Big Boob Friday

Dear complainers,

I was in class all week learning shit.



President, NAACP of Charlotte


This week’s song is brought to you by weed. Weed: Making mare even funnier since March 2009.



I forgot this chick’s name cuz I was learning shit. Nice cans, though.












  1. She seems like a girl you’d take home to mother.

  2. Yeah, if your mom ran a whorehouse.

  3. Sasha Grey really did have a fantastic hiney.

  4. I wish!

  5. va va voom

  6. Did?

  7. In case you were wondering. No bush.

  8. Is that Sasha Grey? Wasn’t she a porn star?

  9. Stay outta da bushes!

  10. Sasha Grey really did have a fantastic hiney.

    Is that Sasha Grey? Wasn’t she a porn star?

    Now she makes the sandwiches.

  11. She is the bottom in the bunny gif, Mare. Not the model for today.

    Is that Sasha Grey? Wasn’t she a porn star?



  13. Oh, thanks, Pups.

  14. She might still have one, but who wants it after it’s had that much mileage?


  16. Mare right now:

  17. I’d hit it.

  18. On a happy note, the sellers offered to leave behind this really nice portable custom made cherry table with a granite top and drawers, that they had in the kitchen.

  19. How much can Scott sell it for on ebay?

  20. Cherry

  21. How much can Scott gouge on the shipping?

  22. I have a log I sawed from one of my wild cherry trees last Summer laying next to the fence. It weighed about 90# when I cut it, and it’s not a big log. It hasn’t lost much weight yet. Planning to use it for a hog roast in August.

  23. Table

  24. Cherry wood is good for smoking.

  25. Not bad, Hotspurt. I think it would hold your mom.

  26. Ah, portable in the sense of having wheels. What’s it weigh? 100#?

  27. That’s probably a $350 table!

  28. She looks like she bitterly clings to her guns and her religion. And shit.

  29. I wish she would bitterly cling to my throbber.

    And by cling to my throbber I mean make me a sammich.

  30. Wiserson gradumacation!!!!!!!

  31. Clobber the Throbber.

  32. Cling to the Clobber

  33. Damn, tons of lightning here. One hit close enough to really shake the house. Kinda like when your mom parties.

  34. Lightning bad; rain good.

  35. So, should I be impressed if a university calls my kid based on PSAT score, or is this a thing now?

  36. Meh. Money grubbing liberal hacks.

  37. Yea! Wiserbud!

  38. We were contacted and I think Roamy mentioned it too, the Duke, something, something summer deal after taking the PSAT.

    It is a money making deal I think. We didn’t do it.

  39. To whoever gave me a Sears gift card in 2007, thank you.

  40. There was $60 on that sucker.

  41. I don’t remember taking the PSAT but if I did, I’m sure my parents got called to give them a heads up that their kid was special but not in a good way.

    Mare as a child:


  43. Ugh! I really cannot watch TV news any longer.

  44. Comment by Pupster on June 19, 2015 6:44 pm


    That was awesome, wish I’d thought of it.

  45. Ugh! I really cannot watch TV news any longer.

    I can’t watch TV at all anymore. Fight Club was right. After the first month, you don’t miss it. After six months, you see it on and wonder why you ever bothered.

  46. I watch a lot of television shows, but don’t even own a tv.

  47. This is the only show I still watch, via Hulu+:

  48. We work for two auction houses that average one big online event every 2-3 months.

    Both of them have one tomorrow.

    I could have a 100 or more customers by Monday, and their stuff is in 7 different locations across the state.

    Logistical nightmare.

  49. Scott, you should hire Pupster for the week.

  50. Luckily, Laura finished her planting yesterday.

    Nothing left but watering and weeding, and throwing rocks at the damn cardinals that are eating her peas.

    Stupid cardinals.

  51. Ace’s knock off early post is shades of the old guy. Nice to see he still has it.

  52. I spent last week getting the OH house on the market, and now I’m spending the next 2 weeks closing down the TN rental house. If anybody should be hiring anybody, I should hire Scottw to pack and move me and Lauraw to send flying monkeys at my enemies.

  53. Where are you going?

  54. Dang it.

  55. Back to OH for now, open to go just about anywhere in the future. I’ve heard nice things about Gila, NM.

  56. Jeezues Jummped Uuuup!!!!

  57. Puppy, lets start a Wyld Mustang ranch in Gila Bend.

    You had a vision.

  58. I’m game Chumper. You rope ’em I’ll brand ’em.

  59. Apparently, one of the guys at the farm got a staph infection on his ass. The how part is still a mystery.

  60. Pig bit him?

  61. Jewstin, carry lysol wipes with you and wipe down any toilet seat you may use. Also, the chairs in the break room, if there is a break room.

  62. Leon, do you and Mrs. Leon have a theme for your baby room?

  63. Pigs can’t reach up very well. A bite above the knees would be remarkable.

  64. Beasn, there’s a spray bottle of iodine in the utility room I spray on any skin wound. I have orange spots all over the place.

  65. These are one variety of piggie that we grow. They’re sweet little devils.

  66. No theme, Beasn We have some lavender and purple stuff, but that’s about it.

  67. Good evening, people who have bikini bodies.

    In their basements.

  68. Leon, do you and Mrs. Leon have a theme for your baby room?

    The theme is “Lift Heavy”.

  69. Jewstin, if he has ass rot, chances are he left some on a toilet seat/chair somewhere. Either squat when you drop a load, put paper on the seat, or wipe it down with disinfectant. People can be grosser than pigs.

    *adjusts mom hat*

  70. Btw, those piggies are pretty cute.

  71. I have a pen of those we’re breeding. I call them the Girlies and the runt is Scrappy Doo.


    I think he nailed it.

  73. NSFW

    For those who don’t mind their eyes bleeding:

    The Bruce Jenner photo they did not publish

  74. Not. Clicking.

  75. Stop. Lying.

  76. I didn’t. I won’t.

  77. Leon at least trusts me enough to know that when I say NSFW, it means Not Fucking Safe For World.

    I appreciate that.

  78. I really need to remember not to click on any links at this place while sitting in an audience during a family-type event……

    Sooooooooo many things I now need to explain to my mother-in-law…..

  79. Comment by scott on June 19, 2015 9:44 pm

    I think he nailed it.

    I disagree. These guys aren’t normal boys turned psycho by medication, they’re psychopaths who are coddled by society because we think that medication will cure them.

  80. I think it’s time to say goodbye to the chickens. No eggs today. Weather was fine, sun was out, they had water and food.

    How hard is it to pluck without scalding?

  81. Wiserbud, when I added the NSFW warning, what exactly did that mean to you? That I was going to link images of puppies sniffing roses?

  82. Extremely hard. Scald the chickens Leon, or rue the day.

  83. For the H2 wimmens

  84. For Leon, and maybe carin. Others may find this boring.

  85. For those of you who have followed my Tales of the In-Laws™ , here’s a nice surprise.

    Son graduated HS this evening. In-laws traveled 2 hours down to attend ceremony, joined us for dinner, paid for half, then left to drive 2 hours home.

    Before they left, they handed wiserbride a card. “This is for your 25th anniversary.” Inside was a very nice card, as well as a check in a rather sizable amount with a note “to make your vacation more enjoyable.”

    When I thanked my MiL, she looked at me and said “Well, you’ve never asked for anything [meaning financial help, unlike their other children], so we felt it was time.”

    I’m impressed that she noticed.

  86. >>>>>Wiserbud, when I added the NSFW warning, what exactly did that mean to you?

    Now Should Fucking Work?

  87. RT @coloradoalex: “I disagree. These guys aren’t normal boys turned psycho by medication, they’re psychopaths who are coddled by society because we think that medication will cure them.”

  88. Wiser, what are Jr. wiser’s future plans? When I first saw him, he was a chubby little boy. When I saw him next time, he was a scrapping young man. Is he taller than you already?

  89. Extremely hard. Scald the chickens Leon, or rue the day.

    Dangit. I don’t have a heat-worthy vessel that big or an outdoor burner. Would it be awful to just skin them and freeze? I generally don’t eat skin anyhow. Not because of fat, I just don’t like it.

  90. We have some lavender and purple stuff, but that’s about it.

    Good deal. The baby pink was vibrant enough to make me think of Pepto Bismol, so I skipped it.

  91. Yay for WiserMiL!

  92. When I start my truck, the AM radio is completely messed up. It will barely pull in the strongest station, it’s all static and it stays that way.

    If I turn the truck off after it’s warmed up and then restart it, the radio is fine.

    Another piece of the puzzle is that the radio works rainy days.

    I am suspecting feedback from an electric motor, like an alternator that isn’t grounded properly.

    Any ideas?

  93. It’s probably your prostate. You should get that checked out.

  94. >>>>Is he taller than you already?

    He stopped growing at about an 1/2 inch shorter than me. But he’s definitely strapping. Runs and plays ultimate frisbee. Got a great head on his shoulders too. Very mature. Far more mature than all of his friends.

    He’s going to a state university to major in audio production. Program is awesome, mainly because it forces them to take biz classes too, so they don’t graduate stupid.

    He’s gonna do really well.

  95. >>>>>Any ideas?

    Is it plugged in? Try unplugging it.

    (Honestly, I have no idea. It might be your spark plug wires. How old are they?)

  96. It is probably possible to skin a chicken but I think it would be difficult. Chicken skin tears easily, so you will likely be pulling off tiny pieces of skin at a time. Scalding them not ônly releases the feathers it loosens the skin.

  97. “I disagree. These guys aren’t normal boys turned psycho by medication, they’re psychopaths who are coddled by society because we think that medication will cure them.”

    I don’t remember many mass shootings before ADHD.

  98. **removes monocle
    There is definitely a case of radio interference
    **puts monocle back on.

  99. What If?

    No wonder I drink…

  100. blerg. Got some bifocal contacts today. They seem to be working ok.

  101. I recently purchased every issue of National Lampoon as PDFs from eBay for $5.

    Some of the stuff holds up, most of it is incredibly dated, but the funniest parts are the ads. “Introducing Le Car! $4,450!” “The hot new Datsun 200SX! With a Tachometer!!!” And cigarette ad after cigarette ad.

    The funniest as is for a cherry liquor that they suggest you use to make a tequila-based drink. The tag line is something like “you haven’t lived until you’ve had a Tijuana Cherry.”

    In a magazine the revels in trashing Republicans….

    Too funny

  102. I don’t remember many mass shootings before ADHD.

    Prior to a lot of these drugs, most of these lunatics would have dropped out, been expelled, left home and ended up on the streets or killed in criminal violence or rotting in prison.

  103. blerg. Got some bifocal contacts today. They seem to be working ok.


  104. Mare or Hotspur can recommend bird feeders.

  105. Did anybody catch anybody else in a compromising position with the chauffeur in the gatehouse today?

  106. I don’t know CA. I think ADHD is bullshit.

    Do home schooled kids get diagnosed with ADHD at the same rate?

  107. ADHD could be caused by global warming, or video games, otherwise it’s bullshit.

  108. What is a gatehouse?

  109. It’s the house where you keep your gate during the day so it doesn’t get dirty.

  110. What does the gate keep in our out?

  111. See if you can find a turkey fryer on craigslist, Leon. I just looked in my area and people are dispensing of them for little moneys.

  112. NSFW

    For those who don’t mind their eyes bleeding:

    The Bruce Jenner photo they did not publish

    I call bs. The dude is late sixties. No way he’s sporting a tool like that.

    Still, hawt.

  113. It’s probably Jenner-gate.

  114. Comment by Sean M. on June 19, 2015 8:48 pm
    Good evening, people who have bikini bodies.
    In their basements.


    Just got home from a very fun night, shooting with bows at stationary targets and targets from a skeet shooting machine, hors d’oeuvers were served while shooting, very casual, very fun. BYOB and you could imbibe while shooting bows. No one was drunk it was mellow just perfect. Then at 8:30 they had a really nice dinner. Met some nice peeps.

  115. I don’t have bikini bodies in my basement, but does a collection of female mannequins in a closet count?

  116. Ca Rin,
    When I had my cataract surgery, I was not on Mediscare.
    My Insurance company would NOT pay for the Bi-Focal lenses, as they were a “cosmetic adjunct”. It would have cost me another $500, out of pocket.
    One of my friends, who was older and on medicare, got the bi-focal lenses. He does not need reading glasses.
    I can see a fly at 100 meters, but I can not read my watch.
    I have to buy readers at Rite Aid or Safeway to use the computer or read.
    On the other paw, I have permanent internal contacts, and no-longer wear glasses for normal life…

  117. Pepe gets my vote as the next HHD emergency poatmaker.

  118. That sounds like an awesome good time, Mare!

    Many congrats to wiserson on graduating hi-schrool.

  119. you should use “Big Boob Friday™” every week

    product branding stuff

  120. Hell! My government-supplied (not free) medical won’t even give me a prescription for contact lenses!!!

  121. Scott, I don’t deny that ADHD is all too often a bullshit diagnosis. My disagreement is with Milo’s assertion that giving normal little boys those drugs turns them into violent shooters. I don’t believe that.

  122. you should use “Big Boob Friday™” every week

    Thank you, GOODSTUFF, we’ll consider doing that from now on!

    Speaking of STUFF, how many bullwhips are currently stuffed in your sphincter?

  123. What If?
    No wonder I drink…

    Er, memos have already shown they were running arms to Syria. We knew a long time ago that they had no idea who the rebels were. And they knew a couple of weeks in advance an attack on Benghazi was coming. And Hillary refused the requests for security.

  124. Roamy, the right shade of pink is a nice complement to lavendar

  125. Congrats to Wiserson!

  126. Now they say that virtue is it’s own reward,
    But when that surf comes in I’m gonna get my board,
    Got my own ideas about the righteous kick,
    You can derp the rewards, I’d just as soon stay sick

  127. Thanks for the whizbang link Lauraw.


  129. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but there’s an awful lot of things happening all at once that take the T out of a man:

    Stick to hard liquor.

  130. wakey wakey

  131. Morning.

  132. Good morning!

    Huh, I guess beer is out now too.

  133. He said Mr. Roof worked in landscaping and seemed to live an itinerant life, sometimes sleeping in his car. In recent weeks his behavior turned more bizarre, as he talked about wanting to burn an American flag and get his neck tattooed with the word “dagger.”

    The friends last saw Mr. Roof on Tuesday when Ms. Fry found him sleeping in his car parked on a sandy patch in front of Mr. Meek’s house. Asked if she considered that odd, Ms. Fry replied, “He does weird things all the time.”


    But let’s focus on how Roof was obviously in the vanguard of a white supremest movement.

    Not that he was most likely descending into mental illness.

  134. *shrug* If the price of beer is moobs, I’m okay with moobs.

  135. Stark, what about the part where you have a hard time keeping an erection? Huh? HUH?

  136. A hard time, eh? I’m firmly against that.

  137. I have to go with Jewstin on this one, we don’t know (or they do and they’re not telling) what the long term effects of drugs are on a developing brain. It cannot be good. They seem to lose touch with reality, get paranoid and have delusions of grandeur, and a healthy dose of anger doled out as violence.

    Long term potent drug use + developing brain = something not good.

  138. Stark, evidently, doesn’t know of my hatred for puns.

  139. On the other hand….

    Crazy to begin with + long term (prescribed or otherwise)drug use =
    something not good.

  140. Drinking an IPA 5 or 6 times a week is unlikely to be the culprit. Five or six a day is another matter. This sounds like a made up controversy:

    Hops—>estrogenic. Ergo hops in IPA are evil.

  141. It could have been drugs but honestly we don’t know yet (do we) if he took them for an extended period of time. There was a drug arrest but other than that what do we know?

    It’s not unknown for mental illness to rear it’s head at his age. And if he has borderline issues the drugs could be the tipping point although others have argued that the drug use is an attempt to self medicate the issues (which doesn’t help).

  142. True, Carin. And I have not been following this at all. I know squat.

    Other kids who have done similar things have been found to be on prescribed drugs for long periods of time.

    But it’s the chicken and the egg deal.

  143. All I know is a man with boobs and an inability to make sweet, sweet love is not good for society. And by society I mean my house.

  144. Who knows. I wouldn’t be SHOCKED if it were either of the two.

    What I would be shocked to discover would be that he didn’t have any mental health issues and he’s the VANGUARD of a White Supremest movement.

  145. Roof had a Confederate flag logo so we must get rid of the flag. I wonder if he had an iPhone and used it to plan his nefarious scheme?

  146. If moobs are the price of beer then I should be Adolph Effing Coors.

  147. Did this kid ever drive a car? We need to ban those too.

  148. It’s easier to demagogue about white supremacy and gun control than address mental illness. And more beneficial for the MSM-Democrat axis.

  149. Mini-me was at an Army camp this week with about 40 other kids. Probably half were black girls. The topic of religion came up, and she said the black girls were surprised that the Catholic Church had black members.

  150. They won’t crack down on illegal guns, because that would be racist.

  151. Chris Jenner kardashian, whatever, is a pimp. This is a 17 year old who has been dressing like a skank for years. 17 Oh, and she’s had a few surgeries already:

  152. There were a lot of girls that got nose jobs when I was in HS.

    I wonder what its like today? I bet there are boob jobs galore.

  153. I don’t think there’s any way to rationalize evil. It exists.

  154. 17-year-old looking twice her age = not good

  155. the best part of graduation ceremonies is the parents and relatives of the grads screaming like fucking maniacs when their kid’s name is announced.

    Seriously? Are you that shocked by your offspring’s grand accomplishment here, LaQuinta?

  156. Yea I personally can’t get that excited about high school graduation. THe ceremonies usually … the speeches and then the cash-grab “Open houses”.


  157. Congrats on wiserson’s graduation.

    **blasts air horn**

  158. They’re just glad that they made it to graduation without having to pay for a babysitter for her spawn.

    But seriously, the lack of decorum is annoying. It’s narcissism. It’s a need to draw attention to yourself with how much noise you can make.

  159. **blasts air horn**

    Yeah, there were a few of those……

    But seriously, the lack of decorum is annoying. It’s narcissism. It’s a need to draw attention to yourself with how much noise you can make.

    Talking throughout the speeches. Look, I hate them as much as anyone, but how’s about showing just a modicum of respect, huh?

  160. The “appeal” of the Kardashians escapes me.

  161. Talking throughout the speeches. Look, I hate them as much as anyone, but how’s about showing just a modicum of respect, huh?

    Dignity and class is for rich white folks.

  162. showing just a modicum of respect

    Here it’s leaving as soon as the name is called. Half the kids keep on walking, right out of the auditorium, so they aren’t in the recessional. At Mr. RFH’s graduation from Alabama, we apparently were chumps (not Chumpo) for staying until the end. At the high school graduation for my godson, whose last name begins with W, there might have been a third of the people left.

  163. Wow. That didn’t happen at our kid’s school at least. If I’d known it was an option …

  164. Pup boy 1’s school didn’t give the real diplomas out until after the ceremony, grads where handed an empty portfolio on stage.

  165. Downwind neighbors will be smelling roast beef for the next 3 hours.

  166. It did not happen at Rocketboy’s graduation, but no one defies Sister Joan.

  167. Very few people have class in public anymore.

    *belches loudly*

  168. *Scratches self

    *Digs pig shit out of ear

    What were we talking about?

  169. These people go nuts over high school graduation but based on college remedial classes and job application goofs, about 1/2 of those graduating can’t write a sentence or read at a high school level.

    And I’m not talking about that Maya Angalou bullshit either, a real novel like Moby Dick.

  170. I heard a story on NPR about a class that read a Toni Morrison novel and compared the themes to the lyrics of a rap album for critical thinking purposes.



  171. Co-worker’s daughter is taking algebra this summer to be ready for college in the fall. Mini-me took algebra this past school year. I’m really hoping the former is Algebra II.

    Co-worker’s daughter plans to major in a foreign language, so I’m not sure much math is needed anyway.

  172. Yeeeeesh, Michael Moore is gross looking.

  173. Right after I wrote that about Maya Angelou I saw this on Pinterest and had my point confirmed.

    “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” ——-Maya Angelou

    Oh, really, Maya?

    How about stubbing your toe on the bed frame?

    A splinter under your fingernail?

    Listening to Michelle Obama bitching about her tough life as a black women in America as this AA twat is flying 10x better than first class on a private plane, staying in the swankiest resorts, eating the best foods, with her daughters, both of whom go to private schools and travel like princesses.


    What was my point again?

  174. “There is no greater agony than telling a boring story and having people fall asleep in the middle of it.” ——-Mare

    See how easy it is to say stupid bullshit, Maya?

  175. I heard that story too MJ. There added sound cuts from the rappah about how awesome it all was. I can’t recall what the latest manufactured outrage was in the news at the time. It’s hard to keep track of them all nowadays.

  176. There were

  177. MJ listens to NPR.


  178. National Puppet Radio

  179. If anyone if you has ever seen American Chopper, the shiw where they built custom motorcycles, they had a guy called Vinnie DeMartino.
    Yesterday, I met Vinnie at a trade show and chatted with him for a few mins.

    My first brush with a celebrity.

    Well, second. I have met Ace. But I sense Ace has become a persona non grata around here.

  180. This roast is cooking slow, probably because it’s not round.

    Laura’s lunch is in jeopardy.

  181. “Hey Tom, hate to cut you off”

    Yeah, rrrright.

  182. I commend Wiser for the genuine sounding forced laugh over the male and female flies joke.

    No way he was hearing it for the first time

  183. But I sense Ace has become a persona non grata around here.


    I don’t think so, but I can only speak for myself. I love reading the guy. Didn’t agree on the “white like me” deal, but he can still make me laugh and has well written thoughts about issues.

  184. +1 mare

  185. Seriously? Are you that shocked by your offspring’s grand accomplishment here, LaQuinta?

    Just tell them, “Congratulations on making it through the easiest part of your life.”

  186. I haven’t changed my admiration for Ace’s work. I read him everyday.

    Plus that’s how I found you assholes.

    I don’t agree with him on everything. I doubt anyone does.

  187. Well, second. I have met Ace. But I sense Ace has become a persona non grata around here.
    I still like and admire the guy. He took a flyer and started a tiny little blog and actually is able to make a living off it.

    I can disagree with a guy on a topic and still like him.

  188. Wow. The 2nd half went way faster than normal.

    Lunch has been saved!

  189. Errybody pile into the Hostagemobile for lunch at Scott’s!

  190. I agree with Ace 100% of the time on everything.

    Mostly that you people are dicks.

  191. Mostly that you people are dicks.


    Who doesn’t agree with that?

  192. Afternoon Hostages. How goes it?

  193. Fruity fem drink time – way to go MJ!

  194. I don’t think we had parties for our kid’s highschool graduation.

    We had a double one when beasnson graduated college/Mr. Beasn turned fiddy. Invite said ‘no gifts’. Some people ignored it.

    We may give beasnette one when she gets her masters, next year.

  195. *revs my Harley at MJ*

  196. I got a briefcase, a Walkman, and $50 for graduation.

    My buddy got a brand new truck.

  197. I got more hours as the fast food restaurant I was working at when I graduated HS.

  198. So MJ came out with the marriage. Wonder if GND knows it’s going to be a gay wedding.

  199. Which fast food restaurant employs you now, Cyn?

  200. I’m grinding it out for The Man.

  201. Your mom grinds it. At least that’s what Hotspur told me.

  202. Remember, there is no mass violence in other advanced countries.
    At least two people have been killed in Austria by a man who ploughed his car into crowds in Austria’s second-largest city and then reportedly started stabbing people.

    A witness told the Wiener Zeitung that dead bodies were left lying face down in the street after the vehicle sped through the city’s historical Herrengasse and Hauptplatz (main square).

    Around 50 pedestrians were injured during the rampage and ORF television said the driver had been arrested and the area sealed off.

  203. Yeah, about that… she said yours needs a little work.

  204. Damn straight. Mine is practically dead.

  205. Being dead’ll do that.

  206. Too much hops obviously

  207. Cyn are you on twitter?

  208. The five largest commercial health insurers in the U.S. have contracted merger fever, or maybe typhoid. UnitedHealth is chasing Cigna and even Aetna; Humana has put itself on the block; and Anthem is trying to pair off with Cigna, which is thinking about buying Humana. If the logic of ObamaCare prevails, this exercise will conclude with all five fusing into one monster conglomerate. . . .

    One way or another we’re going to end up with, in effect, single-payer. The Left has won.

  209. Yes, but I rarely tweet. Looks like we’re following each other.

  210. Sheesh. Bought time I got a follow back.

  211. Oops!

  212. I got my great-grandad’s railroad pocket watch, and the directions to Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

  213. *buys you a honeydew slushy with a cucumber pinwheel garnish*

  214. There’s a liquor store in Cheyenne that makes adult beverage slushies. There’s a green one called the Poison Dart Frog which is very tasty.

  215. Woot! Made the Gardening thread at AoS!

  216. What a precious gift, ‘Spur. Does it still work? Pic please!

  217. this exercise will conclude with all five fusing into one monster conglomerate. .

    That will be taken over by gubmint.

  218. That will be taken over by gubmint.

    The “Full Venezuela”

  219. Cyn, I may need backup for HHD this week. Traveling.

  220. My grandmother gave me my grandfather’s pocketwatch, and my dad took it from me for “safekeeping”. I had said something about taking it to a jeweler’s to get it running again, and that pissed him off.

  221. No prob on the HHD; I can even whip it out now and then schedule it.

  222. Unless someone else wanted to whip it out. (Not you Hotspur.)

  223. Thank ye kindly.

  224. Where you headed?

  225. DC area for a conference.

    This has been one of the biggest clusterfucks of my career. I don’t know what happened up the management chain, but I had the paper approved, the presentation approved, and the registration fee paid, then they said I couldn’t go. WTF do you mean I can’t go. Not enough travel budget. Well, you should have said something in FEBRUARY, not wait until the last minute. As it is, I am driving the 11 hours rather than fly because the last minute plane ticket is $1,300. Fuck that and the TSA.

  226. Even better, one of the managers (thankfully not in my chain) is going on the lab travel budget. He’s not presenting, he’s not a session chair, he just decided this is a good time to get out of Dodge.

  227. Don’t they pay for the ticket? If so, fuck’em and bill it to the hilt.

  228. Federal Travel Regulations are a flaming pain in the ass.

  229. Yeah, but if I fly, then there’s not enough budget to cover it, and I can’t go. Manager is flying, or probably already flown, as he was talking about one of the meet and greets tomorrow afternoon, which I’ll miss. I think what happened is he decided to go, and they had to give him the budget set aside for me.

  230. I went to the X-37B launch on my own dime because they said they only had enough to cover me for one trip (and they would insist on a hotel instead of a condo), so I decided that would be the conference. Then they turn around 10 days before the conference and tell me I can’t go. I said Manager can give my presentation then, and I think he panicked. Wednesday is when they found enough to send me.

  231. Needless to say, I’m going to ask some pointed questions next year before I go to the effort of another conference paper. I don’t like my chain being yanked, unless it’s your mom doing it.

  232. Not once did I travel on orders where the finance side didn’t get fucked up.

  233. I said Manager can give my presentation then


  234. I don’t like my chain being yanked, unless it’s your mom doing it.


    Stupid yankers.

  235. I’ll stick to doing real work instead of shaking the begging cup at various project managers.

  236. Thanks Cyn. I thought I was following you (and not just in my car and through your window).

  237. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on June 20, 2015 3:41 pm
    I’ll stick to doing real work instead of shaking the begging cup at various project managers.


    The hard working smart people are always picking up the slack.

    (Not that I’d know.)

    (My daughter is that way.)

  238. roamy’s manager is a dickless dick.

  239. I would never do this to a person reporting to me. Your reportee is going there on real business. You decide to go on last minute just because you love kissing assess and eating airline peanuts. And you bump the reportee off the travel budget. Asshole.

  240. I’ve never had a problem with getting travel funded, but I have to buy the ticket with my corporate card, and then get reimbursed at the end of the trip. Not a problem, except if I buy the ticket two months in advance and get hit with late fees because AMEX wants me to pay it off before I’ve even left.

  241. You know what sucks about packing?


  242. Seriously though, have you ever tried to pack hangers?

    If you aren’t already addicted to heroin, you will be. You will be (use Yoda’s voice when you read that).

  243. Cool. Meerkat automatically saved the stream to YouTube.

    Gotta work on that angle

  244. You know what sucks about packing?



  245. Sorry.

    I poated.

  246. Let me teach you, Mare. Put a bunch of hangers on a closet rod (SYWM) then use twist ties or twine and fasten them together as a group.

    Or throw them in the fucking trash.

    Who the fuck moves hangers?

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