Sleep-in Saturday

Good morning, coffee’s ready.
Ready for Mother’s Day?
Worth a repeat.
your mom
Evil Universe Emily
There, new poat.


  1. FIRST



  4. I’m going to China or France this month. Who wants to come?

  5. *smooches Cyn on the nose, says nothing*

  6. I’m going to China or France

    Are you also gonna see someone’s underpants?

  7. The books Carin? I’ve been tempted to start but the sheer volume of reading is intimidating me. I think of all the other books I need to and want to read and I balk.

    THe books.

  8. France, yes. China, pass.

  9. So, my son bought a motorcycle.

    Oh. Goodie.

  10. Are you also gonna see someone’s underpants?
    Your mom goes commando.

  11. Your mom goes commando.

    Worse than that, my mom’s a nudist

  12. and she doesn’t shave

  13. Nope. I won’t leave this country.

    Some guy at the airport slips some weed into your luggage and you end up in a Thai prison.

    Good luck with that.

  14. *subscribes to Scott’s newsletter*

  15. That’s a feature, not a bug for Rosetta.

  16. Did that girl from Australia ever get out?

  17. She only had to serve 9 years, they let her out early because she went crazy.

  18. People go down to Mexico for a visit… they don’t always come back. True story.

  19. Weed it bad for you.

  20. is

    *smokes more weed

  21. Evil Universe Emily
    Isn’t she supposed to have a beard like Evil Universe Spock?

    Oh. Wait. There’s always that beard.

    I’ll just take your word for it then.

  22. So, my son bought a motorcycle.
    You never really wanted to get over insomnia anyway.

  23. MOM!!! MJ it smoking the oregano thinking it’s weed again!!1!

  24. Hold on, if that’s oregano, what did MJ put on the pizza?

  25. I’m going to China or France this month. Who wants to come?

    Maybe you could split the difference and go to what’s left of French Indo-China. You could report back about Vietnamese sex tourism.

  26. It will be interesting to see what kind of suspension Brady gets.

    He took 1/2 lb of air pressure out of a ball.

    How can Goodell suspend him when he only gave Rice a 2 game suspension for knocking out his girlfriend?

  27. Maybe Brady could knock out Rice’s girlfriend too and get only two games docked.

  28. Goodell is in a tough spot.


  30. Ha!

    How do those even get published?
    Why do those even get published??

  31. To be fair, hitting your girlfriend doesn’t change the outcome of the football game, generally.

  32. It seems like practice would make you a better player, but what do I know?

  33. It didn’t change the outcome of the game.

  34. No, from what I hear they game was utterly one-sided regardless. My point was that the gf abuse couldn’t possibly affect it, whereas the football deflation could. Also, the gf thing is an actual, criminal offense. I’m surprised the NFL felt like it had to do anything about it.

  35. I think he’s about to pay for that.


  37. Your mom likes hers.

  38. Mrs. Caruthers is sleeping still/again. I think I might get to skip painting today. Rain’s about to prevent me from finishing the lawn.

    *looks heavenward*


  39. Off to see my mom.

  40. Safe travels, Scott

  41. No luck here, Cyn. All that happens is I get told by meerkat ” that page no longer exists.” Periscope was much less buggy.

  42. Also this message:
    We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

    If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.

  43. I had to refresh it 110 times, but it finally worked, George.

  44. Well, so far Meerkat blows meerkats.

  45. ALERT THE MEDIA: Wiser is NOT wearing BLUE

  46. Off to see my mom.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  47. Okay, finally in. Not a good interface. Periscope needs to get an Android port out fast so wiser can dump Meerkat.

  48. Two of us are watching now

    Could you make comments on Periscope?

  49. Is there a way to comment on the stream as in Periscope?

  50. Oh, great minds, etc.

    On Periscope you could comment but I see no controls here.

  51. I do see a place to add a comment on my screen.

  52. Are you on a computer or a mobile device?

  53. i’m on my computer at the moment

    I may try on my Note if I get tired of tilting my head (it’s broadcasting vertically on my monitor)

  54. You?

  55. Okay, I see. Weird. I couldn’t use meerkat app to get the stream but I could use my browser app on my GayPad and no comments were available. Finally the meerkat app let me connect and within the app you can comment.

  56. Heh – we should continue carrying on our conversation

  57. Sun came back. I’ll take that as a sign.

  58. Ben is finally logging on – we’d better be nice

  59. I’m now listening to the WATR live stream so I can hear Dave’s JotW.

  60. Heh. Tom Hill was very exposed at a young age.

  61. **sticks pins in TH voodoo doll**

  62. “Brownfield”


  63. “Brown field” **drink**

  64. **clinks glasses with Cyn**

  65. Brownfield.

    For real?

  66. TH is doing his biz news of the week and it came up.

    *drinks again to mask the pain of TH*

  67. **offers really long hat pins and voodoo doll to Cyn**

  68. He really is annoying as fuck.

    But I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  69. No I don’t

  70. Billy Joel is 66.

    He must have started his career really young.

  71. Off to see my mom.


    Get in line, no cuts………

  72. *Limerock*

    *chugs entire glass*

  73. *borrows more pins from Roamy*

  74. Roamy shout-out!


  75. Woo-hoo!

  76. *drinks*
    Happy New Year! (hic)

  77. stream ended…??

  78. I want my money back

  79. Damn, I was going to tell wiser the secret of life. Oh well.

  80. Well, Meerkat did work at last, but its login process is elliptical at best.

  81. Apparently Twitter bought Periscope so it is better integrated.

  82. Screen and sound quality was good, but I have nothing to compare it to like you do. And yeah, sign-in was a PIA but nothing a few F5’s couldn’t fix.

  83. Even the Meerkat app is beta since they too created for iFone peeps.

  84. Yes, the stream looked fine. Plus you could scroll through the comment thread, and I don’t think Periscope allows that.

  85. That was still fun; thanks Radiobud.

    Good job MJ – need to get you on the streaming waves next!

  86. There was even a typo on the error screen:
    This page no longer exist.

    Meerkat is trolling Hotspur.

  87. I guess he will have to stick with Meerkat since so many more peeps could get online.

  88. I had absolutely zero problems with meerkat. Maybe George is just a fucking idiot.

    Or maybe I just got lucky.

  89. What device did you use, Xbrad?

  90. *sends letter bomb to xbrad*

  91. I was on my phone, Galaxy S3.

  92. *sends poultry ninjas to buffalone*

  93. **opens letter bomb**

    **nothing happens**

  94. Next step : embed the stream on a blog poat.

  95. This is what I get for buying explosives from a discount terrorist dealer.

  96. Which letter of the alphabet did he send you?

  97. SooperMexican nailed it.

  98. Looks like the War On Women has forced many of them off the battlefield.

    A record 56,167,000 women, age 16 years and over, were not in the labor force in April, as the labor force participation rate for this group hit 56.6 percent — a 27-year low, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

    To be counted as “not in the labor force,” according to the BLS, one must not have a job or have looked for one in the past four weeks. In March 2015, there were 56,131,000 women not in the labor force, which means that 36,000 women have dropped out of the labor force since then….

    The labor force participation rate has not been this low since September 1988–27 years ago.

  99. How many women ~had~ to work in 1988?


  101. Hope errbody has a nice Mother’s Day.

  102. Not really sure what to get your mom for Mother’s day.

    Probably penicillin.

  103. YOUR MOM

  104. Mr. RFH and Mini-me brought home dim sum, so I had Mother’s Day dinner early.

  105. Whiskey in your water, sugar in your tea.

  106. Sweet Mama

  107. That’s all right

  108. Obligatory for Mother’s Day

  109. Screw Apple Pay. I’m going to start using these.

  110. Hahahahahahaha, good one, George. Tender and delicious.

  111. And now I have “Jenny” going through my head.

  112. I have to slice up a watermelon, and then I have to make a pot roast.

    Not a euphemism.

  113. LONDON (Reuters) – Protesters threw bottles, cans and smoke bombs at riot police in central London on Saturday in a demonstration against the re-election of Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

    Democracy is only fair when the Left wins.

  114. My tomatoes are growin how’s your tomatoes?

  115. My rhubarb is flourishing.

  116. So the custom-ordered rocking chair and ottoman for Mrs. Caruthers came in.

    Wrong color.

    This cost us 3 hours and at least 10 minutes of crying.

  117. Democracy is only fair when the Left wins.

    Remember when those Republicans yelled at the recount people in FL back in 2000 at that one polling place? SAME THING, WINGNUT!!!!

  118. Did you tell her to “buck up, buttercup”?

  119. She eventually got me to stop crying.

  120. Just turn the lights out. Color doesn’t exist in total darkness.

  121. >>> Color doesn’t exist in total darkness.

    Nor does gender…I’ve heard

  122. The floor model was the same color as the one they shipped us. We could have bought it 3 weeks ago instead of special ordering.

    Inventory system fail!

    And my wife can’t tolerate total darkness, so there’s always color. Drives me bonkers.

  123. Just turn the lights out. Color doesn’t exist in total darkness.

    Stuff Jefferson Said?

  124. so there’s always color


  125. I identify as a black man, I can’t be rayciss. I’m transblack.

  126. leon didn’t land on Plymouth Rock–he chose to have Plymouth Rock land on him!

  127. I’m working on identifying as an illegal alien as well.

  128. Lauraw did I miss your grade post?

  129. Jesus, try to relax for five damn minutes after work…ok I’ll go check. sheesh

  130. I gave myself an A+ today.

  131. Oops…

  132. I was working in the bakery. I get a B.

  133. Focus Leon. Focus.

  134. 90 on the final exam. Full course grades won’t be out for a while. I won’t be doing as well as I did last semester though. Sloughed a few assignments.

  135. The socks did it. Leon is a sucker for those.

  136. Congrats on the 90. Can’t wait to Animaniac a “Goodnight nurse” your way.

  137. Dang, sorry Oso, I am just beat to shit and the stress is only just starting to come off. I bet in one month my hypertension is gone.

  138. Real hypertension or just last freaking nerve stuff?

  139. That shit right there is why I don’t use the treadmill.

  140. Walk outside and stand barefoot in the grass if you can. Always calms me.

  141. 138/90

  142. I was in bakery today. Packaging, taking cake orders, and pulling decorated cakes. We had over 120 cakes just today. Everyone was marveling over my even temper and how nice and friendly I was…then Karl called. He wanted to know if he came in at 4 if his cake would be ready. Didn’t have any idea what name, phone number, or what type of cake. Didn’t even know his pickup time. Bakery people were laughing that I finally lost my cool.

  143. Yeah Leon. I just need to attack my garden and get to planting and cultivating and loving on things.

  144. Lauraw, do you usually have low BP? When my dad had his stroke, his numbers were borderline for most people, high for him.

  145. Wife thinks my ambitious plan for the garden will stress me out.

    She doesn’t get it. I’m planning the garden to force me outside to relax.

  146. Plymouth Rock isn’t nearly as awe inspiring as you might think it is.

    As a kid we visited it a few times with my grandfather who liked to go for day trips in his Chevy Nova. I can still see the look of horror on my brother’s face as grandpa drove in the other lane while looking at him in the back seat in the middle of telling a story.

  147. I think I moved a rock bigger than that last week. Bring it, Plymouth!

  148. Jimbro, I H8 drive talkers like that!!!! My CiL, Frank, is like that. Serious panic attacks when he’s driving. Dan insists on driving when we do things with them, because he knows how I get.

  149. Lauraw, do you usually have low BP? When my dad had his stroke, his numbers were borderline for most people, high for him.


  150. The semester before last, I was pegging 118/80 consistently. I really think it is just stress. I had previously thought that slowly losing my business was unbearable, but nursing school sucks all *new* kinds of large non-primate dick.

  151. What the hell is a CiL?

  152. Sean, I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. RL friend’s mom is alive because of my dad. The ER mistreated my dad’s stroke and they were worried about lawsuits, so they started airlifting stroke patients to Albuquerque.

  153. Guy on the bus. I figured it out.

  154. Cousin in Law.

  155. Primo en Ley.

  156. Aka “stranger I wouldn’t recognize unless standing next to a cousin at Christmas”.

  157. I have to try and eat some ground beef tomorrow.
    All this whey is killing me.

  158. Ground beef blends.

  159. You can snort 80/20 if you cook it slow.

  160. I’m thawing 2 lb of ground cow and 1 lb of chorizo. Going to brown it and then throw it in the crock pot with some salsa first thing in the morning. Ought to be soft enough to tolerate.

  161. There is an in-between consistency between drink and chew, Leon. It’s that denisty where you can nip it off with your lips then mash it against your upper palate with your tongue.

    Liverwurst-thick is a good example. Or cool butter.

    I bet you could make something with ground beef that would work.

  162. density

  163. I can chew on the right side if I’m careful.

    I considered making meatloaf, but chili seems safer.

  164. It’s that density where you can nip it off with your lips then mash it against your upper palate with your tongue.

    I love it when LauraW talks dirty.

  165. We have a Member that orders 3 cheek, 1 lengua, and 1 tripa, every Thursday. This week she called on Wednesday to see if her order was there. Um…no. We get meat orders on TU, TH, and SAT. WTF would you think your Thursday order would be there on Wednesday?

  166. All this whey is killing me.

    Is there a ribbon for that?

  167. All this whey is killing me.

    Is there a ribbon for that?

    Yes, the Purple Shart.

  168. Yeah, I almost never fart in a normal week. Today it’s been every twenty to thirty minutes.

  169. MJ will tell you stories about whey, if he gets out of Chinese prison.

  170. I deserve a ribbon. Just spent time on the phone with my mom. Kind of in shock. She asked about my MiL and my dogs before trying to hit me up for raffle tickets. ACA is starting to be relevant for her and her crew. I had to explain “Death Panels” etc to her. My standard “You voted for it” wasn’t working. She was “I didn’t vote for THAT!” My response, you vote D-rat, you voted for that. She’s upset that my Uncle Larry isn’t helping Raul’s campaign. I told her that I share Raul’s FB posts, but I’m not helping his campaign, either.

  171. He’ll be farting Whey for years. And probably Chen and Yang, too.

  172. Leon, put the ground beef through a sieve, or another fine grind, unless you know for sure there is no cartilage in it. Or at least take it extra-easy chewing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bitten down on a hard little piece of cartilage in ground beef prepared by someone else.

  173. Heh. Prison jokes are funny when they are about MJ.

  174. Okay guys, I just did a little recruiting on Twitter, so BE FUNNY NOW!!!!!

  175. Can you imagine that little twink actually being in prison?

    He’d be passed around more than a joint at a reunion of the choom gang

  176. Prison jokes are funny when they are about MJ.

    Rape is always funny when men are the victims. That’s what the media has taught me.

    Also as a self-indentified transblack I can joke about Chinese names without consequences.

  177. Okay guys, I just did a little recruiting on Twitter, so BE FUNNY NOW!!!!!

    *looks up knock-knock jokes*

  178. The real risk in chewing is that I’ll get something near the big plastic wedge they dressed the wound with and dislodge it. I have found the stray hard bit in my ground beef, though, so I’m normally a bit careful.

  179. No, I just meant he could fulfill his dream of doing the live-action version of his favorite gif.

  180. Also as a self-indentified transblack I can joke about Chinese names without consequences.

    You’re indented?

  181. Plymouth Rock isn’t nearly as awe inspiring as you might think it is.

    Who stenciled 1620 on my left nut? It must’ve been when I was drunk.

  182. Hello, new people from twitter…how many bullwhips have you personally shoved up Wiserbud’s ass today?


    Last week?

  183. You’re indented?

    Spelling and grammar are oppressive tools of the White Man.

  184. Please don’t think we here have a thing for bullwhips. Well, not before 5pm, anyhow.

  185. I farted out all my bullwhips. Damn whey proteins.

  186. Spelling and grammar are oppressive tools of the White Man.

    I miss the late 80s and early 90s, when people would just claim that spelling and grammar were invented in Africa and stolen by the White Man.

    Good times. Good times.

  187. Leon, you pulled a “Mapplethorpe,” eh?

  188. I miss the late 80s and early 90s, when people would just claim that spelling and grammar were invented in Africa and stolen by the White Man.

    Me too, man. And when they claimed that Africa invented math. Because zero.

    … I mean, shit yea we invented spelling, math, and grammar. I’m doin it rite and y’all are pushin maid up white folk rules on me.

  189. I must be oppressing a victim group now, but I’m not sure which one.

  190. I’m pretty sure I’d be being horribly racist if I were a white guy.

  191. 3 cheek, 1 lengua, and 1 tripa

    The fact that you can’t get stuff like this in New Hamster makes me quite sad.

  192. Ask your butcher, Stark. They don’t always put that out, just use it for sassage.

    I have to ask for hearts and tongues.

  193. How very strange. What with all this gore-ball warmening, it’s snowing in Colorado, Nebraska,, Wyoming, and South Dakota…

  194. Stark, what Leon says. Special orders don’t upset us…

  195. Wow.

    You all are truly pathetic.

    Truly, amazingly pathetic.

  196. Mira. Look who is calling us pathetic. (Does Northern NM truch)

  197. Thanks,
    Wiserbud, we love you too…

  198. It’s times like this when I question why the fuck I ever agreed to playing in a Sunday morning softball league….

    Nite, y’all

  199. I did not know Mr Stark was in New Hamster.

    I lived in Concord in the 80’s.
    It was a shock moving from central Florida

  200. I believe it was G.B. Shaw who once said that “the greatest humour arises from the mire of human pathos.”

    Or I could have just made that up.

  201. >>>>
    Wiserbud, we love you too…

  202. More Elvis

  203. Did anybody suggest a gritty reboot of anybody else’s life today?

  204. Saturn’s Day Night is alright alright alright.

  205. what happened to The King?

  206. Oso <3 Roamy.

  207. what’s on your hifi, Sean Em?

  208. Two officers shot and killed in Hattiesburg, PA.

  209. Mom loved Elvis. I wonder if Dad kept her 45’s collection, or if they are in a box in the basement.

  210. You should check, Romey. I just found a stack of old vinyl and it is worth $. I didn’t even know.

  211. I’d rather listen to them than sell them, but I’m a sentimental squish.

  212. Roamy,
    I inherited so many 78s from my folks, I had NO idea how fragile those things were. They would be worth big-bucks, today.
    I was ignorant, and not nearly careful enough…

  213. Vinyl is uber popular right now.

  214. I didn’t sell them either. I spin em.

  215. What’s on your dial, Ositter?

    I’m listening to The Stray Cats.

  216. Rocketboy has my record player and a bunch of albums. Plays Kansas, Foreigner, and Van Halen for the hall to hear.

    Good kid.

  217. My nephew that got into Georgetown law, couldn’t even play the Messican card. No Hispanic surname. His mom is 1/2 Spanish and 1/2 Anglo. His Dad is 1/2 Messican and 1/2 Anglo. Even hyphenated his name would be Wright-Porter. Poor kid had to earn his way on grades and test scores. /s

  218. I was grooving to Journey last night.

    I woke up this morning with a mullet.

  219. Thanks to Roamy, I’m spinning Elvis.

  220. I was listening to this earlier.

    Still sounds incredibly fresh.

  221. I know a Hattiesburg, MS, where is Hattiesburg, PA?

  222. *Turns off Stray Cats*


  223. G’night. Book audit pushed to Monday. More shrink in books than video. Lost 3 bibles last week. WTF lifts bibles?

  224. My mom is freaking because Billy and my Uncle Gale have been denied medical services due to age. Me: You voted for it. Mom: I didn’t vote for it! Me: Um yeah. You gave D-rats carte blanche for a bill they didn’t read and Sarah Palin had noted the death Panels years before. Own it. My mom: I guess we have too many old people.

  225. Hattiesburg MS. I got confuzzled. Somehow had Harrisburg PA in the mind.

  226. Happy Mother’s Day!

  227. Either state, not good.

  228. Not at my haus, Future Boy.

  229. It’s not Mother’s Day until I get up and turn on the coffee pot.

  230. It’s not Mother’s Day until your mom takes the money off the dresser.

  231. It’s not Mother’s Day until your mom takes the money off the dresser.
    A real mom wouldn’t take money.

  232. Happy Mothersbaugh

  233. I’m generally a pretty easy sumbitch to get along with. But I do have my points of microagression or whatever the fuck it is the kids are calling it these days. One is people who trade in a shitload of lottery tickets for more lottery tickets at the convenience store whilst I wait in line behind them. Another is people who buy cigarrettes at the convenience store whilst I’m waiting in line behind them. And a third is people who pay a $10+ balance with change. While my busy ass is waiting in line behind them at the convenience store. I hit the fucking trifecta this morning.

    So I spent the afternoon in the planning stages of a 57 state murder spree. I’m pretty much good in TX and NM. Can’t decide whether to go North or West from there.

  234. Come to CA. we need at least 700,000 less Jackasses in San Diego alone.

    You can stay at the fabulous Super 8 in Oceanside. It’s next to Der Weinerschnitzel. Bonus!!

  235. You can stay at the fabulous Super 8 in Oceanside. It’s next to Der Weinerschnitzel. Bonus!!


  236. Of all the shitholedumps I’ve visited in socal, I liked SD the best.

  237. I stayed in the Double Tree Mission Valley when I was in SD. Very convenient to the train and shit.

  238. I don’t recall a DerWeinerschlieder. But I had my kids with me so I prolly wasn’t looking to hard.

  239. Try “fucknozzle university” in your google maps and see what happens. I’ts a bit amazing.

  240. I could go all OSO and own this shit but I’m gonna go do something else.

  241. Well, that IS a bit amazing.

  242. Don’s ebullience reinvigorated Penelope.

  243. Stupid dog.

  244. This is what happens to democrats who lose elections in CT

    “Next thing you know, Bjornberg, 34, is on the state taxpayer-funded payroll as of March — with an $85,000-a-year position as “senior executive assistant for financial literacy” in the office of Democratic state Treasurer”

    I should have gotten a degree in financial literacy.

  245. I should look in my tax records to see what my salary was at 34.

    Either way, I had this neat job perk: I created value.

  246. WTF lifts bibles?

    People who really need to read one, that’s who.

  247. I mailed a bible once. The PO worker asked if I wanted insurance on its safe delivery.

    “No, I just hope if they steal it they read it.”

  248. Good morning, Leon

  249. Hey Weiniebud,

    I just watched a Spike Lee Lil’ Joint special on ESPN called The Greatest Catch Ever. You’d enjoy it, even though, you know…Spike Lee. It was actually pretty good, one on one with Coughlin, Eli, Plaxico, Tyree, some other folks. Very Giant-centric.

  250. She is welcome to bring me coffee at any time of the day.

  251. Excuse me, Miss Secretary, I think the underside of my desk is infested with tiny ants. Could you hunker down there & take a look for me, I got old eyes.

  252. Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day. The prayer of the faithful last night included godmothers, which I thought was a good idea.

  253. I’m gonna make you a cookie you can’t refuse.

  254. I’m probably going to end up helping to paint a room for Mother’s Day.

  255. Dicks

  256. Urrgh, 29 degrees this morning.

  257. MJ, did you have anything else for breakfast, or just low-carbing it today?

  258. Billy Jeff says there’s not a shred of evidence that the Clinton Foundation was funneling bribes. Bwahahahahahaha. I did not have financial relations with that woman.

  259. From the Sunday book thread, “I saw the Bastard Titles open for Frumious Bandersnatch at the Avalon Ballroom in 1969…”


  260. HMD

    Also and unrelated, this.

  261. My frittata was a smash hit. Anytime you mix eggs, cheese and butter it’s hard to fuck up a recipe. Dishes are done, house tidied up, dogs exercised…my local Mother’s Day duties are complete. Still need to call my mom and text a few other moms I know. Socially, not carnally.

  262. I know your mom.

  263. Happy mom’s day, moms.

    And sorry for the microaggression, non-moms

  264. Very sad and frustrating. In-laws will have to put down their golden retriever tomorrow. It has a nasty psycho episode when it sees a small dog. Recently it bit and broke the skin of another dog, and this is strike four or five. Even the rescue won’t take it into custody. 95% of the time it’s a pussycat, but if you walk it and another dog appears, Norman Bates Dog surfaces. Now they are under threat of a lawsuit over that last dog bite. No amount of training has helped, and there has been lots of it. Miserable but a dangerous dog is dangerous.

  265. Sorry to hear that GO. Our Stardog is dog aggressive and we need to be very careful when she goes for walks. So far we’ve avoided trouble but it sucks having to worry about it. Rescue dog for a reason I guess.


    Mark Steyn: If you’re under a certain age, you accept instinctively that free speech is subordinate to other considerations: If you’ve been raised in the “safe space” of American universities, you take it as read that on gays and climate change and transgendered bathrooms and all kinds of other issues it’s perfectly normal to eliminate free speech and demand only the party line. So what’s the big deal about letting Muslims cut themselves in on a little of that action?

    Why would you expect people who see nothing wrong with destroying a mom’n’pop bakery over its antipathy to gay wedding cakes to have any philosophical commitment to diversity of opinion? And once you no longer have any philosophical commitment to it it’s easy to see it the way Miliband and Cotler do – as a rusty cog in the societal machinery that can be shaved and sliced millimeter by millimeter.

  267. They wanted to put it in rescue but the agency already had another golden with the same problem. Now with some bitchy woman threatening a lawsuit, they have to protect themselves. Also the dog has become more stubborn lately, unwilling to accept commands.

  268. To all the apologists, on the Right, who like free speech but think Pam Geller is icky and went too far, FUCK YOU.

  269. Morning, holes of ass.

    And a very good morning to all you hot mommas.

  270. Good morning, wads of dick.

  271. Send all of your moms my warmest regards this morning. And tell them that the check’s in the mail.

  272. And by check is in the mail he means an acknowledgment of the restraining order.

  273. Yet another rape allegation on an American college campus has fallen completely apart.

    The campus in this instance is the University of Minnesota — Twin Cities.

    Last weekend, an 18-year-old student at the school had told campus police that two young men who were complete strangers raped her at knifepoint in her fourth-floor dorm room.

    After a resulting criminal probe, police have now concluded the woman in lying.

    Progressives have truly succeeded in making accusations of rape into a joke. Nice job, fellas.

  274. I’ll bet I can get a date with that cute police man if I lie about being raped. And maybe if I set my apartment afire those hunky fire mans will have their way with me half way down the escape.

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