Hello pet butlers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday

For the ‘ettes:


Funk salt.

I like it when the horns kick in.


Glavarin looks back on what could have been

Wiserbud scores, celebrates.

Mare finds box wine on sale.

Jewstin is not fooling anybody.

CARin decides to stop living a lie.

Sean gets a new writing gig.

MJ’s exit interview.

Your model for the day may be a repeat with a new fake name or just an amateur who stopped showing the goodies after a couple of photo and video sessions. She’s a college student from Georgia, and is only 5′ tall with size H slobber knockers. Please stop sending mixed-messages and welcome, Miss Amanda Love!



Booby gif 1

amanda 5

Booby gif 2






  1. Hey…….that’s my niece!!!!!

  2. Well, this is awkward. Do you have any updated pics?

  3. She looks like she’s made a name for herself!

  4. My BBF is way better.

  5. Those things are way too big.

  6. GYM TIME.

  7. Veiny


  9. Summertime pop:

  10. Too much gluten.

  11. Niiiiiice!

  12. Happy Birthday, Mini-me!!

  13. I think the beast in the pics ate your model for to-day.

  14. 14, A very nice year!! Happy Birthday, Mini-me!

  15. Happy birthday, mini-me!

  16. Wonderful morning for working in the garden. Had to come in and pop an allergy pill.

    I’ve got mint, thyme, oregano, lemon balm, summer phlox and lots more to share,

    Stay the fuck away from my hostas,

    Happy birthday mini-me!

  17. Notice how many of the thing I have in my yard serve a purpose

  18. Today on the drive to work, the traffic was heavy but everyone was going at a steady 60-65.
    I was in the left lane in my minivan and I was keeping a steady and tight distance of barely 2 car lengths.
    The clown in the BMW behind me was affronted by being stuck behind a lumbering minivan, so he was constantly changing lanes, trying to somehow get ahead of me. All his gambits were failing and with each maneuver he was falling further behind. He fell back by almost a mile before he disappeared from my rear view mirror.

  19. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it Tushar? One thing I’ve noticed about “the South” since I’ve moved here, the friendliness and laid-back attitude do not extend as far as the drivers seat.

  20. Saggy.

  21. By now instead of reaching his destination, he is probably back where he started.

    By the way, Random guy, you have commented enough by now to lose the lurker status. It is time for you to get a proper handle, introduce yourself, tell us your major malfunction and declare exactly how many bullwhips are shoved up your ass RIGHT NOW.

  22. Amanda Love?

    Lamest fake name ever

  23. I shall remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma and shoved up where your mom likes it.

  24. Bam

  25. Chiro in 40.

  26. Tushar, Serge’s identity can be ascertained through deductive reasoning.

  27. Or just ask your mom.

  28. Very pretty smile. Today’s model reminds me of someone we all know.

    Does she have a daughter?

  29. She has a daughter. Really hope this isn’t her.

  30. She isn’t.

  31. Can’t a buffalo post pics of large mammary glands without all you kill-joys slaughtering the misogyny?

  32. HBD Mini Me.

  33. Look, I’m as big a fan of misogyny as anyone, but it’s soft misogyny. I want women to embrace femininity and men to be masculine, women to be ladies and men to be chivalrous. I don’t want any woman being a ho-bag, least of all a friend’s daughter.

  34. Meh. I don’t want to fight.

    Let’s talk about all the awesome gifs in the poat that don’t show relatives and friends being ho-bags.

    Or gardening/recipes.

  35. Thanks, Hotspur! Glad someone could confirm. The resemblance seemed eerie, but then again I haven’t seen her in a long time so I could be pretty far off.

  36. I am in raggedy clothes and preparing to go out into the heat and plant things.

  37. I shall remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma and shoved up where your mom likes it.

    In the scrapbooking store? Your mom really likes the scrapbooking store.

  38. The booby eyeball gif made me giggle like MJ.

  39. I need to get some raggedy clothes for gardening. I have “yard work” clothes but most of the shirts are short-sleeved and/or dark colored. I need some long-sleeved light-colored shirts.

  40. I also found the spinning gif motivational.

  41. Hmm. The fat video gifs must be eating a lot of memory. This page is very sluggish on my tablet. Even typing is slow.

  42. Yeah, that raggedy buffalo made the ho-bag gifs too big, if some admin wants to remove those two and replace them with links I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

  43. Booby gifs linkified.

  44. Oh wow, that’s much better. Thanks, you dolts. I can actually type and scroll. I mean, it’s not like those slobber knockers in JPEG aren’t big enough on their own.

    *lowers head and whispers “slobber knockers”*

  45. Huh?

    WASHINGTON (@AP) – State Department: Cuba removed from US state sponsors of terrorism’ list.
    8:09 AM – 29 May 2015

  46. I wonder if Licorice Dick has been looking for ways to have the U.S. to become annexed by the People’s Republic of Cuba.

  47. Maybe after Saturday it gets interesting. O’Malley announces. Will Dems shake off their canine, drooling fealty to the Witch of Chappaqua and look for another dictator-for-eight-years?

  48. Ok , I like the chiro. Not expensive, nice guy. Holistic. I’m going to go again next week and keep on int I’m running again.

  49. President Clinton appeared at a supermodel’s charity event to receive a lifetime achievement award after she offered to share at least $500,000 of the gala’s proceeds with the Clinton Foundation, according to a Friday report from The New York Times.

    The only surprising thing is that Bill didn’t share something far more personal with the supermodel. He doesn’t even charge for it.

  50. Most chiropractors I know (a total of 4) are very personable. They can have a decent practice without too much over head expense. That may be one of the reasons they’re not as cranky as regular doctors are. And they get cash for most of their services.

  51. It is one of the most beautiful days we’ve had this spring outside and I’m at a conference at The Samoset Resort. I contemplated blowing off the first day, mowing the lawn and having a stogie on the back deck. Didn’t have the heart to do that since I signed my inpatients out to my partner and need to attend to justify that action.

  52. You know, I grew up living on a lake, and we used to do this all of time – contests to see who could sty under the longest, contests to see who could swim the farthest underwater, etc.

    I don’t deny that this could happen. But seriously, what kind of fucking pussies grasp at this shit?

  53. For all the cracks I make here about gays, read this and ask yourself whether or not gay behavior is not deeply pathological. Hate speech disclaimer, blah blah. This is depressing stuff.

  54. Even if you eliminate HIV, urban gay culture is still full of drug abuse and physical abuse, and every other STD runs rampant. If I had same sex attractions I’d just marry a butch woman or embrace celibacy.

  55. Funny how gay couples are only, exclusively portrayed on TV as the smart, successful, funny and wise people. Except actually 1 out of 5 of them have HIV, one out of four have used crystal meth. I rather doubt these statistics are remotely similar to the straight population.

  56. It’s Hate Facts Friday!

  57. Are there casual meth users? I know there are marijuana users who manage the habit fairly well, but I don’t know that meth is a “you know, once in a while on the weekend” drug. It might have been back when chem students were using it to cram before mid-terms, but I don’t have that sense of it now.

  58. I know there are marijuana users who manage the habit fairly well


  59. I was specifically thinking of you, actually.

  60. I don’t like these facts about gay culture, but facts is facts. To expect and demand less of someone because he’s gay is to decide he’s not an equal. People love to point out the flaws and hypocrisies in straight culture while ignoring the widespread self-destruction gays impose upon themselves. Upon themselves. It’s all so tragic.

  61. The left wants this aspect of gay culture. The image of Tom and Bob, the nice couple down the street who own a bakery and just want to be able to take care of one another if something happens, to the radical left that’s just the lie that gets told to straights.

  62. Today’s model is hideous. Well done, Buff.

    (I can see where someone might think of our friend, but her daughter is much, much cuter. And classier.)

  63. I see nothing has really changed around here.

    Leon, why are you “Danger”?

  64. Hi AD, how’s things?

  65. Holy crap, that old dude, Hotspur, is a pot head?

  66. Jimbro – bunch of significant changes, but I’m still the asshole I’ve always been. In general, things are better.

    How about you? Done any unnecessary surgeries for profit this week?

  67. Well, if Hotspur was a pot head, it would explain a few things…..

  68. For profit? No.

    For fun? Fuk yeah!

  69. Well I have a new goal in life:

    Smoke a big hootdank behind the ghetto bar with Hotspur.

  70. I’ll be there.

  71. Smoke a big hootdank behind the ghetto bar with Hotspur.


    You kids and your lingo. Scamps.

  72. When I looked at today’s model, I instantly saw the similarity, but I did not think further.

    I am glad Hotspur and XBrad confidently disputed that notion.

  73. We three and Dear sweet Mare ar off to The Ghetto Bar.

  74. I never capitalize the ghetto bar. Gives it too much class.

  75. Leon, why are you “Danger”?


  76. Oh, completely forgot.

    Because I got tired of being the Adeptus Mechanicus.

  77. Leon, are you telling me you are using a symbol as an avatar that you have no clue about?

  78. Hotspur is buying.

  79. Rain barrel installed, now we just need rain.

  80. No, just hadn’t thought about it in so long that I forgot.

  81. Hotspur is buying.

    In about an hour.

  82. Buying a used F-150 right now.

  83. I was just looking at an F-150 on Craigslist. I need to wait until the Ohio house is sold though.

    What are you getting, Danger?

  84. SRG, where did you move to?

  85. You know how sometimes you can just look at a politician and KNOW that they bugger little boys?

    Dennis Hastert.

  86. Spring Hill, TN…working in Nashville.

  87. Upholstery has a little wear here and there, but it runs smooth and the AC works. Probably could use an alignment, but I couldn’t wrangle one out of them today. I’ll live, I can get that done Monday or something.

  88. Did you buy the deserted Saturn plant?

    //waits patiently for Uranus joke

  89. Nice. How are the winters there?

  90. That looks nice Leon, lotta miles but looks like it’s in good shape.

  91. Speaking of Uranus, I bought these. They just arrived today.

  92. Pretty mild, not much snow and ice, but when it does get slippery these folks lose their minds, and they don’t have salt trucks or many plows. I saw a road grader removing snow on the interstate one night.

  93. Yeah, that was the sense I had test driving. Well maintained. I drive almost not at all, so it’ll age slower in my possession.

  94. I know a girl who bought a Ford Ranger with 185,000 miles on it. So far she has put another 100,000 miles on it with no problems.

  95. There will be a lot of used cars coming out of Texas.

  96. Jeebus, Podesta is a fudge packer. Look at the headline pic at Drudge.


  97. I bought my first F-150 with 200,000 miles on it. I put a new transmission and clutch in it, and put another 100,000 on it. I’m on my third F-150 now.

  98. Now I just have to get my insurance agent to actually listen to her darn voicemail and call me back.

  99. Do not touch anything Podesta has touched unless you cleanse it with a blow torch.

  100. Xbrad, you came to Ann Arbor and didn’t notify us?

  101. I thought XBrad was the Serial Pooper.

  102. That happened before 9:30 AM – there was no way it was xbradtc.

  103. The man was arrested for indecent exposure and possession of suspected marijuana.


    Huh, a weed smoker…now I see the Hotspur, MJ, Chumpo connection.

  104. I came *on* Ann Arbor.

  105. Three Weedsmokers and a Wanker

    Coming in theaters everywhere.

  106. House across the street went on the market.

    2 bedroom / 1 bath / 719 square feet / built in 1920 / 1 acre lot $129,000

    The guy who lived there was always outside. I would see him nearly every day, for over 20 years, until a couple of months ago. After a few weeks his truck disappeared, then a week later the RV is gone, and now the house is for sale.

    No obituary.

    I don’t know if he died or went to jail, but it’s strange not seeing him over there.

  107. Truck acquired. New floor mats and steering wheel cover installed.

    Time for a cocktail and some pulled pork.

  108. pulled pork

    So that’s what your mom is calling it these days.

  109. In Trinidad, CO for work. Don’t worry, I’m planning to still have all my bits when I leave on Sunday. I saw Bruce Jenner down at the bar.

  110. My mom never made pulled pork when I was a kid. I didn’t eat it even once until I was 28 years old.

    Sheltered, deprived childhood it was.

  111. Greetings, summer sausages.

  112. Have fun at Pinon Canyon, CoLex. I see that the SBCT is going to road march down there this month.

  113. You sure you don’t mean LGBT?

  114. The Army isn’t switching over to that until next year.

  115. Hahaha CoAlex with the Trinidad tranny joke.


  117. Boys with bewbs.

  118. I’m Messican. La Raza is muy rayciss.

  119. Sluts with nuts.

  120. La Raza is the Aryan Nation for brown people.

    But salsa brown, not curry brown.

  121. Leon, si. My mom was early La Raza. A few family members were Brown Berets. The rayciss is strong en mi familia.

  122. I almost wouldn’t mind if they’d stayed in Mexico. Mexican racist nationalists in Mexico isn’t nearly as big a deal (to me, anyhow) as Mexican racist nationalists in “Aztlan”.

    Wait, aren’t they also basically socialists? So they’re like brown Nazis?

  123. You missed an opportunity to use the phrase “brown brownshirts” there.

  124. I thought all Nazis were from Illinois.

  125. Xbrad, they’re already here, I think. I think it’s the SBCT, based on the vehicles I saw on the highway on my way south. I’m teaching four biometrics classes over the next two days.

  126. If all Nazis were from Illinois, Jake wouldn’t have to specify “Illinois Nazis.”

  127. Leon, they are fucking commies. My mom has always had a devotion to St Joseph the Worker. My Aunt Martha pissed my Dad off by cheering for Santa Ana and the attack on the Alamo. She won a $15K award for her teaching at Nancy Lopez Elementary.

  128. If all Nazis were from Illinois, Jake wouldn’t have to specify “Illinois Nazis.”

    But what do they do without Henry Gibson to lead them?

  129. They muddle through.

  130. Im at an Elementary School play of Peter Pan. There is no beverege service. I was lied to.

  131. I ❤ Mr Chumpo. At least it wasn't Pinocchio.

  132. Pretty sure St Joseph wasn’t a commie. Doinitrong.

  133. Leon, I hear you. Fucking commies glommed on to May 1 as their day, which is St Joe’s Day. He has always been there for us. Anecdote, not data.

  134. Chumpo, this is why you always bring a hip flask.

  135. How many flasks does the average Hostage have? Do bodas count?

  136. Elementary school play sober?

    Chumpo is a champ.

  137. I was mainlining Outlander today. I may be too enlightened right now.

  138. Im not that sober. Standards and practices.

  139. I droped acid

  140. I have four flasks.

  141. Me too. Before a planetarium field trip. Girl next to me was EMT’d out. I was paranoid the whole time. Swore off acid and shrums at that point. Went full Scarlett O’Hara.

  142. I’ve only got the one flask, but then, I’m never dragged to school plays.

  143. HS, we have multiple flasks and bodas. Let’s just say 12 for commenting purposes.

  144. In all my years as a drunken wastrel, I never owned a flask.

  145. Define flask.

  146. What if it isn’t embossed?

  147. I mean like every one has a boda, Amirite?

  148. TMI dept: It is the sugar not the booze causing the blackouts. I thought I was an alcoholic. Whew.

  149. Bodas are for hipster fags.

  150. I like bodas. Dan is Mr Flask. RAYCISS!!! (I don’t even know if I have Basque DNA)

  151. Five Indians at teh school f’n or you’re not …… Fill in the brank

  152. 2 flasks. Ruined my boda with spiced rum as a young man, it was never the same after that, everything tasted like vanilla.

  153. I don’t even know what a boda is.

  154. Evening Hostages.

    So…the Phoenix crap. Sound and fury signifying nothing or is something going to happen?

  155. I Second Phoenix 2

  156. I’m staying away, but God Bless America and they’re right to do it.

  157. I don’t know how I lived all these years without that gif.

  158. I am contemplating the structural strength needed for today’s BBF;s bra. That’s some cantilevering there.

  159. and thank you for all the birthday wishes for Mini-me. I think she’s going to be taller than me by the time the next birthday rolls around.

  160. bewbs + math = X

    solve for x, show your work.

  161. bewbs + math = X
    solve for x, show your work.

    X =

  162. Hey Roamie, how long ’til your extremely tall son makes an appearance on HHD? 🙂

  163. Ruth looks on the cusp of making Roamy the shortest in the family/

  164. I agree with scene…. Young Dog for the win

  165. When you say(type) boda, do you mean “Bota” as in Bota-Bag?

    Like a bag for wine?

    Don’t put new wine in an old wineskin(from somewhere in this old book I read…

  166. bewbs + math – math = X – math

    I was told.

  167. bewbs + math = X
    solve for x, show your work.

    Somewhere, I have the Journal of Irreproducible Results with the physics of a strapless dress.

  168. ChrisP, yes.

  169. Oso, I think I will be the shorty in the family by her next birthday for sure.

    Pepe, ew. Oedipus Schmedipus.

  170. I give Mini-Me 3 months. She really is your Mini.

  171. I am contemplating the structural strength needed for today’s BBF;s bra. That’s some cantilevering there.

    You could make the space elevator out of that stuff.

  172. Some of Buffalone’s gifs are too memory hungry, but stapler alien is a keeper.

  173. I don’t do math/

  174. Stapler alien mostly comes out at night. Mostly.

  175. Her smile is rather plastic, but nice.

  176. Heh

  177. I’ve been marathoning Outlander. 2 years of watching. Dan finally asked if Outlander was worth his time. Grrrr

  178. Stapler Alien vs. 3 Hole Punch Predator

  179. Stapler Alien: In space, no one can hear you paginate.

  180. That’s my stapler.

  181. Staplers On A Plane was pretty good too.

  182. Did anybody fake getting an urgent phone call to get out of an awkward dinner with anybody else today?

  183. Stop talking about Xbrad’s dating life, Sean.

  184. The Staplers of Madison County Clerks

  185. The Stapler Of All Fears

  186. Stapling Alive

  187. All Stapled on the Western Front

  188. 12 Angry Staplers

  189. The Lord of the Three-Ring Binders

  190. Staple Wars: Episode V – The Paperclip Strikes Back

  191. Bridge over the river stapler.

  192. Stapling Ryan’s Privates

  193. Hannah And Her Staplers

  194. A-staple-this Now

  195. Stapling Ryan’s Privates

    Hahahahahahahaha. Good callback.

  196. Indiana Jones and the stapler of doom.

  197. 8.5 x 11: A Staple Odyssey

  198. I thought stapler o doom was good.
    Stapling Ryan’s Privates
    For the win

  199. To Kill A Mockingbird With A Stapler

  200. Full Metal Stapler

  201. I was just betrayed by clan and shit just got 21st century real. BRB

  202. Staplin’ in the Rain

  203. The Staple Guns of Navarone

  204. Stapler vs. Stapler

  205. We don’t need another stapler

  206. Staple Trek II: The Wrath of Envelopes

  207. Stapler’s List

  208. It’s A Wonderful Stapler

  209. The French Correction Fluid

  210. Harold and Kumar Go to White Out.

  211. Stapler of the Lambs (graphic)

  212. Rebel Without a Collator

  213. The Greatest Story Ever Folded

  214. Thunderballpoint Pen

  215. Whiteout Christmas

  216. Powerpoint Break

  217. Live and let staple
    Never say stapler
    From Russia with staplers

    Those ought to cover this comment, Texas has thousands of whiskeys, and they have mastered the art of making good ones.
    Tonight I am drinking “Balcones Baby Blue” a blue corn whiskey made in Waco.


  218. Dr. Stapler, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Comb-Binder

  219. Staple Hard

  220. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence With A Staplegun.

  221. Plan 9 From Office Stapler

  222. Staplerless in Seattle.

  223. Blazing Staplers

  224. Three Hole Punch of the Condor

  225. Cat on a Hot Tin Rolodex

  226. Precious (Based on the Novel “Pushpins” by Sapphire)

  227. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Spindles

  228. sex, lies, and tape dispensers

  229. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Desk

  230. The Lion in Printer

  231. The Hunt For Red Printer Toner

  232. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Desk

    OMG lol!

  233. Moby Dictaphone

  234. Gentlemen Prefer Bostitch

  235. The Bic Country

  236. The Goldenrodfather

  237. The Fax Of Life

  238. Ocean’s Eight And A Half By Eleven

  239. Point Breakroom

  240. Last Sharpie in Paris

  241. Ocean’s Eight And A Half By Eleven

    *holds up lighter and sways*

  242. Dude, Where’s My Cardstock?

  243. Of Human Binders

  244. Watercoolerworld

  245. The Rockford Filofax

  246. When Harry Stapled the Hell Out of Sally (IYKWIM)

    Goodnight, chums.

  247. Hot Tub Fax Machine

  248. Once Upon A Timecard In The West

  249. Mary, Queen Of Scotch Tape

  250. Binder clips full of women.

  251. You guys are killing me!

  252. How Green Was My Sharpie

  253. Breakin’ 2: Electric Pencil Sharpeneraloo

  254. The Timeclock Machine

  255. Ice Station Xerox

  256. Hannah and Her Scissors

  257. Frost/Dixon Ticonderoga

  258. The Ipcress File Cabinet.

  259. Who’s still up?

  260. I’m up.

  261. Monday mornin’ feels so bad
    Ev’rybody seems to nag me
    Comin’ Tuesday I feel better
    Even my old derp looks good
    Wed’sday just don’t go
    Thursday goes too slow
    I’ve got Friday on my mind

  262. you don’t look very up.

    Almost time to go home from work. Woo hoo!

  263. Veeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuuuunnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooo

    I laugh and laugh

  264. Dude, Where’s My Cardstock?


  265. Morning.

  266. Moarning Jewstin.

  267. My sugarsnap peas have blossoms this morning! YAYYYY! Two weeks to Peamageddon.

  268. Wakey wakey

  269. Very foggy drive along Rt 1 this morning. The drive was punctuated by two separate wide loads with police escorts driving in the middle of the road at 60 mph. It was almost a peemageddon.

  270. Just had a lecture on Posterolateral Corner Injuries by a team doctor for the Patriots. Posterolateral Corner injuries are a difficult concept to understand. I’ve been trying since I was a resident. Friggin alchemy as far as I’m concerned.

  271. So today I finally have some time and it’s not raining and I’m not exhausted, yet. We’ll see how many mounds I’m able to build.

  272. Sports Medicine surgeons like to show videos and this guy has shown quite a few of athletes suffering gruesome injuries.

    Bitch, please! It’s way too early for this.

  273. Isn’t that when you’re craning your neck so much to see the poster in the corner that you get a crick?

  274. Work is going to suck balls today. We are five servers short.

    Five .

  275. MAKE IT SIX.

  276. I’m bar tending today. But we’ll have to take bar tables .

  277. I hopers to do another hugel-mound tomorrow. If I survive.

  278. I haven’t planted anything yet on the one. Been letting it settle.

  279. * orders a coke, no ice *

  280. I’m hoping I can get 4 built today by the time I need to head over to Ypsilanti. Should have time (if not capacity) to build another 3 or 4 tomorrow. No idea how many will fit in the 40×50 area with walking room between (because I’m lazy and haven’t mathed it), I’ll just keep going until I fill it. Not planning to really go all that tall with them, maybe 8-10″ of wood and a few inches of horse-pasture soil to fill it in under the upside-down sod. Planning each to be about 3’x8′.

  281. Water, no ice, with two lemon slices.

  282. I found a graph paper notebook that hasn’t been written in since 1999. Score one for hoarding.

  283. Is that the DOTD, MJ?

  284. I can fit 20 mounds at those dimensions.

    This may take a while.

  285. Work has been sucking at my place for the same reason, Carin. People do all they can to get hired and then decide they don’t actually want to follow through with the working part.

    So we start big weekends with holes all over the schedule.

    Speaking of which, time to go to work. Have a great weekend guys!

  286. I’m wrong. 40.

  287. I have a lovely grid now, from Aa to Dj.

  288. I’m not sure what I want to order yet. Could you come back in a few minutes?

  289. Omg. Soccer fields. A mom on Ethan’s team has set up her stationary bike and is working out during the game . I want to take a picture so badly.

  290. I hopers to do another hugel-mound tomorrow.

    that sounds dirty

  291. I’ve felt like shit for the last three days. Today’s show ought to be awesome.

  292. Two more sips of coffee and then I get to go do cardio/garden.

    I’m already tired thinking about it, maybe this was a bad idea.

  293. She’s from the other tram. I will take a picture.

  294. Omg. Soccer fields. A mom on Ethan’s team has set up her stationary bike and is working out during the game . I want to take a picture so badly.

    That’s fucking weird. Please take a picture.

  295. You can do it tomorrow. Later. Isn’t there something on tv?

  296. Picture taken.

  297. I don’t have cable. There’s nothing on TV.


  298. My contractor is a first rate idiot. Dude did not show up for two days, comes back and starts working, lifting heavy tiles and stuff. I asked where he was. Says he had a medical procedure. What procedure? They put a stent in him.

    A fucking stent? And you are out working the next day? I was bored….

  299. A mom on Ethan’s team has set up her stationary bike and is working out during the game


  300. Just walk over and slap the shit out of her.

  301. Exactly wiser. Her hair is all done up and everything. I can text the picture is someone wants to put it up.

  302. oh sure… Like I’m gonna give you my phone number……

  303. I’d like to hotspur.

  304. go get a huge tire and start flipping it over in front of her

  305. Ha ha ha

  306. I should show her up. I can take her.

  307. Challenge her to a burpee contest.

  308. challenge her to a burping contest



  311. Awesome. Now biker chick is fighting with our parents. Debating a call, she then explained she was on this side of the field to stay out of her parents way. Yea now you’re in pit way. Nice. She then informed us that she was a swim coach.

    That has what to do with what?

  312. The O’Malley campaign launch video failed to launch and now his teleprompter isn’t working.

    He is the perfect Democrat candidate

  313. Tell her she looks like she’s lost weight. Then ask her how much more until she reaches her goal.

  314. Lol

  315. The O’Malley campaign launch video failed to launch and now his teleprompter isn’t working.
    He is the perfect Democrat candidate


    LOL Nailed it.

  316. Comment by buffalone on May 30, 2015 10:49 am


    My husband and I both laughed out loud at that one buffalone.

  317. Comment by buffalone on May 30, 2015 10:47 am


    Ohmygosh, that would be a blast playing her.

  318. Carin, go kick her ass!!

    (with push-ups)

  319. Morning, lickers of taint.

  320. Xbratc, shouldn’t you be shaving your balls?

  321. Never on the weekends, Mare.

    That’s like expecting you to change out of your fat pants on the weekend.

  322. Damn it, Mare!

  323. The stream-player at WATR isn’t working, but the second linky (rightside sidebar) is working.

    Looks like wiser is going to use Meerkat again.

  324. xbradtc nods his head to all answers:

  325. Linky for Meerkat:

  326. Shout out!


  327. Thanks, Cyn.

    Do you remember my twitter password?

  328. Yes Mare: it’s I’m a lumberjack and I don’t care.

  329. Thanks!

  330. Stupid Meerkat on my PC insists on streaming vertically. Easy enough to rotate (Alt+Ctrl+arrow key) but I’m working on something else that I need to remain un-rotated.


  331. Carin should wait ’til biker chick gets going really good, then shove a stick through the spokes.

  332. It’s a damn phone.

  333. Evil Pepe is evil


  334. Major League is on. Ricky is about to get his glasses.

  335. Caught that movie yesterday afternoon – a classic.

  336. I couldn’t take it with all the commercials, so I went to look for the movie.

    Amazingly enough, I can’t find it anywhere in the house. Huh.

  337. TRD73 is me, btw


    It was under the Alien box set.

  339. I was just wondering who that was on the comment stream – hi Tush!

  340. TRD73 sounds like George Lucas’ second movie.

  341. OSO!

  342. Bill Nye is an ass.

  343. My bunghole is named Bill Nye.

  344. I have never met Bill Nye.

  345. Nor will you ever, Mister!

  346. Who is the guy sitting with Wiser?

  347. Bill Nye was at the X-37B launch.

  348. That’s his friend and co-host, Ben.

  349. Cyn, check you cox net thingy.

    Or not.

  350. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on May 30, 2015 1:33 pm
    Bill Nye was at the X-37B launch.

    Did you offer him an illuminated spinning bowtie or was he jerk enough already?

  351. 3.5 hours. 2 mounds.

    I think I found this week’s workout.

  352. Wait until Wiser hears Tush was listening. Probably the first time a brown person has ever listened to SES.

    *racism trigger warning*

  353. You can’t make me!!!1!

  354. 3.5 hours times 2 mounds divided by one week equals one Leon, SI unit of workout (mks)

  355. George, the few times I met Wiser, he was able to hide his fear of the brown pretty well.

  356. GO, he was wearing a goofy porkpie hat and was surrounded by his entourage, including a woman with brilliant blue hair. (Like, wow, file a hazmat report when you shampoo kind of blue.) He’s part of the Planetary Society’s solar sail project. Last I heard, they had lost communications with it.

  357. What do you Android users see here: 💀🍻🔫👙

  358. wearing a goofy porkpie hat and was surrounded by his entourage, including a woman with brilliant blue hair

    Somewhere a circus is missing its clown.

  359. George, the few times I met Wiser, he was able to hide his fear of the brown pretty well.

    If he ever becomes agitated, just smear on some whiteface and he will calm down.

  360. If I do 2 more tomorrow, one before work and one after work every day but Monday (second gum surgery that afternoon), I can get 13 done this week.

  361. Carin could have pulled up behind the biker chick in her car and started honking. Treat her just like a real bicyclist.

  362. Gum surgery? Man oh man. Sucktown.

  363. Turkey buzzards over Hate House today.

  364. Yep, planing the lower right behind my last molar. I’m almost recovered from the one on the upper left. Still a little cold sensitive.

  365. They asked me to take a high-dose ibuprofen before I come in this time. They didn’t ask me to do that the first time.

  366. Wow, six big buzzards curling around the sky. Beautiful soaring.

  367. Leon, couldn’t you just ask to be water boarded instead?

  368. *sends Leon DVD of Marathon Man*

  369. Waterboarding wouldn’t do anything for my periodontal pockets.

  370. We get turkey buzzards in the fall during migration season. They circle over Mt Waldo. Cool birds.

  371. Reconciliation time, back after I’ve done some penance.

  372. Scott – check you g-man-thong-thing.

  373. Sometimes the buzzards get close enough for a photo

  374. There was a turkey vulture standing over a rabbit carcass, in front of my house, once. We eyeballed each other as I slowly drove around it. Oogly sumbish.

  375. Does anyone else think the Hastert thing smells of lawfare against a republican to distract against the latest clinton crime?

    Decades old sex scandal – which I do believe there is a statute of limitations? And this?

    “Federal prosecutors on Thursday announced the indictment of Mr. Hastert, 73, on allegations that he made cash withdrawals, totaling $1.7 million, to evade detection by banks. The federal authorities also charged him with lying to them about the purpose of the withdrawals.”

    It’s his f*cking money and he has to notify the feds about how and when to spend it? Yeah, I know the whole war on drugs thing but that shit needs to go.
    Is this another prosecution of a non-crime a la Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby?

  376. “I found Major league under the Alien Sex Bot!”
    -Jay in Ames

    What! What!! What!!!

  377. Of course! Where else would it be?

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