Up n Adam


  1. Who is Adam? And more importantly, how many bullwhips are up in Adam?

  2. First gif made me think of this: http://is.gd/GaoXge

  3. Quote du jour

    Next to Obama, “W” looks like Thomas Jefferson.
    Next to “W”, Obama looks like George Jefferson.


    (from Proof Positive blog)

  4. Verizon girl. She’s cute.

  5. Rocketboy and Mr. RFH are coming home today. :)

  6. He must be done with finals! What’s he up to for the summer?

  7. Either a job or some classes at the local university. I’m betting on the classes at this point.

  8. And yes, he had the last possible final at 3:00 yesterday.

  9. Is it worth $23.57 for a dickbutt mask?


    I’d probably want to rob a bank if I had one of those masks.

  10. Good options either way.

  11. Holy crap! I was “singing” that stupid song last night. Drunk, obviously. Riding road bikes through the woods.

  12. wakey wakey

  13. Rocketboy uses something called Yik Yak. I reiterated “don’t do anything stupid” and left it at that.

  14. Okay, it’s like this: you unzip your ***** & take your **** out while driving down the road, & then you T-bone a ***** Ford Focus at the next intersexion, & yell something romantic like, “Teats or GTFO!” as you fly through the ****shield. You keep doing this until some bint doing essentially the **** thing comes mashing through your ****** at 40-some-odd miles per ****.

    This is called Social Media in the 21nd Century.

  15. Ok, I’m making this cake tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it is. It looks SO freaking good:


  16. A man washed up on a beach after a shipwreck. Only a sheep and a sheepdog were washed-up with him. After looking around, he realized that they were stranded on a deserted island. After being there awhile, he got into the habit of taking his two animal companions to the beach every evening to watch the sunset.

    One particular evening, the sky was a fiery red with beautiful cirrus clouds, the breeze was warm and gentle – a perfect night for romance. As they sat there, the sheep started looking better and better to the lonely man. Soon, he leaned over to the sheep and put his arm around it. The sheepdog, ever-protective of the sheep, growled fiercely until the man took his arm from around the sheep.

    After that, the three of them continued to enjoy the sunsets together, but there was no more cuddling.

    A few weeks passed-by and, lo and behold, there was another shipwreck. The only survivor was Hillary Clinton. That evening, the man brought Hillary to the evening beach ritual. It was another beautiful evening – red sky, cirrus clouds, a warm and gentle breeze – perfect for a night of romance. Pretty soon, the man started to get those feelings again. He fought the urges as long as he could but he finally gave-in and leaned over to Hillary and told her he hadn’t had sex for months.

    Hillary batted her eyelashes and asked if there was anything she could do for him.

    He said, ‘Take the dog for a walk.’

  17. http://is.gd/ddIZFY

  18. http://is.gd/BMoDj3

  19. Well, I enjoyed my conversation with myself on the old thread and also Roamy’s joke.

  20. If the US is killing ISIS scum in Syria, Obama’s numbers must be in the toilet and he “needs” a boost. Best way to do it is kill a terrorist and talk about it.

  21. I left a trail of bread crumbs after the derp mare!

  22. HAH, Roamy

  23. Bwahahahahaha. Wish he’d found a pair in 2012.


  24. And as much as I like seeing guys of many shapes and sizes go shirtless, I will make an exception with extreme prejudice for O’Malley. Ugh, eye bleach, stat!

  25. Stark made me laugh. I will consider killing him last.

    Roamy, they are trying to make O’ Malley some kind of hawtie. They are failing miserably. He has a body like Obama. Enough said.

  26. For an older guy Mitt has some impressive arm muscle definition

  27. Has Obama acknowledged the death of any person of notoriety without a pic of himself?

  28. Someone needs to tell the president he’s just creating more terrorists.

  29. I’m thinking maybe he knows.

  30. in case you were wondering, at the request of pretty much everyone who has watched previous livestreams, I will not be livestreaming today’s show.

    You’re welcome.


  31. WOOO HOOO!

    Erm, um, I mean, Oh Gosh Darn.

  32. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on May 16, 2015 9:34 am
    Bwahahahahaha. Wish he’d found a pair in 2012.

    This is why I was willing to support him running again. Romney strikes me as the kind of guy who’d learn from the last campaign and be more aggressive this time around.

  33. Gross, buffy. It’s like you put a camera in my house.

  34. My daughter is done with her finals but has to get all the residents checked out — and she’s pissed because her staff aren’t doing their jobs (srsly, it’s not a hard job), which means it is going to screw up her entire weekend before summer classes start on Monday.

  35. Goddamit. I installed Meerkat on my phone just to watch WIsebud.

  36. Mare, did you see my Jamie gif from yesterday?

  37. beasnsnsnsns, yes I did, and commented on it!

  38. Double the advertising, double the fun.

  39. Roamy shout out!


  40. A shoutout, woot!

  41. HOME from work.. OH hey I could listen to Wiserbud

  42. Schlichter is up soon… panties ready!

  43. Sploosh

  44. http://is.gd/W2g0Dj

  45. Kurt “triggers” me.

  46. Who put up the link to the Dragon Dildo site? I got lost in that place for hours.

    I had no idea such things existed or that people could actually get themselves so far out of reality. It’s impressive really.

    Apparently this is the process for some: They design a character, story, make detailed drawing etc. They fall in love with the character, then design a phallus which the Dragon site customs makes for them. Colors, shapes, rigidity, you name it.

    Wait a month.

    The dildo arrives, and the relationship is consummated.

    And then some people just sit on a football shaped dragon cock they buy off the shelf.

    Dragon screwing is all about diversity, people.

    The fuck?

  47. Damn it, I just missed Kurt. Will Wiser link a recording?

    Is Tom Hill supposed to be boring?

  48. Wiser forgot Conservative Insurgency.

  49. MJ! Last time I remember reading one of your comments you were talking about inserting octopi (octopuses?) up the butt. Now we’re on to dragon dildos. I really hope the drink of the week doesn’t include the words dragon, dildo or octopus in it.

  50. I had a dream last night concerning that drawer making video Scott linked.

  51. That story about the Notre Dame student falling off a building makes me cringe. When I was a senior I climbed and traversed the admin building on our campus with a couple of my ROTC buddies. No safety equipment was involved.

    Here’s the building: http://is.gd/yR2tIF

  52. MJ, what’s scary is that they want their particular brand of mental illness to be considered “normal”. The rest of us are supposed to pretend that a relationship with a fictional dragon it’s real. Meanwhile, if I pretend that me relationship with Kate Upton is real,I violate the restraining order.

  53. My favorite dragonkin story is still the one where the girl ate her mother’s diamond because she was hungry, and dragons eat gems.

  54. http://is.gd/xcnELA

  55. So glad I stressed over getting topics to talk about today….

  56. http://tinyurl.com/mgje7gg

  57. Last night there was a HUGE brown recluse sitting in the corner of my boudior. Huge. I wadded up a bunch of tissue and went for the smash. I misfired and one of my fingers got brown recluse guts on it.

    I was itching the rest of the night.

    Question is, WTF is their point of entry? I have only seen them in the basement, my bathroom, and that corner in my room. Oh, and once in the pig room, which is below my boudior. There are no bugs to be eaten in my wing of repose, so why are they there?

  58. This conversation on the radio about offending is offending me.

  59. PULPO!!!

  60. Octopussy

  61. Beasnss – I always see an increase in critters when the temps start shifting.

  62. Mare I went to the last poat for your response to Jamie.
    Saw this –
    “So, Beasn, how did you acquire your expertise in mens’s groinal regions?”

    1. Jamie, in the book, had groinal fur in tones of cinnamon and copper.
    2. I have a husband.

    Co. Alex, my husband wasn’t able to grow a beard until he was over 40. Hairs fell off his head and settled on his face. He has a few chest hairs…a few more on his back.

    Speaking of Outlander, I’m betting it’s far sexier than 50 Shades of Stupid.

  63. Cyn, it did rain a lot yesterday. I can’t figure where in my bathroom and bedroom they’re getting in at. Not seeing any gaps between baseboards and the floor.
    Hmm…maybe out of the attic and coming through the bathroom fan?

  64. Good show, wiser.

  65. ” A Texan sat on the barber’s chair
    “I’ll have a shave and a shoe shine.”

    The barber (using a straight razor by the way)
    began to lather his face while a woman with the biggest,
    firmest, most beautiful real breasts that he had
    ever seen knelt down and began to shine his shoes.

    The Texan said, “Young lady, you and I should
    go and spend some time in a hotel room.”
    She replied, “I’m married and my
    husband wouldn’t like that.”

    The Texan said, “Tell him you’re working
    overtime and I’ll pay you the difference.”

    She said, “You tell him; you’re​ ​ ​CLOSER​ ​​​”

    From this (no worse than BBF-ish) place:


  66. From the attic or weep screed or who knows, hard to say. Electrical outlets are typically not sealed well.

    I hate them too which is why I’ve had a 20 year relationship with my pest control man (SYWM).

  67. or as good as it gets with that much TH.

  68. >>>>
    Good show, wiser.

    Thanks. I’m a little pissed that I had to cut Kurt short.

    I did get a call after I went off and he told me he hoped I would play Rick’s interview again and was very happy I did.

    He also told me he really enjoys that I can mix serious and humor so well. Said I was his favorite show on the station.



    He even complimented MJ. Said he was always funny.

  69. *hires agent, hires lawyer, hires personal doctor to administer totally legit and necessary medications, flies to AZ to pick up Cyn, flies to Vegas to pick up strippers and assorted hos, parties, calls wiser for advance check.

    Do I have this right?

  70. Comment by beasn on May 16, 2015 1:46 pm

    Question is, WTF is their point of entry?

    Pretty sure they wait for you to walk under a door/tree limb/porch, then drop on your back and piggy back their way into the house. :)

  71. Is there a conservative alternative to gofundme, and what happens to money you’ve donated when gofundme decides, nah, you’re too racist/sexist/Christian to deserve a fundraiser?

  72. Yes

  73. Kickstarter might be an option.

  74. Yes, it’s called Sendbuffalonemonies. No refunds.

  75. Who put up the link to the Dragon Dildo site?

    That was me. I don’t recall when or where I found it, but it was like finding an entire website of a horrific traffic accident.

  76. Is the site actually called dragon dildo?

  77. Do I have this right?

    You probably want to wait until the check clears…….

  78. I think Kickstarter is liberal, too. Quick search says they dumped pro-life stuff. Gosnell movie is being funded through Indiegogo.

  79. Someone was funding a solar sail mission through one of the sites, and now I can’t find it.

  80. http://bad-dragon.com/ Mare. The front page is the last one that’s remotely SFW.

  81. There was a fundraiser for one of the Moron priests on FB – his car had been broken into and his sick call kit stolen. I can’t find that one, either, but it was likely taken down when they met the goal.

  82. Hahahahaha, I’m listening with just one earbud while I do crafty things, and it’s funny listening to “California Dreaming” with just the Papas.

  83. Pretty sure they wait for you to walk under a door/tree limb/porch, then drop on your back and piggy back their way into the house.


  84. Roamy, if you are referring to Fr. Erik, that was a gofundme campaign.

    Somebody on FB posted a couple of alternatives to GFM but I’ll need to remember who it was and do a search.

  85. what happens to money you’ve donated when gofundme decides, nah, you’re too racist/sexist/Christian to deserve a fundraiser?

    Supposedly they make the money already raised available to who it was intended.

  86. roamy, continuetogive.com is supposed to be a Christian alternative to GFM.

  87. Thank you, Beasn.

  88. That woman is monster. She’s an outspoken Fat Acceptance activist.

    She’s helping people die young, and likely will herself.

  89. Lord, Wiser that thing has a tattoo of Miss Piggy and other bullshit all over her.

  90. Okay, Leon, thank you for the link, although like a dipshit (MJ) I viewed page two and now am stuck wondering what has happened to society. We are messed up. And I need a shower now too.

  91. I have to ask, how do people come up with this crazy stuff? No really, dragon dildos? I don’t get it at all.

  92. She’s got nice hair.

  93. Let’s be honest, she’d crack that clamshell. She’s no birth of Venus. She’s like the birth of Ursala.

  94. Birth of marsala cream sauce.

  95. I hope none of you are grossly fat. I don’t want to insult someone whom I like. I always wonder the attraction to these people for sex.

    First anal, now this.

  96. Comment by scott on May 16, 2015 4:20 pm
    Birth of marsala cream sauce.



  97. >>>>>Lord, Wiser that thing has a tattoo of Miss Piggy and other bullshit all over her.

    She’s one of the very few woman I’ve seen that upon whom tattoos do not actually cause her to be attractive

  98. I have more than a few harsh words for Meghan Trainor, too. If only for having to suffer through hearing her sing fatly while I’m at the gym.

  99. >>>>First anal, now this.

    It’s like the best Saturday EVAH!!!!!

  100. I mean “less attractive”

  101. First anal, now this…and of course dragon dildos.

    Remember when only had to worry about Rosetta linking hose-f*ckers?

    Oh, that a-hole Rosetta was also the one to link that pic of the women with OFB. That picture still haunts me.

    Huh, I figured out the solution. Stop coming here. hah!

  102. Comment by wiserbud on May 16, 2015 4:25 pm
    I mean “less attractive”


    Glad you added that, I read your original comment 3 times trying to figure it out.

  103. woman, not women.

    I’m all flustered and bewildered.

  104. >>>>
    woman, not women.

    Just the one was more than enough….

  105. http://is.gd/QgU1Bk

  106. Heh. Listened back to Kurt’s interview. I asked him for a hint about his column for next week.

    He said it’s going to be about George Stephanopoulus. I laughed and said, “ooh, this oughta be good.”

    He laughs and says “no lube, baby”

    Can’t wait to read the angry letters about that.

  107. Wiser did you already link your interview with Kurt?

  108. Comment by scott on May 16, 2015 4:49 pm


    That made me laugh.

  109. >>>>>Wiser did you already link your interview with Kurt?

    Not yet. I need to edit it out from today’s show, as the rest of the show was boooooooring…….

  110. Was the blindfolded lady wrong, or do motherfuckers really sound like an airhorn?

  111. Mare, try this. This is the raw audio of the first hour. Skip to 40 minutes in.


  112. Btw, thanks for saying “shoot” instead of “shit”, MJ.

    Excellent job keeping it radio friendly…..

  113. I just cleaned out my beehive. Got a new bunch of bees coming hopefully tonight. I swore I’d give it a year off if my hive died but I broke down and asked a beekeeper friend if he knew where I could get some new bees.

    And, just like that…http://is.gd/uzr9lK

  114. Last winter was rough. I think 25%-50% of the deer population was lost.

  115. You probably want to wait until the check clears…….

  116. Btw, thanks for saying “shoot” instead of “shit”, MJ.
    Excellent job keeping it radio friendly…..
    My Tourettes is the controllable kind, bitchface.

    But you’re welcome. I really try to remind myself to keep it on the level.

  117. >>>>>But you’re welcome. I really try to remind myself to keep it on the level.

    You were >< this close to calling me an asshole today, weren't you?

  118. The hive had about 6 frames loaded with honey but they were down in the lower part of the hive. The upper part of the hive had a few good frames full of honey near the dead bees. I think the cold and snow just lasted longer than normal and they couldn’t make it through the full winter.

    I’ve only seen a few deer roaming around the edges of the yard this year. I’m sure the Maine deer population got hit hard too.

  119. Wow, Kurt is passionate and of course right. I like the way he keeps referring to you as Steve. Like this just isn’t one of a million interviews.

  120. You were >< this close to calling me an asshole today, weren't you?
    Only on days that end in "Y."

  121. Did he say twat? I hope so.

  122. “I’m heteronormative and that’s how I roll.”


  123. Nicely done, Wiser, flowed well, good start and I like the way you didn’t interrupt your guest.

  124. The time flew by.

  125. >>>>>Nicely done, Wiser, flowed well, good start and I like the way you didn’t interrupt your guest.

    Thanks, mare.

    He sent out a tweet earlier today, mentioning that he was gonna be on my show. That, all by itself, was fucking cool. He did not have to do that.

    In his tweet, he referenced Bob Crane, for some silly reason. So when I introduced him, I made that joke about him having a weird Bob Crane obsession.

    I could hear him start laughing as I was finishing his intro. It was as if he knew I got it and that he was in good company.

    I sent him an e-mail, apologizing for it being such a short interview (that’s why I kept pimping his books) and he responded immediately, saying “let me know when you want me on again.”

    This shit is getting seriously cool…..

  126. >>>>“I’m heteronormative and that’s how I roll.”

    I was dying.

    Especially since the station was being broadcast at the Gathering and there were a whole lot of liberal politicians floating around, hearing it all.

    It literally could not have been a better guest.

  127. Maybe some cob logger could pimp your show in the sidebar when you get an interview of that magnitude again.


  128. >>>>*Cough*


  129. *sets out a try of Halls lozenges*

  130. Mare and I concur: excellent interview, wiser.

    Kurt will soon be receiving the matching bra-and-pantie ensemble for his “no lube” quip.

  131. You say “magnitude”

    I sent an e-mail to Townhall asking if he was interested.

    I agree that he’s a huge get. But it’s also incredibly stupid easy…..

  132. Also, “try”=”tray”

  133. You were >< this close to calling me an asshole today, weren't you?
    Please. I'm a professional.


  134. I think I just commented that I was a professional cunt.

    Damn it.

  135. MJ?

  136. Greetings, livestock molesters.

  137. I was just gonna ask him on twitter if he was interested.

  138. Thanks Cyn.

    I’d also like to thank the cunt academy.

  139. HA! There’s an award for that.

  140. I saw Cunt Academy open for Public Image Ltd. in ’91.

  141. Cunt Academy would actually be a pretty good name for a punk band.

  142. Pussy Galore opening for Cunt Academy… IT COULD WORK!

  143. Y-you don’t listen to Pussy Galore, do you, Cyn?

  144. Heh, nice interview, wiser!

    No lube. Wow, Kurt is a hoot.

  145. Never even heard of ’em, Sean.

  146. Pussy Galore is the lead singer for The Bond Girls.

  147. Unless there’s a blog about writing the word cunt more than any other blog, I think it’s safe to say we’re probably the cunt leaders on the internet.

    Text cunt, not actual cunt content.

  148. >>>Cunt Academy would actually be a pretty good name for a punk band.

    I found the perfect band to open for them: http://is.gd/Q2FjCs

    (it’s one of their more accessible songs)

  149. Text cunt vs. Actual cunt


  150. Never even heard of ’em, Sean.

    Ah, never mind then.

    *discreetly puts engagement ring back in pocket*

  151. Dear Lawdy Reegis, Jimbro, you have damn near won the internets for music suckage!

  152. *pretends not to see the ring and slides a DDP across the table*

  153. I listened to that whole “Lick My Butthole” song.

    I win something for that right? RIGHT?

  154. Radio Retaliation is a better album than I thought it was.

  155. http://is.gd/RpbeJt

  156. I’m trying to stream The Richest Man In Babylon right now, MJ, but my internet connection is being a text cunt.

  157. You actually listened to it?

    Big award!

  158. Here’s your award, Cyn.

  159. I found the perfect band to open for them: http://is.gd/Q2FjCs

    This song needs to be covered by Beck.

  160. Wiser, I’m excited for you. I think Schlichter was a great get.

    I got the impression that Kurt felt comfortable because you weren’t trying to be funnier than him. (No awkward, “ahhh yeah okay.”) You let him do his thing and weren’t like some of the douchy interviewers who feel compelled to “try and be funny to impress the guest.” That always turns out poorly.

    I liked that you laughed at his best lines but didn’t ruin the flow.

    I listen to a crap ton of talk radio, big and small market (or as small as Texas can be) and the good ones don’t interrupt or try to upstage an obviously articulate and witty guest.

  161. Oh, and I wish I found $20.

    I’m just excited that someone I “know” interviewed someone I really like and respect.

  162. I think Schlichter was a great get.

    Oh, great–mare’s gone Hollywood on us.

  163. Same here Mare. Looking forward to a longer segment.

  164. Oh, great–mare’s gone Hollywood on us.


    HA! I just awarded myself the H2 Douche Of The Day award.

  165. You like me, you really like me!!!

  166. Douche of the Day: Cunt of the Year :: Golden Globes: Oscars

  167. Will you be sending Kurt bra and panty set, Mare?

  168. You are the freshest douche award winner I know, Mare yay!

  169. Sean: I have not set my sights that high…yet.

    xbrad: Yes I might. Thinking Black with a trace of beige or pale pink (very pale) lacing.

  170. Comment by Jimbro on May 16, 2015 8:32 pm

    Looking forward to a longer segment.


    So is your Mom……………..

  171. Thanks CYN!!

    Freshness is my middle name!

  172. *wipes a worried brow that Mare’s not sending the violet and lavender set*

  173. My God, you’re whores.

  174. Mare, thanks for the great feedback.

    I knew I was dealing with someone who was far more experienced than I am an there was no way I was gonna try to go head-to-head with him.

    He was really great and gracious. I’m nobody and yet he treated me like a somebody, even behind the scene.

    Whoever suggested reaching out to him was a genius. I would have never done that without the little push.

  175. Cyn I was worried that particular shade of lavender was the wrong color for my skin tone. Went with a safe pick.

  176. Lauraw, we sell a little bit of our souls every time we comment here. So yes.

  177. My God, you’re whores.

    It’s true!

  178. Heh.

  179. Scott is not taking me seriously about this intelligent-shark-cobra-spider that I tried to kill up here but that I lost track of.

    I sprayed it with hairspray. I am absolutely positive that it is somewhere calling family and getting bionics.

  180. He’s all like, “I bet it was smaller than a dime, right”

  181. There’s probably a million things smaller than a dime that can kill a man. Or a woman.

  182. * sets fire to first floor *

  183. THANK YOU.

  184. There’s probably a million things smaller than a dime that can kill a man. Or a woman.

    True, but they mostly live in Australia.


  185. >>>>I sprayed it with hairspray

    Okay, so you didn’t kill him, but I’ll bet he looks FABulous!!!

  186. It was a Great White- Deadly Venomous Hooded- Little Shiny Black Spider. Do they come from Australia?

  187. Comment by scott on May 16, 2015 9:31 pm
    * sets fire to first floor *


    This kind of love I can respect.

    That dragon deal is bullshit.

  188. >>>>> Do they come from Australia?

    not without their entire family.

  189. OMG, first beasnesese with the Recluse and now lauraw with the GWDVHLSBS. I wonder who has next?

  190. I saw a spider today. I waved and said hi and kept going.

  191. *whimpers

  192. It wasn’t jumping, it was dancing.

  193. I only go DEFCON3 on ants. Spiders are bros.

  194. It was a Great White- Deadly Venomous Hooded- Little Shiny Black Spider. Do they come from Australia?

    You have to check to see if it has a little red mark that looks like Paul Hogan’s profile right between its fangs. If it doesn’t, you’re okay. If it does…

    …well, you’re far too close at that point for it to make much of a difference.

  195. Looks like you could use a hand there

    *aims trebuchet at second floor loaded with the biggest goddamned fireball thingy second only to SMOD you have ever seen to kill that muthafuckin GWDVHLSBS ded*

  196. *aims trebuchet at second floor

    Need more counterweight

  197. I can fix that.

    Here… hold my beer

  198. Workout win! Old shorts fit, and don’t look painted on!

    *orders Hunan Chicken

  199. Need more counterweight

    So does your mom.

  200. Y’all need to get to twitter stat. Great H2 conversation with DiT, Wiser, Andy, and Gabe

  201. Well done Jay!

  202. Y’all need to get to twitter stat. Great H2 conversation with DiT, Wiser, Andy, and Gabe

    No! You’re not my real mom!!1!

  203. Hahaha

  204. **favorites Wiser’s tweets but not Wiserbud’s**

  205. Okay fine. FINE. I looked.


  206. Laura,
    I saw a post the other day about someone who tried to kill a big spider with Axe Body spray.
    Not only did it not die, it is now having sex with all the lady spiders in his house to make little baby spiders…

  207. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if you ordered hot and spicy for an already hot and spicy entree.

  208. Since it’s Axe, wouldn’t he be having sex with all the boy spiders?

  209. So does anybody else think it might be a fun giggle if I logged into the H2 twitter handle to take the opposing view that Andy is running with on the H2 handle?

  210. Hahahaha

  211. We have a twitter?

  212. Evening Hostages. Been a while.

    Whoever is running H2’s twitter is pretty much making Gabe look ridiculous.

  213. Andy’s driving tonight.

    Not sure I agree with your assessment, tho.

    Also, Hi Brent!!

  214. Who’s ready for a refill?

  215. *waves*

    Hi Cyn.

    *shrug* I favor the death penalty. And I think Gabe is staggering from argument to argument. None of them particularly compelling.

  216. Refill!!!!

  217. Who runs the SMOD account? LMAO

  218. I have vodka, vodka, or… um… vodka?

  219. I’m drinking 100proof smirnoff.

    And Andy just delivered the “fuck you” to Gabe.

  220. That shit looks to be getting serious there.

  221. Well, that took a nasty turn.

  222. Now I need the drink. Cyn? Set em up?

  223. And yet Dave is admonishing Gabe… I feel like I missed something.

  224. Already pouring, honey

  225. I got a “fuck you” from DrewM once. I’m kind of proud of that, actually.

  226. This is far more entertaining than watching my parents and my inlaws ignore each other for the last two days.

  227. That’s a righteous badge, bruh

  228. I probably deserved it. We got into a serious pissing match on twitter over LIB and refusing to vote for candidates.

    I may, MAY, have described certain behaviors as “cowardly” at one point. Then I got the “fuck you”.

  229. Dave always has such an awesome way with words.

  230. Dammit, they’re kissing and making up. Someone go throw a firebomb at Andy and get him worked up again.

  231. Ha! Nice shot.

    That’s our Drew.

  232. **taps empty sippy cup on counter**

  233. I’ve always kinda guessed @smod2016 was Wiser, but I dunno.

  234. Did anybody have a talk with an attorney about the legality of having anybody else buried alive with them in their tomb after they die today?

  235. That was fun while it lasted.

    *opens lid, pours, tightens down lid*

    Do NOT remove the lid to play with the ice this time.

  236. Who’s ready for a refill?

    Me. I get to see Rocketboy tomorrow, not today. The boys stopped at a friend’s house on the way home to play D&D.

  237. Hmm, Down Periscope or Guardians of the Galaxy?

  238. Do NOT remove the lid to play with the ice this time.

    *stops mid reach*

    Awwwww……..come on!

  239. @smod2016

    I was thinking it was Jack M., but that’s just a WAG.

  240. G’night guys. SMOD made me laugh.

  241. And Roamy. For actually addressing Wiser’s original tweet.

  242. *pours for Roamy*

    Nighty night, Osogirliebear

  243. Night oso.

  244. Wiser has a twitter account??

  245. I just “discovered” soy marinated soft boiled eggs.

    Why didn’t someone tell me of this earlier?

    of course I could not follow the recipe, my ginger ponzu lime herb eggs are fabulous.
    I may update hostage recipe when i find the perfect egg.

  246. Yeah Cyn, he was using it the other night to give me grief for not commenting around here.

  247. That sounds delish, Vmax – you’d better post that.

  248. I shoulda put a sarc tag on that comment ;)

    Good to see you back here, and for the love of pete, why are you having both sets of parents around?

  249. The inlaws come down this time every year to visit. Time it so they’re hear for the girls’ spring dance recital. Normally they stay for two to three weeks. This time only about 10 days.

    Typically we try to keep them separate as much as possible. There was some unpleasantness involving my family a few years ago and that apparently means my MIL wants nothing to do with them.

    This time around, there’s no avoiding lots of time around each other. Youngest graduated preschool last night. Both girls had their spring recital today. Tomorrow the eldest gets baptized.

    So….yeah…..bring on the booze!

  250. I shall Smoking Hot Tiger Chick.
    I am hoping for a quick easy breakfast that I can grab and go.
    So far it is easy and tasty

  251. I get that “separation” deal; my mom was never a fan of my in-laws… any of them.

  252. Vman – do you have or need keys to the recipe blog?

  253. Down Periscope it is.

    Soy marianated eggs, huh? sounds interesting.

  254. Great flick choice, Jay; you can never go wrong with Guardians too

  255. These exchanges crack me up:

  256. Guardians rocks.

    Saw Age of Ultron a couple weeks ago. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I pretty much just throw my wallet at Marvel these days.

    Although I’m not real sure on AntMan or a Spiderman reboot.

  257. I just saw Guardians recently, so I went with the more classic choice.

  258. Age of Ultron is on the agenda for tomorrow; belated Mom’s Day present… in IMAX no less!

    I’m headed now to watch Mockingjay that Googleman got for his birthday earlier this week.

  259. The 2nd Hunger Games wasn’t as good as the first. I hope Mockingjay is better.

  260. Mad Max!

  261. Where I started my modifications from

  262. If youse guys get he chance, check out the Daredevil series on Netflix. Good writing, good acting from a budget cast, and probably the best fight choreography of any superhero project I’ve ever seen.

  263. You liked it Sean?

    Someone, I think Ace, went on and on about everything that was wrong with it.

  264. I’ve heard quite a few people that liked that series. Might have to give it a try.

  265. Sonar doing the whale songs still makes me laugh.

  266. I’m not done with it yet, but it’s good so far.

  267. I was thinking the press, even as liberal as they are, were probably starting to get annoyed with Queen Hillary’s silent treatment.
    But then I realized, they have a dozen or so GOP candidates to hector, and that’s fine with them. Sooner or later, one of them is bound to say something stupid, or that can be portrayed as stupid, and used to paint the entire GOP as stupid, and haters of puppies.

    And the GOP candidates, desperate to get some traction, feel compelled not just to answer questions, but to get in front of any camera they can.

    In the meantime, it also lets them get away with not asking Hillary any embarrassing or difficult questions.

  268. Got that right, xbrad. They can just wait them out. No one notices, because no one asks the media questions, it’s the other way around.

    I pointed that out to someone here. They were impressed that I noticed.

  269. This one way love is just a fantasy, oh sugar
    To share is precious, pure an’ fair
    Don’t derp with somethin’, you should cherish for life, oh baby
    Don’t you wanna care, ain’t it lonely out there

  270. Well that was an interesting night. I hope everyone else is doing well.

  271. And I hope you are doing well too, CO!

  272. I’m off to the fracture factory. My NP woke me at 0400 about a smashed talus in a kid of driving age. Too smashed for me to fix so I’m turfing it to the adult team. I’m fixing a 4 year old’s elbow at 0745—more my area of expertise.

  273. I am entirely burnt out on comic-book-related film projects.

  274. I even quit watching Flash on Hulu.

  275. Good morning, good people!

  276. Tell me this isn’t the H2…go ahead and try:


  277. Super Troopers is pretty funny in a Police Academy on weed kind of way.

  278. *pistol whips SRG

  279. meow

  280. Hey felt-ass, does your new jerb let you look at porn, or just fluff for it?

    Can you handle June BBF dooties?

  281. MJ, what flaw in humanity are we going to uncover today?

  282. Hey loser. I can do BBF.

    I actually have free time now so I can handle your boobs.


  283. There is a muppet named Humanity?

  284. Well, we’ve covered anal and dragon dildos so anything we talk about today is just gravy.

    I’ll search the darknet and find a topic for curious outrage.

  285. Thanks. I got this week and next, you can do June 5th-26th.

    I’ll send an Outlook appointment to your puppeteer so you don’t forget.

  286. Let’s talk about near death experiences.


  287. H2 in a nutshell:

  288. Huh, I didn’t know MJ was afraid of water and a drama queen.

  289. The H2 is NOT full of dummies, need proof?


  290. http://is.gd/MJ_plays_defense

  291. The H2 school of dating:


  292. Buffalone tries exercising…fails


  293. Mare before she gets on a scale in a Drs office:


  294. Lauraw finally comes to terms with reality:


  295. L to R

    Mare, Buffalone


    Time to mow the grass. L8R

  296. Ohmygosh, that pup pup is precious. Well done!

  297. Leon any thoughts on CLA supplements like Ab Cuts?

  298. G’morning.

    New Poatsy for Fun People

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