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  2. We gotta take her. She’s a legacy.

  3. […] H/T to Wiser, but not Wiserbud, that jackhole. […]

  4. Repost. Because spleen and hatred.

    from Byron York and Hot Air:

    “Here’s my big worry,” Rubio told me during an interview while the bill was making its way through the Senate. … “the problem with that will be you will have 10 million people legalized in the United States by executive order, so that when there is a new president, if it is a conservative, a Republican, one of the first decisions they will have to make is whether to yank that status from those people and deport them. I cannot imagine a scenario where a future president is going to take away the status they’re going to get.”

    Let the Hispandering begin. PJ Tatler:

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told Sean Hannity on Monday night that he hasn’t changed his position on immigration, arguing that “we still need to do immigration reform.”
    … Rubio said…“And right now, they have a president that refuses to enforce the immigration laws — in fact, through executive order, has ordered his agencies not to enforce those immigration laws. So I think immigration reform as long as Barack Obama’s president is virtually impossible.”

    That’s a distinction without a difference when Rubio has already said no president of either party will undo LD’s amnesty orders.

    “I think we need a president that first begins to enforce our laws… And if we do that, then I think people will be very reasonable after that about what to do with the 12 million that are here.”
    Rubio said his plan to deal with some 12 million illegal immigrants would come “after we’ve proven that illegal immigration’s not going to happen in the future” and would require “you have to come forward, undergo a background check, pay a fine, start paying taxes.”

    If you’re going to lie to me, at least give me some reacharound. You already told Byron York that no future president, even a Preezy Rubio, will rescind Obama’s orders. So your “comprehensive reform” is just gilding the lily, you sweet talker, you.

  5. Thank you for the poat, wiser, but damn… Tuesday?! Really??

  6. Peace is our profession.

    According to a Defense Department-approved “sexism course,” the Bible, the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence all contribute to modern sexism.

    Those three cherished texts all count as “historical influences that allow sexism to continue,” according to a presentation prepared by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, whose mission is to give a ”world-class human relations education.”

  7. Today sucked.

  8. but damn… Tuesday?! Really??


  9. CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton is chatting with voters this morning at a coffee house in the Mississippi River town of LeClaire, joking that she’s going to “drink my way across Iowa.”

    I’m going to drink my way across the next four and a half years.

  10. “drink my way across Iowa.”

    *buys stock in Ensure and Metamucil

  11. tuesday…as in See You Next Tuesday. We were talking about Hillary right?


  12. Come on, admit it. You’re all dying to see Cankles and Sandra Slut do a campaign event together. It will draw dozens, and the media will report it as bigger than Woodstock, Burning Man and the Nuremberg rallies combined.

  13. http://is.gd/dcLGYH

    HA~! That’s a keeper.

  14. joking that she’s going to “drink my way…

    Get serious, Associated Press. Cankles doesn’t “do” jokes or joking. She has a smaller sense of humor than President Earflaps von Thinskin, and it takes an electron microscope to find his.

  15. Hired four people today. Temporary cuz Obama.

  16. MJ, are they mining nougat or casting chocolate shells?

  17. How were the movies?

  18. Did they keep their clothes on?

  19. Justified finale tonight. No. Fucking. Spoilers. from you East Coast types.

  20. Rubio can suck it.

  21. Didn’t mean to reveal a spoiler, xbradtc.

  22. And I won’t see it until tomorrow night. I keel yew.

  23. MJ, are they mining nougat or casting chocolate shells?
    Polishing jelly beans and breaking up the chocolate bunnies from fucking.

  24. My spoiler was, Rubio can suck it.

  25. Hilary so old, last time she menstruated she still had a driver’s license.

  26. “Polishing jelly beans”

    Things that sound naughty.

  27. Jelly roll – things that are naughty.

  28. If the chocolate bunnies don’t fuck, where will next year’s supply come from?

  29. WTFITS?

  30. Raylan shoots everybody and Art complains about all the paperwork.

  31. Lots of gay sex. Over the top.

  32. Things that sound racist.

  33. >>>If the chocolate bunnies don’t fuck, where will next year’s supply come from?


  34. http://tinyurl.com/py7qpz8

  35. Tushar, can you be serious once in your life?


  36. Did anybody reconsider anybody else’s job offer after being told to show up with “a raincoat, a saw, and a bucket of Purell” today?

  37. At least you don’t have to bring your own gloves and shovel.

  38. What think y’all of Walmart closing 6 supercenters, with no notice, because of ‘plumbing issues’. For the next 6 months. Or indefinitely.
    Customers and employees showed up to be told they’re closed.


  39. http://goo.gl/NqNyM2

  40. Plumbing Issues = Money Pipeline

  41. I just caught 2 mins Hillary! She’s doomed.

    She has to be the least genuine person I’ve ever observed.

  42. I blame the people returning snowblowers.

  43. Bwahahahaha

    I just read a comment that hinted Hillary’s new logo looked like 9/11

    Oh lawdy reegis

  44. MJ – did any of your interviewees have presentations worthy of rebroadcast and full-on ridicule?

  45. Crap, I’m up way past my bedtime.

  46. One of those shut down Walmarts is in midland. On the rich side of town.

  47. Ugh. Ah hour slaving over a hot stove, and “I’m not really hungry…”

  48. a) this made me laugh, thanks

    Did anybody reconsider anybody else’s job offer after being told to show up with “a raincoat, a saw, and a bucket of Purell” today?

    b) why are the stores closing abruptly?

  49. “Plumbing issues,” Mare.

  50. I mean the real reason obviously, xbradtc.

  51. “Plumbing issues, or else,” Mare.

  52. So without me being too obtuse, it’s about unions getting in?

  53. That was pretty close to a spoiler on twitter, Mare. I’mma have to kill you now.

  54. Mare, honestly, I don’t know. Maybe.

  55. What think y’all of Walmart closing 6 supercenters, with no notice, because of ‘plumbing issues’

    The Correction Cometh.

    I have a question for all ye all.

    How did you find your way to the Moron O Sphere? I’m conducting a study, so expect this question in the future.

  56. TX is a right to work state, no?

  57. I’d seen references to AoS at Captain’s Quarters, I think. But I think it was a link from Jonah at NRO that finally sent me over there. And I was hooked.

  58. Pretty sure it was through Michelle Malkin’s sidebar.

  59. Aa sou desu ka. I had a similar Hot Air>HQ experience, but I was put on to HA by the Hugh Hewitt show and I stumbled upon that one day in traffic.

    All the stories have layers and layers.

    I think this will be a rewarding proj.

  60. I got to ace from national reviews. Probably Jonah. I started hitting ace, frank j, and protein wisdom at about the same time. Ace is the only one I still look at at all.

  61. the sphere has evolved. I’m not sure why I didn’t dig into more blogs over the years. As I look at dead links on the blog rolls I can’t shake the feeling that there is a story there, as we comment away here.

  62. Hugh Hewitt was my first blog to read, circa 2002 (he told me about it at church). I actually found Hot Air via Ace.

  63. That guy owes you a Book, right?

  64. we should go collect.

  65. I’ll drop fucking dozer on him, and you rifle through his library.

  66. That looks like a 6X, no?

  67. Probably. Maybe an FMTV, but it’s kinda hard to tell exactly what it was.

  68. It’s broken.

  69. Circle X on the deadline from the CO and you can drive it.

  70. Do They have a deal w Avis?

  71. If you lose the 14mm ratchet wrench that comes with your Bradley, the Army loses its shit and charges you for it.

    But oddly, they’re pretty blase about the occasional truck burning in and pancaking. They’ll just pull another out of war stocks (such as those at Sierra Army Depot that Chrispy linked last night).

  72. I see. I saw Chrispy’s link and I marked it down because I’d never heard of that joint before, but it stands to reason.

    How many 14 mm wrenks didja leave with?

  73. We can’t dance, we don’t talk much, we just derp and play
    But then we move like tigers on Vaseline
    Well the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar
    You’re the blessed, we’re the Spiders From Mars

  74. None. I kept mine locked safely away, and bought a cheap one at Sears and used it. When it came time to turn in my track, I gave the Army back its wrench, and tossed the spare to my gunner.

  75. How was work, Double?

  76. see how smaht you are? How much did The Army want for the replacement ratchet if’n it got lost?

  77. I seem to recall it was an entirely reasonable cost, like $687 or something.

    j/k, maybe $9

  78. copy.

    That would be funny.

    Good thing you protected their property.

  79. MJ – did any of your interviewees have presentations worthy of rebroadcast and full-on ridicule?
    Most of them were pretty good. The one guy that crashed and burned tried to show us how to do something called ‘what if’ analysis in excel.

    That’s all well and good but none of his formulas worked. It wasn’t really about the presentations, more about their style but this guy was a total shitshow.

    Poor fat bastard.

  80. I just signed up to volunteer for Hillary! as Your Mom.

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