1. Brilliant!

  2. Gotta drive the boys to school, hit Sam’s Club and then get the mail.


  3. Fuck me running backwards.

  4. Today is long & sticky, with strong notes of garbage & leftovers.

    Mass: 3½lb

    Corn: [Y]/n

    Wipes: 41


  5. That dog is a more believable Thor than the SJWhiner they’re currently calling “Thor” in the comics.

  6. Wakey wakey.

    I had to bring in all my seedllings last night. It got dangerously close to freezing. I ain’t taking no chances.

  7. My seed trays are flooded. If they survive, they get planted, but I can’t bring them in.

    Probably visiting a greenhouse in a couple of weeks.

  8. Yea, that’s why I don’t do TOO many seedlings. Up until when I have a nice big spot in the basement with a grow light, I just do a few things from seed.

  9. I got a compression thing for my shoulder. Finally. I should have done it weeks ago. I think I was just making it worse and worse (it honestly felt worse). Yesterday I could barely do anything with my arm.

    Anyway, today – after wearing it half the day (it arrived while I was at homschool thing) it feels moderately better. Even after working.

  10. If I don’t get a greenhouse built this fall, I’m starting seedlings in the crawlspace next year with a lamp. Mine got too leggy this year because of the light in the dining room.

  11. I do a lot of shoulder dislocates with a 4# “fitness bar” during my workouts now, seems to help. Just started doing external rotations with a band to try and strengthen the joint now that it’s mobile.

  12. Yea, whatever I did, the pain is amazing. I was digging in the dirt. Never even felt a thing. Then later a dull ache. Then … ugh.

  13. I would absolutely stay away from beginning hole cleaning.

  14. Hey, PD, what’s the matter little fella?

  15. Oh, and this Pope is an idiot.

  16. I don’t normally buy gardening books in e-format, but this is kindle only and too interesting to pass up.

  17. Francis is holding the line on the actual teachings of the Church, I just wish he’d refrain from econ and enviro talk, unless it’s condemnation of usury and honest-to-god pollution.

  18. TJ knows about hole cleaning.

  19. Carin, mine went the same way, 0 to ow after I’m not sure what. I think it was hefting my weighted vest out of a car trunk, but that was probably just the last straw.

  20. that does look good.

  21. Bought it, I’ll read it and let you know if it’s worth $3.

  22. Hillary has lost Alan Colmes.

    She’s done.

  23. The Left will claim that Alan is speaking for Faux News.

    I’ll agree with them if he endorses Jeb.

  24. I just borrowed it for free.

  25. I need to order worms. sigh

  26. What kind of diet is that?

  27. I certainly do. I have a certificate in it.

  28. A certified hole cleaner? I’m adding that to my resume.

  29. So I have a sort of lifelong aversion to mushrooms because I think they ruin pizza, but I’m seriously tempted to start trying to grow them in my woods both for eating and to reduce the fire risk.

    I don’t know who I am anymore.

  30. Today is search the woods for morels day.

  31. I have a friend at church who wants to hunt for them here. I have never had one but I promised to try anything he found.

  32. I compost, but I’m pretty lazy about it, so this book will be good. I’ve got loose shit in my compost pile.

  33. My neighbor found a ton yesterday.

  34. you really shouldn’t try it. If you find any, give me a call. I’ll take it off of your hands.

  35. Leon only anti-Semites want to recognize Palestine.

  36. I wish they’d stop showing pictures of the attention whore O’Malley with his shirt off, he looks like a dick, exactly like Obama.

    If he’s the left’s “guy” well, the death of the earth cannot come fast enough.

  37. I love mushrooms, but I’m always afraid wild ones because of all the death by poison thing.

    Are they hard to grow? I mean just the typical pizza ruining variety?

  38. SWOD, Mare. We have that to cheer on.

  39. Are we having fun yet?

  40. They sell kits to grow mushrooms, but it’s cheaper to just buy them.

  41. No Roamy. Not yet.

  42. Everything I’ve read says mushrooms are pretty easy to grow, particularly the white buttons (pizza variety), just need a dark space and some wood of the right variety. They sell innoculation plugs for the nicer varieties so you can arrange a right-type log and drill holes in it.

    I have a few hundred pounds of wild cherry that could be farmed for reishi and chicken of the woods, and even more soft woods.

  43. Someone on Fox showed the statistics of jobs per day created by governors during their tenure. Jeb and Rick Perry were at the top with hundreds per day, Scott Walker wasn’t too far behind, O’Malley was dead last with average of 2 jobs created per day.

  44. These guys are near Ann Arbor, Carin: http://www.easygrowmushrooms.com/plugs.shtml

    I might drive out to see them and see if I can save shipping $$.

  45. I think O’Mallet is trying to goad Hills into posting a topless picture.

  46. Buy some for me too. I’ll give it a go. I’ve only ever seen logs that come prepared, and those are pricey.

  47. They have morel kits too.

  48. Carin, how are you doing with the Taubes deal? I’m kicking ass and taking names.

    Feel like a hundred bucks!

  49. Is there anything Thor can’t do?

    Cyn, sorry I missed your willingness to go rogue last night, damn it!

  50. When mare visits North Korea…you know, for fun:


  51. I’ll have my people call your people and we’ll schedule a righteous bawdy burning soon.

  52. Death by antiaircraft fire…I see North Korea is having the same trouble securing medications for lethal injection that we are.

  53. It’s a date!


  54. I’m doing pretty well, Mare, although Mother’s day was a setback. lol.

  55. Another day, more bullshit.

  56. Hotspur, what are you referring to besides everything?

  57. I’m stealing your comment, Jimbro.

  58. Contacted the EasyGrow people since I’m going to be in AA this afternoon, we’ll see if they’ll just meet me and sell for cash moneys.

  59. HotBride and I are buying a house. It is the most convoluted cock smoking dickbutt lemon bear dick punch whore mouth butt fucking bullwhip fuck fart bitch bastard rigamarole imaginable.

    You couldn’t make this more complicated if you put the entire fucking Congress and its entire pole smoking staff in charge of lending.

  60. This is how the useless fucktards spend their time in my town. Me? I’ll be at work.


  61. So then HotBride is in love with the house.

  62. They ought to take all of these foreskins, deep fry them and feed them to the assholes at Gitmo.

  63. Yeah, its in the village she lived in before we got married. She loves the place. Our daughter lives in her house in the village, so we’ll be close.

    I’m happy where we are, because when I built the house I built it with everything I like. But Lesley is not real keen on it because it has a tiny yard, and she likes to garden.

    Me? I don’t give a shit where we live.

  64. Use the foreskins for skin grafts for victims of FGM.

    If the bloodstained men were men they’d protest outside a mosque about FGM wearing the same fucking outfits.

  65. Comment by Hotspur on May 14, 2015 11:04 am
    They ought to take all of these foreskins, deep fry them and feed them to the assholes at Gitmo.


    hahahhaha…I enjoy Hotspur when he’s pissed.

    Fucktards, indeed.

  66. Plus I’m moving closer to your mom.

  67. Comment by Jimbro on May 14, 2015 11:07 am
    Use the foreskins for skin grafts for victims of FGM.
    If the bloodstained men were men they’d protest outside a mosque about FGM wearing the same fucking outfits.


    Amen, Jim, nailed it.

    FGM is the sickest “cock smoking dickbutt lemon bear dick punch whore mouth butt fucking bullwhip fuck fart bitch bastard rigamarole imaginable.”

    Seriously, how is this even imaginable?

  68. I oppose circumcision, but fighting it like a bunch of pink-garbed war protestors makes me wonder if these guys got too much cut off.

  69. I am not opposed to circumcision…on men.

  70. Hotspur, as long as your new home has plenty of work space for your shipbuilding, I approve of your move.

  71. That picture of Rubio on Drudge is one of his better pics. He kind of looks like he’s thinking about how to kill you, which I like.

  72. My shipbuilding actually only takes up a tiny amount of space. My current workspace is about the size of a closet.

  73. It’s bad for penises, Mare, I assume you like those.

  74. When do we get confirmation that the union engineer who crashed that fucking train was drunk or high?

    Asking for a friend.

  75. It hasn’t been bad for my penis – according to your mom.

  76. Leon, tons of research says otherwise. I don’t want one that isn’t circumcised.

  77. Hi, Mare.

  78. Is Age of Ultron any good?

  79. hahahah, How you doin’ Hotspur?

  80. OHAI!

  81. I kind of want to poat this to the Animosity International site. It’s beautiful.

  82. Mare mutilates dicks for aesthetic reasons.

  83. Phimosis or belief in the Old Covenant, any other reason is delusional.

  84. Mare mutilates dicks for aesthetic reasons.


    I also don’t go into Walmart for aesthetic reasons.

  85. Hotspur doesn’t drive a Pacer for aesthetic reasons.

    He also hates modular homes for aesthetic reasons.

  86. Pure bigotry.

  87. My husband mutilates the hair on his face for aesthetic reasons.

  88. Oh shit yes, I’m a bigot.

  89. I’ve been watching Band of Brothers. I don’t know how those guys did it. Total heros.

  90. Tried reading M’chelle’s thesis. Princeton just dropped a couple orders of magnitude in my estimation. I should get a master’s degree for one of my test reports.

  91. I’ve been watching Band of Brothers. I don’t know how those guys did it. Total heros.
    Concur. And here’s a dirty little secret. E/505PIR actually had an easier war than a lot of other units.

  92. Roamie is both racist and sexist. And I love her.

  93. I agree xBrad. Here’s another dirty little secret: The B24 could fly higher, faster, and farther, and carry bigger bomb load than a B17, but the 17s got all of the glory.

    When the 24s flew with the 17s they had to slow down and be more exposed to enemy fire. Total bullshit.

  94. My grandfather on my mom’s side had to be circumcized later in life for some health reason.

    Apparently it’s horrible for a grown man. My baby boys weren’t even crying when they were given back to me afterwards.

  95. Likely phimosis, it’s rare, but circ is about the only treatment.

  96. **squishy hugs for Hotspur**

    Mr. RFH’s master’s thesis was 80 pages of real research, not padded-out, double-spaced bullshit. I’m sure there was white privilege in there somewhere.

  97. So now we’re a dick blog. Huh.

  98. MushroompenisWWII blog

  99. One of the nephews was circumsized later because of repeated urinary tract infections. Concur with Carin.

  100. I think we can agree that while there are some medical reasons for circ, there are none for FGM.

  101. Gotta pull back and wash.

  102. I’m just saying, I can only imagine what life would be like if sex were MORE pleasurable for men.


  103. I wash the hell out of my penis often. Vigorously, even.

  104. gross

  105. Clean things aren’t gross, Carin.

  106. I can only imagine what life would be like if sex were MORE pleasurable for men.

    Me too.

  107. As an intern I had to do a month on the urology service. It soon became apparent my job was to do rounds, write notes and check labs on renal transplant patients while the residents and fellow did surgery. This was okay by me since I knew where I was going and it was not urology. One day I was walking down the hall and one of the attendings told me I was going to the OR to help him with a case. The bastard didn’t want to do any of the paperwork before or after the case. It was an adult circumcision on a Hispanic guy who I had to get an interpreter for consent. All I remember was there were lots of Allis clamps ( http://is.gd/hPAWGP ) holding foreskin tissue and a knife was involved.

  108. This looks like one of those “don’t confuse association with causation” situations but it is interesting nonetheless:


  109. I like my men like I like my coffee, clean and foreskin free.

  110. How YOU doin’?

  111. *signs up for Mare’s Foreskin-free Coffee and Penis Newsletter*

  112. Sex couldn’t be more pleasurable for me. Or your mom.

  113. I’m in a movie theater waiting for Age of Ultron. Hope Thor is naked in this if not, it’s total bullshit.

  114. Wonder if the vegetarian perp was circumcised?


    Second to last line mentions Rosenheim. When I made a road trip to Europe in 91 we stayed at my friend’s uncle’s house in Rosenheim where I was fascinated by the beer truck pulling up and making a delivery. He upped his order knowing we were making a dent in his stores. Awful considerate of him.

  115. GoT. Oh my.

  116. Guys that lived off post could get beer delivery, but us in the barracks couldn’t.

    I shoulda married a fat German chick just for that.

  117. The foreskins should be redirected from Gitmo and force fed to George Snuffleupagus.

  118. I’m just saying, I can only imagine what life would be like if sex were MORE pleasurable for men.


    You’d have more time for crossfit.

  119. Foreskins ruin pizza.

  120. I shoulda married a fat German chick just for that.

    They are known to enjoy the sausage as well, so it might have had other perks.

    Aside from her demands for poop sex, of course.

  121. “demands”

  122. 6 antique clocks and a fiddle is enough for one day.

    Time to go the the PO and then I cut the lawn.

  123. I am really tired of William Devane and Ensure ads.

  124. Ensure is gross. I’d rather starve to death.

  125. All it does is make me want a corndog for spite.

  126. Ensure has to be ice cold.

  127. We have a crapshit ton of Cox commercials here – I can’t reach for the remote fast enough. Eeesh.

    I would however welcome some foreskin-free cocks commercials.

  128. The annoying one here on the local channels is Charter Comm. They sing this awful rap song and bob their heads like chickens pecking.

  129. All this foreskin hate you’d think the blog was half mohels worried about missing out on free kosher lunches.

  130. Cable TV is hurting.

  131. We have a crapshit ton of Cox

    Filthy whore.

  132. Who still has cable? Do you also live in caves and cook over dung fires?

  133. All this foreskin hate you’d think the blog was half mohels worried about missing out on free kosher lunches.

    They just need a new wallet.

  134. Surgical follow-up time.

  135. That’s Ms. Smokin’ Hawt Filthy Whore to you, mister.

  136. Honest Job Titles:


  137. I still have cable because it’s bundled with the landline and internet. Yes, I still have the landline, because the power goes out often here, and I was really grateful for it after the April 2011 tornadoes. The only other option for internet out here is satellite, and that is iffy.

  138. i have cable because it’s free. Wife works there.

  139. I still have a dumb phone because I’m a Luddite that way.

  140. Better foreskin free cocks, than free foreskins from Cox.

  141. Filthy whore.

    MILFY whore.

  142. I have a bundle thru cable with phone & interwebz and I’m happy as a clam taco.

  143. Ha ha!
    Shitting Bull Lizzy Warren demands that Fuckwit be as transparent as GWB when it comes to details of trade deal.

    That will leave a mark at a place only Reggie Love has access to.

  144. We have cable for teevee and internet. We tried it for the phone but it was always cutting out. When we went back to a land line it cut out a lot too. When I first started my job I was told a land line was a requirement for being on call. After hanging around the house for a few more service calls I threw the towel in and we only have cell phones.

  145. We get basic cable through the HOA. We get phone land line via Verizon. I get the cheapest internet via TWC.

  146. Cable tv is bullshit.

  147. I watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy while I’m eating my dinner. Other than that, I can’t remember the last time I sat down and actually watched a television show on cable.

  148. Leon only anti-Semites want to recognize Palestine.


    The only reason to do this is to weaken Israel. Scratch the surface of a lefty ever so lightly and the Jew-hate bursts out.

    They are finding it harder and harder to conceal this.

  149. I made fourteen pounds of sausage today.
    7 linguica
    5 bratwurst
    2 Andy’s OMG good sausage recipe

    Tomorrow I’m making another 2 or 3 lbs of Andy’s recipe because it is so good.

  150. *refreshes baby butt recipe site

    *doesn’t see anything new

    *refreshes again

    I think you can see where this is going.

  151. I’m listening to the audiobook left wing fantasy Winter of the World by Ken Follett. My wife wondered how I could listen without biting my tongue off (she listened for a while, incredulous).

    The knots they tie themselves in to make communists and socialists into heroes is laughable. Unions save the world, too.

    I mention this, because Jew hating is at the center of every conflict in that story. That and gay people. Especially the Navy guy who joined just because of all the gay guys in the Navy.

  152. The Village People commemorated it.

    Hi Jay!

  153. I’m reading The Heaven Tree Trilogy now Jay. It was recommended when I searched out “if you liked Pillars of the Earth”. I’m inly a hundred pages in but so far so good: no commies and no buggery.

  154. Looks interesting, jimbro, thanks!

  155. Hi lipstick, you must be keeping busy.

  156. I notice that when we started talking about penises, she found time enough to show up.

  157. Yeah Jay, I don’t know where the time goes lately. Missed you guys.

    Jimbro, I’ll check that out too, thanks. Although having my nose in a book has replaced internet time, too, except for some Twitter browsing.

    I found some old books in a nook of my great-grandparents’ attic and have been reading some of the novels.

    Also, an interesting find was “The Ladies’ New Medical Guide” copyright 1901. It’s “A Complete Instructor in all the Delicate and Wonderful Matters Pertaining to Women” “Fully Explaining the Nature and Mystery of The Reproductive Organs of Both Sexes and Love, Courtship and Marriage”. This should be good.

  158. post pictures!

  159. hahaha, Xbrad, I didn’t see your comment before talking about the book.

  160. Mini-me has to read “To Kill a Mockingbird” for next year’s English class, so we’re going to read it together.

    Beats the hell out of “The Great Gatsby”.

  161. Amen to that, Roamy.

    Lippy, what’s your twitter handle?

  162. Summer homework? The horror!

  163. Honors English class for high school.

    And nerts to Obama for his hypocrisy on private schools.

  164. XB, I’m Lipstick and there may be a 55 at the end. We’re following each other already.

  165. xbrad follows and unfollows so often, it’s hard to keep up.

  166. *favorites

  167. “It is true that not many years ago all the old style nurses and grandmothers used to believe that bathing should be prohibited for several months before confinement.”

  168. And nerts to Obama

    HEY! You watch that language there, little missy…

  169. I can’t imagine

  170. it puts the lotion on it’s skin…

  171. “confinement”

  172. Sorry, Lippy. I forget who all I follow sometimes. But no, J’ames, I don’t do a lot of the follow/unfollow thingy.

    I just don’t follow all that many peeps.

  173. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on May 14, 2015 2:14 pm
    All it does is make me want a corndog for spite.



  174. I like those Honest Job titles Cyn.

    Event’s Coordinator: Lead facilitator of alcohol related terminations.

  175. Shoot, we’re not talking about penises anymore.

    *looks for another reason to live*

  176. HEY! You watch that language there, little missy…

    Fuck that fuckfurter with relish who says public schools are all fucky-dory,

    Better? I stole it from DPUD.

  177. Andy’s tasty sausage sounds dirty and delicious.

  178. Drudge:

    Brady appeals small balls


  179. He’s not really trying to fight private schools, he’s laying groundwork to outlaw homeschooling.

  180. We may not be talking about penises but I made an effort to talk about balls.


  181. The majority of private schools are Catholic, and he hates the real Catholics who fight him on abortion, school choice, and charity not controlled by the gov’t. Pelosi and Biden are the kind of “Catholics” he likes.

  182. How is it possible he wouldn’t be called a hypocrite?

    It wasn’t, he doesn’t give a shit. He just spouts his dorm room shitola without thinking anything through. Like most lefties.

  183. I love Ace’s by-line on Obama’s hypocrisy:

    Everything out of this shitty little grifter’s mouth is insincere.

  184. Who else would be stupid enough to go after nuns to force them to buy birth control? For YEARS and who knows how much in lawyer fees.

  185. Obama is an idiot.

    I used to think he was pretty smart, then I thought he might be a little smarter than average, then average.

    Not so. Not so.

    And the best part about it is that he thinks he’s smart.

  186. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone he meets. Talk about being born on third and thinking he hit a triple.

  187. And the best part about it is that he thinks he’s smart.
    The worst part is, a fuckload of people who vote still think he’s smart.

  188. Mare, did you like Ultron?

  189. At some point he’s going to call someone a narcissistic black that lacks self awareness.

  190. I’m betting Van Jones. He’s been calling TFG a sell-out on TV.

  191. At some point he’s going to call someone a narcissistic black that lacks self awareness.
    Even money between Scott Walker and Elizabeth Warren right now.

  192. Comment by MJ on May 14, 2015 6:10 pm
    At some point he’s going to call someone a narcissistic black that lacks self awareness.


    HA! Yes.

  193. I did, Oso.

  194. Me, too. I’m already jonesing for the next one.

  195. Was Cobie Smulders in it? Did she look hot?

  196. Yes, and yes.

  197. Troll twins younger sister was in it. Scarlet Witch. No Natalie Portman or Pepper Potts.

  198. Thor had a “Hot springs” moment, but was mostly clothed. Mostly.

  199. Yeah, there could have been more nude Thor, but I still liked it.

  200. This is a contender for H2 Theme Song: http://is.gd/VpxAzO

  201. Mare, did you ever watch Kingsmen: The Secret Service?

  202. Which one of you forgot to let the dog out?

  203. I did and liked it too. Thought the anal sex suggestion at the end was a bit much, but liked the movie. Didn’t understand if they were making fun of climate change or trying to make it an obvious issue.

  204. I can’t believe you were offended by the anal suggestion.

    Mare’s Law: She believes nothing of what she types.

  205. It was totally making fun of the climate change group. I even had a fav “Head exploding” scene. IYKWIMAITTYD

  206. MJ, you would be wrong. Offended is a strong word. I think making anal a “thing” that everyone does is not good.

    It’s for prostitutes, gays and porn stars.

    Shit comes out of there.

  207. I thought that scene really put the movie over the top into Moron territory. (The anal suggestion)

  208. “Thought the anal sex suggestion at the end was a bit much”

    Don’t watch movies with Brad.

  209. Don’t watch movies with Brad.



  210. My favorite movie of the year. I enjoyed it more than Ultron, but I have origin issues with Ultron.

  211. Don’t watch movies with Brad.
    I suppose butt sex is out of the question then?

  212. The song was fine, Jimbro, but the video was annoying as fuck.

  213. It’s for prostitutes, gays and porn stars.
    Shit comes out of there.

    but enough about McDonalds

  214. MJ, you would be wrong. Offended is a strong word. I think making anal a “thing” that everyone does is not good.
    It’s for prostitutes, gays and porn stars.
    Shit comes out of there.
    Huh, so we’re actually going to do this.


    Here we go. I think you might be right. I read a lot on reddit and I’ve seen more than one comment that went something like this: “younger people are starting to think that anal is something that everyone does and feeling pressured by their boyfriends. Redditers are more open minded than most people so they might be getting the wrong impression.”

    It’s strikes as a mix of truth, weird feminism, self congratulation, and blissful ignorance.

    From hence forth all anal jokes will be considered funny unless there’s a gif, picture, or selfie involved. In those cases it will be considered smirking but sometimes HA HA HA funny, pretty funny, and not really appreciated very much.

    So it is written, so it shall be done.


  215. That video was kick ass, jimbro but the song was as annoying as fuck.

  216. second.

  217. A friend of mine told me about a conversation she overheard/simply listened to at a bar with three guys she thought were under the age of thirty openly talking about anal and the gist of the conversation was, if a girlfriend, potential wife or hookup would not do anal they were done.

  218. what’s the punch line?

  219. My wife is super picky about how the books are arranged, & making sure the rugs are perfectly straight. Does that count?

  220. here ye go:

    88% of young men who tried anal went back to women.

  221. Young people at work are hyper-sexualized. Even worse than the 80s. All the sexting and hooking up. I try to guide without being preachy. Dan has become a father figure to some of his employees. The lack of dads is destroying this generation.

  222. Did anybody find the thing that anybody else was bragging about incredibly sad today?

  223. here ye go:
    88% of young men who tried anal went back to women.


    hahahahaha Mare loves Chumpo

  224. Oso speaks truth.

  225. hahaha, whose turn is it to kick Stark’s ass?

  226. http://is.gd/pLfkc6

  227. Sean, are your “did anybody….” lines pulled from your experiences or are you just a funny MOFO?

  228. 88% of Oreos are not double stuffed.

  229. Anal sex is a top risk factor for anal cancers.

  230. 88% of the shit said here is content rated: STUPID.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like it.

  231. Sean is a funny MOFO!

  232. I blame porn. No, seriously. It distorts what is considered healthy or safe.

    And of course, we have the left increasingly advocating sex to younger and younger children. The goal is to make them believe that every sort of deviant perversion is normal.

  233. “88% of Oreos are not double stuffed.”

    Leave your mom out of this.

  234. The gay teens in my life are totally messing with my maternal shit. They are less likely to use protection as the gays that grew up before HIV meds. I still can’t believe they are thinking about letting gays give blood again.

  235. Oh my gosh you tools have to watch this (and yes, I am the boss of you) (It gets better as it goes on)


  236. Oso, they’ve spent a decade convincing everyone that AIDS is some mysterious killer that can strike anyone randomly, instead of a disease spread almost entirely among one subgroup.

  237. Pretty sure Oreos will be discontinued soon because it’s a racist term.

  238. Comment by Colorado Alex on May 14, 2015 8:15 pm
    I blame porn. No, seriously. It distorts what is considered healthy or safe.


    I do too, Alex. And to make myself sound like a bigger out of touch douche, TV in general. I know that many of you watched Friends (for example) and lots of young (under 18) watch reruns, but there is a shit ton of questionable content in that show. Just one example.

  239. GoT 4 . Yes or no. This is important

  240. >>>Anal sex is a top risk factor for anal cancers.

    So, like smoking for lung cancer I guess you need to ask/assume there was some playing in the mud

  241. Friends is a show about awful people. I think Cracked did an After Hours episode about this.

    It started a whole genre of “assholes living in NYC” sitcoms.

  242. Remember when Dan Quayle talked about Murphy Brown?

  243. If MareJ comes out against blowjobs, I’m banning her fat ass.

  244. Did you guys read the deal on one of those “fake rape on campus” official reports? The female rapee in question was texting the alleged raper about having anal. They hadn’t even gone on a date.


    Is there no mystery and wonder between two people anymore?

  245. Xbrad, what difference at this point does it make?

  246. Outside of mi familia, I can’t remember the last baby shower I was invited to where the parents were married.

  247. Xbradtc, shut your face, I’d never do that.

  248. http://is.gd/5rw5VA

  249. Mare, one of our lesbians at work was curious about anal. The guy she decided to have sex with, went from anal to vaginal. She called the cops. We had to have the suspension with pay while undergoing review. The reverse Kobe.

  250. No. In fact, there was an article a while back by some millennial girl complaining that her generation knew how to negotiate the awkward morning after of a hook-up, but not how to act on a real date.

    Women have been told that they should put out as soon as possible. That it’s normal to have meaningless sex with strangers. And, in fact, that it’s empowering. Men have been told that they shouldn’t have to work hard to get laid. That women are all sexual freaks for any guy that they hop into bed with. And that basic decency, or good hygiene for that matter, are old-fashioned.

    Leftism is basically a way of normalizing mental illness.

  251. Jimbro goes to the heart of the matter.

  252. Car in, I vote “yes”.

  253. Comment by osoloco11 on May 14, 2015 8:32 pm
    Mare, one of our lesbians at work was curious about anal. The guy she decided to have sex with, went from anal to vaginal. She called the cops. We had to have the suspension with pay while undergoing review. The reverse Kobe.


    See, not kidding, this comment is proof parts of society are insane. Seemingly large parts.

  254. Leftism is basically a way of normalizing mental illness.


    This, a thousand times.

  255. Alex, the reviews are making me wary.

  256. The book or season?

  257. Book

  258. If you only knew!!! This generation is so lost. Quite sad really.

  259. Fascinating. I’m somewhat isolated and find others thoughts on these matters interesting. It’s easy to feel you are “the only one.”

    Certainly not true. Thank you H2ers for your thoughts and opinions.

  260. The book is good, IMHO.

  261. GET OFF MARE’S LAWN!!!!!!

  262. Mare, this generation is seeking for something. Anything. They are so lost. One of our cashiers recently became Catholic. He started reading St Augustine and others and felt a calling.

  263. MareJ hit it on the head. Don’t people enjoy the chase anymore?

    Do they just want to have someone put a live octopus up their but and then have non commitment afterward?

    Because that’s just prostitution my friends. Invertebrate prostitution.

    Talk about lacking privilege. These MFs don’t even have a spine.

  264. And then we got a commie pope

  265. It is actually quite sad. All sex, no intimacy.

  266. GOT4, yes, with reservations. It was a chore, but I was glad when I got to 5, cuz it kicks all kinds of ass. You gotta get through 4 though.

  267. In ten years people won’t remember when the church was conservative.

    It’ll be reliably liberal, and therefore protected.

  268. I’ll be part of the underground church. I already know my priests.

  269. I never watched Friends or Seinfeld. Tried to keep all that crap away from the kids until high school. I did recently let Mini-me see “The Blues Brothers”. An R movie in its time, PG-13 now, probably PG if you took the f-bombs out.

  270. Nothing was ever censored. Books or movies. I was 6 when I saw Barbarella.

  271. One of Rocketboy’s friends saw Robocop when he was 6. I did not allow sleepovers there.

  272. You are a diligent parent. I was a “Free-Range” kid before that was a thing.

  273. I think I was 10 when I saw Last Tango in Paris. Full circle. Butt sex with BUTTER!

  274. If I’ve slipped, it’s been with anime. Mini-me watches a lot on youtube and reads a lot of manga, and I can’t keep up.

  275. Which makes me nervous, because you know how weird the Japanese are.

  276. After I read about the risks of anal I lost any and all interest. I’ve told male friends this and most get big eyes and say “did she say no and you just had to make yourself feel better?” “no, I was offered it and declined.”

    That’s when the eyes get small and angry.

  277. http://is.gd/vGz7NY

  278. Some like it I guess. Seems like a waste of butter to me.

  279. I draw the line at tentacle butt sex.

  280. http://is.gd/k5ymrK

  281. “anime”

  282. I’m so old, I “courted” Anita.
    We met in computer school.
    She was the cute girl in the red-dress in the front-row.
    I was shy and awkward (as are those of us “far-up” the spectrum).
    It was funny, and slow, and clumsy.
    Sex had nothing to do with it.
    It was 1968.
    She was surprised that I was hanging with her at lunch,
    rather than the “Amy Farah Fowler” in the class that was awed by my mad-skillz in assembler. (She wanted me, I wanted Anita.)
    I think that what “sealed the deal” was when I picked her one Sat. Morning, took her to PDX, got on a 707(old, I tell you), and took her to the Seattle Space Needle for lunch.
    She had never flown.
    We’re still together and I don’t know why she has not killed me, hidden the body, and collected the insurance.
    I’m glad, though…

  283. I know women who like it. Boggles my mind, but It’s their health they’re risking, not mine.

  284. Know what’s fun? Trolling vegans in youtube comments.

    They just can’t help themselves.

  285. The older Duggar daughters wrote a book about relationships, old-fashioned courtship, and their faith. There’s some good advice in there about respecting yourself as well as your parents and siblings, though I didn’t care for the Bill Gothard stuff.

  286. Who’s bill got hard?

  287. *cocktails and debriefs*

    Duggar girls know stuff.

  288. I bet they don’t do anal.

  289. Remember, the barren leftists who are paranoid about rape culture are pro-sex, while the devout Christian family with 19 kids are puritanical and hate pleasure.

  290. Actually, I bet they have. At least once just to try it. Because they love and trust their partners and so if they say, “I don’t like that” it’s not the end of the world.

  291. You might be right, but it seems like a tragic missed opportunity to procreate.

  292. I’m okay with whatever two consenting adults agree to do.

    I’m also okay with not getting the details.

    Unless I open up an incognito browser window.

  293. A couple of advice columnists have gotten letters of the form, “My boyfriend wants to try [insert freaky sex]. I’ve done it in the past with other guys and didn’t like it. I told him this and he’s upset that I won’t do it with him.” I’m always amused by these letters.

  294. I am too, I just think not many hetero folks know the risks. And from what Oso says, neither do most of the non-hetero.

  295. Cyn and I are simpatico. I just don’t give a damn. Young adults should get the 411 on all the consequences and considerations. But that’s a given.

  296. I’m okay with whatever two consenting adults agree to do.

    It’s when they drag it out into the public square and demand that we approve of it that I get annoyed. In private? I really don’t care. But don’t push it into daylight and then try and claim that it’s perfectly normal, healthy, or safe.

    A couple years ago I ran across an interview with “conservative swingers”. The quote that stuck with me was when the wife complained about how they had to “hide who they were” from the world. Because apparently you’re not fulfilled until the whole neighborhood knows how your getting filled by whatever dude your husband brings home on a Friday night.

  297. The Duggar girls won’t have that problem, at least.

  298. “fulfilled”

  299. Sounds like the woman in that relationship had something of an insatiable appetite for attention.

    I’d bet good money the marriage is dead.

  300. I fulfilled your mom.

  301. I always think, “If she fucks hard enough, maybe daddy will feel it.”

  302. I fulfilled your mom.

    Not according to her. And you were short on the cash.

  303. http://tinyurl.com/olnavej

  304. Did you get your hotel issues sorted out Peps?

  305. Did you get your hotel issues sorted out Peps?

    No worries, his mom figured out how to accommodate everyone. She does it all the time.

  306. Dang. Laura off the top rope.

  307. huh?
    am I in the bucket again?

  308. Anybody ever grow cukes and tomatos on a trellis?
    I build a 4×8 frame, covered it with 2″x4″ wire and put it in the garden
    I’m wondering about how steep to make it so that the plants will climb.
    I’m thinking 45 degrees.
    Anybody done this?
    /Garden blog…

    And now, back to your anal sex…

  309. “And now, back to your anal sex…”

    Fuck that

  310. You guys are nasty! I like it! I don’t like butt sex though, just sayin…

  311. Sorry, fell asleep there for a bit.

  312. RIP, BB King.

  313. Couple more random capitalized letters grouped together, and you would have had a nice Oso comment going.

  314. I remember the days when we’d walk through the woods
    And sit on a bench for a while
    I treasure the way we used to laugh and play
    And look in each others eyes
    You can keep me at a distance if you don’t trust my resistance
    But I swear I won’t touch you
    All I want to do is derp you
    Don’t you know that it’s true

  315. I’m shocked, my vegan pals on youtube must have given up on arguing with me.

    Maybe it worked and I talked them out of their ludicrous lifestyles.

  316. I think Roamy’s right, Catholic schools are the ones in 0’s crosshairs, but I think outlawing homeschooling is intended as an incidental.

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