Sup perverts? Welcome to Big Boob Friday.



I’m just not feeling it this week, sorry guys.

Your model for today is a porn star from Japan and has hauge boobs. Please stop not doing it long enough to welcome Ran Niyama.








The drink of the week is “Shivering Douche Chills“.



  1. Morning.

  2. Early boobs rock!

    workie workie

  3. Meh

  4. Found from ONT at Aces’

    This is a great goldmine of stupidity.

  5. Slightly bovine bewbage, but they like that over there, and her smile is pretty.

  6. She got fat.

  7. Is it photoshopped, or does she not have nipples?

  8. Tesla cars pay for themselves.


  9. She’s got ’em, they just point at her toes Tushar. A little imaginative cropping and camera angles went into this BBF. Plenty of photographic and video evidence available if you have the inclination.

  10. aureola, mufaku

  11. She seems nice.

  12. wakey wakey

  13. Well, she has good posture!

  14. I bet her grasp of English grammar is outstanding.

  15. I’m sure those are totally real.

  16. Yeah, plastic surgeons don’t install flour sacks like that.

  17. She looks like she makes a mean fried chicken & mashed taters.

  18. flour sacks cooking friend chicken and mashed taters killed it.

  19. Flour sacks made me lol in my undies.

  20. Gee, I wonder why all the GOP emails go to my spam folder now:

  21. Another Bush, another loss. Lovely.

    We are the stupid party.

  22. Yep.

  23. Can we do-over THursday? I don’t want it to be Friday. Waaaaaa

  24. Had the night off, Car in? Good for you. I have a real double today.

  25. No one wants Jeb but Jeb and the banksters.

    Cruz’s wife works for Goldman-Sachs, why aren’t they bankrolling him instead?

  26. She seems nice…..

    On a completely different subject, our dear, sweet Rebecca turns 14 today.

    Thankfully, there will never be any pictures out there of her showing off her tatas….. :-)

  27. I have every tuesday and thursday off. I have to bartend tonight and all fricken day tomorrow. boo hisss

  28. Happy B-day Rebecca!

  29. It better not be Jeb.

  30. Ditto

  31. Country ribs report:

    salt pepper garlic. Grilled indirect to 135-ish. Rest . Served with raspberry chipolte sauce.


  32. Mine are bigger

  33. I’m eating one right now. Not yet used to eating pink pork.

  34. Crazy cleavage!

  35. HB Rebecca.

    Age 14? Condolences to Mr. & Mrs. TiFW.

  36. Comment by SoWhat on July 10, 2015 11:43 am
    Mine are bigger

    The juxtaposition of Scott’s reply is kinda humorous.

  37. Age 14? Condolences to Mr. & Mrs. TiFW.

    Oh, no worries – we’ve lived through 3 teenaged girls already, and Rebecca is NOTHING like they were!

    She’s been remarkably easy to raise her entire life; that extra chromosome does have its advantages at times :-)

  38. Least appetizing clickbait recipe headlines? Is that a good game?

    5 Things Barry Manilow Does To His Hamburger Meat

    Things You Should Never

  39. crap, premature poatiation

  40. Seven Ways To Get More Mucus In Your Diet

  41. Three Awesome Cakes You Can Bake In An Old Shoe

  42. You’ve Been Binging and Purging All Wrong…Find Out Why

  43. VIDEO: Sexy Kate Upton Loses A Bandaid In The Cookie Batter

  44. 7 Easy Steps to Eliminate Feces from Your Seafood…Number 4 will Blow your Mind!

  45. Kaitlyn Jenner Eliminated this Sausage from Her Diet…Find Out Why

  46. Watch These Three Adorable Toddlers Eat Pâté And Throw Up

  47. What your poop says about your politics- Number 2 will make you shit your pants!

  48. Who’s got next?

  49. One Great Hack For Perfect Pie Crust, Every Time (Hint: Use Your Feet!)

  50. 12 Ways You’re Not Getting the Most Out of Your Inflatable Sheep!!
    #5 Will Cause Shrinkage!!!

  51. Top Eighty Eight Questions You Must Ask Before Kissing Your Date!!
    (Some colleges only require eighty four but why take that chance?)

  52. This Recipe For Hitler Pie Will Change Your Life

  53. You Won’t BELIEVE These Bill Cosby Cocktail Recipes

  54. Ernest Bornine’s Gorilla Cookies Recipe

  55. You’ve Never Seen These New Ways To Use Pig Face

  56. 12 Cutting-Edge Drink Garnishes (Hint: Save Those Toenail Clippings!)

  57. Five Bodily Fluids That Pair Well With Meatloaf

  58. Don’t Flush That! Make Your Own Homemade Place Settings

  59. 2 Hostages that have way too many screwed up ideas! See inside!

  60. 17 Sauce-puddles That Look Like Gorbachev’s Birthmark

  61. 5 ways to incorporate grey water into fine dining.

  62. I’ve got nothin.

  63. 13 Kitchen Mysteries Explained: Your Cat Is Pooping In The Flour

  64. How Fast Does Someone Die From Botulism? This Fast!

  65. The Shocking Reason Your Pancakes Taste Like Crap- It’s That Cat Again!

  66. Make This Cake That Looks Like A Norway Rat

  67. You’ve Been Boiling Liver Wrong Your Whole Life

  68. Recipes need a little something extra? 5 things to spice up your life from the cleaning cabinet.

  69. Pan sauces? Don’t throw away that spoiled mayo!

  70. Forget Everything You’ve Heard About Cooking with Engine Coolant

  71. Poison Control Centers Hate Her…Find Out Why

  72. SHHHH….They’ll Never Guess It’s Not Chicken!

  73. The Five Dream Vacations MIchelle would like to Take Before They Leave Office

  74. Car passed inspection, got wheels rotated and balanced, fluids topped off, vacuumed, washed and hand dried. I should start drinking now.

  75. Wanna get shitfaced? Here’s five vehicle fluids you can drain from your vehicle right now to get awesomely hammered!

  76. Shopping with Pogo at Ralph’s did not result in matricide. My repeated entreaties to her that we already had white vinegar were disregarded however. So when we got home, she insisted I show her the vinegar we had. Well, there’s the two bottles in the kitchen, the four in the laundry room, and the gallon jug in the pantry outside.

    And now she admits she can’t remember *why* she wanted white vinegar.

  77. So I have 8 6’x4′ pallets to disassemble now and rebuild into a walking path for the garden.

  78. Ha ha ha! Ace’s post about Lena Dunham is gold.

    I may have to go to a doctor in 4 hours, if this schadenboner doesn’t subside.

  79. XBrad,
    Next time you go out with XMom, take photos of your pantry.

  80. I didn’t know she had it on the shopping list. I normall vet it beforehand. Besides, it’s only a buck.

  81. I’m sorry vinegar killed BBF.

  82. Vinegar is one of those things we always have. Until we don’t.

  83. I bought a gallon of white vinegar last year for the boys doing some kind of rocket toy with the older one’s dad. Got home and entered the mudroom to see the empty bottle in the trash and a smell like a sorority house douche party.

  84. BTW, I’ve been looking for my old VHS copy of Sorority House Douche Party…anyone seen it?

  85. Mare calls that “Tuesday.”

  86. Ewww.

  87. So freaking busy.
    I wont get a day off until August.

  88. Busy here too Scott. Lot of cases getting done. I’ve been fretting over the complexity of a few but I’ve only had to take one kid back to revise something. That’s a gut punch when it happens.

  89. Packed and moved a shit-ton today. Hauling boxes up out of the basement then into the new basement. My knees and back are boned.

  90. How’s the ship modelling coming, Hotspur?

  91. The ship modeling is getting moved.

  92. As long as there’s still space for it. I was worried it might get downsized.

  93. Okay boys and girls, the Pit Barrel Cooker, is wonderful. Penelope got me one for my birthday. We fired it up today and it worked just like they said. Start the charcoal, wait 20 minutes, put in meat and walk away. Come back in 3 hours and perfect ribs are waiting. Perfect, not chewy, not mushy, just firm and delicious (like your mom used to be). You meat aficionados should definitely get one.

  94. Nope. It will expand significantly. Plus I now have space for all of my other unbuilt kits that are stored in my daughter’s garage.

  95. Good evening, sniffers of butt.

  96. That looks great, Pepe. I was reading about that thing a couple of months ago and suggested it to somebody.

  97. How long will it burn?

  98. No idea, Scott. Took the ribs out and it looked like plenty of coals left. You can hang up to 8 !!!!!! racks of ribs in it. Next up a brisket, then on to a Boston Butt. Dead simple, with great results, smoking meat for dummies.

  99. I bet you get the best chicken on that, very similar to how Big Green Egg works.

  100. Nice thing about it burning at slightly higher temps, it takes the possibility of creosote formation off the table.

  101. Amazing Rib guy has some really good rub recipes. We are a big fan of his Big Bad Beef rub. Good as a dry rub, but mixed with oil it makes an amazing wet rub. We use it on everything.

  102. Penelope used one of his rubs on it.

  103. Just gorged on more ribs, they were epic. :) *burps, groans, slips into a coma*

  104. *steals Pep’s wallet, draws dicks on his face*

  105. I would like one of those, but 4 grills might be overkill.

  106. You neeeeeeed it!

    Sean, Penelope has all the money, nothing in my wallet.

  107. Scott, per the Amazing Ribs review:

    “I hung a 11.5-pound brisket and a 8-pound pork butt in the same cooker (one on each rod), and they were at 140 internal within two hours! ……………

  108. That’s what I don’t understand. What happened to low and slow?

  109. I can tell from the videos that that will make the best chicken you have ever had.

  110. That’s probably wise, Peps, if you’re gonna get all meat-drunk and pass out among knaves like us.

  111. We’re gonna have a really exotic dinner this evening.
    Steaming a whole head of Cauliflower and eating it with butter & salt.

  112. The boys voted pizza. Can’t escape Friday pizza even in Payson.

    Great sunset though.

  113. HB Pepe!

  114. Friday pizza sounds good. Though we had to settle for pulled pork BBQ sammiches here.

  115. I had a huge piece of grouper for dinner tonight. It was fabulous.

  116. I don’t know, Scott, evidently some kind of voodoo magic. All I know is it was super simple and the ribs were perfect. I don’t have to know why, just as long as it works.

  117. Did anybody give up on trying to convince anybody else that the Bible verse they kept quoting does not, in fact, justify necrophilia today?

  118. Since when does necrophilia need justification?

  119. Necrophilia, when you feel like cracking open a cold one……

  120. Does TOO!


  122. A local public teevee station was just playing this. During a pledge drive.

    Sadly, I’m sure there are plenty of people for whom “YOU’RE A RACIST ASSHOLE AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT!!!” is actually a powerful inducement to part with a few hundred bucks.

  123. True thing, Puppeh: There’s a little dish on the kitchen table with treats for Riley for when he goes out and does his bidness. He’s gotten to be kind of a butthole about not eating the treats out of the dish. If I take the same treat out of the cabinet two steps away from the dish, he’ll scarf it right down.

  124. Riley is worth the effort for you to take the two fucking steps, Sean. Why do you hate Riley?

  125. I love Riley. I hate effort.

  126. We’ve started making our own cleaning supplies with vinegar and baking soda. Great stain remover for carpets. Different formulas for different types of cleaning. Great for tile, shower doors, etc. I should’ve done a buzzfeed headline, but today sucked.

  127. Vet told us to replace half of the divas dry with green beans for weight loss. MA won’t eat them at all, Gingy only eats them if we handfeed her from our plates. MA has lost some of her Winter weight but they are both chunks.

  128. Riley eats more vegetables than a lot of people I know.

  129. That’s it, I’m getting one. Thanks pepe!

  130. I find I spend my time
    Waiting on your call
    How can I tell you, babe
    My back’s against the wall
    I need you by my derp
    To tell me it’s alright
    ‘Cause I don’t think I can take anymore

  131. *taps on window*

  132. **taps your mom**

  133. wakey wakey.

    Hey did I tell you about how fun my day is going to be today?

    I’m bartending all day by myself. Because – of course – everyone else asked off.

    DUH!!! Why didn’t I ask off? I guess then there would have been zero bartenders.

    Manager asked me last night if Sat’s have been busy. Uhm – YOU’RE THE GM. I’ve been telling you NOT to schedule a server in the bar with me during the day because it’s slow – but (to be a prick) YOU’ve been doing it because some server was jealous I was actually making money during the day. So under the presence that “You can’t handle it” (which is a bs lie) you’ve had a server in there with me. I told her I wasn’t going to do it anymore – so she said this is the last week of that crap. It’s had better be.

    But nights can get busy. For a while you definitely need two bartenders.

    But HEY – now apparently I can handle *that* – right?

    right? So I’m going to be picking my ass all day with an extra server and then at night I’m going to be losing my mind.

    anyway – fml today. Its going to suck.

  134. tl;dr

  135. Carin, how can I help?

    ps I only know how to pour wine. Or beer, although my husband says there is too much foam. So I drink the foam and half the beer to make it right. I’m a giver.

  136. Awesome Mare. I need you to put on a pair of blank pants and this tight black shirt.

    Plus – bring snacks. We’re going to need energy food.

  137. Call in sick.

    Your garden needs you.

  138. On it, Carin!

  139. My garden DOES need me …

    Mare can handle it. It’s easy piece. If someone order’s some fru-fru drink just add a few different rums and juice and grenadine.

  140. Leon’s close enough that he needs to do daily check-ins.

    IT’s nervous work waiting for a baby from afar.

  141. I have another friend who’s due just a few days after Mrs Leon. She keeps me posted on facebook pretty well.

    She has two kids by a no-good loser. She got married last July and now is expected her first girl. This is the first time she’s done the “I’m happy to be pregnant” thing. I point this out to the girls I work with – how much it’s awesome to be happy to be pregnant. I mean – they mostly get happy after a while – but it’s always a bit of a reserved happiness.

  142. Mare’s obviously off trying on the tight shirt.

  143. I hate you all so very much.

  144. Baby’s not here yet. Wife got up before me to make oatmeal for herself and offered to clean the house while I was doing all the outside chores, though, so it won’t be long.

  145. I’m only working a half day.

    I’ll do a fake double tomorrow to make up for it.

  146. “lean the house while I was doing all the outside chores, though, so it won’t be long.”

    AAHHHHH – NO NO NO. Never say that. Yikes. Didn’t anyone tell you that?

    You’re gonna doom your poor wife to going past her due date.

    And I don’t care how big the baby is. I went day days past with my biggest child. She was TWO pounds bigger than the others.

  147. 10 days ^

    All my others I had before my due date.

  148. I’m doing a fake double today. Weeding the front landscape first, then coop cleaning, then weeding the garden, then breaking down the pallets to make my walkways, then making the walkways.

    If there’s any light left after that, I’m hand-weeding my backyard fence line. Weed whacker + galvanized wire is worthless.

  149. Yea – I haven’t found a solution to weeding around chicken/horse wire fencing. sucks.

  150. I want Leon’s fake double instead of mine though.

  151. Her doctor will encourage her strongly to induce if we go past due, I suspect, and she may relent. We had such a hard time getting pregnant in the first place that he keeps reminding us that she can survive outside now.

  152. The front landscaping has a vine growing in it that gives me a skin rash. I don’t think it’s actual poison ivy, but I have to behave as though it is. Long sleeves, gloves, long pants, hat, all to be removed and washed after the first set of chores while I shower and scrub as though I wasn’t wearing it.

  153. keeps mouf shut about inductions and doesn’t link article about the complications

  154. I know, she knows, we don’t want to, but if it gets to be 10 days past due I don’t want to pressure her if it’s what she wants at that point.

  155. We did discuss the late clamping with the doctor assuming we don’t have any other complications. My primary job is to keep my head at that miraculous moment and growl at anyone who attempts to clamp the cord before it’s finished pulsing.

  156. Roundup Ground Clear works real good for fence lines.

  157. Carin, the shirt was tight and I kind of looked like a sausage but I’m game.

  158. “sausage” is the look we’re going for.

    Now just remember what I told you about fruity drinks. Rums. Juice. Grenadine. DONE.

  159. Politely declines to tell story of my induction at 10 days past due.

  160. Got it.

  161. Thanks, but I don’t want Roundup anywhere in my yard, Pup. I eat weeds from it and don’t want to poison myself or the plants. Also, if I hand-pull, I can compost.

    Carin, I really feel like it’s going to be soon, my hunch is Tuesday right as I’m getting ready to go to bed and I’m already very tired. Or possibly after I’ve spent 3 hours weeding the fence line.

  162. Can we start a pool, winner gets middle naming rights? I’m going with Sunday 11PM, Winnefred.

  163. I love profiling. Credit card called to say they had declined an unusual charge. Which one of you lifted the number to order a dating service out of San Francisco?

  164. I pick tonight at 9 PM. Therese.

  165. Her name is Cordelia Josephine, and this shall not change.

    Time to go pull vines.

  166. Now that Leon is a soon to be father he sure is sassy.

  167. How can John Kasich raise 11.5 million dollars?

  168. Monday 04:33:05

  169. Lotta old money in Columbus, plus as he is a current Gov it never hurts to keep your name on his donor list.

  170. Comment by leoncaruthers on July 11, 2015 9:07 am

    The front landscaping has a vine growing in it that gives me a skin rash.

    Funny, that’s just like one of XBrad’s dates………..

  171. Cordelia Josephine = Cujo

  172. Sunday 10.35 AM.

    Winston. Afterr Winston Churchill, ofcourse.

  173. leon, I like perusing the coontown subreddit.
    While the racism showed there is blatant, I can’t help but think they have a point. The stories of unpunished black violence are harrowing.

    Als, the reason there is no black equivalent of Coontown is that blacks being racist towards others, especially white people, is socially acceptable. They don’t need a subreddit.

  174. #1 came 8 days early – when Pat had gotten up early- done all his chores- just made himself lunch and was sitting down to watch a western before an afternoon of football. PROM. MAJOR prom. All over the floor.

  175. Which picture Mare? I think the family dining room is kinda yuck.

  176. The last one with the modern paintings, ugly rug and traditional furniture all wrong scale.

  177. Morning again.

  178. Carin, I saw the griping about Gov. Snyder getting rid of incentives for Hollywood. The guy can’t win – either it’s cronyism or being mean to the out-of-work actors in MI.

  179. Monday morning at 2:47AM. Bertha.

  180. The new state dining room isn’t nearly as awful as I expected it to be.

  181. Sunday 11 PM
    Le-a. (the dash don’t be silent)

  182. I hate to say this, but I’m giving up reading anything about Pope Francis. LIC = low information Catholic.

  183. Roamacita, check your FB messages, please.

  184. You’re not my real dad!


  185. I just keep reminding myself that he’s not a Borgia.

    Front weeded, coop cleaned, showered and shaved. Remembered that I also have to mow the lawn today. The walkway building might have to wait. I can do that even if it’s raining.

  186. My sister just got back from a visit to old Ireland. And brought me a bottle of 21 year old Bushmills.

  187. Heh. Just came across this in an auction lot

  188. Good afternoon citizens!

    Actually have a week off (jury duty), so I may be around a bit more.

  189. Madison County, IL is a ‘top 5 judicial hellhole’. We lead the country in asbestos and tobacco lawsuits.

    Hoping I get called to be a juror on one of them.


  190. I’m beefier.

  191. Phat! How are you?

  192. Both of my kids were early. #1, a day early. #2, two weeks early.

    Mr. Beasn described them as wall mounters.

  193. xbrad, I wasn’t referring to the formal dining room. I was referring to what looks like their family dinning room. uuuf.

  194. The ‘nesting’ thing happened with #2.

  195. Love the calendar, Scott.



    Do you have a newsletter?

  197. Shit. Where’s Laura’s pork recipe?

  198. Xbrad, good to be back.

    Flew a trip through PSP last month. That is one weird terminal building.

    Put in this morning to move to the 757/767.

    Tired of flying the 737 and looking for a change.

  199. Mare,

    Gotta a feeling that once they hear I’m retired military and a gun owner I will be dismissed from all juries.

  200. Phat, I liked the old terminal at PSP better, when it was open and had a putting green.

  201. Xbrad,

    It’s still kinda open. Just has a big ass tent over it.

    It’s a bit funky, but I like it.

  202. It’s one of the better airports, yes.

    Presuming you flew in on 31L, you went *right* over my house.

  203. KPSP kilt it.

  204. Phat, do you know astronaut Eric Boe? Air Force Academy ’87

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