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Who says these are not womyns?

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Herro, have you seen the Tuesday art poat?

For Cyn!


  1. My vote is for Princess Leia. After all, we’re really a monarchy now.

  2. I wish someone would give me a 45 for a birthday present. I promise not to be bad.

  3. The Watermelon Pope.

    Pope Francis has today called for a cultural revolution to protect the Earth and fight global warming, which he says is ‘mostly’ due to human activity and the burning of fossil fuels.

    The pontiff wants urgent action to correct what he calls the ‘structurally perverse’ economic system of the rich exploiting the poor that is turning Earth into an ‘immense pile of filth’.

  4. Huh, the bills fit on the screen when I was making it. Guess it goes to show, you cannot stop Van Gogh or Princess Leia you can only hope to one day contain them.

  5. It’s a 200 page encyclical issued yesterday. Believe nothing written about it for at least a week.

  6. I hear the way to contain Leia is to giver her cocaine.

  7. You can also get her to go without panties pretty easily, from what I hear.

  8. Man oh man, is this good.

  9. Ten bucks won’t buy much cocaine these days. There ought to be a federal subsidy.

  10. Roof is 5’9″ and 120 pounds? Skinny little guy.


  12. Roof is 5’9″ and 120 pounds?


  13. Skinny is a racist code word.

  14. Pink Floyd Sucks.

    That is all.

  15. Get your filthy hands off my desert!

  16. Roof looks to have a lot of black friends on facebook. WTF happened here?


  18. Are we sure Roof isn’t transracial?

  19. Is the TPA vote happening now?

  20. The House did the King’s bidding and passed it, Leon

  21. Ha ha ha. Brian Williams has been shifted to MSNBC.

    Enjoy the illustrious company of Sharpton, Schultz, Chris Matthews and Maddow, Brian.

    Fill Olbermann’s giant shoes.

  22. I’m pretty sure I just sprayed poison ivy juice all over my body while weed wacking.

  23. Supposed to do that in coveralls, Carin.

  24. Wow, sick psychopath kills a bunch of people. They happen to be different in skin color, so automatically it has to be due to that.

    what about his apparent brain malfunction? What about that?

  25. I am gonna be watching History Channel today.

    Also, I think Ace has jumped the shark.

  26. Just like 2010, it’s as if 2014 never happened.

  27. I was well covered except my face.

    I immediately showered and loaded all my clothes into the laundry.

  28. I’d stick with orange juice, Car in.

  29. Ace – shark jumped.

    but perhaps I should sit and quiet room and ruminate over how I’m like a crazy murder who appears to claim racial issues are his major malfunction**.

    *that he’s probably crazy is is major malfunction. Claiming race hatred is not different imho than claiming video games drove you to murder people or whatever reason people have used.

  30. At least Drew weighed in.

    Who is the ever loving fuck isn’t grieving because of this? man, I hate it when people tell me what I’m doing, especially when I’m not doing it.

  31. Heh:

    “Here’s what changed that thought for me:
    “Shame that this creature looks anything at all like me,”.

    Posted by: rickb223 at June 18, 2015 01:06 PM (WCI4d)

    Hell, I don’t even know what that sentence might mean. Maybe Ace has a bowl haircut. Hard to get an Ewok to sit still in the barber chair.

    That creepy dude looks as much like me as Rachel looks black.

    Why again do we care what people look like? does pigmentation have any deeper meaning? Because if it does then people have a lot of apologizing to do to one another from their crimes by association.

  32. Matt Walsh:

    These were our brothers and sisters in Christ, gathered in prayer, only to be horrifically slaughtered by an evil and depraved man. We should all be weeping and praying for the lost and their families.

    In the coming days, this terrible event will be politicized and exploited in a thousand different ways. It will be used to prove various points and solidify various narratives. I can only plead and pray that we fight the urge to engage in that pettiness, and instead see this for what it is. Not proof of some argument we’ve been making, but yet another manifestation of the evil that runs like a cancer through the veins of our civilization.

    All we can do in the face of it is pray and love. That’s all we have. There is no other solution.

    Sometimes I feel like I can’t bear any more of this. It seems every day we are confronted by some new monstrous act and forced to reckon with the fact that this is the broken, violent, hateful world we are giving to our children. But in this misery I feel an even greater longing for Christ, because I know that He will come to wipe away all of our tears, and there will be no more pain.

    Until then, we must bring as much love and joy into the world as possible. That is the only weapon we have against the darkness. And it’s the only weapon we need.

  33. Except I’d add that more decent people need concealed carry

  34. So being white is in the same category as being a believer in Islam?

    What a shithead.

  35. Churches in SC are gun-free zones.

  36. Well that’s worked so well.

  37. I stand by Ace on this.
    What part soured you people on Ace?
    The fact that he expressed revulsion at that murderer?
    The fact that he was especially outraged because the murderer was white?

    Personally, I feel a bit ashamed when some criminal in America turns out to be an Indian. I expect more from people who share a few nucleotides with me. Is that wrong?

  38. Another confirmation that my decision to abandon AoS a couple of years ago was wise.

  39. Yes Tushar it is wrong to feel shame when someone who shares your pigment does something criminal. Because pigment is the least significant aspect of our person. It says nothing.

    I think this ties into my rant the other day about being American – from where I derive my feelings of nationality and history. I’m tied to people who ideologically think and act as I do.

  40. Content of character and all that guff.

    Otherwise can Obama feel the shame of every black criminal out there? Shit he celebrated Tray Tray and St Michael.

  41. Licorice Dick is going to enjoy his long, hot summer.

  42. George I think it’s time for you and I have to have that conversation on race.

  43. *shifts uncomfortably in seat

  44. Nice work from Derbyshire.

  45. I fear our conversation, Car in, will have very little in common with the zeitgeist.
    *awards self points for highbrow vocabulary*

  46. This is the pivotal worst sentence in Ace’s post:

    “lack people are going to be angry at white folks — even if they hide it, they’re going to be angry at white folks for what this bloody bastard did. And I won’t jeer at this feeling. I understand it. ”

    Yea … no.

  47. That it will not George.

  48. 0bama is hoping for a full-blown race war. He stokes it at every opportunity. The racial animus any black person feels in looking at me is not understandable nor reasonable.

  49. One of our biggest losses is the absence of Jeff Goldstein from most of Protein Wisdom. The man called it long before anyone else, back in 2008. I can’t find the link, sadly, but I well remember him saying this before LD got the nomination originally.

  50. Um, Jeff said that electing Obama would set back race relations thirty years.

  51. So, once again, a mass murder takes place by someone with an illegal weapon.

    What new gun law is going to fix this?

  52. they’re going to be angry at white folks for what this bloody bastard did. And I won’t jeer at this feeling. I understand it.

    So now I can hate blacks for the rampant black on white crime that dwarfs the measure of white on black crime. Because let’s all think in terms of racial solidarity. You won’t jeer at these feelings. Thanks for the understanding, dickhead.

  53. Laws fix everything, Leon. Didn’t you know that? Don’t you want to perfect society? That’s why there must be laws for everything including cow farts and lemonade stands.

  54. The racial animus any black person feels in looking at me is not understandable nor reasonable.

    How dare you jeer at understandable feelings, you Neanderthal.

  55. The father needs to be arrested and charged as an accessory. You cannot legally give away a handgun.

  56. Cyn

    Yeah. Sometimes Ace’s hysterical inner NY Liberal boilerplate shit pops out. Remember when he was banning people making fun of Moochelle back in 2009 or so? What the hell was that all about?

    I personally feel zero guilt for that kid. And I used to live in Mississippi.
    I feel revulsion, but that’s normal.

    A thousand times more blacks are killed by other blacks than are killed by random white racist wackjobs.

    Should other blacks feel guilty about being black?

  57. Yes, he was the dude who came up with the phrase Gilded Sasquatch and then went into vapors when others started mocking the First Bint with the same moniker. A real douchebag move. He’s too much of a control freak.

  58. You cannot legally give away a handgun.


    Yeah, actually, in most states, you can.

    Not California, and I don’t know about South Carolina. But most places, private transfer of firearms is unregulated. What you cannot do is transfer to a person you know is a felon or addicted to illegal drugs.

  59. And I won’t jeer at this feeling. I understand it.

    Hell, I understand it too. But I reject it for being pernicious. I will not be engaged in any hand-wringing or navel-gazing.

  60. You can’t in Michigan, unless the “permit to purchase” system changed since the last time I bought one, but you most certainly could in Indiana.

  61. Well, then I stand corrected. I thought the laws we follow in Michigan were federal statutes. So do you not need a handgun permit in some states?

  62. I’ll be surprised if there is no artificially stoked riot, but it isn’t clear what the target would be. At least in Baltimore and Ferguson the mobs felt it was fine to torch the neighborhood being policed. But here?

  63. “Churches in SC are gun-free zones”

    You don’t tell them.

    The only gun free zones I recognize are the ones with metal detectors.

  64. I hate to say it, but with Iran getting a free pass by the asshole in the White House to nuke my family in Israel, I have more on my mental plate right now.
    That said, that murderous hateful little prick is why I approve of Governor Abbott’s stand on capital punishment down here in Texas.

  65. You can’t legally carry in CT, it can’t be done. There are so many gun free zones you can’t keep track of them all. Plus our state parks are gun free, the with the bears, coyotes, mountain lions, and rapists. Yeah, screw that law.

  66. Hotspur, VT doesn’t really have any gun laws.

  67. i remember

  68. Roof was arrested on felony drug charges. Presumably as a condition of parole, possession of a firearm was prohibited.

  69. I didn’t need a permit in Indiana at all. Bought a gun and received one as a gift while I lived there, and had to get “permits to purchase” for both when I moved back.

    De facto handgun registration is Michigan law, not federal.

  70. I miss Jeff G a lot.

  71. Obama wasted no time to fit this into his agenda.

    SUCH an ass.

  72. And – let me be clear – Obama made his little statement then boarded AF1 to fly to california for fund raising and (most likely) a weekend of golf.

  73. A previous customer just called to see if I could help her ship a bunch of furniture from Ann Arbor MI to Ames IA.

  74. Just have Hotspur drive it over for you


  75. Nice, probably associated with the university. Did they used to work for a school there?

  76. The SC shooter looks a little like the Newtown shooter, hair and build similar too.

  77. I’ll just be shocked if this fella had similar social issues that the Newton shooter had.

    But lets carry on about racial hate and violence because I”m sure that’s the problem here.

  78. Gawd they keep repeating Obama’s statement on the radio.

    It makes me want to go commit mass murder … in my garden.


    THose fockers.

  79. OH SCOTT – my neighbor (and Matt’s best friend’s dad) had the same issue you did. His colon ruptured and he was septic and everything.

    I think he’s doing ok now.

  80. The solution isn’t gun control, it’s banning awful haircuts. There should be a ten-day waiting period and a psych eval for anyone who wants a bowl cut.

  81. I can’t believe he wasn’t arrested for walking around with that haircut. CA has a point.

  82. So many weeds. So much rain. I should go out there in a bit and see if I can make a dent.

  83. So, did anyone else get accused of stealing someone else’s schtick today?

  84. It’s pretty common, Car in.

    Hopefully they can fix him up in one shot.

  85. Wiserbud, did TH3 finally call you out for stealing his thunder?

  86. Wiserbud, did TH3 finally call you out for stealing his thunder?

    heh. Yeah, I would be nothing without his mentoring…..

  87. Tru fax.

  88. Didn’t “Pokemon costume” used to be a thing around here?

  89. It took them this long to make a pokemon parody?!

  90. Ermagerd. I did a job recently for a Pokemon video game.

    No, not the pr0n one.

  91. Dickachu, I choose you!

  92. Stupid, asswipe Obama.

    Did he forget about the guy in England who killed a bunch of people with a knife?

  93. I haven’t done much but this and that all day. Raked up my compost pile. Mowed the hill I”ve been neglecting.

    I need to google poison to kill poison ivy. uhg.

  94. The guy with a knife proves his “point” mare. it wasn’t a gun.

  95. I need a goat. They eat poison ivy.

  96. Yeah, one look at the bowl hair cut and you know something isn’t right.

  97. I have some sons I’m willing to donate to your ivy-clearing task. No PPE required.

  98. Dickachu, I choose you!


  99. Also, do NOT GIS “Dickachu”.

    You’re welcome.

  100. Comment by Cyn on June 18, 2015 4:39 pm
    Also, do NOT GIS “Dickachu”.


    Thanks, I’ve made that amateur mistake before.

  101. After I read Ace’s rant and Cyn’s response I knew it was time to get away from the internets for a while. Trash dumped, lawn mowed, a few branches pruned, poison ivy avoided, stump dug out (rotten stump), work email addressed, mail picked up and cigar lit.

    So, what’s up?

  102. Yeah, Jimbro, I wasn’t a fan of the Pink Floyd Sucks comment either.

  103. I do a lot of thinking on my lawn tractor (mostly about why the hell IM mowing and not the older boy) and realized Ace likes to poke fun at Shep’s hair on fire breaking newscasts and I realized there was a similarity between the two.

  104. Mare, why were you shooting chewy candy at that girls ass?

  105. IM = I’m or intramuscular

  106. *blows a kiss at Jay, in spite of his poor taste in “music”*

  107. I’m on vacation after office tomorrow and there’s rain forecast for the next 5 days with one sunny day on Saturday.

    Why do you pull shit like this mare?

  108. I’m either going to do some weeding or put my new bike together.

    The latter will be easier on my back I think, and either will be followed up with a martini.

  109. Mare, why were you shooting chewy candy at that girls ass?

    Raw, unbridled (heh) jealousy.

  110. Rain has started. Bike it is.

  111. Poison ivy is a constant battle here on the swamp.

    I make the rounds every month or so and shoot whatever I can find with Brush-B- Gone.

  112. Copper River salmon today at the grocery. It looks gorgeous and very red.

  113. Do we know for sure if this guy was on drugs? Because they usually are and it’s those creepy drugs for ADHD ADD/”depression.”

  114. Clint, the US Open is 6 miles from where I grew up!

    My brother is there today.

  115. Copper River salmon, my favorite.


    Pre-Embargo cigars from Cuba on sale, I think they realize the premium they can charge will soon disappear.

  117. At $15/pound, I’ll never taste Copper River Salmon…

  118. Am I missing something? Isn’t this killer just another psycho who is probably medicated, poorly raised and chose a target based on his psychosis mixed with his insecurity and a ridiculous perceived grievance?

    I believe on some Facebook comments he said blacks where taking over and had to be dealt with (paraphrase). Yeah, those Christians in a prayer service are really the problem, dumbass. He picked an easy target, the no gun zone bullshit didn’t help.

    Why would Ace feel badly the killer was white (besides feeling horror over the incident itself) other than we know this gives the lefties chum to make crazy statements about race relations.

  119. ChrisP, they had it here at Costco for even more than that. I simply looked, nodded reverently and moved on.

    I haven’t had it in a very long time.

  120. The only distinction I make for salmon is wild versus farmed and go for the wild every time.

  121. Why would Ace feel badly the killer was white (besides feeling horror over the incident itself) other than we know this gives the lefties chum to make crazy statements about race relations.

    Ace’s point is that humans are tribal creatures. We associate with those who are like us and look for differences with those who we fear. Even though we should live in a colorblind society, human nature gets in the way. Skin color is a very obvious difference between the killer and his victims, and it’s human and understandable that blacks looking at the situation may see a white guy and transfer that fear to other whites (especially since this administration and its media allies have spent years trying to claim that whites were out to kill blacks). Not that it was right, mind you, but that it was understandable.

  122. I blame my Tribe for Barbara Boxer.

  123. There are tribes amongst men as Bill Whittle so elegantly wrote about in his book, Silent America. Ace feels one way, fine, I feel like the part of my tribe involved in this horrible terrorism were the christians sitting in church killed by a psycho.

    In other words I feel more associated with the Christians, regardless of color. It didn’t occur to me, at all, to feel badly this kid was white and so am I.

    That’s the race baiters working their magic on American minds.

  124. (Wears Hairshirt)

  125. And in other tribal relations, I feel closer to TexasJew on this matter than I do with most of the issues mind rotting people in America:

    “…but with Iran getting a free pass by the asshole in the White House to nuke my family in Israel, I have more on my mental plate right now.”

  126. Jimbro
    They sells tons of Cubans over in Juarez.
    One guy was even selling them in a 7-11 here for years and never got popped.

  127. Heh, Jew. Simpatico.

  128. The Copper River salmon is wild caught.

  129. My daughter spent three weeks in Israel 2 summers ago and would LOVE to take a year or two to live there.

    Gives me the willies with that ignoramus in the White House.

  130. After the embargo cigar production shifted elsewhere for the American market and the stuff out there is pretty damn good. I admit there’s an allure of the “forbidden” but I really don’t want to get in a jam for smuggling Cubans over the U.S./Canada border. If I could buy them at the 7-11 I might pick up a few though!

  131. mare

    It is amazing there. I’ve been going there over the past 45 years, since I was a kid.
    I was there recently during the Hamas rockets and the earlier Hezbollah scud shitstorm. People took it in stride, especially after they went and kicked those fuckers’s asses.
    Iron Dome really helps..
    btw, I must have missed when the Muslim community here apologized for 9/11.
    I must have been in the shower..

  132. I heard a discussion by someone, maybe Rush or maybe friends were talking about how there are a few places in the US probably that area in Florida where they use exceptional tobacco and they roll the cigars tighter than Cuba….ahh, meaning the cigars were better.

  133. Hi

  134. I would love to visit Israel.

    I know it’s very safe, I was really referring to Iran’s plans for the nukes. I’m one of those fools who takes enemy threats seriously.

  135. Hi

  136. And this is how much I know about cigars…..



    Ha ha! I might have watched that “Skiing or Gay Porn?” bit a couple more times than was appropriate.

  138. Ha ha! I might have watched that “Skiing or Gay Porn?” bit a couple more times than was appropriate.


    LOL Me too.

  139. Chrisp, how far are you from Portland?

  140. Right about now is when I think I should have gotten a nice place in the suburbs.

  141. LOL Me too.


    Because I didn’t get it the first few times.
    I never said I was bright.

  142. MJ, how far away are you from any hotspots? And by hotspots, oh, hell, you know what I mean.

  143. those creepy drugs for ADHD ADD/”depression.”

    Back in the olden times when I worked for Social Services, youngsters were being prescribed those drugs left and right. I asked if anybody knew what sort of long term side effects might occur by tinkering with the biochemistry in a developing human brain.

    I guess now we’re finding out.

  144. Really close but it’ll be fine. I mind my own business and tell the people looking for hand outs not to bother asking me.

    They’re mostly harmless drug addicts and scam artists.

    But I’m sure there will be some sort of gathering/protest this weekend in my neighborhood.

    People should really consider keeping their racism to themselves, like me.

    Can’t we just all agree to talk about each other behind our backs?


    No need to shoot people unless they deserve it.

  145. Can’t we just all agree to talk about each other behind our backs?
    No need to shoot people unless they deserve it.


    Do you have a newsletter?

  146. Very depressing day on the intertubes.
    I decided to watch some old movie clips and felt better..

  147. Jew, I thought your idea of putting Lady Liberty on currency was brilliant!

    Anyone the dems pic is going to be an asshole.

  148. I’m watching golf, looking at crap that needs to be packed, thinking about having a wine, and enjoying a scarce day of blue sky.

  149. Lady Liberty is female, and she’s much prettier than Eleanor Roosevelt.

  150. Lady Liberty got bounced off the quarter back in 1932 for that toothless “Father of Our Country” guy.

    Plus, she was pretty hot..

  151. Well, I adore George Washington so he can be on anything we can think of.

    You just know some notable skanky, fem, twat is going to push for Margaret Sanger.

  152. I vote for Texas’s very own Candy Barr, the legendary 1940’s stripper, gangster moll and porn star.

  153. Nellie Tayloe Ross would be particularly apropos, especially for the liberals, but few outside of Wyoming would know who she is.

  154. I have received a lovely baby gift from Roamy and must now write a forrealz thank you note.

    And my bike is pretty cool.

  155. Harriet Tubman was at least a Republican.

  156. Sack a jew whee uh

  157. Comment by Pupster on June 18, 2015 7:50 pm
    Sack a jew whee uh


    She was already on US currency.

  158. We should put Lafayette on the $20.

  159. ebay is broken.

  160. We should have an $11 bill. Some poor bastards are born with eleven fingers and they struggle super hard counting by tens.

  161. We should put Lafayette on the $20.


    Amen, a man who loved liberty and America.

  162. What happened to ebay, Scoot?

  163. Don’t know. Main page opens up, if I try to go any further I get an error message.

  164. It’s back! Carry on.

  165. Sorry, Scott, I think it was me. I wanted to change a setting.

  166. Woot! Glad the package made it.

  167. Some poor bastards are born with eleven fingers and they struggle super hard counting by tens.


    I can help.

  168. I bought a Windows 8 tablet out of necessity, but it really sucks. I stopped changing any of the settings because none of them will be saved beyond the next sleep cycle. I set up a fake MSN account because without access to the Cloud I can’t actually download anything. The alert system is endlessly persistent and it makes me itch. Shut the fuck up already. The Paperclip was swapped for a featureless box of text.

    The bureaucrats own Microsoft.

  169. I can help.


    HAHAHAHA Good one.

  170. I love watching golf. What is wrong with me?

  171. Scott,
    About 155 miles from Portland…

  172. I have a windows 8 desktop. It was only supposed to be for Steam games, but I still don’t like to use it much.

  173. Ugh, Jewstin. Oddly I ended up with a Windows 8 phone, and it’s okay so far. I don’t think though that stuffing a desktop OS and a tablet OS into one system will work too well.

  174. Mare, old people like golf. My diagnoses is severe age.

  175. I love watching golf. What is wrong with me?
    Nothing’s wrong with you. You’re just lesbian.

  176. I’m actually pretty happy with 8.1 on my laptop.

  177. I love the touch screen features, so I will likely buy an Android device and mod the thing. I need to do some homework and see if Slackware supports touchscreen. Then I could get a reasonable laptop.

  178. Jew is correct, George needs his ass kicked.


  180. She’ll be buying bird feeders any day now.

  181. Way past bedtime.

  182. Did anybody regret not reading the release form for anybody else’s hypnosis show very carefully today?

  183. Uh oh, I really liked annoying horse (lack of self awareness).

    And I’ve had a few bird feeders starting about 5 years ago. Little ‘ol man.

  184. By the way that sentence(s) should be.

    Jew is correct.

    George needs his ass kicked.

  185. Oh, screw it, I can’t type.

  186. I’ve never particularly cared for C&W but here’s my new favorite song.

  187. It’s my bedtime now. Maybe tonight I will dream of electronic sheep.

  188. Old isn’t what it used to be. We went to the beach with my mom yesterday. We were climbing up and down hills, over rocks, and she is just kicking ass at 84.

    If there was senior cage fighting, I bet she could kick the crap out of an average 60 year old.

  189. If you’re really adventurous, Jewstin, you can put Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 7 android tablet. There’s a boot loader that lets you switch between ROM images.

  190. It’s my bedtime now. Maybe tonight I will dream of electronic sheep.

    Shouldn’t that be electric pigs?

  191. Sorry about the racial animus. Your faggot president would definitely side with you on this. #Obama2016

  192. The sunset was nice enough tonight that it was worth going outside to see.

  193. Sailor’s Delight

  194. My sunset would have beat yours X
    but I didn’t take a pic, so you win.

  195. The temps have plummeted to 98.

  196. Vman – you survived the hurricane-ish-type stormy thing!

  197. Not pictured- Uranus.

  198. Cyn,
    It was a serious nothing burger, might have had 3″ of rain.
    Usually storms pull down cool weather. It never did that. Humid as a sauna here.

  199. Using Windows 8.1 on a PC is no big deal. It works just fine and is simple to learn.

  200. If there was senior cage fighting, I bet she could kick the crap out of an average 60 year old.

    If? I thought organizing them was Laura’s weekend job!

  201. Comment by Cyn on June 18, 2015 11:25 pm

    Sailor’s Delight

    Isn’t that your mom’s stage name during Fleet Week?

  202. Birds fly in the eyes of the faithless daughter
    Broken at the bitter end
    Wasted sacrificed for a new nirvana
    Nighttime sends us on our derp

  203. Good morning.

  204. If there was senior cage fighting, I bet she could kick the crap out of an average 60 year old.

    If? I thought organizing them was Laura’s weekend job!

    Sailor’s Delight

    Isn’t that your mom’s stage name during Fleet Week?


    Part of the reason I read this shithole blog.

  205. Where are the bewbies?

  206. Where are the bewbies?

    The other 2 reasons.

  207. I’m hoping this isn’t photoshopped:


  209. Boobs will be after 12.

  210. No boobs, no peas!

  211. MJ, I’ll have boobs whenever I damn well feel like it.

  212. I love bird feeders.


    wakey wakey

  213. Where are the bewbies?


    right where they always are.

  214. Everyone’s abandoned the joint now that they know boobs won’t be here for a few hours.

    Way to kill the blog MJ.

  215. America, MOFOs:

    Have to watch until the end.

  216. And yes, I am your real mother!

  217. Well, this is awkward.

  218. Obama schedule:

    Obama Schedule || Friday, June 19, 2015
    Posted on June 18, 2015, 10:15 pm by Keith Koffler • 9 Comments

    11:40 am || Departs Los Angeles
    12:50 pm || Arrives San Francisco
    2:15 pm || Delivers remarks at the Annual Meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors; San Francisco
    3:25 pm || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; private residence, San Francisco
    5:50 pm || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; private residence, San Francisco

    Yesterday his day consisted of giving that 5 min speech before he hopped on AF1 to fly to LA for two fundraisers.

    Notice he’s not flying home. GOLF WEEKEND. You know at those green golf courses that don’t use any water.

  219. Beer before noon,
    Howl at the moon.
    Liquor before three,
    My neighbour likes to watch me pee.

  220. Comment by Car in on June 19, 2015 9:26 am



  221. That little bitch Obama does nothing, nothing!

  222. Nothing worthwhile that is. He threw a grand party last Saturday night at “his” house.

  223. Good thing every thing around the world and in the US is going smoothly, wouldn’t want to shake up Obama’s golf schedule.

  224. I think xbradtc needs to rethink his tinder description:

  225. Mare – his wife and chillens are touring Europe. He’s got exclusive golfing all weekend.

    Life doesn’t get any better.

  226. Ace has the best descriptions of Obama, he uses the term grifter and that’s just the start.

    So very, very true.

  227. Obama- our grifter golfing president.

  228. I miss when the Italians ran all the organized crime, and were content with bootlegging money.

  229. So,we were told to pronounce Fluke – Fluck, and now we’re supposed to pronounce Roof – Ruff.

    Fuck all y’all.

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