Give Em What They Want

I think you know where this is going…

True story: I saw Natalie Merchant at U of I with Sheryl Anderson. It was sugary sweet.

Cheerful woman eating chocolate



Christophe Gilbert


  1. D-licious.

  2. Gross.

    Also those squats Buffy poated weren’t to depth.

    Also you can see the full video on youtube.

  3. What do Bruce Jenner and Emmett Kelly Jr. have in common? They both need a lot of makeup.

  4. A clown walks into a pizza parlor and orders a dozen pies. The chef looks him up and down and asks “You gay?”
    “Well, I’m ordering pizza for a wedding reception, so I must have a sense of humor.”

  5. I don’t get it.

  6. This is crap.

  7. Candy bars can be made of gold

  8. Prepping the battlefield for Hillary:

    Too bad most, not all, of these women can pull it off.

  9. Natural always looks better than fake.

  10. Time to make the quesadillas.

  11. I agree with HS. This is a load of shit.

  12. Anyone have a decent NBC stream? The Hawks are on at 3pm and I don’t feel like going downstairs to the brewery.

  13. “Mommy, what is vaginal tightening?”

  14. “Mommy, what is vaginal tightening?”

    “Just a speedmetal band from the late eighties, honey.”

  15. Do you need a torque wrench for that?

  16. wakey wakey

    Too bad most, not all, of these women can pull it off.

    Weird that young women are dying their hair gray.

    Car in and I can pull it off.
    I’ve been wearing my hair short like Jamie Lee Curtis for years and have decided to grow it out. Haven’t cut it since November. I’ve got a lot of white highlights.

  18. Weird that young women are dying their hair gray.

    I think it was Helen Mirren in Red that started the ball rolling.

  19. Dying is the number one killer in the world.

  20. Or were you referring to dyeing?

  21. MMM shed-yuled. Time to va al aeropuerto.

  22. Hotspur for the douche of the day!


  23. Longest winning streak – since March of 2009.

  24. Oughta change his name to Summer’s Eve.

  25. When did Nashville get a hockey team?

  26. When did Nashville get a hockey team?

    Before Columbus got theirs. And Minnesota. And Atlanta.

  27. I sure hope MJ got to see his hockey game.

  28. A girl at work dyed her hair gray and then purple. It actually looks pretty neat when the purple starts to fade and the silver-gray starts to show.

    Dying your hair gray is better than dying it bright pink.

  29. Dyeing.

  30. Columbus too? I haven’t paid attention since The Whalers left.

  31. I used my outdoor burner again today. It’s nice being able to fry stuff without stinking up the house.

    Best $20 I have ever spent.

  32. ** Important Update **

    Tomato plants are flowering.

  33. Wow, you certainly started the tomatoes early enough.

  34. Tomato plants are flowering.

    Best euphemism evar.

  35. Best euphemism evar.


    High fives Jay

    (Not a euphemism)

  36. Good day, marshmallow fluffers.

  37. Damn it I meant high fives Cyn. Stupid fat fingers in a dickphone.

  38. On..I meant ON!

    Son of a…

  39. Mare needs a bigger phone.

  40. Finger liposuction. All the cool kids are getting it done!

  41. Hi guys! Mmmm…grapefruit beer.

  42. Mare:

  43. You like it, oso? Illusive Traveler is delicious.

  44. Better have a couple of them, crazy bear. It will dampen the sting of the sweep your Reds are about to endure.

  45. Dan to Oso: The Cards should have the game in the bag by the 3rd, so we can watch a movie. Grrrrr

  46. HA! You tools suck!


  47. J’ we don’t have that one here :(

  48. Mare, get me a beer, and make it snappy.

  49. HA! You tools suck!

    Suck my tool! HA!

  50. HA! Tool sucks!

    *waits for C arin to get home from double*

  51. Mare’s definition of snappy is about as accurate as Carin’s definition of a double.

  52. It’s probably not a grapefruit beer, either.

  53. Grapefruit beer? Man, drinking has changed in the last 3 1/2 years.

  54. *snaps Mare’s and Carin’s bra*

  55. I think I’m allergic to tomato pollen.

  56. Pepe, check your G-string.

  57. Car in, try this and report back: “HARDEST WORKOUT EVER???” Tabata HIIT Cardio for Fat Burning and Endurance

  58. Sean – We actually had teletypes like that in Spain when I was stationed there.

  59. Do they sell this at the co-op, Hotspur?

    Scientists create toe, belly button cheese from human bacteria

  60. Wow, Chief. That was pretty advanced for 1913!

  61. Jay, only the locally made stuff.

  62. Sean – Everything we had was used and abused by the USAF before we got it.

  63. I’d make a joke about your mom having been used and abused by the USAF, but I suspect it was actually at the hands of these guys.

  64. Actually, my father was a Field Artillery soldier.

  65. Nobody said nuffin’ about yer dad.

  66. Just yer mom.

  67. I work with a woman from the Czech Republic. She had a Dr appt recently and they did blood work. I like having her say “Blood”. I got her to say it twice today. I’m easily amused.

  68. My church hosted a murder mystery dinner theater last night, which was a lot of fun. Sort of like “How to Host a Murder” but with 200 people. They got the lady who emigrated from France to play the part of the owner of the Parisian chateau. “Ou have gott blood aund champagne all oveh my carpeet!”

  69. awesome, roamy

  70. Foreign accents are so fun. French and Australian are my faves.

  71. But did you get to actually murder anyone?

  72. Foreign accents are so fun. French and Australian are my faves.

    Nobody ever says Chinese.

  73. Clouseau always made me laugh.

  74. Chief,
    There is nothing wrong with Field Artillery.
    I was one of those.
    Okay, never mind…

  75. Did anybody realize that anybody else’s phone number spelled out something obscene today?

  76. For Oso and XBrad

  77. Pepe, WTF?

  78. AUGH!!!!!!

  79. I always imagine someone learning a foreign language like Chinese from a tutor who stutters, and the person has no idea he’s learning to speak Chinese with a stutter………….. Yes, I know I’m warped.

  80. Just think how many grasshoppers it could eat, Oso.

  81. Hoppers aren’t in the car! LOL

  82. Better nuke it. Just to be sure.

  83. Pepe, I used to stammer. I was learning Chinese at school. I had a Tidewater accent at the time. For some reason, I was always asked to speak in front of the class.

  84. I like “Favoriting” Wiser’s tweets and then having lag time before re-tweeting. If you guys would comment faster, I wouldn’t be forced to harass Wiser on Twitter.

  85. They were just being mean to you, Oso.

    Or imagine a Chinese person learning English from someone with a serious southern accent.

  86. Pepe, we were always being asked if they “Could please practice my English with you?” If I was feeling nice, I would. Sometimes, I would speak Spanish and pretend not to speak English.

  87. What’s the best way to harass wiser on Twatter?

  88. Favorite without re-tweeting.

  89. Okay, I did it.

  90. Twice. No retweet.

  91. Heh.

  92. Tim Tebow signing with the Eagles?

    I didn’t even know he sang.

  93. >>>>Favorite without re-tweeting.

    I hate you all so much…..

  94. I wish that derp could be just like a photograph
    One moment captured as you laugh your perfect laugh
    But that’s a daydream, things could never be so right
    There’s so much more to think about than black and white

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