Tis that time


  1. Mornin’


  2. Today’s shopping list includes a pork belly!

    I might get two by accident.

  3. COLD IS GONE!!!!

    well, kinda


  4. *sprays Lysol on the blog*

  5. Check for buboes, wiser.

  6. Three gallons of flat latex, an edger and painter’s tape. That’s my Saturday.

  7. George, what kind of edger do you use. I can’t get a straight line between ceiling and walls to save my life.

  8. Well, I’m not doing critical work. I just plan to use one of those plastic blades you hold over the part to be masked. I’m just refreshing the paint on the west side of the exterior. One door, no windows, going over good existing paint on stucco to cover blemishes. I just have to keep the paint off the eaves. In the past I’ve used a very small foam roller near edges and of course, tape where necessary.

  9. Tush, I did see this once, haven’t tried it yet.


  10. This ought to work on the ceiling/wall edge too. The trick is the second application of first color over the far edge of tape ensures the second color can’t bleed under the tape.

  11. Good call, Buff. Work exp and 20 to 30 units at a Community College should be more often promoted to 18 year olds. Make some $, meet some party girls, go to university with a whole new perspective.


    I like the way chump thinks.

    I also like Prince Harry’s body:


  12. Shoot that pic was supposed to go to the one where he’s posting on his horse.


    CHUMPO not chump.

  14. Kids went to Old Town Canoe and Kayak this morning and tried out kayaks in their pool. We have a friend who works there and is getting us a deal on new fishing kayaks. I’m occupying the OR for cases: 2 so far with #3 off stage at the moment.

  15. George, that is a neat trick. Will try. Thanks.

  16. Oh yeah, Oso! Sever’s “Disease” is a thing kids get in their heel. Not a disease at all. The formal name is calcaneal apophysitis. The Achilles’ tendon inserts on the apophysis which is a specialized growth plate and, in some kids, causes pain. It’s self limiting and responds to rest, gel heel cups, stretching, ibuprofen and time.

    $200 please.

  17. There’s an old church on the way out to camp and this year they hung a sign that says Trimm’s Auction House. I’m intrigued by Scott’s stories and may stop by.

  18. *gives mare an apple, and a sugar cube, freshens alfalfa, and water*

    There’s a good girl.

  19. Smooth and happy cutting in the OR, Jimbro

  20. Thanks Cyn! Every good wish helps make for a smooth case.

  21. *mare stomps hoof three times*

  22. Wiservideo up

  23. The tiller is a workout. It would have taken 4-5 times as long, but my hands would have suffered a lot less doing that with the mattock and a spade.

  24. All right, Amigos. All love. I’m off to a wedding. I hope there’s a good fight at the reception. Be back mañana.

  25. Now I get to rest a bit while I digest breakfast, then go out to the woods to harvest some aged manure from the pile and rake it into beds.

  26. harvest some aged manure

    November 2008 was a very good year for manure.

  27. The oldest I have is 2011 vintage, but that means it’s ready for the garden. Basically I go out to the woods and dig down into our literal shitpile and get the oldest layers.

  28. Am I spam?

  29. Free WiFi!

  30. As in rototiller? That should be part of crackfat.

    Once you learn the proper balance it isn’t bad. I am usually spent by the time I figure it out.

  31. The part we had tilled a couple of years ago went very smoothly. The never-tilled stuff made me want to murder the planet.

  32. Graduating class of Ohio Virtual Academy @ 900 students, the Zs are last naturally. Megachurch hosting the ceremony is a little austentatious but the pews are padded.

  33. On the way back from the meat place I saw another restaurant that I will never try http://is.gd/KA128F

  34. Morons. All restaurants near me

    Chikurine – closed
    Gallo Negro (black cock) – closed
    Puket Cafe – closed


  35. Chikurine?

    Haha haha. I’ll have a warm Mountain Dew.

  36. There’s no e on the end, it’s Chikurin.

  37. It seems Bruce Jender wants to be a woman, have sex with women and not be labeled as a lesbian or gay.

    We need to have a national conversation about this.

  38. Be honest, he’s a cross dressing guy with implants.

  39. http://imgur.com/gallery/EJ4H5S4

  40. Chikurin.


    Is that Vietnamese for cat?

  41. Hahahaha, Tushar. Reminds me of the fake story about seals cleaned up after the Exxon Valdez and released promptly being eaten by a killer whale.

  42. And it never fails. I’m in my comfy chair, I’ve got earbuds in, WATR streaming,,,

    “It’s time for Special Edition Sa…”


  43. If they’d spelled it right, Puket would have been a smash hit.

    Phuket Cafe.

  44. Well, that was fun

  45. http://imgur.com/gallery/Nrj4i

  46. Sorry I missed it, Wiser, let me know when the link goes up please.

  47. Next week, I get media training so I’ll do better with interviews.

  48. Wow. MCPO is now a better golfer than Tiger Woods.

    He shot an 85 today.

  49. Roamy, is this you guidebook on how to explain stuff to the masses?

  50. He’ll be drowning his troubles in hookers tonight.

  51. Heh, Alex, I’ve written a couple of guidebooks but not that one.

  52. If he’d done the hookers yesterday, he’d have shot a lot lower.

  53. I shot a bogey on your mom today. Came this close to a hole in one.

  54. Anyone think we’ll see a Triple Crown from American Pharoah?

    Anyone care?

  55. I’d like to see a Triple Crown, and if not that, some Crown Royal.

  56. Why would 0bama be running in a horse race? Is he riding his wife?

  57. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, that’s a horse’s name. Like a real horse.

  58. Gettin’ hydrated before I go back out and rake out the grass.

  59. So, I was sick all winter and gained 25 lbs. I’ve been no/low carbing and working out for 2.5 months and lost a total of 7 lbs. WTF, metabolism?!!

  60. Muscle weighs more than fat?

  61. Leon weighs a ton.

  62. I still have plenty of fat. you can trust me on this!

  63. I’ve been no/low carbing and working out for 2.5 months and lost a total of 7 lbs. WTF, metabolism?!!


    Almost exactly my experience, MCPO. I have been amazingly good on the food. When you are low carb you aren’t very hungry anyway. But I haven’t had sugar in I don’t know how long.

  64. I lost 2.4# today rototilling.

    Exercise helps hold or grow lean muscle. Most long-terms studies suggest that fat loss is almost all diet. Also at your age, weight loss is going to be harder unless you’re getting exogenous testosterone and possibly HGH. You might see an endocrinologist to get your levels checked and consider TRT.

  65. I’m thinking for me: age, metabolism, hormones, insulin resistance and karma from fat shaming.

  66. I don’t actually weigh a ton, but I’m very heavy for my height at 177# (pre-rototilling). I have a 32″ waist, though.

  67. I wonder if that SeroVital works. It’s sold at Costco and Kohl’s. A fake HGH

  68. You aren’t cheating at sports and you have the money, just get it prescribed.

  69. It compresses morbidity and prevents sarcopenia, no shame in it, you’re literally protecting your most valuable asset.

    I’m planning to get baselines taken this year so I know what my levels ought to be when they start to decline.

  70. See the guy in the van at Gold’s Gym.

  71. A lot of figure athletes purportedly take cycles of anavar.

  72. And most of the men that make it to the crackfat nationals are on a fair amount of juice, allegedly. It’s not well-policed in that “sport”.

  73. You aren’t cheating at sports and you have the money, just get it prescribed.


    It’s very, very expensive.

  74. I don’t have the money!

  75. Contractor inspection going on at the moment. This should be interesting.

  76. Black market, then. A month of Mexican Anavar is ~$40.

  77. Mare, you should get a job.

  78. Hotspur, we only had to fix a GFI, get the air conditioning unit serviced (standard). We were already fixing broken seals (glass) from dumbassery shooting BB guns.

    Whew, kind of sweating that one, because you never know.

  79. She has a job, and she works hard for the money so you’d better treat her right.

  80. Just spent way too much money on Amazon.

  81. Hotspur why don’t you SYGDWM??

  82. I have to fight my stupid PA to prescribe NSAIDs, ferchristssake! Stupid government healthcare!

  83. I have a very low regard for these “inspectors”. My standard response is “You fix it once it’s yours”.

  84. All we know is that you move a lot and can’t meet anyone, Mare.

    I assumed you were some rich man’s kept woman and he’d give you an allowance for this stuff.

  85. MCPO, do you have a chiropractor?

    Get one. Preferably one who’s very, very muscular. Ask him. He’ll hook you up. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t basically have brochures in his lobby.

  86. I assumed you were some rich man’s kept woman and he’d give you an allowance for this stuff.

    Especially with Mare’s mob connections!

  87. I assumed you were some rich man’s kept woman and he’d give you an allowance for this stuff.



    Although I do joke with my husband that I’m a trophy wife. He just rolls his eyes and under his breath says, “what competition did I lose?”

  88. I have range time reserved for tomorrow.

    I am terribly excited about that.

    It will be the first time with a stationary front sight. (I hope)

  89. Hotspur, we did the attic today. HO-LEE-CRAP was there a lot of stuff up there. Thinned it out. Pile for Goodwill, huge pile of garbage and the rest boxed and organized to be taken to the storage unit.

    My husband is out there now, moving the garbage pile so I can get my car into the garage.

  90. How do you accumulate so much crap, when you move so often? I’ve been in my house fifteen years, and I am not looking forward to packing. All of my scale models and historical figures have to be moved by hand.

    I’m 66, this is my last move.

  91. This made me laugh and cry. That poor bastard.


  92. This is the longest I’ve lived in one place. I’d be very happy to stay, but HotBride wants a bigger yard to garden in. I’m okay with that, but I will miss a lot of the special ways I built this house.

  93. The kids want us to keep stuff for them. Boxes we’ve moved a few times and said, “nope, we either use it or throw it away.” Tons of ski clothes for 4 people, Christmas decorations. Surfboards, boogie boards, paddles, wet suits/vests, snorkeling stuff. Different clothes for different climates, an unbelievable amount of monitors, cords, keyboards, etc. Custom pillows that didn’t go with the house (but too expensive to throw away) 3 boxes of them. Some cool bedding with custom stuff that I didn’t want to throw away but wasn’t using. Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving, Easter. Framed art bigger sized. The Kids yearbooks and keepsakes. Builder grade light fixtures/fans we replaced…..

  94. A thirty yard dumpster is $300 here.

  95. That sounds like what my mother had to deal with, while in her 70’s.
    When I saw that I immediately started tossing stuff. Half of my basement is already gone.

  96. We have already discussed moving after this next one and we both kind of looked at each other and said, “never say never.” Yes, if it means more time with the kids or who knows?

    We don’t like moving (who does) but try to enjoy the adventure of it. I’d settle forever somewhere if our kids were in the same area.

  97. The dumpster part is not necessary, it’s the time and sweat to go through the crap to make the keep, give away or throw away piles.

  98. My dad found two containers of my stuff in his attic from when I dropped everything off before my deployment. He’s supposed to mail the to me. I’m not looking forward to trying to find a place for all that crap.

  99. I’m not really complaining, it’s just always more than you think. Still looking at about 6 more shelves of books…choosing which will stay and which go to Goodwill. Thats hard. The book:decision ratio is too much.

  100. Right before my big move I got rid of all my furniture and books. I swore never again. Call me a packrat, but my books are staying from now on.

  101. I refuse to get rid of books, unless they are paperback. I have loads of first editions, which my kids know shouldn’t go for a quarter apiece.

  102. I bet they’d take two quarters.

  103. HA! Cyn.

  104. Awwwww


  105. D’awwwww



  106. That look… ha ha!

  107. hahahaha

  108. Omg, I love that picture. So correct

  109. Carin is done with work!! Carin is done with work!!

  110. Home again home again. Jiggity jig.

  111. Good day, pony players.

  112. AP won that pretty handily.

  113. That was fucking impressive.

  114. Our ghost turned out to be two ghosts. My boss captured 2 images on his camera last Sunday. Spooky activity has been on the uptick. 3 Members have reported “Spooky” activity. BRB gotta catch up on comments.

  115. Thanks for the info, Jimbro.

  116. Fred: “Let’s se who this Spectre of the Sam’s Club really is.”

    *takes rubber mask off “ghost”*

    All: “Old Man Trumka!”

    Velma: “Jinkies! But why did you do it?”

    Trumka: “I wanted to scare away all the members so I could unionize the Club’s employees and take the gold out of their paychecks. And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids and your dog that kind of talks for some reason.”

    Shaggy: “Like, Zoinks! As hippies or some junk, we would have let you get away with it if we’d known.”

    Daphne: “Yeah, sorry. As a low information voter who’s just gonna vote for Hillary because she has a vajayjay, I kind of regret this now.”


  117. Ok, did anyone else just picture Oso as Velma?

  118. Nah. TiFW.

  119. *pictures Velma, Daphne and Shaggy in a Starbucks, boning up on race relations*

  120. Evening.

  121. Hahaha. Management is worried that a Member may get injured. Mostly pranks. Dan called me Velma last week.

  122. Velma was Bruce Jenner’s second choice for his tranny name.

  123. I am a right leaning heterosexual man, so naturally, I am supposed to be a male chauvinist pig, but linked below is my absolutely most favorite movie scene of all times, and I love it because of the way Vesper trumps Bond. The body language analysis that accompanies the clip is not totally off the mark, but can still be ignored.

    Here is the clip

  124. Well, that went better than expected. The school asked that the guests keep the hootin and a hollerin down when the kids got their diplomas, but some joker with the last name that started with a D brought an air horn which pretty much ended any decorum and polite applause for the rest of the alphabet.

  125. Awww… five hours later… Buffason#1.

    *slides a beer down the bar*

  126. * empties blog’s pockets *

  127. Dead up ins tonight. Everyone must be off blowing their horse [race winnings].

  128. 3 hours of raking oil, spreading fresh topsoil, spreading compost, cleaning chicken coop, and getting hay down.

    Made a messican keto pizza that’ll be done in about 5 minutes.

  129. Anybody else find out how fuckin’ heavy a double garage door is today?
    I needed to go to the smoke-shop and get a pound of tabaccy.

    Got dressed: Wallet, gun, cell-phone, shoes, and headed out.

    Pushed the button, and the door came up 2″ and stopped.
    Tried it twice more.
    No luck.

    Started looking around and saw that the left-coil on the spring was busted. I wonder why my 1/2 horse opener couldn’t lift it? D’oh!

    Anita helped me open it and I held it up so she could get her truck out, as it wouldn’t clear the cab.
    Getting the Lesbaru out was no problem.
    Of course it would break on a week-end.

  130. That sucks, Chris. Mine failed at the Ann Arbor house, but it was a single door. Pretty easy to use manually.

  131. I saw Messican Keto Pizza open for Urge Overkill back in ’96.

  132. It’s a pretty tasty recipe, amigo.

  133. BTDT, Chrispy.

  134. Always on a weekend :(

  135. I am now fed. We’ll see if I can even move tomorrow after doing about 4.5 hours of my “Jewstin at work” impression.

  136. Jewstin impregnates pigs for a living.

  137. How good of an impression were you doing?

  138. LauraW,

    “Jewstin impregnates pigs for a living.”

    That’s an ugly visual…

  139. Did anybody prove that it was in fact possible to get AIDS from anybody else’s toilet seat–but only their specific toilet seat–today?

  140. Crispy, I’m just curious, not judgemental.

  141. Conehead Jake from State Farm
    Blast from the past

  142. The American Heritage Girls were at my house today earning their Home Repair badge. Among other things, changing a light bulb, changing an air filter, learning how to unclog a drain, what a fuse box looks like and what it’s for (Mr. RFH blew a fuse in the shop intentionally for that one), identify various tools, and how to open a garage door if the power’s out.

  143. I saw that this morning, Vmax, and laughed. “Jake at State Farm” is a running joke at work.

  144. Good stuff Roamy

  145. The American Heritage Girls were at my house today earning their Home Repair badge.

    I don’t see what any of the stuff you mentioned has to do with keeping abortion safe and lega–Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you said Girl Scouts.

  146. Hahahaha, Sean. One of the reasons we left the Girl Scouts.

    The most recent service project for AHG was a bake sale to raise money for the local crisis pregnancy center. Pretty much as anti-Girl Scouts as you can get.

  147. I thought the badge work was too easy…

    Okay, I’ve tried three different ways of writing learning how to handle tools and it’s going to be SYWM territory no matter what. Never mind.

  148. http://tinyurl.com/qz4e5vs

  149. Okay, I’ve tried three different ways of writing learning how to handle tools and it’s going to be SYWM territory no matter what. Never mind.

    I know it’s been a long day because I can’t think of anything good to say in response.

  150. Sean, you watch the Doyers tonight? Listen to Vin Scully give a class on D-Day?

  151. I don’t have Time Warner cable, so I don’t really ever get to watch the Doyers anymore. Along with about 70% of SoCal.

  152. She said it grieves me so to see you in such pain
    I wish there was something I could do to make you derp again
    I said I appreciate that and would you please explain
    About the fifty ways

  153. I mostly meant that I was doing a very dirty job working very hard.

    No actual or metaphorical pigs were impregnated.

  154. Time to go to the greenhouse for flats of things I really want to grow and want to be sure I don’t accidentally kill before they germinate.

  155. Morning.

  156. Sup hammer.


  157. If any of you are in the market for pork or pork products today, I think you should know that Hormel does NOT use growth hormones in the pigs. You can purchase Hormel pork meat in good conscience.

    Please enjoy responsibly.

  158. Stolen off FB
    Dan Pfeiffer, the former senior adviser to Obama and now a “contributor” to CNN (so, not a reporter, just some filler when they need a talking head), tweeted this:

    “Another accomplishment — Obama first President to have a Triple Crown winner since Carter.”

    Unless Obama sired, trained, or rode Pharoah . . . no.

    I said he probably bet on Frosted.

  159. Siring is possible. There’s a certain resemblance, especially if you look at Pharaoh from the backside.

  160. Dude has big balls. Bigger than his brains.

  161. Jewstin, any of the sows mad at you because you didn’t call the next day?

  162. Nah, Tushar. It’s the boars that get mad for cock-blocking.

  163. “Another accomplishment — Obama first President to have a Triple Crown winner since Carter.”


    We’ll, I see my stabbiness is going to start early on this beautiful Sunday morn. Church at 9:00, should maybe hit confession to lay out my “mind thoughts” on Obama’s accomplishments.

  164. That is why we love you Mare

  165. “Forgive me father, for I want to strangle all the dicks out of that Kenyan catamite, even Mooch’s.”

    “Child, you ain’t the only one. Go forth & know that the Lord has your bail money if anything should happen.”

  166. It’s his biggest accomplishment.

  167. He’s got the longest anniversary of the Moon Landing under his belt too.

  168. he’s the first black president…

  169. the first jewish president…

  170. the first bi-sexual president

  171. first president to loose an Ambassador since Carter…

  172. first president to hang curtains

  173. He certainly has been good for gun sales.

  174. Triple crown prezzie. That’s so exciting.

    Worky worky. Fake double. It’s only 10 hours on my feet with no breaks.

  175. Just finished frying up a lb of bacon and a dozen scrambled eggs. Mrs. Pendejo bake up some biscuits. Good way to start the morning and will prolly finish the left overs off for supper tonight.

  176. I drove up to Hobbs to the injun casino with a friend yesterday and put fifty on the #7 horse to win place or show. He showed. Collected one fifteen and blew most of it at Buffalo Wild Wings. Wasn’t a bad day.

  177. Mmm, Mango Habenero wings.

  178. Either eggs or injuns or mango has did this bitch.

  179. Someone tell that guy that this is Boehner’s accomplishment as much as it is 0bama’s.

    Also mine.

  180. I lay the blame for the past six years of no Triple Crown winners squarely at Obama’s feet.

  181. New poat. Might be some repeats, but does anyone really care?

  182. I’ve got 90-120 minutes to get everything in the ground before the thunderstorm.

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