Peep Peep Easter Peeps



  1. Bawk! Bawk!

  2. Let’s go to the judges.

    9.8 9.9 9.8 9.7 9.3 9.9 9.8

  3. Happy Easter, hosers.

    Ham in the oven, prep done for everything else.

    Can’t sleep worth sh*t.

  4. Got back from Vigil Mass at 12, slept (mostly, wife has a cold and snores like a chainsaw) until 9am. Did dishes, started rice for dinnertime (going to refrigerate it and attempt to do the resistant starch trick). Laundry and more seed planting to follow.

    Also possibly a nap.

  5. There may also be a whiskey-based apertif.

  6. Dishwasher emptied, dishes done, fridge cleaned of leftovers gone bad, oldest off with his dad for Easter dinner and watching the second half of Shaun of the Dead. We had our ham yesterday since Paula’s working today. Breakfast was ham and eggs baby!!!

  7. Whose child is that on xbrad’s knee?

  8. ^^hahah^^

  9. *checks wife*

    Ain’t my kid.

  10. Jelly doughnut trumps ham-and-eggs. Bay-bee!

  11. Dan just put the ham in the oven. 5 minutes in, I remembered why we left Our Lady of Fatima. Gah! Hippie church with too much singing.


  13. That’s part of why I like weekday masses so much, only 2 songs, no piano.

  14. Mass at the VA chapel is pretty nice. No singing, great homilies. Church by our condo is where a guy tried to stab the choir leader. Demons told him to do it. Dan and I were at St Jude shortly after the attack. Dan: I want to stab him too. Or my ears.

  15. wakey wakey.

  16. I might try to convert the almond-butter bread recipe into high-protein muffins later today.


  17. Will you people please keep it down.

    Jesus ordered me to drink vodka last night.

  18. I feel your pain, candy bar. Except in my case it was wine and the debbil made me do it. Woke up in mittel der nacht to rain on the roof in Santa Fe.

  19. Dan just put the ham in the oven.


  20. I drank four beers and ten quit lay night. Which is highly unusual. Feel pretty damn d good this morning for doing so.

  21. Bourbon.

  22. GO hahaha

  23. You can’t tell by my poating skills that I quit after four. Sheesh.

  24. I’ve made almond butter bread muffins from the leftover batter when I made bread, you only need to fill the cups about 1/3 full. They might be passable with your pumpkin spice recipe but they were too bland for me. More like a dinner roll than a muffin.

  25. I’m thinking of going chocolate with them. 12 oz almond butter, 6 eggs like usual, then add 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder, 1 tbl of cocoa powder and up the water to 1c.

  26. Will you people please keep it down.

    Who are you calling “you people”?

  27. Will you people please keep it down.


  28. Who are you calling “you people”?

    Probably just Rosetta.

  29. So, George, is this for warm or cold stuff?

  30. Wine

  31. But I’ve got beck blaring from the speakers, so I’m feeling fine.

  32. Home Depot. Now going home to start some seeds

  33. Home Depot should do a wine bar.

  34. Some of them have Dunkin Donuts.

  35. So, George, is this for warm or cold stuff?


  36. Started two racks of seeds and my potatoes yesterday. Starting 3 more racks today. Going to fence the garden sometime this month, then dig/build the beds.

  37. Home Depot up here has popcorn on the way in and hot dogs on the way out.

  38. I spend a lot less money at Home Depot now that I know where everything is.

    In and out in 5 minutes or less.

  39. Better:

    Wine/beer/cocktail on the way in… hot dogs on the way out.

  40. Wine/beer/cocktail on the way in… hot dogs on the way out.

    In Colorado it’s dope on the way in.

  41. It’s hilarious so many still think he’s no-drama Obama, a guy who isn’t racially divisive. He has to turn Easter into a racial incident.

    The story of the Exodus – the signs and wonders that appeared when hope seemed lost, the Jewish people’s abiding belief that they would one day reach the Promised Land – has inspired countless generations over the years. It inspired Jewish families to hold fast to their faith, even during times of terrible persecution. It inspired young Civil Rights leaders as they marched across an Alabama bridge in search of their own Promised Land, half a century ago.

  42. There are no holidays in 0bama’s America, only grievances and opportunities for deepening factionalization.

    Because the goal is the breakup of the Union. That has always been the goal.

  43. I don’t want to do anything today.

  44. Permission granted.

  45. Jesus ordered me to drink vodka last night.

    I got the same order last night.

  46. I just woke up from the deepest sleep, the kind where you have to struggle to wake up. Like swimming to the surface. But my dream was interesting (to me).

    One small section of it, a guy asked me on a date to a homeless shelter (as in passing out food) and I said, “what if I know people there and it’s awkward.”

  47. MJ got so toasted he lay there and let a bunch of chicks smother him with their bodies…much like the picture in the post.

  48. Licorice Dick probably thinks if Jesus had a son, he would look like him.

  49. Girls like candy.

  50. Oh well. Have to leave Santa Fe today. Sadness.

  51. Oh, and in another part of this dream I ran into people who had met Jeb Bush and they kept saying how nice he was. I repeatedly said, “You can be nice and horrible President.”

    Evidently these things weigh heavily on my mind.

  52. One small section of it, a guy asked me on a date to a homeless shelter (as in passing out food) and I said, “what if I know people there and it’s awkward.”

    I just peed a little.

  53. At least you didn’t have Jeb Bush himself in your dream. That would have been a sign of mental disturbance.

  54. This cordless reciprocating saw kicks all kinds of ass.

    I just cut all the rusty bolts off of Laura’s rotten wheelbarrow.

    All I need now is (2) 2 x 2’s, a handful of bolts, and she’ll have a new one.

  55. That tool is the best one I have ever purchased. I don’t know how I made it 50 years without one.

  56. We (meaning my husband) cut a metal I (eye) beam with one Scott. What a great day that was!

  57. You were just shopping in the wrong stores, Scott.

  58. Whiskey apertif poured:

    Big handful of ice
    1 oz Citron
    2 oz Knob Creek single barrel reserve

    Shake with ice, pour ice and liquor into tall tumbler, finish glass with club soda.

  59. *waits for MJ to tell me it’s a terrible drink*
    *drinks it anyhow*

  60. Sounds good.

    God has ordered me to do nothing today.

  61. I started 216 more seedlings, washed dishes, baked cookies, and made this cocktail.


  62. I’m going to start a religion whose central tenet is the abomination of guitars and tambourines.

    In other news, my parents have pot brownies. This is not surprising, but nevertheless a little unnerving.

  63. Went to NY Auto show with family. Same old, same old. Tired old cars with slightly different grills and lights. Everyone has some concept car that will never be seen on roads.

    Did sit in a Range Rover Sport. By God those are capable vehicles. Very expensive though. If I had the money, I would drive nothing else.

  64. MJ this morning:

  65. ColAlex,
    Abomination? Or Abolition?

  66. MJ this morning:

  67. Alex, your parents are old smelly hippies?

  68. happy Easter y’all

  69. Mare, no.

  70. I have not had a pot brownie.

  71. Day ain’t over.

  72. Comment by scott on April 5, 2015 2:19 pm

    This cordless reciprocating saw kicks all kinds of ass.
    Perfect for dismembering dead hookers. Fine tooth is better on bone………….. er, I’ve heard. ;)

  73. I ate Leon’s brownie.

    And I liked it.

  74. Scott, look into an Oscillating tool as well. Even a cheap Genesis or Harbor Freight will do. Or score a reconditioned one from
    With a reciprocating saw and an oscillating tool, you can be the King of DiY land.
    I just ordered a reconditioned Dremel Oscillating tool from CPO. Hoping to get it tomorrow. It can cut wood, tile, grout, metal, plastic and a bitch.

  75. You know who likes an oscillating tool? That’s right, your mom.

  76. Wheelbarrow rebuilt!


  78. The Japanese automatic toilet has been installed! A super powerful pulsating, oscillating hot water jet, followed by a blast of hot air to dry it off.
    My ass has never been happier.

  79. TMI

  80. My ass has never been happier.

  81. *jealous*

  82. Rolling the stone away has taken new meaning this Easter. Went to the ER this morning and passed a kidneystone. Codeine is my friend.

    Sauerbraten will wait until tomorrow.

  83. OMG Roamy! Prayers and virtual hugs.

  84. Awww…Tush has mucho feliz.

  85. Sorry you’re ailing, roamy. Did they let you keep the stone?

  86. Yikes, Roamy, glad you’re home in the bosom* of your family.

    *I’ve always wanted to say that.

  87. No, I didn’t catch it, so I didn’t keep it, but the pain went from 8 to 4 and that was all I cared about. I gotta figure out what to do to keep these from coming back. I had a 9 mm one in 2006 or 2007 that needed lithotripsy.

  88. Ouch, Roamy, sounds like no fun at all.

  89. I hope you feel better soon, Roamy.

  90. Maybe it’s just the traditional Easter kidney stone.

    I passed one once. It felt like some kinda resurrection.

  91. Wait, kidney stone went from 8 to 4 on Codeine?

  92. At least it never went to 11.

  93. Went from 8 to 4 when I passed it. Codeine has me at 2 right now.


  95. Glad you’re feeling better, Roamie. I’ve heard kidney stones are really bad.

  96. STAHP getting sick. My knees hurt from all the prayin’.

  97. Roamy, you have already passed a 9mm stone. Please don’t upgrade to .45. This is not a second amendment issue.

  98. MMM shed-yuled for 449am.

  99. 8=Morphine!

  100. “prayin’ “

  101. Happy Easter and congrats on being married longer than I’ve been alive, Chrispy!

  102. Has anyone ever taken muscle relaxers? My doctor asked if I wanted some, I said no, but now my shoulder is worse.

    I just don’t want to be doped up.

  103. AUGH!!!! Anyone else regret marrying a closeted Cardinal fan right now? (Sorry Sean, but CARDS!)

  104. Sorry, MJ. I don’t know the Voodoo answer to your question.

  105. MJ, muscle relaxants are awesome if you are in pain. My doc gave me some when I had read bad muscle pain in back and neck. The only downside (apart from temporarily weakened muscles, leading to loss of general strength and dexterity), was that it was a hassle to focus my eyes, because the eye muscles got relaxed too. But no long term bad effects.

  106. I just don’t want to be doped up.
    Obviously not a progressive Coloradan here.

  107. I’d guess you’ll be tired and relaxed enough that you won’t be as concerned about it hurting. Ibuprofen, naproxen or ketorolac should help the pain. Cuff tears hurt like a bastard when you try and sleep. I’ve had a small tear that took months to heal on its own.

  108. Our neighbors were celebrating Easter and the 2nd amendment.

  109. Is apple cider vinegar really a kidneystone preventative or is that tree-hugger b.s.?

  110. He’s going to give me a prescription strength anti inflammatory as well.

    The problem is sleeping more than anything.

  111. Ketorolac (Toradol) also helps with kidney stone pain.

  112. Comment by xbradtc on April 5, 2015 8:07 pm

    STAHP getting sick. My knees hurt from all the prayin’.
    You know whose knees hurt too? Yep, you guessed it. Prolly not from praying though.

  113. Oso loves Pepe. He’s sick.

  114. When I had a kidney stone my friend who is a urologist told me to drink a lot of water with lemon juice in it. Hadn’t heard the apple cider vinegar thing but I’ve heard a lot of claims about it helping this n’ that over the years.

  115. Jimbro, what are your thoughts on maloxicam (sp)?

  116. And probably a suburban myth but don’t muscle relaxers additionally help because what may be the root cause of the pain, a tight or tweaked muscle relaxes long enough for you to stop pulling against the tension of the pain which makes it worse.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  117. Is it wrong to eat Deviled eggs on Easter?

  118. My husband was having knee pain and bammo it went away almost immediately after taking it. Only takes it occasionally.

  119. I like raining on the Cubs parade right out of the block. Sets the tone for the season.

    Now that I shot off my big mouth…

  120. I’ve taken it before for aches and pains back when we used to get free samples of NSAID’s from the drug reps. You could hit the closet when you had a sore back or knee and grab a handful of whatever they had in there.

    I don’t prescribe it now mainly because 95% of my patients are kids and we use almost all ibuprofen or naproxen. On the adult side my colleagues try to find an NSAID that works for an individual. It sounds like voodoo but different people do react differently to the same drug.

  121. Is it wrong to eat Deviled eggs on Easter?


  122. Thanks, Jimbro, you’re not the total tool Jay says you are in his secret emails.

  123. My favorite drug is called Kick-a-poo-joy-juice.

  124. I think Roamy gets kidney stones because Obama/Jarrett made NASA focus on muslim out reach.

    But I could be wrong.

  125. I wonder if Scott is still ecstatically happy with his wheelbarrow?

  126. We haven’t heard from him in a while, so probably.

  127. hahahaha…Yep, probably spending some quality time with it.

  128. Probably running around the back yard with it.

    Probably without pants.

  129. If he loads the smoker in it, we might not ever hear from him again.

  130. I was going to mention that I fixed a doorknob that wouldn’t latch today but I read about the wheelbarrow and just backed out of the room slowly.

  131. Exhibition. Opening DAY is when the Reds play.

  132. I may write a poem about Scott and his wheelbarrow…A love like that shouldn’t be ignored. That’s how Shakespeare got started.

  133. MJ, I had cyclobenzoprene after my motorcycle accident. Nothing serious, just some cracked ribs, but all my torso muscles tightened and breathing hurt like hell afterward. I had the lowest dose of the c-benz (5mg) and I slept better than I had in years.

    Downside: I could barely move the next morning. I recommend them if you can’t sleep, but use very carefully. DON’T drink a ton of liquid before bed if you take a dose, because getting up to go potty in the middle of the night ain’t happening. DON’T plan to do anything after taking one. Take the lowest dose you can, and expect to be immobile for at least 9 hours.

  134. Poor, poor Lauraw.

  135. Roamy, I heard about the water with lemon thing, too, to keep stones at bay.

  136. I love it when Leon busts in here making scientific sense.

  137. Comment by Jay in Ames on April 5, 2015 9:01 pm
    If he loads the smoker in it, we might not ever hear from him again.



    And his egg

  138. Caveat: I might be a hyper-responder. I am with most drugs.

  139. Did a quick visit with in-laws today, on the way to taking beasnette back to school.

    Everyone greeted everyone and my 87 year old FiL patted me on the gut of my pig suit and said, ‘You trying to be like me?’

    Me – ‘If you were 20 years younger, I’d have to kick your ass.’

    Got back home and ate some chocolate and a piece of pie.

  140. Or I might just metabolize anesthetics slowly. I get the same thing with carbocane at the dentist. Numb spots on my face until late evening after a morning filling.

  141. Sorry to read about you kidney stones, Roamy :(

    This shit has been magic – seriously. Royal Break Stone:

  142. Beasn, have you considered Zumba?

  143. Beasnsnsnsns, us fat, oldies have to stick together. And by fat, oldies I mean me.

  144. Met the beasnette boyfriend. He seemed nice. Called me Mrs. Beasn.

  145. You like pie, mare? We can watch Outlander and eat pie.

  146. I still need dessert. Blah blah blah. Dan is getting vulched by the Doxie Duo. Hobbitses didn’t understand that dinner without chicky chicky is still dinner.

  147. Does Zumba require crackfatting?

  148. It might, Carin’s been evasive on that point.

  149. Told Mr. Beasn that his dad was a jerk. He agreed. Old farm boy has no inner voice. Got a pulsating zit on your face, and you’re a gawky teen…….he will point it out in front of everyone at the holiday dinner table. MiL is the same way.

  150. I just need to lay off the sugar and try to get decent sleep. Been sleeping like crap the past few years. That messes me up bad.

  151. Bedtime.

  152. Caveat: I might be a hyper-responder. I am with most drugs.

    Um, if you ate any of those brownies I left on the counter, the ipecac might be something you’d want to look into.


  153. Home, finally. There are few things better than taking a dump in your own bathroom after a long road trip.

  154. *runs out of the room*

    *puts finger down throat*

  155. My comment was meant for sean.

    Though I will agree with Co Alex on toileting in one’s own toilet.

  156. There are few things better than taking a dump in your own bathroom after a long road trip.

    One of them, apparently, is taking a dump in Tushar’s bathroom.

  157. MJ,
    Thanks! I hope you & Roamy feel better, soon.
    BTW, I’ve got shirts & ties older than you,
    and Get Off My Lawn!!!

  158. YES! Happy Anniversary Chrispy!

  159. Happy Easterversary, Crispy and Anita!

  160. True Story: I can’t poop when camping. Sharing a room with a friend in Nashville in June. What if I can’t poop for 3 days? Dan is already laughing at me. (He’s laughing about my flying by myself, too)

  161. Told Mr. Beasn that his dad was a jerk. He agreed. Old farm boy has no inner voice. Got a pulsating zit on your face, and you’re a gawky teen…….he will point it out in front of everyone at the holiday dinner table. MiL is the same way.


  162. I’ve never had to dance at crackfat so I think the two are completely unrelated.

  163. Colorado Alex, why do your parents have marjiana brownies?

    Did I insult you/them by joking about the hippie deal?

  164. I think they live in Portland. Some people are inclined to pot, but the illegality always set off the NO flags. I’m chill with the marijuana. Dan, not so much.

  165. I’m with Dan. Hate working around potheads. Can’t say ‘with’ because that implies they work.

  166. I’ve been a pothead.

    But then I graduated from college.

  167. My Dad and Stepmom live in Portland. Mom and Stepdad live in Colorado on the Western Slope.

  168. I was a pothead. Had a bad LSD experience in the 70s. Nothing but booze ever since. A few 8+ morphine drips in the mean time.

  169. LSD and ‘shrooms are fun as hell. Fortunately, Berkeley still had burnouts wandering the streets while I was there, which made me quit while I was ahead.

    Well, quit those two things, anyway.

  170. But did you work in a Walmart?

  171. Watched the video of the chick strung out on molly (or was it meth). Scary shiite.

    I’d beat all of y’alls arses.

  172. i still have nightmares about the LSD and the planetarium. I was pretty close to being hauled out in the ambulance. Lucky for me, my partner in LSD freaked out first. She got suspended. I was lucky.

  173. LSD is a trip, man.

    No, really; I hear that’s what they call it!

  174. Truth.

  175. Dan: Ernie Banks must’ve married a white chick. A retarded white chick. These guys suck.

  176. In Soviet Russia, balls trip you!

  177. Have I ever mentioned how much I freaking love Dan?

  178. My dad was a cop. Was afraid of him kicking my ass….and two, was paranoid that the first time I ever tried anything, it would kill me.

  179. True Story: I can’t poop when camping.

    Not me. I carry a roll of toilet paper. Better to poop on the side of the rode than in your pants, in a car, with your family.

    Sharing a room with a friend in Nashville in June. What if I can’t poop for 3 days?

    Take a pack of matches. We all poop and we all know it.

  180. …road….

  181. My dad was introduced to “Drugs” in VN. Mi familia had an affinity to marijuana from ALWAYS. Grampo was a curandero. MJ was grown right next to the Yerba Buena.

  182. Have I ever mentioned how much I freaking love Dan?

    Yes and that is a wonderful thing…you cuties you.

  183. Beasn, our campgrounds are really nice. (THX tax payers) I just H8 pooping away from home.

  184. G’night. Dan is still trying to figure out how I got between him and Gingy last night.

  185. Did anybody accuse anybody else of being a racist because they ate everything but the black jellybeans today?

  186. Hint…make her hot. She moves.

  187. Black jellybeans are my favorite. Anise FTW.

  188. OMG y’all. Dan is going all MST3K on Cards/Cubs. I watched golf with him today…you’d be proud. No comments. He has been busting my baseball chops since pitch one….

  189. Mooommmmm!!! Oso is heating the dogs again!!

  190. They H8 that.

  191. I H8 that. MiL had the heater on today. I asked Dan if I could stay home and watch baseball tomorrow. Nope. MIL Monday will continue.

  192. Muscle relaxers and beer will mess with your ping pong skills.

    You won’t care.

  193. Flexeril and Fun both begin with the letter “F”. Coincidence?

  194. You might not like them.
    You should probably just mail them to me.

  195. You kids dealing with drugs and pain, remember not to mix Vicodin with acetaminophen, as organ death awaits…

  196. Mixing vicodin with vicodin is okay though.

  197. What if I can’t poop for 3 days?

    That’s a problem? I can go a week or more. My sister, too. Dad goes around 3 times a day however and has to give the after-report for every one.

  198. I feel like such a prude….

  199. True Story: I can’t poop when camping.

    Maybe you’re part bear. When they hibernate they plug up and the pooping stops. Do you ever catch salmon in a river with only your open jaws?

  200. Oso <3s Lippy.

  201. Dad goes around 3 times a day however and has to give the after-report for every one.

    So is he anal-presentive?

  202. Gingy has poop issues too! Dan thinks the dogs feed off my freaky OCD stuff.

  203. Getting ready to hit the hay with Dan and the doggehs. Day 2 with MiL.

  204. Good night Osita, muah!

  205. That’s a problem? I can go a week or more. My sister, too. Dad goes around 3 times a day however and has to give the after-report for every one.

    Well, somebody has to pick up the slack.

  206. It’s not a peep but it’s still good.

  207. So is he anal-presentive?


  208. Has anyone noticed how closely a pink peep resembles Dick Butt?

  209. Two in the pink, one in the yellow.

  210. Prepare yourself you know it’s a must
    Gotta have a derp in Jesus
    So you know that when you die
    He’s gonna recommend you
    To the spirit in the sky

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