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  1. So,we were told to pronounce Fluke – Fluck, and now we’re supposed to pronounce Roof – Ruff.

    Fuck all y’all.

  2. Boobies are my second-favorite bird.

  3. I self-identify as a boobie. Others often see me as one too.

  4. She seems nice.

  5. I hope Dylan likes it roof because that’s how he’s going to get it in prison.

  6. She’s no tucker.

  7. I don’t think I’ve used the word fukksize in a while.

  8. Tsarnaev earned understanding and sympathy from Rolling Stone. Ruff is too white for that.

  9. I think you pronounce fukksize “fooksize.”

  10. Boobies are my second-favorite bird.

    I’ve always preferred the tit-mouse.

  11. I don’t see a bird.

  12. My favorite bird is still the albatross.

  13. I don’t think I could pick a “favorite” bird. I really like Orioles but I think it’s only because I don’t see them very often. Hummingbirds are always a treat.

  14. We’re just not worthy of him.

    [Royal Boobie] also challenged Democratic supporters to do their part to make the political changes rather than remain disillusioned about the inability of the nation’s capital to respond to gun violence and other problems.

    “When I ran in 2008, I in fact did not say I would fix it. I said we could fix it,” Obama told an audience of about 250 at a fundraising event here at the stately hillside home of film mogul Tyler Perry. “I didn’t say, ‘Yes, I can.’ I said, ‘Yes, we can.'”

  15. Gawd I hate him.

  16. Showiest bird these parts are Steller’s jays and various woodpeckers. Most impressive flyers are turkey vultures. Noisiest are the red-crowned parrots.

  17. Lots of Anna’s hummingbirds here.

  18. Here’s a female in our yard. One of the few hummingbirds where the female has a bit of a ruby throat.

  19. He’s a douchebag. And Tyler Perry is no great shakes either.

  20. We get Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, and Rufus. Also Blue Jays and Meadowlarks.

  21. This is so brain dead that I don’t know where to begin.
    Hillary Clinton didn’t call The Donald out by name, but she suggested in an interview Thursday that comments like ones the real estate tycoon-turned-Republican presidential candidate made during his recent announcement speech could “trigger” events like this week’s church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

    I do know this: Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton’s best friend on the “Republican” side.

  22. Hummingbirds are dicks.

  23. Trump will get on the first debates and bluster a lot of lunatic garbage, and every Repub will be forced to dance to his looney tunes. “Republican Trump has said we should do crazy thing X about immigration. Why do you agree? If not, do you then support a path to full citizenship at last?”

  24. “Governor Walker, Trump has said we should force Mexicans to build casinos in Wisconsin. Why do you oppose this if you refuse to give undocumented children medical care?”

  25. I think we should listen to Ross Perot. I mean Trump.

  26. Your mom liked my Tinder description enough to swipe right.

  27. Car in, Jeff G. has posted today.

  28. Your mom never swipes left.

  29. Your mom swipes like a gay French king.

    *stolen from Seinfeld*

  30. NY Times
    He said Mr. Roof worked in landscaping and seemed to live an itinerant life, sometimes sleeping in his car. In recent weeks his behavior turned more bizarre, as he talked about wanting to burn an American flag and get his neck tattooed with the word “dagger.”

    Read more:

    See? Typical Republican.

  31. We get the keys to the new house today.

    The dickhole sellers had possession until next Friday, but just informed us yesterday that they will be out today. I called the utility company first thing this morning, and they told me shutoffs were scheduled for today. They can turn the electric back on remotely if need be, but it was probably too late to stop the gas shut off, but they would try.

    They can’t turn the gas on remotely, so if it get shut off, we’ll be without gas for the weekend.

    Why are people such inconsiderate shitheads?

  32. They likely thought they were doing you a favor by leaving early. They were wrong, but I can see how they got there.

  33. Moving blows. But the time goes fast. Still can’t believe we have been in Hate House for over two years now. Seems like only a few months.

  34. Actually, it was a really shitty thing to do. They certainly knew when their movers were scheduled weeks ago. The rent is based on about $50 a day, so not only is it too late for me to reschedule the workers I had lined up for the 29th, it cost me $350 for their dickmove.

    I lose $350, and get enjoyment of the house no sooner than planned.

    People are assholes.

  35. It was art. Worth $10,000. Made of plywood, 2x4s and artificial grass.

  36. Can you keep charging them to the original move-out date?

  37. No. The asshole board of realtors has it set up that they hold the rent at closing, then only pay the buyer for the days the sellers stay.

    I bitched up a storm, because in the real world, rent is paid in advance to the landlord, and you don’t get any rebate if you leave early

    Fuck shit piss.

  38. I gave your mom a rebate for leaving early.

  39. Comment by Car in on June 19, 2015 11:02 am
    I hope Dylan likes it roof because that’s how he’s going to get it in prison.

    I think we should listen to Ross Perot. I mean Trump.

    She seems nice.

    HA! Carin’s on fire!

  40. I’ve got a piece worth $10,000. OBO.

  41. Racism, straight up.

    The Spokane City Council held a unanimous vote to remove Dolezal from a spot on the city’s police oversight board on Thursday, according to KREM-TV in Spokane. She had refused calls to resign after a report accused her of revealing confidential information she learned while on the board and that she created a hostile work environment.

  42. That “art” was a piece of shit.

    *runs from Chumpo*

  43. Comment by xbradtc on June 19, 2015 12:07 pm
    Your mom liked my Tinder description enough to swipe right.



  44. In a disclosure that could have political implications for election campaigns, the State Department’s chief watchdog reported Thursday that worker harassment complaints have nearly tripled inside the department during the tenures of Hillary Rodham Clinton and John F. Kerry — but the department still doesn’t have mandatory training for all employees…

    The report states that formal harassment claims rose from 88 cases in 2011, during Mrs. Clinton’s third year as America’s top diplomat, to 248 in 2014, Mr. Kerry’s second year as secretary. Hundreds more informal complaints were lodged during the same period.

    “In a disclosure that could have political implications for election campaigns”


  45. I think I’m tired, procrastinated too long, and nervous about getting crap done, therefore I’m laughing deliriously.

    It’s my 28th wedding anniversary. We are going to Cinnamon Creek to go shoot bows and have dinner, BYOB. It’a a package deal (SYWM that’s for later).

  46. The birds are loud at the US Open. I think I know one of those birds from my old house.

  47. Before I got the pickup, I used to see piles of free pallets and go “oh man, if I had a pickup, I could grab all of those!”

    Now I see the piles and I can’t think of what I wanted the wood for.

  48. Hummingbirds are always a treat.


    Yes, they’re delicious.

  49. They basically live on a diet of syrup and nectar, so that makes sense.

  50. Now I see the piles and I can’t think of what I wanted the wood for.


    That made me laugh, but if you go to Pinterest and search pallets you will find more stuff to make than you ever imagined.

  51. You need piles of pallets to store your pounds and pounds of pellets.

  52. I don’t have pellets or Pinterest.

    The problem is that I can’t think of it at the time. I’ll think of it later when I’m doing stuff on the property, like sawing down the boards to use as a walkway through my garden or to cross the drainage ditch.

    I was going to use them for raised beds, but having built an in-ground garden I have less need.

  53. Hummingbirds actually also eat small insects. Normal part of their diet.

  54. Still no boobs. No boobs, no piece.

  55. Yardwork is done. Poorly, but done nonetheless.

  56. I’m headed out to do that myself pretty soon. Weeding around the house first, then the garden.

    I should probably do the black plastic on my garden walkways and then mulch them.

  57. Do any of you have a recipe for bird soup?

  58. Do any of you have a recipe for bird soup?

  59. I stacked firewood on pallets before I got a garage. My chest freezer is on a couple of pallets in the basement just in case water ever gets in. If anyone ever tries to climb out of the freezer the fall will be more likely to give them a concussion.

  60. nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk

  61. I should be filling the crawlspace with pallets as well, so I can store things down there when needed.

    Other than captives, of course.

  62. I think Lauraw has some pointers on crawlspace tenants, Leon.

  63. We’ve discussed it offline.

  64. I threw a spare pallet in the woods beside my driveway when a load of loam was being dropped off. Completely forgot about it until last year when I noticed a tree growing up through it.

  65. That’s utter bullshit, ‘Spurt. The BOR should be hung out and shot and chain-whipped*.

    *Metaphorically, of course ~coughnsacough~*


  67. Bewbs are up

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