MMM 171: Getting on a plane

First trip to Fairfax in a couple of months in a few hours, so even less effort than usual.

Checking for lint.
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Give Em What They Want

I think you know where this is going…

True story: I saw Natalie Merchant at U of I with Sheryl Anderson. It was sugary sweet.

Cheerful woman eating chocolate

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Here’s Your Order – Enjoy

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Putting the Thor in Thursday since 2009


Every Hostage ever



Fuck it, I ain’t afr……

Instant update:


Dear Jimbro,

I’m not sorry. And good job working the sooper complicated wordpress thingy. I guess you’re not as dumb as you seem. You may keep your speculum.




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Ritualistic Stompy Poat

After reading the last 8,067 posts here I realized that I could do a much better job with just my non-dominant thumb. Hell, your mom likes my thumb (she gets my dominant thumb), so why shouldn’t the rest of you? After realizing I had no idea how to construct a post I asked MJ and he kindly responded with what could only be described as Muppet epithets, which, now that I think about it, would be a great band name.

Here’s a video no one will watch from my old band:

Now that spring is here I want to think of warm weather activities like mowing the lawn instead of shoveling snow, drinking beer outside instead of inside and grilling meat outside instead of inside. And, as always, your mom:

That’s all for now as I’m really not sure if this will work and it will be promptly stomped down.