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On with the New Masters. Meet V.S Gaitonde b. 1922 d. 2001

Region capture 114

In 1950 Gaitonde joined The Bombay Progressive Artists Group.

Region capture 110

Region capture 108

Region capture 107

His paintings have been described as representing “…the quietness of the imagination.”

Region capture 115

Region capture 112

By 1971 he had shown all over the world.

Region capture 116

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  1. I think that last picture is a moo cow.

  2. Good morning.

  3. The Shroud of Turin comes to mind.

  4. >>I think that last picture is a moo cow.

    Jew, that is funny, because in my (and his) native language, Gaitonde roughly translates to ‘cow mouth’

  5. jewstin knows cows.

  6. Second one (orange) looks like a histology slide of trabecular bone.

  7. The orange one is ok but only because I like the color. And he didn’t invent the color. SO I”m giving this one a thumbs down.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. If Lori Watt were a painter…

  10. I thought the orange one was a bunch of people swimming at sunset.

    Or in a volcano.

    But that would be silly.

  11. It’s proggie art. I don’t like it.

  12. And I thought of that Japenese girl who fell into the volcano. Was she trying? To make it back? Back into the womb of the world.

  13. derp.

  14. I hate you all

  15. I don’t think derping is allowed during daylight.

  16. No-one knows what it’s like to be hated

  17. I didn’t know Gatoraide could be used to make art. Huh.

  18. If Chumpo insists on culturing our asses up with some paintings and shit, you’d think he could at least find an artist who specialized in naked chicks.

  19. I don’t think derping is allowed during daylight.

    It’s crossderp, where you do as many derpees as you can in five minutes.

  20. I think my record is 78 or something.

  21. 78? Damn, that’s impressive. My fat ass is winded after 15.

  22. Yea – derpees are deceptively hard. I go slow and steady. I don’t stop I just SLOOOW down and keep going.

    Also when you get up- you can straddle your legs further apart – you don’t have to “get up” as high. As long as you jump afterwards. Crossfit does things for time and # so anything that makes ’em easier is ok.

  23. last week we had a bunch of lifts to do then run two miles and then – at the very end – 100 derpees. MAN that kinda sucked. Running the last mile thinking – “as soon as I finish this I get to do 100 derpees”. LOL. Some people took breaks – sets of ten. I did 70 straight and then took a water break.

  24. “the quietness of the imagination.”

    That’s the polite way of saying….looks like dirt.

  25. Nothing like a little incentive to finish the run.

    They will be easier when I’m not carrying around an extra bag of cement with me everywhere.

  26. You know what’s really inspiring? Buying shirts and pants that are a smaller size.

  27. Yep.

  28. Yeah, I’m still wearing the same sizes. My shirts fit tighter across the shoulders, and my pants across the thighs, so I guess that’s something.

  29. you didn’t sit on your butt for 10+ years before starting this, though. I had time to build up extra winter fat.

  30. Does it represent the quietness of the imagination?

  31. I have a LOT of extra muscle now. Haven’t been losing a lot lately, but definitely lost inches.


  32. The Zen of Scott™

  33. I switched from men’s large to men’s medium in Ts a while back when I lost all the weight. They got tight in the shoulders and sleeves not long after.

    I got rid of all my fat pants after I’d kept it off for a year. I can’t get fat again, I have no clothes for it.

  34. I don’t think I’ll ever see a large. I’ll be XL, but that’s ok by my. I’m big boned.

  35. When I lost the 60 lb? I gained an inch.


  36. That would be sweet! a 50% increase!

  37. Heh.

  38. Longer wangs killed it.

  39. I’m pretty sure a the one minute mark someone was reading this site.

  40. I saw the Spice Girls open for Longer Wang at Nassau Coliseum.

  41. Speaking of Spice Girls, I think I need to buy a hoe.

  42. #5 is the tucker

  43. It’s #4. Trust me.

  44. It’s #4. Trust me.

    I will defer to the expert.

  45. I like the blue jellyfish. But that’s about it.

  46. Chumpo didn’t have much to say about this artist.

  47. We really should talk about art and shit a lot more here.

  48. I mean seriously – this kind of art is the stuff that inspires folks who completely lack talent to actually … draw stuff.

  49. I finally see the sailboat!

  50. “Let’s see … I can’t draw for shit. Painting? Not really. Sculpture? Nope. … what can I DO? I know I’ll be an abstract expressionist!”

  51. I mean why didn’t I think to do this? http://www.wikiart.org/en/barnett-newman/yellow-painting-1949

  52. You basically have to be a wordsmith – this represents the “state of being made into one.”


    Yea. Ok.

  53. “For Newman, this unevenly painted zip on a flat field of color does not divide the canvas, rather it merges both sides, drawing in the audience to intensely experience the work both physically and emotionally. Some have compared the zips to Giacometti’s slender figures, reinforcing Newman’s own connections between his paintings and the viewer’s body. ”

    And drugs. WHere do the drugs fit in?

  54. *waits for counter argument from Chumpo.

  55. Reminds me of watching Sideways, or Blue Jasmine, with all the feeling and introspection.

    Or maybe getting my teeth drilled. I can’t decide, they are similar.

  56. http://slatestarcodex.com/2015/06/02/and-i-show-you-how-deep-the-rabbit-hole-goes/

    Read the whole thing, it’s amazing.

  57. Aren’t you on the clock, mister?

  58. http://is.gd/u00ELI

  59. ANyone going to the store? I need a few things.

  60. I’m on the clock and keep asking people if they need anything.

    Nada to do.

  61. I’m headed to Ace Hardware for a ho and something to hammer brads with. Whatcha need?

  62. Carrots a turnip some celery and a bottle of wine.

    Pinot Noir or a malbec will be fine.

  63. That orange mess looks like moldy bits of cheese slices floating in cheeto dust.

  64. The wine selection at Ace sucks, but I’ll see what I can do.

  65. Sorry, Chumperino, this stuff called ‘paintings’ makes my eyes sad.

  66. Evening.

  67. Hey there.

  68. And I thought of that Japenese girl who fell into the volcano. Was she trying? To make it back? Back into the womb of the world.

  69. Today one of the truck drivers waited for a guy at one of the baby farms to open his chute for piggies. He waited for two hours until somebody from a neighboring farm finally showered in to find the guy that was supposed to be there.

    He found him. Asleep. In a pen. A pen full of piggies. I saw the photographic evidence.

  70. A fun fact about piggies is that if you bonk your head and fall unconscious into a pen, they will eat your living body.

  71. In this guy’s case, I’m guessing that piggies don’t like vodka infused long pork.

  72. Raise your hand if you’ve been chased by a pissed off boar in Hawaii.

    **raises hand**

  73. Did you let him catch you Xbrad? He might have done unspeakable things to you.

  74. Well whatever leon. I got my own dang wine.

  75. Today was a double workout day so I gets wine as a reward.

  76. Jewstin, the first time I saw a guy get a medevac ride in a helicopter, there was a boar involved. And some blanks, cleaning rods, and a bayonet.

  77. ‘Sup, cuntz?

  78. ‘Spurt! Some time ago you linked a Cajun song I think called Laissez Faire, but now I can’t find it on Youtube. Do you still have that link?

  79. I don’t remember that. Just google “Woman Get On My Horse”.

  80. Fine. I will. But you aren’t my new best friend today.

  81. Oh, weebl’s stuff. Yeah.

  82. *cocktails and debriefs*

  83. http://is.gd/7vGBwb

  84. Oh, that’s what Scott said. Ne’er mind.

  85. Did anybody regret not forwarding that chain letter when they found out about how anybody else had found true love and become insanely wealthy after doing so today?

  86. http://is.gd/N8rD0w

  87. Hahaha!

  88. You all moved in, Hotspur?

  89. Scoot is my new best friend today.

  90. You can dance with my date, but watch the hands, buddy.

  91. That was magical.

  92. This is unacceptable, you are all on notice

  93. Shh, we’re sleeping.

  94. We purchased a pork product labeled Country Ribs, and smoked them.

    OMG Pork filet mignon.

    .99 per lb.

  95. Those are the ones jewstin was talking about. I’ve had them too.

    Not good for sausage, not enough fat. But fine smokin or fryin.

  96. Pan fry those suckers in butter and garlic then throw them on the grill = heaven.

  97. Why is something so good, so cheap?

  98. Just a thought…. I wonder how liberals would react if it turns out that Kathryn Steinle was a lesbian?

  99. Pan fry those suckers in butter and garlic then throw them on the grill


    Fried, THEN grilled?? My God, woman. How do you always wake up looking this beautiful?

    Honestly, this is only the second time I have ever tried them. There is no tradition for this cut in my family cooking knowledge, and it is foreign to me.

    The first time I tried them, I was trying to grill them on high heat like a normal piece of meat and they seized up hard. So I put them in a baking dish, covered them in mojo, and baked them for a couple hours in the oven. While we ate something else for dinner.

    When I remembered to pull them out of the oven, I found I had accidentally backed into some delicious fall-off the bone pork candy. I sent Wiserbride home with a dish and she loved it.

    I demurred on trying it again for a long time because it almost ruined my dinner party the first time (fortunately I had overplanned and we had plenty of other food to eat).

  100. I don’t like them cooked in high heat, too much connective tissue. Better for low heat.

  101. Low and slow…

    We’re still talking about ribs, right?

  102. Yes.

  103. *whew

  104. My grandmother would dredge them in flour, quick pan fry in the garlic and butter goodness, then they’d cook all day long with the BBQ sauce going on at the last hour.

  105. Country Style ribs are my favorite. Cheapest meat in the store besides cow face, so good they make you want to smack Jay’s momma. I grill them with indirect low heat, then sauce them and final broil in the oven to caramelize the BBQ.

  106. I need to get some cheap ribs and toss ’em in the crock pot.

  107. That’s a technique for some pork candy, right there.

    This is a versatile cut, apparently. Tender chops, or fall apart candy. Ok, so. This is going to be a thing.

  108. Next meatup needs to be a Meat Off.

  109. I like it!

  110. Woo hoo!

  111. We could rent a house with a couple of grills and ovens and go to town.

  112. *hyperventilates*

  113. We’re always talking about renting a house, but we never find the victim right place.

  114. Meatface Cookoff.

  115. We’ve got a doublewide up at the farm. Three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, large livingroom, large family room, a deck and sunroom for entertaining. Problem is, it’s 3-4 hours from the airport. (very little furniture – 2 beds, one sofa).
    If you don’t mind bringing a sleeping bag….we could rassle up some lawn chairs….

  116. You know what, guys? We need to Invent A Thing. We can’t be the only bloggy people that need to rent a ramshackle cottage and seven grills for three days next Summer.

    And there’s shitloads of empty properties, just sitting there rotting, all across the land.

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  117. SHIT. Composition fight, beasn, please disregard my previous comment.


  118. Had a bad dream night before last of an acquaintance. It started out we were talking about our collections and it somehow ended up with her in the hospital on her deathbed. Very weird. Felt unsettled since.

    Shoulda figured there was a disturbance in the force.

    Found out today that Mr. Beasn’s uncle is on his deathbed. Was admitted yesterday, found out he has leukemia, today. May be a funeral this coming weekend.

    And once again we will all get together and talk about how we should all get together….outside of funerals. Meh.

  119. Thought for a second you said compost fight.

  120. I get that – meh is right.

  121. SHIT. Composition fight, beasn, please disregard my previous comment.

    Mr. Beasn made a fire pit out back. We could sing with the bullfrogs.

    We could fit two peoples per bedrooms and the livingroom/diningroom area could be used for sleeping quarters also..either with sleeping bags, we’ve got a couple, or I could look into cots.
    We’ve only one charcoal grill. Maybe other St. Lunatics could bring theirs.

  122. New carpeting and flooring throughout. People who owned it before had a couple of dogs and the same carpeting that was put in when they bought it 20 years ago.

  123. Meatface Cookoff.

    HA! Perfect.

  124. Banglar Party Van can tote a grill or three.

    How far away are the nearest hotels, for the overflow?

    And once again we will all get together and talk about how we should all get together….outside of funerals. Meh.

    This is how families break each others hearts, and blame the others for it. Everybody waiting for the other guy to act. Feh.

  125. Listen, it’s Sleepyheads time. It seems like you’re offering this venue, but if you change your mind in the morning it is no big shakes. Nice idea, but if you get a veto somewhere down the line, do not think twice about kiboshing it.

    Love will find a way.

  126. Love of smoked, grilled meats, is what I mean.

  127. Hotels? I don’t really know. I’ll have to ask the husband tomorrow.
    It’s out in farmland country.

  128. Wiserdaughter just turned 21 about 5 minutes ago.

    So we did a tequila shot together.

    ‘Cause I’m a good father

  129. http://i.imgur.com/GL61nq3.jpg

  130. HB to wiserdaughter!

  131. Happy Birthday, Wiserdaughter!

    I shared a daiquiri with mine, on her birthday.

  132. Happy Birthday, Wiserdaughter.

    Finally legal!

  133. Michael is screaming in pain from the great beyond.

  134. Personal to Xbrad: I will kill you.

  135. Geez, settle down, Wiser. Legal to drink.

    (she’s been “legal” for years now and I never cracked a joke).

  136. Wiserdaughter and I just left two tequila shots, with salt and lime wedges, in her room. WD is planning to ask wiserbride to do those shots with her tomorrow morning when wiserbride wakes her up to wish her a happy birthday.

    Wiserbride will say no. And wiserdaughter will then wake me up and ask me to do the shot with her.

    Which I will. (Thank God tomorrow is Wednesday)

    I’m hoping wiserbride appreciates the joke.

  137. Top O’!
    Happy 21 WB. I dont remember turning 21.
    Sorry for the auto-post treatment the last three wks, I’ve been traveling in some remote parts of the Nor Cal coast and I had shit for reception for days and days.

    Thanks for the yuks and remember that veiwing art is like having beer gogles on. It all depends on your state of mind. This guy’s panels presented at scale may really flip yer
    Anyhoe, I’m home now. Whoop di dee.
    Chat ye all up later.

  138. Every night when the sun goes down
    Just another lonely derp in town
    And she’s out runnin’ ’round

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