On Fields of Wire

Introducing the work of Leonard Baskin.

Region capture 18Region capture 21
I’m highlighting his excellent work here because I like it very much.

Region capture 66 Region capture 52
Born in Jersey in 1922 his family moved to Brooklyn when he was seven.

Region capture 17 Region capture 48

Much of his work is wood and linoleum cut, he was also a bronze sculptor. There are several bronze Baskins in Ann Arbor.
If you live near there go look at them, then come back and tell us what they do for you. We will wait…
Region capture 20 Region capture 53

While an undergrad Baskin started an independent press which operated until his passing in 2000.  He also taught printmaking and sculpture.

Look at these.
Region capture 59 Region capture 60

Region capture 55 Region capture 69 Region capture 71 Region capture 45

Have a wonderful day.


Congratulations, Muppet.


  1. Good morning.

  2. He seems dark.

  3. buggin’

  4. What the fuck are you guys doing up?

  5. Your mom.

  6. http://is.gd/d5Ckap

  7. I’ve seen some of this before.

    Gym time is delayed to save time and gas. Headed to http://ypsilanticycle.com/ after gym to buy a bike and it’d be silly to drive to Ypsi twice in one day if I don’t have to, plus I can drive to the gym during my 1115 meeting.

  8. It looks like he has issues.

  9. wakey wakey.

    I wish I had a good bike. I have one that’s ok and needs a LOT of repairs.

  10. I’ve been up since 630, but it took that first hour to feed all the animals and catch up on the comments.

  11. I haven’t had a bike since before we moved, and it needed work when I sold it. We’re really close to a metropark here so I’ve been wanting one, might help with squat DOMS.

  12. I skimmed last night’s comments – which 1) the political commentary late night was SPOT ON and 2) congrats – I hear GND is making an honest muppet out of MJ.

    well done.

  13. I like woodcut prints when they’re done well. We did them at some point in my youth, really can’t remember when. Maybe high school. Anyway, in the hands of a good artist, they can be good.

  14. This and this:

    Seriously, this nation looks like it’s going to hand our de facto dictatorship over to an incompetent nullity who used the mockery of a marriage to connive her way to the top of political thuggery. This nation is a farce and nothing to be revered.


    Hitting the campaign trail hard? By avoiding contact with the public and not answering anything but softball questions asked by her own campaign staffers?

  15. She’s hitting the highballs hard.

  16. I slept in until the late hour of 7:30. Fake double (which I had record sales yesterday for some reason – for a MOnday) and my kids made me stay up late when I got home to watch some movie.

    MARE? ! – should I go pick up the outlander series? I need a new thing to watch while I work out and it’s taking me forever to get through book 4 of GoT (it sucks ass and nothing is happening/has happened and I’m almost halfway done )

  17. OMG it’s not going to rain today! Maybe I can mow!

    The non-puddle areas, anyhow.

  18. So yesterday started out completely shitty. we had two new people so it was BORING /no fun as “training” was occurring. Second my first fucking table – three businessmen- took their focking credit card receipt so zero tip for me.

    Honestly what kind of asswipe do you have to be to do that? It’s NOT focking hard. You sign it you put a tip on it and YOU LEAVE IT THERE.

    My second table consisted of white trash who left me $2.75 (keep the change!!! ) on $32. WIth a $25 gift card.


    PTL the day got better.

  19. Aaaaaaand my 1115 meeting is cancelled. I better seek direction or I’m going to end up wasting my whole morning.

  20. You guys are failing to entertain me this morning. I still have half a cup of coffee.

  21. That chicken needs to give leg-day a rest.

  22. I think that’s a cricket’s-eye-view of a chicken.

  23. Leonard was Jewish (probably), I’d like to know what the writing is on that second pic. Holocaust related perhaps? Jews in general? Great deal of birds, Chumpo do you know why off the top of your head?

  24. Maybe he’s related to Albert Hitchcock.

  25. That indian dude looks like he’s giving us the finger.

  26. Alfred?

  27. Adeline?

  28. This from Ace’s News Dump:


    Look at the pic of the two sponsoring the law. Don’t bother reading it, which I did, it’s as stupid as you’d expect. The left sure is desperate to control every aspect of your life.

  29. Most bicycle repairs are pretty easy, Car in.

    What’s wrong with it?

  30. “Bicycle”

  31. The flux capacitor is on the fritz.

  32. The gears don’t work right. I need the brakes adjusted. Need a new seat and those rubber grippy things for the hands.

  33. Hi Mare. Its some Nihhilist saying. I’ll dig it up for ye, but I’m off to tile a bathroom floor so stay tuned.

  34. It says something like
    “The Owls and Ravens will represent us when we are dead.”

  35. It reminds me of a fav Far Side cartoon where the three buzzards are finishing of an unfortunate settler in the old west and one buzzard has the hat and coat on and he says to his friends,
    “look at me, I’m a cowboy.”

  36. All of that is about 30 minutes work with the right tools and way cheaper than a new bike, even if you had to replace the gears.

  37. “grippy”

  38. My planned schedule for the day is now hosed by an 11-1 meeting.

  39. 2 hour meetings?

    Are you actually building something? Otherwise a waste of time.

  40. Planning the next 45 days.

    No management on the call, it will probably only go an hour and be productive.

  41. Yea I’m sure. I just need someone to do it for me.


    I can grow and cook and clean things. I can plan the landscaping and smoke a boston butt and fix a washing machine.

    Repairing a bike is not in my skillset.

  42. You could kick that bike’s ass if you wanted.

  43. This is so many sorts of twisted I don’t know where to start. So black girls in America face problems like being forced to have sex with someone selected by their dad? They get clitorectomies? Who in America is spending any time mocking black churches? Or does she compare Islam to Reverend Wright’s church? WTF is wrong with this woman?

    Michelle Obama compared her struggle to succeed as a young black woman in America to the experience of British Muslim girls during a visit to in inner-city girls school in London.

    The First Lady, who is visiting the UK for two days, and met with Prince Harry this morning, struggled to hold back tears as she gave an emotional speech to Mulberry School for Girls in London’s Tower Hamlets…

    Mrs Obama drew links between the experience of young black women in America to the struggles faced by British Muslim girls.

    She said: “Maybe you see the news and see people talking about your religion, and wonder if anyone will ever see beyond your headscarf.”

    The First Lady is visiting the UK with her mother and two teenage daughters, Malia and Sasha.

  44. Gear and brake adjustments are simple.

    You can do it.

  45. Cyn – I just figured fixing the bike would be so much easier for someone else. Like my son.

  46. Also. This Commie Fuchin Pope can blow it out his ass.

    I always liked the idea of The See, but this guy is like an Argentinian Obamer.

    Cram it, Yer Holyness.

  47. George – it boggles the mind. I’m sure she was thinking about these things as she used our house to party on Saturday night with 500 of her closest friends.

  48. what did the pope say now Chumpo?

  49. The pope is an asshole. How can you tell? The left loves him.

  50. The Pulp Pope.

  51. Who among you is picking Phil to win this week?

  52. WTF were the Cardinals thinking when they elected this turd?

    See, electing a Pope for political reasons is stupid, just like doing anything for political reasons is stupid.

  53. Ok chumpo I found it. NVM.

    So – what church should I attend now?

  54. Carin, he is releasing an encyclical on climate change to include how rich countries are screwing over poor countries.

    Effing idiot.

  55. This Pope appears to be a perfect puppet. Not too bright, shoots his mouth off, easily manipulated..

    A lefty for sure.

  56. Well Car in, The Church in America is hemorrhaging clergy but this Jack has to go all rockstar with the BS broad page issues like income equality and Global F’n Warming. He’s really into the UN and would probably love to lead Messico back to it’s commie under-pinnings. Of course when Mex was ruled by the old party (PAN) it was relatively safe and I could go down there and surf, so that wouldn’t be all bad.

    I don’t know. This pope seems like a politician more than the German or the Pole. Those guys were Church first, and this cat just flips off the traditional Catholics and gets accolades from the left for being prog.

  57. I knew he was heading that way with his letter but I hadn’t yet seen that parts had been leaked or whatever they were.

    And I ask again – what church should I attend now?

  58. The left eschews christianity, except when there is a useful idiot at the Vatican. Then they’re all over him like stink on shit.

  59. Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman turned reality television star, launched his presidential campaign on Tuesday at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, N.Y.

    Our long national nightmare is over.

  60. Some parish priests are still conservative. Find one of those, Carin.

  61. Please note: Infallibility only extends to teaching on faith and morals, and only when explicitly invoked.

    Francis being boneheaded on econ or ecology? Not cause for anything but consternation. He’s still not a Borgia.

  62. Mass is good Car In.

    Im just not much of a Diocesan. I don’t need spiritual middle management.

  63. A draft of a major environmental document by Pope Francis says “the bulk of global warming” is caused by human activity and calls on people — especially the world’s rich — to take steps to mitigate the damage by reducing consumption and reliance on fossil fuels.

    You mean the warming that has disappeared for a decade? By the way, stop burning all that carbon, what with the white and black smoke coming from the college of cardinals.

  64. Father Jack in Ann Arbor (Christ the King) is very conservative, he drops in at my parish from time to time. Talks about hell, mentions abortion and euthanasia in homilies. Most of the younger priests and seminarians I’ve met have been in that same vein.

  65. Would that we had a Borgia. Sure, they were bloody, but so are tree-hugger movements that will starve thousands in poor countries and keep them poor. At least the Borgias left behind some good art.

  66. Don’t forget the misery of the DDT ban, George.

  67. Leon, because I’m lazy maybe you can help. I understand the infallibility of the Pope is only about faith but why then the “Encyclical” on climate change? Is that just a paper the Pope writes? I thought it carried the weight of the Church itself.

  68. …OiYan Poon, assistant professor of higher education at Loyola University in Chicago, told FoxNews.com…

    “For example, the statement that ‘affirmative action is racist’ completely ignores the history and [blah blah gibberish]

    Poon also said that micro-aggressions, a relatively new term for often unintentional slights and snubs that may be perceived as offensive toward women and minorities, do a lot of damage.

    How awesome is it there is a moonbat professor chick named Poon?

  69. Leon, I also have a wonderful Priest whom we will miss when we move. Very conservative, old school, does a fantastic mass.

  70. I like those woodcuts of the Indians. Most of the rest of this, while I can appreciate it, isn’t my cup of tea.

    //kicks Mare in the poon//

    //loses shoe//

  71. In today’s world, I think a Borgia-level scandal would desolate the Church. Francis being PC just pisses off some of the boots on the ground, turns away fewer people than him having a mistress and kids would.

    We were having a very good good run between Pope Saint JP the Great and Benedict XVI. Francis is here for a reason, even if I don’t know what that reason is.

    Though I suspect it’s this: he talks PC on this crap, which leftists love, but persists in saying that gay marriage is a satanic plot. Like, it’s happening on the direct order of the Father of Lies, and that’s only a mild paraphrase.

  72. The left wants the church out of politics, except when, you know, it engages in the politics the left likes.

    They can all go fuck themselves.

    And the left seems to have a short memory about all of the priests who diddled little boys, that the bishops covered up.

  73. Are Catholic priests performing gay marriage yet? Because I’ll bet if not now they will in a year or two.

  74. The fucking Vatican is sitting on a fucking pile of treasure, but the rich are evil.


  75. Hotspur,

    That’s because the left never actually cared about abused boys. Heck, they’re perfectly willing to defend grown men preying on young boys. Their outrage was merely because it was a convenient way to attack the church.

  76. Is that just a paper the Pope writes? I thought it carried the weight of the Church itself.

    A papal encyclical is just a document written by the pope expressing his opinion, and usually on matters theological. The weight given it by the faithful when it is expressly about the relationship between Man and God is a matter of personal preference, not obedience. JPII wrote very carefully about Solidarity and Communism, for instance, but not Infallibly.

    Very, very few things have explicitly been Infallibly defined by the Church since the earliest councils. The last was in 1854.

  77. What Alex wrote.

  78. NAMBLA is ready to come out of the shadows. Give it five years and we will see sympathetic stories about unusually mature gay seventeen year old males from abusive households leaving home to live with well spoken, highly responsible twenty one year old men, shacking up just like Ozzie and Harriet. You will be enjoined to sympathize with their dilemma. This might air on TLC or PBS.

  79. Interesting short post at RedState

  80. Tasty.

    … When Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) uses you to wipe the gym floor; you are an utter rag. Jim Mora describes it better than the professional punditry. “Are you kidding me?! Playoffs?!”

    In the summer of 2016, the GOP will attempt to answer Mora’s grim existential question. They will nominate someone to run against perhaps the worst and most utterly solipsistic excuse for a sentient primate to win The Democratic Party nomination since James Buchanan all but butt-fumbled America into the Civil War. She is genuinely that bad. She would genuinely be that bad for America.

  81. “NAMBLA is ready to come out of the shadows. Give it five years and we will see sympathetic stories about unusually mature gay seventeen year old males from abusive households leaving”

    While the dancing is disturbing even worse are the people watching. I think they all need to be slapped and then arrested.


  82. Don’t mess with Jewstin

  83. Five years, Car in. Five years.

  84. Thanks, Leon.

  85. Squirrels are not only pretty smart but badass when required.

  86. Meeting over! Time to make sure the dog goes outside so I can go do the rest of my day.

  87. OH.MY.GOSH, Carin, I feel sick to my stomach watching that video. Who are his parents? How is this kid not taken away from them? And yet, parents who let their kids play in a park alone are practically felons.

    That kid was simply advertising for pedophilia. We’re effed.

  88. Five years? It’s already here. Look at how quickly people excuse teachers having sex with students.

    I figure incest and polygamy will be the next to fall.

  89. Yoga Shaming

  90. I figure incest and polygamy will be the next to fall.

    Both are very popular topics for tumblr porn.

  91. And the left seems to have a short memory about all of the priests who diddled little boys, that the bishops covered up.

    Most of the boys were not ‘little’. Most were going through or had gone through puberty already. Not pedophilia. An issue of homosexuality.

  92. Yoga shaming is why Rosetta no longer does downward facing dog.

  93. From Fr. Erik

    The ‘third rail’ of the priestly abuse scandal: the role of homosexuality


    And from the comments at FB:

    “Pope Benedict XVI in his excellent book “Light of the World” states that homosexuality (celibate or not) and the priesthood are completely incompatible: “The Congregation for Education issued a decision a few years ago to the effect that homosexual candidates CANNOT become priests because their sexual orientation estranges them from the proper sense of paternity, from the intrinsic nature of priestly being. The selection of candidates to the priesthood must therefore be very careful. The greatest attention is needed here in order to prevent the intrusion of this kind of ambiguity and to head off a situation where the celibacy of priests would practically end up being identified with the tendency to homosexuality.”

  94. Hillary Clinton’s press secretary promises tax hikes will be in her presidential campaign’s policy proposals, to be released this summer and fall. Rather than use the toxic phrase “tax hikes,” press secretary Brian Fallon disguised the coming proposals as “revenue enhancements.”

    And she will never spend a penny of the public fisc. She only invests.

  95. Hillary has donated all of her speaking fees to charity.

    Yep, I read that one. Too bad her charity is the Clinton Foundation.

  96. It’s funny how we never heard about male priests and young girls. There’s a reason for that.

    At any rate the Marxist cultural impulse here is to make you think the Church is nothing to be proud of supporting. See? The priests are hypocrites because they say homosexuality is a sin. And yet they are all gay, in secret. See? See? See how silly it is to make homosexuality a sin? So you should hate and abandon that hypocritical Church and join the secular progressives.

  97. Anyone ever use super glue to close a finger cut? I have one in the middle of my right thumb that is driving me absolutely nuts. I keep breaking it open, and it hurts.

  98. Hillary. I can’t believe this nation is actually sleepwalking its way to the dictatorship of Hillary.

  99. Don’t they use cyanoacrylate sometimes in closing wounds?

  100. Looks like I’m winning that bet. Hillary will be the D nominee.

  101. Wish we had a doctor or at least a nursing student around here.

    No, not you, leon.

  102. Wonder if lauraw knows anyone. Or jimbro.

  103. Yesterday Rush Limbaugh quoted both Ace and George Orwell.

  104. Rush is having fun with Trump today.

  105. Jay, it can be done. Priceed with caution.


  106. Jay, keep a bandaid on it.

  107. Great minds, Tush.

  108. Rub some dirt in it.

  109. Upstaged by a dead man

  110. Can’t, beasn, keep getting boogers on it when I pick my nose.

  111. Pick your nose with someone else’s finger, then.

  112. It stings like a motherfucker.

  113. George, I don’t know if you were arount at the time, but one of the more harrowing drama on H2 occurrd when Scott smashed his thumb, there was internal bleeding and swelling and excruciating pain. After discussing with Jimbro, Laura heated up a paperclip and pierced through his thumbnail to let it bleed out. I don’t thin she had started her nursing classes at the time. It was traumatic for her.

  114. Wait, laura is in nursing school?


  115. Heh, this line:

    When treating our own injuries we take responsibility for our own actions. When we are treating other people we have a Duty of Care to treat appropriately and cause no further harm or face the serious consequences of litigation

    makes me feel like I just said “here, hold my beer and watch this!”

  116. The US Open is 6 miles from where I grew up. We looked into Mt Rainer and the Other side of Puget Sound. They are looking into the other side where the Narrows Bridge is located.

  117. I missed Scott’s thumb. But I knew a guy who essentially did the same thing and pierced the hematoma under his nail with a sterilized drill bit. Made a mess.

  118. I just hope Scott never has to lance lauraw’s hump.

  119. At this point, Trump, Hill Daug, Cruz, Walker, Pocahantas, it doesnt matter. I cant expect an end to legislation/treaties that are not Pass it before you Read it.
    I dont know that gov is any more corrupt now or if it is the same as always and we all have forums and powerful info tech at our disposal so that we are conscious of the skullduggery more than ever before.

    Im sure not much will change in the next 50 years except the demographics of The US

  120. Scott had a high pressure hematoma that was continuing to build up. If it was not punctured, it would have ripped out his thumbnail. I am sure he made a big mess too.

    In an open wound, blood can flow out. For internal bleeding, you have no option

  121. He occasionally drains it George but only when they need fluid for their “Rituals”.

  122. Chumpo is onto something here. One reason Wall Street is good with Cankles is she will maintain the status quo, with the gubmint/finance industry revolving door and the same practice of letting the big firms write regs and legislation that favor the big firms and shut out new competitors. President Cankles won’t upset that particular apple cart.

  123. Car in 😱

  124. Hump fluids are a more valuable commodity for medical science than the blood of horseshoe crabs.

    Hump fluid will keep you alive, even if you are an inch from death, but at a terrible price. You will have but a half-life, a cursed life, from the moment the hump toxin touches your lips.

  125. *takes huge drag from medicinal marihuana spleef*

    HALL: … are we now at a transracial point? Because when blacks passed for white it was in many cases because their life was in danger. Are we at a transracial point now where someone like a Rachel is now on the forefront of something we’ve probably never discussed before?

    HUTCHINSON: Well, and we are going to discuss it and we should discuss it. Because you know what? Everything is changing. You know, when you’re looking at race in America and the whole dynamic and how it’s framed – you know, historically, Tamron, there was black and white. Then, of course, it was expanded. Asian, Hispanic, and now we have a new dynamic, biracial and transracial. Alright, so Rachel fits into that dialogue, and guess what? We’re going to keep having that dialogue. And quite frankly, Tamron, I think it’s a healthy dialogue.

  126. I saw Hump Toxin open for Bad Religion in 1989.

  127. I’m really starting to believe Donald Sensing. In November 2012 he said there will never be another Republican president and he might be correct.

  128. Alice Jolson.

  129. Cyn, Pupster.

  130. I think the end state of democracy is slwas socialism. Any society, no matter how advanced, will always have a plurality of people who want to live off the blood of his fellow human, and there is no shortage of eager politicians willing to broker the deal.

  131. slwas = always

    Fcuking keyboard.

  132. I think “fucking keyboard” is a yoga pose, isn’t it?

  133. Speaking of Rachel Dolezal, Dolezal sounds like an apt name for some kind of topical medication for treating fungal infection.

    Perhaps it is appropriate, because this woman does suffer from a weird skin condition.

  134. Ermagerd, this Rachel fruitcake is a walking self-parody. Says she drew self portraits with the brown instead of the peach crayon.

  135. https://t.co/yHWFFvJYpR

  136. *proposes Bruce Jenner change his name to Tittyweb Jenkins*

  137. Three words cover Rachel Dolezal:

    Mental Illness.


  139. Transracial h8 crimez kilt it.

  140. She also has a documented history of outright fabulism about her childhood already, so why believe her crayon stories?

  141. Someone (white) actually wrote this drivel in the HuffPo. Is it very dry satire? Is it sincere? Is it madness put into words? Is it all three?

    Somehow I don’t think this was intended to generate howls of laughter, but you can’t have everything.

    I remember deciding that I couldn’t have biological children because I didn’t want to propagate my privilege biologically.

    If I was going to pass on my privilege, I wanted to pass it on to someone who doesn’t have racial privilege; so I planned to adopt. I disliked my Whiteness, but I disliked the Whiteness of other White people more. I felt like the way to really end racism was to feel guilty for it, and to make other White people feel guilty for it too. And then, like Dolezal, I wanted to take on Africanness. Living in South Africa during my junior year abroad, I lived with a Black family, wore my hair in head wraps, shaved my head. I didn’t want to be White, but if I had to be, I wanted to be White in a way that was different from other White people I knew. I wanted to be a special, different White person. The one and only. How very White of me…


  142. This Dolezal creature broke ties with her white family, and now the black community has broken ties with her. Where does that leave her?

  143. It leaves her in an excellent position to get a job in government.

  144. Careful, Tushar, she may try to become Indian next, like Liz Warren.

  145. I saw a funny comic strip the other day. This black person gets his hands on a time machine (the Delorean, ofcourse), travels back in time, and kills all the slave traders. Gets back in the time machine eagerly to return back to his glorious new future. When the time machine reaches the future, he finds himself in Africa, malnourished, unclothed and disease laden.

  146. But his ancestors were never owned by white people, so there’s that.

    They were probably owned by black people instead.

  147. I still can’t wrap my head around the fetish to celebrate any and all failed cultures, but constantly denigrate the most successful culture in history, the Western Enlightenment.

  148. Leon, your and my favourite subreddit, fatpeoplehate, was shutdown by the new CEO
    But an extremely racist subreddit called coontown is still open. It is quite openly racist and a bit shocking

  149. >>I still can’t wrap my head around the…

    Thats because you are racist.

  150. I guess so, Tushar. But that’s the funny thing. I am begging for other races to join in, embrace my culture.

  151. The interesting thing about that xbrad is there is no “initiation” into your or my culture. My family wasn’t in this country during the Revolutionary war or the Civil war – but THAT is my history. I guess I’m more like Jenner and that Rachel chick after all. I’ve picked my history.

    I kid – because “my history” or “who I am” is based more on the cultural traditions and intellectual thought that makes up that evil Western society.

    I get a tear in my eye thinking about some of the great things my forefathers have done … when they are not related to me in the smallest way genetically.

  152. Who needs a fancy bike that actually works?


    Crazy riding on that video. I am fascinated by the discovery process of mountain biking where people learned how to jump and ride over increasingly difficult objects.

  153. I guess that is a long winded way of say my “genealogy” of any true meaning to my being is more based on an intellectual line of thought than it is genetics. Make sense?

  154. (Aaron Gwin video)

  155. Ok did the tasks I dreaded doing all day. I hate that I”m like that – I will put it off and put it off and it just puts me in the worst mood.

    But they’re done and over.

  156. You identify with the Founding Founders and their creation of a representative republic, even though your antecedents weren’t here yet to be part of the founding. They did eventually make it here to be part of the American Dream.

  157. Had a Mexican refuse to speak English today. He was rude. I chose not to understand his Spanish.

  158. That makes sense Carin. My father left behind Ireland and my mother’s grandparents left Lebanon. As a kid we gave a nod to our heritage but didn’t cling to it and were Americans through and through. I vividly remember asking my dad when I was about 7 or 8 years old if he ever missed living in Ireland. Other than missing his mother, the answer was “Not a bit. I came here to work and I’m happy here”. He then ruffled his newspaper and resumed reading. End of discussion.

  159. That’s exactly what I’m doing. My ancestors not being here has no affect and that’s my view for most immigrants who truly embrace our society.

    But – if you don’t assimilate … you’re not “my people.” That’s not your history.

  160. Anyone who’s ever gotten a tear in their eye during the national anthem etc … that’s my people.

    The rest can FOAD.

  161. it’s amazing that so many people came over here, and stayed, despite how shitty we are.

  162. Jay, I have a solution for your thumb:


    Use a band-aid FFS. It creates a moist environment where reepithelialization can occur. If you use a cloth type band-aid you avoid the slippery problem where everything slips off your thumb when you try to change pages or shuffle paper.

  163. Anyone who hasn’t gotten a tear in their eye when their dad tips some teenager’s hat off during the national anthem, not my people.

  164. I’ve been trying, jimbro, but it’s my most used finger, i swear!

  165. it’s my spacebar thumb

  166. You’re one of those fancy touch typers eh? If you typed with just your index fingers like me you’d be in the clear. And probably unemployed in your particular profession.

  167. You should just amputate your thumb.

    Problem solved.

    *ebills Jay for the consult*

  168. yeah, typing is kinda necessary.

    Oh well, I’ll just stop picking my nose, then.

  169. In America we honor our cultural heritage, but not so much that we aren’t willing to slop it into a paper sack, give it a cute cartoony mascot, and sell it to anyone through a drive-through window.

  170. “Band-aid”


    *reports Jimbro to the cutters union*

  171. I bet Mooch never got a tear during the National Anthem.

  172. Leon, your and my favourite subreddit, fatpeoplehate, was shutdown by the new CEO

    I’m well aware, as much as I am aware of the irony of coontown still being there. I can only assume that most redditors are fat white racists who didn’t like their particular fault being pointed out, but are entirely content to denigrate entire races to which they don’t belong for the faults of a few.

  173. *whispers*

    “The band-aid just hides the gangrene…we’ll be cutting soon enough”

    Jay, may I interest you in a new thumb? http://is.gd/3izxg4

  174. For Chumposki: http://is.gd/B0C8Tw

  175. One of my friends was born without thumbs, they moved his fingers around, IIRC.

    One time he flipped me off, and I stared for a bit. He was all “what?” about it. I told him I wasn’t sure that was his middle finger, and I was just making sure.

    He thought that was the funniest thing he’s ever heard.

  176. I don’t always cry during the Anthem, but Taps gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  177. I didn’t know Mr. Chumpo was a polack.

  178. Yeah, Taps will do that.

  179. I wouldn’t tear up for Taps if they didn’t play it at sad/honorable times.

    Like a birthday party. Or a wedding. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  180. …hides the gangrene…

    oooOOOoooo Yer good.

  181. ISWYDT

  182. Someone ask MJ if they will play taps at his muppet wedding.

  183. Navy Hymn. I used to cry when they’d have the evening flag service on base. Usually meant we had to go home.

  184. Index finger pollicization is used for radial aplasia with absent thumb. My first year or two in practice I convinced one of our hand surgeons to do one on a kid born without a thumb. I helped him out and, despite reading about the procedure for weeks in advance, I was gobsmacked with all the steps involved. The kid is still happy 16 years later. Now I refer them to Boston for it. It always amazes me when parents opt not to have it done. Even a weak thumb/3 finger hand allows an opposable grip versus 4 fingers alone.

  185. Schematic depiction: http://is.gd/SZPj8n

  186. My buddy made pizzas with his hands, don’t think he could have if he didn’t have thumbs. He was happy they did it, too.

  187. When I was a kid we hitchhiked everywhere.

    My thumb got me lots of places.

  188. My mom warned me about people like you.

  189. Your mom always picked me up.

  190. Saw 113° in the car while I was out today and WU shows a pocket of 115° not far from me.


  191. 114F.

    And the fucking truck’s starter chose just now to crap out.

  192. Comment by Tushar on June 16, 2015 4:17 pm
    I saw a funny comic strip the other day. This black person gets his hands on a time machine (the Delorean, ofcourse), travels back in time, and kills all the slave traders. Gets back in the time machine eagerly to return back to his glorious new future. When the time machine reaches the future, he finds himself in Africa, malnourished, unclothed and disease laden.


    And that is exactly what would happen.

  193. Shot:




  194. I wouldn’t want to run when it’s 114F either.

  195. Comment by xbradtc on June 16, 2015 4:21 pm
    I still can’t wrap my head around the fetish to celebrate any and all failed cultures, but constantly denigrate the most successful culture in history, the Western Enlightenment.


    Well said, xbradtc.

    I will pretend I didn’t see that “kicks mare in the poon” comment (you dick).

  196. Alice Jolson cashes in.

    In addition to unleashing no-talents with names like “Kardashian” and “The Situation” on society, reality television has long been mocked for being fake. So it’s only fitting that the genre dominating so many cable networks these days would embrace the current fraud sweeping the nation – former head of the NAACP Spokane chapter Rachel Dolezal.

    RadarOnline reports Dolezal didn’t just fly to New York for her “Today” interview, she’s also taking meetings for two proposed reality shows she’s been offered.

  197. This is where you type your fucked up ideas:


    Seriously, who wrote this,? It makes me laugh every time I read it.

  198. whose turn is it to lock Jimbro up so he does not link those sad images of disfigurement?

  199. I don’t think I’ve ever been in heat above 105 degrees. We begin to swoon when it gets above the mid-eighties.

  200. I would rather be in Vegas with 120 degrees, than Miami at 90.

  201. *raises hand*


  202. They’re part of life Tushar. I guess I’m desensitized to them. Not to any individual’s suffering or loss, just the sight of it. It takes a lot to move me emotionally after so many years. Sorry if I made you cringe. If it’s any consolation inspissated mucous and lower GI bleeds make me retch.

  203. Mare loves Hotspur!

  204. Our next historically significant president! What an era to be alive!

    Hillary Clinton charged a kids’ charity $200,000 to speak — and she pocketed every dime.

    Clinton reportedly charged the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach $200,000 for a speech earlier this year, according to new speaking disclosures made available on the Clinton Foundation website.

    Clinton spoke at a Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach fundraiser in California on March 3, reportedly speaking to 300 Long Beach “movers and shakers” at an event that was closed to the press. The event was marked by Secret Service security and bomb-sniffing dogs outside before Clinton got there.

  205. It’s over 80 here, but the air is wetter than club soda. I have to go outside now, and I’m afraid.

  206. Hey, she donates all of those fees to charity. That evil Bush fucker keeps his.

  207. Jimbro, that new thumb that you linked looks amazing. I’ve seen toe to thumb deals before that looked…not so great. If the toe isn’t very similar to the thumb looks and size wise, yikes, although I do understand it’s about opposability not looks.

  208. It’s BULLSHIT, yeah, she gives all her speaking fees to charity…the effing Clinton Foundation.

  209. inspissated mucous

    I ain’t EVEN gonna google that.

    Well crap… I just did. Damned Curiosity.

  210. Hotbride bought this cool device that turns tap water to club soda. It even has flavorings.

  211. Mare, a liberal loon posted that charity thing on FB yesterday. I had to burst her cherry and disclose she donated the money to herself. It wasn’t pretty.

  212. Anyone want to finishing packing for me? We are 95% done, with almost everything in storage. It’s the 5% that is giving me a pain in the ass. Just one small closet is like opening Pandora’s Box (sywm).

    Our buyers have been so great. No nit picking, gave a generous offer and have been complimentary about the house and how we took care of it. Under any circumstance we would leave the house spotless but I feel pressure to make the house look like new because the buyers have been so cool.

  213. I had to burst her cherry and disclose she donated the money to herself. It wasn’t pretty.


    Good, the stupid need to know reality, not the LIV crap they like to wallow in.

  214. The buyers are buying our refrigerator. I spent an hour and a half just cleaning the freezer section. You could perform surgery in there.

  215. I saw Inspissated mucous open for The Lower GI Bleeds at CBGB is 86.

  216. That was an awesome show, xbrad. I was high on ayahuasca at the time.

  217. It’s fucking 74 here.


  218. Why do they spell marijuana wrong now? I was looking up the legality of that cream and they spelled it as whomever spelled it up there.

  219. This is America. We are a capitalist country. No one should be shamed for making a crap ton of money.


    1. They make a crap ton of money but denigrate rich people.
    2. They pretend they use that money for altruistic reasons to
    appease their base.
    3. They are Kardashians who are whores who have made millions
    being dumb and started their career getting filmed doing anal.
    4. You are a super rich MOFO, who lives like a king and yet
    demands regulations and laws that require everyone else to live
    an austere life (I’m looking at you Al Gore).
    5. You’re a little bitch lawyer who made a shit ton on bogus bullshit,
    screwed the gal writing a book about you while your wife is dying
    of cancer and lied through your teeth. Hey, bitch Edwards, yeah,

  220. I just realized there are too many lefty hypocrites to shame.

    Jonathan Gruber
    Cho or Chu, I can’t remember.
    Etc, etc, etc,.

  221. I think I can add a few.

    6. You worked for the government and made laws/regs and then left and took a job to profit.

  222. Wow. Alice Jolson’s family really is a progressive black family after all.

    A trial is set for August in a case against Dolezal’s brother Joshua who is accused of sexually abusing a female sibling in 2001 or 2002 when the child was six or seven years old, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

    Joshua, a college professor in Pella, Idaho, was charged with four felony counts of sexual assault on a child in 2013 by the Clear Creek County District Attorney’s Office.

  223. Yep, Carin, good one.

  224. Why doesn’t Teresa hang out here anymore? Is she sick of our gluten loving ways?

  225. She was here all of the time until you returned.



  226. She’s busy cross-stitching. Not a euphemism. By the time she shows up, everyone is asleep. She’s just been catching up with the comments and lurking.

  227. She was here all of the time until you returned.


  228. This lady is bad ass.


  229. I get a tear in my eye thinking about some of the great things my forefathers have done … when they are not related to me in the smallest way genetically.

    I (heart) Car In for the win

  230. Had a Mexican refuse to speak English today

    That’s a paddlin’

  231. Comment by Mr Chumpo on June 16, 2015 7:44 pm

    What Chumpo said.

  232. That’s startling, xbrad. Makes me shudder reading it.

  233. Thanx Jimebro!! That Larson. I owe that somebeeotch a debt.

  234. Why do they spell marijuana wrong now? I was looking up the legality of that cream and they spelled it as whomever spelled it up there.

    I just spelled it like that because the freaking GayPad autocorrected it that way.

  235. Comment by xbradtc on June 16, 2015 7:27 pm
    She was here all of the time until you returned.


    Kicks xbradtc in the poon.

    Loses shoe.

  236. Comment by George Orwell on June 16, 2015 7:28 pm



  237. Five years.

    Good. That gives me time to pack up & leave.

  238. Buh Bye

  239. MMmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, ¡Jep! Hillry 2016 + some good ol’ kiddy fiddlin’! I can’t wait.

  240. Did anybody groggily come to chained up in a cellar after stealing and eating a pie that anybody else had set out on a windowsill to cool today?

  241. Mmmmmmmm pie

  242. Excellent post, Chumppet.

  243. http://is.gd/kJopGh

  244. So, not only am I forced to be drawn into a women’s mental illness, I am forced to listen to the unreasoned tell me this is a thing, a normal, okay thing that people can feel like a different race therefore they are a different race.

    Not only is this women going on national TV telling us she identifies as black, she may also make millions and get more legitimacy by getting paid (well) to do a reality TV show. This show will undoubtedly tell the American public that rubes that we are, we simply don’t know that this is a normal notch on the variant scale.

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.

  245. XBrad? Oso?


  246. *puts Pepe on the “kill very soon” list.*

  247. hahahahaklaklajdhakladsahhahaklaalha

    Hooray!! for the ghosts of bugs!!!

  248. Thanx Muppet. Didja knock up GND? or did you start loosing your hair?

  249. Losing.

  250. Winning.

  251. Also, if you’re writing about anything but leasing an apartment or house, don’t say “tenant”. You’re wrong.

    Saw that mistake in a book about low carbohydrate dieting written by two PhDs.

  252. tenet

  253. I’m still seeing ghosts of bugs. What an hypnotic vision.

  254. leon needs an advice column

  255. ghosts of bugs sounds like a rejected John Carpenter movie.

  256. The people who need it never read it, Jay.

  257. I feel the ghosts of spiders. I would probably die if I had to deal with a centipede ghost.

  258. Mare,
    I “identify” as Russel Wilson”.
    Sure, I can’t read a play, throw a pass, or lose a Superbowl on a dumb-ass Pete Carroll call, but so what?
    Just send me the check, okay?

  259. http://www.statter911.com/2015/06/15/must-see-rescuer-tells-trapped-woman-get-off-the-phone-and-grab-my-hand/

    People who can’t swim also cannot gauge whether or not they can cross a short distance of deep, still water. If there is an unseen deep dropoff any point along the way, the nonswimmer believes she will die, and not unreasonably. To a swimmer this unsupported distance is not even a second thought.

  260. When I was a kid, one of my grandparents wouldn’t even get into the kid side of the pool to walk around in belly-deep water. Too afraid. This used to be normal in people of a certain generation.

  261. Thanx Muppet. Didja knock up GND? or did you start loosing your hair?
    She’s not knocked up yet but I’ll keep trying. Cuz it’s for the chirlens.

  262. If that woman would have drowned…I can’t even…

    Think of all of the beds that wouldn’t have been dusted!

  263. Have you decided upon a race yet?

  264. Have you decided upon a race yet?


  265. I’m happy for you MJ.

    2nd marriages kick ass.

  266. Yeah, I’m holding out for Indy 500 ;)

  267. I knew how to swim.
    In a pond.
    One of the first times I swam in the Gulf, I almost drowned. I had no idea what a rip current was or what to do if caught in it.
    Now perhaps wrongly, I respect the ocean but do not fear it.

  268. I got swept out in one of those too. The water was cold and I was really lucky to survive.

  269. Scott,
    I was 12, in waist deep water, after a hurricane churned up 6′-8′ waves. The first 6′ wave took me from waist deep water to chest deep water. After the second wave I was caught in the rip and quickly 300 yards off shore.
    A total stranger who “happened” to be swimming by asked me if I could use some help. Dropped me on the beach and walked away without a thank you.

  270. I went in after poorly thrown frisbee. It took me a few minutes to realize I was going the wrong direction.

    I swam as hard and as long as I could. I still remember the “I touch the sand or die” feeling. I had to extend my toes to touch.

    If I knew the right thing to do then, I would have died. The water was way to cold.

  271. Jeez. I was 18, that was 35 years ago.

    I remember it like yesterday.

  272. I took a cold water survival class once. It was miserable.

  273. Rip current. 1976. I make jokes it was Jaws that keeps me out of the ocean. Deliverance does keep me out of man-made lakes or reservoirs. Do you know how many cemeteries are under water?

  274. Did you see the idiot protesters trying to block Shell’s drilling rig in Seattle with their kayaks?


  275. How many?

  276. Chumpo, I just figure a bunch. In NM alone, quite a few cemeteries under El Vado, Heron, and Elephant Butte.

  277. Humidity in double digits. Swamp Cooler isn’t working. Usually July before monsoons make it so miserable. I’m calling it. G’night.

  278. Water stories.

    So, this one time, I had to pee really bad, like, & like the guy wouldn’t shut up about water. He was talking about waterfalls, & rip tides, & flash floods, & I had to pee like totally so bad, like dude. And everything.

  279. scott on June 16, 2015 at 10:16 pm
    I’m happy for you MJ.

    2nd marriages kick ass


    Ill never know. Who would have me now if something happened to Pat?

    It’s ok. I could go the crazy cat lady route.

  280. Car in,

    Just move to Scottsdale and become a cougar.

  281. It’s a wonderful back story, Oso.

  282. …and everyone winds up in Scottsdale, even ScottW!

  283. Isn’t a cougar a kind of crazy cat lady?

  284. HEY! The Phoenix area is MINE, and that includes Scottsdale and the surrounding areas.


  285. ^very crazy catty cat lady^

  286. Zip it, bub.

  287. Work day finally done.

    Seize you tomorrow for Scantly Clad Midweek Dudes Day.

  288. **strokes Cyn’s fur backwards just to piss her off**

  289. *waves at Mare*

    What oso said – my New Year’s resolution was to finish making Christmas stockings for the rest of the family; I’ve completed 4 so far, and literally just started #5 tonight.

    When I’m done with those, I have a bunch more stitching projects to work on….

    I do still try to keep up with what’s going on with you guys, though!

  290. I walk around with my derp stuck out
    ‘Cause my baby’s worth bragging about
    Every Johnnie, Jack, and Jim
    Wished that she belonged to him

  291. In before HHD

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