Here’s Your Order – Enjoy


  1. Let the games begin

  2. Reindeer Games?

  3. Brownfield Remediation Games

  4. I changed the link over on the sidebar: You can now listen right on the radio station website for Wiserbud’s SES.

  5. Passout
    x x

  6. Man purses? That’s what we’re talking about?

  7. There’s something really creepy about TH discussing man purses. And of course he has to work in his business information the whole time.

  8. Anybody with an iPhone able to see the show on Periscope?

  9. Um, can’t comment at periscope unless the broadcaster follows my Twitter account. But it’s working today.

  10. Is there a way that you can share the link to watch?

  11. The weird thing is you can’t hear anything that isn’t live sound that wiser’s cell phone can hear, so you can’t hear anyone calling in. But then the live feed on internet radio is out of sync with periscope itself, of course.

    Lemme see if I can find the Twitter link.

  12. It’s funny. Wiser doesn’t look as much like a furry as I expected.

  13. So get periscope, set your Twitter account to follow wisermeany, and then when you sign in to periscope with twitter credentials you should see wiser’s stream.

  14. George SHOUT OUT!


  15. There’s no Android app yet (Note 4 user here), Geo, but I was thinking I might be able to find the stream on

  16. Yes, wiser! You have to follow the Twitter account of the person broadcasting to watch the stream.

  17. This site supposedly streams the live ‘Scopes.

  18. You have to have a twitter account and follow the person broadcasting. Also, I can’t comment on his live stream unless wiser enables comments.

  19. Cyn, are you following wisermeany?

  20. Oops, you must follow @SESWATR

  21. I follow both @wisermeany and @SESWATR but is ONLY available for iPhones. Thus I cannot watch.

  22. >>>It’s a MADHAUS!!!

  23. They should have gone with Meerkat.

  24. “Crush! Kill! Destroy!”

    Okay, wiser is actually funny. Don’t know how that happened.

  25. I’m listening on an iPod to the stream and posting at H2, and watching the video on an iPad because the periscope app won’t run in the background.

  26. Why you sadists won’t post a link is beyond me.

  27. Ooh, OpenOffice geekery!

  28. Chumpo, your have to have a Twitter account and then follow @SESWATR

    That’s the “link”

    There’s no link per se, you have to be on twitter

  29. Chumpo, your have to have a Twitter account and then follow @SESWATR

    AAANNNDDD have an Apple device.

    Ooo I have an old iPad… Stand by!

  30. I found the stream for WTER but I haven’t heard Wiser yet.

  31. Can’t see it here either. But I’m liking Elementary Linux. Really boots up fast, and I’m getting the hang of the different GUI options.

  32. I’d just like to say this poat was good, damn good, real good. Good job, Cyn.

  33. Can someone here explain @FirstteamTommy to me? Is that Gabe? His brother? What?

  34. Nope, he’s a former 1Cav Div guy.

  35. Link

    Andy is on.

  36. Smart military blog!

  37. Good to hear Andy!

  38. Thanks, Mare!

    *waits for delivery of Franzia juicebox*

  39. Did anyone find the Periscope stream on Cyn’s link?

  40. Well, I managed to comment on the periscope stream. I’m tempted to ask him about “your mom.”

  41. I check periodically to see if it loads up, Jay, but nothing last week and nothing so far today.

  42. George – do you have to install the Periscope App to watch on Apple device?

  43. Someone stopped by, missed the NYT story.

  44. Cyn, yes

  45. What should I say on periscope’s stream to get wiser’s goat?

  46. Aww, no H2 shoutout?


  47. Me iPad is too old to install the app.

  48. Ask him if he knows it’s record store day.

  49. Andy’s a good boy.

  50. Ask him about the light under the door.

  51. Andy has a great voice, suuuthern draaawl and allll


    Done, J’ames

  53. My lady walked by and thought I was listening to Howard Stern! Ha!

  54. Ask him if he knows Car in has never been to Chipotle.

  55. I tweeted that to Wiser an hour ago.


    jimbro brought the knowledge yesterday.

  57. About Chipotle, or record store day?

  58. Who’s the co-host on the show? The not Tom Hill guy?

  59. This brought a smile to my face, several in fact. Just sort of unbridled joy over something…which I think is great.

    Original from neatorama.

  60. ok, the linux twitter app is lame.

  61. Heh. I just got the clown gif up yonder.

  62. Funny, Mare.

  63. That’s Ben Mills; he came in last year to do the Tech Segment last year but now he’s co-host.

  64. Who is with Wiser right now?

  65. I disagree with Ben Mills.

  66. What did Andy and Wiser talk about (in a nutshell)?

  67. Ignore my question.

  68. Cyn, did you get Googleman a Mt. Dew for his linux recommendations?

  69. Record store. I tossed on a Los Feliz Day Car tweet for fun.

  70. George, tweet to Wiser about Hillary not tipping at Chipotle.

  71. Not about Andy about who’s talking now.

  72. I did, Jay 🙂

    That UI to Elementary was just stunning – thoughts?

  73. I’m like that person who comes into a conversation half way throughout and ruins the flow.

  74. What is your question Mare??

  75. I’ll answer Mare’s question:

    Mrs Peacock, in the Kitchen, with the gentlemans sausage.

  76. What did Andy talk about?

  77. I like it, Cyn. I think the battery was causing some issues (rebooting over and over). Seems very stable today.

    I like the font choices and layouts in elementary, but the button placement takes getting used to.

  78. The annual NRA meeting. But I didn’t listen so I’m not 100% sure.

  79. wiser said it, and so have others. If you have an older slower machine, I’d recommend Linux to speed things up a bit.

  80. Andy talked about his trip to a gun show and buying a gun off the interwebz. He like him some guns.

  81. Gee, I’m the only one watching wiser?

  82. you up next, MJ? Break a leg!

  83. Thank you!

  84. My machine isn’t exactly slow, but the interface was really nice looking. Googleman wanted to load that on when I got the machine last year but I needed to be up and running NOW and didn’t have time to trudge up the learning curve.

  85. …then they talked about some law that states that a certain rifle accessory is illegal unless it is manufactured before a certain date (199?) then its legal.

  86. Oh cool, so you took the plunge too. I’m doing this on my really old work laptop (kinda research for that).

  87. Timely, MJ!!!

  88. No, I didn’t; no time. But if I ever have a spare device, I definitely will. He showed me on his laptop and it was impressive.

    Sidenote funny: I popped into his room to get his thoughts on trying to load Periscope on the iPad and his first comment to me was, “I’m surprised that you’ve heard about that.”

    Dammit! I’m still cool and hip and on top of shit. REALLY!!!

  89. Whoops. Hung up too soon.

    Sorry dude.

  90. MJ has a good demeanor on the radio. I like it!

  91. That is so forking cool. Good job!

  92. *up twinkles MJ with both hands*

    *I don’t even know what that means*

  93. Ohh, he’s here!

    I like your drink choice. I’ve had Fireball once and liked it.

  94. I gotta run to a pool party. I’m making Hurricanes so the lifeguard will be busy.


  95. “Brownfield Remediation”


  96. Nice Chad reference.

  97. Later Chump!

  98. Hey, that periscope thing worked quite well. Now I can heckle wiser in real time

  99. It’s a little cool for a pool party here.

  100. Mmph. Doesn’t seem to be an application for periscope on OS X or Windows. Just iOS. The gay OS.

  101. I thought California was out of water?

  102. California is mainly out of its mind.

  103. It’s Cardinal baseball time!

  104. That clown gif is priceless.

  105. Yeah, ravioli is still delicious.

  106. More rule by dictatorial fiat, courtesy Licorice Dick’s bureaucracy. Just think how Cankles will exceed even this administration’s tyranny.

    The federal government’s top labor arbiter may use its regulatory power to force non-union employees in right to work states to pay union dues.

    The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) put out a call for legal briefs on Wednesday asking labor law scholars to weigh in on whether unions should have the ability to extract dues payments from non-members. The announcement drew immediate criticism from right to work activists.

  107. So, GO, it was okay?

  108. Yesterday I read an article about a town where the wells are going dry. Suddenly your home is pretty much worthless and you have to travel to shower.

  109. I woke up this morning with a song in my head and crick in my back.

    Happy Saturday, Hostages.

  110. Yes, worked well. And you figgered out to enable comments. I don’t know how many of the idiots around here have iOS devices, though. The stream seldom halted, and it was never choppy. It’s a shame we can’t hear callers, though. Don’t think you can fix that given the audio input is the iPhone’s mic. Can you plug in a line source that has live broadcast feed without the seven second delay?

  111. Good show today, Radiobud. You did not suck.

  112. You did not suck.

    That’s what I was shooting for.

  113. Now the rules have come out for being an “every day American” that got to meet Hillary on the campaign:

    “I get there, and the first thing he said was, ‘I need you to sign this release.’ And I said, ‘Why? Who’s going to be here?’” Yowell explained. ”

    The people who had coffee with Clinton had to sign the release forms because the event was filmed for a video the Clinton campaign released on Friday. However, everyone who spoke to Business Insider said they weren’t able to get take their own pictures of the meeting because Price asked to take their phones before the encounter.

    “I was so excited,” Yowell said. “But then they took our cellphones and I was, like, ‘But I can’t call and tell anyone?’”

    “We had to turn our cellphones in to them before we went in,” Nelson said. “We all handed them over.”

    This nation is sleepwalking its way into sheepish servitude, with a shrug and without a care.

  114. Can you plug in a line source that has live broadcast feed without the seven second delay?

    The delay is caused by the station receivers then shooting the feed to another computer that then streams it.

    But Ben and I will work on that. Glad it worked so well. Next week, I’ll have my Kindle up and will respond to tweets during the show. Didn’t think about that last week.

    @SESWATR picked up 6 new followers during the show. sloooooooooooooooooooowly building up that audience….

  115. That was fun. I’m sure Wiser was sweating the f-bomb drop the whole time.

  116. @SESWATR picked up 6 new followers during the show.

    Half of them are fake, like Hillary’s followers?

  117. well, time for softball practice….

    see you after I get home from the emergency room.

  118. The comment box in periscope worked nicely.

  119. Andy!

    *slides a drink down the bar*

    It was fun listening to you.

  120. Unlike the podcast, I was completely sober. So there’s that.

  121. I’m sure Wiser was sweating the f-bomb drop the whole time.

    Andy, you were awesome. And we did get a caller while you were on, but it was minutes after we started and i wanted to talk to you before we got to any callers.

    And then they hung up.

    Should be interesting to see if we get any feedback on the subject.

  122. NBC News has altered its original account of the kidnapping of chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel and two others by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2012. Additionally, Engel now admits that, contrary to his prior claim, he had no proof of “one of his captors lying dead” when the news crew was rescued.

    At this point may we just assume NBC lies habitually?

  123. Unlike the podcast, I was completely sober.

    Why on Earth would you do that??!

  124. Thanks, Ms. Cyn

    *slams Jaeger*

    *chases with vodka*

    *sips beer*

  125. Oh, a caller would’ve been awesome.

    I hate that I had to run, but I’m playing solo dad today.

  126. Hillary Clinton’s got a problem with hedge fund managers — or at least with the way they’re taxed.

    The expected frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination is avoiding policy specifics for now, but the taxation of hedge fund managers — an elite class of investors who will no doubt pour millions into Clinton’s second White House bid — has been an early exception.

    “There’s something wrong when hedge fund managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or the truckers that I saw on I-80 as I was driving here,” Clinton told a small group of roundtable participants in Monticello, Iowa, this week.

    This is hilarious given that her fugly daughter is married to… a hedge fund manager. Besides, Wall Street knows Cankles is just blustering for the proles. She will solicit and get the same fat cat donations from Wall Street plutocrats that Obama received.

  127. You should definitely do a longer segment next time, Andy. Gun talk in CT probably makes heads explode.

  128. Who’s that gun manufacturer that is there and is moving out?

  129. Okay gang, going to work on one of the houses.

    This is for no one in particular. I swear.

  130. Not sure. MA, CT, NY, etc, were the heart of the American firearms industry. Colt & Ruger were founded in CT. S&W is MA. Remington, NY. They all have had manufacturing plants located out of the NE for a while now.

    Pulling up stakes is pretty easy.

  131. PTR is one them, they moved to South Carolina.

  132. 8 lbs of smoked chicken boob!

  133. One of my favorites is Magpul, the company that makes the magazines I talked about with Wiser.

    They were in Colorado, and after they passed their ban a couple of years ago, Magpul said “fuck you” and shifted to Wyoming & Texas.

    Then they had these great shirts at last year’s NRAAM …

  134. Nice, Scott!

    A brisket is going on the smoker here tomorrow for Monday’s post-marathon meal.

  135. Oh, on the topic of CO – we met this chick: @lauracarno

    She’s a friend of Charlie’s and led the effort to recall the idiots that passed the CO laws. Total badass.

  136. Thats radical, Andy. Good job on the show today. I hope to hear more from you and look forward to seeing you again.
    On an On.

  137. Stupid phone.

  138. Mr. Chumlo! How many bullwhips?

    Nice twitter name, BTW

  139. Janet Yellen just sent me an email. Evidently the Federal Reserve owes me $6,000,000. They just need to verify a few details.

  140. Heh. A lot. After five i just started shooting Akvavit.

  141. Thanks, Chum[l|p]o!

  142. Sweet, Hotspun. Fly down to La Jolla and help me w this re-model.

  143. If by help, you mean get you a beer and tell you how to do it, be right there.

  144. K. Im here now, but im justl pointing fingers.

  145. You see this, Andy?

    This might explain the hole Michael blew in his house.

  146. Link might help

  147. Akavit? you get that at Solvang? Potent Danish potato liquor!

  148. What do you know about Solvang, James? Very funny.

  149. That’s a scary vid, scott!

  150. I’m from Elk Horn, it’s another Danish settlement. Solvang is the Danish town in CA.

  151. Wow. Yeah. Not good.

    Never trust a safety. Or whitey. But mainly a safety.

  152. I’m from Frankfurt, it’s a town full of hotdogs.

  153. nice regular expression, Andy.

  154. I am pretty sure that happened to Michael.

  155. La Jolla is one of my favorite places. I love San Diego.

  156. 🔫💣🔪😳

  157. Is there an emoji for your mom?

  158. Firing pin on the shotgun must be stuck. Sticks out of the bolt face and when the round is chambered quickly, it hits the primer.

  159. Of course. There had to be a gay couple emoji. They both look like Tim Cook.
    👬 +🍕 = fail

  160. Moooom! George is using hyroglyphics to come out of the closet again! !

  161. My emoji think your emoji are communist rats.

  162. Thanks for that, Scott, I’ll be sharing it.

  163. **squishy hugs MCPO**

    How you doin’, Chief? How’s DG?

  164. My emoji think your emoji are communist rats.

  165. That gun video made me queasy.

  166. Is Andy talking about Charles Cooke?

  167. Roamy – DG is doing well. Spending the weekend with her friend Olivia. Mom & Dad went to Grand Rapids for the weekend.

  168. George – All I see are little boxes.

  169. I showed the gun video to Mr. RFH and Mini-me. Can’t hurt to reinforce the rules, especially since she is working on some kind of shooty badge at summer camp this year.

  170. Yeah, I guess the emoji stuff only works if you’re on the same platform. I’m using an iOS device.

    Just as well, they are too small anyway.

  171. The boxes were supposed to be six rats and a Cuban flag.

  172. I saw the rats, but not a Cuban flag. Just letters PR

  173. Look at this POS lunch Michelle mandated:

  174. Today was the warmest day in 6 months.

    We got up to 80.

  175. Greetings, Saturday night “special” people.

  176. *lowers chin and whispers “special”*

  177. That’s because sushi is rice.


  179. heh

  180. >> nice regular expression, Andy.

    That’s what your mom said.

  181. >> Is Andy talking about Charles Cooke?


  182. Position overrun by Indians. Too many…This may be my last transmission.
    I’d do it all over again…

  183. I’m going to miss him.

    That guy, you know?

    What was his name? Eh, probably doesn’t matter.

  184. Don’t fire ’til you see the whites of their eyes, Chumpo!

  185. Seam worries me sometimes so I’ll just leave this here for everyone:

  186. Hey Andy, have you been reading about the Tim McGraw/Sandy Hook brouhaha? Looks like Billy Currington dropped out.

  187. Yeah, McGraw can eat a bag of dicks.

  188. I suspect that he has.

  189. Used to like Faith Hill. Too bad she seems to have taken Tim’s balls.

  190. They were always lefties. I think it is funny that Grace is the kid on FB posting pics with guns. I think she’s the one that shaved her head to be like dad as a kid.

  191. I like a lot of McGraw’s songs. As a matter of fact, his current one – Shotgun Rider – is one of my favorites of his.

    But, yeah, he’s always been a lefty.

  192. Comment by Sean M. on April 18, 2015 7:42 pm

    “Sushi killed the clown?”

    I don’t friggin’ know.

  193. Faith was an early entry on Load HEAT.

  194. What’s the title of the novel and movie in which that character appears, Eric?

  195. Just back from the annual “Easter Bunny Shoot” in Morton, WA.
    It’s where a bunch of us old, busted-up ’70 skydivers get together for a pot-luck, with guns.
    Lots of guns.
    We’re all getting ‘long in the tooth’, and the old injuries are becoming apparent. But, the second, and now the third generation are getting old enough to learn firearms safety and skills.
    There were three generations on the hill today shooting everything from .22LR to .338 LaPua. Lots of 9mm, .45, .357, and AR-15s(including suppressed).
    Thousands of rounds fired.
    No injuries.
    No unsafe behavior observed.
    The food was great.
    The people were nice.
    The sun was out.
    GOD smiled on us today.
    It was a good day…

  196. Did anybody throw down with anybody else over the fact that their competing garage sale’s signs strongly implied they were on the Sex Offender Registry today?

  197. Sounds fun ChrisP

  198. Vman,
    it was nice getting to see old friends again but, Anita & I, having no children, missed out on much of the “Handing Down” thing.
    It was nice seeing the others kids, now parents, passing it along to their children..
    If we could only convince the little whelps to jump out of airplanes with the shitty-gear we had in the early ’70, the circle would be complete, and much smaller.
    Just kidding…

  199. Excellent, ChrisP.

  200. I have no meat to smoke!

  201. That’s never been a problem for your mom.

  202. Andy,
    Thanks, it’s nice teaching the kids about guns, to counteract what they learn in school.
    They have “fun” with this, and learn not to be scared.
    They learn that what they are taught in public school is a lie…

  203. Love teaching new shooters. The more the merrier.

  204. I like it that the fastest growing group of new shooters is women. True feminism.

  205. Far away ma, there’s a black sun risin’ overhead
    There’s a moon through the midnight rain
    How can I surround myself in derp and derp again?
    How can I be free?
    Just wanna lay in the moonlight, see the light shine in
    See you in the outline
    It never gets too dark to find
    Anybody at anytime

  206. ATTN: Leon

    RE: Monday

  207. So a couple of cannibals are eating a clown when one says to the other, “Hey, does this taste funny to you?”

  208. Did you know clowns cry on the inside? Ask one that’s been to prison.


  210. New post.

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