Sores Day




  1. huh?

  2. Well, this is bunch of fucking bullshit.

  3. purty much

  4. I got out of bed for this shit?

  5. This poat is prize worthy

  6. Edward R. Murrow would be proud.

  7. Cyn’s quiche recipe on babybuttblog is awesome. I had forgotten about using cottage cheese for richness. That used to make a great silky-rich finished product.

    *avoids looking at Hotspur*

  8. This poat needs penicillin and a stay at rehab.

  9. heh

  10. *looks at poat model again*

    *dips monitor in rubbing alcohol*

  11. Car in, I think the mint I got from you didn’t make it through winter. No speck of green anywhere yet.

  12. Butting in, my mint just started coming up and our Winter was somewhat less arctic than you guys’.

  13. My hibiscus are starting to sprout

  14. I will be shocked if the mint didnt’ make it. But I’ve got plenty more where that came from. My mint is coming up RIGHT next to the house, where things always sprout a bit sooner.

  15. I just got 12 yards of dirt delivered.

  16. My mother has a huge wooden shed that she wants torn down. Anybody know how to do a demo like that? My sister and her BF want to do it but I’m afraid they’re going to get themselves killed.

  17. Burn, Baby, burn.

  18. ohai everyone

  19. Huge…ok, no, it’s somewhat larger than a one-care garage.

  20. Similar to your mother.

  21. I’d say roof, rafters first. Work your way down.

  22. Get a rental dumpster. Start from the top and tear down to minimize the risk of whatever falling on you.

  23. I’m actually afraid that a wall will fall on my sister. This is one of those clarifying moments when you realize you actually like members of your family and would prefer that they remain around. Somewhere. Not here. Over there. But definitely unharmed.


  24. Explosives. Lot’s of explosives.

  25. Explosives and/or combustion in such a tight suburban area would attract unwanted neighborly and/or municipal interest in this project.

  26. Sawzall and a sledgehammer is all you need.

    Really just the sawzall, but the sledgehammer makes if fun.

  27. I’m actually afraid that a wall will fall on my sister.

    Well, just in case she should wear some of these and a pair ruby slippers while she works. I mean … just saying … think of the comedic value?

    It’d be sad and all, but wouldn’t you want to go out with a bang?

  28. No speck of green anywhere yet.

    Mint cannot be killed by conventional methods.

    *stares into the distance at nothing in particular*

  29. Take the roof off like they said earlier, then chain-saw through the support posts on opposite corners, tie a chain to your bumper and slowly pull it down. That’s the fun part. Taking the resulting pile apart with crowbars and hammers is the dangerous part.

  30. I’m telling you, this mint is very likely dead. I put it in bad places guaranteed to allow it to conquer my landscaping completely, and nada thus far.

  31. *frowns at Carin*

  32. Give it time, Leon. Mint doesn’t die. It waits.

  33. OK, I’m off for a while, stim you later.

  34. Well, just in case she should wear some of these and a pair ruby slippers

    *smacks hand over mouth*

    *stifles “heh”*

  35. Laura, depending on the state of that garage, there might be some good lumber in there. A heavy handed approach will mean not being able to salvage it properly. So, you may want to consider a step by step approach and salvage some wood. A sawzall can do a good job here, but will take time and effort.

  36. Hi, Revvy!

  37. This post is brought to you by Wiser, Emily, and the sores they share.

    Maybe PG will let you borrow some of the Mexican penicillin he was popping.

  38. Wonder how PG’s doing….

  39. I get flooded with work tomorrow, just as Laura finishes her school year.

  40. Dang, missed revvy saying hi. Hope everything is ok in OK!

  41. I’m still lurking – we’re good, our apartment was missed, though we might have another round coming tonight/over the weekend. So that’ll be fun. Apparently there was some damage at my workplace, though I don’t know how much.

  42. Give it time, Leon. Mint doesn’t die. It waits.

    Yea, ^that. If you’ve managed to kill mint, you might be able to make some money with that skill.

  43. Revvicima. buona giornata. Spero che il phon è in funzione!

  44. >> If you’ve managed to kill mint, you might be able to make some money with that skill.

    I think I can manage that. I have a killer brown thumb (SYWM).
    The only reason the rain forests still exists is that I have never tried to go care for them.

  45. *frowns at Carin*

    I’m not worried.

    *checks supply of rubber bullets, face shields, and “Monkey crack”.

    I’ll be fine.

  46. Thanks chumpo, I think :P

  47. Quello che sta accadendo in Oklahoma? Non conosco le ultime novità.

  48. *puts “Mint Killah” ad on Craigslist*

  49. Tushar D , vedo che ti piace usare il meraviglioso traduttore di Google! O forse si parla Itallian ?

  50. Mr Chumpo, Io uso Google naturalmente. Sono troppo stupido per imparare nuove lingue. So solo quattro. E un po ‘di altri due.

  51. Tushar ! quattro lingue è più quattro che ne so, il mio amico .

    Cin cin

  52. One of my favorite jokes:

    So this diplomat is lost on the backroads of Poland, and comes across two laborers by the roadside.

    “Can you speak English?” Asks the diplomats to the laborers.
    No response

    “Können Sie Deutsch?”

    “Parlez-vous français?”

    “Riesci a parlare italiano?”

    Puedes hablar español?

    “Можете ли вы говорить по-русски?”

    The frustrated diplomat drives away.

    First laborer: Do you think we should learn a foreign language?
    Second laborer: That guy knew six. Fat load of good that did!

  53. Ha. Good joke.

  54. The liberal media’s reaction to the Pamela Geller/Garland,TX incident should make abortion clinic bombers rejoice.

    Bombing those clinics is perfectly legitimate, since the clinics were deliberately inciting Christians to bomb them.

    Ain’t that right, NYT?

  55. Imma kill me some supporters of the piss Christ artist.

  56. Does this mean I can kill the members of the Chicago Teacher’s Union?

    They offend me in numerous ways, the least of which is their obnoxious personalities…

  57. Wiser, seriously, the more I see this crap, the more I appreciate the wisdom behind the second amendment.

  58. the more I appreciate the wisdom behind the second amendment.

    And the more you understand why a particular segment of the population wants it to be rescinded.

    So I’m looking for bumper music for this weekend’s show. I discover that Saturday is the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Scientology.

    I’m thinking that maybe I’ll do a “crazy” theme….

  59. How about these people? We we shoot these assholes? I mean, I’m pretty sure their primary motivation was to be offensive.

    And if I can’t, how about Todd?


    dave should get one of these

  61. How about this guy? To be intellectually consistent, shouldn’t we be able to shoot him?

  62. dave should get one of these

    heh… that’s too cool for Dave…

  63. maybe we should just start a list….

  64. Just had a chance to listen to last SES with Markley. I suddenly have the urge to buy some Pickapeppa Sauce. And, yes, TH is an asshat.

  65. I just saw Carly Fiorina’s video with Seth Meyers. I like this lady.
    I won’t mind her being the GOP nominee. She fights. Democrat are running a sad sack of tired old meat and wrinkly skin that has the advantage of having a vagina attached to it.

    Carly will negate that advantage.

    Of course, she will have to be acceptable to Drew.
    **rolls eyes**

  66. And, yes, TH is an asshat.

    I thought that, after lettinghim have his own show and his own guests, he would stop bugging me about inviting his friends and biz associates on.


    He sent me an e-mail with a list of names he thought I should have on.

    I deleted it after barely a glance.

    Now, the NW CT Chamber of Commerce is having a fair next weekend, so I invited the head of the NWCCC on to promote it this weekend. I’ve also invited a guy who writes a column about local breweries on in a couple of weeks becuase he wrote a book and I thought I’d let him promote it.

    I got an e-mail from TH thanking me for having “his guests” on. I guess they were on the list he sent me.

  67. Of course, she will have to be acceptable to Drew.
    **rolls eyes**

    Only if she turns out to be the reincarnation of Reagan.

    Otherwise, she must be destroyed, along with every other single Republican candidate running in in the name of righteousness and purity

  68. I doubt Reagan will be acceptable to Drew today.
    There is a slight chance that Reagan will deviate from the Drew Doctrine on some issue by a bit.

    Reagan will propose cutting taxes by 57%, and Drew will oppose him tooth and nail because he had a 57.03% number in mind.

  69. Reagan will propose cutting taxes by 57%, and Drew will oppose him tooth and nail because he had a 57.03% number in mind.


    Yep, that about nails it….

  70. So I’m looking for bumper music for this weekend’s show. I discover that Saturday is the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Scientology.
    I’m thinking that maybe I’ll do a “crazy” theme…********

    It’s been nice knowing you.

  71. W Homestead Kitchen Theater

    lauraw: (salting a couple thick strip steaks)

    scottw: (enters kitchen, pauses) Um. What are you doing with those?

    lauraw: gonna grill them (sprinkles herbs)

    scottw: Want me to do them, the right way?


  72. OK, not really. But I did say he’s getting chauvinistic about the cooking skills around here.

    If he learns how to make a good potato salad he will have no reason to remain married to me.

  73. I’m wearing my Reagan shirt today.

  74. Scott makes that chopped salad too.

  75. Meat Nazi

  76. He does. He does make that awesome salad. Thanks, Carin.

  77. Scott just doesn’t want Lauraw ruining stuff.

  78. I’m sure Scott could NEVER manage yogurt, Lauraw. He’ll need you for that.

  79. Hows about you just focus on the sammiches, sweetie, and let the men handle the other stuff..

    Now run along…. *smack

  80. open flame = man cook, ugh *swings club around

    What’s so hard about this?

  81. I could use a juicebox …

  82. Now run along…. *smack

    I’d pay good money to see this actually happen.

  83. The way that cooking scene would have played out at my place:

    jim: (enters kitchen, pauses) Um. What are you doing with those?

    paula: gonna grill them (sprinkles herbs)

    jim: want me open you a beer?

  84. Test

  85. Yea, I do the grilling too. Mostly. I’m smoking a boston Butt today.


  86. That sand looks secure, Chumpo.

  87. Those take forever.

  88. I once read that pre-1945 women mostly BBQ’d and that it was no big deal until it was marketed to American’s as THE cool thing to do.

    Then Kingsford and Webber and All That Jazz.

  89. Thanks Car in. I’m starting an excavation company and I’m spark testing some industry-changings methods for hauling. Things are going to change.

  90. Car in needs a crutch.

  91. Scott just doesn’t want Lauraw ruining stuff.

    Ha ha ha haa! Hey, Carin, btw, when is the next Lapeer meatup?

  92. Jay, how come there isn’t a web address on a google images page?

    I want to link the images search results but theres no http shiz.

  93. Classy H2 card

  94. That needs to be a weekend header pic, Pepe.


  96. If we meet in Lapeer in late August I can bring Baby Caruthers.

    Also ow. All I can taste is topical anaesthetic.

  97. Ha ha ha haa! Hey, Carin, btw, when is the next Lapeer meatup?

    *wonders if this is a sincere inquiry or a veiled threat.

    The next LapeerpaloozA will be whenever you guys show up

  98. Day 2: used the word cuntbag 745 times. Still not fired.

  99. We’ll need a new name, you can’t use Lapeerpalooza again.

  100. Day 2: used the word cuntbag 745 times. Still not fired.

    Why not 746?

  101. Day 2: used the word cuntbag 745 times. Still not fired.

    Each day brings fresh hope.

  102. Cape LaPeer 2015

  103. LaPeerning Man

  104. >>Why not 746?

    That would be excessive

  105. LePeer Into The Future 2116

  106. LeLiver 2016
    There Will Be Blood

  107. The Fast and LaPeerless 9.

  108. La La La LaPeer 2
    The Stuttering

  109. Time to blend up some dinner.

  110. I can’t use a straw, either, so my mustache is going to look like MJ’s after an afternoon meeting at the office.

  111. The Lapeering

  112. Cool. I’ll be there in August.

  113. Lapeer is too far from Traverse City!!

  114. Lapeeratration – Probing Further

  115. heh

  116. Hockeytown.

    Later Ballplayers

  117. I’m too tired to come up with a LaPeer joke.

  118. Did anybody murder anybody else with the plowshare they had made from a sword, just for the sheer irony of it today?

  119. I just used the unmodified plowshare that I originally made from a never-used sword.

    So much irony I thought I had hemochromatosis.

  120. Lapeer is a joke.

  121. Lapeer is too far from Traverse City Phoenix!!


  122. Holy craparoni.

    Earlier today, I found a nest had fallen off it’s perch and one of it’s occupants, a baby robin. I put the baby back in the nest and started mixing up some wet mud and grasses, in order to glue the nest back up under the deck stairs, where I think it fell from. Checked on it an hour later and it seems the nest is holding firm.

    Just checked on things back there and lo and behold, I see two more baby birds in the rocks where I found the first one! They must have been hiding under the hosta that is under the stairs.

    Now all are back in the nest and I sure hope the parents will be able to feed them a couple of times before the sun goes down.


  123. Good job, Beasn.

    **peck on the cheek**

    //youse guys shut your whore mouths!

  124. I’m holding off on pain meds. It’s been about 5 hours now and I’m just starting to feel a dull throb.

  125. Took one dose of the tramadol so I can sleep. He wanted me to start with the ibuprofen, but that upsets my stomach sometimes, and can slow healing.

  126. I should have said I’ve been holding off. Doc told me to start the ibuprofen right away and I figured I could at least wait until it hurt at little. I really don’t want to take anything if I can help it.

  127. Just come to the ghetto bar and we’ll fix those mother fucking gums right quick.

  128. Vodka is good for the gums!

  129. Hillary!’s strategy to only appear in gauzy, Vaseline smeared photos is brilliant.

    The moment she begins talking is when she starts going down like a chubby White House intern.

  130. They said no strong alcohol, either, it can irritate the wound.

    I was deeply saddened by this.

  131. The ibuprofen is for the swelling, Leon. Eat something and take it.

  132. “They said no strong alcohol”

    Dilute it.

  133. They were little, not worth smoking, beasn.

    Good job.

  134. I’ve got an ice pack. Not next to my face or anything, but I do have one.

  135. The scientific term is tonic.

  136. Beasn is a sweetheart. Wild birds are heartbreakers. Every time I’ve ever attempted a rescue…well. Let’s just say I don’t have the knack.

  137. Your mom has the knack.

  138. Your mom has had The Knack.

  139. Good girls don’t, but your mom does.

  140. Did anyone else put their penis between two pieces of bread & take a bite from it today?

  141. Why does leon have to eat baby food? What did I miss?

    Sorry leon, I hope you feel better soon. Want for me to drop some worms down your gullet?

  142. He had his roots planed.

  143. Scaled. Roots scaled.

  144. Why does leon have to eat baby food?

    New fad diet. Paleo babyfood.

  145. Hotspur, you missed my question yesterday. What is your opinion about modular homes?

  146. Aww, thanks xbrad – *SMOOCH*

    laura, that is sweet of you to say and yes, they really are heartbreakers. I sure hope it was good enough and maybe one or more makes it. I can’t believe I didn’t think to look for any more babies after finding the first one. Not sure if there is anything else I could do.

    I put my head out the door, a half hour ago, to see if I could hear any of them squawking ………heard a chorus of peeps and then saw an adult fly out from where the nest is.

    *fingers crossed but I am worried about the storms that are supposed to come through this weekend*

  147. It’s funny….when you pick them up, they stretch their necks like E.T. and open WIDE.

  148. Beasn, I have periodontal pockets behind my molars. I had my gums reduced on the upper right today. This involves a rather rough slicing, nipping, and scraping away of a fair amount of tissue followed by sutures and a weird molded dressing to cover a wound in my mouth the size of a pencil eraser.

    Can’t chew on that side for 7-10 days.

  149. Jebus, with all that done, you’ll be lucky to eat again! That sounds horrible.

    Did the dentist wear an SS uniform?

  150. Was your hygenist Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS?

  151. Leon, was that medically necessary or are you a freak for pain?

  152. He’s actually a maxillofacial surgeon. His nurse was nice, she had Carin’s haircut and we talked about gardening. She put a damp cloth on my head to calm me after the epinephrine shot.

  153. Why epinephrine? My dentist uses novacaine.

  154. Necessary or believe me I wouldn’t. The periodontal pockets could eventually lead to abcesses and loss of teeth/jawbone.

  155. Took one dose of the tramadol so I can sleep.

    You should save that shit for The Lapeering

  156. You gonna do Lapeer, seriously? I could do that, gotta use vacation up. August?

  157. Jay, no dentist has used novocaine in my lifetime, they might call it that, but it’s not available anymore. It’s carbocaine with a low dose of epinephrine to constrict the veins and slow the dispersion/metabolizing of the carbocaine.

    When they have to numb this much area, the epi is a separate shot after a topical anaesthetic, and prior to whatever numbing cocktail they use for this. Probably carbocaine, but I didn’t ask.

  158. Oh wait, no, I can’t go. Can’t make it.

    Now you can plan.

  159. I got to pull some weeds today. Plus, ran a conditioning session for a few soccer teams. I think I made it too hard. They died on the wind sprints.

  160. Since it’s Thorsday, I figured I’d post this for the ‘ettes.

    The Vacation red band trailer.

  161. Car in, should have made them do squats. Otherwise it’s a wasted session.

  162. Meh, teeth are a scam.
    If I were there, I’d put a cool cloth on your head and make you soup.

    My hat is off to you.

  163. Oh we’re just teasing, but everyone’s invited tony house whenever.

  164. They did squats. No worries. How could you have thought otherwise?

  165. Last time the dentist used carbocaine on me, it revved up my heart, made me shaky, and barely numbed me. It didn’t help that it felt like he was about to break my jaw by pushing down so hard on the goo he was setting in my tooth. I could barely open my mouth for 4 days, it hurt that bad.

    I was not a happy camper.

  166. Thanks, Beasn. I get to do this again for the lower right in a few weeks. Last time I had both sides done on the same day to save time recovering, but that made it a 3 hour ordeal, and he said he wouldn’t do it this time. Too risky for him to operate that long and higher risk of complications.

  167. Comment by beasn on May 7, 2015 9:05 pm

    It’s funny….when you pick them up, they stretch their necks like E.T. and open WIDE.

    Much like your mom………………..

  168. Hey Cyn, here is Thor in his underbritches

  169. leon, do you have to take antibiotics for that or do you just need to rinse with salt water or peroxide?

  170. Thanks, CoAlex for the link.

  171. The wound has a molded plastic dressing and they said rinse gently with warm — not hot — salt water after meals. And no flossing or brushing anywhere near it.

    I’m not taking chances. I’ve got a blender, protein powder, eggs, coconut milk, greens powder, almond butter, and powdered dextrose and hopefully homemade rice milk for my carb days. I’ll be sad and my iron levels are gonna drop, but I’ll be fed.

  172. Hey Cyn, here is Thor in his underbritches


    Have I told you lately that I love you, Beasnss?

  173. Holy crap, I should not be awake. Night all.

  174. Sleep as well as you can, leon.

  175. cyn….*smooch*

    He is teh hawtie!

  176. I would think that sloshing a little Vodka on the gums would decrease the chance of infection.
    Shows what I know…

  177. Has PG checked in?

  178. Messing with Linux serves to remind me how non computer nerds feel about computers.

  179. here is Thor in his underbritches


  180. Ugh. Long day.

  181. **snaps Roamy’s bra**

    **pinches Beasn’ butt**

  182. **gets expelled from H2 University**

  183. Long day here, too, but it was the last concert at Mini-me’s school. Also, it’s looking like I’ll be interviewed by Aviation Week.

  184. Anita, and some of the ladys from church, had a meeting at a local bakery(Fantastic Ruben sandwich!) about the community garden project on which they are working.
    Anita was telling them about attending the “Pierce County” meeting about such things and that the people attending that meeting were “Of a Type”.
    When questioned, by the others about what, exactly, does that mean,
    She replied that her husband (me) would call them “Hipster Douchebags”.
    There, apparently, was spitting of tea and snorting from the women of the church…

  185. Roamy,
    WTF,O? Why Aviation Leak?
    Was it that last press release about the X-37B?

  186. ChrisP, yes. There’s also a ISS research and development conference coming up, so they’re going to tie it all together.

  187. And I almost said Aviation Leak, but then I figured I’d be offered some of PG’s Mexican penicillin.

  188. Squishy hugs and good night!

  189. g’night, Romacita.

    OK, the mom type is gone, break out the booze.

  190. beasnesese had the link. CoAlex had the video.

  191. Thursday is my crazy day. Over 60 cases of new books. I had already re-worked all my under stock. I actually looked forward to patio furniture and spotting for the lift team. BTW 50 Shades of Gray is out tomorrow. Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day better than bondage soft-core porn. Totes not creepy.

  192. Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day better than bondage soft-core porn.

    *admires the open-mindedness of modern mothers*

  193. I had a planogram for 3/4 of the Mother’s Day Pod. The last 1/4 was a challenge. I went with Children’s books and avoided exercise and diet books.

  194. My Aunt Jenny wished her daughter a happy birthday and recognized her for setting the bar for the rest of us. I saw red. Haven’t responded. I feel sorry for Michele. Her mom is crazy. Dan had to keep me from responding.

  195. My family rewards college educations with language immersion trips. Michele after graduating from Notre Dame: I can’t wait to learn Spanish from a European Spanish speaking country!!! Me: I’m holding out for learning Portuguese from a European Portuguese speaking country!!! (My Uncle pulled me by my neck out of the room and told me not to fuck with my cousin)

  196. My Uncle Tony always flew the Rayciss Flag. Always. He specifically requested no AA roomies for his daughters.

  197. Some enchanted evening
    When you find your true love,
    When you feel her call you
    Across a crowded room,
    Then fly to her side,
    And make her your own
    Or all through your life you
    May derp all alone.

  198. Sean, I forgot to mention the awesome derp the other night from Cut You Up!

    Thanks for remonding me.

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