So it was announced yesterday that he’s going to be the receptionist in the all-chick “Ghostbusters” reboot. I wasn’t going to see it because I am a shitty consumer when it comes to recycled movies, but I might just be all-in on this one.

Yes, Cyn my darling, there’s nothing more I like to do for you than take a memo, but give me a moment because I’m far too dressed to do that properly.


  1. From the last stinky poat:

    We migrated off the mainframe to a windows environment (shut it!). Big project, but wow, it’s so worth it.

  2. **sends Cyn a dozen roses, 3 lbs of applewood bacon, and a pan of triple chocolate brownies**

  3. Jay, actual conversation.
    Me: Yeah, we used to have that modelling capability, but that was a long time ago.
    Young Whippersnapper: If you have the disks, I’ll try loading it on my desktop.
    Me: It was on tape. We ran it on the VAX.
    YWS: How do you program a fax machine?
    Me: Not fax, VAX.
    YWS: (tilts head with confused puppy look)
    Me: V-A-X. Big old computer.

    I should see if I still have the tape reel. The building where the VAX resided was torn down, so I would assume it’s long gone.

  4. I’m sad that first picture isn’t a gif.


  6. wakey wakey

  7. Roamy, an 11-750? A friend collects old computer hardware and has one in his basement. I bet if you could find the tape he could run your code. He was really excited about finding a working tape drive for it!

    He has a PDP-11 in his office at work :)

  8. To a recent graduate, even the DAT backups I used to do are mystical and old-timey, and that was just back in ’99.

  9. They held 2GB(!!!).

  10. Speak English, MOFOS

  11. I also won’t watch ChickBusters under pain of death.

    The original is perfect, ditto for RoboCop. FU, Hollywood.

  12. Haha, that’s awesome, guys. We had a Burroughs/Honeywell/Bull. This was the mainframe before IBM had mainframes. The original processor is on the wall in the data center.

    A collection of old computer hardware? Or as my wife calls it, the basement.

  13. In fact, heck, I won’t watch another movie in the theater unless Mel Gibson directed it.

    Suck on that, Sugartits.

  14. Listen, do you smell something?

    After that line, how can you top it?

  15. I wonder if I have one of these at home:

  16. >>>Suck on that, Sugartits

    I have drunk Mel Gibson to thank for that awesome phrase entering my vocabulary.

  17. Cool:

  18. Mare what should we talk about while they’re talking gibberish?

  19. Haha, I’d buy a Kubz one that has 515 area code (Iowa Cubs) just to double confuse everyone I know.

  20. Carin, how is your Taube’s eating going?

    I’m kicking ass and have declined to take names.

  21. I’m doing pretty well. I do eat a little bit of carbs – I ate some rye with my eggs this morning. It just fills be up better. ALSO – I found a powdered thing I can take to work and it completely fills me up and prevents me from snacking.

  22. I had it last night as my shift began and I was completely fine all night.

  23. I would think eating a bunch of powder would plug you up good.

  24. I mean that’s an issue I have – trying to eat around work schedule. SOmething quick preferable healthy/low calorie. Anyway – it’s called “Raw Fit” by garden of Life. WHenever I’m on the go I use that instead of whatever other bad choice may be available.

    I’m also putting chia seeds in my drinks and that I think is doing amazing things.

  25. j’ames that’s where the chia seeds come in …

  26. I think is doing amazing things.


    Expand, please!

    I’ve seen Raw Fit at Central Market.

  27. MCPO mentioned the other day that he’s been working out, eating low/no carbs for two or three (?) months and has only lost 7 pounds, I’m in this boat also.

    But I am persevering !!

  28. No/low carbs may only get you so far. COntinue to tweak tweak tweak until it gets you where you want to go.

  29. working out and eating right is just shifting the pounds around. That’s what I’ve been going through. I lost inches, but no weight. It turned to muscle.

    Loss will come, gotta be patient.

  30. Raw fit isn’t the best tasting but when I’ve had it it does fill me up and I have no cravings. I usually add some yogurt or maybe a few frozen berries.

  31. I should probably try that Raw Fit stuff. I snack all the time, too. Cutting out pop has helped TONS. Now it’s tea and water.

  32. Bought a new blender, and starting making yogurt according to lauraw’s recipe. Cutting back on the dry milk, whoa that stuff is tangy.

    But Mrs. Jay loves the smoothies. and it’s fruit season, so lots of sales on fruit. $.29 a pound for bananas, mmm. Freeze freeze freeze.

  33. I think it’s called cocaine.

  34. I try to watch the fruit but a little bit and berries isn’t bad. As I said I drank the stuff as my shift began and I wasn’t hungry all shift. Nor when I got home. PERFECT.

    Normally I want to grab this or that as my shift goes on and that adds up horribly.

  35. If you want to get down
    down to the ground

  36. One excellent benefit of low/no carbs is the complete lack of cravings for sugar.

    I buy a dark chocolate with almonds no sugar added chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s. Although it’s good, I’ve had about two bites of it, no strong desire for it. When I do drink wine, I want less of it too.

    I do eat sweet potatoes.

    And for anyone eating low/no carbs getting leg cramps at night, drink broth, Taubes suggests that and it works wonders.

  37. I was down a lot of weight when I was smoking. Hmmm.

  38. I don’t eat when I work. Coffee for breakfast and coffee for lunch.

    Food is for slackers.

  39. Never trust the internet!

    *edit by Hotspur*

    I’m hiding this fucking thing that Mare posted so you don’t have to look at it:


  40. If I am doing any kind of physical activity, I won’t get hungry until I stop.

  41. I have never served tables though.

  42. Serving is a combination of busy/lull. When I’m busy – no I don’t get hungry but if there are french fries sitting right there? It’s way too easy to just grab one and keep going. WOrking out in the yard away from food? I don’t get hungry (I’ll eventually get run down and know I need to go eat.) If I don’t eat at 5ish (at the beginning of my shift) when things slow down at 9 pm – THEN you suddenly are hungry. It’s a bad time to eat and usually there are bad things around the window to snack on.

  43. Jeebus, Mare, hide that fucking thing. What’s wrong with you?

  44. Ah, the olden days when Vaxen roamed the earth and disk drives went wugga-wugga.

  45. You’re just upset you got suckered into the boobies, Hotspur.

  46. Mare, maybe he could have a lesbian affair with Bruce Jenner.

  47. Hotspur, seriously, what is your problem?

  48. There once was a lass from Nantizes
    Who had breasts of two different sizes –
    One was so small
    It was hardly at all,
    And the other so big it won prizes.

  49. In unrelated news, are y’all self-employed fellers looking forward to June’s 1040-ES extortion payment?

  50. Mare, I’m at work. That photo was NSFW.

    But I still loves u.

  51. While Titian was mixing rose madder,
    His model reclined on a ladder.
    Her position to Titian
    Suggested coition,
    So he climbed up the ladder and had her.

  52. I’m sad that first picture isn’t a gif.

    Because I’m a giver.

  53. That photo was NSFW.


  54. There once was a girl from Dallas
    Who used dynamite for a phallus.
    They found her vagina
    In North Carolina
    And her tits at Buckingham Palace.

  55. Shut it, Cyn. You work in your fucking home.

  56. Ha Ha ha as if you’re not here on Fridays

    *sneaks in to administer wedgie, realizes that Hawtspur is going commando, slowly backs away*

  57. My practice on Mondays, when Leon posts his tuckers, and Wednesdays, when Roamie posts her fags, and Fridays, when MJ and Pupster post their orcas, is to open the post, and immediately scroll past the photos. It’s a shame that I don’t actually read their content, because I know they put a lot of effort into their posts. But I work in a fishbowl. I have huge windows on three sides of my office, and one is three feet away from a public sidewalk.

  58. I’m just busting you’re chops. And your not missing “content”, I promise, though some of the linkies on Friday are epic.

    Having pics in the comments makes this whole joint just about shit-the-bed anyways.

  59. Dang – who’d have ever thought that I would agree with MCPO on… anything?!

  60. I’m just busting you’re chops.

    …and baiting him as well.

  61. Shhhhhh!

  62. Your

  63. There was an old man of Alsace
    Who played the trombone with his ass.
    He put in a trap
    To take out the crap,
    But the vapors corroded the brass.

  64. Hahahaha

    George, that’s a new one.

  65. There once was a lass from Dunellen
    Whom the Hoboken lads called Helen.
    In her efforts to please,
    Spread a social disease,
    From Madrid to the Straits of Magellan.

  66. Hotspur, I sent a link to your gmail, a photo gallery of a local project that you may find interesting.

  67. One day late for the Hump’s birthday:

    A gift was delivered to Laura
    From a cousin who lived in Gomorrah;
    Wrapped in tissue and crepe,
    It was peeled, like a grape,
    And emitted a pale, greenish aura.
    — Edward Gorey

  68. Wow, I want to live there. $2.7million seems pretty cheap. If that place were in Ann Arbor, it would probably go for over $4m.

  69. Paul Ryan is a huge fucking disappointment. Fuck him.

  70. A mathematician named Klein
    Thought the Mobius band was divine.
    Said he, “If you glue
    The edges of two,
    You’ll get a weird bottle like mine!

  71. How did Ryan cave this time?

  72. He essentially just said, “You can read the trade deal after we pass it.”

    He’s an asshole.

  73. Inn’s around here make sense for about 2 months out of the year.

    I feel bad for the people that put all that work into it, it will never sell. That’s probably why the last owner set it on fire.

  74. TPP almost has me convinced that the Rothschild/Bilderberg shit is real.

  75. It’s almost like the elections of 2014 didn’t matter. Huh.

  76. I’m with Michael Walsh at this point. No more Rs or Ds, there is only a Permanent Fusion Party running the show. It’s just good cop/bad cop now, both are working for the same ends.

  77. President Obama on Thursday will use a television interview to make the case his healthcare law has helped save lives, just weeks before it faces a major legal test.

    Obama will sit down with Jerry Penacoli, a correspondent for the syndicated entertainment news program “Extra” who says ObamaCare helped him receive life-saving cancer treatment.

    SRSLY? The TMZ president. The guy knows who votes for him, LIVs. He knows how to reach them.

  78. Yeah, Scott, we had the same experience. Three good months of hectic stress, and nine slow months of worrisome stress.

    It really took its toll on HotBride’s health. She’s still not fully recovered.

  79. Okay, we’re officially the stupidest species on earth. According to the University of California, the following statement is a microaggression:

    “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”

    SMOD/Cthulhu 2016.

  80. Mold is smarter than two thirds of the people at college campuses.

  81. Well hell. I was looking forward to a weekend. I’m supposed to work 12 days a week and have 2 days off, but my schedule is all fucked up. I’ve had 2 days off in the last five weeks, I get Saturday off, and then Sunday will be the first day of a 13 day week.

    I need a nap.

  82. But you get to hang out with pigs.

  83. Pigs never get vacations, Jewstin. Unlike politicians.

  84. Actually, pigs are supposed to be highly intelligent for animals. Have you seen any displays of clever behavior?

  85. Pig Playing Piano would go viral.

  86. I’d like to see a pig play a cello.


  88. We practiced various life saving techniques on live pigs for ATLS class. Spoiler alert: they all die in the end. I’m not sure they allow that anymore. Now they probably learn on robots, apply it on people. Because our pigs were pumped full of drugs to save their lives a few times they couldn’t be eaten afterwards.

  89. It brought new meaning to the words “die like a pig”.

  90. Pork Chop-in

  91. Ludpig van Beethoven

  92. Ignor Strapigsky


    No live animals anymore. PETA and the muzzies put the kibosh on that I’m sure.

  94. Johannes Sebastian Fatbach

  95. Englebert Hamperdinck

  96. Comment by Hotspur on June 11, 2015 10:53 am
    Paul Ryan is a huge fucking disappointment. Fuck him.


    One of the biggest.

    And if at least a few (Rs) aren’t reading the shit out of that bill and making huge dick about it, then truly, let’s just say, “eff it” and move to Belize.

  97. Sergei Porkofiev

  98. You know who’s a leader? Obama that’s who. Do you know how I know that? Because a leader says stuff like this:

    “We have no strategy in Iraq.” Now THAT’S a leader.

    And we also have no strategy in Syria or with ISIS anywhere in the world. Oh, and Iran and nukes, who gives a shit?

  99. Also a super leader whose military stands behind him and says, “What the F*ck is he talking about we gave him lots of options.”

  100. Funny how the smartest guy on the planet couldn’t get an authorization for troop presence from the Iraqi gubmint, but that chimpanzee G W Bush always did. Hmm.

  101. He will always be The Triple Crown President.

  102. But, Bush lied.

  103. I seriously could go apeshit if someone in my presence was trying to tell me that Obama is smart, when I know for a fact the guy has been a pretender his whole pathetic life.

  104. Comment by scott on June 11, 2015 12:19 pm
    He will always be The Triple Crown President.


    Can you believe some asshole was stating (via twitter) that it was actually an accomplishment? How mare looks when she hears a lefty speak:

  105. Obama; the proof affirmative action is a shitty idea.

  106. “We have no strategy in Iraq.” Now THAT’S a leader.
    And we also have no strategy in Syria or with ISIS anywhere in the world.

    Having no strategy means he has no objection to what is happening in those places.

  107. Affirmative action = promoting incompetent non-whites

  108. +100, beasn

  109. Jewstin, will you be taking allergy meds from here on out?

    Maybe you sucked in too much bacteria when you cleaned out the pig shit. Isn’t that one of the first jobs you had to do? Without a mask? That could not have been healthy…as you wheeze pigbola.

  110. Pig farming will never be just until we ensure affirmative action for transgendered hogs.

  111. +100, beasn

    He hates our military…he hates Christians….he hates this country…he hates whites….he hates our allies.

    He consults with the muslim brotherhood…he bows to Saudi shitbags…he arms terrorists….he arms Mexican drug cartels…he steps on the Constitution….the border is wide open…he’s bringing in hundreds of thousands of muslim ‘refugees’, just like the hispanic illegals, to put on welfare because what jobs are there to be had if millions of Americans have dropped out of the labor market.


    Even Texas is turning progtard.

  113. Aww rat farts…….Christopher Lee is dead at 93. He was my favorite vampire.

  114. Jewstin, do any of your pigs self-identify as poultry?

  115. Chris Lee dead? Shit.

  116. Going to fill out an application in an hour. Lady/owner is expecting me.

    I’m nervous.

  117. Don’t be nervous, iCar in. Just don’t put down under hobbies “collecting purple marital aids.”

  118. An application for what?

  119. I’m applying at this place called “Mulefoot Gastropub”. It’s supposed to be amazing and it VERY highly rated. Two brothers own it/are the chefs.

    The mom knows I”m coming. I have “connections.” My friend Lindsay from work thinks I’d be perfect there and has insisted I go. She knows the family.

  120. If you want to spend a few minutes in Moonbatistan, check this out.

  121. Sounds awesome I can’t wait until you wait on me.

  122. Mulefoot would apparently be worth the drive. So they say. People drive up from Detroit.

  123. Meatup at the Mulefoot!

  124. There’s a good gastropub in Pasadena. Fantastic pork rillettes.

  125. They have cars in Detroit?

  126. Dave Brat, the guy who beat Eric Cantor, says don’t pass the trade bill. If we rethink and see that the bill is advantageous and clean (ha!) then we can pass it at a future date.

    He says, knowing this administration it’s prudent to wait until we know what’s in it.

  127. What kind of price tag are we looking at for eating there? Do tip rates go up at high end places like that?

    *eats McDonalds from the bag

  128. Gosh the longer I sit here the worst it gets.

  129. Don’t fret, Carin. I’d hire you in a minute.

  130. We’re the Soviet Union now, with snitching neighbors.

    One afternoon this past April, a Florida mom and dad I’ll call Cindy and Fred could not get home in time to let their 11-year-old son into the house. The boy didn’t have a key, so he played basketball in the yard. He was alone for 90 minutes. A neighbor called the cops, and when the parents arrived—having been delayed by traffic and rain—they were arrested for negligence.

    They were put in handcuffs, strip searched, fingerprinted, and held overnight in jail.

  131. They’ll hire you on the spot Car in. Trust me.

  132. Yeah, that neighbor wouldn’t want to have the kid over for a bit, or anything, would they.

    Stupid people.

  133. OMFG, the menu looks great.

  134. I remember that time you were in my office and we were sitting talking, and you said “I feel like I’m in a job interview.”

    Do that agin.

  135. I’ll have the pork belly and the brined duck breast.

  136. Carin, you’re going to get it for sure!

    Jay, why wouldn’t the neighbor say, “Hey, (fill in the blank name) what happened, get locked out?”

    And then brink over a snack and play bb with him while he’s waiting?

  137. It is expensive AND what happens is that you don’t get the 10%/verbal tip people.

    Where I’m at my 22% and up tips get washed away by the 10%ers and less.

    No trashy people is what I’m saying.

  138. Fucking cops. Kidnapping children and jailing parents.

  139. Ok i’m driving. Thanks for the pep talk. I don’t even know that they’re hiring or that they have enough hours for me.

    That all adds to my nervousness.

  140. That place ain’t expensive compared to LA.

  141. Mulefoot Gastropub, right across the street from Pawn King, and blocks from Smoker’s Palace X!

  142. *pants with hunger*
    Pork Frites.

  143. It is expensive for a “farm town” in Michigan.

  144. But Imlay City is bigger than the town we went to at Lapeerpalooza. Now THAT was a little place.

  145. *considers relocating to Michigan *

  146. Jay, why wouldn’t the neighbor say, “Hey, (fill in the blank name) what happened, get locked out?”

    mare, that would make sense.

    I had “help” the other night from some of the kids out playing when I was working on the truck. Who knew I was supposed to call the cops, and get the parents arrested because they weren’t inside playing video games?

  147. It’s a condo complex, I live across from the tennis court/basketball court and the pool.

    think of the arrests I can have arranged.


  148. More than ever this shit makes me want to eventually relocate to a property on at least an acre where neighbors can’t spy on you. And if they own quadcopters I’ll get a .22 and work on target practice.

  149. mmm, mulefoot has Faygo sodas, I remember those from my time in Michigan.


  151. We used to call it Faggo.

  152. Did you look at the menu, GO? Looks delish!

  153. Fucking shebaggers. If you don’t want your bag checked, don’t bring it into work.

    HotBride does not allow bags being brought in. Easypeasy.

    But these stupid bitches sued Tim Cook.

  154. We gave our 11yo a key this year. He’s very conscientious and is on top of where the key is when he needs it. Anywhere from once to three times a week he lets himself in and his brother is home within a half hour. They stick around until I get home then head out to the rec park for hoops or the store for greasy fries or pizza slices. We were having our older boy’s dad let them in but he had a prolonged manic phase with his bipolar disorder and got on Paula’s nerves. He’s been retired from the job.

  155. Yeah, now I’m freakin hungry.

    fuck you, Tim Cook, you hypocritical faggot.

  157. The younger boy likes to walk 3/4 mile to the store on his own but our neighbor saw a guy hanging around a little mini park as he passed by who she didn’t recognize and texted Paula. She didn’t call the cops. Good neighbor. He now has to go with his brother.

  158. We’d welcome you, George.

    My 5 acres with horse barn and house was 162k. A nice dinner in Belleville will run you $40-50.

  159. I love having good neighbors.

  160. Carin, when are you coming to get your morel spores?

  161. Ok, I’m in town. 15 min to kill.

  162. I need to work that into my busy schedule, Leon.

  163. You can’t buy a one bedroom condo for 167k in Los Angeles.

  164. I think the restaurant is plain expensive, small rural town or not. Food is supposed to be amazing.

  165. Didn’t take too long to get here. The other place I’m thinking about is much further. But this is a rural town!!! Farmers everywhere.

  166. We had to sink the better part of our non-retirement savings into buying Hate House to get into a decent neighborhood up on the hillsides close to the Angeles National Forest. But with the stupid money people spend on real estate in Clownifornia I expect we’ll get our money out and then some. Theoretically it’s already worth about 80k more than we paid two years ago.

  167. How far a drive from your house, Carin?

  168. This is the most expensive house near me, it’s got frontage on Belleville Lake. $729k.

  169. Good luck, Carin. If they are smart they will hire you. You know how the restaurant biz is, they should value someone dependable, smart and experienced as well.

  170. Oh, and an indoor, kidney-shaped pool.

  171. Holy crap. Thanks for making me suicidal, Leon.

  172. It’s quite a feat to make a dead guy want to kill himself.

  173. For $400,000 less you could have this pile of shit:

  174. That property on Hidden Trail looks nice. That would be well above a million here.

  175. I mean, that doesn’t even have a crawlspace, let alone a basement. And no polebarn at all!

  176. *weeps bitter fiduciary tears*

  177. If your job isn’t tied to geography and you can stand winters…

  178. Mare, read this. Then come back here and comment.

  179. My hope is that when the wife can retire I can do my work from anywhere. My work is partially like that now, and I hope it becomes more so in ten years. Unless the industry changes for the worse in my peculiar line of work and I’m in less demand overall.

    *crosses fingers, toes, sacrifices kittens with kukri knife under full moon*

  180. That is one positive woman! Woowee, I’ll bet everyone loves being around HER!

  181. Dead English writers will always be in demand, George.

  182. That could not have been healthy…as you wheeze pigbola.

    That’s the only reason I went to the doctor. I was convinced I had some kind of pig flumonia.

    But, yes. I believe the steroid thing will be ongoing. I realized today that I’ve probably been having mild allergy symptoms for a very long time. I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling as alert and energetic as I did this morning.

  183. Hotspur, I read every word of that and I’m absolutely sure it’s satire. Some guy mimicking radical feminism in a hilarious way. One of my favorite parts (I have a few):

    The purpose of men enforcing intercourse regularly (as in, more than once a month) onto women is because it’s the surest way to cause pregnancy and force childbearing against our will, and thereby gain control over our reproductive powers.

  184. This part made me laugh to the point of tears:

    If we look at the act in more detail (skip this parag if you can’t take it), PIV is a man mounting on a woman to thrust a large member of himself into her most intimate parts, often forcing her to be entirely naked, banging himself against her with the whole weight of his body and hips, shaking her like he would stuff a corpse, then using her insides as a receptacle for his penile dejection. How is this a normal civilised, respectful way to treat anyone?

  185. The meishans are fairly clever and friendly. The pink ones are about as smart as cattle.

  186. LOL:

    The term “fuck you” is not an insult for nothing, men know why – it’s the worst thing you can do to a human being. It is in itself an extremely physically invasive act, very often painful, generally at the beginning before the pain may be cut off by the genital arousal; causes all sorts of tears, bruises, swelling, discomfort, STDs, vaginal infections, urinary infections, genital warts, HIV and death.

  187. I’m crying I’m laughing so hard.

    Evidently, I’m doing sex wrong.

  188. And for added laughs, read the comments. These guys are funny.

  189. It’s a shame that women get absolutely no pleasure from sex. I can’t imagine withstanding that torture.

  190. Is it time for a drum circle?

  191. Oh, and the ridiculous spelling and grammatical stuff just adds to the humor.

  192. I don’t know why that witchwind person is worried about sex. She’s got to be horrible in the sack. Nobody would want to bang her.

  193. Mare, it’s old, and we’re pretty sure it’s horrifically real.

  194. Yeah, it’s hard to have fun with all that crying and flailing about.

  195. You know it’s a guy joking around from this statement:

    The fact intercourse causes so many infections and tears and warts attests to the unnaturalness of intercourse, that it’s not meant to be. The vagina’s primary function isn’t to be penetrated by a penis but to eject a baby for birth.

  196. When Car in gets this new job she better not turn into a snob.

  197. Comment by Jewstin The Hammer on June 11, 2015 2:27 pm
    I don’t know why that witchwind person is worried about sex. She’s got to be horrible in the sack. Nobody would want to bang her.



  198. Yeah, if Carin gets that job she’s going to be treating normal food like witchwind treats sex.

  199. Mare, I knew you’d love it. I don’t think it’s satire.

  200. She’ll be looking for a classier blog to hang around.

  201. She can’t ditch us like that.

  202. If it’s real, which I doubt, all these women need is a one night with a man who rolls like Jamie Fraser (as an example). They’d become preeeeeetty damn fond of sex, real quick like.

    Seriously, we’re forced to listen to their (alleged) drivel because some sloppy drunk guy with STDs and PE issues ruined sex for these gals in a filthy, clothes strewn, dorm room.

  203. L to R: Hostages, Carin

  204. Comment by scott on June 11, 2015 2:32 pm
    She’ll be looking for a classier blog to hang around.


    Hey, Carin, if you find one let me know. But keep it between you and me.

  205. I should write a comment on that blog that goes something like this:

    If men really cared about women, they would cut off their penises because having one is a macro aggression toward women.

  206. TiSA,TPA, T tIP, Is it bigger than a breadbox?

    Animal, mineral, vegetable?
    Doesit live in the water? Does it live on the land?
    Imagine the skullduggery involved in these people maintaining the apperance of athority, and we keep hiring them as if they are our best pals.

  207. Hah. So now SJWs at some lame tech startup have decided the phrase “you guys” is a form of creeping sexism. If you ever thought that computer programmers and the like were independent people who don’t like being bossed around by corporate fascism, you are entirely wrong.

  208. If you ever thought that computer programmers and the like were independent people who don’t like being bossed around by corporate fascism, you are entirely wrong.

    Actually, I always thought that they were mostly left-wing idiots, aspies, and arrogant libertarian kooks.

  209. Kooks who like being under the heel of Thought Police, apparently, CoAlex.

  210. and arrogant libertarian kooks.

    Hey now, I’m not arrogant.

  211. Heeheeheehhee

  212. The coders they’ll get with that policy in place will be top notch, I’m sure.

    Might as well tell them that anyone who’s played D&D is disqualified.

  213. I found this on Mare’s Facedouche page.

  214. Anyone signed up for this “Amazon business account?” The free two day shipping was the hook, but I never completed the reg process because they want your TIN or SSN. Not sure I trust Amazon that much that they won’t be snitching 24/7 to the Feds and states.

  215. But, yes. I believe the steroid thing will be ongoing.

    Why not something like Claritin or Zyrtec*. ‘Roids shrink your balls and give you a bloated appearance.

    * I can’t take those anymore. After a few years on Zyrtec, I started getting weird side effects.

  216. We’ve replaced Beasn’s Zyrtec with LSD. Let’s see if she notices…

  217. Corticosteroids shouldn’t shrink your balls, that’s anabolics. They will make you puffy, though.

  218. Ellen Pao has moved on from suing her employer to ruining Reddit.

    Who could have seen that coming?

  219. Reddit banned /fatpeoplehate yesterday. That was the only reason to even go there.

  220. Unfortunately, a lot of them have started flocking to 8chan. Redditors are generally idiotic douchenozzles, so the quality of the posts has not improved.

    No really, it’s gotten worse. Before it was just evil and hateful, now it’s also stupid.

  221. Ace is a funny guy. The Seinfeld thing is killing me. It makes all the bullshit worth while.

  222. Reddit: the persistent pimples on the face of the Thought Police

  223. Will she ban the subreddit /r/yourmom?

  224. Damn it, I forgot to remind Carin to undo that second button. She’d know to do that right?

  225. Ellen Pao, killing fun wherever she finds it.

  226. I’ve seldom been more pleased with my decisions as when I decided to never, ever go on Facepalm, or any of the other social media hellholes. I only have a Twatter account so I can watch wiser stream his shows.

  227. Ellen Pao needs a good shagging.

  228. On the other hand, that may be my new answer to everything.

  229. It’s a generally good answer.

  230. Ace has excellent rant on the Vox article of not using the sexist term ‘you guys’

    Among the alternatives they suggest: y’all

    The southers hostages can correct me, but I thought y’all is singular and all y’alls is plural


    The comments are good too.

    Usually on imgur the comments are pretty funny.

  232. I vote for yuns.

  233. How about y’otherkin?

  234. I thought “guy” was a shortening and mispronunciation of “goyim” so it’s only inaccurate if there’s a Jew present.

  235. How about big dummies.

  236. You are correct Tushar. And when people from the north say it it sounds ignorant. Southerners get away with it because they have a twang, and it just sounds right.

  237. Maybe we’re actually saying “Jew guise.”

  238. Mah Niggaz.

  239. I think it should be cuntz.

  240. Leon, don’t do this:


  241. Seriously, you’re worried I’ll do art?

  242. Yes, I should have known better.

  243. Do you think Car in had to start work already? They open at 4.

  244. No, the urine specimen wouldn’t come back that fast.

  245. Do you think Car in had to start work already? They open at 4.

    They started her out on the Keno drawer.

  246. No, the urine specimen wouldn’t come back that fast.

  247. Y’all can be singular or plural, all y’all indicates a large group.

  248. Surprisingly, I got a lot done today. In between reading you turds and a couple of other sites, packing, cleaning and organizing went on.

  249. Has MJ ever had to deliver a urine specimen to get a job? How can a muppet urinate?

  250. Well, the headline at Drudge is certainly unsettling.

  251. Comment by Hotspur on June 11, 2015 4:25 pm

    Well, the headline at Drudge is certainly unsettling.

    But remember, your electronic health records will be safe.

  252. Ellen Pao has moved on from suing her employer to ruining Reddit.

    After her bullshit with her employer, why would anyone hire her? And why would she take on Reddit only to then start censoring the crap out of what is basically Reddit…and her job?

  253. I wonder if they got retirees too.

  254. We should probably start censoring this fucking shithole blog.

  255. I’ve melted. Please just walk around the pile of goo. . .

  256. Looks like Greece is melting. Will be interesting to see if the EU and the IMF and the other fools involved will keep pouring money down the feta cheese rathole. Probably. Their unemployment last quarter was… 26.6%. The lefties in the Greek parliament keep refusing to get real, so there may be no deal and there could be a default on a 1.5 billion euro payment at the end of the month.

  257. Comment by beasn on June 11, 2015 4:39 pm

    After her bullshit with her employer, why would anyone hire her? And why would she take on Reddit only to then start censoring the crap out of what is basically Reddit…and her job?


    I don’t get this either.

  258. Comment by Hotspur on June 11, 2015 4:43 pm
    We should probably start censoring this fucking shithole blog.


    How come?

  259. How dare you suggest we begin censoring this ******** b***, you ************ ***** white ****.


  260. Hackers?

  261. If we censor this blog of all microaggressions, all that will be left are the definite and indefinite articles.

  262. Plus gardening bullcrap.

  263. And diet tips.

  264. And Beck videos.

  265. I could do a fucking post about some fucking honeybees

  266. Ima get me a hive as soon as we move into the new house.

  267. And the only links permitted will lead here:

  268. Good plan. Get two if you have the space. If one goes tits up you’ll have the other to bail you out.

  269. Ima get me a hive as soon as we move into the new house.

  270. Do you keep bees, Jimbro?

  271. That’s a swarm…free bees for the taking! Put a swarm trap nearby and you’ve got freebies!

  272. I do but I won’t claim to be all that good at it. I’ve over wintered my hives about 50% of the time. I get enough honey for my tea and for gifts to people who ask me for some honey. It’s a labor of love because it’s far cheaper to just buy it at a farmers market.

  273. Pretty good song, MCPO.

  274. Yeah, I want to do it as a hobby. I heard a radio program the other day about how the bees are not doing so great, so I want to see if I can do my part.

  275. My mentor is a retired pediatrician who helps me with getting the honey extracted in the fall. He’s got about ten hives and gets a ridiculous amount of honey from them. He’s taught me a lot of good techniques to maximize the harvest.

  276. I probably should, I have plenty of clover and dandelions, but the idea spooks me a little.

  277. I’ve heard they’re really smelly. I’ve never seen one up close.

  278. The stings really don’t hurt all that much but I always get a pretty good localized swelling afterwards. It’s my own damn fault for wearing shorts under my coveralls and having bees climb up my legs because I don’t wrap my legs. When you feel them climbing your legs you know it’s sting time. I got stung on my ear once when I was just walking by the hive and Paula kept calling me Sloth (The Goonies) for days.

  279. The smell is a great smell, hard to describe but definitely not a foul odor at all.

  280. I react pretty strongly to plant toxins. Haven’t been stung for 30 years, but I remember a lopsided case of mumps.

  281. Ok home again. The drive is about 17 minutes on a clear day. The place is really cool. The dude said they aren’t hiring but they said to give them all my information … so I did all that and just emailed him with additional stuff. As I told him I HAVE a job so I have more time to wait. Honestly I think it would be perfect. I may turn into a snob but you guys will just have to SUCK IT UP.

    Anyway afterwards I drove ALL THE FUCK OVER to the other side of town to check out another restaurant which I have an “in” at- friend plays in the band there and their drummer is a manager. so filled out an application there too.

    So …. I’d rather work at the snobby place. It’s close. Slower. FIne dining. etc. The other place makes it own beer so it’s got that going for it.

    THen I ran to the greenhouse to get some stuff I needed then to a house to get a few more plants from lapeer “swap”.

    Now I have to figure out how to work out and make dinner at the same time.


  282. Then what happened?

  283. With a baby on the way it would be wise to wait a few years until the concept of DANGER is understood. My cattle dog pup is learning that not every flying insect needs to be chased.

  284. And THEN this guy came up to me – totally at random – and told me what a dick you were HOtspur.

    It was shocking to be honest.

  285. Ok home again. The drive is about 17 minutes on a clear day. The place is really cool. The dude said they aren’t hiring but they said to give them all my information … so I did all that and just emailed him with additional stuff. As I told him I HAVE a job so I have more time to wait. Honestly I think it would be perfect. I may turn into a snob but you guys will just have to SUCK IT UP.
    Anyway afterwards I drove ALL THE FUCK OVER to the other side of town to check out another restaurant which I have an “in” at- friend plays in the band there and their drummer is a manager. so filled out an application there too.
    So …. I’d rather work at the snobby place. It’s close. Slower. FIne dining. etc. The other place makes it own beer so it’s got that going for it.
    THen I ran to the greenhouse to get some stuff I needed then to a house to get a few more plants from lapeer “swap”.
    Now I have to figure out how to work out and make dinner at the same time.

    Driving is a scam.

  286. It was shocking to be honest.

    I’m world famous.

  287. When the guy started going on about George O I just told him to shut his face. He can’t talk about my friends that way.

    No matter how correct he was …

  288. If you’d heard what he’d said about your mom Hotspur …

  289. I think Carin’s breaking up with us…

  290. First it was the new internet, then the new job. Next, a more respectable blog.

  291. She’s getting all snooty hanging out at better restaurants. She’ll probably never come to the ghetto bar now.

  292. I’m just worried that I’m trying to get a job at a high class joint and my friends …

    well …

    Look it’s not you. It’s me. It’s me trying to be better than you.

    *looks up “gastropub”

  293. Wow. He really does sound like Pelosi.

    “It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to,” (Paul) Ryan said of Obamatrade in Rules Committee testimony on Wednesday during questioning from Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX).

  294. [please note – i never went to the ghetto bar]

    I mean if anyone asks.

  295. well played, MCPO

  296. “We believe that the Central Personnel Data File was the targeted database, and that the hackers are now in possession of all personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree, and up to one million former federal employees.”

    Jimmer was wondering about this earlier.

  297. Whatever else happens, a lot of federal employees soon will be wondering how someone knew they were having a problem with penis enlargement.

  298. I don’t like antihistamines. They make me drowsy and light-headed, and I get a lot of nosebleeds if I take them for any length of time. I usually only use them at bedtime when I have a cold.

    The doctor said this stuff should be good for at least six months, and that the most common side effect he’s seen is an infection at the injection site.

  299. Also I get a refund. The doctor gave me a discounted rate and the office visit and medication were only $100 altogether.

    $20? Pshaw. I found $25.

  300. The reason I ask is that the DoD got in touch with me some years back about the hack that was making the rounds then (XBrad probably remembers the timing better than I do). Other than a few random charges on my credit cards which I think happens to everyone sooner or later my personal info was never hijacked. I’ve refinanced my house twice since then, bought a camp and a truck in ’07 and my credit was good. Sounds like I need to worry about that shit again. Although, now that I think about it, we all need to worry about it all the time.

  301. Ah, here it is:

  302. Geez George, I just read your link. If this happened under Bush it would be leading the evening news with long segments devoted to how awful it was.

  303. We just got 20 lbs of hamburger, and 40 lbs of skinless, boneless, chicken boobs for under $120.

    Tasty protein for $2 per lb.

  304. Ugh. I remember that. IIRC, they gave us a year free credit monitoring.,


  306. The Chinese have released a video detailing their exploits hacking our systems.

  307. I don’t like antihistamines.

    Don’t blame you at all. I can’t take them anymore.

    The doctor said this stuff should be good for at least six months, and that the most common side effect he’s seen is an infection at the injection site.

    That’s good. Better than having to take them daily or weekly.

  308. chicken boobs … yum.

  309. That’s why I don’t have a motorcycle.

  310. Shouldn’t you be at work?

    I’ll have the bison burger with a 60 second egg and boob.

  311. It takes a special human to do that, MJ.

    I met most of my limits at half that speed.

  312. Sir we don’t allow Muppets to sit in the bar and I’m going to have to ask you to remove your hand from it’s arse.

  313. They probably have the same freakish vision that baseball players have.

  314. My favorite speed on the bike was about 45-50mph.

    There’s a reason I don’t have it anymore.

  315. I can drive really fast and feel very comfortable but without a giant shell around me I feel like death is asking me to bum a cigarette.

  316. Sir we don’t allow Muppets to sit in the bar and I’m going to have to ask you to remove your hand from it’s arse.
    Nazi bar. Rules against fisting are a microagression against the sovereign state of Belladonna.

  317. Sir I’m going to have to ask you take this outside.

    *gets bat

  318. song for MJ and his private dancer:

  319. Stinkfist.

    God damn that was funny.

  320. There is a tool song for everything.

    Except anything happy. I don’t think they do that.

  321. The Tool Christmas Album is quite festive.

  322. Did anybody just give up on even trying to look presentable for anybody else today?

  323. Stinkfist is good. Aenima is my favorite.

  324. Comment by scott on June 11, 2015 8:20 pm
    The Tool Christmas Album is quite festive.



  325. Anyone remember seeing those commercials for Kidz Bop? Where they’d get children to cover pop songs, even inappropriate ones. I always wanted to see Kidz Bop: The Rammstein Album.

  326. Third Eye is one of my favorite tunes they do. The intro is long. I mean it’s a freakin 13 min song.

  327. I think she has to give up Tool when she turns snobby.

  328. She’ll have to listen to Yo-Yo Ma when she gives up Tool.

  329. It can be our secret Scott. Of course it may be SO out there it comes full circle to be cool.

  330. That’s just hateful Hammer. I mean I like Yo-Yo but it’s no Tool.

  331. Do you yell at your kids for listening to quiet jazz tunes?

  332. And Yanni, of course. Lots and lots of Yanni.

  333. Yanni’s for when she gives up Crackfat for hot yoga.

  334. J’ames I have similar problems that other parents do. Fucking rap. Seriously I though I raised them better than that.

    I do Matt to a Radiohead concert for crissakes.

  335. They probably play this stuff there:

  336. I do Matt to a Radiohead concert for crissakes.

    I’m not sure if this is a hilarious typo or just TMI.

  337. Matt is her son, so I really hope it’s a typo.

  338. Matt is her son, so I really hope it’s a typo.

  339. Car in, crank this up and see what they do.

  340. You people are disgusting.

    This is why we’re friends.

  341. I couldn’t remember if Matt was her son, or hubby.

  342. That’s Pat. He’s petty cool, but I can’t see him at a Radiohead concert.

  343. you people disgust me.

  344. Seriously. It’s time for you to disgust me. It’s too dark to garden (got everything in just as it started raining) and Pat’s sleeping/sicking.

    So. Disgust me.

  345. You people? wow

  346. I mean you J’ames.

  347. I disgust myself.

  348. Snobery.

  349. Leon is still up? He’s going to hate tomorrow.

  350. Tool’s Greatest Hits

  351. *Huddles with teeming masses*

    *Picks at leprous scab*

    Can I have a nickel miss?

  352. My mandolin arrived yesterday. I could try and play something. That’d probably sicken you.

  353. Yeah, I’m up way too late, but the wife is baking and it’s too damn hot in the house to sleep.

  354. It’s really chilly up here and it just started raining like a mofo. Which is good because I just put a ton of things in the ground.

  355. Wait, CoAlex, did I miss a previous mandolin comment? Do you already play? HS is our bluegrass guy.

  356. *hopes it doesn’t rain so much that the bodies get pushed up and out of earth.

    Oops did I type that outoud?

  357. Mare, how many times did you watch Cyn’s wet shirt gif?

  358. My hugeltrough potatoes are flowering.

  359. Oso,

    No, I just didn’t mention it. I played trumpet/baritone in school, and then took a few years of violin lessons while I was in El Paso. I decided that I missed music, so I figured I would try the mandolin.

  360. I already found a book of QotSA songs for mandolin!

  361. I grew potatoes one year and it was kinda fun/neat. And then I remembered I don’t eat potatoes.

  362. Is Oso trolling me????

  363. Very nice CA

  364. Pretty sweet, GlobeAlex.

  365. CoAlex,
    You should have mentioned the violin while you were here!
    Anita could have shown you her viola that Wiserbud got her.
    She just finished “Sunrise Sunset” and is working through
    “Eine Klina Nachtmusik”(sp) tonight.
    Still has never had a lesson, but is doing great!

    Got your card. You’re welcome!
    We were “Damned glad to meet you!”, and give you a little
    break on your ‘stranger in a strange town’ biddness trip…

  366. Only instrument I ever played was the french horn when I was 12. Had to quit when I got braces. I can’t even read music anymore.

  367. “I grew potatoes one year and it was kinda fun/neat. And then I remembered I don’t eat potatoes.”

    We usually plant spuds, but not this year.
    They are so cheap, why bother?
    We should have planted Yams.
    Then, instead of hash-brown spuds for breakfast, we could do yams.
    I’m sure as hell not going to pay $1.79/lb for them when russets are $.29/lb…

  368. We should start a hostage band.

    I’ll play mandolin,
    Anita can play the viola
    Car in will be the lead singer
    Wiser on the clarinet
    Oso on the tambourine
    and MJ on the kazoo.

  369. All we need is a jug player and someone to pluck that string connecting the broom handle to the wash basin.

  370. The potatoes aren’t necessarily for eating. You can ferment and distill anything with saccharides.

  371. I’m Tracy Partridge!!!

  372. *Had to quit when I got braces. I can’t even read music anymore.


  373. Chris,

    I though we did discuss Anita’s viola. I’m sure I mentioned the violin. Oh well, next time :D

  374. Maintaining brass embouchure with pointy metal bits on my teeth just didn’t appeal to me, and by the time they came off 3 years later I was that far behind the rest of the band.

  375. Leon,

    You should try and pick something up. That way, when your daughter is older, you can teach her the basics, and she’ll look at music as something dad was involved in.

  376. Leon, a few of my taters are just starting to flower. That means it’s about time to steal a few little creamy new potatoes off the tippy tops. They are so good now.

    I’m going to wait until more of mine are in full flower, just to be safe. They really are just getting started. Our Spring was retarded.

  377. My first boyfriend in high school played french horn. I think he had braces.

    He was REALLY good. He eventually went to college for music. He played french horn guitar and piano.

    (my comma button has stopped working – you guys are on notice)

  378. So he was really good at tonguing, is what you’re saying?

  379. Hostage Band=Emmet Otter+Countrybear Jamboree

  380. Must. Watch. Terminator. Genisys.

  381. Tongue … fingers …

    nah. He tried to go down my pants and I cried.

    I was INNOCENT.

  382. **remembers trombone playing boyfriend fondly**

    I play(ed) flute, sywm. I can still read music, but I’d probably pass out, trying to play.

  383. New potatoes are really the best reason to grow potatoes yourself.

  384. Now you’re getting laid to a Radiohead concert.

  385. *frowns at CA

  386. I’ve considered trying to learn something. I can probably still play brass a little, so a trumpet or coronet might work.

  387. Mare, I wasn’t trolling. I enjoyed the gif, but I kind of watch the original Jimmy Fallon episode on youtube. Checking for continuity issues.

  388. I love the Country Bear Jamboree.

    I fancy myself one of the she bears that come down from the ceiling, swing, sing, and go back up.

    About my speed.

    Also, I can play blocks.

  389. Oso, Cyn’s wet shirt pic is not a gif for me. I didn’t know what it was from but now I will investigate. May not be back for a while…

    IYKWIMAITTYD and I hope you do because I don’t.

  390. Leon,

    Bagpipes, man. Bag. Pipes.

  391. I love, love, love when Ace rips on Obama’s stupidity and incompetence. He truly is gifted with the words.

  392. Ace on fire is the reason the interwebs exist.

  393. Mare, I’m Big Al in the Country Bear Jamboree.

  394. Certainly for me, Oso.

  395. Mama, don’t whup little Buford…

  396. Sorry, I memorized the entire Country Bear Jamboree album when I was 9 or 10, and those brain cells are pretty tough.

    Therrrrrre waaaaassssss blood on the saddle *twang*

  397. CoAlex,
    I think you did mention the electronic violin.
    I’m old, and forget things.

    As for spuds, we should just plant Yukon Gold. They cook fast, and are great with crook-neck squash and sweet onions…

  398. Disneyland replaced Country Bear Jamboree with The Winnie The Pooh ride. WDW cut out 7 minutes of the attraction during the last remodel. Roamy!!!!

  399. WDW changed it to a more modern set-up, I think summer camp or something like that, then they changed it back.

    Bright lights and taverns, that’s where you’ll spend your time, and tears will be the chaser for your wine…

  400. ^^^^^ I love CBJ.

  401. Therrrrrre waaaaassssss blood on the saddle *twang*


    Right on, Roamy, I too, know those hallowed words.

  402. Blood on the ground….

  403. Hi. Did I miss anything about your mom?

  404. Rain on the scarecrow, blood on the plow

  405. Dan just asked me if “Rio Arriba” was down South. Dude, he’s lived here his whole life!!!

  406. Lips on the sausage,
    Dogs on the grill.

    –Barry Soetoro, Poet

  407. Arriba is UP, Abajo is down. La Bajada is usually the separation between arriba and abajo in NM. How could he not know this?

  408. Crunchy figs make a poor dessert topping.

  409. Grotto Apes opened for the H2 Jugband in Ypsilanti.

  410. Thank you for The Yellow Jackets.

    I didn’t know.

  411. Long, but good article for you techies:

  412. I’ve been thinking about the Obama administration and I cannot think of anything, not one thing they do well besides lie and cover each others lies.

    Leading from behind, a means to WWIII
    Obamacare, an outright provable Jon Gruber lie and clusterf*ck.
    Race relations, walking the tightest string I’ve ever seen.
    The economy, a complicated series of surprises and deceptions.
    Walking back from Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Bergdahl, could —–not have been handled more poorly and deadlier.
    International treaties? Really, the most productive thing to happen in almost 7 years is Kerry breaking his femur and being removed from —talks.
    Business regulations, more taxing and anti business than ever
    Even Michelle’s garden was a sham.
    Gifts to dignitaries a joke.

  413. Mare, all lies. I’m shocked the MFM showed TFG with a pack of smokes. I’m all in with SMOD. And DWTS. (Haven’t watched DWTS in years)

  414. And I haven’t even started on the scandals of which there are many.

    And not the “we are conservatives and therefore outraged” scandals. These are actually scandals where people have died or unbelievable amounts of money are “lost” or stolen, or peoples lives have been ruined.

    And of course, the endless, ENDLESS, disregard for the Constitution.

    These people are horrible. Horrible, selfish, narcissistic, incompetent, people.

  415. OT, My mom has enabled my sister for 30+ years. I don’t care. Her money. What I do care about, is my mom calling me to bitch about my sister. Uh…hell nah. Had to hang up.

  416. Mare lived in Ypsilanti.

    Longest 9 month winter of my life.

  417. Mare, they are EVIL. 2008 was my first vote between good and evil. Evil won. Obama had been in pro-life crosshairs for years. No greater love than Sarah Palin giving birth to a known “Defective”

  418. Heh. I just like typing Ypsilanti

  419. Oso, sometimes it best to shut out the garbage people are dropping on your doorstep.

    I think it was Dennis Prager..hmmmm, not sure, who talks about holding the garbage can for people to vomit into. Not fun. Not a full time job.

  420. Jay, you killed me again w teh Zamfir.

    I’m still laughing

  421. It’s almost as if the two of you think this is a republic instead of a rotating dictatorship passed around among cronies.


  423. We’ve had really bad politicians in high places before. I do however think Obama is possibly the first one that is actually pure evil … in intent and in actions. I don’t think any “failure” or “mistake” he’s made is anything but planned.

  424. Heh. Grotto Apes.

  425. GO, I still believe in the idea of a Republic.

  426. Nah. LBJ was pure evil. Just listen to the tapes, mang.

  427. Interesting you say that, Oso, I was most perplexed and saddened by Obama squirming out of his history of being the most horrific pro choice (including but not limited to partial birth abortion) Senator ever.

    This is the genesis of my hatred for Notre Dame. No protests, no great debates just a rushed, falling over themselves foolishness to give this ass an honorary degree and the additional honor of speaking at graduation.


  428. I believe in the idea, not the reality.

  429. There is room for a couple of evil Presidents. I think Obama and his policies top the list.

    And really, in my heart of hearts, it’s not Obama, he is a dumb goof who manchurianed his way to the White House. Now Jarrett, Gruber, Chu or Cho whatever, Ayers and the rest, evil personified.

    What mature, secure, functioning adult talks about getting back at her enemies? And we are not talking ISIS here.

  430. manchurianed

    Gorgeous coinage, there. Damn. Even in the past tense, that just fucking verbs the hell out of that attributive noun. HOly shit.

  431. Mare, I include Notre Dame in the circle of pure evil.

  432. Jarrett the Ferret has been the shadow president.

  433. Jarrett the Ferret has been the shadow president.

    Respectfully: bullshit. Bama’s fetid & overgrown id is the real president. Jarrett may whisper some dickish, dumbass plots in his flappy ears, but he’s still the one calling the retarded shots.

    To refer to that dull, listless creature as a simian would be flattery. He’s a lizard. An utterly un-fore-brained beast with a taste for dog flesh & little else.

  434. I always thought he was the felt hand-puppet to her evil genius.

  435. Strike 3….G’night

  436. When the last light warms the rocks and the rattlesnakes unfold,
    Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones.
    And rise with me forever across the silent sand,
    And the stars will be your eyes and the derp will be my hands.

  437. Good morning.

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