Ritualistic Stompy Poat

After reading the last 8,067 posts here I realized that I could do a much better job with just my non-dominant thumb. Hell, your mom likes my thumb (she gets my dominant thumb), so why shouldn’t the rest of you? After realizing I had no idea how to construct a post I asked MJ and he kindly responded with what could only be described as Muppet epithets, which, now that I think about it, would be a great band name.

Here’s a video no one will watch from my old band:

Now that spring is here I want to think of warm weather activities like mowing the lawn instead of shoveling snow, drinking beer outside instead of inside and grilling meat outside instead of inside. And, as always, your mom:


That’s all for now as I’m really not sure if this will work and it will be promptly stomped down.


  1. Opinions on this, please.

  2. No bad for a rookie, not bad.

  3. Don’t get cocky, kid.


    Life will never, ever, ever be the same.

    Hasta la Vista, cable company.

  5. Way to not fuck up the blog, Jimbro. Not bad at all.

  6. If I could convince wiserbride to let me put a fridge in our bedroom, I would never leave that room again.


    (Okay wiser…. deep breathes…. relax… reeeeeelax….)

  7. Wiser, do you get MLB with that?

  8. I bet I can even watch free prom on this thing…

    Not that I would…..


  9. Gotta pay for that, so, but yep

  10. Excellent news, Wiser…KITTENS 24/7!1!1111!

  11. I would sooner watch proms than porn.

  12. I mean “Oso”

    I’m so excited i don’t even care about auto carrot

  13. Way to not fuck up the blog, Jimbro. Not bad at all.


    hahahaha….Don’t want him getting uppity.

  14. >>>>I would sooner watch proms than porn.


  15. Puts Amazon Firestick with Netflix on Dan’s study sheet. (Ready to get off the cable cord)

  16. Now he posts more than mare…

  17. Antenna would get you all the local stuff.

  18. http://is.gd/o5M25Z

  19. Hey Cyn, ask googleman if any of this stuff is necessary:


  20. BWAHAHAHA!!!

  21. leon might know too.

  22. >>>>Antenna would get you all the local stuff.

    Been thinking about that, but more important is TNT/TBS. Problem needs to be solved…..

  23. Fire Stick is awesome. That is all.

  24. Scott, Dan is already looking into your antenna/Roku suggestions. As long as I get baseball and Starz, I’m chill.

  25. Jay, I could barely remember how to post a pic or vid in comments without embedding.

  26. Quit cable next time you go on vacation.

    By the time you get back home they will be offering you a 50% discount to take them back.

  27. Is this your first post?

  28. perv…

    Confessed. Literally.

    leon might know too.

    I still use standard Ubuntu 14.04 and Firefox with a hefty plugin load.

  29. >>>Is this your first post?


  30. Haven’t had cable in over a year. They are offering me $250 in gift cards to come back, and $30/month for the first year.


  31. Jay, Googleman says: the first set, maybe do 1; should do 2, 3 is a decide on your own; and 4 doesn’t work. The second set, 5-22, decide on your own individually. For sure install Elementary tweaks at lmelinux.net, and also install dconf-tools from the normal repositories.

  32. >>>>Quit cable next time you go on vacation.
    By the time you get back home they will be offering you a 50% discount to take them back.

    We’re stuck until August, but after that, they’re history.

    Fuck ’em.

  33. http://is.gd/kaDeDt

    Those don’t look busted…….

  34. New post.

  35. Nice cherries.

  36. Jordan Spieth!

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