Big Boob Friday™

I hereby dedicate this post to the poor starving people of Sweden. Those beautiful blonde girls with the girly braids, sweaters, and blue eyes really need our help. I’ve been reading on the tittyweb that there are starving Swedes. Droves of them. Poor little baby doll, girly, big eyed, braided babies. We must do everything we can to make sure they survive the cruel Swedish summer.

So I’m asking for you to stop your lawsuit accusing Rosetta (Caitlyn) of micro-agressing your junk, and working full time to feed the Swedes.

What’s on the menu?

Mannen Skrap.


Please to be turning this up to 11?



Hey fjord fuckers, take a look at Ms. Katie Marie Cork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


'Merica. Fuck Yeah!!!!

‘Merica. Fuck Yeah!!!!











  1. Boobtastic

  2. Is it a guy?
    I mean it is MJ so it must be guy.

  3. No sausage, only tacos.

  4. Katie is kinda cute, nice job Ernie

  5. Sweden is starving/dying, but it’s not the blonde people. It’s the “Asians” their government is replacing them with.

  6. Mare’s rant last night was dead-on but it’s almost gotten to the point where I can’t even discuss it. I’m talked out. There is no “debate” or anything left to discuss.

    Also – i fear that George’s comment is correct – we’ve become nothing but rotating dictators or cronies or what ever.

    It’s almost time to nuke DC from orbit. It may be the only way to be sure we’ve thoroughly cleansed.

    Wakey wakey. She seems nice. For a tranny.

  7. She seems nice.

  8. Perhaps no one heard me.


  9. H3?

  10. H4, but I’m not supposed to tell you.

    Wait, I hear monkeys…

  11. Morning. Lawn mowing and house cleaning on the agenda.

  12. Kind of hilarious:

  13. It’s raining like a mofo up here.

  14. I was busy filling out a job application.

  15. Go away buffalo.

  16. Mare, I’ve been laughing about that all morning. The funny Morons are killing it on Twitter. Even SMOD getting in some digs.

  17. I was busy filling out a job application.



  18. I was busy thinking this guy has an amazing body:

  19. No, for a job at the building I used to work in.

    It’s bizarre. I’m not trying to go back to the company, because I never worked for them. I never quit, the building quit me.

  20. this guy has an amazing body

    He must really love that frumpy thing that’s follwing him around. I’ll bet he tells her she’s pretty & she believes him.

  21. jennifer lawrence frumpy? Hmm, you have very high standards.

  22. Jennifer (except for red carpet where others have dressed her) is not known for her fashion sense. She often looks like an idiot, clothes wise.

  23. hahahaah….for a good laugh look at the pics Weasel Zippers found of Rachel Dolezal.

    Naked Bo Derek style.

  24. Jennifer has never struck me as especially pretty.

  25. Who bitch dis is?

  26. For Carin.

  27. Generally if someone asks me to go look at pics of naked lunatics they provide a link. Just sayin.

  28. Actually, skip it, I thought it was mostly about the red-haired dude.

  29. I saw about 5 minutes of Hunger Games, and Jennifer Lawrence was so annoying I turned it off. She’s horrible to watch.

  30. Ben Shapiro is having the twitter time of his life on this Rachel Dolezal story.

  31. Leon those guys need to talk less and just show me pictures of them lifting things.

  32. Any bill that has to be rushed is a POS.

  33. My right arm is atrophying.


  34. I like Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a gif machine. Not a classic beauty, but she seems like a real person.

    Also I don’t understand why Apple cannot seem to perfect copy and paste in it’s browsing software.

  35. Very frustrating.

  36. My right arm is atrophying.

    things you’ll never hear xbrad say

  37. Thanks for the link, mare. Very dissapointing display of skin. Totally not your fault.

  38. I will concede that she has a pretty smile, but she doesn’t rate more than a milli-Helen.

  39. Rachel Dolezal is one of my people! I too am transblack!

  40. Fight the power.

  41. If the bitch says she’s black, she’s black.

    Did you people learn nothing from Caitlyn?

  42. Did she keep her penis?

  43. I am also transtall and transtrilingual.

  44. My penis is black.

  45. You should get that looked at.

  46. If this is true, there’s nothing left worth saving:

  47. I’d hit it.

  48. heh. Friday. Not trans black, just a Substittute.

  49. Is that all the same woman up there? Looks like different chicks.

  50. It’s the smokey/non-smokey eyes, Laura. Some women look completely different, and she appears to be one.

  51. What ever happened to Rachel Jenteal? Did she make it through college on the scholarship she was given?

  52. Jennifer Lawrence is refreshingly candid.

  53. Everything I read about this trade bill is exactly opposite of what Paul Ryan says it is.

    Paul Ryan is either an idiot or evil.

  54. Oh man. She didn’t make it to college but graduated from HS.


  56. With mighty Ham Whammer I rained blows of justice down upon the filthy pigheads this morning.

  57. I’m sure she’s friendly and fun, Mare, I just don’t look at her and think “10”. Not sure what it is. I’ve seen prettier girls at bars in Ypsilanti.

  58. Can we have a vote on banning MJ?

  59. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t stunningly beautiful, although she can clean up nicely on the red carpet. What’s nice is that she seems to be a decent person and has a sense of humor about living in the spotlight. She behaves with class.

  60. Can we have a vote on banning MJ?
    Finally! Let’s get rid of that turd.

  61. I’ll readily concede that, Alex. She’s one of the few that I felt genuinely bad for when The Fappening happened.





    goodbye, internet.

  63. Jeez, Wiser!! Really?!

  64. Finally! Let’s get rid of that turd.

    Yeah! That muppetfucker is going DOWN

  65. Comment by MJ on June 12, 2015 11:17 am

    Anyone mind telling me what’s behind that link, since I can’t follow them at work?

  66. Also I don’t understand why Apple cannot seem to perfect copy and paste in it’s browsing software.

    Too busy dreaming up new racially sensitive emoji. Seen the gay ones?

    👬 👭

    Actually, you know what’s hilarious? There are different skin colors for single emoji heads, but only white gay couples as seen above. Tim Cook must not like seeing non-white gay couples. Bigot and a fag.

  67. You don’t wanna know.

    just bookmark it, and use it the next time we have to get rid of wiser (but not wiserbud).

  68. It’s beyond words.

  69. I just realized that Rachel turned black around the same time Michael Jackson turned white.

  70. Comment by MJ on June 12, 2015 11:17 am

    Fajeezus Petesake, MJ. Put a NSFV tag on that. V for Vision.

  71. That’s what you get for working, Colex.

  72. After that link, I’m convinced MJ is going fully transmuppet. He’s half Oscar, half lubricated fist.

  73. Yeah! That muppetfucker is going DOWN
    That brilliant, handsome asshole is gonna get his!!!!


    I’d hit it.

    I’d need a new front end for the F250 afterwards. But I’d hit it.

  75. GO, you need to be more inclusive. Also, can you pick up some more hours, Rachel’s friend needs Twinkies, and our tax dollars can provide them.

  76. Jeez, Wiser!! Really?!

    Hey, don’t blame me. It was that twisted muppetfucker’s link!

  77. PG, pretty much.

    I should have done like another guy on the contract did down at Fort Hood. He was working basically on his own with no supervision, and didn’t get a six-month review. Come time for his annual review, and they discover that he hasn’t actually been into work for the past year. Instead, he was just sitting at home and filling out his online time sheet every day.

  78. The I’m-pretending-to-be-black story at WZ has five updates! Dumb bitch should have pretended to be Cherokee instead, then she could have been a senator.

  79. Hey PG, just reviewed your twitter history. It’s pretty sparse.

  80. I not only self identify as black, I self identify as Jim Brown. I’m one helluva football legend. If you don’t accept this you’re a hateful, athletonormative monoracial oppressor and I won’t throw you this forty yard pass.

  81. UPDATE!

  82. Wow, look at the voter turnout at Hotspur’s poll. True civic spirit.

  83. Dolezal, 37, avoided answering questions directly about her race and ethnicity Thursday, saying, “I feel like I owe my executive committee a conversation…”
    Later, in an apparent reference to studies tracing the scientific origins of human life to Africa, Dolezal added: “We’re all from the African continent.”

    As one short-term girlfriend said in an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, “Robert, we all come from frogs.”

  84. Ribbit.

  85. How perfect is it this proud transblack woman has a snapshot taken with Marilyn Mosby?

    Is promoting a white woman identifying as black affirmative action or cultural appropriation?

  86. Consider this photo. This is her family according to WZ.
    Had I known nothing about this photo I would have assumed this was staged by people trying to mock African tribal peoples and their appearance. Now that I know it’s a sincere photo of a proud black family, it still looks like mockery. Huh.

  87. What is wrong with that woman? Apparently gender and racial origin are nothing but a social construct. A pair of clothing. A corset or some dreads.

  88. Actually, the genus homo was pretty spread out before sapiens sapiens emerged, and the original primate species may just as easily have originated in the Asian continent. It’s completely plausible that mongoloids and caucasoids may exist that have little-to-no “African” ancestry.

    But that’s none of my business.

  89. Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid, and he was happier than you and me

  90. Check your privilege, iCar in. Of course gender and race are a social construct, just like gravity and the laws of thermodynamics. Oppressor.

  91. The national NAACP said Friday it “stands behind” Rachel Dolezal, the president of a Spokane, Washington’s chapter who lied about being black. “One’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership. The NAACP Alaska-Oregon-Washington State Conference stands behind Ms. Dolezal’s advocacy record.” Spokane city officials are looking into whether Dolezal violated the city’s code of ethics when she identified herself as black on her application to serve on the citizen police ombudsman commission. Public records show Dolezal is the biological daughter of Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal, who are both white and exposed their daughter in an interview Thursday.

    National Association for the Advancement of Crazy People

  92. Mongoloid just a pawn in game of life.

  93. With all the trans-this and -that becoming so popular, Rosetta is starting to seem pretty conventional.

  94. I’ve been on standby for a systems engineer doing a demo for like 4 hours. He’s literally the only person who ever has trouble with our software, so naturally he’s demoing it.

  95. The Spokane NAACP has found a replacement for their embattled local president Rachel Dolezal.

  96. I bet Rachel has had a little black in her.

    /denounces self.

  97. Fatphobic and triggering:

  98. Weird. No one has yet voted to keep MJ on the island.

  99. MJ I suggest you claim that you’re transblack and thus it is racist if we kick you off the blog.

  100. MJ is our token Muppet American.

  101. How can anyone not like J-Law?

  102. Muppet American is a politically correct euphemism. Let’s just say it: MJ is a felt.

  103. Plus one. I love J Law the most.

  104. I don’t know what it is, Xbrad. Maybe she looks too much like my sister.

  105. Please to be posting pics of your sister.

  106. Nancy Pelosi just shoved her giant penis up Barack Obama’s delicate squeakhole.

  107. Proof that Pelosi is a racist. There can be no other to oppose Licorice Dick.

  108. No other reason

  109. She’s kind of a big girl these days, XBad.

  110. Im pretty sure XB would hold his own.

    or get your mom to help out.

  111. Happy Friday everybody

    Nice tits.

  112. Hi, DeeT! What’s shakin’?

  113. Dave! You made it out of the pool!

  114. The dead pool?

  115. You know, this transracial bit is not new. Google “weeaboo.”

  116. I guess it’s just more daring to turn black than Japanese.

  117. I’m not sure if I’m transblack anymore. I might be transmessican.

  118. If you are transblack, do you still have your white privilege?

  119. And if you’re transblack, and you call Obama a cocksucker, are you a racist?

  120. Ace’s latest post needs to go viral.

    Indeed, we don’t trust you GOP. We don’t. Period.

  121. This is hilarious. I was reading an article on Wired about space station projects that never were realized. In the article, there is this one image of the interior that is credited as a NASA image. Tell me that the guy with the dark hair is not Mr. Spock.

  122. Yep. He nailed it with that one.

  123. I’m transdead.

  124. I don’t have to vote D or 3rd party or at all because where I live/remain undead is a thoroughly one party state. I don’t even think voting on propositions like we have in Clownifornia matters because Sacramento just refuses to enforce them if it doesn’t like the voters’ decision.

  125. The GOP will be relieved and happy if SCOTUS gives LD a victory on King v Burwell.

  126. Or get the courts to rule that a constitutional amendment to the state constitution is unconstitutional.

  127. What xbrad said.

  128. I think it’s finally safe to go to the gym. I hope it’s not too crowded.

  129. Don’t do it, leon! Go drag some trees around.

  130. Twitter was a hoot today.

  131. Twitter is just a social construct.

  132. Muppets are fabricated from whole cloth.

  133. Wiserson turns 18 tomorrow. Will be joining the softball team on Sunday.

    Took him to the batting cages to teach him to slow-pitch today.

    We’ve had a good day.

  134. Teach him to hit slow-pitch…..

    Fucking kindle STOP HELPING ME!!!!!

  135. Your mom is a social construct.

  136. Does wiserson self-identify as black? Because it might help with sports.

  137. Does he get a shirt?

  138. If I were playing baseball, I would self-identify as Babe Ruth. Then not only would I be an awesome ball player, I would have a head start on drinking and whoring.

  139. He’ll, i’m just happy he identifies as my son.

  140. No shirt until he gets his first hit.

  141. Just saw a good comment on what Rachel Dolezal did to herself. She got a negroplasty.

  142. She stole Michael Jackson’s blackness.

  143. No wonder all those sainted Silicon Valley plutocrats wanted Obama’s secret trade deal.

    …this means the L-1 intra-company transferee, B-1 business visitor visa programs, and any other applicable visa programs could be used to permit temporary employees from abroad to work in the United States, and no economic needs tests (i.e., testing the labor market) could ever be imposed by Congress…

    This is worrying and problematic, not because there shouldn’t be any foreign competition from service-providing companies in the United States, but because the competitive advantage foreign companies will get from TiSA is the ability to provide cheaper services by importing much cheaper labor to supplant American workers.

  144. I didn’t know you could get a blackness transplant. What is the rejection rate for this type of procedure, jimbro?

  145. The rejections come mostly in the form of unanswered job applications by racist bosses. And it’s pretty high or so I’ve heard over and over again.

  146. It doesn’t even have to be top-ten. Anywhere on the Billboard charts works for me.

  147. It doesn’t even have to be top-ten. Anywhere on the Billboard charts works for me.

    If that was a tweet, I would have favorited it.

  148. WASHINGTON (AP) — Hackers linked to China appear to have gained access to the sensitive background information submitted by intelligence and military personnel for security clearances, several U.S. officials said Friday, describing a second cyberbreach of federal records that could dramatically compound the potential damage.

    The forms authorities believed to have been accessed, known as Standard Form 86, require applicants to fill out deeply personal information about mental illnesses, drug and alcohol use, past arrests and bankruptcies. They also require the listing of contacts and relatives, potentially exposing any foreign relatives of U.S. intelligence employees to coercion. Both the applicant’s Social Security number and that of his or her cohabitant is required.

    Goddamn that George W. Bush. If only we had Obama for a leader.

  149. This never would have happened if Obama had been commander-in-chief.

  150. Only an authentic black American can protect our military secrets. Like, say, Rachel Dolezal.

  151. George – As a couple, both Herself and I held security clearances. This disclosure has me incensed!

  152. What can get white ceiling paint off of a red brick fireplace? The future buyers of Pup House would like to know. Goof-off does nothing.

  153. What can get white ceiling paint off of a red brick fireplace? The future buyers of Pup House would like to know. Goof-off does nothing.

    Two choices:
    1) sandblasting
    2) a crew of 12 messicans from the Home Depot and a shitload of wire brushes

  154. MCPO, just think of it as national security being handled with the same technical expertise that they put into the website.

  155. actually there are lots of paint stripper products, some of them “non-toxic” but I’ve always thought the toxic stuff works better

  156. The non-toxic stuff is critical if you’re in an environment where you have little access to ventilation. And might be a good idea even so.

    It definitely smells better.

  157. Home Depot sells stuff that should work, it’s designed to remove graffiti.

  158. Also, if anybody knows how to get Goof-off stains out of red brick…

  159. One product is called JAS

  160. When you’re dead, the toxic stuff is moot, but most of you folks are alive. Anyway the bitchy part will be getting the mortar clean.

  161. Its gonna do a number on yer Bricks, Puppy.

  162. Use an orbital

  163. Also, if anybody knows how to get Goof-off stains out of red brick…

    Couldn’t you just brick over the fireplace?

  164. scrub the grout lines with a wire wheel

  165. How about this:

    (maybe I’m not really helping here…)

  166. Left to right : life, George Orwell

  167. Nuts.

  168. Ass and then nuts.

  169. At least he wasn’t throwing a brick.

  170. White painted brick fireplaces are in right now.

  171. Ouch.

  172. Goddammit, why is imgur links getting embedded.

  173. Because u all refuse to tiny hurl.


  174. Damnit Tushar, now I feel dirty. Like I’m gonna look up and see Chris Hansen walk into the room.

  175. Maybe the Chinese hackers can find Obama’s college records and exactly when he was in Pock-e-stan.

  176. +1 CoAlex

  177. And of course, the transblack got a full ride to Howard.

  178. Did anybody keep bugging anybody else to do something until they finally got a night off work, only to have them say at the last minute that they wouldn’t be able to make it today?

  179. Did anyone figure out that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease today?

  180. Hahahahah.

    *runs like hell*

  181. Did anyone figure out that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease today?
    Certainly true of Obamacare.

  182. Hi you guys…

  183. *triggered*

    Sup bear? Eat any green chillies today?

  184. Micro-aggressed!!!!

  185. I had Panda for lunch. Chile pequin. Dan had to go to his mom’s after work to meet the plumber. He’ll be too tired to cook, so he’ll probably bring home green chile cheeseburgers

  186. If we had a “Your Mom” micro-aggressed jar, we could probably have a fully funded meat-up just about anywhere.

  187. mmm, green chile cheeseburgers from The Shake in Santa Fe

  188. I don’t think these people get the whole point of the sex doll.

  189. I suppose you could program it to only say “yes.”

  190. “We could be startled during a handshake by its limp boneless grip together with its texture and coldness,” he wrote. When that happens, according to Mr. Mori, “we lose our sense of affinity, and the hand becomes uncanny.”

    Sounds like a girl I dated briefly in college

  191. GO, will you guys be coming out this Summer? Spanish market and Indian market are both pretty awesome.

  192. We’ll be around the wrong times for those, Oso. We might go to Ojo Caliente.

  193. Beautiful part of the state. Did you make it to Ghost Ranch/Abiquiu yet?

  194. Hell’s Hole is really nice.

  195. I like the Gila. I’ve never been to Hell’s Hole. We always seem to go to the Pecos or Penasco for camping.

  196. Not yet, Oso

  197. Hell’s Hole is a nasty two day hike. I think it was about 12-13 miles with about 50 stream crossings and a bit of climbing.

    Best fishing ever.

  198. Climbing-climbing or just switchbacks?

  199. Laura had a pen explode in the dryer.

    I’ve been trying to save some of the clothes and nothing works on baked in ink.

    4 hours of failure.

  200. Not climbing with a rope, just places where you need to use your hands.

  201. Lighted water slide.

  202. Pupster, which house is selling?

  203. Ugh on the pen in the dryer. I left chapstick in my pocket once. It was a mess.

  204. I’ve always had T-rex/alligator arms. Even young and thin, I probably would’ve been unable to make it to Hell’s Hole.

  205. Laura had a pen explode in the dryer.

    Was it made in Palestine?


    We always planned on selling the OHIO house, it just took us too long to get it to market. Now I am stuck with a lease in TN I have to break to move back to a house I’m trying to sell. 90% of our stuff is in TN, the OH house is being listed tomorrow. It looks pretty good empty, I hope we get a good offer soon, before I have to clutter it up again.

  207. Scott, did you tell her that dryer is not the best place to store pens?

  208. Did the pen have a cap or a mercury fulminate squib?

  209. Anybody ever put a coke can in freezer for a quick chill and forget it there? My friend put in the whole case. Their new fridge is nice.

  210. Pupster, try Motsenbockers paint remover. I’ve never used it but some people down at Lowes swear by it.

  211. Laura, does Motsenbockers work on dried and baked ink on clothes?

    Asking for a friend.

  212. I think a doctor once told me I needed my motsenbockers removed.

  213. Having a bad day?
    It could be worse. Very much worse…

  214. Tell your friend that I don’t know the answer to that question, Tushar. But I can find out pretty soon. I hope your friend can wait a day or so.

  215. I’m still pissed I bought AAPL ten years ago instead of twenty.

  216. Empty houses sell faster.


    Night kids.

  218. I will be damned. Forrest Gump came out 21 years ago.

  219. Hah!

  220. Go here, black grrrl Rachel is getting some serious mockery. Too funny.

  221. I saw Forrest Gump on a date with my first wife when she was just my girlfriend.

  222. Margaret Randall was at the same showing of Forrest Gump that we were. I H8 her hippie ass so much, I H8D the movie. I had really enjoyed the book, but my hippie H8 of Margaret rubbed off on Jenny and I could not like the movie.

  223. Beasneses, the Rachel stuff and #WrongSkin has been killing it all day.


  225. I saw forest gump when I was pregnant with #1.

  226. Had a Member tell me “Get someone that knows what the fuck they’re doing” because I didn’t know what “Chafers” were. I figured out “Chafing Trays”. (Dan overheard and was pissed that I was so nice to “Ebonics Lady”. He wanted me to go all Samuel L on her)

  227. 9 kids ago.

  228. Now now …

  229. I have a nice silver chafing dish.

  230. Evenin’, hosefunkers.

  231. XB, we do, too. Our Members are extra cranky because we’re paving the parking lot. I have a reputation for being really nice. I dropped the F-bomb 6 times today. Co-workers were laughing at me.

  232. Kelly is 6’7″. He walks on his toes. Makes him 7’3″. Dan saw me walking with Kelly. Said it looked like Groot and Rocket. I’m practicing my snarl. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy

  233. Looks at H2 Wall. Thinks graffiti. Looks at Pups. Looks at Wall. Reads Lowe-ras comment. Looks at wall. Congrats to Wiserson. Fewer injuries to Wiserdad? Looks at graffiti

  234. Ahh sh*t. Lookit the time.


  235. G’night Beasn.

  236. I feel our graffiti is authentically black.

  237. Another day in paradise tomorrow. Only 2/3 of parking lot under construction on Sat.

  238. GO, not enough ebonics

  239. The Obama administration is expected to announce an agreement with Cuba in early July to reopen embassies and restore diplomatic relations severed more than five decades ago, U.S. sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.

    The two sides hope to conclude the deal by the first week of next month, clearing the way for Secretary of State John Kerry to visit Havana soon afterwards for a flag-raising ceremony to upgrade the U.S. Interests Section to a full-scale embassy, the sources said.

    Obama is, however, disappointed he can’t find a way to cede US sovereignty to the Castro brothers and make America a dependency of Cuba.

  240. I have no doubt that fucker has a team working round the clock to try and figure out a way to give them Guantanamo Bay. Hell, he may very well try to simply order the military to abandon the base.

  241. Shootout in Dallas at the Police Department.

  242. I have no doubt that fucker has a team working round the clock to try and figure out a way to give them Guantanamo Bay.

    Ding! You are correct, sir.

    And for those of you that don’t know, a LOT of stuff beyond housing GWOT prisoners goes on at Gitmo.

  243. Turn any corner
    Hear what the people say
    You know that something is going on around here
    It surely, surely, surely won’t derp the light of day


  245. Morning, losers.

  246. Morning.

  247. Wham Hammer on the left?

  248. I have yard work to do, but it’s supposed to rain off and on all day.

    I think I’ll have time between showers to burn some of the boxes we’ve accumulated.

  249. wakey wakey

  250. Time to hit the gym.

  251. Mine are bigger

  252. Sohos!

  253. Mine are bigger

    *tosses sohos $1.05 in non-sequential, non-traceable pennies

  254. Dis anyone wake up today shucking and jiving, and then realized they had turned black?

  255. Dis anyone wake up today shucking and jiving, and then realized they had turned black?

    no, but…..

  256. I woke up this morning and decide to abandon my children. Does that count?

  257. Fack. I have to shower and go to work.

  258. >>Comment by pendejogrande on June 13, 2015 10:36 am
    >>I woke up this morning and decide to abandon my children. Does that count?

    I did not know I have been turning black so frequently since my kids were born.

    Wassup, niggaz?

  259. G’gorning

  260. Zaggin

  261. Come down from that tree!

  262. You can’t make me! You’re not my real dad!

  263. That’s the view from the deck, looking toward Rim Country (sywm). It’s all of 69 degrees yet.

    Makes me want to quit everything and live up here.

  264. It is beautiful. I like Payson.

  265. It’s lovely, Cyn.

  266. 90% of our stuff is in TN, the OH house is being listed tomorrow. It looks pretty good empty, I hope we get a good offer soon, before I have to clutter it up again

    Just put your extras in storage until it does.

    You going to settle back in O-hi-o?

  267. We’ve got voles.

    Also seeing a patch that looks bare but covered in dead grass in the middle of the yard. I’m betting there may be baby rabbits under there. Two of my large zinnas have been knawed to the nub.

    *shakes fist at HASENPFEFFERS!!!

  268. They got trees in AZ? I thought it was all cactuseses!


  269. I wonder if Netflix has seen a spike in rentals of “Black Like Me” with James Whitmore.

  270. Found Jewstin a new tool for work:

  271. Yay! Obama released six more Yemeni terrorists from Gitmo. A real hero. To someone.

  272. I hope Alex’s gut feeling about Obama giving away Gitmo is wrong although I have been thinking the same thing since he decided to fundamentally transform our relationship with Cuba.

  273. TH isn’t his usual level of annoying today.

  274. I wish there were streaming.

  275. I may have spoken too soon.

  276. *pretends to hear the word “Naugatuck” *


  277. I gave up listening when he cut to the live remote at Our Lady of Lebanon. Too nice outside and I’ve got cigars to smoke dammit.

  278. Smoking a cigar now, jimbro.

  279. *remediates brown field, wins Nobel Peace Prize*

  280. Dick Shaker.


  281. I splurged on a box of Arturo Fuente Anejo’s. They get released around Fathers Day and Christmas. My local shop has them but I got an offer from cigar dot com and said what the hell. I gave a handful to my nurse for her husband who also likes cigars and I’ve got a friend who will get another handful.

  282. Dick Shaker

    …speaking of handfuls …

  283. Anejos. I hope you brought enough for everyone.

  284. Gym went okay. Was forced to listen while 2 guys wasted 30 minutes arguing Jordan v LeBron, one of whom had already pretended to squat and left the leg-press/tricep machine loaded with way more weight than his quads could push.

  285. I should clarify, it’s a 45-degree plate-loaded leg press machine. Many, many douchebags load it with 600+ lb and then proceed to push their knees down with their hands on every rep.

  286. If you had said leg press/triceps/pectorals I would’ve known exactly what you were talking about. Which begs the question: who is better, LeBron or Jordan?

  287. Obama. 0-22


  288. The live blogging of Wiser’s show is always good.

    I actually typed shoe instead of show, which would have been funnier.

  289. He didn’t have pectorals to engage.

    And the right answer is Pippin.

  290. Sometimes it’s hilarious.

    I about lost my shit when the bumper music was Soul Man.

    Not so sure Soul Man the movie would get made today.

  291. It was a different time, before all the racial healing of the 0bama era.

  292. **decides “ooga-shaka” is close enough to “Naugatuck”, drinks**

    Since Mini-me has turned 14 and will be going into high school, we’ve allowed more latitude in what she can watch and what internet crap we share. She asked me to explain why feldspar was funny. She thought it was funny, too. Maybe I’m not such a bad mom after all.

  293. I hate shopping. I got bitched at over the order I put items on the conveyor belt at the checkout.

  294. What do they care about the order?

    Or is this a family thing Norman Bates.

  295. Part B.

  296. Oh.

  297. I hate shopping. I got bitched at over the order I put items on the conveyor belt at the checkout.


    Well she’s right, putting the Vodka and soda on top of the eggs is stupid.

  298. New poat.

  299. The white NAACP leader who misrepresented herself as black reportedly said as she organized groups during the Black Lives Matter movement that only black people should be directing and leading the protests.

    In an interview with Anderson Cooper, activist and writer Marc Lamont Hill said he knew Rachel Dolezal, and heard her state that only black people should lead the movement that arose in the wake of repeated incidents of police brutality against black individuals starting late last year.

    Why are Anderson Cooper and M L Hill so bigoted against transracial otherkin?

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