MMM 177: June? It’s JUNE!?

Holy crap, time flies. Unless you live in CA, you’re probably flooded today, which is putting a real cramp in my Indian burialhugelkultur mound building, and at this point the pepper and tomato seedlings I had outside to harden are de facto hydroponic. Not really pleased with my job at this point and semi hoping my project gets cancelled and I can luck my way into a layoff, but I’ve been hoping that for years. They’ll probably finally promote me just as I’m getting ready to give notice and I’ll hold out a little longer trying to make the best of it, while constantly wishing I’d chosen a different career field, like brown field remediation.

6 weeks and 5 days to the baby.



Moar squatz. Her form is quite good, though this is a high-bar/Olympic squat and I normally do low-bar/powerlifting style, her depth and hip symmetry look excellent.
Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to take selfies.
Anllela is a Colombian fitness modela. Me gusta.
At least her bathroom’s tidy. Butt seriously, if you saw these pictures, would you want to date her or make her the mother of your children? GET OFF MY LAWN!
Somehow, the fact that someone else took this picture makes it slightly better.

June showers bring August potatoes, or something.


  1. Wakey wakey. Two weeks now of no internet.

    Yesterday pat said maybe we shouldn’t fix it. . I said fine, them I’ll disconnect direct tv too.

    Shit got real.

  2. One more soccer game of the season

  3. Dang. I don’t have all day here folks. Wake the fuck up.


  5. This is normal, Car in. See what you’ve been missing?

    Actually, I’m 1/2 hour behind schedule. Better get moving.

  6. I had yesterday off and the weather sucked. Double today and it’s already lovely out. Chilly but sunny.

  7. We had two soccer games- 10 am at home, then 6 pm in Westland. We went to a Lebanese place for dinner and there was a chick in a full burka there.


  8. I’m going to just assume the full burkas are for the really ugly chicks.

  9. Could also be the super-hot ones.

    Glass half-empty, glass half-full.

  10. The world outside is very damp. I am likely stuck waiting another day to build any more mounds. Might have to give in and just till some of the soil and leave the “all mounds all the time” plan for later.

  11. How do you eat wearing a full burkha? I assume only her eyes were showing, or did she have the lace eyepiece?

  12. Liquid dirt through a straw.

    ” Shut your burkha hole”

  13. dirt = diet

  14. I would comment earlier. I get up at 3:15, but then spend an hour and a half getting my shit together and commuting out to the sticks.

  15. Liquid dirt sounds pretty accurate. Arabs invented a bunch of food and made it crappy. Western folks took their recipes and made them edible, delicious even.

  16. My roommate is a crazy cat lady, except she’s a dude. One of his cats pulled some of that crazy ninja cat shit last night. Even though I closed the door to the basement and my bedroom door, I woke up with a cat in my bed this morning.

  17. Roamy, my husband wondered the same thing. She had eye slits not lace.

    And apparently the French were the ones who turned Lebanese food into what it is today.

  18. And apparently the French were the ones who turned Lebanese food into what it is today.

    This should surprise no one.

  19. Leon, I planted rye as a cover crop in my garden last Fall. I’ll never do that again. This Spring between the weather, other events, and the mosquitoes, I ended up with not really enough time to turn all of it over and get my stuff all planted by now.

    Turning it over is the time consuming sticking point. And hard work. My soil is hard silty clayey stuff.

    So my new goal is to turn and plant half of it in the next couple weeks, and in the remainder of Summer and Fall gradually get the rest set up in permanent no-till beds a-la the Ruth Stout method. I did it before in a smaller garden years ago and it worked a treat. Makes the dirt black and fluffy.

    I’m going to oversow as much as I can with cover crops that winterkill, and cover the rest with hay. That way the ground will still be protected over Winter, and next Spring all I have to do is rake off the detritus and I’m ready to plant. I hope.

  20. We have a sort of creeping weed here that the chickens absolutely love that is simultaneously really easy to pull up and non-toxic. I might just use that in winter.

  21. Huh, I had guessed it was chickweed, looks like I’m right. The top articles are all “how to kill chickweed” which startles me. The stuff is super-easy to pull and is basically livestock fuel.

  22. Seems like it’d be ideal as a cover, too, rapidly forms large mats.

  23. Chickweed will take over your lawn areas and choke out your grass. It seems spread like a virus.

  24. I just cover with lots of leaves in the fall. Works great.

  25. Do you rake them off in Spring or work them in, Carin? I know that peppers hate growing in soil that has recently had leaves or unfinished leaf compost.

  26. I was surprised by how different the weeds are in MI when we visited. Teasel? We don’t have any teasel here.

  27. Chickweed can absolutely ruin a lawn or a golf course.

  28. I don’t golf. I rip up handfuls of it sporadically to give to the birds and they devour it. If I free-ranged it’d be gone.

  29. Good morning!

  30. I rake them off in early spring, dig them in. I usually don’t plant for a month or so after that.

  31. Death by mulching.

  32. Compoating.

  33. You rake them off AND dig them in? I are confused.

  34. Department of Justice is concentrating on “far-right” groups in a new study of social media usage aimed at combatting violent extremism.

    The Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) awarded Michigan State University $585,719 for the study, which was praised by Eric Holder, the former attorney general, earlier this year.

    Hi, Loretta Lynch. How many bullwhips do you have up your ass right now?

  35. Ima just leave this here for Car in’s delectation.

    Sacramento restaurants solved the problem of increased labor costs inflicted on them from California’s rising minimum wage by taking a portion of the waiters tips.

    Expect this trend to continue throughout California as the minimum wage gradually increases statewide. In Los Angeles minimum wage ascends to $15 an hour in January 2020.

    Already in San Francisco and Seattle many restaurants are going tip free. Instead an additional surcharge is being added to the bill from which restaurants take a portion and pay a portion to the food server.

  36. The trick would be to take the grant money, claiming you were researching the “far right”, then publish results only pointing to the DNC and it’s fellow-traveling enemies of humanity.

  37. Then run like hell.

  38. I thought California was supposed to have fallen into the Pacific by now. What’s the hold up?

  39. Lex Luthor’s plan was thwarted by that asshole from Kansas.

    I’d put the kryptonite on him myself at this point.

  40. hehe, mandatory tipping in Clownifornia. Nice.

  41. They truly are Europe, aren’t they?

  42. restaurant POS systems already take a portion of sales to report service income. I wonder if they took that into account, before putting their “tip surcharge” into effect.

  43. Listen to the first half and discover why Cankles will be welcomed with open arms on Wall Street. Wall Street is the faction of big gubmint nowadays. Jeb vs Cankles on Wall Street? They want her hands down.

  44. All you H2 people in blue New England states? Oversized minimum wages coming your way too. As Clownifornia goes, so goes the nation. You really gotta nuke this place.

  45. Special amnesty: CA only, total enforcement at the CA boder.

    Wait 2 years.

    Give CA to Mexico.

  46. I’m not sure Mexico would want us.

  47. Either way, push it out of the Union. Hold San Diego as a special protectorate and military embassy.

  48. California = Cuba?
    San Deigo = Guantanamo?

  49. Makes it especially easy after California breaks off into an island a la San Andreas :)

  50. That’s more or less my thinking.

  51. And again, if we’d just let Luthor succeed, or if that twep with the cape hadn’t dicked with history and saved CA too (though honestly, f*ck Hackensack), we’d be doing great.

  52. Elon Musk: Corporate Welfare Queen are now in!

  53. Queens.

    Tesla and SolarCity continue to report net losses after a decade in business, but the stocks of both companies have soared on their potential; Musk’s stake in the firms alone is worth about $10 billion. (SpaceX, a private company, does not publicly report financial performance.)

    Musk and his companies’ investors enjoy most of the financial upside of the government support, while taxpayers shoulder the cost.


  55. Looks like Kansas and the rest of the Big 12 got their wish, and Hoiberg is going to the Bulls.

    Soooooo pissed off right now. I honestly believed he would stay. Top 10 returning team that he built. Wow, what a kick to the groin.

  56. Does it help, Jay, that I always thought Hoiberg was good looking?

  57. This is why we can’t have nice things. If you can’t keep a former ball-boy and 4 year starter with his number retired and hanging in the rafters of the stadium, who can you keep?

    Back to mediocrity. At least he left the cupboard overflowing. But that will come to an end, and we’ll suck just like the football team does.

  58. Left, Iowa….right, Jay:

  59. Don’t give into the dark side, Jay.

  60. He’ll be back as AD or coach in a couple of years, Jay. NBA coaching is a tough gig.

  61. Meh, just venting. Stupid sports.

    They just got the money for their stupid season tickets from me, too. I would have bought them anyway, just sucks about the timing.

  62. Portland, ME is flirting with a mandatory $15/hour minimum wage. The state would be red but for Portland and its suburbs.

  63. All is well! Salvation has arrived! Lindsey Graham has announced he is running for President!

    *mounts rainbow flag on front of Hate House*

  64. Heh, pretty accurate (from a local sports talk show):

  65. Stupid sports.


    After lots of winning years for the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots I’m anticipating the coming famine years. It’s already happened with the first three on my list and it’ll just be a matter of time before the Pats are a middling franchise. IMO it will come after Belicheck leaves, not Brady.

  66. Hillary should run with Jeb Bush as her VP.

  67. RE: The Bruce Jenner/ Caitlyn story at HQ:

    69 The ultimate tossing of the javelin.

    Posted by: Walsingham at June 01, 2015 01:56 PM (dCigj)


  68. Laura looks most fetching as a Nubian princess.

  69. Shoulda spelled it Kaitlyn.

  70. I think Mare was recently talking about what Mark Steyn is now saying…

    As the story unfolds, only one thing can be said for certain: We’re never gonna hear another word about Hillary’s Clinton Foundation scandals ever again, not even if ISIS paid $2 million for Bill to deliver a 20-minute speech on climate change at the Sword of the Beheader Elementary School in Ramadi and they decapitated ten Christians as the warm-up act.

    So far, The New York Times has five reporters on the Hastert story, The Washington Post nine …so there’s no one left in the newsroom to look into Hillary – even though Bill’s been flying around with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on a plane called the Lolita Express. Couldn’t that just sort of get mentioned in paragraph 37 of the Hastert stories, maybe with Josh Duggar, as part of a general pedophile trend among the powerful?

  71. New avatars for Scoot and Laura.

    There’s a helluva story somewhere behind those pictures.

  72. I look at this and all I can think of is what happens whey you are trying to cram too much stuff into a suitcase and stuff keeps bulging out. That, and the makeup budget for this photo shoot, which must have been close the the GDP of Luxembourg.


  73. And he’s a Republican.


  74. Let me get this straight. So if this is a woman:

    Then by all rights this is a lizard, yes?

    Okay then.

  75. I think they sewed Bruce’s dick on Obama so he wouldn’t be such a fucking pussy anymore.

  76. Penis.

  77. Nipple.

  78. Damn it, Mare!

  79. Davis Patraeus is truly a sell out piece of shit:

    “I think it was a very, very tough and a very, very close call, and I think that’s where I’d leave it,” the former general said Monday on Fox Business’ “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.”

    Bergdahl was a “very, very close call”?

    You, sir, have lost all moral authority, sure showed when you were getting a blow job from under your desk from the mistress you were leaking secrets to for her book.

  80. Hey, David Petraeus, why settle for this:

    When you could have this?

  81. Harsh.

  82. 5 taliban commandos, a couple of whom went on to work with ISIS. Yeah, that’s a “very, very close call.”


  83. If they can take Bruce Jenner and turn him in to a decent looking woman (gag), what do you think they could accomplish with Chelsea?

  84. Clinton or Manning?

  85. Clinton or Manning?

    Is there a difference?

  86. I was mistaken. Today was upper and lower right gum planing.

    Going to take an opiate and a nap.

  87. Manning is more feminine and patriotic.

  88. Are you going to feature Caitlyn in an upcoming MMM, Leon?

  89. Ooof – don’t give him any ideas.

  90. Pretty sure we can’t use Caitlyn for BBF. Not B enough.

  91. Yeah, but an Olympic gold medalist on BBF? What a historic first. Even if the B’s are synthetic.

  92. I just looked up Bruce Jenner’s pr0n star name and it’s Slick Rammer.

    Not any more, I guess.

  93. Booce Gender looks kinda mannish for a lady.

    Just sayin’.

  94. Greetings, daily grinders.

  95. It could be the first time ever that the same person made MMM and BBF.

  96. Anyone know where MJ is?

  97. Still can’t feel most of my bottom lip or tongue.

    Leon’s no-chew dinner:
    2c unsweetened almond milk
    2 Tbl creamy almond butter
    1 oz heavy whipping cream
    8 jumbo eggs
    2 scoops whey isolate
    1 tsp vanilla
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    2 packets of sweetleaf stevia

    Combine in blender with a large handful of ice.
    1295 kcal, 82.2g fat, 10.6g CHO, 122.6g protons

  98. There’s some fiber in there too, so it’s about 7.5g net carbs.

  99. Whose turn is it to slap some sense into Leon?

  100. I don’t think the rotation has come back to me yet, but I’ll be happy to help.

  101. Sean has always been a giver.

    (not to be confused with a pitcher)

  102. Leon, do they just scrape your gums? I’m afraid to google it and see a picture that will ruin my life.

  103. 122.6g protons

    Just make sure you take them in a bound state and not as ionized hydrogen. I mean, you’re not the Large Hadron Collider. Yet.

  104. HA! Good header you dicks!

    (not to be confused with head from dicks)

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  105. Comment by George Orwell on June 1, 2015 7:44 pm
    122.6g protons
    Just make sure you take them in a bound state and not as ionized hydrogen. I mean, you’re not the Large Hadron Collider. Yet.



  106. That header is a thing of beauty. Well done.

  107. Sean has always been a giver.

    (not to be confused with a pitcher)

    No, it’s nothing like that. Nope.

  108. Leon, do they just scrape your gums?

    They numb you as much as they can, then there’s an incision followed by a series of tools to scrape, nip, cut, and dremel away sizable amounts of fibrous gum tissue, followed by sutures to close the wound. Each area is approximately 25 minutes of another human being using a substantial amount of brute force to carve away stuff that’s slightly less tough than bone with what look like Doozer yard tools.

  109. Whose turn is it to slap some sense into Leon?

    Slap me on the right and I won’t even feel it.

  110. That 25 minutes is just the destructive part, mind you. There’s another 20 minutes or so of needles to numb the area, poking around, suction of cut tissue and blood, and the actual sewing of the sutures.

    I’ve come to really look forward to the feeling of the stitches going in, as that means the suffering is soon to end, but this time that happened in the middle and at the end. False dawn.

  111. This cat is much cooler than you:

  112. I thought I’d share the dinner recipe in case any of you ever needed to hit your macros and couldn’t chew and for some reason had a lot of eggs laying around.

    And also because it kinda tasted like french toast.

  113. Why do they have to do that, Leon? Gingivitis gone crazy?

  114. Since we have several “engineer like” people here at the H2:

  115. Periodontal pockets. Nothing wrong yet, it’s a preventative measure so things don’t get caught in them and cause abscesses. My gums just keep growing, which is honestly better than them receding.

  116. which is honestly better than them receding.



  117. Have to replace two windows from broken seals. And another two windows from my husband and I shooting BB guns in the backyard and experiencing serious ricochet.


    It’s kind of embarrassing when window companies make comments like, “oh, how terrible, those dumb kids shooting their BB guns where they shouldn’t.”

    Us: “Yes, it really is terrible.”

  118. which is honestly better than them receding.

    *stares at receding gums in mirror*


  119. It’s okay, bcock, I heard teeth less inmates are kind of a commodity.

  120. My mom has that, Brent. If you can do anything to keep them DO IT. She’s had to have grafts of cadaver tissue to build them back up.

  121. *hates mare*

  122. Soft brush, gentle brushing, 2 full minutes, twice a day, extra attention on massaging the gumline. DO IT, PEOPLE.

  123. Soft brush, gentle brushing,


    Gentle circular motions. I once said “I’m having a love affair with my sonic care” and that douche Wiser said, “You’re doing it wrong.”

    Anyhoo, do the circular motion and be as gentle as you can.

  124. Longer, not harder.

    That is literally what she said.

  125. It’s not bad now, but I’ve had the convo with dentists before. It’s mostly just right across the front on my lower teeth. They talked about taking skin from the roof of my mouth and grafting that on.


  126. Shoot, bcock, I really hope that doesn’t happen. Stress plays a huge role in teeth/gums. Heard this several times. Get your breaks when you need them.

    (Yes, I know genetics plays a role too.)

  127. Yeah, genetics is a factor. Supposedly people who had braces (which I did for 4 years) have a higher risk too.

    (We’re not going to talk about the tobacco use.)

  128. It won’t be as bad as this, that won’t require digging. The healing might take longer though because of the larger wound.

    The alternative procedure for what I had done would have left something similar for me but without the sutures. It’s cheaper, faster, and easier to do, but something about “radical gingivectomy” gave me pause.

  129. Tobacco in any form is hell on gums.

  130. Tobacco in any form is hell on gums.


    Yes, but for bcocks sake let’s not talk about it.

    We’ve learned from our mistakes (like the BB guns and the windows)

  131. Tobacco in any form is hell on gums.

    Yeah, I know.

    It’s also a motherfucking bitch of an addiction.

  132. Last time I went to the dentist (which is really just a trip to my hygienist) I heard the whole story of her soon to be ex husband who’s is almost certainly gay (her words not mine). Basically know all the intimate details of her life. That visit flew by.

    People do tell me a lot of stuff. A woman at workout whom I don’t even know her last name has told me just about everything you can about her nasty divorce. I do give her hugs. Maybe that’s why I almost got roped into going to court with her.

    I also saw the boob enhancement scars of a girl (don’t even know her first name) who is in my workout class on Monday’s.

    I could go on.

  133. Oral Surgery Roundtable

    Fine. I’m leaving.

  134. *checks porn sobriety counter*

    I feel ya. I vaped for a while back I when I first started trying to lose weight, but I never used tobacco proper. No trouble kicking the nicotine habit after I got adjusted to the diet and exercise thing, I just quit one day. Which is weird because I hit it really hard when I first started dieting, and I thought nicotine would have me hooked for sure.

  135. Yep. Tobacco is still a choice. I look at my family and the ravages of cancer and I still believe in choice and liberty. Our Club is a neighborhood demographic. Retail tobacco is no longer a money maker for our Club. We are losing most of our tobacco products. Our vendors are pulling product from our Club. You have to go to our Montano location or to the Rez to buy tobacco products. Irony: Rez prices on tobacco in the open market.

  136. Monday’s what?

  137. Buffalone, I’m trying.

  138. Mare is my TMI twin!!!!

  139. Oral Surgery Roundtable

    No no, we’ve moved on to addiction.


  141. Boob enhancement girl before class starts:

    “Did you notice I got my boobs done? I had to wait six weeks before coming back to class. You can barely see the scars, see, don’t you think they look good?”

    (by the way I also know her dad owns 10 pizza huts or taco bells, something like that, has a shit ton of money and she’s getting a huge monthly allowance and really doesn’t have to work). Oh and I know about her “boyfriends.”

    Mare’s response: “well, cough, yes… they look lovely.”

  142. buffalone, glad I have a cat.

    Oso, why are people so out there with their private info?

  143. Benny does that with his stuffed moose toy.

  144. Comment by buffalone on June 1, 2015 9:00 pm

    Get your bristly ass over here and dry off my keyboard.

  145. Reminds me of this, old but twisted.


  146. Oh my gosh, I should tell you about by best friend’s former roommate who had boob, tummy tuck surgery and in a 5 day visit with my friend I think I saw her boobs 10 times.

    Hoo boy, I appreciate beautiful bodies but….at least I figured out how to graciously get out of touching them.

    (yeah, I know you dicks can’t get enough)

  147. Mare, no such thing as shame or modesty. I may over-share here, but you should see the stuff I don’t say! LOL

  148. Go on, mare. Let’s talk about oil.

  149. Gingy humps her penguin. MaryAnn has never humped anything. Alpha dog behavior

  150. Sexy time amongst H2ers is sacred Oso.

    No worries there.

  151. How badly do you all want to see the work Caitlin Jenner has had done? Apart from Rosetta, I mean.

  152. *cough* amongst H2ers and their spouses.

    We are happy to hear that marriages are going well.

  153. Gingy humps her penguin.

  154. I can’t unsee that which I saw earlier today, GO. Yeesh.

  155. Hahaha GO.

  156. The idea of Benny as alpha dog is comedic enough to be a comic strip.

  157. Pornstar name generator parses Caitlin Jenner as Sassy Rammer.

  158. I’m going to go read myself to sleep. Good night to all.

  159. I kicked ass at auction tonight.

    I got this for $40, and it’s matted and framed.

  160. Sweet dreams, Leon.

  161. I’ve found a product for Caitlin Jenner to endorse.

  162. ” As Clownifornia goes, so goes the nation. You really gotta nuke this place.”
    its a lovely fucking war…

  163. Surgically sharp.

  164. *cough* amongst H2ers and their spouses.


    *hires Gloria Allred*

  165. Not seeing what Scott got for $40

  166. Yeah, I was waiting for the big reveal too, Oso.

  167. *waits for Scott to notice the link is missing*

  168. Not seeing what Scott got for $40

    Probably Caitlin Jenner’s athletic cup.

  169. Maybe scott bought one of these…

  170. *cough* amongst H2ers and their spouses.

    Even xbrad has a spouse, if you count inflatables.

  171. Sean’s link… “The real purpose of painting is to give pleasure.”
    –Robert Ryman

    I think we can agree Ryman can’t give pleasure.

  172. leon post buccal curettage:

  173. Lindsey Graham/Caitlin Jenner 2016!
    Do you know any other ticket that covers male, female, gay and LGBT?

  174. Still too white GO. Check your privilege

  175. Sam Shepherd got busted with a DUI leaving his fav restaurant. Pretty sure we’re going to La Choza for PattyAnn. And Sam. (Raises Mare fist)

  176. *checks privilege*
    *notices Bruce Jenner’s missing grapes in privilege drawer*

  177. This

  178. Insty had a ball with old fat white socialist Bernie.

  179. LOVE those, Scott!

    High fives Oso!

  180. Scott, how much for a framed Annie Leibovitz photo of Caitlin Jenner? I mean, how much do I pay you to take it off my hands?

  181. Political Hat likes weird otherkin stories. He linked a Cyanide and Happiness video that wasn’t that funny, but the concept was funny. The mother of an otherkin “pyrofox” takes him to the vet to be put down.

  182. That pic screams Pepe. Super serial. Pepe is a true artist.

  183. The mother of an otherkin “pyrofox” takes him to the vet to be put down.
    I don’t even know what planet I’m on any longer.

  184. I don’t even know what planet I’m on any longer.

    The stupid one.

  185. I don’t even know what planet I’m on any longer.

    Well, you can be sure it’s not Pluto. Thank you very much, Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

  186. oso loves Sean/

  187. Still can’t feel most of my bottom lip or tongue.

    Oxford comma?

  188. Uranus. D’uh.

  189. Didn’t share here, but a Member called me “Princess”. I’m still pissed. Dan: How did he know?

  190. Dan: How did he know?


    Probably the tiara………….

  191. Didn’t share here, but a Member called me “Princess”. I’m still pissed.

    That member…was Bruce Jenner’s penis.

    And now you know…the rest of the story.

  192. AUGH!!! I wanted the tiara…but NOOOO. (I’m still adjusting from the move from Guest to Member. Do I Beavis every time I say Member?)

  193. Why yes, yes I do.

  194. We’ve been wanting and trying to plant butternut trees from the nuts produced by our one tree out back. We just recently discovered that for years we’ve accidentally been killing all the butternut saplings we find, because we didn’t know they weren’t weeds. Damn babies look exactly like sumac.

    We made the breakthrough a couple days ago when I realized there was a walnut attached to the roots of the ‘sumac’ I chopped out of my blueberry bed. I killed another one soon after, still not having totally cottoned on.

    Then while prepping beds in the garden today, I thoughtlessly-automatically killed another one and could have stabbed myself for the idiocy. Then later when talking to Scott about it, I remembered seeing another ‘sumac’ I couldn’t reach quite yet. I ran outside, dug it up, verified that it had a butternut clinging to the root, and potted it.

    Dayum. Eleventy-seven murders later, a sapling of our own.

  195. So, lauraw is a murderer.

  196. Uranus. D’uh.

    Come on, xbrad, it’s the first. You don’t have to hit a homer the first day.

  197. I thought…doesn’t ‘H2’ denote that this is the club for multiple Homocides?

  198. Why yes, yes it does.

  199. Well…..yes….but not of innocent plants! What kind of monster are you?!?

  200. They’re all “made” bloggers here.

  201. Did anybody patiently try to explain to anybody else why it would be difficult to get funding for an expedition to discover a direct sea route to Asia today?

  202. Define “direct”

  203. AUGH!!! I wanted the tiara…but NOOOO. (I’m still adjusting from the move from Guest to Member. Do I Beavis every time I say Member?)

    So, how many “member” jokes do you make in a day?

  204. She’s a member.

    * snickers *

  205. Just a few less than “Your Mom”!

  206. Member and Mom jokes are frowned upon.

  207. Yeah, well your mom is Members Only.

  208. Q. Caitlyn Jenner, what do you do when you forget what it’s like to be a man?

    A. I re-member


  210. Nobody named Bruce is normal.

  211. *snickers*

    *boos geoff*

  212. 40th anniversary of Bruce the Shark.

  213. Pretty sure we’re all Quint.

  214. Tomorrow is gonna be a shitty day, and I’m gonna be in a bad mood. Just sayin.

  215. Me too Jay. Me too.

  216. Could be worse, Jay – TiFW DD#3 is getting her wisdom teeth removed tomorrow……

  217. You people make me smile.
    Yes, I meant “You People”.
    Things are hard and I am grateful for you.
    You are a respite.

  218. Tomorrow is gonna be a shitty day, and I’m gonna be in a bad mood. Just sayin.

    No matter what happens, every day we get is a gift, J’Ames. A precious gift that we shouldn’t squand–

    *ducks flying whiskey bottle*

    Okay, I’ll shut up now.

  219. Any particular reason tomorrow will be a festering pimple on the ass of your life, J’ames?

  220. Tomorrow is gonna be a shitty day, and I’m gonna be in a bad mood. Just sayin.

    Don’t worry. We’re all here to support you.

    *collects spare corn and Iowa jokes*

  221. 40th anniversary of Bruce the Shark.

    Now it’s Caitlin the Shark and it eats something very different now.


    This motard is more delusional than a slot machine gambler on LSD.

    Monday while President Barack Obama… said his administration has restored the Untied States as the “the most respected country on earth.”

    Obama said, “People don’t remember, but when I came into office, the Untied States in world opinion ranked below China and just barley above Russia, and today once again, the Untied States is the most respected country on earth.”

  223. Well, people aren’t making movies about his assassination (not for theatrical release, anyway) and the press still wants to give him sloppy, sloppy head, so you can see why someone whose view of anything is solely through the lens of how it relates to him would think that yeah, America (that country where he’s in charge) is doing A-Okay.

  224. Very good point.

  225. Today is a shitty day for a completely juvenile and childish reason. My favorite college basketball coach is going pro. It sucks.

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