Big Boob Friday

Hello my friends, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

I can‘t think of anything to write so here are some random gifs.



Your model for today was born in Malibu, California on February 11th, 1990. She stared in a reality show on E! and has big boobs, pretty eyes, and completely ruined her looks with lousy tattoos. She stands 5′ 6″ and 110lbs, and measures 32DD-25-32. Please make yourself comfortable and welcome, Miss Tess Taylor Arlington!

tess 1

tess 3

tess 2

tess 4


tess 6


  1. Good looking kid.

  2. Too bad she fucked it all up with those stupid tattoos.

  3. Wakey wakey

  4. She looks like a reader. I wonder what genre she likes?

  5. Speedmetal

  6. Prolly Cosmo.

  7. She has a really cute face, if she stays away from the “Emily” poses she’s doing alright.

    She must be Indian, she has a tattoo on her forearm of an indian woman wearing a headdress which I didn’t think Indian women did. But she’s probably a scholar or something and knows a lot about Indians.

  8. *Just for the record, I don’t care what two people do in bed (have at it, be careful, respect and old fashioned hack that I am, love). Like Alex said, don’t make me approve of it or care. What started the conversation was an ending in a popular movie making it sound peachy.

  9. I can’t believe they brought up anal in Age of Ultron. That’s just crass.

  10. Leon, did you see the Jenna Marbles video where she plays Hillary Clinton?

  11. It gets funnier as it goes along. Her imitation of Hillary’s laugh is great.

  12. Mare, the issue – for me – is young folks (girls) being indoctrinated that it’s basically A-OK (with no risks) and young men saying they wouldn’t date a girl who wouldn’t do it.

    WTF has happened? It’s not too much different than the young men who say they won’t date a woman who doesn’t put out fast. I weep.

  13. Someone should do a skit of Hillary running her campaign in a plastic bubble. 8 questions in 32 days ?

    someday … it’s all just too much for me.

  14. I started to, but got bored. Also the comments terrified me.

  15. SPeedmetal comes in handy on days like today.

    I’m listening to Rush (the musicians) right now so it’s helping a bit.

  16. Leon, I’m starting my COMPOST EVERYTHING rule today. I stopped short of picking through my trash. Ok, that’s a lie – I went through the stuff on the top.

  17. You know what I like about BBF?

    Men still like to look at boobs.

  18. Any of you remember where I put by grease splatter cover? I’d like to make bacon and can’t find it. Let me know.

  19. Oh and because I know how you think, shut your whore mouths.

  20. I haven’t read it yet, I suspect I’m going to feel guilty about tossing my aeropress filters.

    I’m saving the grounds!

  21. Mare has never been to a meatup.
    Mare knows what men like to do.

    Thus, Mare has a fabulous rack.

  22. Accepts PhD in Logic from Moron U

  23. Thus, Mare has a fabulous rack.

    Right on.

  24. Here is a pretty fair representation of my rack:

  25. Mare that “rack” site you just linked is a malicious site.

  26. I would suggest that by moron logic it’s just as likely that she’s flat-chested, and she would rather abstain than disappoint.

  27. Actually, it means Mare is a man, baby.

  28. I know what I’m bbqing Sunday.

  29. In India, by the time you graduate from highschool (12 years of education), if you have passed the requisite entrance exams, one can start medical school, within 5 years complete it (including 1 year of internship) and start a general practice, or as is more common, study further, get the MD, and still start the real career around the age of 26-27.

    In US, you first have to go to a 4 year university to earn a degree in some useless irrelevant majors, then head to school and be in your mid thirties before you can start your career.

    What kind of fucked up education system are you guys running?

  30. We prefer that our doctors know what the fuck they are doing.

  31. Mare’s rack is malicious?
    This is intriguing, scary and arousing.

  32. >>Hotspur on May 15, 2015 at 9:56 am
    We prefer that our doctors know what the fuck they are doing.

    And 4 years of studying feminist and tranny oppression studies is the way to do that?

  33. If you can head to sn engineering school right after highschool, why can’t you head to med school?

  34. Feminist and tranny oppression matter. It’s out there, man.

  35. Credentialism and full employment for professors, Tushar.

    And it’s really just in the last 100 years. Before that, doctors and lawyers were taught like all other professions: you joined a firm or a practice and apprenticed.

  36. Because a lot of Americans can’t read when they graduate high school.

  37. RIP BB King.

    Lucille couldn’t save him this time.

  38. Actually, it means Mare is a man, baby.

    For all anyone knows, everyone here is really an unemployed overweight 43 year-old man sponging a room in his mom’s basement.

  39. We can’t all xbrad

  40. What Scott said. High School is baby-sitting these days. No deadlines, no consequences, we are all winners mentality. Missed an assignment? No problem, turn it in when it’s ready. Failed a test? Here, take it again as many times as you want until you get the grade you feel you deserve.


  41. College is completely fucked up. DOn’t get me started.

    *turns on death metal

  42. India is the other extreme. If you want to be an engineer, the entrance exam you take in highschool senior year is the make and break. My nephews have been studying for it since eighth grade. The dedication these guys have is scary.

  43. I never heard back from the mushroom people. Not sure if their contact link is broken or if the site’s alive and the company isn’t.

  44. I discouraged one nephew from coming to US for undergrad. Graduate studies, yes. Undergrad, no

  45. I saw BB King at Foxwoods Casino in 1997 with Laura, it was our first date.

  46. Buffalone, excellent gifs…as always.

  47. In America, you are expected to become a SJW. The training starts in kindergarten. By your senior year in high school if you aren’t queer or wearing hemp unisex clothing to the climate change rally, you’ve failed.

  48. STEM for grad school is still mostly intact, at least as recently as 2008.

  49. One of our first dates.

  50. My “lady parts” (If you choose to believe I’m a woman stupes that you are) doctor is Indian (dot), she looks about 18 but is very competent. I love her. And I always feel better after I’ve seen her, not the fat shaming that normally occurs in a Doctors office.

    ps, FU scales in Drs’ offices.

  51. I think the German system of edumacation is a good one.

  52. How many first dates can you have?

  53. How many first dates can you have?

    As many you need to get it right.

  54. ^he’s covering his butt because he can’t remember what he did on his first date.

  55. How many first dates can you have?

    50, according to the Adam Sandler movie.

  56. With the same woman.

  57. Heh, my wife laughs at me, because she can remember the first time she met me, and I can’t (I worked in a bar, fercrisssakes, and she was a customer at that time).

  58. I worked in a bar, fercrisssakes,

    You were a waitress? Pole dancer?

  59. Our first date was bowling with another couple. Our second was seeing The Passion of the Christ while neither of us was a practicing Christian of any kind.

  60. In US, you first have to go to a 4 year university to earn a degree in some useless irrelevant majors, then head to school and be in your mid thirties before you can start your career.

    What kind of fucked up education system are you guys running?

    Technically you don’t need a university degree.

    The current system was put in place about 100 years ago. It was designed to deliberately restrict the number of doctors. The hope was that the requirements would produce a smaller cadre of better trained doctors and reduce the quacks running around. One of the big expansions in recent years are Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine schools, since the curriculum is very similar and the restrictions don’t exist.

    Personally, I’d love to see PAs made an undergraduate degree, and medical school licensing relaxed (right now they’re required to be affiliated with a hospital and can only take a certain number of students). Let kids leaving high school start working towards becoming a PA, and then apply to medical school to improve their knowledge.

  61. Our second was seeing The Passion of the Christ

    We saw that too (not first date though). The thing I remember at the end is how utterly quiet it was, in a completely packed theater. It was surreal.

  62. My first date with my husband was sunset on the beach with champagne, then dinner at a fun Mexican restaurant. Then cocaine lines, shots of tequila and a spoon of crack, ending the evening by punching a cop.


  63. Actually, it means Mare is a man, baby.

    For all anyone knows, everyone here is really an unemployed overweight 43 year-old man sponging a room in his mom’s basement.
    Comment by pendejogrande on May 15, 2015 10:08 am

    We can’t all xbrad

    I’m 48. And we don’t have a basement.

  64. Happy Friday y’all.

    I got to see a B-52 takeoff at Barksdale yesterday.

    This BBF is impressive too.

  65. Well, ok. I bought the fourth book of GoT.

    I read one review which suggested reading the preface, skipping to chapter five, and then only reading certain chapters and summing it all up with the Wiki entry.

  66. I got a brief tour of the interior of a B-52 once. Surprisingly crowded inside.

    Than the Air Police showed up and had a shitfit.

  67. “Then”


  68. Well, we own a new house. This has been the most excruciating month of bullshit paperwork I could have ever imagined. Plus HotBride is out of town, so I had to sign every fucking document with her full name then “by my full name, Attorney In Fact.”

    I need a drink.

  69. She looks like a reader. I wonder what genre she likes?

    I think that she just finished an excellent paper on the latest developments in string theory.

  70. String bikini theory, maybe.

  71. She seems nice tits.

  72. nice boobs . . . .its great time to ply with them

  73. hi

  74. How many bullwhips, Pooja?

  75. The whole neighborhood smells like smoked linguica.

  76. We just turned the heat on. In Palm Desert. In the middle of May. You know, where we’ve already had days of triple digit temps this year.

  77. Hillary Clinton told a group of her top fundraisers Thursday that if she is elected president, her nominees to the Supreme Court will have to share her belief that the court’s 2010 Citizens United decision must be overturned, according to people who heard her remarks…

    “If elected president, I will have a litmus test in terms of my nominee to be a Supreme Court justice,” Sanders said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “And that nominee will say that we are all going to overturn this disastrous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United because that decision is undermining American democracy. I do not believe that billionaires should be able to buy politicians.”

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    *watches Hillary cash Foundation checks from uranium billionaires*

  78. Do recall that CU was about banning a film critical of Hillary Clinton.

  79. And further recall that the Solicitor General of the United States stood before the Supreme Court and argued that yes, of course, 1st Amendment be damned, the government could exercise prior restraint on political speech and ban books.

  80. For Hillary, any tyranny is freedom. She’s liberating you by trying to ban criticism.

  81. Shit, it’s working.

  82. Good analysis by Ace. I’ve been inclined to believe that the faggot engineer who crashed that train was drunk or stoned, or did it on purpose.

    Wonder if any of the US media will report that the controls were installed but not turned on. Then maybe all of the liberals placing the blame on republicans can go fuck themselves.

  83. So some idiots have a petition to change “walking only” signs on certain ASU roads to sonething because these signs as ableist.

    I signed the petition as F. A. Tass. But someone changed my name to jhon fatman.
    They mercifully left my comment alone.

    Pl read:

  84. Amtrak takes in about 3 billion in revenue annually but spends 4B. The taxpayers get soaked every year for that missing billion. Amtrak spent only something like $800 million on capital expenditures (Infrastructure™!) whereas it spent two and a half billion on salaries and pensions. Hmm. Priorities.

  85. BTW, we can thank Nixon for Amtrak.

  86. Mad Max Fury Road is fan-freaking-tastic.

    My heart was thrumming through most of it.

    Oh, and congrats, Hotspur.

  87. Their signature steak dinner in the dining car is pretty good, though.

  88. Taxpayer subsidized steak… It’s not just for EBT cardholders anymore!

  89. Strange, Anita got her Mediscare card.
    Her B’day is not until the end of Sept…

    With the arrival of the card, the phone started ringing with insurers trying to sell Supplemental, or Medicare Advantage.
    It’s almost as if the government sells names to the insurers.
    That can’t be it. That would be wrong…

  90. No one wants to read my comment on

    I am looking for affirmation, people.
    What use are you if I can’t extract some fake unearned guffaws out of you?

  91. Interview with the author of Compost Everything.

  92. Am I going to have to sign up to read your trolling?

  93. I chuckled, Tushar.

  94. George, no

  95. I liked your comment, Tushar. You should be a professional troller.

  96. You have to sign up to “Like” his comment.

  97. Death.

  98. Boston bomber gets death penalty.

  99. That is, the sentence of Tsarnev is death.

  100. Took you long enough, Wiser.

  101. Hey, did you know The Joker got the death penalty?

  102. Took you long enough, Wiser.

    Favorite that, dipshit

  103. Which album, Car in?

    Rush is great.

  104. For some reason I cannot see comments where Tush has been trolling.



  107. GO, my comment was:

    I am a Transfreight highwaysexual who identifies as a Containerkin. I need an 18 wheeler to haul me around the campus. If you oppose me, you are sexist, specieist transphobes. You have triggered me and you should check your privilege.

  108. Bye, Sarge.

  109. BAGHDAD — Islamic State fighters took control of Ramadi, capital of Iraq’s largest province Friday, police in the city said, in what appeared to be a significant blow to a U.S.-backed military campaign to retake Iraqi territory from the extremist Sunni group

    Like Biden said, Iraq is one of the administration’s greatest success stories.

  110. *checks Tushar’s tare weight*

  111. Highwaysexual? I’m more of a cul-de-sexual myself.

  112. Damn, I ought to cash in on this. No verification.

    Soon it could be possible to apply for food stamps over the phone, with proponents arguing that in-person interviews add too much extra administrative cost.

    A report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) looked at whether it should get rid of in-person interviews…

    “Regulations require that states conduct face-to-face interviews, unless the state determines that a telephone interview is acceptable due to a hardship on the client,” the report details. “However, over the last decade, most states applied for and received waivers that allow for telephone interviews in all cases, without the need to document a hardship.”

  113. Mike Jones just liked your comment. He’s a loyal denizen of

  114. Heh! With that one Like, it is now the most liked comment

  115. You should favorite that, for wiser.

  116. I made a gallon of potato soup last night.

    And just spent an hour and a half looking for store bought potato soup for mom, who’s not feeling very chipper today. And was quite adamant that she wanted store bought potato soup.

  117. Don’t you have a spare can you can fake open?

  118. I prefer duck soup.

  119. viaduct?

  120. Eh, I had to run out to get smokes anyway. But the old motherfucker in front of the soup bar in the motor scooter shopping cart was moving like pond water. Took like a minute to read each label on the hot soups, then roll forward six inches. Of course, he then backed up very rapidly the three feet it took to run over my foot.

    And then, of course, when he finally got the fuck out of the way of the potato soup, they were out. So I head over to the service deli to see if they had any more, and guess who got there and started (very, very slowly) ordering a fucking deli sandwich, which apparently he had to change his order three or four fucking times. Of course, they didn’t have any more soup Had to hit up two other stores to find some.

  121. That sounds like a conspiracy of bullmunch circumstances, HeXBrad.

  122. So, MCPO was there and you didn’t say hi.

  123. I was going to, but then he ran over my foot!

  124. You’re a good son, xbrad.

  125. What;s your new house like, Hotspur?

  126. Suck up all you want, Beasn, but I’m not going back out to get you any fucking soup.

  127. It’s a story with a happy ending, I LOL’d.

  128. Yay!!! that’s the best thing I’ve read in ages! Thanks, Leonidas.

  129. Most excellent. I’d love to see the “supportive” comments.

  130. Yikes, she’s the only shitbag in the story.

  131. I’ll bet she doesn’t even do anal.

  132. I bet she bitches about doing a lot of things.

  133. Suck up all you want, Beasn, but I’m not going back out to get you any fucking soup.

    I don’t do store ‘made’ soup.

  134. She’s hideous.

  135. Clocks are done!

    All I have left is a library table, a giant lamp, and a marble topped hall tree.

  136. Where all the Outlander fans at?

    You’re welcome.

  137. Okay, how come my linky disappeared?

  138. Greetings, people who aren’t likely to be faced with having an awkward conversation with their flattened brother in hell anytime soon.


  140. ~waves at Beasn~

  141. I’ll bet she doesn’t even do anal.

    Who had “May 15” in the pool this month?

  142. That story was teh funneh.

    She’s hideous.

    Wait until next week.

  143. You know, if I chick texted me about anal and we hadn’t even met or gone out I’d be a little freaked out.

    Bet there’s been a lot of sausage in that hole.

  144. Why would a chick text you if it wasn’t about anal, Bert?

  145. I’m a little disappointed that nobody complimented my awesome photo-shopping on that last picture.

  146. I was trying not to dwell on the tittays, but I see it now that you mention it.

  147. Comment by beasn on May 15, 2015 7:12 pm

    Apparently chest-waxing is an ancient highland art. Who knew?

  148. “dwell”

    I know you are porn free as the wind blows, Leon…but the best pictures of this weeks model are not post-able. She’s a waxer.


  149. Heh. We both went with waxing comments at the same time about different subjects.

    I’m going to go drink and soak in the hot tub. L8r

  150. Yeah, I doubt she’s seen a pubic hair in years. Probably forgotten what they look like.

  151. I’m jealous. My hotel doesn’t have a hot tub, just a saltwater pool. My knee could really use a soak right now.

  152. Apparently chest-waxing is an ancient highland art. Who knew?

    They wear skirts. Scotland is the birthplace of metro.

  153. My mushroom-hunting friend came for a visit, found about a half pound of morels, and an absolute embarrassment of this:

  154. Did you guys find, um, anything else?

  155. Found a pie pan and some deer scat. And about 5# of this:

    Those suckers get HYUGE. Smell and taste like watermelon.

  156. Apparently chest-waxing is an ancient highland art. Who knew?

    He’s a young man. Lots of men don’t get their chest hair until middle age.

  157. On the other hand, his groinal region should be hairier.

  158. *thud*

  159. I think they waxed him Beasn in order to show that much of his lower body. I don’t think they wanted to show “hair” there. Why? I do not know. And Jaimie in the book is a big, red, hairy guy. (two thumbs up).

    By the way, nice gif.

    I have seen pics of the actor playing Jaimie as Jaimie with chest hair. I think it was when they first got to castle Leoch.

  160. If a guy waxes, no thank you.

  161. Well kind of…better:

  162. My husband has chest hair. No back hair, thank goodness.

  163. So, Beasn, how did you acquire your expertise in mens’s groinal regions?

  164. Any thoughts on ear hair, Mare?

  165. I think it’s important I link this again, I don’t know why, it just is:

  166. oops

  167. Yes, brad, use one of these…ditto for nose:

  168. Those suckers get HYUGE. Smell and taste like watermelon.

    Hey, that’s nice. But do they get you high?

  169. Xbrad, go ahead and stop shaving your balls.

  170. Mare, I bought Dan one of those when he turned 45 and it started to become an issue.

  171. I laugh every time I click the “hello my friends” link.

  172. He’s a young man. Lots of men don’t get their chest hair until middle age.

    *Stares down at chest*

    Damn, I guess middle age came early.

  173. You have cats, right mare? I saw this the other day, and I will sit and watch the whole thing all the way through:

  174. Oso, why not deal with it when a simple, painless, cheap means of getting rid of it exists?

    No harm, no foul, no unsightly hair.

  175. hahahahahahhahah….Sean that’s priceless.

  176. Hey, that’s nice. But do they get you high?

    Not from those. no.

    Did you know psilocybin loves horse manure piled in the woods? Because it does. I’m not saying anything else about that.

    *waves hand in front of face suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper slowly*

  177. I like chest hair. Why are men waxing their chests (other than contests wherein it improves the ability to see muscle delineation)?

  178. Sean, I have cat now…not cats. Was that a veiled comment about me becoming a cat lady?

    I have had cats. But just the one now. Puka is with my mother who LOVES her. Seriously, loves that cat.

  179. I thought I remembered you having at least a couple of cats, mare. Wasn’t making any underhanded comments about how you were crazy, or smelled like cat pee, or anything like that.


  180. Just as I thought, Sean,

    At one time I had Puka, Blue and Piper.

    Blue didn’t show up for six days and for some reason my husband took my oldest to the humane society to “just look” came home with Puka. Blue showed up the next day, he was locked in a neighbor’s garage will they were out of town.

    I told my kids to keep it on the down low about us having 3 cats.

  181. Mare, it became a challenge. I’m an Ewok from Oct-May, unless tropical vacay. SomeONE equated ear/nose grooming to leg-shaving.

  182. My cat now is Bofus.

  183. My cat is still Sox.

  184. I feel bad that I’m not in SD for the deluge. I was there for 2 previous rain cancellations. I don’t even know if the Padres are home. I do know that both previous rain checks had me going “WTF?” until I watched local news.

  185. When we had the barn, horses, and so – COB = mice, we had barn-cats.
    Before we got them all fixed, we had 27.
    It cost a fortune to have them all fixed and vaccinated.
    It looked so funny to look at the couch across the front-room, and see a solid row of kitten-paws under the front edge, from end-to end.
    We had boxes of kittens, and they were fun.
    They are all dead, now.
    The oldest got to be 20…

  186. I have never had a cat. I never liked them until a decade ago. I do not object to cats.

  187. ChrisP, I’m sorry. Family is family.

  188. My sister rescues everything. Our home was full of critters growing up. She rescued a kitten while my dad was recovering from his heart attack. Gato. Gato was an asshole and totally devoted to my dad.

  189. Oso,
    They had the best kitty lives, evah!
    We loved and doted on them all.
    Some died on the highway, some by Eagles, some by old-age.
    They had great lives, and were all mourned when they were gone…

  190. The Sriracha mug I got in the SS exchange this last Christmas slipped out of my hands while I was washing it this morning and the handle broke off. Then, to add injury to injury, a piece of it cut my sonofabitching thumb.

    I’m pondering my legal options.


  192. I’m having a bad week. Buff’s gif has me crying.

  193. I think you can sue Cyn, she set up Secret Santa.

  194. That goes without saying, b-rad. But I’m also gonna go after Clorox, since they made the dishsoap.

  195. Well, shit. Not what I was going for at all Lelo.

  196. Did anybody make things worse by guessing the wrong thing when anybody else said “Oh, you know what you did” today?

  197. No really, Buffalone, that seriously helped me. Earlier this week I decided to go back into therapy. I needed that.

  198. Oso,
    Good luck with that, seriously.
    My last(long ago, thank God) therapist, we called “Frau Bleucher” (horse whinny here).
    She was EVIL and did more damage than good.
    If I’m lucky, I will never be in that situation again, I was pretty far down…


  200. Tito is a good therapist.

  201. ChrisP, I’ve had good luck with therapists. I H8 group. Buffalone and Scott know me! They really know me!

  202. My sister asked me how something or other made me feel, and I made a comment that she sounded like Dr. Joyce Brothers. Man, was she pissed.

  203. Seriously, though, Oso, good luck with it and the blood sugar stuff.

  204. Roamy, thanks. The blood sugar and other behaviors are all tied up. I left a tab open earlier this week that has prompted “Discussion”. Therapy seems to be the solution.

  205. So I came to her room and opened the door
    Oh, snap! Guess what I saw?
    A fella tongue-kissin’ my girl in the mouth,
    I was so in shock my derp went down south

  206. Roamy, thanks. The blood sugar and other behaviors are all tied up. I left a tab open earlier this week that has prompted “Discussion”. Therapy seems to be the solution.

    Dan found your link to

  207. So my sister is saying that she won’t invite mom because mom won’t “acknowledge her responsibility for what happened”, whatever the hell that means.

    Of course, every time mom has tried to discuss Sis’ anger and how to make amends, Sis declares that she doesn’t want to talk about that and shuts down the conversation.

    Of course, that doesn’t stop Sis from hitting mom up for money whenever she needs a loan. There’s at least several thousand dollars over the past few years, and likely more that I don’t know about.

  208. Blue died from a coyote in Tacoma no less. That was very sad. Piper lived to be 19, precious, sweet girl. Puka is at my Mother’s we didn’t have the heart to ask for her back since my mother adores her and after my Dad died she was her companion.

  209. Because I’ve been traveling so much our cat loves me but adores my husband. My husband who didn’t generally have strong feelings about pets likes our cat very much and if I die has agreed that he will take him on his boat he’s going to live on.

    I’ve been watching for any weird moves, like putting poison in my food or the cat trying to trip me. They could be in this together.

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