MMM 182: Resignation Edition

I’m announcing my departure today to the people who have to officially be told I’m quitting. After that shakes out I get to discover how I’m going to get read out of my programs (“debriefed”) which I’m pretty sure I actually have to do on site. So I have to quit, travel, get read out, then travel home and file my expense report, then pray to God that these doofuses actually compensate me for expenses. To quit. Oh, and I have to take them the laptop, two monitors, and the docking station.

I’m keeping my stapler. And the tape dispenser.

Still, I can’t safely travel until like a week after the baby is born, unless I make it a day trip. It’s a mess.

Hands on hips = power pose.

Better barefoot than in the wrong shoes.
I’m not sure if I should be thankful or sorrowful that I have not yet seen a woman at the gym taking one of these.
I miss the beach. I grew up right next to Lake Michigan and it was always nice in Summer.
Open question of whether the company’s product directly contributed.
I used to know this gal’s name. Drawing a blank now, but I’m pretty sure she’s Colombian.
Andrew K has a pretty cool job.
Finally, we’ll close out the week with some tasteful black and white.
Now, time to listen to some inspirational music and write my letter.


  1. Monday morning gym prep underway.

  2. i.e. drinking coffee and watching gardening videos.

  3. It was only a matter of time:

  4. Resignation letter drafted. I kept it very professional and courteous.

  5. Did he go meet Darwin before passing on his genes? I kinda hope so.

  6. Gym time.

  7. I love the Darwin competition. So uplifting.

  8. Good thing we won the World Cup, and gave Google an excuse to post something that was red white and blue.

  9. I’m not lifting today. I tired. Too many worky worky days straight.

    Double today then a WHOLE DAY OFF. woot woot.

    There’s a missing autistic kid missing up here. Girls from work went searching last night.

    I’m thinking it’s suspicious – whenever a kid “wanders off” I’m always suspicious. I’m non-trusty that way.

  10. So vascular in the groin. That first dude must have a huge wenus.

  11. Serious question, what are the Greeks who voted against the deal hoping for? Another bailout from someone, anyone?

  12. The second one is definitely a tranny.

  13. Mare Daddy Sugar is going to come to their rescue. Many Russia will help them out?

  14. Heh, I saw on the news that the Greeks were celebrating in the streets.

    Maybe they’ll be more careful when there’s more potholes.

  15. Are all Greek people insane? Asking for a friend.

  16. Mare – when you have the majority of the population either 1) working for the government or 2) evading taxes … yes.

  17. Hey, this is how Obama got re-elected. “Free shit, or work and fix it” More people will always vote for free shit.

  18. Oh, and responsible and saved your money? We’re just gonna take it and give it to the irresponsible people.

  19. I have read numerous times that Greece is very corrupt. And I love how a population who likes to use other people’s money are huge tax dodgers.

  20. No different than here.

  21. They just need to get the rich to pay their fair share.

  22. Pepe and scott are right, they are no different than the voters here. Free rides for everyone!

  23. Any rich Greek would not be keeping their money in Greek banks. I wouldn’t.

  24. Pepe and scott are right, they are no different than the voters here. Free rides for everyone!


    Hence my “insane” question.

  25. The wealthy have left.

  26. Yes, they are insane. At this point there are no good solutions, and I think that a collective madness has gripped much of the Greek population. They know that pain is coming, but rather than accept it, prepare for it, and fix their problems, they’ve decided to blame everyone else, embrace paranoia, and self-destruct.

  27. There’s also, I think, a historical element to this. Greece was under occupation and governance by the Ottomans for centuries, and then when it gained it’s Independence it still faced outside interference and a reliance on other European states to protect it. Joining the EU was supposed to be a sign of their equality with the rest of Europe. Now, they’ve got the same powers once again telling the Greeks what they must do.

    Imagine a twenty-something who moves off on his own, racks up way too much debt despite his parent’s admonishments, and then gets upset when mom and dad won’t give him a loan without strings attached.

  28. 1) Baklava

    2) ???

    3) Profit!

  29. If they had free cell phones they could all find jobs.

  30. Any plan that starts with baklava is worth trying.

  31. The greeks fuck one another in the ass. Nothing good can come from that.

  32. I’m iffy on baklava. Someone’s wife who Pat does business with makes some really kick-ass baklava.

  33. What about plans that start with balaclavas?

  34. Don’t forget Greek spaghetti. That stuff is pretty kick ass too.

  35. hahahahaha…..mare loves Hotspur.

  36. Loukaniko sausages are a good Greek food

  37. The owner of my restaurant is greek. The Detroit area has a TON of Greeks. WHen I worked /bartended in Detroit – the owner of that joint was greek too.

  38. In Greece, hairdressers get to retire at 50.

    That’s some good math right there.

  39. I like this line from Ace’s

    ” But it turns out that if you want to live like Germans, you have to actually work like Germans.”

  40. In American teacher’s retire at 52. Or they did until recently.

  41. I meant to say “in ‘merica'”

  42. In Greece, hairdressers get to retire at 50.
    That’s some good math right there.


    Yes, that does seem like a sweet deal.

  43. 52!? I could swear that’s when most of my teachers got the job.

  44. Moment of truth. Time to click “send”.

  45. They are screwed no matter what. It’s going to happen here too.

    At some point someone has to pay back the loans that the dead people took out.

  46. I never heard of loukaniko sausage. Looks awesome, thanks!

  47. Here’s a pretty good explanation of the Greek deal

  48. Detroit, California, and Illinois are basically Greece without the drachma to resort to when things really go kaboom.

  49. My girlfriend in high school was Greek. A few times a year the clan would gather and fry up the loukaniko and some type of dough balls dipped in honey. The adults hit the ouzo as well.

    We went our separate ways after graduation and she became a probation officer after college and is now retired and collecting a pension from the state of MA. I guess the Greeks on both sides of the ocean have it all figured out.

  50. Most of the Greeks I have known were very hard-working people.

  51. So, Hillary had the reporters stay in a roped off area at her rally.

    They would happily accept a rope through their noses and the H branded on their asses with a red hot iron.

    This does not happen for the sole reason that animal rights activists won’t like degrading animals by equating them with humans.

  52. Most of the Greeks you have known are probably like the Greeks I know: they live here, not there.

  53. No Greeks in rural TX. Don’t know that I’ve ever met one.

  54. Michigan has lots of them, as does the northeast. That’s why we have Coney Islands and the rest of the country has shitty diners.

  55. A friend of mine is actually the son of a Greek Orthodox priest, has a family olive orchard back home.

  56. He won’t for long. They will be needing that to feed the Greek version of Uncle Sugar.

    I’m sure he’ll understand.

  57. I suspect that he won’t be taking a trip there anytime soon.

  58. Watched that video, Scott. Fiscally, Greeks in Greece, are members of the FSA.

  59. Looters. We should name them as they have traditionally been.

  60. Comment by scott on July 6, 2015 9:41 am

    In Greece, hairdressers get to retire at 50.

    Mustache waxers, however, work non-stop until they drop dead at 70. And that’s just to handle the greek women.

  61. You are correct, Leon. If they are “bailed out” they will simply rack up the debt again, as is their tradition.

  62. HA! Alex.

  63. Mustache waxers, however, work non-stop until they drop dead at 70. And that’s just to handle the greek women.

    There’s a reason for all the rampant buggery.

  64. Heh, what a great cartoon!

  65. That’s a great video, Scott.

    Stealing that.

  66. Okay, now leon is just basically trolling us. Not only is the Scitech guy a tucker, he’s actually in the act of tucking in the picture!

  67. I think the Supreme Court is bullshit.

  68. Okay, now leon is just basically trolling us.

    *whistles innocently*

  69. good luck leon!

  70. In American teacher’s retire at 52. Or they did until recently.

    My neighbor down the street, retired from teaching ten years ago at age 56. She gets nearly $70k a year. MO has one of the best teacher retirement fund in the country…or so I’ve heard.

  71. heh – tucker #2 looks like michael jackson, i thought he was dead

  72. “he’s actually in the act of tucking in the picture!”

    i was guessing jock itch. he’ll need some of Cyn’s hand sanitizer

  73. #3 has an ass like a Mexican weather girl.

  74. Can you believe that bubble head Ginsburg said this:

    “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012,” Ginsburg said in an interview on Al Hayat television last Wednesday. “I might look at the constitution of South Africa. That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, have an independent judiciary. It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done.”


    The supreme court is bullshit.

  75. Yeah, dummy, how’s that constitution working out for South Africa? A land of opportunity and zero oppression.

  76. Of course she wouldn’t. That’s obvious, from every one of her rulings.

  77. #3 has an ass like a Mexican weather girl.

    That’s what I love about her. And about Mexico.


    Dana Radio mentioned that Greece is about to take 30% of all moneys deposited in the banks.

  79. I wonder if they would pull that if they had a 2nd Amendment?

  80. I Mexican weather girls were the ones sneaking across the border, there’d be a line of trucks on the other side to offer them a lift.

  81. How did it go, leon? Any email bombs yet? Begs to come back?

    Invitation to the going away party mistakenly bcc’d to you?

  82. it’s not just Mexican weather girls. Sophia Vergara is Colombian, who are usually well represented in leon’s poats.

  83. Selma Hayek is still Mexico’s greatest export.

  84. I wrote my letter with enough craft that it was obvious that I was planning to leave, more about the opportunity than about the current job, etc, so there was a “is there anything we could do to keep you?” but it was assumed that there wasn’t. I did get the “if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out, we’d love to have you back”. It was a pretty cordial conversation.

    He knows I’m in the 20% that actually gets stuff done, and the cheapest guy at my level of performance based on my location, so he may actually be hoping I’ll change my mind. He’s going to let me know how I actually do the process of quitting.

  85. New strawberry bed *nearly* ready for strawberries. It’s just a pile of pure compost and peat at this point, so I’m going to need to add some dolomite, gypsum, and a balanced fertilizer. Let that sit and settle for a couple weeks, then plant. YAY!!

  86. Michael once told me that when your eyebrows start getting bushy, it means you are getting old. I just plucked a one and half inch hair that was dangling in front of my eye.

    Miss you, Michael.

  87. Comment by Colorado Alex on July 6, 2015 1:23 pm

    Selma Hayek is still Mexico’s greatest export.

  88. Comment by beasn on July 6, 2015 1:16 pm


    Dana Radio mentioned that Greece is about to take 30% of all moneys deposited in the banks.

    And with the current status of most funds being computer records, the bureaucrats can take the money with the push of a button. Much less likelihood of them getting shot compared to physically taking assets. Big problem is you can ‘t find any one individual responsible so you can shoot him/her.

  89. It’s ok in theory, but then trust in banks goes out the window. There will be a run on the banks if anything like this happens, and it won’t be localized to Greece.

  90. I have seriously considered cashing out the 401k and paying off the house when I have the chance in 6 weeks or so.

  91. Pretty sure my aunt the CPA would kill me if I did that.

    Fortunately the market’s likely to have a 10% correction and then I won’t be tempted.

  92. Big problem is you can ‘t find any one individual responsible so you can shoot him/her.

    People generally aren’t too picky about details like “is this beaurecrat responsible” when they’re pissed and forming a lynch mob.

  93. In the wake of the celebration of American Independence, enjoy some high quality tube steaks.

  94. The sidebar at Ace’s has a interesting article about Mohammad.

    I’ve always thought he was an insane pedophile and I guess I was right.

  95. The sidebar at Ace’s has a interesting article about Mohammad.

    I’ve always thought he was an insane pedophile and I guess I was right.

    Hrm. So, what does the article say about Mohammad, then?

  96. He basically added verses to the Koran as he had “needs” to justify is compulsive sexual appetite.

    “I must take this woman as a wife, Allah has said so!”

  97. Haha, no. It was a joke in poor taste about the unclear pronoun in the second sentence there.

  98. No, I meant Ace.

    Dude’s older than he looks.

  99. Ace is a wise old Latina.

  100. People generally aren’t too picky about details like “is this beaurecrat responsible” when they’re pissed and forming a lynch mob.

    I’m not a mob kinda guy, more of a precision strike.

  101. No comment

  102. Apparently, the angry mob kilt it.

  103. xbradtc, why do you hate these threads so much? Why all the killing?

  104. haha

  105. Good day, veiniacs.

  106. Iran’s getting the atom bomb.


  107. (sorry, those are my thoughts as I listen to the evening news)

  108. 10 dead, 55 wounded in Chicago over the weekend.

    Bill Cosby drugged women leads the news.


  109. reflecting on the romney debacle, and the mccain debacle, and the gimp hand debacle, and the HW debacle, and the ford debacle, and the …… fuq

    mit romney v. franklin pierce: (a weird surcease in the flow of history)


    maybe we dodged a bullet – still eating peas tho….

  110. Peas? More like shit sandwiches.

  111. I can’t wait for this Bursty Pampers guy to get in!

  112. Evening.

  113. 10 dead, 55 wounded in Chicago over the weekend.

    *shakes fists at sky*


  114. I’ve been working like a Hebrew slave since last Tuesday and it isn’t likely to ease soon. I’m going to be the regular guy at Baby Farm all week because the usual regular guy is on vacation. The problem is I have a fraction of the training I ought to have. I have to scramble to keep up because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

  115. Baby Farm sounds cute. Or terrifying. I can’t decide which.

  116. Baby Farm has five barns full of cute little piggies to play with and one barn full of nightmares that bellow and screech and try to crush the life out of you.

  117. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.
    Jewstin for President 2016.

    Two guys in a row who don’t know what the hell they’re doing!

  118. Comment by Sean M. on July 6, 2015 7:29 pm
    10 dead, 55 wounded in Chicago over the weekend.
    *shakes fists at sky*



  119. “”Comment by mare on July 6, 2015 8:10 pm

    Comment by Sean M. on July 6, 2015 7:29 pm
    10 dead, 55 wounded in Chicago over the weekend.
    *shakes fists at sky*



  120. damn keyboard

  121. `elegant in his racist simplicity –

  122. It is generally embarrassing to me that Americans are talking about banning a flag because a psycho murdered people.

    What does it do? NOTHING.

  123. I actually stole that joke from someone on Twitter. But I added the “shakes fists at sky” for youse guys.

  124. *shakes fist at Skye*

  125. **fists Skye**

  126. *shakes head*

    *deducts points for July*

    *and June*

  127. What a day. So freaking busy.


  128. We all need bigger porches.

  129. Did anyone else get leftover steak and potatoes for dinner?


    Too bad.


    These goddamn shark attacks are out of control.

  131. My own damn fault for chumming off the patio.

  132. Good day. Papitas smothered with green chile and cheddar cheese. Watched Ted 2. Had thunder AND illegal fireworks this afternoon. MaryAnn was doing a Lassie impersonation and wanted me to get under the bed with her. MA usually wants to be alone when stressed.

  133. 2 runs on Lester, oso!

  134. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Skye has been fisted.

  135. What’s the wire gonna be this week?

  136. I think Skye was more the fister than the fistee.

  137. Saw that J’ames. And by saw that, I mean I’m getting MLB updates on Twitter. Dan hid his wrestling obsession until after marriage. Monday nights are WWE. I was watching one of my loser shows when he got home from Twin Peaks. I guess I’ll finish my rewatch of True Detective after wrestling.

  138. I drove 860 miles and loaded a 15 foot box truck with furniture today. If only I had a stump to set afire.

  139. Hopefully by Mike Tyson.

  140. No it didn’t, J’Ames.

  141. The only thing I hid from my wife was a sincere & overwhealming love of outsider music, like Jandek, Wing, Larry Fischer, & so on. So, it’s been a stressful decade for her.

  142. That’s a good day, Pupster.

    When the magic doesn’t happen, 900 miles is about my limit.

  143. Do you have any room left on the truck?

  144. I could have saved you a bunch of money on the rental.

  145. Join my evil, mind-controlling collective & I can get you great prices on laundry soap.

  146. This was the second truck. The first 25′ truck was full to the seams with stuff left over last week, so I went back today and got the remainder, after a trip to Goodwill to get rid of some stuff. There was not much room left when I closed the door. Holy shit I’m tired and I hate everyone. Night.

  147. I could have saved you a bunch of money on the rental insurance.


  149. There should be a comma after “seams”. We couldn’t get all our stuff out of TN in one truck, so I drove down and back today and retrieved the rest. Left at 3:40 am, home at 9 pm. Dang.

  150. Also, you are all invited to the garage sale and bonfire this weekend.

  151. Shit that’s a ton of hours. Here.

    I’ll bring the marshmallows.

  152. My last rental was a 2 day rental to New Jersey. I spent an additional $150 for 3 days of unlimited mileage.

    That truck went to Florida and back.

  153. I knew what man and woman is. Then I found out about homosexuals and bisexuals. So far so good. Then came transsexuals. Umm, ok. Then I found out I am cis scum. Ok, I guess.

    And now there is a barrage of aromantics, demiromantics, grayromantics, quoiroromantic, cupioromantic, lithromantic and aeroflux people. There are genderfluids, non-binaries, genderfucks, two-spirits, trans, trans* and animalkins.


  154. Did anybody have trouble keeping a straight face while telling anybody else that their webbed toes were no big deal today?

  155. That’s what happens when you hang out at IB.

  156. I am now offering raffle tickets for the blog-sanctioned murder of sDork Dickfloss.

    $1 per ticket, *starts folding the strip as they come off the coil*

    THANK YOU MADAM, and good luck in the raffle! Hope you kill him!


  157. Cyn, I was thinking about you watching Ted 2 today. Quite a few ASU jokes.

  158. HOT DAMN! Been a while since we had a good murder raffle here.

  159. I’ll put that movie on my to-do list, Oso. Tanks!

  160. **waves a $20 at Laura**

  161. I got $50 on my own murder within the month. But not limited to you hotsausages. Good luck, fuckholes!

  162. Fuck. Dan just told me to calm down about my rant about Sweet Caroline and facking Red Sox losers. I didn’t even know I was rayciss!

  163. (hot tip: my wife’s forearms aren’t strong enough to strangle a faggot, so totally feel free to like totally cross her path, yo)

  164. I H8 TFG about energy policies. I love AC. AC is my friend. Spent 3 hours with MiL. She forgot to turn on swamp cooler. I was nauseous.

  165. Why I love Dan. Ann, Veronica, and Nasha would be considered wins in the marital lottery. Dan thinks they are fucking libtard crazy. Told me today that he’d never marry anyone in mi familia. I’m the sane alternative. Think on that!

  166. Oso, you should test him on this. Tell him that Veronica loves WWE.

  167. We live in the PNW and do not have air conditioning, Only about 10% of us do, as there are, normally , about two weeks where one would use it.
    We’ve had a month of no rain and 80 – 90 degree temps.
    Very unusual. Our garden is struggling for life, as is the church-garden that Anita cares for.
    The local greenies are shouting Gorball-Warmening!
    Unfortunately, one of the UW climatologists, who is a fan of “climate change” (Cliff Mass), has come out publicaly and said;
    This is not it!

  168. Honestly, us men should hold arm wrestiling competitions for our affections. It would work out pretty well, based on the ladies I’ve met.

  169. Veronica is tiny. Masters in Education. She “Allowed” her hubby to spend his 50th Birthday in PA watching his favorite team play baseball. Her hubby is a pharmacy prof at UNM. Dan has no respect for mi familia. He thinks that losers need to grow a pair.

  170. Also, my wife has agreed to put an additional $20 on my murder. I’m feeling pretty stoked about the money, dudes!

  171. How much just to maim him?

  172. Well Stark, it’s good to meet Yoko Ono’s other fan. The other one was shot in NYC.

  173. If we hoist him by his ankles and play pinata with him, we can probably raise enough money to host a meetup.

  174. Stand up coming years
    And escalation fears
    Oh, yes we will find out

    Well, like a withered stone
    Fears will derp your bones
    You’ll find out

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