of something, like a complementary angle or a scarf that goes with a dress.

    Compliment is a nice thing that you give, like a beejer.

  19. Leon, that scarf complements your dress very well.

  20. Thanks, it was the only clothing I could grab when I was rushing out of your mom’s house.

  21. sorry to cut and run. It’s movie night. B&T’s Bogus Journey. Let’s Go!!

    Leon, you can owe me a complimentary beej.

  22. I have to go to Baby Farm tomorrow. I am already tired. We had an outbreak of PEDv late last week. That means lots of dead piggies.

  23. El Senor de los Cielos is on Netflix now. I can finally practice Spanish again as it was meant to be learnt: while ogling busty latinas in tight dresses.

  24. I was hooked on a show called El Cor de LA Ciudad. It was a soap opera. Iago was super hot. Not busty but still.

  25. Catalan is a bizarre language.

  26. I made the mistake of looking up what PEDv is. Gross.

  27. Six millions of the hits means you get Lee Majors beating you to a pulp. He isn’t angry, just dissapoint for you, son.

  28. Did anybody take offense when anybody else asked if they’d recently suffered a stroke today?

  29. Pigs with firehose diarrhea. It is remarkably unpleasant.

  30. Oh, dang. The only stroke I had was… ah, fabmly weblog & all that, but it involved a hand and a tiny, angry rooster who sprayed sweet genetic materiél over everyting his precious li’l beak could hit.


  31. This one blonde chica isn’t very busty, but the things she does to a sheathe dress are illegal in Utah and possibly Idaho.

  32. What Gillian Anderson does to a bicycle ridin’ nerd is quite likely illegal in 47 states, too. Woof!

  33. Gillian Anderson looks great in purple latex.

  34. Gillian Anderson looks great in purple latex.

    Holy cats, is my wife trolling this weblog trying to get me to say admissible things?

  35. I never found her especially attractive.

  36. tucker

  37. Gilliam Anderson is quite lovely.

    *shuns Leon*

  38. She ate a cricket, because she couldn’t palm it like a magician. That’s magical, if you axe me.

  39. Gilliam Anderson is quite lovely.

    *shuns Leon*
    Not sure Leon needs to take your opinion too seriously.

  40. I mean, I would exchange headbutts with a lovely woman like that. Hoo, yeah.

  41. Santa Fe Club manager accidentally called a Mexican Member, New Mexican. Bitch got all offended that Andi from MN, couldn’t tell the difference. Andi’s wife, Dana, is Dan’s boss. She asked us “How do you tell the difference between Mexicans and New Mexicans?” Ambrosio, Dan, and I, were on a roll. I asked about the punchline. There wasn’t one. People from MN can’t tell the difference between us.

  42. Not sure Leon needs to take your opinion too seriously.

    I’m sure I’d prefer her to Iago.

  43. MMM @525am.

  44. Gillian Anderson is quite fetching and is a talented actress. She is, however, dumb as hell. Seriously, if you ever see an interview with her, you’ll wonder how she remembers to breathe. And I’m not even talking about having stupid political views or anything–she’s just an ar-tard.

  45. MMM @525am.

    Huh. You sure that’s such a good idea?

  46. She is, however, dumb as hell.

    Shh. We know. It’s all about playing “prentend the hot redhead has a brain, cos she’s hot and we want to stuff our genitals in her genitalia”.

  47. Dude. Iago is a total hottie.

  48. Stark, that’s what the Algorithm dictated for this week. I don’t always understand it, but I’m sure the underlying logic is sound.

  49. Dude. Iago is a total hottie.

    With a penis. Gillian is – by contrast – well-equipped for my needs. To the earlier point, she has complementary junk ‘n’ stuff.

  50. Well, my wife is hotter’n Gillian, but Gillian is still hot. Don’t get me wrong.

  51. I’m a computer. My logic is infallible.

  52. I thought we all took a vow at the last meatup not to post that video of Rosetta in the chair spitting up all over himself?


    Good call.

  53. Cyn!

    **begins leg humping**

  54. Sorry, lauraw. I’ll selfban.


  56. Oh. Hey, xbrad. Nice to see you too.

    *stabs xbrad in the jugular with PEDv vaccine*

  57. How you been, Cyn? Seems like you haven’t been around much.

  58. Been holding up mostly; busy with work and taking the boys up north for the short summer. They’re back to school in about 2.5 weeks. Ugh.

  59. Why is the summer so short? Is it because of your weird Daylight Savings Time thingy?

  60. A wonky year-round schedule. It has its pluses and minuses.

    Mostly minuses.

  61. OK, Ash vs. The Evil Dead looks like a winner:

  62. They get one week fall and spring breaks and about two weeks of at Christmas. Just before each of the breaks, there’s three days of for parent teacher meetings. Eats into the year.

  63. Stupid school, always trying to screw you.

  64. in 1997 I left my sunroof open, when I entered my car something fell into my collar behind my head.

    I fished out an oak leaf, when something bit me!
    I hope Mare’s spider bite does not turn into a unicorn horn!

    Mare wherever you are building make sure you specify you are 18″ above the FEMA 100 year flood elevation.

  65. Good to see you around Phat. Though kinda bummed you don’t pass thru Sky Harbor anymore.

  66. >>Stupid school, always trying to screw you.


  67. If Payson wasn’t so awesome and beautiful, I might take it personally when Cyn goes AWOL.

  68. I’m heading out to Illinois for some vacation in early October. Probably going to the Illinois – Nebraska game while I’m there. I’m gonna avoid hitting on any coeds on the off chance that one might be phatspawn.

  69. Cyn,

    It’s a seasonal thing. Lot’s more PHX trips in the fall and winter.

    Now I’m flying a lot of Anchorage and Fairbanks trips, just based on demand.

    Seems like the schedule is heavily weighted towards the cruise lines.

    Been flying a lot to Aruba lately, which is a huge cruise port.

  70. I thought I jinxed the Angels. I’m ok. They won today. Bucs beat Cards in extras. Good day.

  71. Do the domestics still fly 767s? What routes?

  72. Today (well, Sunday) was Mr. TiFW’s birthday. He is now officially able to get the Senior Citizen Discount at some establishments – we ate dinner at 5:00 p.m. this evening in keeping with his advanced years…..

  73. Xbrad,

    Most of the domestic trips are on the 757 (plus Hawaii). The 767 does Europe.

    We’ll see if I follow through on the upgrade. If I’ll be in the top 60% of First Officers, I’ll do it. Otherwise I’ll stay on the 737.

  74. Grrrr. I have lots of friends in NoVa. Nephew gets accepted to Georgetown Law. I offer contacts to bro. Crickets. They are headed to DC tomorrow. Bro texts me tonight for contacts. GRRRRR

  75. You can derp ev’ry derp with the guy who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight
    You can smile ev’ry smile for the man who held your hand ‘neath the pale moonlight
    But don’t forget who’s taking you home and in whose arms you’re gonna be
    So darlin’, save the last derp for me

  76. I wrote that song for your mom.

  77. Morning.

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