Wire it up

All righty then. let us meet Ms. Rita Ackermann. This Hungarian born artist bust onto the NY art scene in the early ’90s and quickly built a following among fashion designers and similar artists. She lead from the front and pushed interpretive painting and collage in a very visceral direction.

Region capture 78 Region capture 73 Region capture 75


Ackermann is definitely one of those Wimmenist, Lefty, Outraged at You for Whatever Perceived Slight people and as the saying goes, she probably deserves a kick in the pooner.
I Don’t Care. She has her world view and I have mine.
A lot of her crap is too hot or too gross to post here. Like your mom, Akermann’s style is loose and fast and I like looking at her works. If something turns me off, no biggie, I’ll just have another delicious taco.

 Region capture 77 Region capture 79 Region capture 80

Rita Akermann slammed her imprimatur on the NY art scene in her time. She is well known around the world and has had many public shows.

Region capture 82 Region capture 81

That is all for naw. Thank you for viewing.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Last one is definitely a tucker.

    Wait, it’s Tuesday! Nevermind.

  2. If something turns me off, no biggie, I’ll just have another delicious taco.

    If everyone had that attitude, the world would be a better place. However, if some of us don’t like the art, they want to outlaw the art, and the tacos.

  3. Wakey wakey

  4. I dread going to work this morning.

  5. My daughter Hannah shows great artistic potential. Squash or encourage? Discuss.

  6. It’s my day off! Finally the “long holiday weekend” is over!!!

    And there was great rejoicing.

  7. Honestly, last night at work people were pushing it. We close on ten minutes! No problem. No they don’t have any idea what the want,

    Fuck you very much,

  8. I don’t really like tacos.

  9. Since it’s my day off, I wanted to stretch it out as long as I could, so I woke up at 5:55.

  10. Start in the garden ? What do you guys think?

  11. My daughter Hannah shows great artistic potential. Squash or encourage? Discuss.

    Encourage but have a backup plan, some kind of skill to make ends meet in case the NEA grant doesn’t come through.

  12. >>Encourage but have a backup plan, some kind of skill to make ends meet in case the NEA grant doesn’t come through.

    Very true. Very few people are lucky enough to have their passion also be their livelihood.

  13. Encourage the art. Also encourage a strong work ethic.

  14. Carin, my wife is a working professional artist making decent money, but the route by which she got there may not be obvious to a younger person. Let me know if you want them to talk.

  15. Pepe has it right. Mrs C is a hard worker often teamed with fast-and-loose “artist” types and ends up getting accolades by contrast because she shows up where and when she’s supposed to and actually produces what’s required.

  16. He was his brother’s keeper.

  17. Hannah’s also wicked smart and tenth in her class of over 300

  18. So … Torn.

  19. I’m just not sure what direction I should nudge for after high school.

  20. So many artist types don’t understand that it’s hard work. You don’t just work when you feel like it.

    Good design is really hard work.

    What type af artistic talent does she have?

  21. Graphic design is a potentially lucrative career. Again, just having work ethic will set her apart from peers. Learning to edit video feeds and program animations are extremely useful technical skills.

  22. Comment by ChrisP on May 25, 2015 11:14 pm
    Six Seconds:


    That was an excellent Memorial Day link, Chris.

  23. Another thought is website UI design. Most pure-STEM types like me have no ability here whatsoever. I can make you a working wireframe that has all of the controls exposed, but it will be like driving a car using pliers to shift gears and a monkey wrench to steer.

  24. Is Hannah a senior, Carin?

    People here are surprisingly wise, pursue her talents, encourage a strong work ethic, have a plan B.

    Totally off topic, but my Dad often asked (in a joking fashion) “Mare, are you going to take care of me when I’m old?”
    Mare as a little girl and into her thirties: “Of course I will Dad!”

    My Dad was pretty smart.

  25. She’ll be a senior next fall.

  26. There are a lot of talented artists.

    There are not a lot of smart people.

  27. Civil Engineering requires a fair bit of aesthetic sense and is an unquestionably useful skillset.

  28. For the last couple of years I’ve only used my kindle to read books. Should I finally give in and give away all my books I’ve carted across the country (a few times)? They are heavy and take box/storage space. I’m torn.

  29. I buy “in case of EMP” books in paper. Anything else on kindle.

    We can restart civilization from my library.

  30. So you’re saying I can borrow books from you Leon?

    Do you have the Miss Read full series? A charming and subtly hilarious account of a one room school house teacher in rural England.

  31. Send your books to Scottw, I hear he has Ebay skilz.

  32. Fiction!?

  33. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  34. These twin knuckleheads look stupid:


  35. When I buy books I always compare kindle vs used paperback. A lot of time the used one is cheaper. .01¢ plus $3.99 shipping.

  36. My older daughter earns a darn good living making jewelry. And she loves what she does.


  37. No, you should not throw away your books. The time MAY come, based of current world and US events, when those valuable assets are what’s left of civil society and truth.

  38. it will be like driving a car using pliers to shift gears and a monkey wrench to steer.

    We like to talk about how smart > creative, but there’s a need for both. The work ethic is the most important part. Mrs. C has it figured out.

    I think you should encourage artistic talent wholeheartedly, because that’s a rare talent, just like being smart. And who says you can’t do both? There are smart artistic types. Like leon said, they work differently, and most usefully, just like the engineer does.

    The world needs musicians too. They just need to know how to work. That’s the difference between the garage band and Taylor Swift and the Foo Fighters.

  39. I think Pepe is a creative type too.

  40. Scott’s point up there is what I’m worried about.

  41. Friend of mine at church makes Rosaries and other beaded jewelry as a side business. No idea how profitable it is.

  42. Mare, there is no way in hell I’d give up my books.

  43. Plus, where would I keep my purple dildo if I didn’t have a bookshelf?

  44. Ok, back at. More gardening to be done.

  45. There are probably even less smart talented artists.

  46. I’ve known a lot of talented people with art degrees.

    Hotspur’s daughter is the 1%.

  47. I know one person who made a living at it, and she had a ton of help getting started.

  48. This is just great, TSA has lost thousands of badges that allow anyone who has one to go around security.

    WTF do we have the TSA a bigger group of worthless, dumbasses I’ve never seen.

  49. Lived here since 1991. This weekend was the first time I ever heard the storm sirens

  50. Wow, thought you guys had bigger storms. We hear them all the time.

    Then again, we might be pussies up here. Sometimes i think so, but then I see a funnel cloud.

  51. Kids want to be musicians or athletes partly because they are dazzled by the fame and money.
    Accountants, pharmacists, nurses and engineers by contrast have no fame, and don’t earn millions. Boring!

    But what they need to understand is that for every 100 people who set out to become entertainers/athletes, maybe 1 or 2 achieve success. The rest live in penury or switch to something boring.

    Here I define success as the ability to pay bills with your income.
    if you set out to become one of those boring professionals above, your chance of success is pretty high.

  52. Oh, good, we have storms all week.

  53. A CPA in private practice can easily become a millionaire. It could take 20 years, but who’s going to be better trained at assessing income streams from passive investments?

  54. We had a few tornadoes around, mostly the flooding is bad now

  55. Texas could use a drought.

  56. TX could use a drought.

  57. Sweet. This is my weekend, and it’s finally supposed to be nice.

  58. I wish when I was taking all those art classes years ago, that I could have teamed them up with business or tech studies, instead of having to do the bullshit liberal arts core curriculum. It makes soooo much more sense to do that, and be able to put the pieces together.

    “The pieces” being how to not only be creative and critical, but also the technical science of making oneself useful in the world.

  59. Stay safe, Western hostages.

  60. They’re all dead and it’s my fault.

  61. They’re just sleeping.

  62. No…(sob!)…I should have said “stay safe” sooner. It was too late.

    Too late.

  63. *rolls poat up in an old carpet*

  64. *wtf am I in a rolled up carpet?*

    *and why does it smells like pork rinds, diet dr pepper, axe body spray, coconut oil and bodily fluids*

  65. We’re good. I promise.
    I went to an advertising art tradeschool when I was 19. The best advice I recieved while I was there was from one of the professors whilst passing a doob at a party. He said, “You’re only as good as your portfolio. This school will not land you a job in advertising art.”

    He sugested that I start working for my own clients immediatly which I did. I started a sinage company that specialised in trade show and point of purchase displays and made great connections and some $.

    Very good advice.

  66. Encourage her to continue her artistic studies, but have a backup plan. It’s far easier to be an accountant with an artistic side.

    If she wants to make a living, she better be skilled not just in some narrow area, but expand her capabilities. And be willing to sell out. What the paying customer wants, the paying customer gets.

  67. I liked the car boarding a ship video on Ace’s sidebar headlines.

    This is Laura on Scott’s computer. Too lazy to logout/login.

  68. I’m not comfortable with Laura’s crossdressing.

  69. That video sure was suspenseful.

  70. Poison ivy on wrists. I need longer gloves next time.

  71. My day is totally non-productive. Think I’ll watch some anime and enjoy the A/C.

  72. I just saw a t-shirt with the phrase “make art, not war”. The picture under the caption? Bob Ross. I find that hilarious for a completely different reason than hipster douchebag wearing the shirt.

  73. “anime”

  74. We haven’t heard from Vman since last night


  75. If anyone cares, I’m alive.

    And was talking about Pepe’s beautiful works of art with Aggie last night.

  76. Was she admiring the handle while it was sticking out of your chest?

  77. Can somebody move the storms a little further west? It’s flooding the shit out of everything up and down 35 but Buchanan is only up a foot or two in the past week.

  78. Dave, what stream is Stillhouse on? Is it catching anything?

  79. I went fishing for pigs and caught thirty (30) of them.

    When you catch them they scream people screams.

  80. Anything you want to tell us, MJ?


  81. We went to a pig auction for 4H. Jesus, I couldn’t believe the way they screamed.

  82. We were bleeding them to test for H1N1 which totally freaks me out.

  83. Hillary is a pig.

  84. Rabbits scream like people too, at least they used to when our old dog (RIP Ellen) caught them.

  85. Your mom screams like a pig

  86. And fucks like a rabbit

  87. I’m running out of places to plant things.


  88. /wonders how much jimbro knows about fucking rabbits

    /decides not to ask

  89. / wishes lauraw had told everyone to be save sooner

    It’s all her fault.

    Mesablue was stuck in traffic for a long time.

  90. I’m thinking of moving all of my hostess to the other side of the yard. What do you guys think?

  91. Sounds like too much work.

  92. I checked on Vmax. He’s fine.

  93. I don’t think you should plant hostess from the restaurant just because you had to work this weekend. Seems like overkill.

  94. Can you eat hostas? Why do you have them.

  95. Deer love to eat hostas. Those fuckers can really wreck your garden.

  96. Plant them as bait, then, nowhere near the other plants.

  97. Rabbits love hostas. Hostess, not so much.

  98. Huh, that explains why the dog kept catching them in the yard in Ann Arbor. Whole fence-line was hostas on one side.

  99. rabbits here mow them off, until they become too big.

  100. Leon, I’m saying this gently and in kindness:


    And the fucking deer don’t eat my hostas because my two German shepherds aren’t very friendly.,


    True, but only if it brings useful bugs or repels pests.


  102. What about flowers?

  103. Who gave Phat a hall pass?


  105. What about flowers?

    They bring pollinators, but so does clover, which you can readily feed to livestock.

  106. Did you miss the note earlier about a car driven with pliers and a monkey wrench?

  107. If she doesn’t get the groundhog, it’s going to mow everything down anyway.

  108. Hogging Buff would be a shitty band name.

  109. Guy at work is a graffiti artist. He was just at a graffiti festival in El Paso. He didn’t get paid for festival work, but he sold all of his stills and canvas art. Picked up some commission work. His murals start at $7k.

  110. Hogging Buff would be a shitty band name.

    Or a good name for next Monday’s poat.

  111. I hate connecting through Denver. The flight to Colorado Springs was cancelled. Luckily they got me on the next one a half-hour later. I’m waiting 3.5 hours instead of 3. I’ve been delayed longer in the past.

    It’s a ninety minute drive from DIA to Colorado Springs.

  112. I took a flight from some small airport near Denver to Alamosa for an outreach clinic. Small two engine plane with six seats and a jump seat near the back door. Flying over the Rockies was cool but the turbulence was not.

  113. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more entirely practical person than Leon.

  114. My attending let me sit next to the pilot on the way down. I got the jump seat on the way back. That was interesting mostly in terms of keeping my lunch down.

  115. I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, then I’m back on the road Friday morning for Pinion Canyon, and finally back home by Sunday.

    I really want to be done with all this travel crap.

  116. It’s really more of a blunted sense of aesthetics, Mare. I have no appreciation for form without function. I decorate nothing, rarely appreciate good music, and own no art for art’s sake. I’m not a robot or anything, but my capacity in this regard is limited.

  117. There are curtains in this room, for instance.

    They came with the house, or they would not hang here.

  118. Self awareness is the key to happiness.

    And your mom.

  119. Leon is what every engineer aspires to be.

  120. I have made a habit of warning project teams that I can make anything that runs on the back end, but not to hope for anything resembling a friendly front interface. Reduces the chances for misunderstanding.

    Maybe I just specialize in back ends.

  121. Two HUGE rabbits jousting on the back lawn.

  122. And, gone. I swear it’s like they hear me thinking about them.

  123. Grab some Kleenex and watch this


  124. And yet mrs c is an artist …

  125. Comment by scott on May 26, 2015 6:10 pm

    Grab some Kleenex and watch this

    That’s what your mom said.

  126. LauraW, did they hear you firing up the smoker?

  127. Three showings yesterday, five today, one so far for tomorrow.

  128. Smoked rabbit? Really? Can it be any good?

    The yard bunny from last year was pretty gamey.

  129. And yet mrs c is an artist …

    Complementarity ain’t just for genitalia.

    Also, I wasn’t nearly as aware of my limitation until well after our wedding. She broadens me in this regard.

  130. I wouldn’t smoke a rabbit. Too hard to keep lit.

  131. I would be very interested in frying these two, though. They look plump.

  132. Leave the rifle locked & loaded inside the door.
    Mine is leaning against the sliding-door frame next to the garden.
    Click the safety off and shoot…

  133. Comment by mare on May 26, 2015 5:23 pm

    I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more entirely practical person than Leon.
    That’s gonna make a fun childhood for the new baby……….

    “Toys? toys aren’t practical. Here’s a book on small appliance repair………

  134. She’s gonna have a lot of Lego.

  135. True, Hotspur.

  136. I hate Legos. Just wait ’til you step on one some morning. Sharp little bastards.

  137. And some old-school Tinker Toys if I can find them.

    I made a functional crossbow with those when I was 5, complete with locking trigger.

  138. She’ll be painting your toenails by age 4.

  139. Pepe, did you have them as a kid?

    Between Lego and years of cat ownership, I tread very softly when I cannot see the floor.

  140. When we were 4 and 6, my sister and I took the rubber tips off the toy arrows, sharpened the shafts in a pencil sharpener and killed a hobo.

  141. What Pepe said.

  142. Colex at 6:16.


  143. My granddaughters were in to Polly Pockets. After they’d leave I’d be walking barefoot in the house and step on something.

    Owwwwww!!!! What the fuck is this? Pick it out and it’s a miniature high heel shoe embedded in your sole.

  144. We had Legos. When my kid was 3, he left a Lego embedded in the carpet. It was positioned so that the corner was up. Stepped on it at 5:00 AM and limped for a week.

  145. Really small Legos vacuum up pretty well. Or so ive been told.

  146. The “your mama” crack. Not the rabbit inquiry.

  147. Jacks = mini caltrops.

  148. Electric train set at age six months. Quit fucking around.

  149. Leon’s gonna get her a “Baby’s First Power Rack” by Mattel.

  150. I got a wallet making kit when I was six. And a new job to do if I wanted to earn my dinner.

  151. Comment by pendejogrande on May 26, 2015 6:33 pm

    Colex at 6:16.


    Sometimes it’s so slow and right over the plate that it would be a crime not to swing…

  152. Crib will have lawn mower tire in it.

  153. Pop Warner Powerlifting.

  154. Have we settled on a name for Leon’s baby?

  155. We should give him some most excellent suggestions.

    I say Mochelle. Or Sasha. She’s the prettier one , right?

  156. Do not get me wrong, I was not criticizing you, Leon.

    Merely an observation.

    We need people like you.

    I do like order and beauty for beauty’s sake. Although I have been called practical too.

    Sounds as though Mrs. Leon is a fine balance…for you.

  157. Malaria and Sasha. Not sure which is which.

  158. If Leon doesn’t have cute nick names for his daughter then he is in fact a robot.

    This is gonna be great!!

  159. I loved my girls Polly Pockets they were fascinating. The best packed in a lot of movable parts in one toy.

  160. My own aesthetics are driving this move. It depresses me not to see beauty. Hence the whole mirror bullshit.

  161. Leon’s baby should be called:

    Unit 1

  162. Well, I can see I’m having a conversation with the biggest douche on this site.

  163. We just took down all the decorative items in the kitchen and my husband said, “wow, sure looks different.”

    Yep, it’s lost its warm feel.

  164. Duplo to start with, then Lego and K’nex.

  165. Just get her a chainsaw and hand-ax from home depot and set her to clearing trees. She can build her own toys.

  166. Accountants, pharmacists, nurses and engineers by contrast have no fame,


  167. Pffffffffffttttt, try some serious hair braiding. All your patience, engineering skill and knowledge of angles will come in handy.

  168. When my dad had his heart surgery and I had to be away, my husband had to do my youngest’s hair for a dance recital. It included a tight bun (shut up) no fly aways with hair accoutrements. One of his greatest accomplishments.

  169. Oh and my daughter has some of the longest, thickest hair I’ve ever seen. 30 bobby pins is not too many.

  170. Unit 1 is perfect.

  171. Alpha Carruthers.

  172. Leon 2.0

  173. Alpha

  174. *shanks PG with sharpened, fossilized deer jerky*

  175. If I could live anywhere in the world that I’ve visited, it would be Lake Tahoe. On the Nevada side.

  176. Go easy on me buff. I lost a good friend of 45 or so years today.

    I had to have a tooth pulled. First tooth pulled since wisdoms in ’74.

  177. I got a script for Tylenol #3 though so it’s all good. Til that shit runs out.

  178. Sorry for your loss PG

  179. Your friend, not your tooth. Ok, tooth too.

  180. speaking of rabbits, look what my cat brought home last night:


  181. Your cat is wondering why it’s taking you so long to learn to hunt for rabbits.

  182. Hello Hostages
    I live in a part of Houston that did not flood*

    *Houston uses the roads to carry storm water. The storm systems are designed to carry a 2 year storm, anything else is in the road!
    Here I thought roads were for driving on not boating.

  183. Sorry to hear about your friend, PG.

    Fuck that tooth, though.

  184. Glad you are dry and well Vman.

  185. My daughter’s name is Cordelia Josephine. If you’d have come to the baby shower you’d have been told.

  186. Sorry to read about the loss of your friend, Pendejo; hugs to you.

  187. Glad to read that you’re not commenting from a floating vehicle, Vman!

  188. I got a script for Tylenol #3 though so it’s all good. Til that shit runs out.

    Gimme enough warning and I can get you some from Canadia.

  189. Thanks buff

  190. Cordelia Josephine = CuJo

  191. Rio Rancho cop killed last night by gang-banger that should’ve still been in prison. We heard all the sirens and ghetto birds, but didn’t know about the LEO death until this morning.

  192. She and I will have the same initials, so that will be fun.

  193. Did anybody use their tennis elbow as an excuse to sue anybody else for an Americans With Disabilities Act violation today?

  194. That would mean your first name is really Cleon.

  195. I communicated poorly. My friend of 40+ years WAS my tooth. All my human acquaintances are ok. I’m gonna miss the fuck outa that tooth though. Avg sized tooth left a huge fucking crater behind.

  196. Sorry for punking fake Internet hugs outa the ladies over a missing tooth.

  197. Getting the fake internet hugs wouldn’t be so bad if you hadn’t give them fake internet ass grabs.

  198. *Shakes fist at sky “Mare!!!”* PG punked us.

  199. Hope you got an ass grab out of that fake, PG.

  200. CJ Jr.

  201. xbrad beat me to a punchline? I’ll be over here in the corner.

  202. I’m good with hugs anytime. *shrugs* I’m a hugger.

    But your ass-grab was weak and needs work, PG; I’ll let you blame it on the drugs… this time.

  203. Why not call her Leona?

  204. I went ixnay on the ass grab cause yall are too old to haul a mattress around w you everywhere you go.

  205. PD is thoughtful. And PD, I knew exactly what you meant about your old friend. I too had a tooth pulled last year. My first since my wisdom also. It was a matter of messing around with a crown which would probably not have done well and would have cost thousands or pull it. I was so torn. I’m a teeth person (whatever).

    Anyhow, I had it pulled (and mourned it too). Other than chewing gum feels weird it’s the last tooth in the back (the only reason I agreed to do it) it’s been fine. My hygienist said she couldn’t even tell it look so good and I hate to say it, but I had no pain.*

    *God, I hope it’s not because I’m dead inside.

  206. *I’ve been told I have a very high tolerance to pain. When I burned my cornea with a curling iron the eye surgeon at the ER was wondering why I wasn’t reacting more, ahhhh, “upset.”

  207. My coworker named his son Dragon. His last name is Dick.

  208. The question is: why were you curling your eyelashes?

  209. Teeth are a scam.

  210. CoAlex, no wai!

  211. Heh, xbrad, I know you’ve been through hell, knowing that, I was hesitant to mention my one tooth.

  212. Jay, as you know, I’m a dumbass and was curling my bangs, got distracted and the curling iron slipped.

    I was teaching at the time and had to wear an eye patch, the kids had a blast with the pirate/hobo/evil villain jokes.

    Little pricks were pretty funny.

  213. Alex, your coworker is an asshole.

  214. **grabs PG’s ass, points at Oso when he turns around**

  215. Evening Hostages

  216. Roamy sat next to me in grade school.

    *tries desperately to explain to the teacher I didn’t kick al gore in the nuts*

  217. He was a Russian linguist, so one kid got a Russian name, and a Serbo-Croatian linguist, so another got a good Serbian name: Dragon.

  218. *hides hands behind back and fake whistles when PG turns around*

  219. Oh, sorry Alex, I take back what I said. I thought he was just white trash.

  220. That is a cool Serbian name…accent added.

  221. Thanks for sharing mare. This really pretty traumatic. The rest of you dolls leave my ass alone. My junk is getting jealous.

  222. Forms of be are a scam. As is sentence structure in general.

  223. I’ve told the film strip story here, haven’t I?

  224. Granted, he did think it would be cool to name his son Dragon Dick. But at least he can point to a historical use of the name and a reason for choosing it.

  225. I’m finally home. Made it just in time, as it’s now pouring rain outside.

  226. Rain, not snow? That’s odd for CS

  227. I went ixnay on the ass grab cause yall are too old to haul a mattress around w you everywhere you go.

    MJ isn’t that old.

  228. MJ isn’t that old.

    He isn’t?

  229. Not sure, Roamy. Refresh

  230. Well, MJ is young enough to turn his sex life into an art project. If you’re into muppet sex.

  231. Rain, with thunder and lightning. It’s quite nice, actually.

  232. Well, MJ is young enough to turn his sex life into an art project

    Huh, didn’t realize he was still in college.

  233. Comment by mare on May 26, 2015 7:16 pm
    Pffffffffffttttt, try some serious hair braiding. All your patience, engineering skill and knowledge of angles will come in handy.

    Look up the tendon splicing technique called a Pulvertaft Weave.

  234. Well, MJ is young enough to turn his sex life into an art project
    Huh, didn’t realize he was still in college.

    School of Hard Knock-Ups.

  235. CoAlex, all the rain we’ve been getting is making NM suspiciously green. Not used to it.

  236. In 4th – 6th grade, usually when there was a substitute teacher, we’d get film strips that came with a cassette tape. The tape would have a distinctive beep to let you know when to advance the film strip. I could imitate the beep well enough that the teacher would run out of film strip and still have 10 minutes of cassette left. I never got caught, though my friends Marie and Cathy giggled a lot.

  237. School of Hard Knock-Ups.

    Old Domination University

  238. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on May 26, 2015 10:31 pm
    Hilarious. I’m so old I remember those filmstrips and the beeping cassettes.

  239. Oso, it’s simply preparing your state for an especially hopper-packed year.

  240. CoAlex,
    Did you fly back out of PDX and dump the rental there?
    We’ve not opened the wine you brought,
    Tomorrow, for sure.
    And Damned Glad to meet you…

  241. Chris,

    I flew out of Seatac. Drove up last night and stayed at a hotel so I could take care of some last-minute business this morning.

    Glad to meet you and your lovely bride as well!

  242. CoAlex: NOOOOOO!!! Roamy: Hilarious! What was the deal with substitutes and film day?

  243. I remember your mom beeping like that.

  244. *BEEEEEP*

  245. Substitute teachers = film strips, longer recesses, crossword and find-a-word puzzles, and, if we really misbehaved, a 500-word essay.

    My favorite substitute teacher was British. She had a cool accent and did not put up with any crap. As long as we were polite and quiet, we could usually get her to tell stories of her travels to the Bahamas, India, and the Dominican Republic.

  246. I don’t own a curling iron, but if I did I wouldn’t put it in my eye.

  247. I knew you were talking about your tooth, Pendeko.

    I also dig what you wrote about Lake Tahoe.

  248. Where else did she put it?

  249. If I had a curling iron, I’d stick it in Mare’s eye. Or the socket where her tooth was.

  250. I don’t own a curling iron………………

    Try Ebay.

  251. Cop Killer had a record. Yawn. His throat tat was the Minnesota Twins TC. Here’s the deal, RR cop ran a plate. Came up bogus. APD never bothers with traffic detail. Romero was AOK in Burque.

  252. BTW, Mare, the thing with my teeth/dentures took forever, but wasn’t really very painful at all.

  253. Scott W, I have a lot of crap to sell and I’ve beed following your progress with internet sales. Have you been on Ebay exclusively?

  254. Oso, condolences to the officer’s family.

  255. Mr Chumpo, love your artsy posts.

  256. I could imitate the beep

    Got a mexican supervisor to stop his car in a panic when I did a police “boop” siren imitation.

  257. CoAlex, thanks. It sucks. RR cops are old school protect and serve.

  258. Yes, Chumpo. Liveauctioneer.com could be better.

  259. Stark, our last 2 cop killers were Messican. My hubby is being a tad bit rayciss. He wants to start looting in local historically Messican neighborhoods. Instead, we have a candlelight vigil.

  260. *BEEEEP*

  261. Oh, joy – more rain….

  262. Texan Prayers combating drought were just too damn strong.

  263. Oso, what’s he gonna do with a wheel-less Escalade and two dozen statues of the Virgin Mary?

  264. HA! It was a stolen Dodge Durango! Escalade jokes are rayciss!

  265. Less than 3 miles from my Condo.

  266. Once we hit RR, we tell the dogs “5-0” so they hide from the cops.

  267. Imitation game was awesome. Snagged in all the kids to watch even though they didn’t plan on it/ said they weren’t interested.

  268. They don’t need texting laws. They enforce ALL traffic violations. Rudy Guiliani of NM

  269. Thank you, Ossita. I’ve enjoyed posting as well.

  270. *scratches head and wonders how I’ve turned through an entire film strip but the audio tape still has fifteen minutes to go.*

  271. I’m ok with Art. I just oppose public funding.

  272. At this point, I’m starting to consider public funding for Art.

  273. Hush

  274. *BEEEP*

  275. silly rabbits

  276. DUI for Sam Shephard.

  277. Oso, we saw him at Keeneland on Derby Day several years back. I’m pretty sure he had on the same clothes he wore the night before while attending Derby parties in Louisville. I’m not sure he really knew where he was, but he did seem to have an enjoyable time.

  278. Go ahead, go ahead and derp up the town
    And baby, do everything your heart desires
    Remember, I’ll always be around

  279. HHD **beeep**

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