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  1. I still have a blog!

  2. I still have a blogpointless excessive barking!


  3. She may make $19 million a year, own mansions in London, New York, Brentwood, Malibu, and the Hamptons, charge $550 for her Goop.com “travel backgammon set,” and fly by private jet, but she feels your pain.

    I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin,” she infamously sneered… “I’d rather die than let my kid eat Cup-a-Soup,” she told Conan O’Brien… Remember this: “I love the English way, which is not as capitalistic as it is in America. People don’t talk about work and money; they talk about interesting things at dinner parties,” she told the foreign press. And: “I don’t tap into the bad side of American psychology, which is ‘I’m not achieving enough, I’m not making enough, I’m not at the top of the pile.’”

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/416945/gwyneth-paltrows-poverty-voyeurism-michelle-malkin

    Says a woman whose agent always negotiates top dollar and whose tax attorneys are charged with ensuring she pays as little as possible.

  4. Wait… Jimbro posted this? Isn’t someone supposed to stomp on this post in about five minutes?

  5. I saw Gluten Enema open for Lemon Bear Dick Punch at the Tulare County Fair in 2013.

  6. Thank you, George, enough scorn cannot be thrown at Gwyneth.

    Even her name is an affectation.

  7. Only the first one George. Sort of like the bullwhip initiation and once you fit the first bullwhip in the rest are like butter…I’ve heard

  8. George, this is not Jimbro’s first post. And MJ stomped him so hard he’s on the kidney/liver/spleen transplant list.

  9. Jimbro in with #2. Which is appropriate for this poat.

    Only 436 to take the lead from

  10. Friday
    wall extensions 10
    shoulder dislocates 10
    cat-camels 10
    full-body circles 10
    leg swings
    wrist mobility 30s
    plank 60s
    side plank 30s
    reverse plank 30s
    hollow body hold 60s
    superman hold 50s
    wall handstand 60s 60s 40s
    dip support hold 50s 50s
    close pullups 8 6 6
    dips 12 12 10
    half pistol 5 5 5
    l-sit 30s 30s 30s
    close pushups 12 12
    tucked-body rows

    Leon, that’s the strangest grocery list I’ve ever seen.

  11. Butter And Bullwhips sounds like a BDSM website. Or one of Michelle Obama’s new health initiatives.

  12. This is our new happy fun ball toy: http://is.gd/qQcG7B

    Rowan figured out tug of war is more fun if he gnaws the hand holding the ball and it gets dropped. He skint my thumb and long finger knuckles and I had to wear band aids in the office yesterday to not gross the kids out.

  13. The Clinton Foundation said late Wednesday that it will continue to accept donations from foreign governments during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, despite concerns that such gifts will create a conflict of interest for the Democratic front-runner.

    I’m beginning to think the Clintons could just march into Fort Knox, walk out with a handcart stacked in bullion, and the rest of the world would just stare and shrug.

  14. Is George Soros ever going to die?

  15. At Kirkwood Community College, her public contact was limited to seven students and teachers tapped for a camera-friendly roundtable with 15 others in the audience.

    Questions from journalists? Few and far between — and any that went off-script also went unanswered.

    One reporter asked Clinton to reconcile her vow to purge “unaccountable money” from campaigns with the super PAC now raising hundreds of millions for her. She shrugged and said, “I don’t know.”

    *blinks, blinks again*

    I’m not sure I’m even in the Milky Way galaxy any longer.

  16. The University of Pittsburgh has released a set of “Gender-Inclusive/Non-Sexist Language Guidelines and Resources” informing instructors how they should be talking in their classrooms in order to not offend anyone.

    One suggestion is to ask “students to write down preferred names and pronouns” on the first day while also keeping in mind that just because a student wanted a particular pronoun on the first day doesn’t mean that he/she/they/zi/zie will always want that pronoun because “a person’s gender identity may change over time.”

    “Zi” and “zie” are provided as examples of gender-neutral pronouns in the document, as well as the singular use of the pronoun “they.”

    When I think of the headaches I had rewriting papers for proper use of English fortyish years ago, at UC Berkeley, I’m beginning to feel victimized myself.

  17. That was a long-ass, complicated workout, too. I much prefer barbells.

    In this video, Nikki stands on a scale and it reads 110. Women here will claim that her scale is lying.

  18. Only candidates with R behind their name are scrutinized. It’s in the rules.

  19. I have commenter diarrhea this morning because I’m procrastinating the start of work. Gonna be ugly today in about an hour.

  20. Is George Soros ever going to die?

    My hope is that he plows billions into successful longevity research and then dies in a freak “accident” before he can benefit from it.

  21. Your linky needs a little help, leon.

  22. I can’t believe even proggies are sleepwalking their way into letting this corpulent harridan married to a rapist walk away with the presidency.

  23. Thanks Jay, fissed.

  24. Why aren’t I seeing the pics in the header of the post?

  25. She deserved that Oscar for Shakespeare in Love like I deserve the moniker “supermodel”.

    *subscribes to Mare’s newsletter

    *realizes I’ve already subscribes 5 times

  26. Because your eyes aren’t open?

    You’re using a braille browser?

    Your coffin lid is closed?

    You’re dead?

  27. Yes.

  28. Is George Soros ever going to die?

    Ha!! I was thinking that the other day!

  29. I blame iOS 8 Tim Cook. Instea of spending so much time with the gay Mafia he should be producing functional software. Or maybe he’s looking at cornhole porn on his Apple Watch.

  30. Barrel, George. George, Barrel.

  31. Well, I forgot to close that fag.

    I mean, tag.

  32. Who is Nicky and why do I care what she weighs?

  33. For a barrel, it’s not much worse than a coffin.

  34. Physique competitor. I poated a vid of her at some point and half the women claimed she had to weigh 135#

  35. Yep, it’s iOS 8. Still defective.

  36. Physique competitors can bite me.

    One of our former waitresses is a body builder. She looks like a freak, with a body that is good for nothing put posing. blech.

  37. You know how Ace and others have said we need to start taking over the culture? This site does bite sized posts of entertainment related news mainly and every once in a while comments on entertainment culture or politics in an oblique fashion.


    When it does it seems to be leaning conservative. I don’t know, you may not see it that way, but I’ve been reading it for a couple of months and it seems that way to me.

    I do agree that we need to take the culture back to a more neutral stance but it’s going to be a long road.

  38. *poses*

  39. Culture is upstream of politics, and culture changes slowly. Hence the reason no Republican will be president for many years to come.

  40. My favorite pose is the top of a deadlift.

  41. Woo hoo! Truck is dry.

  42. This is a good lift too.

  43. I wonder if there’s an app to turn a wordpress blog into a podcast. All with different computer voices. Kinda like the voices in the compos video. That would be fun.

  44. We could all pick the voice that we think represents the commenter.

  45. Given that I’m dead, I think we could use Vincent Price as my voice. Or Bela Lugosi.

  46. A case of biting the drive-up window hand that feeds you.

  47. *unsubscribes from J’ames’s newsletter*

  48. *stiffs her aides, too!

  49. Huma has a history of “stiffing” Hillary.

  50. I bet they use that squirting strapon doohickey.

  51. Don’t look at Facebook, xbrad! There’s a Justified spoiler on their timeline!

  52. I’m good, J’ames. I saw it really late on Tuesday.

  53. <i<Culture is upstream of politics, and culture changes slowly. Hence the reason no Republican will be president for many years to come.

    When the last drop of blood has been squeezed from the last turnip……

  54. I watched the final Justified episode. Raylan has to shoot his dog at the end.

  55. >>Jay in Ames on April 16, 2015 at 12:51 pm
    We could all pick the voice that we think represents the commenter.

    I think I know what voice I am going to get

  56. What terrifies me is that if things get bad enough and the government is still intact we’re inevitably going to get Hitler.

    Not GWB-Hitler, either, actual fucking Hitler.

  57. Best possible outcome is probably an American version of Putin, which is similarly terrifying.

  58. >>George Orwell on April 16, 2015 at 1:42 pm
    Huma has a history of “stiffing” Hillary.

    This assumes that Hilda has s body part that can stiffen.

    Not too far off. When Jon Stewart announced his retirement, my guess for his reason was: he sucked O’s cock happily for years. But no way he is going to suck Hilda’s cock.

  59. I think I know what voice I am going to get

    *presses like button

  60. Broomhilda Clinton.

  61. I imagine Rosetta’s voice will be like Bruce Jenner.

  62. At this point I think the default assumption has to be that ANYONE who asks HRC a lot Heston is a plant and the q & a have both been carefully scripted. It’s up to her campaign to provide evidence that it is otherwise.

  63. Mmmmm… Thorrrrr

    *subscribes to Jimbro’s Premium-level newsletter*

  64. lot Heston = question. I have no fucking clue what my iPhone is thinking.

  65. Happy Birthday Pups and AprilWine, where ever you are


  66. Birthdays are a scam.

  67. Your mom is a scam.

  68. Happy Birthday to the Pupster. A Hostage who has given me hours of hilarity through gifs and links.

    May the force always be with you.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  69. If p then q.

    If p then r.

    Ergo q = r.

  70. Leon, if that “gal” is 110 pounds fine, but is she also 4’10”?

  71. Star Wars .5: Mare thanks Pupster

  72. It’s easier to lift all that weight when you’re closer to the ground.

    Right leon?

  73. That made me LOL Jay.

    I still have endorphins raging through my paper thin veins.

    Could blow at any time.

  74. I think PG is telling us to mind our p’s and q’s.

  75. May the force always be with you.
    I don’t know what I’m saying.

    I think you just offered him a handie.

  76. lot Heston = question


    iPhones are a scam and I have one.

  77. If by “handle” you mean a kiss and a big hug then yes.

    If by “handle” you mean what your mom does behind the port a potties at a rodeo then no.

  78. Happy birthday, Pupstart.

  79. whoa, even mare is in on the mom jokes now.

    Plus, it’s handie, with an i (eye). xbrad will explain.

  80. Hotspur I’m into your friend’s book.

  81. Shit my eyesight is going, Jay.

  82. How did you get it so fast, Mare?

  83. Well, I suppose it IS kind of a handle…

  84. What the fucking fuck? Batman’s friend just posted something horrible on facedouch.

  85. Saw it. Wow!

  86. Kindle. 10 seconds.

  87. She doesn’t seem nice.

  88. what was that book again? And is it available in audio?

  89. Carin, for all us nonfacecock tools, would you please fully explain your comment? It took all my brainpower when xbradtc was being cryptic about unions and Walmart.

  90. The Historian. Kindle $7.99

  91. I have Amazon One Click purchasing and man, it’s too easy to buy like a drunken sailor.

  92. When I was a drunken sailor, I never bought any books.

  93. I’ll see if the library has the audiobook. That’s how I usually get those. They’re too expensive otherwise!

  94. 45 bones…yikes

  95. Oh yeah, they got it, and it’s checked in! Woo hoo!

  96. Hotspur, can you tell us what is happening on facedick?

  97. I’m sorry I was cryptic. Here’s an explanation about handies:


  98. Leon, if that “gal” is 110 pounds fine, but is she also 4’10″?

    She’s 5’1″

    It’s easier to lift all that weight when you’re closer to the ground.

    Right leon?

    A response. Also yes.

  99. Yeah, toss us a link to the ugliness on FB. I’m not seeing it.

  100. I have had an Audible membership for years. $14.95/month buys one credit. Almost all books are 1 credit, so basically $15 a book. They definitely have the best selection.

  101. It’s posted on Michael’s wall.

  102. Some unhinged woman who was involved with Michael near the end of his life, has been posting vile things off and on. Now she seems to want to smear Cathy. It’s pretty revolting.

  103. Yes, they have a great selection. But the library has it for less. And I can look in Ames, or Des Moines. They have a LOT of audiobooks.

  104. I already have sidebar ads about audible on sites I click on.

    The Man, he is watching.

    FU man.

  105. Cathy?? What in the world would there be to smear her with? She seems (through my limited knowledge) to be an excellent person.

  106. Oh, and thanks, Hotspur.

  107. Plus all the online ones, too. There’s also Project Gutenberg, with free audio and e books past their copyrights.

  108. Um, I know what a handie is, I sincerely thought I was reading “handle”


    And I still thought it meant what “handie” meant.

  109. I think I’m hopped up on ice tea.

  110. It wouldn’t be that big glug of vodka you mixed in with it, now, would it?

  111. I’m not drinking in order shave off a few pounds before a wedding I’m going to in a couple of weeks.

  112. The blue meth works for that, Mare.

  113. pshaw, vodka doesn’t have carbs OR gluten! It practically melts the weight off!

  114. I have no fucking clue what my iPhone is thinking.

    Neither does Tim Cook.

    *kicks Cupertino in the poon*

  115. Mare would get the same effect from some NO-Xplode.

  116. I was in a liquor store in the swanky town next door, and I actually heard a woman come in and ask for “gluten-free vodka.”

    She clearly has been drinking too much.

  117. So, are you enjoying the book, Mare? I found it to be a page turner. Hope you do too.

  118. On it, Cyn! Thanks!

  119. Happy Birthday, Pupster.

  120. Yes I am, Hotspur.

  121. Mare would get the same effect from some NO-Xplode.


    What does that mean?

  122. Do you think a hooker could make a good living advertising,

    Gluten Free Poon?

  123. Give it a try.

  124. Mare, goggle it. SFW. It’s a pre-workout that’s basically meth according to some people.

  125. Is it like spark? Guys around here love that stuff.

  126. I haven’t taken it, but I know people who swear by it.

  127. I swear by your mom.

  128. Went to youtube reviews and I’m wondering about the heart palpitations. Yikes. Nope, I’ll be fat and alive instead. And obviously bored and unhappy because I’m not drinking.

  129. I swear at your mom.

  130. Weird that they could come up with all of the census records for Hilery’s grandparents, but could never come up with a single record on Shithead.

  131. I tried one of those pre-workout things once. Only workout I felt like puking.

  132. Mare, my mom has to much class to go to a rodeo. You must’ve seen her at a goat-ropin’.

  133. My pre-workout is coffee, heavy cream, and hate.

  134. My pre-workout is Celebrex.

  135. I’ll try it again today and see if it happens again.

  136. Car in, did you get that Beck album with the four videos?

  137. I usually do coffee before my workout.

  138. I do coffee and skip the workout.

  139. My pre-workout is your mom.

  140. As an aside for Hotspur: ONLY HOTSPUR

    I’m at the point in the book, chapter 10 where they tour Saint-Matthieu Monastery. It mentions The symbols for Matthew (Angel), Mark (Winged Lion), Luke (Ox) and John (Eagle).

    It took me awhile to figure out what I like so much about a Catholic church we’ve recently been attending, It’s a new building but it’s built with old Cathedral sensibilities. Just said that to my husband last Saturday after Mass.

    In this church they have beautiful paintings of the 4 Gospel writers with their symbols next to them. I stare at them a lot. Other things too make it “old like.”

    Communion rails (which most churches have removed), columns that looks like marble, appropriate lighting fixtures, Statuary on the outside attached to the exterior (like Notre Dame), etc. I love it.

    And it was neat to read about an old school church in this book. The year 1000.

  141. Sounds like mare needs to pay more attention during the Homily.

  142. Yeah, Mare, she nailed the location imagery. Made me move Prague, Vienna, and Budapest to the top of my must visit list.

  143. I partly have the coffee to make sure I go #2 before I hit the gym.

    You’re welcome.

  144. I’ve had about enough of your pessimism, Mr. Orwell.

    *raises George from the dead*

    *kills him again*

    *orders a pizza*

  145. whoa, sarge has skillz

  146. Sarge likes pizza and some killin’.

  147. I was going to run but the sun would have been in my eyes.

  148. Thank goodness you stayed in scott. That would have been terrible.

  149. It’s been snowing all day.

  150. There is no way that goes through, Mare. MF’er is trolling the media. I’ve been past his land in Marin. It’s miles and miles from town.

  151. NHL time.

  152. Nigerian Hooker Lesbians?

  153. Guess so.

  154. Sounds legit.

  155. I don’t know about the videoS, chumpo. I usually don’t pay attention to that stuff.

  156. http://i.imgur.com/0HRcom2.gifv

  157. Corgis are the happiest dogs.

  158. Benny’s pretty happy.

  159. QEII’s Corgis that bit her granddaughters were actually Dorgis. Dachshund+Corgi. Pretty aggressive little dogs. She always has Dorgis in her pack.

  160. *raises George from the dead*
    *kills him again*
    *orders a pizza*

    You could have ordered the pizza before killing me again. I like pizza.

  161. Spent Christmas break in Vienna with college roommates family. East bloc countries weren’t allowing American visas at the time. Austria was beautiful.

  162. Pretty chilly in the Duke City right now. Winds mostly in the high teens/low twenties, gusts in the low 50s. 2 unhappy wieners right now. Economy is so bad in NM, our stucco guys are native New Mexicans and not illegals.

  163. Did anybody ban anybody else for life from their adult kickball league for betting on games today?

  164. My blog voice would be high and squeaky. I really don’t have a Messican accent. Dan lies. I’m not mocha (pronounce the CHA, means Mojado speech)

  165. Adult kickball is a scam. It really doesn’t bring couples closer together. See also soccer, dodgeball, and softball.

  166. Is there something you want to get out in the open, oso?

  167. Mom used to buy me Vienna sausages.

  168. Don’t get me started on Tennis!!!!

  169. I have a Joe Carter mitt. Dan has a generic mitt. We play catch in the park a few times. Everything is nice. Next thing you know, it is a burnout competition instead of a friendly game of catch. My palm was burning. To this day, we are uncertain who got competitive first. (See accent post where we established “Dan lies”)

  170. I ALWAYS say “River”. I have never said “Reever”. Dan lies.

  171. I did say “Shampians” instead of “Champions” once.

  172. I’m owning the comments with the sun still up.

  173. I H8 grey days. Dumbass from Florida doesn’t understand why we don’t get rain every afternoon like FL. I could’ve been serious, but I decided to go with “The Man keeping rain out of NM because of all the brown people”.

  174. Rain is a scam.

  175. All of you cultural appropriators listen up, some of our verbal tics that grammarians make fun of, have their roots in Spanish. When we say we are going to “The WalMart” it is because “La Tienda” is in our heads.

  176. Mi familia would always say ” My mom” or “My dad” when talking to each other. Spanish brain converting to English. My brother and I would play The Dozens and make my mom cry.

  177. Oso, ju put sheet on the bed and Dan weel keel ju.

  178. Here’s my all time favorite verbal tic of Spanish speakers who are speaking English as an afterthought: They say “barely” when they mean “recently”. When a Spanish speaker is late to work they frequently say, “Hey man, I just barely got here.” When you ask them if they damned near died in a wreck or got detoured through a swamp full of alligators in their convertible to account for the “barely”, they look at you like you crazy in a muthafuck.

  179. PG, I’m not Puerto Rican. Or Columbian.

  180. PG, mine is floor for ground. Drives me crazy.

  181. Colombian.

  182. My favorite story is from my Uncle Simon. He employs illegals at his construction company. Employee was saying “Ayudame!” My Tio thought he was saying “You da man!”. Hilarity ensued.

  183. Yeah the “J” sound for the English “Y” is not terribly noticeable with Nortenos. I’ve heard it some down in Yucatan. “Hey Meester, ju come look at my yunk.” Uhhhh…..no thanks.

    I do have a female employee who goes interchangably by Jesenia or Yesenia. I’ve heard her refer to herself both ways.

  184. Here’s another good one. Gringos take OUT the trash or throw OUT the trash. Mexicanos just “throw the trash.”

    Es mijo’s job to throw the trash every day.

  185. Basura.

  186. Mijo isn’t even Spanish!!!! Mijito/Mijita. Ay mijo. (I stopped correcting people)

  187. My MiL is “Jane”. Try explaining that one. I just say “Juana” and do the index finger around my ear signifying “Loca”

  188. Like you know Spanish.

  189. Is this real?

  190. I know Spanglish. 3 yrs of HS/College Spanish. I never speak it, because ‘merican.

  191. MJ, if you are going to travel internationally you need to pack a gun.

  192. It’s snowing outside. Hopefully it sticks to the ground and delays work call on post.

  193. CoAlex, we have snow at higher elevations. Living in a mile high city sucks. No snow here. Hail earlier.

  194. Watched the first four episodes of Season One, Outlander.

    I like the book better. I’m rereading that too. Book Jamie is teh hottie. Teevee Jamie is nice but I wish he were big like book Jamie. Teevee Dougal is kinda attractive for an older fart.

  195. Teevee Frank Randall is blech and not how I’d cast that character.

  196. Teevee Loaghaire looks retarded.

  197. Snow is a fiction

  198. If I fell back in time 200 years, I’d be useless as tits on a boar hog.

  199. Beasn, I have a crush on teevee Dougal, too. LOL

  200. Beasn, book Frank was meh. Major crush on teevee Frank.

  201. I blame the public schools.

  202. Time travel Oso would be dead first time she had to poop outside.

  203. Totes negates bear shitting in woods memes.

  204. Teevee Dougal is not how I pictured book Dougal, but I’ll take him. He stands straight and is gruff. I’d hit it if I weren’t married.

  205. LOL…Oso.

    I would have no problem shitting in the woods. Better than my shorts.

  206. I find playing doubles tennis with the neighbors builds a closer relationship, definitly. It’s like a Reuniti commercial over here.

    Try it.

  207. Book Frank meh. Teevee Frank, totes more meh. Too bland.

  208. Am I stuck in the bucket again?

  209. OK, it’s not real.

  210. I was

  211. Dan lettered in tennis. GAY! We’ll be volleying all butterflies and rainbows and then he’ll slam it past me. My backhand is weak and I’m playing too close. He is incapable of just playing to play. I cheat. He won’t play me in board games. 25 years next month.

  212. Vmax, meet Tom http://is.gd/enQBAD

  213. Awww, Tom is sweet!

  214. I still crush on Tobias Menzies. WTFIWWM?

  215. I find playing doubles tennis with the neighbors builds a closer relationship, definitly. It’s like a Reuniti commercial over here.


  216. Those racist white Goldens!

  217. I still think it is BS that all the Ivys in my family won’t let Dan and I be on the same team for Game Night. I got so pissed after losing Trivial Pursuit with a Dr partner, that I will only play partnered with Dan or alone. Porter side was the card side. Euchre, hearts, poker. Blood sport. My Torrez cousins aren’t prepared for cards with me. It gets ugly. I’m a crappy Porter. I can’t be beat by the Torrez side, unless my bro is playing. I H8 cards.

  218. Long way of saying that I would H8 to play HS in euchre or trivial pursuit. Hostages would be awesome gamers.

  219. You missed some SERIOUS H2 fun with Cards Against Humanity at TITS, Oso. That needs to be a regular thing at meatups.

    Hoo. Boy.

  220. Why the hell did we not video tape that?!

  221. Cyn, I dunno. Rubbing it in on the losers that missed Tits might be a tad too far?

  222. You missed some SERIOUS H2 fun with Cards Against Humanity at TITS, Oso. That needs to be a regular thing at meatups.
    Hoo. Boy.

    Especially the part where we make Wiser drink until he cries.

  223. Too much? Grammarians feel free to weigh in.

  224. Should we take this to “!!YOU CROSSED THE LINE!!”?

  225. I do feel badly that you and others couldn’t come. Broke my heart.

  226. Still breaking my heart I’m still so pissed. At my cousins and Dan.

  227. Mostly Dan. (He spends lots of time with my cousins without me)

  228. He’s got some nerve!

    You should make Dan get on !!YOU CROSSED THE LINE!!

  229. He’s still snarky about everything. He’s bitchier than the most PMS woman undergoing menopause in the history of EVER!

  230. Why the hell did we not video tape that?!

    Because we didn’t want our own video footage introduced by the prosecution at trial.

  231. That mom crap will definitely make you bitchy, but it will pass. Love, hugs, kisses, and chloroform works wonders on that PMS. Try it!!

  232. Because we didn’t want our own video footage introduced by the prosecution at trial.

    Ain’t that the truth.

    And for a few very serious moments there, I thought we were going to have to pass the hat for bail money for Tushar.

  233. Love you guys. Has nothing to do with watching Jersey Boys. I’d be singing off key anyway.

  234. I thought we were going to have to pass the hat for bail money for Tushar.

    Me too. And we’d have *both* lost the pool on “Mostly likely to need bail money.”

  235. Is it too late to bail out Wiser?

  236. How about Roamy?

  237. Beasn ❤ puppeh Tom.

  238. No, wiser likes jail. IYKWIMAITYD

  239. The Tempe cops were very, very cool. They had to have laughed like hell at us old farts.

  240. It’s getting to be time for someone to step up and host the next meatup.

  241. Wanted to go to bed early and read some Outlander. Daughter called. Said her boss was willing to work with her externship next year. In my mind, she’s golden. She can’t decide if she can handle the 40 hours each week on top of her grad job – which they are going to bend the rules a little for…..so she can graduate in May OR if she should spread out the one externship and extend graduation to summer semester.


  242. Beasn, you are walking a fine line. Good luck.

  243. I might be able to host the 2020 meat up.

  244. Tell her to stay in school and enjoy it for as long as she can. Real life is a drag.

  245. RL sucks.

  246. Dan is walking a fine line. All of his young co-workers and former employees think I am the best wife EVER!!!. He tries to tell them I’m lazy and how much work he has to do, but they are all Sports. South Park, and funny.

  247. I was invited to go Clubbing by two more of his young guys last week. Baseball.

  248. I think Dan is plotting my death. I keep singing along to Jersey Boys. Nailing the falsetto.

  249. Nailing the falsetto.

    Dan says this isn’t true.

  250. Last time we were in Vegas, we saw the wine and paint dealio. More and more of my friends are combining painting parties and vino. Kill me nao! (Unless I can be the instructor)

  251. CoAlex, I can sing. As long as there are no witnesses. Made choir really hard.

  252. Especially the part where we make Wiser drink until he cries.

    Didn’t know he had to drink first.

  253. Last time we were in Vegas, we saw the wine and paint dealio


  254. I didn’t realize I could sing and auto tune could clean up my mess. Could’ve saved me years of crap. Total BS that my voice was my talent. Too freaked to sing in public. Still earned ribbons in voice comp in TX.

  255. George, it is a thing. Get your easel ready. I’ll talk you through it.

  256. I’m waiting for pot and sculpture here in Colorado. Three hours of toking and running your hands up and down a bunch of spinning clay, mesmerized.

  257. Pretty sure I saw that class, CoAlex.

  258. Dan gets pissed with madrigals. I’m pissing him off hard! G’night.

  259. Still lots of “your Mom” jokes!! and the last MMM was surprisingly TUCKER FREE! WTG people.

  260. Comment by Colorado Alex on April 17, 2015 12:07 am
    I’m waiting for pot and sculpture here in Colorado. Three hours of toking and running your hands up and down a bunch of spinning clay, mesmerized.

    Pretty sure y’all will be making clay into plates for serving snacks.

  261. Who is doing BBF au matin?

  262. Tell her to stay in school and enjoy it for as long as she can. Real life is a drag.

    She wants to be done with school but says she doesn’t want to grow up. o_O
    Likes having mom cook for her.
    I told her to quit school, have a couple of babies, go on EBT, WIC, EITC, etc etc. She’ll have to have a priest marry them on the secret because otherwise we will have to kill the baby daddy if he don’t marry her. And then later, she can work at McDonalds for the rest of her life. It will be part time so she won’t have to stress so much.

    *rolls eyes*

    Then I told her the story of the FB friend who approved a loan for a guy – so long as the guy came back with proof of income. Guy said he made 70k/yr.
    Sat at the dealers, counting out 15k in cash, down payment, and told him that he doesn’t have any tax receipts because he’s never paid taxes on his business because if he did he would no longer get food stamps.
    FB, then denied the loan.

  263. Then she’s like, ‘thanks mom, that made me feel better about growing up and getting a real job — NOT’.


  264. Tell her she’s Messican. Way totes better than any other post. Unless you can convince get to be ghey

  265. Dan wants Anglo snuggle time.

  266. MJ is supposed to do BBF for the next two weeks. Are you volunteering, George?

  267. HA, I told her to claim messican heritage, Oso. Especially if she decides to go the quit school, babies, and EBT/EITD route.



    Wherever he may be.

  269. Hey man, Henry, don’t be unkind, go away
    Hey man, I can’t take you this time, no way
    Hey man, droogie don’t derp here
    There’s only room for one and here she comes, here she comes

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