Dear Jimbro,

I’m not sorry. And good job working the sooper complicated wordpress thingy. I guess you’re not as dumb as you seem. You may keep your speculum.







  1. hahahahahahahaha

    Well done, douche!

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  4. Heh.

  5. I love these asshole traditions. You may now consider your cherry popped, Jimbro. By MJ.

  6. I’ll just leave this here for everyone.

  7. That’s what my garden’s going to look like when it’s done.


  9. Comment by MJ on April 12, 2015 6:25 pm



  10. Denver this week. I have to interview 7 people with my cow orker John. He told them to bring a 30 minute presentation. No other instruction.

    This should be fun.

  11. That could be spectacularly hilarious or a KMN event.

    Let’s see if it pays off, Cotton.

  12. Ooo you should live stream that shit, MJ. We could help you do the hiring!

  13. Periscope it!

  14. This is easily in the top 13 funniest posts here at H2.

  15. He told them to bring a 30 minute presentation. No other instruction.

    I assume they have some notion of the job for which they are interviewing.

  16. Spieth didn’t choke.

    Remember Jean Van De Velde at the British Open?
    That was a riot.

  17. Spieth has made this an extra fun Masters.

  18. I assume they have some notion of the job for which they are interviewing.
    We already did a 60 min phone screen. It’s a training position. An in person commercial, if you will.

  19. You could get porn.

  20. As long as it’s not homemade, meh: I’d give it a whirl.

  21. An in person commercial, if you will.

  22. Hey, Oso. The Royals are 6-0 now.

  23. Jordan Spieth was so poised and mature during the interview. So completely impressive. No wonder everyone likes him so much especially other players.

    Very, very cool.

  24. Still funny



    Everybody wins!!

  25. That was oddly erotic until the fateful fall.

    Almost as hot as this:

  26. DUCK!

  27. Jimebro, I did really like your poat!! (for the whole 27 min it was up there).

    Good Job, dude.

    MJ(ane) might be drinking.

  28. Lego trailer.

    Everything’s a product!

  29. Tigers are 6-0.

  30. Are they already out of contention, then?

  31. They missed the extra point?

  32. What splort do the tigger’s play again??

  33. It’s not hockey. We don’t trust animals to play that here.

  34. Leon, do you all have an NBA team? I can’t remember and i don’t want to look it up. I think The Red Wings did really well this year and will make the second rd of the playoffs.

    Amazing, season! Boston didn’t make it, neither did The Kinks!!


  36. Pistons, Chumpo. Generally a decent team. It’s the Lions and Tigers that are hit-or-miss. Unless it’s the Lions, then it’s just miss.

  37. I thought it was Loins.

  38. Jimbro, I looked at that photo of Hillary you linked.

    I am eligible for citizenship thic October. I am thinking of going back to India instead. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  39. So, you’re not ready for Hillary?

    Good news on the citizenship, don’t run back to India, we need you here.

  40. The RNC needs to come up with a 3 AM telephone call ad.

  41. 3am in the Hillary White House:

  42. 3am in the Hillary White House:

  43. You have to admire these guy’s balls.
    Metaphorically, I mean.


    Check the last artist on Saturday evening. I’ve got tix.

    Also: Fuck you.

  45. If he’s taking requests, see if he’ll play this, pg:

  46. That is extremely large.

  47. Wow. Stomping on a doctor… one who selflessly heals and provides the balm of Hippocrates, succor for the ailing, ‘n’ shit.

  48. MJ is a dick.

  49. MJ is a dick.

    Well, technically he has one. But it’s made of velcro and kapok.

  50. Wiser, and any one else who has “Cut The Cable”, have you really?
    I mean, don’t you have to have cable internet or FIOS to be able to stream to your Firestick™ or other device?
    I ask because, out here in “The Sticks”™, we don’t have cable or Fiber, only “CenturyLink DSL.
    I just ran a “speed test” and it says I get 10.5MBPS download.
    Is that enough for video?
    I really have no clue.
    We still have an old analog TV, and we’re not going to get a new “Smart TV” if we could not stream.
    At the present time, we antenna-TV, only.

  51. Have you all ever seen this?

  52. SORRY!!!!

    That’s the French version.


  53. Yum

  54. 10.5 Mbps should be adequate, but don’t try to be running two HD streams at once.

  55. I have DSL at home, and my Roku runs pretty well with it. Occasional, buffering, but other than that, it’s good.

  56. But keep in mind you need extra bandwidth for pr0n. At least you do, chrispy.

  57. Did anybody cross HD streams with anybody else today?

  58. Xbad,
    Very good.
    The difference between Leadville, CO, and Whidbey Island, depending on the weather.
    Flying is “interesting”.
    I say this as a pilot and A&P…

  59. I’ve been into Oak Harbor at night, in a storm. No other airport will ever scare me.

  60. Clinton’s reset with Russia worked so well, she’s doing it with America.

  61. I just found out today that a guy I sponsor who has the same first name as b-rad has a cat. A black and white cat.

    You can see where this is going.

  62. Is he a smug asshole? I mean, I can’t believe my folks gave my twin up for adoption and didn’t mention it to me.

  63. Not really a smug asshole. Also, Hispanic. So, probably not your twin.

  64. Although, maybe you should check to see if there’s a swarthy guy inexplicably hanging around in any old family photos.

  65. Nope. Just your mom.

  66. And he was alright, the derp was altogether
    Yes he was alright, the song went on forever
    Yes he was awful nice
    Really quite out of sight
    And he sang all night long

  67. Heh.

  68. New poat.

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