He’s funny. He’s sexy. He’s sexy funny and he’s our theme for this week.

A dude french braiding your hair. Was that not sexy hawt or what?!?


  1. Bunky thud. Thank you.

  2. M’chelle got a hold on the conference somehow. At one point during the conference, there’s usually snacks or hors d’oeuvres in the exhibit hall, to entice you to go in and talk to the booth babes hunks people. Veggie tray with dip, fruit bowl, cheese and crackers, little quiches, that sort of thing. They had sliders last year that were really good. This year? Little square glasses, filled halfway with what looked like ranch dressing and asparagus. I don’t eat asparagus, so I don’t know if it was raw, cooked, hot, cold or what, but it looked rather sad, this whole little forest of asparagus standing up in ranch dressing. I think two people ate one.

  3. Comment by Jimbro on June 24, 2015 7:21 am

    Okay Rosetta, I just ordered your movie. I’ve seen snippets on you tube but never watched the whole thing. Your credibility as a movie reviewer is riding on this. ($5.00 DVD on amazon)

  4. These people will destroy everything that is good about America. Aspagarus as munchies? Yechh.

  5. I love asparagus and that doesn’t even sound appetizing to me.

  6. In related news – my new asparagus patch is really doing well this year. I just planted it so I can’t pick for a year or two. But those babies are SPREADING.

  7. From that 2010 thread ROsetta linked …


    Anything on tv tonight?
    Comment by Uniball on April 19, 2010 6:44 pm

    Car in,
    How I met your mother.


    ba haaa haaaaaa … although I don’t think it was a “your mom” joke.

  8. I tried planting asparagus and it didn’t do well. I thought it would take off like the rhubarb, sunchokes and horseradish near it but no luck. I’ll buy it at the store for now.

  9. Jimbro – that movie isn’t a parody. It’s become an instruction manual.

  10. Cyn, nice job, I could not press like enough for the Chris Pratt theme.

  11. Bird flu – lots of chickens in Iowa have been destroyed (millions) mostly in the northwest corner of the state. they are worried about where to put all of them.

    This is after California determined that all chickens needed more space, which increased prices earlier. Yeah, eggs are way up here too.

  12. My eggs aren’t going way up. I imagine /hope feed will get cheaper because of the weaker need.

  13. Chris Pratt could eat crackers in my bed anytime. Just saying.

    BUt if he were wearing Confederate flag boxers? I WOULD make him take those off.

  14. At this point, I will sit back and wait for leon’s input…

    Laura’s right about the chef, deal with it. His habits are grotesque for a commercial kitchen. If my mom or wife did that making me dinner, fine, but this is a guy I’m paying to cook and I don’t know him from Adam.

    That said, hygiene culture has gotten more than a little out of hand, but it’s a consequence of the unnatural density of urban living and the Vibrant Multiculturalism we’ve had forced upon us by our Bettters.

  15. My eggs have gotten pricier, but only because my birds are 3 years old now and laying sporadically.

  16. Chris Pratt totally gets the H2:


  17. “22 of the 44 mass merchandisers of eggs have been hit with H1N1 and had to decimate their flocks.”

    They should have used hand sanitizers.

  18. I blame Chinese import chickens.

  19. “22 of the 44 mass merchandisers of eggs have been hit with H1N1 and had to decimate their flocks.”

    They should have used hand sanitizers.”


    I bet the chicken handlers were wiping their ass with a spoon.

  20. I will add to the discussion from yesterday (I was out of bandwidth and was forced to read a book for entertainment) – while it is super gross what that chef did in a restaurant the food safety standards etc are ridiculous. They make them so undo-able – it’s really become a farce. The health code folks KNOW it’s impossible to do all they require and when they show up they linger in the bar for about 20 minutes so we can change things in the kitchen to the STUPID level of code.

    They then come and check the freezer temps and food storage stuff which make SENSE and are able to see that we’ve got the stupid compliance things in order so they don’t have to write us up for things that don’t really matter.

  21. I bet the chicken handlers were wiping their ass with a spoon.

    Speaking of that, where’s MJ? My ass spoon is missing and I really need to go.

  22. The pizza place I work at has been open for 30 years. Recently, we had to get hand washing sinks installed. OK, fine. There is one at the end of the counter, under the rolling (making pizza the right size) counter. But no, that’s not good enough, now it has to be out in the open. You can’t kneel to wash your hands, after all (this has been here for 30 years, mind you, the kitchen doesn’t get any bigger).

    Plus in the prep area, there is a sink already. it’s used for dishwashing most of the time, but sometimes for food prep. This is ok. But now? We have to have ANOTHER sink installed, because that one isn’t good enough, accesible enough, etc. Why? 30 years, people. No one has gotten sick here, no lawsuits, nothing. Just busybody bureaucrats deciding what needs to be installed.

  23. We should get a sink installed here at teh H2. I don’t know what the fuck you guys are touching when you comment here.

  24. Personally I comment with gloves on.

    I do have an ass spoon nearby in case I need to scratch my back or something.

  25. I think I”m pretty much with Wiser on this whole absurd level of cleanliness consciousness.

    If you want your kids to develop healthy immune systems let them play in the dirt and eat a cherrio that has fallen on the floor. All that wiping with sanitizer every surface they touch? It’s harming them.

  26. *wipes ass spoon down with sanitizer

    I’m not an ANIMAL.

  27. I’m getting 14 tons of rocks delivered tomorrow for the driveway. Who wants to come over for a little workout?

  28. We have alcohol gel sanitizers in each room and outside the doors to them. I can’t tell you the number of times I gel and wash my hands during the day. Sometimes after touching a patient I immediately head to the sink to wash my hands rather than gelling. Stinky feet in teenagers are the worst. When the kids are clean with new socks on I always compliment them.

  29. 14 tons of rocks is a lot of chicken scratch.

  30. Shit, Rosetta was here last night?

    I miss that old cunt.

  31. Shit, Rosetta was here last night?
    I miss that old cunt.



  32. I get why doctors, nurses, and medical personnel have such rules, and I think that isn’t what wiser is talking about.

    Moms that wipe their kids down with Purel after they step foot outside is probably the point he is arguing. Yes, my sisters in law (plural) are like that. A little dirt won’t hurt. I’ve noticed this is a male/female difference, at least in my family.

  33. I liked Rosetta’s new screen name, too.

  34. Nine of us went out to dinner last night at a nice restaurant. (Actually the place HotBride and I had our first date. So it has a special place in my heart.)

    Now mind you, it’s Restaurant Week in Ann Arbor, but the Wine Bar side of this joint was empty.

    Anyway, we sat there for twenty minutes, and were only served menus and water.

    Several times we asked where our waiter was, and were told they would be right with us.

    We walked out of the fucking place.



  36. They were on break, h8r. Can’t believe you walked out on minimum wages’ finest representatives.

  37. I am pretty much a germaphobe, so I get it. The gloves make sense depending on where you work, like a toll booth for example. If you want to grab a quick bite you take a glove off, much easier than running across 4 lanes of traffic to wash your filthy hands.

  38. Awesome:


    Executive order – it’s now ok to negotiate with terrorists who’ve kidnapped Americans.

    Then there’s this little bit:

    “And after criticism from families that certain officials displayed a lack of compassion, administration officials will also be instructed to “be empathetic, patient, and able to handle the expression of intense emotions” and that they “should be able to deliver the difficult news with clarity and honesty,” according to a policy document set to be released Wednesday.

    Other changes expected in Wednesday’s announcement include the formation of a “Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell,” which officials described as a full-time, inter-agency body with the goal of coordinating the U.S. government’s response to hostage-takings. It will include the appointment of a director responsible for overseeing hostage recovery strategies.”


  39. White House: The policy change will benefit familes!

    Yea because with this new policy we can be sure more Americans will be taken.

  40. “They were on break, h8r. Can’t believe you walked out on minimum wages’ finest representatives.”

    They were probably all in the back washing their hands.

  41. “They were probably all in the back” peeing in the woods.

  42. Despite the name, that part of Ann Arbor has no woods. Just trees so the Nazis can march in the shade like they do in Paris.

  43. Also, YouTube is catching vegan cancer. They are the SJWs of the health and fitness world, and just as direly in need of a purge.

  44. SJWs?

  45. Social Justice Whiners/Warriors. The people who insist that you doing whatever it is that your doing is an aggression or oppression of some kind, like not baking gay wedding cakes or hiring incompetent women to fill a quota for office jobs.

  46. How is youtube catching vegan cancer? TIA

  47. There exists not 1 historic vegan culture throughout all of recorded history. If it really were the optimal way to use land and feed humans, there’d be at least one. Plants are much easier to manage than livestock, so it only goes to reason that someone somewhere would have succeeded at this if it were worth doing. I read an MIT analysis of the plausibility of a Martial colony, including them eating a vegan diet. Besides the fact that they’d die for lack of replacement parts for everything that would eventually break on Mars, they’d also die of oxygen poisoning. If it can’t work small, it can’t work large, qed.

    This point is entirely lost on these deranged, feebleminded weenies.

  48. No I totally think Vegans are misguided. What are they doing on Youtube? I don’t get there much. Is there a TON of vegan propaganda on tehre?

  49. The fact that he knew not to use rubber bands, but scrunchies, on the hair…..hawt.

  50. Every – EVERY – fitness-related video or channel has vegans in the comments section, and there are a few actual vegan channels who exist solely by insulting other (read: popular) channels and parasiting on their fame by mentioning them and getting the YouTube SEO to recommend them to viewers of the good channels.

    There’s a very popular guy named Furious Pete, for instance, who contracted testicular cancer a few years ago in his mid-20s. One of the vegan douchenozzles got SEO to recommend him again and again by mentioning Pete in his vid titles and saying the cancer was due to eating meat. Same ‘tard also accosted a sponsored athlete at a convention (where the athlete is working at his sponsor’s booth) and basically tried to provoke a fight on camera. When the mature, calm guy getting paid for his time didn’t rise to the taunts, ‘tard claims victory and says meat eaters are pussies. And the YouTube SEO recommends him because he mentions the popular guy in title and video “about”.

    They are a cancer.

  51. So that chick gets to take exogenous testosterone and HGH and compete with male athletes who have only what their testes and pituitary produce?


  52. SHe’s going to go from an exceptional athlete to a bottom of the barrel one. BAM.

    And she says the hormones are making her moody. Good luck with the depression.

  53. Also – she was gay before so now I assume she’s … straight?

    No breasts. No penis. I am legitimately interested in who (and with what issues) dates such a person.

  54. She might compete at a high level as a man in her weight class if the roids work well, that was my thought anyhow.

  55. Asian, too, so no ass either.

  56. She’s a swimmer. No weight class.

    She’s gonna not be good.

  57. Then I really don’t see the point, other than Harvard being “inclusive” of a mentally ill person.

  58. Yes- you *do* get it.

  59. If by “mentally ill person” you mean “politically correct liberal progressive voter”.

  60. No wonder Harvard has no problem with it. I wonder what will happen in Big 10 or Big 12 type programs. SEC already probably has testosterone in the school first aid kit.

  61. Poe-tay-toe, poe-tah-toe.

  62. If she’s allowed to compete with higher free testosterone levels than a man on the team, there’s a super-fun lawsuit to be made.

  63. Sure you’re correct but imho there is virtually zero sports where a woman is able to compete at the same level as a man- with or w/o drugs.

  64. ERin is a really good soccer player and fast – but playing with the boy’s travel team you could see where the male advantage kicks in. SHe was certainly a great threat but speed-wise? Among girls she is rarely caught – but with boys it was a different story. It was good for her and she was an asset to the team (only because she’s so good). But there is a vast difference – at equal levels – between boy and girl teams. Once puberty hits.

  65. Agreed, about the only one I can think of with real parity might be cycling, and I suspect even then that the men have the advantage due to fuel partitioning. There’s nothing in our bodies saying “you gotta keep this fat or you can’t have a baby” so I’d guess we can burn longer and harder on average.

  66. Just ordered a pack of these that I’m going to try planting somewhere, might build another bed or just till some area of the yard. Supposed to be a great spinach substitute.


  67. When everyone switches genders will I have to make the sammiches?

  68. It’ll be going in kinda late, but I figure it can’t hurt to try it in a small bed.

  69. From what I know the only thing women outperform men at is endurance. Since even endurance competitions usually involve speed that doesn’t matter. One of the very competitive athletes in the ultra marathons is (or was) a woman. I don’t believe they have male and female catagories.

  70. It says it won’t be delivered until the end of July.

  71. Yes.

  72. Hey – they have comfrey. I want some of that.

  73. Crap. Well, I’ll build the bed anyhow, sow spinach in august and keep the GKH seeds for next year.

  74. I tried reading a story about a trans Navy Seal that’s running for office in Maryland and couldn’t get through it all.

    Very clearly, this person had a mental disorder. Kristen Beck, I think.

    It’s really sad.

  75. Huh. Kirsten Beck is a transgender lesbian. So she /he had to transition to feel the NEED to fight for gay wedding. He/she’s already been married – legally – to a woman.

    tangled web.

  76. Heh, I’ve wondered about this, but electric cars slightly worse for the environment than gasoline cars?


    That link will send liberal heads into a spin, because that’s a right wing paper. But the study isn’t from a right wing group.


    I checked the most liberal source on purpose.

  77. The electricity for the cars comes from unicorn farts J’ames. Duh.

    Stop hating and listen to the Pope.

  78. Meet Kristin Beck


  79. It’ll be going in kinda late, but I figure it can’t hurt to try it in a small bed.

    **obligatory “your mom” joke**

  80. Meet Kristin Beck

    Do I have to?

  81. I could also do turnips in the GKH bed, but I’d have to build it a lot deeper than I think I want to. Greens would be nice, though.

  82. Hah! Carin, I just bought some comfrey the other day. Bocking 14. This cultivar is the non-obnoxious sterile one that doesn’t go around killing your other gardens by spreading seed.

    Leon, you should also look around and see if there are any lamb’s quarters growing wild around your property. It is a common weed and know to be very nutritious. I have a huge one growing in my pea patch. I just steamed some tender shoots of it this morning and it is quite delicious. I feel like a big dummy for pulling out so many as weeds earlier in the season.

  83. http://imgur.com/a/QaUbT

  84. Hakurei turnips are small and tasty and awesome and they mature in 40 days.

    Really, you need to just give up having your own mind, and let me plan your garden for you. Get out of the way. I’ll take care of it.

  85. I thought lambs quarters grew on lambs.


  86. If I make an 8″ deep bed and plant turnips, they’ll be limited in depth. Since the real goal is a perennial that I’m taking greens and seeds from, a surface leaf crop in the meanwhile makes more sense.

  87. Lambs quarters are usually below deck, astern of the wardroom.

  88. When everyone switches genders will I have to make the sammiches?

    If you’re Greek, no one will be able to afford sandwiches.


    *huffs to another room and slams the door*

  90. Wanna bet we’ll be the next ones propping up the greek economy?

  91. Can Greeks be considered non-white? If so, then yes we will prop them up.

  92. We have a former regular here who has turned SJW. About to unfriend her on RaceBuk.

  93. Hakurei turnips are done at about 2″ diameter, they don’t all mature in the same row at once, so you can pick them over time, and they hold well in the ground in Fall. They also make a nice head of tender turnip greens. They don’t bolt too fast. And if you let a couple of the spring ones go to seed, they will produce lots of little volunteers in the future. Or you can bag the seed yourself.

    Someday you will fall in love with this vegetable as I have. It’s a matter of time. I’m wearing you down.

  94. Gotta be either tatty or the redhead.

  95. I saw Hakurei Turnips open for Girugamesh in 2012.

  96. OK I got to go cook some chikin bewbies. Stim you later.

  97. I saw Tatty and The Redheads open for George Orwell’s Ghost at Summerfest ’95.

    They both sucked balls. Horrible show ever.


    *huffs to another room and slams the door*

    I feel so ready for my daughter.

  99. George Orwell’s Ghost is having a reunion tour at a funeral home near you.

  100. Cyn, that is now on my “least favorite” books list.

  101. From the five year old post Rosetta linked last night:

    Comment by lauraw on April 19, 2010 5:05 pm

    Scott is fine. This last incision has taken a long time to close up right but it’s almost done. I checked it last night. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was watertight again tonight or tomorrow.

    I cleaned the cage last night and gave him fresh water and a nice soup bone to chew on.

    Back to normal.

    I’m kinda glad Scott didn’t die. I think Laura would have lost some of her funnyness.

  102. You know who I think is an asshole? John Boehner, that’s who.

  103. Who smells like host-bar gin and man tan.

  104. NSFW…NSFW


  105. Just checked on my reishi in the closet and a stalk had burst through the air vent. I trimmed it back to the plug and I’m making tea now with the trimmings and a tiny splash of gin to extract the alcohol-soluble compounds.

    I really hope I don’t trip ballz on this stuff.

  106. Leon, what the hell is going on?

  107. “to extract the alcohol-soluble compounds”

    Yeah, that’s why I put booze in my drink too

  108. Have to simmer it for like an hour or two, so I won’t know for awhile.

  109. I’m using some of Vmax’s orange wood twigs (from when he lived in FL) for lightly smoking the chicken while it slow-grills. Smells delightful.

  110. Mare, I bought an indoor reishi mushroom kit. It’s sitting in my closet growing right now. One of the stalks pushed through the little air vent, so I snipped it off and diced it really fine. I’m now simmering it in a small pot on the stove in water and few drops of gin to pull out all the medicinal/adaptogenic compounds into the liquid, which I will then attempt to drink.

    The rest of the kit is basically supposed to stay in the closet until all of the nutrient base is exhausted, then I dry the mushrooms in there for future use. I’ll probably try to use at least some of the caps to spawn more.

  111. “Wow, I didn’t know there was a woman SEAL. That’s amazing,” said Shaw, a retired Army colonel.

    Augh. No there isn’t a woman SEAL. There was a male SEAL who then decided to “become” a woman.

  112. Alcohol will probably cook off by then, might have been a waste to add it.

  113. Don’t miss this one, click through them all!

    ebaumsworld: 19 People With A Sick Sense Of Humor

  114. And I am reminded that I really need to get my chicken of the woods plugs into some logs. Might do that tonight.

  115. Is that like Chicken in a Biscuit crackers?

  116. http://is.gd/L7a2lS

  117. Free trade seems scarier every day. At least with China.

  118. Free trade works if both sides play by the rules. China doesn’t.

  119. I, for one, am entirely amazed at the breath of Leon’s knowledge of things. And have benefited a number of times.

  120. That’s the thing, I have almost no confidence in any player playing by the rules. We KNOW China doesn’t and we just whistle and ignore it.

    And then all the chickens get H1N1.

  121. Why do I have to go to work? WHy can’t I just play here all day? life is NOT fair.

  122. http://www.wwtdd.com/2015/06/cyrus-family-well-adjusted/


    Kid must have been really influenced by “The Illustrated Man”.

  123. Carin, you really should be gardening for profit. The guy who wrote The Market Gardener clears 6 figures every year on 1.5 acres in Canada.

  124. I’d have to cut down a lot more trees. I don’t think I have an acre of grow-able land.

  125. The emergency sirens in Fort Worth sound every Wednesday at 1 pm for a 15-second test. The one by the TiFW’s house ran for 30+ minutes today. The phone number listed for the emergency sirens was busy every time we tried to call…


  127. Are there loggers who will come out and clear land for free in exchange for the trees? I would think if you had a shitload of forest it would be profitable for them.

  128. Maybe Car in should become a lumberjack, and then a professional gardener when the wood gives out.

  129. The big old Standard shitload, not the new little prissy metric shitload.

  130. Maybe Car in should become a lumberjack, and then a professional gardener when the wood gives out.

    I had an uncle who did that. Of course, when the wood gave out my Aunt left him.

  131. I can clear seven figures growing on an acre and a half.

  132. Hippies do it all the time in Northern California.

  133. Finished my tea, not tripping yet.

    And thank you, Mare, that was a very nice thing to say.

  134. I heard that I’d need a fukksize amount of lumber to make it profitable. I’m not sure of the conversion rate of shitload to fukksize?

  135. Worky worky.

    Let’s pray I get not ketchup/steak eaters tonight.

  136. Alex, the clever trick of it is doing it without growing ganja.

  137. Ganja, poppys, potato, potahto.

  138. Michigan weather is like Afghanistan, right?

  139. *Points to the Ace post trashing Ann Coulter.
    *Waits for Cyn and Mare to pummel Ace into pulp

  140. https://hartford.craigslist.org/fuo/5052264892.html

    What do you think? 1975 – 1983? Something like that, right? That dining room set, hooboy.

  141. Comment by Jay in Ames on June 24, 2015 4:46 pm

    Michigan weather is like Afghanistan, right?

    I’ll take Kabul over Detroit.

  142. Laura, look on Craiglist for someone selling firewood.

  143. I think she was kidding, and demonstrating absurdity by being absurd, Tushar.

    I’m waiting for what Drew thinks.

  144. Testing new gravatar in t-minus 6 hours . . .

    What’s up, Martha Fockers? Does Geoff still hang out here?


  145. Geoff apparently thinks he has better things to do most of the time.

    And your avatard is hideous.

  146. >>
    I’m waiting for what Drew thinks.


  147. Tushar, I’m the one that defended Ace. I love reading him and I enjoy the comments. He’s a hell of a writer. As far as I know Cyn wasn’t on board with the, “he’s white therefore I feel badly” deal. And I agreed.

  148. I’m waiting for what Drew thinks.

    I’ll take “Sentences I Have Never Uttered” for $200, Alex.

  149. Yes

  150. Everybody coughs up a real clunker of an idea every once in a while. Even Ann Coulter. And this one was a doozie.

  151. Ann fucked up.

  152. Doesn’t take anything away from her, as long as she doesn’t turn it into a habit.

  153. She’ll weather it just fine.

  154. Wanna bet we’ll be the next ones propping up the greek economy?

    With what, twenty trillion in our own debt?

  155. We have a former regular here who has turned SJW. About to unfriend her on RaceBuk.

    If it’s who I think it is, she done gone that way a loonnng time ago.

    It’s not Tats.

  156. Beasn,
    They just pretend it’s about saving Greece.
    It’s not.
    It’s about saving all the banks holding, what could very well be worthless, Greek bonds.
    Greece will still be there and life will go on.
    The same can’t be said for the banks, or the folks that think their money is safe therein…

  157. Ann went sideways for sure.

  158. In re: Greece
    Listen to Monday’s and last Friday’s podcast at coffeeandmarkets.com

  159. Meh. She’s got a book out.

  160. Leon? http://is.gd/eGjiw5

  161. I thought Michelle Obama was the beard. For you know who.

  162. GND said none of the economists at work are worried about Greece.

    Zero fukkos given.

  163. Anybody succeed in a petition to the zoning board of appeals today?

  164. They are the worst.

  165. That’s what your mom said.

  166. What does GND do?

  167. Pretty soon, making sammiches.

  168. There’s a transgender/guy in drag here. Pretty earrings, blouse, skort, heels, and 5 o’clock shadow. I’m waiting for one of the booth guys to drink enough to hit on him.

  169. Ok, my guess for the former hostage who has gone SJW: KKA.

    She certainly showed the signs…..

  170. Skylia.

  171. Whackadoodle.

  172. What does GND do?
    Investment research consultant.

  173. Leon?

    No, I trimmed mine, and oil is for engines, not beards.

  174. Ok, my guess for the former hostage who has gone SJW: KKA.


  175. Pretty soon, making sammiches.
    HAHAHAHAHA. I took a screen shot and sent it to her.

  176. Ok, my guess for the former hostage who has gone SJW:


  177. I don’t think my wife has ever made me a sandwich.

    I don’t eat them, so that might be why. She has made me cocktails, though.

  178. To the any former hostage turned parasite, I share the following quote from my favorite beer company:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
    the tranquility of servitude
    better than the animating contest of freedom,
    go home from us in peace.
    We ask not your counsels or your arms.
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
    May your chains set lightly upon you,
    and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

  179. Did anybody send an expensive bottle of champagne over to a stunning young woman and her friends and tell the waiter to charge it to anybody else’s room today?

  180. Laura makes way better sandwiches than I do. If I make a sandwich it has 3 ingredients, bread, cheese, and meat.
    She uses all kinds of other stuff.

  181. Ok, enough with the suspense. Which former Hostage has turned SJW????

    Is it that lawyer woman who was always complaining? I forget the name.

  182. When I order a cheeseburger, I want meat, bun and cheese. It’s not a fucking salad!

  183. And yeah, it’s gotta be Skylia they’re talking about. I unhitched from that wagon right after she fucked over TiFW and Roamy on a biz deal.

  184. Tushar, laura and scott already answered the question.

  185. Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. xBrad,


  187. Beasn, roger that.

  188. When that’s not enough, I’ll get the burger with pastrami and bacon also.

  189. I had a burger for dinner. No bun, 2 slices of bacon, one slice of cheddar, and an egg over medium.

  190. Gave the wife my fries. It was date night, and the bacon&egg&cheeseburger is an actual menu item.

  191. If you are half-crazy, and you make a habit of burning other people, you really *need* a philosophy of victimhood to salve your soul. Because you sure don’t have it in you to live up to your own promises or make things right. Better to say those were bad people, that you fucked over. Ahh. All better!

    Sorry I ever said it might be Tat. She really doesn’t match the profile and I don’t know what I was thinking.

  192. I’m going to add on a strawberry patch to the garden. On the south side.

  193. I’ve heard strawberries draw birds, you might want an owl decoy.

  194. Anita pretty much stays out of the kitchen.

    Once in a while, she will stare at the fridge thinking;
    “I know food comes from there. I wonder how it works.”

    We’re both better off that way…

  195. This is an actual email quote ……” you are in charge of packing please help me to take good care of long-term cooperation.”

    If there is a reft reg II, I got a guy.

  196. Beasn, the crows that we’ve been feeding for a year or so brought three young ones with them the other day. They’ve been staying around the house and corrals. The little ones are hilarious to watch. they don’t fly very well and land hard. One bounced.

  197. When you’re talking to people from China it’s not so bad but trying to read an email or something always makes me laugh my butt fur off.

  198. I saw a catbird reach through my berry netting yesterday and eat a couple blueberries that it could reach.

    The strawberry bed will be sited with netting in mind.

  199. I gotta cage my romas tomorrow. One already has a couple of green fruits on it.

  200. Yay! Yours are making good time. I have only one roma. No cage yet, and no fruits. It has a mini-bed to its own and I’m thinking of just letting it sprawl on the hay mulch.

    Yeah, fuck it. Let it crawl along on the hay. I’ve raised good tomatoes that way in the past.

  201. Pepe, birds are great entertainment. I’m watching two robins nests. One in our front tree, the other under our deck. Babies in both.

    Watched cowbirds try to go democrat on the front one. Then a grackle tried messing around (they, like crows, love them some tasty robins eggs and/or baby robins) but mom kicked it’s ass….and it helped that I came out the front door and shooed the f*cker away.

  202. My maters are caged. They seem to be stunted due to the cooler/wetter spring and so far, summer. There’s been a hella lot more gray days than sunny ones.

    Though there is one large beefsteak happening on the one.

    Now, what to do with the voles who are decimating my flowers in the front garden. If it ain’t a hassenpfeffer, it’s a vole. Where’s the neighborhood cat, owl, hawk, when you need one?

  203. Tomatoes are good for homemade ketchup with your steak.

  204. Cyn from the upper turnbuckle!

  205. Tomatoes, eh?

    Better check those for ripeness.

  206. Hello, MJ. How are you this fine evening?

  207. Cucumber check aisle five!

  208. I’m headed to the store; anybody need anything?

  209. Hair ties, some gum, and a can of WD40.

  210. And duct tape.

  211. I’m planning to can the tomatoes for salsa and marinara later.

  212. I have a good slope to my property/ garden and need to learn more about swales, and managing swale plumes. I think I’ve kind of been unwittingly using them just by digging raised beds against the slope, but they weren’t in the right place to really reduce much of my watering needs in the front, dry area of the garden. And since I de-contoured my garden, they are *definitely* not in the right place.

  213. Mmm. My aunt Josephine used to make a really chunky canned salsa from her garden veggies that I absolutely loved.

  214. Hugelkultur mounds. Gives the same windbreak as swale but you can plant in it and it holds water like a sponge.

    Mine are prolific thus far. Mustard and peppers are growing worthily. My seed-started peppers in the mounds have caught up to the greenhouse-bought ones in the regular soil already.

  215. They are a LOT of initial work, though. There’s a reason I gave up after making 3 of them and just tilled the rest of the garden. I figure if I do a few more every year I’ll eventually have an all-mound garden.

  216. “Hugelkultur mounds”

  217. Worth it, Leon. Like you said, it’s hard but you can just chip away at it over time as you can manage it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    My ground-level plants are still just sitting there, while the same home-raised stock planted in raised beds or pots are mad growing and thriving. No comparison. I used to do *all* deeply raised beds but figured I’d go back to the old way this season. Never again. Nyoop.

  218. We’ve got a dozen, or so “Legend” determinate tomato plants.
    The idea being that they will all ripen at once and we will run them through the mill and can a bunch of ‘Garlic Basil tomato sauce’.
    We have never done it before and so will probably fail.
    Hopefully, we will learn from it…

  219. All of my direct-sow “big seed” plants are doing pretty well in the dirt. Squashes and cukes, mainly. The potato plants are enormous, but I haven’t poked around in the hugeltrough to see if there are any tubers forming.

  220. Leon,
    As the foliage forms, are you not supposed to pile dirt up around it to get more tubers under the dirt?

  221. I tentatively cracked into my spuds too early, but to be fair, a few plants had indeed flowered. I got four teensy spuds. Not worth the potential for damaging the roots. I hope the patch will all flower together soon. I fed them today with some compost tea and organic fertilizer as an apology for cradle robbing.

  222. I have a friend who does a lot of gardening. She keeps adding dirt to the potato plants. They just grow up through it and make more potatoes.

  223. Logan’s Run on TCM. Is it just me but does this seem only a notch and a half above Plan 9 from Outer Space?

  224. It really was a somewhat bad movie.

  225. Strike “somewhat.” Watching it for cheese factor but don’t know how much I can take. Weird to think Star Wars was so nearby in time.

  226. But…but…Jenny Agutter and Farrah!!!! It was filmed in FW.

  227. Yeah, that always cracks me up. The polished dystopian future will take place in a shopping mall.

  228. It was a pretty advanced mall for the time. FW water gardens too.

  229. That movie had so much money, all of it not so exquisitely wasted. Even the haircuts are a hoot.

  230. I liked the clothes! And the cheesy hand crystal.

  231. Ermagerd, it looks like a store decoration from Chico’s.

  232. Logan’s Run is like the future designed by Z Gallerie and Margaret Sanger.

  233. I try hard to be strong
    But sometimes I derp myself
    And after all I’ve promised you
    So faithfully

  234. NSFW and extremely weird.
    You have been warned



  235. I missed the original comment but Sky is the SJW. She unfriended me a few months back (PTL actually). I don’t remember what it was about.

  236. I did the bury method when I did potatoes. every time the foliage would reach a certain point I’d bury it up to that point. I used tires – would just add another tire and fill.

  237. Wakey wakey

  238. I unfriended facebook.

  239. Leon,
    As the foliage forms, are you not supposed to pile dirt up around it to get more tubers under the dirt?

    I’ve heard some claim both yes and no on that score. I had about 4″ of straw over them when I started, and kept adding straw as I had it available and the plants grew. We’ll see in the fall if the tubers formed there or down in the dirt.

  240. I added very lose dirt. Heavy in peat. So it would be easier to dig into.

  241. Facechimp and I have never been friends.

  242. I’ve never actually registered for facebook, but I delete a crapton of tracking cookies every couple of days that facebook leaves all over my computer. I’ll just about guarantee that Zark Muckerberg knows my birthday, blood type, & the exact weight of every shit I’ve made in the last decade.

  243. I call it straw, but it’s really stalks left over after moving hay bales around, or whatever the horses push through the fence. Blocks light and adds some structure, but isn’t hard to grow through.

  244. I unfriended your mom.

  245. Sup bishes?

    My arm is at 60%. Flying to Fl tomorrow for engagement party. BBF started. PT in 75 mins.

    Beach House is touring. Cabin rented in Asheville.

    Gardening sucks, until I can do it again, then it’s awesome.

    We should ban: Brightly colored hair dye, use of the word brah, Buzzfeed, welfare, the term ‘Democrat’ for supporting the war of secession, anything named after Robert Bryd, slow jamming the news, Hillary’s fupa, the slow lane, tax incentives to buy shitty hybrids that get less than 100 miles per gallon, shitty hybrids because they look ugly, use of the word ‘um’ as a placeholder while stupid people think up a random cliche, Tumblr, nose rings, Beyonce, skin lighteners, bad coffee, Al Gore’ fupa, and anything for the children.

  246. What’s wrong with your arm?

    I’ve been seeing a chiro for mine but my muscle still pops back and forth and hurts like a summabitch when it does.

  247. Brightly colored hair dye can be sold in the month of October and may not be present in hair after Thanksgiving, otherwise your list is solid.

  248. I take issue with banning the slow lane. Your mom needs a lane to drive in.

  249. I’m not precisely sure cuz I skipped the MRI but everyone seems to think it was a rotator cuff tear then frozen shoulder because I couldn’t move it.

    That might be your bicep tendon? Mine does the same.

    F’in hurts and makes you want to barf.

    Zumba injury? I hear that’s common.

  250. Yep it’s the bicep tendon. The chiro says I have horrible flexibility on that side (right). It’s getting better but yesterday was kinda bad.

  251. Oof. I feel for you there.

    Do you have stretches to do?

  252. I don’t think you’re doing it right.

  253. Yes. Pot cream really helps. I just recommended it to a friend of mine with a shoulder thing too and she says it’s been a godsend.

  254. Mine is at about 90%. I have some painful spots in the ROM, but I’m able to lift. Shoulder dislocates with a short staff (SYWM) and external cable rotations during workouts have helped a lot.

  255. And I hurt it digging in the garden – of all things.

  256. I can lift my hand overhead – for a while I needed help with my other arm.

    I actually can lift light things etc. BUt I’m being very cautious. I don’t want to have to start over in recovery.

  257. What the hell is wrong with you people?

    I post two weird links. I expect to see shrieking and cursing.

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  258. Handstands helped a lot too, which is weird, but just the static hold in that position was nice.

  259. I haven’t attempted that- it may be too much just yet. It does help to just HANG from a bar.

  260. Someone watch this video and tell me what it says. I can’t get it to work.


  261. It just keeps spinning and spinning for me.

    I think he just says to wash up. SO far that’s worked for me this summer because I’ve touched it and washed.

  262. Start low on the wall if you do (belly toward wall) and walk your way higher. Wear socks or you’ll leave footprints.

    Or don’t. I have a lot of shoulder muscle and it’s little effort for me. There’s a sort of inverted, slow shrug you can do where you rotate your scapulae using traps and rhomboids that really helped the sore bits.

  263. Watching the ivy video now. I have it everywhere so I need this.

  264. Oh we do all sorts of handstands etc at zumba like that. I honestly just think it’s a tad too much for my shoulder at this point. I’m actually kick ass at handstands normally but I was a gymnast. I can out-hold a handstand (normally) – beating just about everyone. It’s actually pretty effortless.

  265. Okay, he basically says any soap at all is fine, the important thing is to scrub anywhere that might have been exposed with soap and a washcloth or loofah, as many as 3 separate times. The important thing is the quantity of friction and scrubbing all the urishiol (poison ivy oil) off.

  266. I would think you could do wallstands, but you’re the better judge of what you can handle. The scapula shrugs can be done with weight, too, and you might try inverse while hanging.

  267. I hear 12 oz curls are good for rotator cuff tears.

  268. It does help to just HANG from a bar.
    I do this a lot.

  269. At workouts, it was suggested that rotator cuffs need exercise. Hold your arm down while sitting, and holding a weight. Raise just your lower arm to a 90 degree angle, with the weight. Now just rotate your hand outward, and back in. Probably good for healthy rotator cuffs.

  270. Ignore the “gay fitness community” bit, this exercise is great:

  271. Well, that latest SCOTUS ruling really isn’t surprising, is it?

  272. Well, that latest SCOTUS ruling really isn’t surprising, is it?

    no if you’ve been paying any attention at all for the last 6 years

  273. I think that pretty much tells us how they are going to rule on gay marriage.

  274. Yep, expecting that one to go against us, too.

    I’m resigned to just living with it, no matter what I feel.

    Which is that gay couples are entitled to every benefit from the government that male/female couples have. But marriage isn’t a government function, and that isn’t one of their “rights”. If they don’t like their church’s position on marriage, pick a different church.

  275. SCOTUS – rewriting legislation since 2009

  276. They won’t stop until priests are put in jail for saying no.

    Cardinal Dolan will volunteer to do ceremonies next week, though, so no worries.

  277. In a dissent he summarized from the bench, Justice Antonin Scalia said, “We should start calling this law SCOTUScare.” Using the acronym for the Supreme Court, Scalia said his colleagues have twice stepped in to save the law from what Scalia considered worthy challenges.

    Well put.

  278. The worst part of this ruling is that Roberts makes an argument that flies directly in the face of the intent of the people who wrote the law.

    They were trying to bribe states to create exchanges with the subsidies. The fact that the majority did not does not change that intent. Roberts basically just said “Intent doesn’t matter, the actual words don’t matter, it’s the outcome that matters. So I will change the meaning of the law to protect this law.”

    Fucking douchebag.

  279. Everyone knows it’s what you meant, not what you actually said. nevermind that no one can deduce what you meant from what you said. It’s always feelings, and intent.

    I thought lawyers were all about language. Guess that’s only when it suits their purposes.

  280. They want to control what the churches do, and have. They want to tax them. They want to control their charities.

    They tried this before, in Russia, China, etc. See how that worked out?

  281. There seems to be no argument that would sway Roberts away from his complete and total support of this law.

    I honestly do not see how it could be any clearer than it was in this case. You have to be intentionally and willingly dense or dishonest to find any ambiguity in the wording of this law, especially after the repeated comments of it’s chief architect regarding why they wrote it the way they did!”

  282. Somewhere, someone has a gun to Robert’s kid’s head. That’s the only thing that makes sense, unless he’s got a shrine to Satan in his basement.

  283. SCOTUS rewriting “law” to make the State ever larger? Yawn.
    There is no law, there is only power.

    Nice to know the Left has another liberal on the court, as chief “justice.” And the GOP, no matter what they howl in protest, is perfectly happy with this.

  284. Roberts merely believes what most people believe nowadays, that there need be no ideological or doctrinaire notions of a limit on government. Law today exists for expediency’s sake, not as a check upon it.

  285. Employees are supposed to familiarize themselves with “issues and vocabulary” but the document proceeds to make an enormous politically incorrect boner. It uses the term “homosexual,” which many gays now consider a slur.

    I can’t even……

    When the fuck did “homosexual” become a slur?

    And why the fuck should I even care anymore?

  286. It’s easier to have someone else take care of your problems. Simple.

  287. Lots of accurate words are slurs now. Feelings are more important.

    “That offends me!”

    We should be saying “so the fuck what? grow a pair”

  288. Shouldn’t we try to make everything just and fair? There should be laws about everything, that way everything can be fair.

  289. “Man” and “woman” are slurs because you cannot assume how the person you are addressing self-identifies. H8R.

    Call everyone “comrade” or “tovarich.”

  290. Predictably, erstwhile Obama supporter Ann Althouse says this is great for the GOP.

  291. There seems to be no argument that would sway Roberts away from his complete and total support of this law.

    You need look no further than the douchbag who made him chief justice.

  292. Thank God Wiser and George are here.

    These other people have strayed from the original intent of H2 and converted it into a gardening/zumba dancing blog.

    But I know you two still believe in the original mission: To offend and to horrify.

    NSFW and extremely weird.
    You have been warned



  293. I’m not looking again.

  294. Why am I not surprised, re: Althouse.

    *continues ignoring Tushar

  295. I just listened to reaction on NPR and the consensus was that Roberts didn’t want to appear political.

    So he ignored the actual text of the law and ruled politically. Twice.

    In all truth, I don’t really care about it anymore but Roberts is the Kennedy of our era.

  296. Tit face baby!!!!!!


  297. >>I’m not looking again.

    >>*continues ignoring Tushar

    Fine. Grow some butternut squash, shove it up your asses and do the zumba dance.

  298. 2 Kennedys is 2 too many.

    Now I know how the left feels about Alito, Scalia, and Thomas.

  299. Hahahahaha

  300. I don’t think I planted butternuts.

  301. NSFW and extremely weird.
    You have been warned

    That is the kind of art that Nancy Pelosi told us was possible once people were free from the worry of having to work to get health insurance.

    Thank You, Nancy!

  302. I can’t even……

    When the fuck did “homosexual” become a slur?

    And why the fuck should I even care anymore?

    Because you will be made to care.

    This has never been about dignity or about equal rights. It’s always been about attacking straights.

  303. Every Republican candidate should announce that they intend to pack the court with six new conservative appointees just to overturn this crap.

  304. I don’t even think they are attacking straights. It’s just that straights don’t have a way to defend themselves, because there isn’t really a position.

  305. Doing that would guarantee that LIVs would vote dem, CoAlex.

    But then so does everything else.

  306. The SCOTUS ruling makes me want to abandon my taxable income, farm whatever the market will pay for, and take only cash or bitcoin payments while collecting EBT.

  307. Thanks, Obama.

  308. I’m afraid to ask how Tush finds this stuff, and if it required being over 21.

  309. If feed mills can take EBT, I’m good to go and I’ll eat like a king.

  310. Don’t worry, Hotspur. Cankles will keep Obama’s momentum going in the same direction for another eight years.

  311. Any bets on which comes first, the world war or the civil war?

  312. Don’t worry, Hotspur. Cankles will keep Obama’s momentum going in the same direction for another eight years.

    At this point, I am firmly back in the LIB camp.

    I am of the opinion that the sooner the burning times begin, the sooner the rebuilding can begin. So why try to slow the coming of the inevitable?

    Bring it now and bring it hard. I know who will survive and who won’t.

  313. Right now I’m in wiser’s and leon’s camp. But I’ll come around. Maybe.

  314. A world war is more likely, and it will delay the civil war by a decade at least. That extra time to spend a few trillion more $ will allow more plunder, so for that reason alone it seems more likely to occur.

  315. Front page at ace’s describes it perfectly:

    Fuck this, fuck that, fuck those in particular

    At least the facebook preening hasn’t begun yet.

  316. George, finding those gifs is a dirty job that puts Mike Rowe to shame. It is a gruelling, soul sapping thankless work, but someone has to do it.

  317. No. No one has to do it.

  318. This is why we need men like Tushar to one to our shores.

  319. One = come
    Fuckin autocucumber

  320. It’s not LIB, it’s more like IWBA: it will burn anyway. The culture will have to upend itself before the politics can correct themselves.

  321. Tushar, I like your gifts. I just like tweaking you and twisting your tail better.

  322. >>leoncaruthers on June 25, 2015 at 12:10 pm
    >>No. No one has to do it.

    You have the luxury of having that opinion.

    Gentle men like you sleep soundly at night because rough men are ready to scour the murky depths of the internet on their behalf.

  323. gifs, even. That wasn’t autocucumber, just me being stupid.

  324. >>Jay in Ames on June 25, 2015 at 12:19 pm
    Tushar, I like your gifts. I just like tweaking you and twisting your tail better.

    Veterans coming back from Vietnam were spit upon.

  325. *goes to freezer, pulls out gallon of Pralines n Cream ice cream, eats whole container*

    Fuck it – if Obamacare is going to stand, there isn’t any reason for me to do anything healthy ever again. I can’t be denied insurance for any reason, I can’t be charged more for risky behavior, and the rest of the country has to support my fat ass.

    Snickers and Cheeto Puffs for dinner.

  326. It’s not LIB, it’s more like IWBA: it will burn anyway. The culture will have to upend itself before the politics can correct themselves.

    True, so attempting to stop it is actually counter-productive, don’t you think?

  327. Gentle men like you sleep soundly at night because rough men are ready to scour the murky depths of the internet on their behalf.


  328. Gentle men like you sleep soundly at night because rough men are ready to scour the murky depths of the internet on their behalf.
    *sheds patriotic tear*

  329. >>You can’t handle the SLEUTH!


  330. *awards Tushar the Medal of 4Chan

  331. Is His Holiness the Preezy speaking yet? I can’t watch the smug.

  332. It’s not LIB, it’s more like IWBA: it will burn anyway. The culture will have to upend itself before the politics can correct themselves.

    True, so attempting to stop it is actually counter-productive, don’t you think?

    I tend to think culture precedes politics, so the question becomes who can change culture? That’s a really hard one. Culture is beyond any single group’s control. Certainly you don’t want to cut off your nose to spite your face. You wouldn’t raise your kids to be cutting edge SJWs, and that decision is a cultural one on a small scale. You steer your kids in the better cultural direction. Looking at the broad direction of culture, there’s little to do other than withdraw. Tending one’s own garden seems to be the order of the day. No gardening puns intended.

  333. I’m waiting for the White House to start calling pressers “audiences” and press releases “encyclicals.”

  334. gallon of Pralines n Cream ice cream

    Man, that sounds really good.

  335. Noted faggot hypocrite Tim Cook continues his censorship.

    Apple has removed a whole swathe of historical war games from the App Store because they feature the Confederate flag.

    I wonder* if he will ban any games in the App Store that have Nazi, Soviet or Nork flags.

    *not really

  336. whoa wait, as long as it’s pecan pralines. I see now the Euros make them with almonds. Savages.

  337. What I wouldn’t give for another Newt as Speaker right now.

  338. Why did I have to see praline ice cream? I’m “this” close to going to Dairy Queen now

  339. At this point, Newt wouldn’t be enough. We’re waiting on a Jeff Davis (if CWII comes first ) or a Hitler (if WWIII comes first), and it will end just as badly.

  340. Jay, you need to stay strong for Burning Times. Fight the urge.

  341. Obi-Newt-Kenobi, you’re our only hope!

  342. I’m waiting until Apple goes back to its gay logo. True colors and all that.


  343. I promise you after the King v Burwell decision, Boehner and McConnell are having celebratory multiple cocktails tonight.

  344. I promise you after the King v Burwell decision, Boehner and McConnell are having celebratory multiple cocktails tonight.

    It’s awful for the country and the rule of law (and the disparate impact ruling is arguably even worse). But electorally, they have a point. Every lib and the MSM would have beaten us mercilessly showing some poor waif denied subsidies for every single minute of every single day until the election.

  345. I also promise even if there were to be a Republican as preezy in 2016, and we retained both chambers, Obamacare would remain firmly in place. Both parties want it so.

  346. Sorry, I’m fresh out of hope today. I’m in a terribly dark mood lately.

  347. Which is why there is no point supporting the Republican Party. As soon as someone’s special goodies from the public purse are threatened, the Rs retreat like rabbits hearing buckshot. Because there’s always a sob story somewhere and let’s be nice.

    At this point politics are less substantial than ball scores. The juggernaut keeps rolling in one direction only.

  348. Shorter xbrad (I agree with him): Today the electorate demands the gravy train never stop, and the idea that there could be limits to free shit is racist or something. Don’t expect politicians to oppose the will of the electorate.

  349. Unless we get to the mundane singularity just in time, b0n3d.

  350. I don’t mean to pick on this guy from Red State but this is emblematic of our impotent politics and political outlook. Regarding the author’s idea that the King v Burwell decision gives Jindal in particular an advantage:

    Jindal is not the only one, but he is certainly ahead of the pack when it comes to policy. The Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% strategy of fighting to defund is a good starting point for him, but like Jindal, he would need to come up with a plan of his own (and not just use someone else’s) to replace Obamacare with. Democrats will scoff at the idea, but it remains deeply unpopular throughout the nation, and to take advantage right now is a great way to stand out and get that valuable name recognition you need to be a top contender in the race.

    See what’s important? Not eliminating Hellcare, but getting Our Guy to be in charge of “replacing” it. We’ll run gubmint healthcare Our Way, not get the gubmint out of it. And this fellow coughs up the old chestnut that “everyone hates Obamacare.” That must be why Republicans are so afraid to repeal it. That must be why it is politically impossible to oppose or reduce it. Because so many voters hate it. Just like they hate Congress but mostly keep reelecting the same Congresscreeps.

    Democrats scoff at Republicans because they know they will never meaningfully alter the leftward course of the nation. That won’t stop the Rs from lying to their voters about their intentions. Democrats get a chuckle out of that too.

  351. I’m a put up a quick post gimme a few minutes.

  352. Seriously, that’s the only way this doesn’t end in complete disaster.

    We get radical life-extension/morbidity compression at roughly the same time as food production and distribution is completely mechanized and oh at about the same time we figure out fusion or really clean fission.

    All of that has to happen basically all at once for the nation to not collapse under the weight of its parasite class.

  353. Unicorns, IOW.

  354. Ben Domenech enages in 11-level chess strategy to squeeze a positive POV from today’s ruling:


  355. Dear oh dear. I usually like Ben. Wishful thinking.

  356. LMT says they’re within a year of small fusion reactor.

  357. Now Republicans get the added benefit of railing against a law that remains unpopular and that drives health insurance costs ever higher across the country without having to put their legislation where their mouths are.

    Um, does Ben think its unpopularity demands LESS money from Uncle Sugar or more, given our electorate? Does he really think people want less gubmint instead of moar cheeper stuff like they epwere promised?

    Also, if the political benefit is Rs need not open their mouths or do anything, that is tantamount to saying they are useless eunuchs.

  358. Beware of MJ ‘s gang


  359. Ben Domenech enages in 11-level chess strategy to squeeze a positive POV from today’s ruling.
    This issue is dead. It’s another few hundred dollar a month transfer from me to someone at the low end of the economic scale.

  360. What MJ said. The real issue is what the next new transfer payment will be from the productive to the sponges. Because you have too much, and you didn’t earn that

  361. Nancy decides how much you can keep.

  362. Lois decides which medical procedures you can have.

  363. I’ll believe that when I see it. For all I know it’s deliberate misinfo to distract the Chinese and the Russians.

  364. Don’t miss lauraw’s awesome manly new post.

  365. Wiser decides what friends you can have. But then he bans them anyway.

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